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File: 1450056140131.png (140 KB, 700x500)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Last Thread >>32058427

IRC: irc.rizon.net #/mlp/AiE
Active list: http://pastebin.com/mVG33ERX
Master list: http://pastebin.com/xGf9RcL9
Completed Stories list: http://pastebin.com/QZ4PDe7g
Stories Sorted by Pony: http://pastebin.com/GJyQquaY

>rope's super gay Thread Archives: http://pastebin.com/Qg2dwzq0
Collection of AiE images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ju8ygvv3n4fa0um/quC3vIooOq#/

Add for Skype: sin.aie

>PiE corner
>Remember to tag all PiE Stories.

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File: 1411815025171.png (383 KB, 1280x1538)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
If I had to settle for a non-masterrace horse, I'd go for the derp.
Fake It 'Til You Make It

>"So I was wondering if perhaps you would be available to look after the boutique."
>"Me? You couldn't think of someone more qualified?"
>"I may have already asked a few ponies but none were available I'm afraid."
>"Tough break."
>"Quite. Does this mean you will do it?"
>"Fraid not Rarity. Discord is going on an extended holiday to the Crystal Empire."
>"I believe I might missing some context."
>"Someone has to annoy the Princesses while he's gone."
>"Not to be rude Anonymous but don't you do enough of that already, by yourself?"
>"We take turns."

Grannies Gone Wild

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Surf and/or Turf

>"And that's how we switch between Hippogriff and Seapony forms."
>"Huh, that's pretty interesting Skybeak. You know I have an alternate form too."
-----------Five minutes and one gallon of Cider later-----------------
>"Cause I was Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde, Jekyll, Hyde, Hyde, Jekyll!"
>"Skybeak! What happened?!"
>"Princess Twilight? I- I don't know, we were talking about how we transform and then-"
>The princess facehoofs, interrupting your attempt at explaining this weirdness
>The green creature called Anon continues running around like a madpony, yelling his song at the top of his lungs."
>"Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde, Jekyll, Hyde, Hyde, Jekyll!"
>She gallops off after the singing Anon, you hope you won't be blamed for this.
>"Fuck off Twiggles! JEKYLL, JEKYLL, HYDE, JEKYLL, HYDE!"

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More Moonie when?

File: Deep Sea Goblin.gif (899 KB, 400x300)
899 KB
899 KB GIF
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Joke's on you, that's my fetish.
Same. I just wish there were more futa art of the lads.
File: shoo.jpg (96 KB, 733x615)
96 KB
yo mamamamamama
>not getting the L O N D O N meme

File: Anon 3.jpg (161 KB, 381x753)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Thread about anything politics, ponies, pony politics, and Anon

Original prompt:
> "Anon there's no time to explain!"
> "I need you to govern all of Equestria while I and Twilight are gone."
> "I know I can count on you."
> *flies off into the distance*

Anon Von Bismark by clarissa
Hierarchy by Have_Some_Dash

Last thread
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File: 1431125786405.jpg (343 KB, 1450x811)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
4chan sure is restricting. Being forced to post one image at a time is annoying.
File: yui.jpg (44 KB, 392x376)
44 KB
*And more specifically, I only made occasional visits to this board in that year, mostly going to other boards until leaving totally.
File: 1403200518850.jpg (2.26 MB, 4152x2744)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
>implying the fandom wasn't already dead by then
Nah, but desu, it's fine. I'll explain later, because thinking back on old mlp threads makes me depressed for current year
File: Pinkie Tulpa Nightmares.png (2.08 MB, 1600x5000)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
Ah, I remember that thread.
Mr. Singles and Mr. Trips, this is your thread: >>32252692

File: 847918.png (449 KB, 1280x618)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
>We won't get a '10 Years later' episode to see how our favourite ponies settled down and live their lives.
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be lucky if they don't get boyfriends before S9 ends, not to mention 10 year time skip
They're grown mares

It is 10 years later.
Maybe no 10 years later episode, but I can tell you what AJ was like 30 years ago, and how Dash, Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy were 15 years ago.
File: 1436598783814.gif (2.17 MB, 286x210)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB GIF
>tfw I was a fan of Full House
>tfw I immediately shut off Netflix after watching ten minutes of Fuller House
>tfw I was a fan of Rugrats
>tfw I immediately shut off and shut out All Grown Up.
I would do the same to a "10-years-later" episode of MLP.

>go to the start of MLP:the movie
>derpy blocks that basic ball and turns to stone
>therefore twilight is saved
>had this not happened twi would have been froze and all of equestria would have been doomed
>derpy conformed best pony
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That's not her name
Well that issue died out
I just finished the movie not 5 minutes ago and I have to say that I loved it! I just don't understand why it was so poorly received.

Was it primarily the art style change that people didn't like?
A bit of the art change, the attitude of the Storm King and some of how uncharacteristic Twi acted (trying to steal the pearl, fighting with friends, etc). Oh, and that fuckin' cat.

File: Paradise.jpg (978 KB, 1920x1080)
978 KB
978 KB JPG
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You lay still as you feed the four of them for a few minutes. Trying to not wake the others through it.
After a few minutes they finished. Crawling up you and getting into a ball near your chest. You just smile as you hug them and fall asleep.

You soon wake up in the morning feeling refreshed after the day yesterday.
The first thing you see is a mass of fur from the four sleeping in front of you in a little pile.

What do you do?
Lets not disturb them.
We really aught to get the new Khan in to discuss the guns and a telegraph line like we did the other Khan. Let's send a message to her right now.
You carefully get your nose out of the baby pile and get up quietly.
When you do this you quickly leave the room to write a letter to Batukhan's sister. Writing and sending a message about the guns and a possible telegraph line.

What do you do?
Tell her we shall come to her at some point in the near future to show her the guns.
See if Beowulf is awake. May as well do that enchanting he mentioned.
Stopping for the night.
Have a good night or day!

Dash is soarin's girl
File: 1523922877282.jpg (91 KB, 760x481)
91 KB
Girls don't kiss other girls.
Take your chromatic abbreviation and shove it up your ass
File: 1513496424186.png (598 KB, 941x528)
598 KB
598 KB PNG

File: 1448739683426.png (107 KB, 538x673)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
I have a question for you.
What happened to the Anon in Pone Prison thread?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.

To be honest, I wasn't actually sure he had a pastebin.
Nigger it's fucking lost to time, I don't even remember where it was based in.
Might've been from the sci-light thread before they went full dyke. I just remember it was about Twilight kind of having a crush on Anon, him being disinterested but kind of cozying up to her in order to get closer to her mom.
It had a sex scene but he didn't even get to the best part.
Anon got put in pone prison. End of story.
Executed by lethal injection.
File: 1496263505111.png (163 KB, 872x916)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
I've actually been looking for this story to reread since I dropped it half way a year or so ago. Thanks anon!

File: Moonlight.jpg (54 KB, 653x432)
54 KB
>After all this time, you finally find it.
>Going down the stairs, you enter what is probably the most dangerous...
>The dungeon ends abruptly after a short moss-covered corridor, leading up to a stone chamber about ten meters wide and twenty meters long. Black-painted pillars run along its sides and between them you can see skeletons of past ponies, those who failed on their search.
>They were so close, too.
>In front of you, at the end of the chamber, an altar stands atop a small stone piramid. A crack of the ceiling allows a single ray of moonlight shine through directly above the treasure on top of the altar.
>That which you and so many others have been looking for standing on top of it, reflecting moonlight towards you.
>Moonlit Wind, the sword. Its steel so polished that upon reflecting moonlight appears white; its blade so resistant that it can cut stone without effort. The hilt, pointing towards the ceiling, has a silver painted crossguard and pommel, which a blue sapphire on it. The grip is surrounded by black leather, and the total lenght of the sword must be about ninety centimeters long.
>This is it. Finally. After so many years...
>You start to walk towards it. Quick, but not too quick. You're used to traps already, you're not about to fall to one of them now.
>The uneventful walk to the altar almost makes you more nervous than the perspective of there being traps. Those skeletons on the side of the room are not for decoration. Things, you have come to learn, are NEVER this easy.

Grab the sword, run to the exit.
Grab the sword, stay in place, see what happens.
Explore the room before touching the sword.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>inb4 she fucking died
We need to find a source of moisture. Badlants are a desert afaik, and fighting a guy with sword made out of lava/hot primordial ooze certainly didn't help her complexion.
Alright, whatever we do, we must do it fast. We should get back to a water source, and the damp jungle is as good as any, so, let's rush it!
Lick her.
I don't think that's how it works, anon.

File: medium (2).jpg (55 KB, 800x450)
55 KB
Hyppogriffs are stationed at a superb defensive position a litteral birb Minas Tirith, plus underwater. I really hope Twilight had an ulterior motive when she tagged along, that being checking out their military potential and infrastructure.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
They used the balloon last episode, so...
You do know it's been proven this causes dementia?
Of course.
If it was a superb defensive position then how did the Storm king and his army ripped them a new asshole?
A position is only as good as those defending it.

File: sadaj.png (175 KB, 765x1045)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>your pony waifu will never be real
I honestly want to fucking die. After getting into this shit I have no attraction to women or men anymore and it's becoming a problem. Jacking off to porn only fights the loneliness and I crave for human interaction and love, but it just doesn't work out. I managed to get two different girlfriends in the past two years and both of them were cute, but Applejack is cuter. I cannot get off to real women or men anymore in fact when I was in those relationships sex was so uncomfortable and extremely enjoyable because it wasn't what I wanted. Is there anything I could do or should I just finally fucking pull the trigger? I'm alone and I'm just tired of all of this.
73 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I honestly want to fucking die.
If this were true you wouldn't be here saying it. So stop lying.
Not OP but I can't find an easy way to kill myself. I don't have access to guns and I don't have access to tall buildings.
The worst is that I am constantly surrounded by people so I can't just go and hang myself easily either.
You people shitpost like killing yourself is easy, but it is fucking hard since people wants to "save you" and they will actively try and prevent you from killing yourself.
Pfft nah mate, catholic.
I'm so sorry.
Basically what >>32267273 said. For me it comes down to my family preventing me from really doing it.

>Google Mlp season 8 episode
>see this
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That episode actually wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it.
Nice digits.
Gushing grannies
File: Untitled.png (48 KB, 462x489)
48 KB

Best MLP memes.
I can't find any good ones
39 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1450390639548.jpg (203 KB, 1200x794)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
well fuck you unappreciative fucking ponyfags. I post memes and not even a fucking thanks. fuck you shits
lmao no one cares you buttmad little turd
>expecting thanks in an image dump thread
File: opisaponyfag.jpg (79 KB, 811x753)
79 KB
>lmao no one cares you buttmad little turd

fuck you bitch
File: 1483388547542.png (211 KB, 920x690)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Nah you'd like that too much

So when did you find out that
Equestria Girls was a Russian psyop?
32 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Delete brainlet topics
Satan is a slav. it all makes sense
sorry, can't get drunk enough to be retarded enough to use Krokodil.
It would be a crime here to not annex her:

She's cute enough to blat

File: 1504638679348.png (124 KB, 614x938)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?

>I'm new to this thread, what is exactly the context of it?
Someone makes an offhand comment on why Anon is always alone and one of the girls goes and does a thing to try and be his friend.

>Completed Stories:
AxiiAnon: http://pastebin.com/UaSFJ58z
Sea Urchin: http://pastebin.com/9YUE3LRe
Trenchcoat Anon: https://pastebin.com/88DRSicq
CPAT: https://pastebin.com/dh4WHhqj
Anonymous: https://pastebin.com/zbrZTd9v (possible continuation)
Koto: https://pastebin.com/ECfBFp4r

>Alive writefags:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
345 replies and 102 images omitted. Click here to view.
>You tried to raise yourself
>You couldn't let it end here
>But when you looked down at the perfect hole on your chest you realized it was over
>It didn't even feel like you'd been hurt or killed in any physical sense now that you looked down at it
>It was as if everything about you had been burned away and erased
>Because you, one who had been the hero time and time again
>You, who no matter what adversity had come her way, had in the end found a way to save everyone
>But you'd lost, you weren't the hero anymore
>The word didn't intend to kill you
>It simply wished to show you a simple truth
>The whole world would be rewritten, and you would have no place in the new canon
>Your death would be to exist in failure of what had always been written as your victory
>In dead possibility
>You realized you never had any hope of defeating the word, this AMSHELAV

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>The second the god's word saw you race past it was already over for it
>Before it could realize what you were doing you already had your hand pressed against the only button the panel had
>The second your hand pressed against it you felt power
>Power you couldn't begin to fathom
>A power that filled every inch of your body
>Keeping one hand on the panel you turned to stare at the word
>It silently cursed you as it realized what you attempted to do, and immediately shot you with another one of its beams
>But this one did not burn through you
>In fact it barely hurt you at all
>You raised your hand to the word, to AMSHELAV, and readied one last beam of your own
>The fire inside all the gears began to surge violently as it felt the call to use
>And mere moments after the flames shot into the tip of the amethyst arm, racing down the ornate blade and flowing into you
>Your own wound was filled with fire, restoring itself just as quickly as it had been made
>You swore that you could actually feel fear coming from it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1432210197881.png (185 KB, 455x445)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Can you believe the original twist behind AMSHELAV was that it was the name of a Changeling queen that was banished to Earth and possessed anon? How we went from that to fighting a sentient word of god in a clockwork city of dead gods is beyond me

Reading that is like fine poetry.

The scene leading up to the portal entry felt tense, but not exaggerated. I liked how the use of imagery in the description of the clockwork city in tandem with the unimaginably large numbers helped make Sunset, and by extension the reader, feel small and insignificant. Makes the victory feel more accomplished as a result.
I'm curious to see where this story is headed. They better not let Anon off the hook with no consequences whatsoever, despite the fact that he was possessed or some gay shit.
I suppose the moral we can all take away from this story is Choose the magic of friendship over murder even if you're a god reincarnated in the form living string of alphabetical characters
Technically speaking all the girls (minus Sunset) are all her, so technically she did choose friendship as well as murder.

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