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File: 1452823467361.jpg (77 KB, 768x1024)
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>tfw no son to go to bronycon with
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File: 1498867097857.jpg (128 KB, 768x1152)
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128 KB JPG
>that time the Storm King let his son dress up like a slut
Unironically both disturbing and disgusting
future traps of America
are traps gay?
if they have breasts, not gay

>tag: zebradom
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I think it would be funny as a fic.

The girls get called to some wayward tribe of Zebras who "need help" dealing with some sort of monster. To help "protect" them, they paint the girls in stripes and markings so that the "monster" can't see them.

Later on throughout the story, the twist comes. Someone (Anon, Twilight, w/e) discover the truth...
>"Stripes aren't good for hiding at all! The zebras wear their stripes as social signalling, not camoflauge!"
>"What do you mean?"
>"They didn't mark you/us for protection..."
>"They marked us for BREEDING!"

Followed by fight/escape sequence, whatever.
Your Waifu prefers Zebra cock
I would read that green. Not even just to fap.
File: 1511029349118.jpg (151 KB, 599x800)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>this will never happen to you

Post any and all content related to or about Princess Skystar. Greentexts, fanart, fanfics, pretty much anything goes as long as it has Skystar.
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They are so perfect together
File: 1556178.gif (155 KB, 245x359)
155 KB
155 KB GIF
>one small hip movement
despite her being great,there's a thing that has always bugged me
she is perfect but perfection implies boredom.I mean,she has everything established and taking a different direction on her would destroy that charm

what I mean is that I do not see how Pinkie and Skystar are doing after the movie or a 2nd visit.I have yet to read any story but there's almost no material to write about that could be noteworthy around her
>has no pelvis

File: comfy_coffee.png (69 KB, 500x350)
69 KB
Stories about NEET ponies,
Comfy Coffee edition

Greens may involve:

•Floor Bored, the fandom's favorite filthy forever alone nymphomaniac NEET (see pic)
•Moondancer or other neetpones
•Anon(you) intruding on the neetpone's life
•Being a NEET with her, or looking after her and getting her life back together
•Being a lovely boyfriend for your neetpone
•Turning neetpone into the perfect wife
•Lots and lots of hot dirty NEET sex

Previous Thread: >>31093797

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>"Hey...isnt this mare supposed to be a millionaire?"
>"Yeah what do you think?"
>"She looks like a fuckin loser."
"Hey at least Im house broken."
>At least for the last few years she has been after she got over that piss fetish of hers.
I started out a bit unsure of this green, but it has now trancended the barriers of cuteness.
>I like thing
I think that's supposed to be Nips' OC poner, but since the similarities are too great to ignore, I'll just pretend she is Florb
>tfw you don't even care about having a gf/bf
I'm about to enter my 20s, have a few friends, and I don't want more than this.
Am I factory defective?
And it's not even because I'm depressed or anything, I've been like this for a few years now.
When do you plan on continuing?
File: 1478296130098.gif (27 KB, 550x400)
27 KB
Well, that's how I felt going into my 20s for the most part. Wasn't until a couplefew years later that the loneliness really started to get to me. Don't make that mistake. You don't have to go out of your way to get a gf or anything. Just be social. Everyone thinks you have to try super hard and put on a show and everything, and it certainly doesn't hurt to do so, but the biggest thing when it comes to meeting sexual and romantic partners is really just knowing people and hanging out. Don't wait until it hurts like I did, Anon. You'd do well to find a lover before you ever have to know the true pain of an empty bed.

File: 1500582124266.jpg (293 KB, 1241x1378)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Current story: "I Am" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/Njrpbmu4

Previous thread stories:
"The Cutie Mark Seance" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/Se8cwqXL
"Watcher in White Tail Woods" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/RkG0RhdE
"Oil-Painted Life" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/nEUu7WmN

Pastebin [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]: https://pastebin.com/8Rh6vzpC

E2: http://imgur.com/a/gVAa5
DS Stoner (Dapper Skeleton).

Soundtrack by Radiarc:
Forgotten [EP]: https://radiarc.bandcamp.com/album/forgotten-ep

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Her doppelganger grinned that sickeningly wide grin, her eyes wide, and pointed in Rarity’s direction. “.uoy dniheB”
Rarity flinched and grabbed a brush, ready to defend herself. She moved away from the mirror and circled around her doppelganger, putting some distance between it and herself.
The other Rarity kept pointing at the mirror, only following Rarity with her eyes. “.ti gnissim er’uoy ,kooL .degduj eb ot emit s’tI” Still in a defensive posture, Rarity glanced into the mirror where she was pointing. She gasped.
Inside, the crowd of Rarities she had created as a distraction were being swept up by some unseen wind. They swirled about the eye of the storm, helpless to resist it. As Rarity watched, it began swirling in their direction, headed for the mirror Rarity had passed through.
“It. Will. Choose,” the other Rarity said.
Rarity looked over at her in shock. She had spoken something understandable! “Wh-what do you mean?”
Other Rarity said nothing more, but pointed and sat down in the Apple family bathroom. The chunk of flesh missing from her nose dripped blood, staining her white coat. Rarity didn’t want to wait, and tried to push past the other Rarity to leave. Other Rarity pushed back against her, and Rarity stumbled to a half-sitting position, her injured hoof buckling. Other Rarity pointed at the mirror and nodded.
Rarity turned to look, and the swirling white mass was almost upon them. It swept closer, and Rarity could see the frozen faces of her apparitions inside as they blew past. It came close enough to where Rarity swore she could feel the wind, and then it stopped. The mirror showed nothing but grey, then it split open, revealing a giant eye which peered into the room with them.
Rarity held the brush she had grabbed in front of her, frozen as she looked at the giant eye. It was huge and catlike, and switched between the two Rarities as it made its decision. It seemed to have done so as a spike of darkness shot through the mirror, speared the other Rarity, then retreated. The eye closed, and Rarity was alone.
She released a breath she wasn’t aware she had been holding, and began to sob. She rubbed her injured hoof as tears spilled out of her eyes. So much had happened she didn’t understand, and now that it seemed to be over, she still had no idea what was going on.
She heard hoofsteps out in the hallway, and she pressed a hoof to her mouth to stifle her cries. Her breathing gusted through her nostrils as she tried to keep quiet until the pony had passed by. She heard the handle click and the door swung open. Her heart lurched in her chest and she leaped around the corner of the shower, intent on getting the jump on whoever it was. She swung the brush as hard as her magic could manage, beating on the pony trying to enter.
“Woah, woah, woah! Hold on there, pardner! Give me— stoppit! Rarity, cut that out! Wut in tarnation are you even doin’ in my bathroom?”
Rarity slowed her swings and took the time to look at the pony who had entered. She recognized the orange fur and blonde mane, along with the skewed Stetson. She dropped the brush and fell into Applejack’s hooves, the sobbing beginning once again.
Rarity was in bed at home, Sweetie Belle was close by, and Twilight was standing at the end of the bed with Applejack next to her.
“So, you went into the mirror and found yourself all the way out in Applejack’s house?”
Rarity nodded to her. “I don’t understand why it happened, what those things were, or why it chose the other Rarity. I think she intended me to get taken, but I was able to trick her.”
“And what guarantee do we have you aren’t that doppelganger?”
“Applejack and Sweetie Belle say I’m myself. As the element of honesty and my sister, I would say they are best equipped to know. Not to mention I told you, her mane was parted in the wrong direction.”
“That’s a good point, but this seems completely out of nowhere. Why attack you, of all ponies?”
I just wanted to be beautiful.
“I—” Rarity stopped and looked around. Had she heard something? “I don’t know.”
So very beautiful.
“Is it okay if I get some rest? I am exhausted.”
Twilight looked at her a moment, then nodded. “That’s probably for the best. Sweetie Belle, let me know if she acts strangely, or you see anything out of the ordinary, okay?”
“Sure, Twilight! Thank you again!”
The two older ponies left, and Sweetie Belle was all alone with Rarity. Rarity hugged her, then laid herself down and closed her eyes.
“I’m glad you’re back, Rarity.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"You're the beauty. The belle of the ball. The best there is. You controlled yourself long enough, but there's more, and those close to you see it and want it for themselves. Can they do the same?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/WQaZkUsh
File: 68242327705.png (582 KB, 660x660)
582 KB
582 KB PNG

File: glimdre.png (3.03 MB, 3844x8269)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
date night edition.

Last thread: >>31182724

Welcome to the official Equestria Girls Edits thread. The primary objective of this thread is to create, share and ultimately dump decent vector edits of the girls. You can post your own edits, take requests from anons lurking or either make your own requests in hope some editfag takes it and doesn't mess it up.

Contributors are welcome to join and collaborate.
By the way, please consider these tips before posting:
>It is encouraged to create 2 versions of every pic: one with the girl(s) in underwear/lingerie and another naked.
>Post here the one with underwear and upload the naked one to imgur.
>Links to imgur should be direct. Don't link to a imgur page, use the direct image link.
>Use some vectoring software like Illustrator, Inkscape, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Avoid using Paint.
>It is not required to make the edits barefoot. By the way, every good work is much appreciated.
>Requests are marked with a "/r/" in the post subject.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So there is a chance for me?
/r/-ing nude edit

Considering how much of a shitlord Snips is, I honestly think there's more of a chance for you.

File: 1508175441974.png (287 KB, 616x714)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
I finally said "fuck you" to all of my real life friends. They all basically said that no one cares about the memes I send or the conversations I start, so I'm done wasting my time on those cunts. I guess I'll be hanging out here more.

Previous thread >>31202664
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He made a good point on that line Tempest made about Magic being taken for granted, but he assumes a ton about the potency and widespread knowledge of that magic when it's shown more than once in the show that restricting a horns magic =/= restoring a horn.

Heck, the act of regrowing a mane is considered impossible, and that came from Twilight. Which another thing he assumes is that most other unicorns know even near the extents of complex and theoretical magic that she, Sunburst, Starlight, or Star Swirl know. Comparing them knowledge-wise to regular unicorns is like comparing a PhD theoretical mathematician to a college student who passed a trigonometry class.

But I digress, as this is about Tempest. And see, he sort of gets close to the mark with comparing her to Kuvira, and surely that's how she was under the Storm King, but it's pretty clearly implied that the motivations for her undertaking her mission to subdue Equestria for it's magic is not purely her boss'. And in fact, more implies she was the one who convinced the Storm King to help her, since he had tech and numbers on his side. She's clearly apathetic for and even annoyed with him, and has to remind him a couple times even why they're doing this. She was doing this all to get her horn back, and she didn't care what she had to do to have it.

Leaving her as the driving force behind the entire movie plot, because of that subconscious desire that she could show everypony that told her she was crippled that she could come back from an injury as permanent as a broken horn. She even states "They will finally know what I can do."

She just didn't concieve the fact that a stupid monkey who has the attention span of a ADHD toddler and clearly had no concept of the power and capabilities of the Princess' magic to double cross her so quickly and before she got her refined magic back to steal the staff before he could cause real damage.
File: dead boy.jpg (112 KB, 811x470)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
And just a final note, his comparison with Reaper completely fell through because anyone who even knew that guy's backstory would know that it gets way more complicated than an undead edgelord throwing a tantrum, considering he didn't even ask to be resurrected (by one of the main heroes, nonetheless) and be some ethereal version of Deadpool that's dying and regenerating at the same time. The story is too vague to even know if he was the main reason that Overwatch Compound blew up, and if he really is out to destroy his fellow teammates or if he's after a bigger fish and just hanging around Talon to have access to the info he needs.

Also he dons that edgy costume because he had a cosplay hobby in his mortal life. /autism
>She just didn't concieve the fact that a stupid monkey who has the attention span of a ADHD toddler and clearly had no concept of the power and capabilities of the Princess' magic to double cross her so quickly and before she got her refined magic back to steal the staff before he could cause real damage.
For a series of posts complaining about the reviewer making a lot of assumptions, isn't that a big ass one? She gave no indication she would have any desire to steal the staff back from Storm King and would probably be absolutely content to let him keep it so long as it got her her horn back. She didn't care what happened as long as that was the end result.
Perhaps, and yes, she didn't really care much for Equestria, but it's kind of a given considering letting him have that staff is the equivalent of letting a child run around with a loaded gun. And considering he's the kind of villain that likes enslaving people, I'd have almost bet money on Tempest double crossing him.
Eh, I guess that's where I'd differ on her character interpretation. She's very much a 'every pony for themselves' believer until the end so, even if the Storm King went around enslaving people (which she participated in helping him with by helping to take over Equestria) I really don't think she'd likely give a shit

Though, to be fair, i WOULD see her stealing the staff to keep for herself. Why let Storm King have all that power when you worked to get it for him and YOU should be Queen Bitch of the Universe instead?

File: aj ponk gas brap fart.png (689 KB, 1280x720)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Farting isn't against the rules! We ALL do it, like it or not! Silly man!
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File: 77710983790266 (2).jpg (375 KB, 1326x667)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Holy shit Scruffy's break is long as fuck
Fucking unions

File: moo.png (128 KB, 720x600)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
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fuck zibbers
File: arizona1_s.png (173 KB, 1399x820)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
needs more cowbell

File: 1507918693635.jpg (174 KB, 820x844)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Welcome to /warpone/. Here, we appreciate historical horses and ponies as well as good doggos and birbs in wartime.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/warpone

A list of warpones for your enjoyment or : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Individual_warhorses

Here's some doggos too:
83 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
They come in all shapes and sizes.
For example, here's Scott Weiner, the gay Jew behind California's recent defelonization of deliberately infecting people with HIV.
Holy shit, look a that nose.
When a Klingon starts making fun of the way your face looks it might be time to consider plastic surgery.
That's actually an interesting thing since both horses were present at Little Bighorn, but on different sides.

File: file.png (217 KB, 3000x2442)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Is anyone here secretly a pony?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>implying ponies are real
There are no ponies on the internet!
That's what (((they))) want you to believe...
ah yes like Shaving, boxing, wing maintenance, and waifu talk.

File: SmokeyOldBachelor.png (773 KB, 994x834)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
Dad Wood Edition

Welcome to /hhh/, your international supplier of horsecock!

Previous thread: >>31276123

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/9gnUFz7E
Discord: https://discord.gg/ycgGupw (18+ only)
139 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Spoiler Image (142 KB, 715x531)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
have some stallions swordfighting /hhh/
Nobody cares about your loser grouping, leave your advertisement to the OP's discord link and stop spreading your hugbox
>not wanting to join in with the love
c'mon now don't be a grumpy pants
LexieXLizzie is a best though.

Love you, Anon. <3
File: 1465762088543.jpg (383 KB, 2000x2000)
383 KB
383 KB JPG

File: 1495490728884.png (370 KB, 1003x598)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Freedom Edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long, I am working on it)
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/WSp0Cpxv
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/ZTwyKsMN
Part 4: http://pastebin.com/dVKsDRhX
Part 5: http://pastebin.com/PEVVbQHu
Part 6: http://pastebin.com/e0b3Ercz
Part 7: http://pastebin.com/Di70hQAv
Part 8: https://pastebin.com/Kq1LMLPE

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: dea.gif (974 KB, 677x519)
974 KB
974 KB GIF
>Entering the dinning room, you saw all the ponies enjoying themselves as the band played their music on the small stage
>No matter how many times you hear them play, you always love it
>"Hello everypony!" Umbra says as you all walk by them "Welcome to this little gathering I have planned! Please enjoy yourselves and have a wonderful evening!"
>Reaching your table, your sad to see that your friends and their dates have been put at a smaller table next to yours
>"Sorry about the wait." Umbra says as you all take your seats
>"It quite alright." Luna says "Sombra has just been informing us of what has been happening around here lately."
>"I hope he's been saying only good things." Umbra says
>"I've been telling her about Anonymous's training." Sombra says
>"You know Anon, I can help you with your magic." Twilight says
"I would like the help, but I can keep asking you to show up here every morning." You tell her "What if Celestia needs your help with a friendship problem?"
>As the party continues on and you all continue to talk, Umbra gets up from her seat
"What's up, Umbra?"
>"I just need to make a small speech." Umbra says with a smile "Don't worry, beloved. I'm sure you'll love it."
>With that she gets up and makes her way to the center of the room
>"What is with her today?" Sombra whispers "Was she not as sick as a dog this morning?"
"You're guess is as good as mine."
>"Everypony, can I have your attention please?" Umbra asks as she taps her spoon against her glass "I have a little announcement to make."
>As everypony turns to look at Umbra, she pulls out that paper from before
>"This is a letter I wrote earlier." Umbra says before looking at you "It's for my wonderful husband, Anonymous."
>All eyes shift to you for a moment before returning to Umbra
>Now you really want to know what is on that letter
>As she opens the letter, she clears her throat before beginning to read it
>"Anonymous, it has been quite some time since you first arrived on our doorsteps." Umbra says "And in that time, you have done so much for the empire and for me."
>You smile
>"When I first met you, I thought of you as a strange creature just as everyone else did. It was only after we actually started talking that I saw you as much more." Umbra says "We quickly became friends and soon after I found myself calling you my special somepony."
>She looks up at you for a moment
>"And even though our love was not approved of by many, you and I continued to push forward to tackle any of those challenges in front of us." Umbra says "Throughout that time I've come to see you as a good friend, my special somepony, a wonderful husband, and amazing king."
>You notice that her eyes are starting to tear up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Sunset in Avalon's Shadow.png (1.34 MB, 3981x2430)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Dripping some lubricant.jpg (102 KB, 1307x1176)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: F-16.png (1.28 MB, 1891x2591)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
File: Alyona and Morgan.png (573 KB, 2037x1965)
573 KB
573 KB PNG

File: Squirrel_wakes_up_S1E11.png (404 KB, 1280x720)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
who are your favorite background ponies?
90 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.

Comet Tail

I love all the space horses
Amazing what just a little bit of wavy hair does.

Turns her in to a 10/10 horse
She is so cute
File: roseluckthebest.png (124 KB, 900x768)
124 KB
124 KB PNG

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