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File: 1504557197236.png (94 KB, 688x1634)
94 KB
Ponies Aroused by Anon's Physique

>THOSE PECS! Edition

ITT: Anon's human body is a huge turn-on for ponies. Why? The reasons vary. Sometimes there isn't one. Either way, shenanigans ensue.


Resident Writefags:

Diskotek: http://pastebin.com/ur4SSynm (Dead)
MM:http://pastebin.com/u/thegeman (Dead just check desu)
RiggyRag: http://pastebin.com/u/RiggyRag (Alive)
Diatomic-ge's: http://pastebin.com/JKF7sPjc (Dead)
Ladesko: http://pastebin.com/u/ladesko (Dead)

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"But, you love when I'm smelly!"
>She raises her eyebrows.
>"I would not say that I 'Love' it, Anonymous. I tolerate it."
>Oh no, she's not getting away with that.
>You know better.
"Don't play coy with me, I know what you like; Even if you wouldn't admit it."
>"Anonymous, please just-"
>You set your cup down and stand directly next to her.
>She freezes like a deer in headlight, staring straight down at her drawings.
"Say it."
"Don't think I don't notice all the little things you do."
>She doesn't respond, continuing to stare forward.
>A blush is growing on her face.

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>Her pet name catches her off guard.
>You smile with as much charm as you can muster.
"Come on, you know you want to. Nobody else is around~"
>She looks down at your glistening, sweatied chest peeking out from the neckhole of your tank top.
>She bites her lip and looks back at her work, then to the boutique.
"So what is it Rarebear?"
>Finally she releases a defeated sigh.
>"Oh I just cannot STAND you sometimes, Anon."
>She flops into your chest, letting you pull her in tight.
>You hold her close as she inhales deeply, taking in all of your scent.
>You chuckle.
"You're so full of it."
>She bops your chest with a hoof.
>"I hate you."

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Rariboner is the best

File: Filly Funtasia Daily.jpg (103 KB, 893x385)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Announced since October 2013
Talk about development Hell.
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>This thread was removed from the reddit containment board known as /v/

It was actually from big brother /co/
What the fuck is this shit
the mlp killer
Can I kill it?
/trash/ is suppose to be a dead board it's fucking hidden and worse than /b/

Would you ride her balloon?
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Her smile is so rare and precious I'd do anything to protect it.
File: buzzer.gif (2.05 MB, 225x156)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
>Cherry Berry is so cheerful all the time!
File: 6578686578899.png (111 KB, 255x258)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
does cherry berry cosplay as others often?
It all comes tumbling down
Those hips do not lie.

Is she a wasted character?
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>t. actual fag
How'd you know?
File: 1531676610573.png (531 KB, 622x623)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
You must literally take at least dozen of dick in your ass and mouth if you are using a tumblr reaction gif of the shittiest SJW movie ever made.
There's not nearly enough porn of her.
Her and Silverstream for that matter.

Previous thread >>32363371

>Shouldn't it be Ponies ON Earth?
Yes, but PiE is tasty. The thread has had this name since 2012 and it helps convey that this is what you get when the formula for AiE is reversed.

>Please explain.
We ask what happens when one or more ponies (or changelings, or griffons, or something else) are placed in a setting where humans are the predominant species. How does one of those adapt to living in a society where they're the odd one out, and most items aren't designed for hooves?

Beyond that, it's all the writer's choice!

It can be anything between silly or grim, set in the far future or distant past, canon characters or OCs! Ponies could be as rare as bigfoot sightings or as common as next-door neighbors! Are humans friendly or skeptical of the new arrivals? Are they even new arrivals? Is the pony a creation of humans, as with Browser Ponies or Hassenfield Bioengineering? Is Anon around? Is he still a jackass?

The door's wide open, so come on in!

>I don't always see this thread on the board.

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Its always lonely at the top. Especially when you are nigh-immortal. I wrote in an earlier chapter how celly had to learn that the hard way.Thats probably why she is really happy to have Luna back.
She has pretty eyes
They all do. Even Derpy.
File: 1634103.png (207 KB, 470x850)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
It's a regional thing. Ponies from the not-Egypt of Equestria really like eyeshadow. Even some of the dudes.

Especially Derpy. She is beautiful and she deserves to know it.

>first day of philosophy
>Professor asks us to introduce ourselves
>Put on the spot, start panicking but remember a certain quote from MLP
>"rainbow dash always dresses in style ''
>Professor looks stunned, class gives me a round of applause
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>first day of polsci
>Professor asks us to introduce ourselves
>Put on the spot, start panicking but remember a certain quote from MLP
>"niggers iffy uh, blicky got the sticky uh"
>Professor looks stunned, class gives me a round of applause
>"He cute"
File: 1522302853739.png (57 KB, 565x600)
57 KB
i almost missed a GREAT thread just because i thought it was some shitty porn dump. BUMPING THIS SHIT!!!
File: image.png (123 KB, 353x464)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>doing a piece about anatomy
>be me
>be OP
>epic style

File: 81dz18NzYNL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (123 KB, 1500x498)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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Okay. Understood. And if you think the new dolls are ugly, someone post what was Hasbros original idea for replacing the first dolls were. Some terrifying attempt at chibi and they went with Minis and this redesign instead.
File: image.jpg (186 KB, 605x592)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
If you mean the ball jointed large scale dolls, I'm actually mad they didn't go through with that. BJDs are usually pretty good quality.
It also seems like the article on mlpmerch got taken down about these dolls, as the link on this forum redirects to the homepage. http://www.monsterhighdolls.com/m/discussion?id=5907260%3ATopic%3A3414253
Anon, those are so terrifying that even Hasbro, known for ugly and terrifying toys, turned them down.
You think so? They remind me of pullip dolls, so I like them. Glass eyes and opposable limbs would have been such a good step in the right direction.

File: Cmon twilight.png (1.27 MB, 2480x1882)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
>These are the kind of ponies you want to have hateful angry aggressive sex with. With lots of punching and bruises and mother insults and cum.
>Clone stuff
Previous Thread: >>32502094

https://pastebin.com/hsBEW8br (Done)
https://pastebin.com/DhqQMXhR (Done)
https://pastebin.com/UEa0bqD0 (Progress)
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I like when Anon is not retarded. Very good green
Solid work again man, cheers!
You too.
good stuff

Beach Party Edition

Don't forget the suntan lotion!
Mom's going to need your soft, yet skilled hands for those hard-to-reach places...

Archive: https://pastebin.com/XtAKzbfq
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File: 1522278508609.jpg (253 KB, 1384x1164)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I want to take my breakup rage out on mom
English isn’t your first language, is it samefag? I know multiple people might disagree with me, but your typing styles are similar enough that I think you’re a samefag.
Yes, both of those are my posts, but only because it's late at night and I'm also a little sleep deprived, I didn't put everything I wanted to convey in one post when I replied to you so I ended up replyng to you twice, what of it.
File: Spoiler Image (23 KB, 540x539)
23 KB
Anon is shared around by the staff by his mother. Hes stuck his dick in almost every teacher Including the male ones but all good things must come to an end.
As graduation nears the teachers each try their best to bring him to their own side.
Celestia can't let them steal her boy, even her sister is giving him chocolates!

Also Premium teacher pick my man, Spits gets far to little appreciation. The image is for you.
File: pcls.png (290 KB, 1280x714)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Don't you know there's no girls who'd love you more than mom & auntie?

File: canonical slut.png (300 KB, 299x391)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Who is she?
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bump, I want a pacific glow thread
I don't know, but I'd gladly give her something else to suck on if she wants.
File: thisslut.png (216 KB, 299x391)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Number 6, specifically.
Don't no one ever say Rick Scott don't know how to party!
Is a stylish tampon. Accidents happen.

File: Severeshy - OhNo.jpg (343 KB, 1280x1707)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Forgetful Edition
sorry for being late on this
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File: 504.png (1.68 MB, 680x462)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
File: Flutterkicks.gif (266 KB, 330x325)
266 KB
266 KB GIF

File: ColtQuestThread80.png (256 KB, 640x600)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Inventory & Spells: https://pastebin.com/M3JiXh4r
Archive: https://www.anonpone.com/coltquest/
CQ Wiki: http://coltquest.wikidot.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/ncB2svz

Previous Thread:

>Emerald asks the Chronodaemon if there is anything it can do to get them out of the void.
>The demon helps out, dropping him and the two demons out in a cave.
>They eventually find themselves back in Trotton, however the town isn't destroyed.
>The three figure out that they are probably in another dimension.
>They all decide to get to Whitherwater as soon as possible since they need to find Joyride in order to get them back to their dimension.
>The group takes a wagon to Whitherwater, and after an uneventful ride they end up in front of Whiterwater, which seems to have been taken over by the Order of the Arrow.
>Emerald attempts to get inside the city by grabbing a temporary pass.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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see if we can intercept Ruby discreetly.
keep in mind this ruby does not know us. if we follow we risk her pulling a knife on us or getting her or us caught by the order.
Fine, let's be boring and follow hope
hey if you want emmy to follow rubes. that's fine. i'm just pointing out the risks with that. now if we were to follow we' d either have to get on the roofs or follow by the street side.

yeah, which is why discreet. and be prepared to bail.

File: Royal OP 6.png (857 KB, 1500x1590)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
Last thread >>32520962

New player or need a catch-up?
Notable characters:
Trades and kingdom resources:
Continuing from >>32588042...

>You're in the teachers lounge of the school, currently shaking hooves with each of the teachers
>First is the pony who first greeted you, Mahogany Shine, the ecology and farming teacher

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Honestly? Because it rolls off the tongue. I was busy and I didn't have time to come up with a better way of saying it.
Instead of entering in like a precious cunt bag let's razzle dazzle with a dance number. Sparkling armor is optional.

File: Snek.jpg (63 KB, 736x561)
63 KB
The story so far: https://pastebin.com/B4pyW22w

What is this?: A multiplayer player vs player pathfinder game where one of the players is this thread. Our character is Brass Casing, a Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3/ Barbarian (Savage Technologist) 1/ Rogue 1/ Alchemist 1 with a black mane, copper fur, homemade pistol and outspoken demeanor. She's accompanied by Spur Thunderhoof, a young but very large and strong pony acolyte capable of shifting his physical properties thanks to his druidic lineage.

When we last left our heroes, they were becoming acquainted, in the Shakespearean sense, in Brass' guest quarters within the Snake Eye Sanctum...

"Thanks, you're a good lookin' stud yourself you know. Always had a thing for big, strong, muscle bound stallions. I don't think I've ever met anyone that quite fits that bill as well as you do, though."
>You lean forward and press your lips against Spur's gently, closing your eyes and leaning into him more and more.
>After a minute of this you gradually turn your head a little and open your mouth, pushing your tongue against his lips requesting permission to enter his mouth.
>He grants it, his own tongue sliding past yours to cautiously explore past your lips.
>After a few moments of kissing, you pull away and lie back down.
>You slowly pull your tail out of the way, revealing your nethers.
>You lower one of your forehooves and start to gently rub up and down, letting out small, quiet, moans as you do.
>After a little while of this you pull your now wet hoof away from your marehood.
>Lighting up your horn, your magic surrounds our lips and gently pulls them apart to reveal your pink inner walls.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: IMG_20180512_171950.jpg (1.32 MB, 1944x2592)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?

>I'm new to this thread, what is exactly the context of it?
Someone makes an offhand comment on why Anon is always alone and one of the girls goes and does a thing to try and be his friend.
>Okay, sounds good and all, but where do I start?
The completed stories list is a good place to start, or you could dive into the ongoing stories in the alive list first, whatever you fancy.

>Completed Stories: https://pastebin.com/Zn1GXLeE

>Alive writefags:
YFNAnon: http://pastebin.com/4k2SieWK
Enemies everywhere, mysterious magical squads causing havoc. What the hell's going on, and where does Anon fit in all this?

CopAnon: https://pastebin.com/N1vBnFih

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That house at the bottom of the pic
Cheeki Breeki
File: Spoiler Image (175 KB, 933x700)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
iv damke

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