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File: catalog.jpg (205 KB, 500x500)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.

Plus size/Chubby/BBW/SSBBW hookup/contact thread
Next Dude to put his contact info in the OP will get shot edition

>What you're looking for
>What you're NOT looking for
>Favorite hobbies and interests
>Contact info
>Pic (optional, but can help you get more replies)
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>What you're looking for
Random talks with girls, does not have to be sexual

>What you're NOT looking for

>Favorite hobbies and interests
Reading, traveling, meeting new people

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
21/M/Germany - Bavaria


>What you're looking for
Casual conversations about almost everything.
Games, Anime, Music ( huge Metalhead ), if you are a big/normal girl, maybe some dirty stuff
Maybe some meetups with big girls or normal/Femboys
>What you're NOT looking for
Dickpics and camming

>Favorite hobbies and interests
Music-Stuff like singing and listenig to Metal, J-Rock, J-/KPop, reading books, gaming, watching anime, going out and just relax, going to concerts and festivals

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
hope u like soft n shy boys
kik is TheBodyAndSoul
Snap is gazeshoe

File: 1520549682840s.jpg (3 KB, 250x186)
3 KB
Didn't see a general dirty Kik thread that wasn't cancer. Post your details.

26/m/Aus white Dom. Women, trans, sissy's and cucks all welcomed.
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M 26
Horny and ready to show off. Do you wanna watch me showering? Hit me up: Mone85123
Women 18+ only

27/m/aus Bi white dom.

I like women, trans, sissys, cucks and traps
Looking for the biggest cocks out there
20m I like having someone watch me jerk KIK me at AloneMega
Going to drive home with my dick out.
If you wanna sneak, join me!

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
Any girls FacialAbuse fans? There shit drives me crazy and I'd love to know if it does the same to any girls?

File: 1536717184521s.jpg (4 KB, 250x250)
4 KB
New discord thread, the usual.

>pet peeves
>looking for
>not looking for
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That wasn't savage, just low quality flaming.
File: 1466772846093.png (456 KB, 804x876)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
>cut nigger dick
File: 1537287518533.png (773 KB, 600x843)
773 KB
773 KB PNG

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Music, History, Psychology, Vidya Cooking, Fashion, Conspiracies (!), Drugs.
>pet peeves
Politically obsessed people, e-thugs.
>looking for
males 18-25
>not looking for
Girls, unless you just want to talk or something. I'm straight so I'll only date guys.
File: 8.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1734)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
contact: Veliky#4927

m usa

interested in talking to people, still learning discord.

File: random-turtle.gif (519 KB, 800x600)
519 KB
519 KB GIF
Looking for a sexually aggressive aggressive online sex partner, and also friend. a self-proclaimed horndog, can "trick" me into undressing, doing lewd camera stuff, preferred age 19-25

Send contact info to exc0ni+e6ae7kpmuwidg@sharklasers.com

I'm twenty biological F

[Yes this thread was made before, my partner was incompatible so looking for someone with a higher sex drive]
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Not sure, but send your contact anyway if you want
what kind of contact are you looking for?
Or, ah, 40. Old yes, but no games.

Oh lord I keep posting the wrong email i'm sorry guys, not a troll just dumb


No big deal, you can join in too.
my disposable email keeps changing, sorry


File: 1535886460087.jpg (97 KB, 770x1136)
97 KB
New cocklust thread just post your age/sex/location
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You have a kik?

Mine is acleverusername23
30/t/Puget sound WA

Oral slut for the right cocks, also a switch and into receiving the same attention

Kik: korikori65
25 m bi in CA

Kik goodtimesnstuff

Send me your Cock and get me hard!!
Wanna see some nice dicks in my inbox. I looove cumvids btw
18/M/Australia 4551
I'm really curious about tasting cock for the first time. Also I'm a femboy
Kik: cbakewell123

rate thread
105 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.
work out and you'll be solid 9/10
What kind of glasses would look better?
dude, lose the stache and get a fucking haircut. You look like a steroptypical 80s nerd.
File: 1537452924914756844508.jpg (1.35 MB, 1944x2592)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
File: 1234.jpg (67 KB, 723x960)
67 KB
7, lose the tache

Chastity thread!
You know the drill!
Love being locked up! Looking for a guy or girl into locked up guys, I also have many many other fetishes to share.

Kik pluggedambition
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I've had this problem to. So first of all you want to have one that's bigger circumstance then your dick errect, or you'll have serious problems.

However in most cases even medium ones are ok, what you need to do for it to work properly is:

- put one ball through the ring.
- Put another ball through the ring.
- Make sure dick is flacid (cold dshower works for me), then put the dick through.

Ideally your ballsack should not add anything, and the ring should barelly contain your errect dick, and that's kinda the point because it prevents you just pulling it off.
thanks, ive got a knock off holy trainer and ive found it doesn't sit flush to my body. if I get hard it just slides away from my body. I tried a smaller ring but it very uncomfortable
Bigger when erect?

No, you want it snug when soft so that it really restricts you from getting hard in the first place!
But I don't want to have any other kinds of sexual stuff with men. Just a key holder. I'm straight.

New England thread

>Over a week and no one else will make one

Any one in the North East cluster, post your Kik/Disc info, along with photos, and try to make some friends!
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
26/M for F

Kik: Milkman781
File: IMG_3249.jpg (206 KB, 1240x779)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
26 m 860
Kik dylaninsockses
what's yer kik? Boston dude here
Add me on Snapchat dmoments2 looking for female MA NH area no guys

/sbt/ - Small Breast Thread

>No contactfagging
>Please timestamp if new
>Only post pictures of yourself
>Tits are the qualifier but all your body is welcome
>only biological females may post photos of themselves
>be civil to the girls and each other

Upload vids -http://www.mega.co.nz
Erome -https://www.erome.com
Gifs -http://www.gifpal.com
WebMs -http://www.github.com/WebMBro/WebMConverter

"Because the previous thread is already at 565 posts" edition

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
385 replies and 73 images omitted. Click here to view.
She's been sleeping with negroes :^)
Okay this gets a yikes from me. It's not like I ever liked her a lot though so?
spread puss and pull nips?
how you been qt
based snek

and fuckwits wonder why /sma/ is getting all the tail

glad you are back. You probably should go post in sma tho. More active and less drama ironically

File: hug.jpg (24 KB, 300x470)
24 KB
Ladies, when you hug another female do your boobs squish together? Is it awkward?

File: image.jpg (27 KB, 394x245)
27 KB
kik jerking buddies thread!

last one got archived, so let's start this up again. if you're just looking for a broham to jerk it with, this is the place to look. y'all know what to do! post your asl, what you're looking for, and your kik.

i'll start us off:
m 27 us
looking for hung straight guys and hung guys in general to jerk it with.

good luck and happy fapping!!
450 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
Let’s do this.
Kik: NY_Yankees_Rule
anyone in NJ?

kik wml82
my cock is hard at work, can you make me cum?

20m I like having someone watch me jerk. Send me pics to jerk to, or tell me how you want tk see me jerk it. KIK me at AloneMega
UK Bored in class
Lookin for guys around my age to wank with

File: 876787867.png (176 KB, 1000x1000)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Women with extremely long toes, please add me on Discord.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
op is me from the future where i have money to pay for my biggest fetish, go op go
Glad to see someone else into long toes. Add me if you want to talk about feet and share content
Used to use toes to work vibrator in and out. Fun
How YOU doin?

File: IMG_0028-1.jpg (909 KB, 1318x1117)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Footfags get in here.
Post your Kik so we can trade/share pics or stories,everything related to female feet
Kik: Breakingcastles
File: 89ff34b.jpg (658 KB, 4032x3024)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
My girls feet.

Breddy cute, any soles? The female feet threads have been dumpster fires lately
DBD2D let's trade pics of our GFs feet

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