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File: catalog.jpg (205 KB, 500x500)
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205 KB JPG
1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.

Let's have a good rate thread!

The scale:

10 - Perfect or near perfect physical appearance and personality.

9 - 1 or 2 small things you don't like about them, but still they're hot as fuck.
8 - Multiple small things wrong with their appearance, but doesn't impact your want for them to a great extent.
7 - Solidly attractive, usually have the best personalities.

6 - Deeeecent.
5 - Meh, this commonly includes people with nice bodies, but ugly faces or vice versa. (See Jillian Michaels
4 - Bangable, if intoxicated enough.
3 - 1 or 2 good qualities. Maybe if you were paid enough ?
2 - Would not bang. Ugly inside and out.

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why did you delete your previous comment?

christ, you're pathetic.
Got them USMC Dress Blues, bb.
File: Snapchat-734662149.jpg (222 KB, 720x1280)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
File: el-foto-por-soc.jpg (44 KB, 540x960)
44 KB
3, get better angles
Fake as Fuck
5, shave that pubestache
4, Shorter hair and no facial hair would do you some good

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File: regret.jpg (846 KB, 1166x1024)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
I love you.
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Arrrgh.. I'm not fat..
And I like being dirty..
Mmmm..I smell good..you'd love it..
I would love it
>Arrrgh.. I'm not fat..
You arent, but your face would benefit from it since it makes you look heavier than you are
Your not fat and I like you like your body
What's wrong with my face??
I'm cute..ish..rather..

Yea..I'm not scrawny..but not chubby..
I'm built..
I was scrawny as a teenager though..short, skinny, perky little tits and butt..had nice legs though, I will brag about that..
But I dressed like a boy, with baggy clothes, so it was hard to tell anything..
And i never put out either. Every time someone wanted in my pants..nope..
I would fool around with my boyfriend(s) but we never had sex..unless oral counts..idk..

Hello, my dear anon!
I really need the money ; ;
therefore, I will sell the video
My homemade archive with photos and videos
Any request
Kik: oh_mysenpai

Proof i will sent in PM

File: images.png (2 KB, 209x241)
2 KB
California Thread:

>age, gender, and area code
>what you're looking for
>kik/snap/contact info

>looking for female friends, it can lead up to anything
>kik is marethyuz, snap is duphoria
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someone post the cali discord link please?

also i'm hosting some board games tonight in the haight if anyone wants to come play, drop me a line staplerx300#0680
Where you from?
Jill its me broll hmu
Bumping B-Roll#5077

New boy butt thread
The last one died
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File: image.jpg (136 KB, 925x752)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: IMG_1220.jpg (1.16 MB, 2448x3264)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
I'll take anything you're willing to post. Bent over a bed?

File: ugly.jpg (42 KB, 360x640)
42 KB
hello anons, I'm 21 and a total failure. I'm looking for my last hour, and hoping to find someone around Biloxi, MS to help me find it. rewards include a 3TB barricuda hard disc drive, some neat knives, if you want to meet up at my place before we do it take my 30inch TV, and if you're a man rapist you can rape me dead or alive (for an hour and a half) if you help me "finish" too. I'll offer whatever I have, help me out by helping me "out". contact me on steam ( steamcommunity.com/id/fllnlvs ) or if you prefer another method to talk discretely about this i'll provide links or make accounts.
look at me. i'm 5'8 ugly af scrawny lookin socially awkward and tired of telling people i'm fine, one of those people who every therapist doctor and teacher called "incredibly smart" that ended up disappointing everyone. help me help the world by separating the two, I'll compensate you as best i can (can't take any of my shit with me so someone should use it).
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Join a gym. Try it for a month or two and see where you end up.
File: harddrive thingy.jpg (37 KB, 360x640)
37 KB
proof of compensation; 3TB hard drive (another one in my computer, plus a 500gb SSD in there too)
even on the rare times that I remember to eat properly, I've had trouble gaining weight in fat or muscle since i was 17. even in the JROTC PT team, no matter how fit i was, still smol and gangly.
Join the army
Are you trying to talk him into itmore... don't join army. I did8years. Shit blows. What's your method of choice anon

/erpg/ ERP General - Saint Patrick's Day Edition
Please drink s̶e̶m̶e̶n̶ responsibly

>What is ERP?
This thread is all about roleplaying distinct characters. Your "ASL" can be the elf princess or the rugged but gentle half-orc knight that saves her, or even the dragon that keeps her. Perhaps you're a sci-fi greasemonkey, or the pilot of the starfighter she's repairing. Anything can be fun if you find a way to make it work.

>What is F-List?
F-List is a site dedicated to typefucking. It offers multiple exchange options, such as PM, IM and even Forum or group settings.The most powerful tool, however, is the profile and its bbcode possibilities

>How do I get started?
Create an account on https://www.f-list.net/ and make your first character! It will ask you for a character name before any description or images, From there it's just a matter of fleshing out your creation by completing the description, kinks list, and adding some images. If you're ever confused, seeking feedback, or just want to display your character, post the profile here! Take a gander at this too https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ufmY2grzI16vKudsZnEvf2_gEn4umWkgKJ60KkcgSSg

>So, I made my Character, what now?
After you've created your character and are ready to ERP, open F-chat 1.0 or 2.0 (or download the SlimCat client) from the chat tab on the top left of the Homepage. Browse through the various channels and find the ones which interest you and/or apply to your character.

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File: 1427352699354.png (65 KB, 285x276)
65 KB
>Be me
>Good writer, great roleplayer
>Haven't been on the ERP scene in a while
>Check out F-List
>It's still full of impenetrable cliques
>Check out various popular ERP forums
>They're all full of impenetrable cliques

What's the point. People doing this don't care about getting each other off anymore, it's all about the dull prattle about video-games or how your day went.
Ironically that's why it's better to just go looking for randos because they're usually not attached to a clique.
I've only ever just searched for whoever was online for X fetish
That just means the forums are a lost cause, since those are either tight-knit cliques on the forum, or a tight-knit clique on Discord.

Danger with randos is the potential for nabbing someone very clingy, very bad, or very bad and very clingy. I've had that happen before, it's why I left F-List so hard in the first place.

[spoiler]That said, there's one user I've been following who's exactly what I've wanted to roleplay with, I'll have to make a character to play with her.[/spoiler]
>that one person you wanna RP wit but never get the chance to because of work

Girls what do u think? R8 me
do milk

File: 1512012349895.png (17 KB, 512x512)
17 KB
New Discord thread since the old one is about to die

>Looking for
>Not looking
>Contact info
162 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
I made a Discord server centered around mental health support for those who need/want a friendly, supportive place.
For anyone who might want to join:
File: FamilyExpress.png (434 KB, 500x871)
434 KB
434 KB PNG

Cars, Motorsport, Engines, Music, Languages, Nature, a little aviation, running, some vidya; haven't been playing much recently but when I did I usually stuck to racing sims.

>Looking for
Friendos, people with different from the usual interests(vidya, anime)

>Not looking
What does this mean, I'm up for anything just no homo shit

>Contact info
Vidya, tabletop, sewing and cute things and clothes.
>Looking for
Pretty much whatever, but I wouldn't mind guys/gals chatting about lewd things. If you RP, even better.
>Not looking
Just don't take yourself super seriously
>Contact info
(btw, I may look offline, but I'm usually available.)
File: 67254-4934803Fr.jpg (35 KB, 350x248)
35 KB
21/FTM trans/USA
Pro wrestling, history/politics, film buff (Dolph Lundgren to David Lynch), cringe compilations/public freakouts, Joe Rogan Experience, Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr, Kill Tony Podcast.
For music: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Modest Mouse, Sleep. I've read a few manga, Berserk, Dorohedoro and Junji Ito.
>Looking for
Someone to chat with, no voice conversations.
>Not looking
Sexual stuff
>Contact info

Vidya, anime, metal music, singing, memes, cats.

>Looking for
Friends. Preferably female. Mostly to just chat, and maybe play some games or something

>Not looking
I'm not looking for anything dirty in particular, but I wouldn't really be against it if the conversation were to swing that way.

Also I am straight. So I really don't want to see your dick.

>Contact info

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: PicsArt_03-19-02.02.07.jpg (137 KB, 1200x1600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>no bbc thread
Let's fix that shall we? BBC general/kik thread here. Post your big black cocks and preferably some contact info too. Twinks and cucks welcome too.
31 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
IAmYourWaifu442 on kik
disgusting trash,, bbc NEVER
Ig I can show off my bbc

kik: Malikx18
Small cock Jdiamond494 20 M
jackt7263 Cuck here. Have lots of pics of my 19 year old fat assed gf

File: WUJvZ7V.jpg (67 KB, 480x640)
67 KB
/fft/ - Female Feet Thread

>Females only // Timestamp if new
>Nudity encouraged but not required

Beginner's Tips: https://imgur.com/a/Mt9dI
Try Some Poses: https://imgur.com/a/NgoUi
Macros: https://imgur.com/a/zQpsC

258 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: pearlysandal.jpg (3.59 MB, 2984x5312)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
uwahh I feel like it's always dead in here around the hours I post
I like your feet
Can you curl your toes
File: curltoes.jpg (721 KB, 2528x1944)
721 KB
721 KB JPG

File: peeptoe.jpg (2.53 MB, 2984x5312)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
decided on buying these ones.
I liked the pearly ones better, but the way the straps were cut, one was wedged between my pinky toe and it didn't feel pleasant.

File: Snapchat-456598854.jpg (393 KB, 1080x1920)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Let's try something different
Bulge Rate thread
8/10 moar?

File: 20180320_213853.jpg (887 KB, 960x1280)
887 KB
887 KB JPG
Friday night Yes/No/Maybe thread
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20180315_213339534.jpg (112 KB, 500x281)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
File: Snapchat-1095572391.jpg (821 KB, 1080x1920)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
no :p
10 times yes

Oh, hey. Just a young Male findom seeing who might be around to add to my evening. Look at the picture all you want ;)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, I do.

Tell me your interest in my thread and you may receive a message...

Dominant guys, feet, humiliation, lots of kinks :^D
You have amazing feet. I'd love to worship them. My Kik is garyvelez123. I'd love to talk to you
You all are fucking disgusting
No, you.

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