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File: discord-3-569463.png (6 KB, 256x256)
6 KB
Discord thread
File: GRvLnQzrd-1.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
If you like active vcs and text chat I cordially invite you to join this based discord server.

wow server filled with depressive faggots
File: dbgnjyrfdgbbn.jpg (24 KB, 649x365)
24 KB

I'd rather whine on the acon server about how life is bad despite the fact that I'm the reason for my problems, without actively doing anything to solve them. Why does everyone have it better than me? Why, when someone tries to comfort me, must I make everything a competition and prove that my life is worse and no one cares about me? I just want friends, but no one can deal with the fact that I truly do have it worse than them, I swear!!!!!!!

File: IMG_20190824_163140445.jpg (1.08 MB, 1944x2592)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Free compliments thread

Post ur pics on here for compliments.
You potentially have a great jawline
yeah this
keep at it jose
Good hair OP

File: olnHPPk.jpg (1.03 MB, 2419x3226)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Small cock thread
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File: 2019-02-02 23.48.52.jpg (986 KB, 1556x2074)
986 KB
986 KB JPG
File: 655_1000.jpg (49 KB, 563x1000)
49 KB
Kik Tinyman23
File: IMG_20190824_121322.jpg (388 KB, 2074x2765)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
File: IMG_20190824_115654.jpg (1.49 MB, 4096x2304)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG

File: shu.png (63 KB, 138x205)
63 KB
erpg/ Erotic Roleplaying General.
Last thread died, RIP

>What is this thread?
This thread is all about roleplaying distinct characters. Your "ASL" can be the elf princess or the rugged but gentle half-orc knight that saves her, or even the dragon that keeps her. Perhaps you're a sci-fi greasemonkey, or the pilot of the starfighter she's repairing. Anything can be fun if you find a way to make it work. If you just wanna cyber go take that shit to one of the KiK threads or whatever.

>What is F-List?
F-List is a site dedicated to typefucking. It offers multiple exchange options, such as PM, IM and even Forum or group settings.The most powerful tool, however, is the profile and its bbcode possibilities

>How do I get started?
Create an account on https://www.f-list.net/ and make your first character! It will ask you for a character name before any description or images, From there it's just a matter of fleshing out your creation by completing the description, kinks list, and adding some images. If you're ever confused, seeking feedback, or just want to display your character, post the profile here! Take a gander at this too https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ufmY2grzI16vKudsZnEvf2_gEn4umWkgKJ60KkcgSSg

>So, I made my Character, what now?
After you've created your character and are ready to ERP, open F-chat 1.0 or 2.0 (or download Fchat 3.0 client) from the chat tab on the top left of the Homepage. Browse through the various channels and find the ones which interest you and/or apply to your character.

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File: ev00323.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
My oh my, still wanting to play out that bloodsucker scene we talked about months back, huh?
I can't say I explicitly remember that? But, yeah, that, although humans>monsters any day of the week. That's why I need a DM who can do ~all sorts of shit~
File: kim-chan-il-.jpg (299 KB, 1920x814)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
RPG players tend to flake. ERPers tend to flake. People doing stuff online tend to flake. Combine these factors all together into a single thing and you have High Imperator Flake of the Serene Republic of Unreliability.
I take pride in the fact I've never flaked on a RPG before. It saddens me that people don't take these things seriously.

Oregon thread, 541 here, 19/m/bi looking to meetup and have some fun ;) kik me: italianstallion69420
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29 trans girl portland
kik jot645
24 M Portland

Bored and always looking to chat or grab a beer. I work in downtown and have a normalfag office job.

kik: creativedestiny
35/m/Portland area
Looking for hiking shenanigans and cool hole-in-the-wall places for the first week of September!

Kik: delibirdprince
I posted this last time, but maybe I can get more traction this time.

kik group #portland4chan

File: carolinas-states-img.png (3 KB, 248x158)
3 KB
Worth checking for NC/SC. Charlotte here
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my nigga, Lake Wylie here
843 here 32/m bi.
Looking for a femboy sissy, or MtF trap.
Kik is darthentmoot.
704 M/23/Bi

Looking for anyone into bdsm/bondage, I’m a switch so either position is fine with me.

828 M/21/straight
Looking for someone to hangout with
kik: gwind6

File: Img5606067.jpg (313 KB, 994x1186)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
rate thread for skinny bois
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File: CK4*.jpg (978 KB, 959x1321)
978 KB
978 KB JPG
Hi skeltals
File: nb.png (418 KB, 488x591)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
File: IMG_20180628_205531860~2.jpg (300 KB, 1086x1815)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Bumped ever upward!
File: IMG_20190726_141751_.jpg (81 KB, 540x720)
81 KB
Please make rough love to me

File: IMG_20190824_070100.jpg (233 KB, 1280x720)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
good old drinking thread time again
the Discord, for anyone interested https://discord.gg/MyhdfDN
post your drinks, troubles, etc etc
currently drinking Newton's Folly and listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH8lvwXx_Y8
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Le ekek
yeah, I'm around 300lbs now
Damn, Samson. I haven't seen you since I browsed /r9k/ years ago
Seem to get banned every time I post there, so I've given up on that cesspool

File: IMG_20190822_230111401.jpg (815 KB, 1340x1778)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
Thicc Bois Body Rate Thread
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File: IMG_20190824_120512550.jpg (1.97 MB, 3264x2448)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
File: 20190316_120349.jpg (3.09 MB, 4032x3024)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
42m kik thanos76
You are one ugly son of a bitch. Get out of here oldman.
File: 1525896974608.gif (821 KB, 200x197)
821 KB
821 KB GIF
join the offical thiccboy server for the juicy rolls

File: IMG_20190824_115807.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG

File: Snapchat-219099577.jpg (110 KB, 720x1280)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Thursday rate and assumption thread
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close, but no dice
I think what they’re getting at is
you’re not on the vapor chill discord
and since machines are replacing “humans” you were born in the twilight of civilization. Enjoy your short life.
Apocalypse coming

File: SGT.jpg (149 KB, 395x600)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Short Girl Thread SGT

5' 3" or below.

Females only, no contact fagging. Nudes not required, but are of course always appreciated.
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Friday picture? (It's tradition after all). :-)

How was your week?
My first crush was the shortest girl in class and I was the tallest boy and I would tease her for being so smol but she didn't like it and never liked me and because I was chasing her I ignored the cute girl that liked me so I don't like womanlets anymore.
I like short girls, but they don't like big dicks physically, they always say they do tho lol T_T
Amazing. Simply amazing. I sure wish I could contactfag in this thread, but if you happened to post your discord, that'd be cool. Totally not just because I like big tits though. Totally not.
File: 20190824_180545.jpg (2.77 MB, 2268x2730)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
They were alpacas
See pic

File: Snapchat-1629702004.jpg (1.14 MB, 1512x2688)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
I'm high, bored sad and alone listening to deerhunter. Rate bully ama I don't have work for 2 hours
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asians are so fuckng gross
i'm a decent human being as well cool
Actually quite genuine beauty with this one. Thank you for all you are sharing.
Hopefully you are feeling better now that it's the weekend.
Nice, what Deerhunter song were you listening to?

Rate / guess personality
show penis and no you dont pass
insecure narcissistic nerd
you're actually pretty ugly even for soc standards. usually traps try a little harder to look feminine too, not that itd help much

File: steam.png (1.31 MB, 1886x1678)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Steam Profile thread!
show off your profile and add vidya buddies!
remember to include a screenshot of your profile
>favorite game
>favorite game outside of steam
>steam profile link
>discord tag
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: thesteamscheme.jpg (1.16 MB, 2384x1308)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
>favorite game
>favorite game outside of steam
space station 13 B)
>steam profile link
>discord tag
i dont know what this fuckin means

add my discord and lets see what games we have in common buds !
Where u from bro

File: b2.jpg (94 KB, 640x480)
94 KB
/fft/ - Female Feet Thread

>Females only // Timestamp if new
>Nudity encouraged but not required
>No Contactfagging

Beginner's Tips: https://imgur.com/a/Mt9dI
Try Some Poses: https://imgur.com/a/NgoUi
Macros: https://imgur.com/a/zQpsC

old thread: >>28050555
390 replies and 93 images omitted. Click here to view.

Spread asshole.
This is amazing and people are gonna tell me to stfu but I always prefer a little bit of paint.
wow push it to the limit!! Is that how you drive IRL?

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