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Meet ups in 30044 or surrounding area

I have nudes of a slut

File: _hwhqpn.jpg (84 KB, 765x456)
84 KB
Magic/Illusion/NBM fetish?

Any one else turned on seeing a lovely assistant in a dangerous magic trick like sawing in half, knife throwing, sword box, cut into pieces, guillotine, ect...

Or on the same note the fetish of Natural Body Magic, which is the fantasy of the girl being cut or divided into pieces but still alive and able to feel and control all her parts.

Please report in with any interest or similar fetishes, since this is kind of niche feel free to share your other rare fetishes here too.
Yeah this has been one of those silent fury fetishes I have.

File: IMG_20181214_200338.jpg (18 KB, 317x299)
18 KB
Ideal BF/GF thread
Other is dying- and quick.

Post yourself as an Ideal BF/GF
Templates above, just copy and paste onto a blank background.
File: Ideal_20cfd8_6288699.jpg (138 KB, 900x540)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
give me your contact
(im a dude)

This is a chill server with cool people and games, come hang out make a new friend and meet up

Anything goes kik chat
Add blyatmancyka69, got some nice hentai

File: green.jpg (52 KB, 315x314)
52 KB
join this server for nicotine addiction and first wave bm
no oogles allowed

File: kik.png (2 KB, 186x186)
2 KB
Can't seem to find any good Ohio kik groups that are more my age or people to bullshit with.
Please feel free to post groups or ID's.
My kik is g0l4yd0wn
No out of state people please. :p
614 here
Kik bennyandthejet66
24 m Cbus
Hmu I'm boreddd

File: SMRPG_YoshiCandy.png (58 KB, 198x145)
58 KB
College Station, Texas
Looking for a casual hookup with a femanon

Your bf, gf, husband, or wife can watch.

File: discord.png (3 KB, 299x168)
3 KB

post whatever, just started the server, open to suggestions on the server.

File: sgt.png (763 KB, 650x812)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
/shg/ - Short Haired Girls Thread
545 replies and 121 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Wait till the goty is on sale
I probably will. Maybe around some steam sale lol
You look comfy, would cuddle
>bookoo practice
I may or may not have taken an embarrassing number of ahegao pics. So at least one =P
And this thread is on 10 now. We’ll be forced to post in the new one soon lol
I need to see when the xmas sale starts cause I always miss it
Lol wouldn't doubt you took like 10 of them before settling with one you don't have to lie. Outtakes are the best part. Pretty cool to kill a thread till page 11 tbqh
hi olivia, we chatted on kik a couple years ago. Woulnd't mind doing it again. Fresh7643.
Only two this time but thats usually right lol
It is pretty cool to kill it especially with such qt other posters
Speaking of, where did Cas go?
Better than me when I use to post my face on soc. I feel like we could had hit 600 if it wasn't west coast hours.
You two should had exchanged skypes or something so you could blow her phone up. Also gotta ask for a middle finger pic

File: discord.jpg (11 KB, 300x300)
11 KB
Where can a cute bi guy like myself find a WORKING discord server that people trade nudes. I realy don't mind if that's guys only, or both. I just want some servers but all of them are either expired or not the thing I looking for
Make your own.

I’ll join
there's gotta be one with enough members already
Just started one https://discord.gg/d3m2ZBj

File: family.png (613 KB, 564x470)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
Hey who wants a girlfriend? or maybe like a girl that will offer you emotional support and lead you on and BOY WILL IT make you feel good https://discord.gg/cXrVaQS
File: 1544551784701.png (111 KB, 380x299)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
girls who lead guys on arent the type to offer any support
they're self absorbed grubbers
>a girl that will offer you emotional support and lead you on
Not again, thanks

How do I find an asexual gf?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
24 years old, you?
You want one? Take my wife. She just came out to me as asexual.

Lets talk

skype fortune.cookie7
kik fortune.cookie7
discord fortunecookie#7107
shes cheating bro, at least if she was truely sexual before

File: a lain.jpg (14 KB, 474x333)
14 KB
Other one is at 498(?) replies and is boutta get locked. Here's the usual, boneless.
Comfy nerds edition!
>looking for
>fun fact
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>no title
people wont know this is the gfd thread
delete it and make a new one
It bugged on me senpai, I'm probably gonna.
>About me:
I'm pretty shy and introverted and still a virgin. I'm loyal and not looking to fool around or only for a one time thing.
Physically, somewhat feminine looking with medium/long hair.
I like history, gaming, nature, animals, travelling, programming
I don't smoke, do drugs or drink
>Looking for:
A loyal, dominant, obsessive, posessive, clingy gf who wouldn't mind a LDR
Kik: atazs
Discord: atazs#0730
>Fun Fact:
I'm fluent in two languages
Flattop that you?

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