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>post your tinder
>post conversations
>advise and council others.
Lets get some dates boys!
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No and neither will your pics. Middle one with the weird angle is unsettling and why the dog pic. At least have it be a candid photo with the dog on your lap to reflect that you are an animal lover but don't just fucking leave a pic of an ugly dog i thought it was you
>ultra confident
Pick one
And pick humble
Since you obviously can't pull off ultra confident
Fucking smile
And no pics of you in a wife beater
Goddamn guys are fucking clueless
Pic 6 makes you look greasy
Take out sad boy
Take out quote
Shorten bio
A candid pic with friends would do you good
Would actually swipe right. Damn.
Take out that bathroom selfie, can already tell your body is beautiful just from your legs in the first pic and the aspiring Olympian thing. Just let ladies discover your body in the right time, they will be much more happy that way trust me. You got this.
Yes totally an expressionless lonely shirtless bathroom selfie with toilet and shower combo. No. No dude.
Not the worst.
It's like you're taking headshots for an acting role. Nobody cares about both side profile of your face in black and white. Go out, get some pics outdoors, preferably candid, preferably with friends, preferably with a different shirt and hair style.

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Doesn't mean your ugly probably have some shit written on your profile. Change you let bio from time to time. But you could be ugly. Post a pic

File: my-thingy.png (1.74 MB, 4128x3594)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Hi. Got this template from a thread yesterday but couldn't fill all of it out before thread disappeared. Looking to meet new people and hopefully a partner. Don't have Skype, so the Skype thread isn't very useful for me.


File: no butts.png (101 KB, 793x492)
101 KB
101 KB PNG

looking for a sugar daddy. i can give cam shows over skype, if you want other things ask me about them.

My skype is Just For Funsies New
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Go post on the sugar thread, stop making unecessary boards
Got snap op? If so what is it
File: 1427411921590.jpg (26 KB, 500x375)
26 KB

Why are all the chubby threads no contact? Goddamit looking for a chubby girl to talk to on kik ooby82
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And this is op back again ooby82 Herr, still looking for chubby girls to chat to, anyone else around? Just as me girls see if we click

Try the local all you can eat buffet? Seriously, good place to start.
Well that's not nice lol
Kik me sveniiis83
File: 1507265697984.gif (94 KB, 500x375)
94 KB
21 M US
Looking for a cute girl to shoot the shit with maybe lewd.
Kik: Zelnova

File: map.gif (18 KB, 338x412)
18 KB
Anyone in Georgia?
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Flowery Branch twink dying to suck/take some cock in my ass kik: plshavefreename
Marietta/Kennesaw yesyouwill93

In West Atlanta. Would like to meet girls but I am kinda bored
Roswell area looking to get a handjob
high falls here. into girls. kik strungtuna

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 284x177)
5 KB

Im looking for hookups and fun
File: ambrose.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
kik me is also meant to say and my kik is Abide_for_life
Where is the sign up sheet? lol

File: vag.jpg (69 KB, 593x390)
69 KB
Who /va/ here? Where you guys from? Looking for anyone in the area? https://discord.gg/Nuq4xcS
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M or f?

Im male and new here. Would love someone to hangout with.
Waldorf here

yeahimadork at yahoo
240 here

Williamsport is on the WV border not VA
I remember how psyched I was when they opened. Then a close friend was married to the manager. Sometime after that it went to shit. Hopefully it bounces back, but all I'm proposing is an easily recognizable landmark. I /am/ curious about your beef on south Arlington -- the traffic disaster?
>I stopped going cuz my ex worked there.
There's another half a mile from Chantilly High

File: 1500749242445.jpg (157 KB, 483x960)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Seeking practical advice on how to conduct a meeting with a person never met before for the only purpose of having sex.

Like, advice on the place to choose for the intercourse, how much time i should reserve off my daily schedule and so on...

Should i expose my driver license to the person's sight? Should i prepare to pay everything myself if i want the thing to go like i want and not derail in anything unwanted? And stuff like that.

I know there must be something better than a hotel room and not as squalid as fucking in a back-alley....

File: 3d-skype.png (35 KB, 400x341)
35 KB
Anyone wanna start a Skype meetup thread or some shit? Haven't seen one of those in awhile here.
>Sexual Orientation
>Relationship Status
>Text / Mic / Cam
>Favorite Music
>Favorite Books
>Favorite Shows/Movies
>Favorite Vidya
>Are you interested in Skype groups?
>What languages do you speak?
>What are you looking for?
>What are you NOT looking for?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: plz-exist.png (1.32 MB, 4128x3594)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
There's one already but let's do this anyway.

>Sexual Orientation
Yes/If you speak french (I hate having to speak english due to my shitty accent)/maybe at some point
Lots of diverse stuff. Fav is Dreyer's Ordet.
Lots of diverse stuff, with a preference for classical music.
Lots of diverse stuff, really. I just like pre-20th century lit better.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1onlyforthemoment.png (1.76 MB, 3828x4587)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
>Sexual Orientation
yes/of course/may be
Electronic music( I am a slave of electronic music to the grave) techno-minimal
on pic
> Shows/Movies
on pic
on pic
> What languages do you speak?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
the skype thread is right here y'all


File: hwee.png (33 KB, 152x265)
33 KB
I really wanna play ffxiv with a cute girl.
I can show you the world. I mostly play as a tank so you could play as a healer, but I can play as a tank, dps, or healer.
If there's any questions for me lemme know.
Kik is spiderkamen, I can share my discord if that works better
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I don't play MMOs that much so you might be right about that one. And I don't deny that the gaming community has been and still is for the most part filled with frustrated males who can't wait to take it all on the first girl they see (guys like >>25795857 ).
But I guess what I was trying to say is that, you can't blame guys for having stereotypes on girls when they're mostly accurate, as long as they accept that these stereotypes don't apply to every girl ever. What I mean is that, this " healing as a submissive role " you talk about is often gladly accepted by girls who got into the game to play with their bf, and shouldn't be devalorised, just like life as a housewife is nothing to be ashamed of, and is what most women primarly want. It has just been devalorised by our modern capitalistic society because it's not economically productive.

But I guess that has nothing to do with poor OP's thread. Well at least he gets a bump.
File: stopno.png (142 KB, 464x681)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
I'm a tank, I am not a cutie patootie
Yeah, I'm kind of counting on folks to get into fights while I'm asleep so this thread doesn't die
File: gosh.png (53 KB, 238x182)
53 KB
>I'm a tank, I am not a cutie patootie
I've tanked since forever and I'm adorable af tyvm
Tanks are tonka tough though
Triggered again. I can almost feel the heat off your roast beef. Can't even believe you decided to say "many men got caught cheating so we should assume literally every man cheats too then?". Are you trying to defend yourself? Because you aren't doing a good job. Stop trying to deny what you are, an attention whore.

Every female wants male attention. If a female can't get male attention from their boyfriend/husband, they seek it out from a "guy friend". Don't even try to deny this universal truth. You yourself are guilty of this true stereotype. How many male friends do you have? How many female friends do you have? Which sex do you talk to the most on a daily basis?

Begone thot. Go spend some time with your significant other and stop pestering for attention here.

File: karte_Dach.jpg (21 KB, 378x355)
21 KB
Jemand aus der Schweiz da?

File: 100_0211.jpg (830 KB, 3296x2472)
830 KB
830 KB JPG
Looking for a beautiful woman to cuddle for the night. Want nothing more than that.
Try cuddlecomfort?

File: IMG_0113.jpg (126 KB, 1114x1114)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Need a cam girl or snap slut. Would like free, can pay.

Me: hung, cock thick as wrists

Post either your snap ar Skype to get in contact with me

File: IMG_9941.png (37 KB, 600x700)
37 KB
No slave / submissive market thread ? Come here and get yours on kik !

Kik : camillouss, 21yo male sub, can handle pretty all of your request, looking for a serious dom / mistress who will drive me into limits
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Time zone?
18m, looking for a dom girl
You blew your cover already bro
Time to disappear yourself
jackejacke33 18/m/sweden
looking for someone really dominant to put me in my place, im a slut <3 I LOVE rules and being humiliated

My online friend just died of a meth overdose looking for a new friend pls

I like anime and cute things and lifting and beaking rulez
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'll be your friend.
Uh add commisar on steam
Which one?
File: Snapchat-2011816556.jpg (99 KB, 1321x991)
99 KB
I enjoy anime and cute things. Feel free to add me on discord or something. Sorry for your loss by the way.
kik: hail kawaii (no space)
discord: HailKawaii#9644
Ive got anime pfp

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