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File: unknown-57.png (642 KB, 765x768)
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Should do bodybuilding and get into camming? I'm 19, and male. I have an internet buddy who said he made a hundred dollars in three hours while camming, and that he has a suger daddy who offers to buy him new toys. I'm an exhibitionist, so I think I'd enjoy the work, but what do you think about it, /soc/? Also, I'm 19 so I'm still pretty young.
Only if you're gay bro. if the dick is big enough, go for it. Free money is free money.
Sex work is a hard industry. It would behoove you to not sign anyone's contract.
Post photo of body and cock.
>Should do bodybuilding and get into camming?
Implying you have what it takes
I'm not really happy with my current body and am trying to change it. A dude said I have a good ass though. At the moment, I'm slightly chubby and weigh about 230lbs. I'm also 5,10.
What goes into the work? Is it hard?

So I started getting matches on Tinder. How does a failed normie like myself start talking to girls? "Hey, how are you?" What next?
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don't. Tinder girls are trash, use it as a gauge to see how attractive the girls you can approach IRL are.
Tinder is an okay way to date. Not the best. Not the worst. From your ideology, OP can just do that irl at a bar or the mall or something. Which isn't a bad idea either, but twice as awkward for everyone.
The psychology of dating sites is people shopping for a mate, which is totally different from naturally "falling" in love. You shouldn't go to bars either.
Imo he should use it for it's intended purpose or not use it at all. It's not a good gauge for real life since women are generally pickier online.
I never said love. I don't. I was saying it isn't a wild concept to try what you're suggesting in real life over tinder if you're so against the app.

File: IMG_2829.jpg (170 KB, 750x1334)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
June 9 1995
6'11 155lbs

Twitter and Snapchat is Erichornyboy

Official Pornhub is Eric Stern
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Give it a rest, you're like 40
Post some pics of that girl in your pfp on Facebook.

You're not too hard to find what are you doing posting so much info online lol.
I believe that's the point
dude u look like jeffrey dahmer
File: download.gif (995 KB, 540x290)
995 KB
995 KB GIF
210cm 70kg

File: image.jpg (2.81 MB, 4032x3024)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
Beautiful cocks trying to cum
Kik me at cockhere123

File: daksdkaskdasd.jpg (75 KB, 612x400)
75 KB

File: 20190811_131222.jpg (1.07 MB, 3264x1836)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
tops kik me at setback90. I want to show off my hole and dildo. Make me gape ;)

I'll send the rest of my pics to anyone who tells me they saw me here. Also, I'll answer any (reasonable) question asked.

Kik: SamFromVA

File: 20190824_104335.jpg (536 KB, 1933x1080)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
"Amateur model" advice and promotion thread:
ITT people who post videos/pictures online discuss and share views
Me and longterm gf started doing the pornhub verified amateur program and have uploaded a few videos. Check em out. For anyone currently doing similar stuff, how do you decide what to do for videos? Or for anyone just interested in amateur porn, what do you look for?

File: 1566256971567m.jpg (94 KB, 540x1024)
94 KB
New cuckold server
Forgot the link

I love the idea of other guys getting off to my girlfriend. Kik: jhc1104
Send me this image as a tribute back to prove you're not just a collector and i'll start sharing

File: 4comments.jpg (47 KB, 536x1000)
47 KB
I want to be exposed and I'll give my pics to anyone who tells me they saw me nude here. losersof@gmail.com

File: IMG-20190802-WA0000.jpg (63 KB, 640x550)
63 KB
NJ meet up thread! Post asl, what you're looking for and contact info.


California blonde with a high sex drive... really love talking to guys who have a bimbo fetish

i love to be objectified and stared at when im in public. got implants to look more like a bimbo - d cups but want to go bigger and ive had lip injections..love when a guy tells me what else he wants me to have done

i also have a bit of a misogyny fetish - being told im an object for a guy to use and i either belong with a cock in one of my holes or in the kitchen making a guy a meal

love to chat and voice call about that while we both get off

message me on snap my handle is bimboslutsara19

just dirty talk im not a prem account
>boom implants
fucking gross. I hope you enjoy getting fucked with your face in the pillow because no one wants to see mutilated tits.
Fake and gay
99% chance its a sissy
I hate implants
if you wanted big breasts get hormone therapy
and stimulate them till they lactate
natural is always better.

File: 20190823_224457.jpg (137 KB, 430x936)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Do you like this Boobs? Pls give a rate
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Someone help who is the girl in the ad pls help
Your feet are your best feature and I’m not a foot guy
In ny opinion you have the perfect body type so for me personally 10/10
4/10. Not my type sorry

File: gud.png (19 KB, 128x87)
19 KB
discord thread
/u/ server is back
love how you are using a portmanteau off "Dumb" and "bump"
but why would we want to visit a server that is dumb enough that it actually has to be bumped ?
if it was any good, those that visit would be singing it's praises.

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