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File: lazy dragon.jpg (161 KB, 960x540)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Welcome to the Lazy Dragon Manor, Master~!

Our friendly little server is looking to expand with more active members!


We've achieved a balance of not being a hugbox and not filled to the brim with shitposting.

If your idea of fun is being disruptive, then move the fuck along.

NSFW channels are hidden by default and become available once you assign yourself the appropriate role.

Must be over 18+!!

No personal NSFW selfies allowed, unless you want to send them to KanMan. (dont do this)

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File: f55.jpg (326 KB, 1440x1425)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
File: 447491604270284810.png (19 KB, 128x128)
19 KB

Sick moves
File: 1551294730708.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Sick moves
File: 550853746826018836.gif (51 KB, 128x72)
51 KB

I do my best for my special kids
File: 4a23298.jpg (32 KB, 630x630)
32 KB
Drunk posting is encouraged

File: Snapchat-1901250479.jpg (147 KB, 720x1280)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
No r8 thread? Well then its time for r8 thread.
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haha small dick
File: Chris-Kattan.jpg (41 KB, 594x554)
41 KB
you look like this guy from SNL, awesome, you look great!
ah you are such a cutie! and i love your shirt. kudos to you
>You look high asf
I’ve never been high in my life. I don’t even drink. :|
kinda looks like sue.

Add me on snap!: Ahegao_Bby
Pay Thot
good job einstein

File: indiana map.jpg (15 KB, 190x266)
15 KB
Indiana thread meetup thread?
kik mrhidie I wanna meetup with someone. Anyone in the 317 general area or just around Indy in general?
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Or anyone have 765 girls?
>>27950281 whats up we drinking tonight ?

Looking for F

Kik olivermack03
317 25 m looking for bbws or tgirls
I'm not from Indiana. lol.

File: 20190619_123915.jpg (14 KB, 256x454)
14 KB
ITT: We talk about how we're fucked up. Mentally, physically or emotionally. Share your stories, meet equally fucked up people or just laugh at others and feel better about your own life

Pic related, more of my front tooth fell out last night :) Will probably post more things about me later
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>I'm sure you won't have issues finding a chubby guy
I'm socially retarded and never go to where I could meet anyone. I might try a dating app once I get used to having graduated/have a job. Thanks though, I'll try my best.

Can I ask how the relationship ended?
It happens in really bothersome ways though
It's hard to explain but I do actually adapt some different persona and I once did when I beat up someone. I didnt want to do it myself so I basically sent the other guy, it really felt like a different consciousness. I just do this as a mechanism because I find the idea of only having one life and one path to be a source of hopelessness
Idk its hard to get into words, I do actually made a meeting with a psychologist because of this. Just wish me luck I can explain it there better
lol i love reading these stories about ur fucked up lives. you should join this anarchy discord, and be lolcows for us upGBsb3
I've been on 4chan off and on since 2005, 30 years old now. I come here specifically for threads like this, where people dump a whole lot of overwhelming honesty all at once. It's cliche but it's like in the movie Fight Club. The main character goes to therapy sessions, ones where he doesn't necessarily fit the criteria, and listens to others to relieve his own stress. Unfortunately doing this is only an escapist hobby, it doesn't and hasn't fixed anything for me. I have many of my own problems that have been snowballing for a very long time.

My teeth are pretty fucked up too but due to neglect. The word neglect is my life in a nutshell.
You're on /soc/, a decent chunk of the guys here are chubby.

Essentially she just wasn't into me. She'd never had a relationship before either, thought she was fat/ugly etc.

We met online, so I think she liked a decent part of my personality, and didn't think my depression/anxiety/lack of ability to have a normal life would bother her. Once we met, she realised it did, and wasn't particularly attracted to me physically or sexually. It was.. a lot more toxic than that but that's the reason it ended

Good luck bud. Personally I find writing things down tends to help. Either to use as reference, or to simply hand to the person if you can't manage it on the spot

Eh, sure I joined it idk if I'll bother saying anything though, discords tend to suck from my experience

I like the word snowballing in this sense. Completely agree that things can snowball in that way.

Which one would you fuck?
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File: puppo.png (314 KB, 498x750)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
mad respect, this world needs more of you, keep making it beautiful sir! and same to all of you beautiful peeps.

Looking for fantasy rape chat about girls I know. Kik damburger187
Your life must be pathetic.

F, Marry Kill, Milf Edition
thats a retarded game, and this picture is obviously a set up

gonna guess underage b&

especially since you cant even type fuck
Middle, Right, Left


LGBT/Femboy server with our own Tinder
Monthly party (DM group video call with booze, drugs, drinking games, crossdressing and gay fun)
Frequent voice chats and rabbit streams
Real chance to meet people irl in the future or just make awesome online friends
Genuinely friendly and welcome environment
No level bots or slow grind to unlock channel perms, really cool custom bot with fun commands and games instead

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Reminder to post lewds in here, you have to send the admin a picture of your fuckin state ID

Also dicks, dicks everywhere
this post was made 24 hours after a guy stayed at my place tbf
oh and oc channels are unlocked after proving ur 18+ and not fat, other stuff is just unrelated to users
we luv traps in the anarchy server
come and post hole to be praised by gross internet goblins and scawwy haxosx0r00rss

any of you twinks in cambridge? i feel like experimenting

File: 20190524_085144.jpg (1.44 MB, 2576x1932)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Anyone into small penis humilation? Advice on how to make it smaller and impotent without using a cage?

Kik: sissy2train
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Would love my small dick humiliated while I worship a big dick.
Kik chemnitzz
Dom fems and traps come humiliate me, or any traps or sissies that want to cum together Kik: anonthe9
Would love to see any and all dicks
haha small dick

File: epilepsi.png (98 KB, 400x228)
98 KB
hey guys idk what's the right board to post this on, but im trying to make an extremely BASED AND REDPILLED discord server, here's the link if you want to join. https://discord.gg/hrhe6YK

if this isnt the right board please tell me
based and redpilled? it doesn't get any more based and redpilled than a discord with no rules and only one text channel as well as one voice channel... :thinking:


File: 1560957681743.gif (2.61 MB, 500x300)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB GIF
New crypto!!! Join the telegram


Post a brapper and your eth address to get tokens. Limited time guys. Also ladies feel free to join and get tips in Brapper tokens. It's gonna be for webcam models but get in while there's time!
Got mine
Last bump

File: hunks.jpg (946 KB, 1999x618)
946 KB
946 KB JPG
Rank these guys in order of sexyness.

File: niggasextime.jpg (11 KB, 239x424)
11 KB
Rate me boys
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3/10 brush your hair you slob

Girls with guns is my fetish
You're gonna shoot your eye out, kid.

I want to go to a bdsm munch but have never been before. What should I expect?

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