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The /mu/ Wiki:

Discover music:

Check the catalog before making a new thread >>>/mu/catalog

Personal music/band projects should go in Bandcamp/Soundcloud general threads.

>If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before starting a new thread. If they aren't vaguely music related, go to >>>/r9k/

ITT:songs that make you cry.

I don't have any. But I want one
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Jesus christ, that's rough. Idek what to say besides that
I just had a long talk with a co-worker today, he's seen a lot of related shit that you've gone through. Hearing him talk about it was so genuine that it was even sadder that he's stuck on this certain path he's been thrown in. Not much I can do for the do but lend some sympathy. Hearing your stories adds to this current interest of mine related to how others have gotten a shitty deal in life, even if it wasn't their fault. You seem more straight headed than him but I know you'll have to live with those thoughts and with each decision you make in life they will be there to dictate your next move.

Forget about what you and your girl are arguing over. Whatever it is, it's probably not as lasting as your real past issues. Sometimes cheap beer and sharing a couch with your dog is a moment you need in life. A rare occasion, enjoy it.
Nothing has ever made me cry, because I'm a manly man's man, but here's some stuff that makes me feel sad.

It's life. I appreciate the thoughts.

Yeah, it's a hard knock life, or some shit like that.
I don't blame those incidents for who I am, or what I've done. I've had some shitty things happen to me, but it's still MY life, and MY story, no one else's.

We've been fighting a lot lately, over stupid shit. It always blows over. But the stress of that, and everything else is killing me. I've lost like 15 pounds in a month cause I can't really eat or sleep.

But I feel like a baby, complaining about my shit when there are so many other's who have it far worse. I just wish my body could manage the stress as much as I'd like to think that I actually can.

But yeah, my dog makes everything better. She's been with me for the past 9 years, she's the one who won't judge me, or let me down.

I don't necessarily want your sympathy, but I do appreciate it. This was probably pretty good for me to get it out like that. So thank you guys, y'all kick ass. If we were in the same city, I'd buy you guys a beer, and not a cheap one either. Only the best micro-brews for some real homies.

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I see these guys live every few months

Cried multiple times live

Always this one


File: meme rider.jpg (38 KB, 608x405)
38 KB
How do you go from this...
File: 121004-kanye-west.jpg (257 KB, 820x546)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
To this?
File: moby holds a walrus.jpg (79 KB, 685x525)
79 KB
...To this?
Karl Pilkington
File: mfw dale general.jpg (66 KB, 490x368)
66 KB
To this?
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 479x611)
73 KB
To this?

File: 1432699250271.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1280)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
This was fun last time so let's do it again.

Is there anyone pre-captcha still around?
Enthrall us with your stories about what was /mu/ was like.

Post classic memes, stories, trip drama and screen captures here.
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File: 1275874957271.png (114 KB, 972x1103)
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114 KB PNG
File: 1428791925231.png (8 KB, 500x450)
8 KB
It's a god damn wasteland in this toxic dump of a poorly modded board.
who? and prove it.

this is a trick question because if you're worthy, you won't be able to prove it, as it would result in an autoban
File: 1275363477149.png (528 KB, 960x698)
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528 KB PNG
I forgot requesting to archive threads was a thing.

AOTY thread? AOTY thread
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File: 2k15.jpg (317 KB, 805x392)
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317 KB JPG
>>56221568 Chart Version
File: cover.jpg (2.54 MB, 2000x2000)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
this album was sick up until miniskirt
Three of these are good. I'll let you guess which
Zun Zun Egui, Lightning Bolt, and Mantana Roberts

File: wherearemycrescents.jpg (21 KB, 427x640)
21 KB
I've read that Kanye has/had depression. Is this true. With how sad 808's and MBDTF got, I wouldn't be surprised. Since he has a family and stuff now, I assume he overcame it. How? Anybody know his story?
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You seriously think every artist battles with clinical depression? Everyone gets sad sometimes but no, not everyone gets depressed.
Everyone gets depressed. I never said everyone has clinical depression.
Art is a distraction from the mundane cycle that is life, artists understand them and that beauty usually comes from a dark place.
Depression definitely runs more frequent among creative types. Definitely not all artists have depression, but I'd say a sizable chunk do, Kanye included.
Being successful and happy doesn't mean you've beat depression, just that you've learned to manage it. I think that those years were really difficult for him with the death of his mother and his breakup with his fiance.
>Since he has a family and stuff now, I assume he overcame it.


But really though, having an outwardly steady, okay life doesn't mean you can't be struggling with mental illness. It doesn't need a reason, it can affect anybody.

File: 1432872571037-b.gif (525 KB, 240x240)
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525 KB GIF
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File: IMG_9459.jpg (964 KB, 1000x1500)
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964 KB JPG
File: 2015052908259186.jpg (457 KB, 1000x1533)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
File: 33.jpg (213 KB, 1024x768)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
File: CE3BMo-UgAARjjQ.jpg (58 KB, 1023x682)
58 KB

File: throughneck SG body.jpg (79 KB, 360x500)
79 KB
Join us on the /gg/ challenge:
>Create a short guitar tab (preferably in E Standard so more people will join), don't put any rhythm information on it, just the notes to be played
>Alternatively, if there's already a tab posted (either on the OP or replies), just use that one
>Record your interpretation
>Post it on vocaroo and check how everybody else plays their own versions

>Post gear
>Post desired gear
>How long have you been playing?
>Fav guitars?
>Fav guitarists?
>Talk about and play music
>General guitar and bass discussion

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Okay, thanks for explaining them for me, so should I just learn my major and minor scales first?
It would be considered good if many people like it....which many people liked bb kings.

The fact that several different people called that guy out on his odd vibrato within a few contributing people ITT would probably mean most people would not like green guitar guy's vibrato.

on the real, start writing music on another instrument and then transcribe it to guitar.

is it noticeably harder to play a neck that scalloped?

you probably didn't realize this, but drinking during or right after can actually cause problems in people with sensitive digestive tracts. Something about the extra liquid dilutes the acidity of stomach acids and can lead to less broken down food and poor absorption of nutrients. Recommended to not drink anything half an hour or so before a meal and up to two hours afterwards.

So yeah, I think it's sometimes OK to coddle morons.

File: image.jpg (106 KB, 607x607)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>tfw no femdom Annie
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File: 1367945529227.png (138 KB, 350x350)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
you could say those crossed fingers were...severed
annie with a telecaster is making me hard tbh

>posts pictures of prince
>pretends they are actually pics of annie clark

stop living a lie op

File: Prod_default.jpg (1.08 MB, 3888x2592)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
New Pastebin Edition.

Production Resources:

>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff, has been UPDATED!

>/prod/ wiki - still looking for contributors (wink, wink, WINK)

There's a severe lack of DAW descriptions in the wiki. If you're good with your tool of choice, consider writing a paragraph about it.
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File: realfast.png (354 KB, 860x514)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
im just trying to learn how to make music and he does this to me
So /prod/, is emailing the new poor man's copyright? Emails get dated, so assuming you're using a legitimate company like Microsoft or Google it seems like it'd hold up well.
He looks like an uncool Rick Rubin

This one is pretty impressive for a free piano:

My go-to piano is the Braunschweig Upright from Imperfect Samples:

Just listen to the demos, it's the most incredible piano sample library I've ever heard.
Thanks man

File: 1431538989422.png (537 KB, 692x577)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
>total qt at work
>invites me to come see a show with her
>it's tonight
>I don't even know what we're seeing or what the fuck to do at a concert
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File: 1432577906695.jpg (21 KB, 300x300)
21 KB
i hav boner
Spend the entire time berating her for her shitty taste in music, and spend the time in between songs telling her all the reasons why the last song was for plebs
then when she inevitably leaves you to get fingerblasted by the nearest guy who doesn't have aspergers, walk around the smoking area telling strangers how much you'd rather be at home listening to "To Pimp a Butterfly"

heyyyyy do none of these things. Just be friendly. Clearly there's some level of interest if she invited you. Basically you just kinda stand around and bob to the rhythm of the music. Dance if you get into it.

Don't rush into kissing her but if you have a good time together don't hesitate.
inb4 OP comes back to tell us that her boyfriend is in the band. but only after he spaghettis all over the dance floor.

What about the voice of Geddy Lee?
how does it get so high?

File: acid man.jpg (24 KB, 260x260)
24 KB
First and possibly only post on here.
Last night I was terribly high and on a late night trip to pick up my buddy. I heard a song on the radio that I like but was too high to remember what it was. It would've had to been a newer song and the chorus had a few piano keys. It was a rock song but I can't for the love of me remember what it is called. Anyone have any suggestions?

itt: mainstream female pop hits u love
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Okay, just because we were talking about it, and I hadn't listened to anything but Million Miles since Kiss Me Once was released, I actually really like Feels So Good. Maybe this album isn't as bad as I recall...
the promo clips before the album dropped were enough for me to decide the album was shit haha. sexercise was cute, the rest boring garbage imo.
Yeah, there's nothing that could bring it up to "good album" status, but it might not be that much worse than the likes of X—great singles, godawful filler.

File: simple daily op.png (7 KB, 1100x473)
7 KB

It's the 25nd of May

The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new and interesting music. We do this by listening to and, ideally, discussing albums we've never heard before. Many of us already listen to new music daily; these people are in it to venture out of their comfort zone (this is a rather large point of contention) by listening to albums they otherwise wouldn't have, or just to have a good time.

Plug DJ

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"Also Aqam is not that good"?
awwwwww shit glad to see there aren't just one or two of the /daily/ circlejerk that makes music. i'll def listen in a bit bro

why is mortimer so poetic all of a sudden
File: folder.jpg (101 KB, 425x579)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Great bit of Harsh Noise fuckery from both artists involved here.
Government Alpha will always be a favourite of mine but Halalnihil's side is pretty great as well, just starting to get into his stuff
Is there a template for june?
Hoping to do my first /daily/ but can't be assed to photoshop one from scratch.
just change the dates on an existing template lol

wait, so like, your beats were all made by someone else? you said you recorded and produced it, but a lot of the tracks on soundcloud say they were produced by a different person. sooooo what gives? what's the deal? i want to talk to you about the beats but if you just rapped on them then i'll only talk about your flow and whatnot.

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