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The /mu/ Wiki:

Discover music:

Check the catalog before making a new thread >>>/mu/catalog

Personal music/band projects should go in Bandcamp/Soundcloud general threads.

>If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before starting a new thread. If they aren't vaguely music related, go to >>>/r9k/

File: Phoenix Rising.jpg (358 KB, 1000x1000)
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Metal General


Old thread: >>57043409
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UAFM is truly goat
literally the only great second-wave norse bm album
The bad thing is to be an edgy Satanist who despises homosexuality just like a Christian fanatic.
File: 25.png (129 KB, 236x236)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>not despising homosexuality

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
he's not that tall
File: aaagfdaadfasdfafdgasg.jpg (491 KB, 1280x1707)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
his sweater in this picture is very cute
Seen him in concert once and I was taller than him

Seriously disappointing I didn't even stay for the rest of the show
He's a manlet, tbh

3x3 collage thread
r8, h8, congreg8, appreci8
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no memes here sir
File: collage (1).jpg (261 KB, 900x900)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
What is some music
Nice boob
I don't like memes tbh
whats that vaporwave album i always see huh
oh no no thats okay this is a 3x3 collage thread memes aside

File: blackfoliage.jpg (54 KB, 400x400)
54 KB
ITT: 10/10 album art
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Because it is great
tfw you try and track down any original art by W Cullen Hart to buy but can't find any and he seemingly hasn't painted since 2009
File: fleuve.jpg (51 KB, 500x495)
51 KB
I really love this one
He was diagnosed with MS. He doesn't even really play guitar anymore.
did not know. fuck mate. if only we had bought some before he got sick and stopped. we could make a shit ton.
Also wtf do all these elephant 6 guys end up fucked up or dead?

File: IMG_20150704_104548.jpg (1.87 MB, 2048x2048)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Which is the Superior Artist; Grimes or St. Vincent?
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don't mind me, just passing through for the free dubs

also Annie
Annie's music is difficult, complex arrangements, not always pleasant to listen to. >>57061820
not the guy who posted but this gives me mixed feelings :
holy shit, her tits in this photo i've never noticed before
annie is the kind of girl we all can never get. she ends up dating someone ten years older. she would make you feel foreveralone. i agree tho, nice bust.

File: syro.png (588 KB, 1650x660)
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588 KB PNG
One of these threads?
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I have always thought tom waits sounded like disney music, especially "Be Prepared" from the lion king, and that's whats turned him off for me. a little too fedora, but maybe ill give him another try
Rain Dogs is definitely a good album
this. FUCK this album.
yo the fuck!
>"Be Prepared" from the lion king
holy shit that totally sounds like tom waits song

Can't believe there's no cringe thread now. Let's get started.
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I don't get it, this is pretty good for a teen band, not really that cringe.
File: 1390250232019.jpg (22 KB, 473x317)
22 KB

>mfw I was like this when I just got really into heavy metal
>mfw I hated the term 'growing out of metal'
>mfw I grew out of metal

Thank you, jeebus. No more 'best of' lists or 'metalsplaining' for me.

>file under: rock music nerd things that never happened
File: 1399053050007.jpg (94 KB, 521x400)
94 KB

>your taste in music sux
>no offence

I swear to god 90% of metal fans are like this. A while ago some of my friends went full retard because some dude in a metal band said he didn't like metal, and some of them actually used those phrases like 'no offence to my friends who like them, but they suck'

Cucked by their friends, that's mettle for ya.

File: summercore.jpg (566 KB, 765x843)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
Best Summercore albums?
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This shit right here will make any summer playlist complete

fucking amazing music to play at a party.
which ones?
File: Warring.jpg (706 KB, 1800x1800)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
>If summer could kill, this one would


File: 220px-Betticola.jpg (25 KB, 220x220)
25 KB

I think this a pretty fun summer album, it sounds like the singer has a big smile on her face during many of the songs.
how does he do it...

File: 1435264014379.jpg (177 KB, 900x900)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Which artist do you choose not to listen to because of their reputation on this board?
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I'm not used to the feeling of god answering my prairs. that is good news.
Lyme disease what a fucking attention seeking whore. It's fuck all a few antibiotics and a bandaid and she'll be fine
>disliking something because of their fanbase meemee

That's enough internet for me today.
my nigga.

Sum 41 is bro tier

>tfw you never saw them live at their prime with Brown Sound and Stevo32
File: sleep.jpg (91 KB, 679x1023)
91 KB
i dont even care what exactly they sound like, probably generic slow riffs fuck off

Jesus christ I have a lot of music
File: music amount.png (4 KB, 288x21)
4 KB
i wish i had that much
File: 1425517881029.png (27 KB, 527x409)
27 KB

File: songs-from-the-wood.jpg (454 KB, 1000x1000)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
>implying this isn't the best album of the 70's
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Weathercock is the perfect chilly autumn song
He's still good at writing and composing though.
>Perfect for a nice summer day
Really? Nothing screams "winter" like Jethro Tull for me.
Has anyone got link for this album, can't find anything on the archive?

File: alice.jpg (94 KB, 1920x1080)
94 KB
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haha why is hyunaqt so funny
File: 1.png (38 KB, 611x139)
38 KB
classic hyunaqt
thats fine but what makes you think we care about your opinion?
why did you quote me

File: 2deeper4u.jpg (640 KB, 496x4964)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
If you have similar charts, post 'em.
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In between 3 and 4
bump 4 love
>Chiptune patrician
>every song from an artist played at once
Made me giggle a bit

I'm between 4 and 6, I listen to genres in each
>semen-operated keyboard (orgasmclavler)
every time

File: image.jpg (385 KB, 1200x1200)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
really enjoying this, and the fact that it doesn't sound outright like either of the bands' releases, but a collab of the two as solo songwriters. Initial opinions here were that it's was alright, but I feel lie those people listened to it once and decided that. It's got a lot of curveballs that throw you off at first, but after repeated listens those become what draws you back to the album.

also, it's hooks galore for the entire album, which never hurts
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
last bump
Wavves says he has a new album coming out this year :)
I really liked it. I hope people stop being dicks about this band all the time.
This album is bad and these bands need to go back to 2010

What is good music for 2015?

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