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The /mu/ Wiki:

Discover music:

Check the catalog before making a new thread >>>/mu/catalog

Personal music/band projects should go in Bandcamp/Soundcloud general threads.

>If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before starting a new thread. If they aren't vaguely music related, go to >>>/r9k/

Ham Eunjung Edition.
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Oh ok thanks. AOA's latest WI was really fun.
my god
File: image.jpg (122 KB, 800x1200)
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prime choA
I'm a liar...
Would you like a picture of my penis?

File: beep beep Richie.jpg (131 KB, 700x700)
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Who really invented electronic music?
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lol, nah
yes you faggot
u are delusional
Halim, but Schaeffer was the first to record it.
Yeah man

Post you favorite album from each decade 60s-10s

The Doors
Exile on Main Street
Moving Pictures
OK Computer
Turn on the Bright Lights
This is Happening
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Popular music refers to any music that is not art or traditional music.

Pop music refers to a genre of music that uses short, catchy verse-chorus-verse structures and relies a lot on memorable hooks and melodies.

Pop rock is a combination of the latter and rock music

Kill yourself
In the Court of the Crimson King
The Dreaming
Laughing Stock
Kid A
you're ok i suppose
why so? the simpler the better, i think
because he's a projecting child who's afraid that popular = bad and that means his favorite poprock album is now objectively bad.

File: daily bred.jpg (221 KB, 896x1200)
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221 KB JPG
[/prod/ OP from 2015]

Remember to use:
>clyp.it for posting WiPs
No one gives a shit about your soundcloud, so don't post it

>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff:

>/prod/ wiki - looking for contributors (wink, wink)

/prod/ IRC is up!
To join, you can go to http://www.rizon.net/chat

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I'm the guy that made the prog rock thing with piano! I was just surprised to find nearly everything was electronic

I'd say if anything I'm more of a sound engineer, I really love live tracking and traditional instruments
File: geck.jpg (114 KB, 540x810)
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114 KB JPG
what do you think about this?
its a digitalized version of this piano track i composed
Any advice on recording guitar? I plug into an audio interface and then into Ableton, using VSTs in there and Guitar Rig, etc. I'm more so wondering about recording, the stereo field, etc. I know each case is different, but just in general...

Let's say I have a rhythm guitar line and lead melody (or two). Am I good to just record those each once? Or is it better to, for the rhythm, record two different takes and put them on top of each other (each panned to a different side - or one track processed a bit differently than the first)? Also if I should do this double-tracking (idk what it's called), should I also be doing the same for the lead guitar lines/melodies? Or should I just do that if I really want those melodies to be the focus of the track?

Also the same question goes for synths and what not. If I have a prominent synth rhythm in a song, should I just record one instance of it and process it to my liking? Or should I do two takes and pan them left and right? I'm pretty oblivious to how to make things sound fleshed out, utilize the stereo field, etc. I just kind of think of making music as putting together each separate sound. I know, generally, to keep the bass in the middle/mono. But up into the mid and high frequencies, I'm wondering if I should be doing more than just recording one instance of something. Not sure how many things I should be panning. If I have a lead synth part, not sure if that should sit in the middle, or take up a wide stereo range.
because everyone deserves a (you)
Idk what to say. its very confused
the lead synth is mixed terribly, takes up all the space in the mix. I don't mind the arps, but it's not very inspired.
I like it a lot, but the samples need to be a lot clearer (could be the compressed audio though), and you need to utilise 3d sound a LOT for it to stay interesting. Nice start though
gorgeous, try recording 2 takes of the guitar that are as identical as possible and panning one hard left and hard right if you want it to sound wide
well.. its a start
chords are too happy for that texture imo, sound nice tho

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i just started this song btw but didnt want to criticize without posting anything

File: Bottomless_Pit.png (170 KB, 800x803)
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170 KB PNG
Fucking future has better flow.
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Blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo, blo,

That's a basic just a grime flow...
You don't even know what it means

Lol Britland hippity hop
>he cant into vocals being used as an instrument

File: soundcloud_logo.png (36 KB, 500x287)
36 KB
the old one is so fucking dead, it hurts.
where else should you post your inane, unlistenable garbage?
that's right: In the new, same-old circlejerking thread.
no one's listening anyways.

>feedback is unappreciated.
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i wanna hold ur hand qt
you could not handle her.
File: 1463844858527.jpg (169 KB, 550x372)
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169 KB JPG
Really like the it, vocals sound amazing.

>hip hop


File: ahsahahaha.jpg (16 KB, 225x225)
16 KB
I listened to Visions by Grimes and I really like it. I know you guys all secretly worship her so whats up with all the memes?

She's must be worshipped

File: 1464123922657.jpg (65 KB, 480x480)
65 KB
Okay let's try to kick-start this again. Here we discuss post-rock and related, stay cool.
>What are you exited for?
>Favorite band
>Share some tunes
>Have you listened to pic related ?

I think this is a good year for PR so far, with yndie halda finally coming up with something new and a refreshing new Eits.
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File: nwsom.jpg (87 KB, 766x614)
87 KB
>Hard to tell yet, maybe yndie halda
>New russian circle
> eh
> Yes, it's pretty good, the sound is very diverse and sometimes it feel all little disjointed but their some stellar moments.
Seriously, this is easily one of the best post-rock/post-hardcore albums I've ever heard and I didn't know about it until today. He posted the link here: >>65142670

Slint/Albini/Rodan/June Of 44 loves will not be disappointed.
Nice, this is serious.
stop posting this shit evrywhere.

File: 4L_jURxhTh2.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
does anyone actually cry while hearing music? aside from The Smiths "Asleep" no song has ever made me feel like i could potentially cry
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>Days of Candy
Such an underrated track
Reckoner by the Radioheads
Stabat Mater

Now the chord progression's been milked dry by lame musicians but the real thing is fucking beautiful
I am such a loser i cant even cry.
I should specify:Vivaldi's version

File: cringe.jpg (43 KB, 369x450)
43 KB
general cringe thread
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it's reddit, not surprised tbhfam
File: YI1kuPv.jpg (8 KB, 320x180)
8 KB
>Well... First I was a fato, eating a burrito instead of moms spaghetti
>But look at me now, got a body like the legendary Arnold
do you actually think this is what reddit is like? because half of the posts in this thread are stolen from /r/cringe and /r/cringepics

File: opn on ae.png (17 KB, 875x195)
17 KB
didn't see one up, so /autechre/ general
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They shouldn't put "C16 Deep Tread" on it, it's straight from ae_live.
Um c16 deep tread is lush as fuck and very refined from what's on ae_live. I'm very happy it's on it.
>Second Woman is a new collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of the renowned Telefon Tel Aviv.
always wondered where have Belong gone, that's pretty different from their latest stuff, 'techre inspired for sure
eastre, pendulu casual, spaces how V, c16 deep tread, 13x0 step, 7th slip, uhhhh....
agreed, it's one of my favs. grimy as hell. plus they've put live material on albums before - both io and chenc9 were played on the untilted tour.
Some standouts so far: feed1, pendulu hv moda, latentcall, mesh cinereal

File: image.jpg (154 KB, 1126x1230)
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154 KB JPG
Why is this such a good album? Early Tom Waits is so underrated.

File: big-shots-1.jpg (150 KB, 455x455)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Big Shots is fucking amazing
More like this? (I know about Tribe Called Quest and Poison Clan)
Listen to paid in full by eric b and rakim
I like it, but it doesn't have enough actual rapping for me.
>doesn't have enough actual rapping for me
It has rhymes way beyond its time rakim is a genius on the mic. Big shots don't come close to eb&r.
>it doesn't have enough actual rapping for me
before rakim, the average rapper was "my name is X and i'm here to say..."

File: image.jpg (179 KB, 600x829)
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179 KB JPG
old one is 300 like the romans

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300 = CCC = calm cool collected
i think i just found thecrystalbird's youtube channel

it was in the comments
File: image.jpg (906 KB, 1783x2645)
906 KB
906 KB JPG

I've been asking for two days to recommend me good 2016 albums, I can't go on knowing there's so little valuable shit around these days

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