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File: unk.jpg (5 KB, 250x140)
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please some rich fag pay money to ask him his thoughts on no fap I wanna see him talk about masturbation please
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he just said his favorite movie is transformers
A man of taste I see
Poor unk, this is hard to watch tbqh
fuck man his hair is GOING.
he's, without a trace irony, explaining what he means by "i mold young minds by pottery." this is fucking art. his music isn't but this experience is.
ask him the jewish question

Ahhhh the perfect album
Anyone who doesn't like the Middle or Hear you Me is wrong

ITT: albums that sum up the sound of the late 90s and early 2000s
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"It's 1997 I'm still relevant have some weird ass electronica I made wit my boy Trent while he was nearly dying of heroin abuse"

I actually enjoy the majority of this album and the NIN mix of I'm Afraid of Americans is a 10/10 banger. That fucking CHOO CHOO TRAIN sound effect in Little Wonder always cracks me up.
File: family-values.jpg (833 KB, 2000x2110)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
File: IT'S BEEN.jpg (206 KB, 600x600)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

Man I wish this style of music was popular again.

File: chrisott.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Stop listening to Swirlies, Nirvana, Ministry and the Cure. Start listening to Grimes
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still better than nothing. he simply didn't try hard enough to get into her discography bar those songs.
Chris Ott's comments about Grimes are the least representative comments someone could possibly point to if they were trying to make an argument in favor of him.

It's a known fact on Hipinion that Ott used to be internet friends with Grimes' doughy bf and every positive or negative comment he has ever made about Grimes or said bf is colored by personal bias. His comments about both on Twitter tended to be nonsensical and mostly glossed over by his followers, and many believe he's just mad they didn't promote him more so he could get paid to write about music again.

He is at his worst when he's discussing people he's actually met, like other writers and power players in the 2000s internet music journalism scene. He's at his best when he's writing about music he experienced as a fan when he was younger.

It's best just to ignore most of the stuff he says about contemporary musicians of any stripe. Watch his videos about Duran Duran instead.
>his opinion doesn't count because he was close to someone who's close to the artist
not how it works
you could just acknowledge that it's just his opinion and move on, you know
you mean faery goth?

System of a Down is the only Nu-Metal band that was not only good but amazing. Toxicity and Mezmerize are 10/10.
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>dat bass
Best nu-metal album you never heard.


Machine was better and Shadow Zone was just as good. Come at me.
No fucking way Machine was better. Get the fuck outta here with that shit. Oh, and From Zero ain't that fucking obscure, homie.
I don't understand why people hate on Deftones. Around the Fur, White Pony and their self-titled are all great.
i saw soad a few years back, one of the best shows ive ever been to, crowd was fucking awesome, met some genuinely kind people. Was legit a 10/10 experience

File: 1516521694245.jpg (25 KB, 250x241)
25 KB
>Second album in discography is called "Two"
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File: George Ball.png (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
>Band's first album is called Vol. 1
>Band's second album is called Vol. 3
>Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1
>Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3
>Band never made a part 1
File: OK KID.jpg (3 KB, 120x125)
3 KB
>Says the tripfag
you can't call others an idiot when you "log into" an anonymous American imageboard controlled by a Japanese gook who is controlled by the jews who are controlled by the illuminati that is controlled by the reptillians which is controlled by a computer controlled by a hamster running on a wheel in S P A E C

Fuck Pharrell

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Tough shit, kid, because now you can. Let's just hope Sabbath don't need money and turn on all those Doom Metal bands.
That’s fucked up. I just listened to both and brute not that similar.
I feel like Robin and I would get along. I'm alcoholic so I don't really have to guess if we'd have a good time hanging out.
Protip: Marvin Gaye wouldn't have fucking cared if he was still around. It's just his piece of shit progeny trying to capitalize just as always happens with these kinds of fucking people with famous, rich, and productive parents.
And Marvin Gaye's family is especially shitty.

File: tvdream.jpg (73 KB, 700x700)
73 KB
Great albums for warmer weather/summer?

Pic related (but it's an EP)

My finals would probably be circlont6a or xmas eve vs xtal, you?
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>(4 vs stone in focus), (licen vs st nichel), and (contour regard vs cock/ver) all in first round
I know that OP found this on the Aphex Twin subreddit ( see >>78841387 ), but does anyone know how to make one of these?
My favorite track is Radiator, but I can understand how it’s not on there. But how the fuck does an Aphex Twin fan not have Vordhosbn in his top 64??
Your opinion is just bad all around
>genius for its time
What has surpassed it
Ageispolis v. Windowlicker

File: frenz.png (383 B, 275x183)
383 B
383 B PNG
give me your best music with french lyrics /mu/.

can it get any better than Stereolab?

File: Dashi 20%.png (530 KB, 543x705)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
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oh cool I'm a drum wizard
do you like synthpop? :)

File: The_Strokes_Is_This_It.jpg (307 KB, 1000x1000)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Fun, catchy rocky music to listen to with friends that isn't garbage? I'm thinking stuff along the lines of Is This It, Twin Fantasy, 69 Love Songs, Funeral, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Wish. Dookie, Enema Of The State. Nothing crazy that will turn my buds off to my music. Thanks guys.
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Thanks! I will try to give it a listen. See it a lot on this board.
That’s a good catchy album. Also There’s Nothinf Wrong With Love. Perfect From Now On is a little less fun though.
I came here to post this
Twice Removed by Sloan

They did Pinkerton before Weezer did only it's got better hooks and is less whiney

You have ten seconds to post a George Harrison song that fuckin' slaps
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You're just a fucking loser stop posting.
>>some NEET gets upset because he doesn't understand humor
Oh no not my feelings anon please spare them
When We Was Fab
>This far in and no WAH WAAAAAAAAAAH
I've Got My Mind Set On You
by George Harrison

File: a3KMK2r_700b.jpg (62 KB, 700x875)
62 KB
Howdy! I was wondering if any of you fags have any experience in being a street artist. I've got a 500euro budget i am willing to invest in gear to be able to perform in public.

Currently i am working on recreating Ed Sheeran's loop pedal, the instructables i am using can be found here:

I'm planning on looping this device through ableton on a laptop.

However, i am not in possesion of a portable speaker! I was wondering if anyone has a speaker in mind that would suit my needs!
As for input, a simple mini-jack plug would suffice, but a jack or XLR input would be handy aswell considering my laptop doesn't have an endless battery life.

Shameless self promotion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrjL08Uvjbw
(no need to watch/listen, i'm mostly interested in feedback concerning the whole street artist thing)

Any experienced street performers amongst you?

File: M E Smith.jpg (76 KB, 615x953)
76 KB
Why the fuck am I still so sad that this cunt is dead? Fuck lads, I just want Mark back
It hasn't sunk in yet. The Fall were a band that seemed like they'd be around forever.
Have a bump for MES' sake. To use /pol/shit, the man was simultaneously redpilled AND blackpilled to the max. He never seemed to succumb to the usual bandwagoning politics and empty gesture shit the other punk/post-punks fell into. Even managed to break out of the incestuous Manchester scene with a sound far more unordinary than New Order or Morrissey & Co. could muster.

The man basically lived life on his own terms, health & steady cash flow provided. Called out anybody that needed calling out. Pretty much btfo normalfags in every other track. Made mincemeat of the mundane. Got to be a manlet & full skelly-mode alcoholic tweaker that still managed to be alpha by sheer force of personality alone. Married a slew of qt3.14 fans/art hoes, or in the case of Brix, a khazar-milker qt that could write a decent hook and half-assed play guitar.

MES at one point (early-mid 2000s) could practically just grunt about the Schengen treaty over a power-trio playing some motorik shit, and NME, plus whatever other random britrags would cum buckets whilst moaning "always different, always the same!", getting paid per mention of John Peel.

All this, and he gets to die at home, in bed, in a home in his old neighborhood, tended to by a loyal fan club waifu half his age.
Been listening to kurious orange today and it occured to me that their "classic" period had never ended

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