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File: KendrickGKMCDeluxe.jpg (95 KB, 300x300)
95 KB
i'm an intern at Interscope and the rumor is that this is a gospel/rap album with some trap influences. It'll be 15 tracks
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I'm also an intern at Interscope and it will be possibly titled "We Wuz Kangz N Shieet"
i just wanna fit in
Ill fit my cock in your ass if you don't shut up
give it to me, virgin

File: Stoneyalbum.jpg (59 KB, 500x500)
59 KB
Literally the best album I've ever listened to.
You wanna give that Dreams cover one more go and come and say that this was the worst album ever?

I love Post but his non-memerap music is yawncore
Deja Vu is literally a fantastic song
should help this justin boy's career.
Up There and Leave are the most underrated tracks.

File: SwansFilth (1).jpg (18 KB, 300x300)
18 KB
Good workout albums. Getting the obvious out of the way.
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File: Cromag_aoq.jpg (11 KB, 300x300)
11 KB
I don't know why people always list this as a workout album. Unless they're taking at face value they're doing what, ironic workouts?
are you so suffocated in may-mays that you think when people listen to it they just keep rewinded FLEX YOUR MUSCLES over and over?

Power for Power and Sensitive Skin on the spotify version slap
listening to this while working out will increase testosterone levels 3x and imbue you with the powers of odinn
>tfw ultimate lanklet

File: elliott-smith.jpg (83 KB, 900x750)
83 KB
Hey Miss Murder, can I
Make beauty stay if I take my life?

With just a look they shook
And heavens bowed before him
Simply a look can break your heart

The stars that pierce the sky
He left them all behind
We're left to wonder why
He left us all behind

Hey Miss Murder, can I
Hey Miss Murder, can I
May beauty stay if I take my life?

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What does this have to do with his suicide?
Yes it was a ruled as a suicide.
great song desu
Jennifer just turn yourself in already

File: doggystyle.png (555 KB, 845x476)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
you don't love me, you just love my doggystyle

File: the-handsome-beasts.jpg (52 KB, 450x450)
52 KB
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I'm pretty sure it came from the idea of Paracletus being mathcore.
Will check it out. I used to the chronologic thing with all bands I listened to but figured it wasn't worth it.
Me too, and for the most part you're right, but if you like a band you should still listen to all their material

File: 4208.gif (138 KB, 500x500)
138 KB
138 KB GIF
>11 grammys

how mad are you?
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I agree that they are pretty different, but
>bible's worth of material to start preaching about.
This is one of the things that Kendrick does all the time in interviews and such, that was one of the worst ways to differentiate them.

I'd argue the first part too actually, but that's pretty debatable.
I guess I see what you're saying in retrospect, I probably just need to look at more interviews. I just never saw him go full pac preach mode really
I'm literally laughing that you think this is important in any way

>11 of them says absolutely zero about an album's significance

yugi moto is a cheater
-the mesterious creatore X

File: kendrick-lamar-iv.png (231 KB, 1200x1196)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>that part where the it sounds like he's crumbling paper after every verse

Hnnnnng this part is so genius. Ill never understand the contrarian Kendrick haters. This man is truly the king of all rap.
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Except every one of those rappers supports Kendrick Lamar. How do you explain that?
>there's nothing really impressive about his rapping
Yes there is. Other good rappers existing doesn't mean Kendrick is suddenly bad.
I've listened to far more hiphop than you ever will and I think you're talking out of your giant gaping asshole tbqh.
the beats are shit
my actual feces sliding down your throat? That's shit.

File: Ween (1).jpg (16 KB, 281x211)
16 KB
I'm building my vinyl collection, and I want to buy some Ween. Which album should I buy?
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Is it Plain Recordings?
Schnitzel is planning on doing a reissue of Pure Guava, Shinola Vol. 1, and The Pod in that order here pretty soon.
please dont bother

vinyl is a huge waste of time
So is posting on 4chan and yet you're here

File: 3458898480_f86ac50241.jpg (57 KB, 500x339)
57 KB
Woman aren't a distraction to him since he is gay

Best album of 1996.
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File: ATLiens.jpg (103 KB, 953x953)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Picture related.
sup my lil nu male friend

No fun after thirty!
File: burzumfilo.jpg (328 KB, 1496x1500)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
1996 was a good year for music, but AOTY 1996 came out New Years Day.
I like SOME Manson but really?

You're not wrong.

File: cover.jpg (190 KB, 500x500)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
What's their best project?
imo it's picrelated, since it's their most melancholy-riddled project yet
Eternal Grey sounds the most well done and throughout. All the features were great, both Ruby and Scrim had decent flow on every song with good screams, and all the features were great, especially Chris Travis and Curry. It seemed like it was their first album that didn't have beats where it was a song played with trap beats over it.
Can somebody explain the appeal to me? Their music always sounds too boring to be catchy and not rhythmic enough to be good chill music. What's the point?

File: EP02.jpg (179 KB, 1554x1036)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
pic not related
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you guys suck
The Great Gatsby is a prime example of the dis-enfranchisement certain artists, authors, and intellectuals, contrasting to the huge economic prosperity and innovative art/culture being developed at the time. As a society people became more liberal and materialistic, party-culture developed, drinking was at an all-time high due to the temperance movement, and the economical resources skyrocketed causing the public to embrace materialism and consumer culture.What was developed was a decade of the public partying, consuming, and socially letting loose.
While many at the time revered this cultural shift, Fitzgerald saw it as a time of superficiality and a disregard of the human connections the previous culture endeared.
The character of the story are to represent these negative aspect in the 20's, Daisey is a superficial woman who wants nothing but simplistic glamour opposed to an actual meaningful relationship. Daisey encompasses this through her lack of connection to her child, husband, and her only interest in Gatsby through his wealth and possessions. Tom represents the brute-alpha male mentality of the 20's, through his overly-agressive demeanor, constant actions to affirm he is the "best" and a "winner", and his own materialism through nice cars, nice housing, and even a side girl. Gatsby represents materialism through his own success in this decade through having a luxurious house, grandiose parties, and a societal mystery to him. The flashy-ness of his lifestyle, and his reputation being his prime motivators to Daisey in re-gaining interest in him perfectly paint the image of the lack of actual depth to the culture of the 1920's.
What Fitzgerald is stating through the book is that the american dream has been reduced to material possessions and a culture of self-indulgence, over love, family, and meaningful relationships with fellow-man. No one in this story is a well-adjusted person, only a skin-deep vehicle of consumption and self-gratification.
(cont) And as these cut-out diatribes of this meaningless culture, they all face the consequences of their selfishness and materialism, through death, loss of chances for love, and losing their beloved meaningless possessions.

anyways can i have the link to your bandcamp now

Music Video thread


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