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File: 99398.jpg (57 KB, 540x540)
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Reminder that people are sleeping on the best pop album of the 10's. Sit down After laughter

If you don't listen to rap or metal you're a low test söyböy.
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>anyone who uses buzzword arguments
Kill yourself, weeb.
if you listen to nigger "music" you are a degenerate subhuman that deserves the gas chamber
File: lol.jpg (318 KB, 1280x720)
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318 KB JPG
>triggered by weebs
>browses weeb site
File: ytfryft.jpg (221 KB, 1000x562)
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221 KB JPG
oh well

File: oasis_documentary.jpg (199 KB, 1200x791)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Were they actually popular?
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I realized I really fucking hated Oasis when a bunch of middle aged cunts starting singing "Don't Look Back in Anger" at a memorial event after the Manchester Arena bombing. Yes, of course, fade into cultural oblivion and watch your kids get blown into three pieces, but the important thing is that you don't get angry about it. The fact that Manchester has otherwise produced a substantial number of quality groups and musicians doesn't justify exporting Oasis.
Yeah they have a case too. After Nirvana ended, 1995-96 was a big time for rock and bands fighting for that #1 spot.

Smashing Pumpkins were obviously big too and Oasis had like 4 hits going at once during early 96, and they also had the headlines and bravado going for them that got people talking. Oasis might have the edge because of their success in the UK too, while the Pumpkins may have been a bit bigger in the US market.

Smashing Pumpkins has arguably had a bigger influence on the future of music than Oasis did (even though I kind of hate most of the groups that they've influenced).
>while the Pumpkins may have been a bit bigger in the US market.
SP were bigger with alternative/rock kids, but Oasis easily had the Top 40 edge. SP had the slight edge though as MC sold 5 million copies (certified as 10 million units) vs Oasis' 4 million.
Unironically blur was one of the best band in britpop scene. I don't know why moo hated this shit band. They peak with 13, though.

File: big guy.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to and discussing albums we've not heard before. Typically, this is done by making a chart of albums, then listening to and discussing one album from the chart each day. Expand your horizons!

>make charts

>listen to tunes alone

>listenalong schedules, OP pics, etc.

Previously, on /daily/: >>83483966
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File: 200_s.gif (23 KB, 292x200)
23 KB
>Jorge Ben still the best thing on the chart
guess i started off too strong
do this or you're getting kicked off of the queue

Let's have an early Christmas music thread

File: cover.jpg (105 KB, 300x300)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
essential /cringecore/
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Favorite album cover
File: 1517120836873.png (148 KB, 351x325)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
>>Do you want the family man or do you want the swingin' man?
>>Family man
>>You get the family man
>anime pic
opinion discarded. i win. bye.
File: download (2).jpg (4 KB, 201x251)
4 KB
>Disregards other arguments
>Sees anime pic
>Thinks they're a genius

can anyone recommend me any type of music that conveys a similar feeling as these??


File: large.jpg (50 KB, 750x500)
50 KB
I really like the direction rap is taking, and A$AP Mob/Playboi Carti are masterfully leading the future of the genre
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Not on /mu/. The general consensus is that rap = shit
I'm a big fan of the "mumble" rappers who acknowledge that what they're doing isn't necessarily lyrical and instead compliment their producers with various unconventional vocal deliveries.
>unironically listening to A$AP after 2014
>50 Cent

>Worst period for rap

I think you mean the late 00s, the early 00s was pretty much the climax to the greatness of everything that became cool in the 90s. You had the last really good and unique gangster rap, and the last really good remnants of the underground becoming mainstream.

File: mainROBSMITH.jpg (81 KB, 800x445)
81 KB
Is he the most dishonest lyricist?
Is he a woman?
definitely up there
one of the most honest

>To tell the truth, I got a problem with eatin', I be druggin'
>To tell the truth, I'm not supposed to be off in here
>I'm supposed to be sleepin', but I be turnin' and tossin'
>To tell the truth, I miss my partna dem
>To tell the truth, you can't be loud when you're the wrongest, senpai
>To tell the truth, I'm at a loss of friends
Well time waits for no man and death waits with cold hands
>I'm the youngest old man that you know
If ya soul intact, let me know
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>Fell short at once so you tried another
>But I can't live up to your dreams
>Start from the outside find the edges
>Look for patterns in the seams

>Some pieces fit together wrong
>Remaining parts seem to fit nowhere
>But you can force my teeth together
>If you think that it will make you happy

>I can see you've grown tired of this game
>So swipe me back into the box
Yeah, I remember the days. The band has stuck with me, particularly that song. The couplet
>Should I re-live my life
>I’d run into you much sooner
is one of those lyrical moments that manages to accurately capture the lingering, ubiquitous grief after death—the grief that doesn’t really leave, but merely moves into a deeper, gentler part of yourself. So many songs try and fail, but there’s something in this song’s melancholic reflection that nails it. Certainly a song that’s defined a part of my life.
yAaaaaaaaaaaaas, that shit slayed me
I find it hard to relate to the songs about love too much; it's hard for me to fall in love, but that vulnerability in how they sing it...

those were the lines that made me finally check out one of their songs. An elegant fantasy of not-quite-destiny and not-quite-will that makes the absence truly present and felt.

ok, i’m thinking it finally clicked for me after about a week. this is pretty good.

what are your thoughts on it?
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My taste is pretty varied nowadays. Been listening to a lot of Galaxie 500 and Neil Young lately. Shellac is another band I've recently delved more into.
I think overrated was a poor choice of words on my behalf. It's truly stood the test of time as an album, especially in terms of Hannett's production, which I love. I think I'm more at odds with the fact Joy Division has turned into a t-shirt band. I sound like a fucking elderfag.
You'd think glass breaking sounds good after a week of forcing yourself to listen to it.
With that said, I casually enjoy this album. Overrated for what it is.
this right here
Ah, I've just been delving really deep into industrial and even touching power electronic bands like Whitehouse and Genocide Organ.

File: piero0.jpg (12 KB, 378x468)
12 KB
>the absolute state of music critics

"Plenty of illegal immigrants have started humble businesses that are thriving (house cleaning, nursing, pool services, you name it). Legal immigrants tend to be highly educated and enjoy good salaries (for example, engineers at high-tech firms). Whether legal or illegal, the economy has been good for immigrants. Not so good for those born and raised in the USA. A typical sight in Silicon Valley is families of Indian and Chinese engineers shopping at a hardware store whose staff is traditional white blue-collar kids, kids who totally missed the high-tech revolution, and the high-paying jobs that came with it, while the Indian and Chinese engineers are right in the middle of it. Who is making "America" great?

>summary: hurr durr let all the illegalz in they r doctors and small business owners! orange man bad! american people bad!

If this is the extent of this guy's political judgment, how do you expect him to make heads or tails of art and music?

source: https://www.scaruffi.com/politics/usa18.html#usa0618d
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Yes yes, liberals have never been known to avoid arguments and not just scream "brainwashed by russian propaganda! dumb redneck!"
Guys guys stop this before it gets too crazy.
We need to stop this hate and division and bond over what brings us together! Our love of music!
love everyone
this is why anti-intellectualism is a thing
>There’s no way he could’ve reviewed/rated as many music, films, books, etc as he claims he has. There’s simply not enough time in the world.
(not true by the way)

File: solidstatesurvivor.jpg (53 KB, 500x500)
53 KB
This album could have come out ten years later than it did and still be cutting-edge
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But worse tbqh
Are you deaf? Kraftwerk are great.
Only subjectively.
Absolutely not
File: MonProd030512.jpg (34 KB, 500x500)
34 KB
literally retarded

File: EXMILITARY.jpg (539 KB, 1200x1200)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
like spending quality time with your friends
i live in the middle of a desert in a town of a couple hundred people and i like going out into the wilderness with a case of beer and blasting this while dancing by myself. just did it this morning

Biggest gig you've ever been to?

For me, it was Oasis.
That doesn't look fun.

I have no idea desu, I was in Sziget a couple of times so probably some main stage gigs there, or Metallica on a stadium when I was a teen

Big crowds really work only on festivals and even then it depends who's playing
did they show women in the crowd getting their tits out on screen?
Local Natives during their most recent tour or Animal Collective during the Painting With tour

Coldplay AHFOD tour was ass and it was the biggest waste of $100 I've ever spent

Seeing Spool/17 years and Berlin Wall/Cattle/My Dead Girlfriendthis December in Tokyo, so I'm thinking that might make my top 3 cause that's a fucking stacked line up

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