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File: image.jpg (193 KB, 500x500)
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193 KB JPG
What memories do you have tied to this album?
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Magic.I don't have memories I have visions entitled ot it.
I picture myself dancing in Arizona during the sunset
Cherry Coloured Funk, Fifty Fifty Clown, Heaven or Las Vegas
being an awkward teenager in a post-punk phase wearing dark collared shirts, sunglasses a lot. skipping school
This is beautiful anon thank you for sharing

Hey mutards I need to find some blues music, the rootsyer the better, but without any singing over it so just instrumentation. just like yaboi to the left did it. however no loudness dynamic is preffered.
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File: alcoook.jpg (153 KB, 800x1200)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

Thank me later.
File: BukkaWhite.jpg (19 KB, 384x259)
19 KB
Forgot link

File: nice.jpg (238 KB, 5000x4722)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>mfw dowloaded ITCOTCK and uploaded it to my streaming service
>haha look at me guys, I disrespect the intentions of the creator and STEAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
why can't you just buy it, its not that expensive, or maybe you're just too poor, in that case fuck off poor faggot
god you faggots annoy me

File: black terry cat.jpg (92 KB, 700x700)
92 KB
I listened to this back in 2016 and was kinda lukewarm on it. I just gave it another listen for the fuck of it and was blown away by how infectious and emotional this album is. It actually brought me to tears. Don't sleep on this please.
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Great album
I had the same reaction to this album when it came out, and I thought it sounded like an album that was gonna grow and gather a cult following. You can just hear that sometimes
I showed Lonely Lover to some of my friends last year and they were completely obsessed with it for a few months. Really special song. I'd be interested if anyone knows any other artists with a similar style to that song especially
This reminds me of the some of the funkier moments in the Bully OST, which I mean in the best way possible. Also I'm reminded of Regina Spektor a few times on here? This is a super unique sounding album.

File: cover.jpg (56 KB, 648x484)
56 KB
>gf broke up with me like a week ago
>now shes posting hardcore/post-hardcore on her instagram
>hardcore is my thing
>why is she suddenly into hardcore she likes fukin mac demarco and the magnetic fields

What the fuck anons why does this feel so garbage

Music for this feel?
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its what happens. you put her on to stuff then she becomes a fan and thats what attracts the next man after shes left you.
File: iwrote.jpg (17 KB, 417x418)
17 KB

well, first off when i say hardcore i mean the entire broad genre of screamo basically. as for straight hardcore punk i'd rec Rites of Spring and Minor Threat
but when it comes to screamo id say pg.99, Orchid, City Of Caterpillar, 49 Morphines, Boy Problems, Knowing We'll Never Grow Up, Neil Perry, The Little Explorer, I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook, and id highly highly recommend Jeromes Dream
thanks anon

fuck dude
i even got her into twinkly shit like Snowing and slower shit like Carissa's Wierd. basically my entire music library is now hers as well, i hate this shit so much
Stop falling for the womeme

Start fucking guys. I’m not kidding. Women will only make you miserable.
ur right actually
i'll take ur advice if i ever find a cute trap
Maybe she found a boy who works at Hot Topic. You'll be ok anon. There are plenty of fish in the sea

When did you realize that Lil Wayne is singlehandedly responsible for all modern hip hop from Lil Peep and Juice WRLD to Kendrick Lamar to Gucci Mane?
None of these people would even exist without Weezy F Baby
He is the single most influential rapper ever and one of the top 5 most influential people since the beginning of pop music
hes alright for a nig

File: Elysia Phil's Cascade.png (1.04 MB, 1248x689)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>when plugin developers spend more time on the GUI than coding good sounding plugins

They do this everytime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIhhg5WVAs0 . Sadly I don't think it's even that good.

File: StevenPhoto-min.jpg (62 KB, 694x694)
62 KB
Fuckhead Preset Jockeys Edition

DON'T POST Soundcloud, YouTube, or any other links where you are not anonymous (unless somebody asks you for it). That's considered self promotion and will result in bad feedback.

GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload WIPs on https://clyp.it/

Sound Design:
>SeamlessR (in-depth music production and sound design tutorials, based on FL Studio)
>Rocket Powered Sound (Constant quality uploads of various EDM sounds in Serum with explanations that help make something unique)
>Syntorial (widely considered the best place to go to learn synthesis)
>Mr. Bill (Ableton based Sound Design)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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opinions on lmms? am i wasting my time by using it?
You'll never make it anyway, so any DAW is a waste of time for you.
File: l0jo1rd6ray11.jpg (10 KB, 480x445)
10 KB
>Are you implying Kanye isn't a nigger?
How on earth have I never seen this thing before, I think you just cost me 900 bucks.

File: indian.png (268 KB, 415x315)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Which country has the best pop music and why is it India?
This dude is pretty cool too

Album of your year. Best album you heard for the first time this year.
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Teens of denial
Twin Fantasy (MtM)
Or Alien Observer
this year

name one (1) rock documentary where he's not interviewed
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Classic Albums - Dark Side of the Moon
Beware Mr. Baker
The Fall of Western Civilization
kill your idols
maybe some black metal documantary?

File: new order low life.jpg (58 KB, 640x590)
58 KB
What's /mu/ think of New Order?
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Better than onions division
Low Life is obviously the best you utter filthy plebs
I kinda agree but
>Dreams Never End
>Love Vigilantes
>17-minute version of Elegia
>Age of Consent
>Leave Me Alone
Joy Divison and New Order desperately need to be considered one band. Still fantastic discographies, full version of Elegia is fantastic.
File: 1459989602740.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
gonna see them live on wednesday lads

Where do I start? I only know rowboat and loser.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
probably the 3rd worst choice of his entire career after morning phase and colors.

correct answer in my opinion. this is the top most entertaining evolution in popular music...

he also was a huge a-hole according the to the chapter flaming lips book, staring at sound, same shit where they would get demands from becks team and stuff like that he had a massive ego, which unfortunate but I mean, goddamn that album streak he was on! flaming lips were on a really good streak the time too.
This is definitely the best place to start. Modern Guilt and The Information are good albums to look at afterwards, Guero and Colors definitely have poppier elements to them which he really isn't the best with. All of his pre-Odelay material are easily the final bosses of his discography. If you have a chance, listen to Sea Change and Morning Phase back-to-back.
>probably the 3rd worst choice of his entire career after morning phase
Nah Morning Phase was alright. As a companion album with Sea Change they compliment each other pretty well.
File: 1b.png (52 KB, 554x400)
52 KB
timebomb on repeat
He's the next Bob Dylan
Fucking zoomer


File: 81SnS+LoVoL._SL1400_.jpg (205 KB, 1400x1388)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Where can i download this shit?
Wouldn’t it be on all the torrent sites?

That’s a famous album

File: topsters2 (4).jpg (46 KB, 913x374)
46 KB
Glam Goth Pumpkins>Siamese Dream and Gish era Pumpkins
If you love goth and glam than sure, but if you like good music than no.
Machina is one of the most underrated albums of all time desu
I think Mellon Collie is much more like Siamese Dream than it is like Adore or Machina
All 3 of these albums and Siamese Dream are pretty different from each other.

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