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File: SCREAMS+INTERNALLY.png (1.94 MB, 1905x904)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG

What did he mean by that?
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>making up statistics
google it for yourself dipshit
Imagine being this unfunny. I'd just end myself.
I'm surprised you haven't already.
There aren't just a plethora of statistics from reliable sources for you to choose from. You should read about the rape/death gangs in South Africa.

File: GRIMEZSZ.jpg (183 KB, 1068x800)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
General about astro-changeling ⭐ music producer / songwriter / director / illustrator / singer Claire Boucher

Be nice to Grimezsz, that's it edition
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>I stopped reading comments or press a long time ago. I like criticism from the right people, but when people are just talking shit about my eyebrows, I don’t need to be engaging with that.
that stupid anon: btfo
She's so ugly and her music sucks dude how can you like her lmao
Calm your tits. Personally I just find it amusing whenever someone starts going on a... musically dubious topic of discussion ITTs that just so happens to be something that Grimes has herself noted as such. No one here is btfo'ing anyone here right now, because this isn't kindergarten.
>because this isn't kindergarten
school, maybe?

File: IMG_0204.jpg (80 KB, 933x746)
80 KB
>tfw Humanz is probably the last Gorillaz album
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>no brian wilson feature on plastic beach

Just heard Saturnz Barz. Bretty gud.
File: end_it.jpg (19 KB, 500x376)
19 KB
It's already happened

File: breddygud.jpg (13 KB, 204x192)
13 KB
hey /mu/, pls help me name my band. we mostly play rock and blues stuff, looking for a catchy one-word name, maybe two.
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File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
The Stinky Dinkies
FiggerNaggot, olé tortilla, escojoncios, the virginals, Random4chanName, osteoporosis, sponge
The dirty jews
cereal case
the bogs

File: first_guitar.png (234 KB, 926x904)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Possibly my first guitar. Thoughts?
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Get a Yamaha if you want a starter guitar.
I'm not sure what the guitar prices are in Bongland but in America you can get a Fender MiM Tele or Strat for the same price as an Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

On your budget you don't need to settle for Squier.
here's the link guy.


Another thing you can try if you're not getting lessons (i implore you to do so, i taught myself but when i started taking lessons shit was so much better) is Rocksmith 2014. Its a great tool especially session mode once you get things down cause its "jamming" without the need for other bandmates if you're not comfortable yet.

I still suggest lessons over RS 2014 but its something. Good luck, and welcome to the fun world of guitar. Another thing about the squier is you can usually get a cheap deal on a guitar/amp combo so you don't have to slam a bunch of money down when starting out.
i live in fucking greece man lmao . that's why i can't buy used guitars from craiglist
thank you dude

File: IMG_-alhs6n.jpg (10 KB, 240x210)
10 KB
This wasn't as good as I expected

Why did he have to completely ruin it with guilt trip and bound 2?
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Bound2 is a good closer you pleb
Because after all the frustration and anger and fleeting attempts to find temporary happiness knowingly in all the wrong places. It ends on him finding something meaninful and happiness in Kim. That is what Bound 2 is, and Guilt Trip is the turning point.

On Sight foreshadows the ending.
Why the hell does everyone hate Guilt Trip so much? I don't usually compliment the album that much but the beat on that song was AMAZING.
bound 2 rules what the hell

File: mount.png (103 KB, 407x370)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
This honestly makes so much sense
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Every songs sounds like is making them up while reccording.
I don't like it too much.
I really love phil elverum and mount eerie, and it is a really good album, but like... it doesn't feel like people should be listening to it. It feels like reading someone's diary, it's so personal its kind of uncomfortable
if you dont listen to it, what was even the point of her dying?
wtf I hate life now

File: vsnare chart.jpg (248 KB, 1040x1600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
is there a less shitty version of this around? Im trying to pinpoint the optimal breaks for a nice long run
It doesn't even have his best album.


what do you think is his best?

i was surprise detrimentalist wasn't the starting one

File: C64S5CRUwAAMqOL.jpg (85 KB, 750x670)
85 KB
Why does /mu/ have such shit tastes im bleep music?
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Because most /mu/tants are shut-ins and have never attended a rave therefore they don't know what's good on the dancefloor.
Hip hop is bleep music, from electro-funk to breakdancing through to Kane, it's all electronic dance music like grime or jungle
But I'm a shut-in and practically all I listen to consists of Modern Love and L.I.E.S. releases.
My wives
s/t and spyro

File: 51LxhCk1mgL._SX355_.jpg (32 KB, 355x354)
32 KB
99% of hip-hop hasn't evolved beyond the formula set by Gil Scott-Heron, which is layering poetic rhymes over rhythmic elements. It's like if Rock never expanded on the formula set by rhythm & blues, or if Techno never evolved beyond the synthpop of Kraftwerk.

What the fuck is wrong with hip-hop?
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>what is turntablism, illbient, instrumental hop hop, alt hip-hop ala Mo Wax / Ninja Tune, trip hop...
There's a lot more you can do with a genre that involves actual instruments and doing things other then talking fast about being a poor nigger.
>turntablism, illbient, instrumental hop hop, alt hip-hop ala Mo Wax / Ninja Tune, trip hop
Explain why

Does /mu/ like death metal?
File: Nevermind.jpg (82 KB, 300x300)
82 KB
Does /mu/ like punk rock?

File: katzenjammer.jpg (56 KB, 590x351)
56 KB
What does /mu/ think of Katzenjammer?

I had a chance to see them in Norway and I passed it up. I really want to see them

Melodies + Compositions + Voices = GREAT
"Mixed Salad Styles + Different Instruments = Appeal us to feast with gluttony
4 Different LeadSingers/Tones = More%OfNoneBoredRepetition/Fellings
Live performances with Attitude/Style/Professional/Heartwarming/Fun = ENJOY
I found them on a mmorpg forum randomly by someone suggesting them...No regrets at all.

p.s.- I usually listen to metal music and would probably never find this band without this random suggestion ...So here I am continuing this chain reaction :)
They're pretty talented aren't they? It's incredible. They're like soulful music machines. I can't believe how tight their harmonies are. I'd love to see them live
never heard of them but this picture screams "fedora" to me.
File: Katzenjammercontent.jpg (182 KB, 700x350)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Been to one of their shows and I didn't see many fedoras. I think that's more like Grimes or something.

File: Screenshot_4.jpg (165 KB, 1255x542)
165 KB
165 KB JPG

why do they look like such pieces of shit? they are literal nerds lol. me and my band pull insane amount of pussy every saturday and we don't look smug at all compared to those retards.

can someone explain what the fuck is going on?
File: 1392133456834.gif (2 MB, 297x226)
2 MB
>be classical trained musician dreaming about joining an esteemed orchestra
>end up in some youtube chad's meme video instead
oh please don't tell me you actually feel sorry for them

did you see their fucking faces in this video?

Phil's really been taking the markposting to a whole new level.
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that's a big leap there
It's true and there's even more instances and evidence. I think there are maybe three songs where he doesn't diminish her in some way. He wasn't in love with her anymore. A person in love doesn't wonder if they were reincarnated as a fly swarming garbage as you literally treat her panties as garbage and give away her clothes and air out her bedroom. He lived her but he wasn't in love with her.
Make moar pls

have you ever lost someone close to you that was young? doing what he's doing is a very common way to grieve

File: Live-at-9-30.jpg (220 KB, 1160x1160)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>Brother Sport live
>The Purple Bottle live

These might be the most amazing AnCo songs ever recorded desu.
totally agree
great setlist aswell
seriously considered spending the money on the vinyl
No, the live version of Slippi is.
You aren't wrong but Monkey Riches live is also up there.

The boys put on a top notch performance for this show
I'm always skeptical with Animal Collective live. I feel they're more of a studio band.

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