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File: fl12full_1[1].jpg (238 KB, 1455x817)
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I've been using FL Studio for years and really want to actually buy a license, but the ones that I can afford don't come with shit.

What's the best audio software for an electronic musician that has under 1k to burn?
Reaper is only 60$ and it is probably the best DAW out there
id never pay for software honestly

Courtney Love suc-
Garbage music. Why can't she learn how to sing competently and not abuse distortion like she abused Kurt? Eat a bowl of dicks for breakfast, witch. I hate you. You make me sick.
File: 20180218_003349.png (976 KB, 772x2396)
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976 KB PNG

File: SoMR.png (391 KB, 1872x883)
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>/mu/ fags in /v/
Please stay in your containment zone.

File: comfy.png (41 KB, 697x642)
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>tfw you are so patrician that it only takes listening to 15-30 seconds of a handful of songs on an album to know if it's good
>tfw every album you listen to in it's entirety is 8/10+

anyone else know this feel?
Literally everyone who isn't a newfag at music can do that dude.

What do you think they get up to on cold Canadian winter nights, /mu/?
grimes is in california atm

File: be.png (102 KB, 341x411)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
how can anyone take Pitchfork seriously anymore when they change their score from 0.8/10 to 8.5/10? their opinions are fickle and hollow.
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IIRC, the bad score was for the deluxe version because they thought it was bloated with filler.
/mu/ is full of kids, they don't give a shit about music, they just want to meme about p4k, black people, pop music, etc.

exhibit A
>they don't give a shit about music
Objectively wrong. The whole essence of music as an artistic form of expression is to extract emotion for listeners to resonate with. Every true musician, artist, and band creates music with the sole intention of conveying emotions via the message and meaning of the song, so people could either contemplate how it relates to their intrinsic existence as a human, or regard a song as jovial fun and exuberance. In fact, art is what happens when dreams transcend our existence into a state of emotion we've never, or have yet to experience in our daily lives. Fantasies about the wand levitating the orbs to their sockets in order to unlock that marrow staircase to the door of lies is art. A sword that heals death lives in art. The palms of deities providing eternal slumber is art. Art is what happens when you learn to dream.

And by the way, if you're going to call someone underage, at least don't type like an underage brainlet with no comprehension of capitalization. 25 years have eluded me.
File: ott.jpg (42 KB, 641x502)
42 KB
Stop reading pitchfork
Yes, daddy.

File: 715xFsB18bL._SL1500_.jpg (183 KB, 1500x1500)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Listened to this earlier today, so fucking good
>Pinnacle of jazz
*blocks your path*
File: folder.jpg (206 KB, 1000x1000)
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206 KB JPG
this is better

File: 640458273.jpg (381 KB, 1024x682)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
hint: you can't

>60's and 70s psychedelic jazz with lyrics that parodied the hippie movement
>early 70's guitar-driven jazz-rock
>late 70's disco-rock and heavy fucking jams
>early 80's synth and guitar avant garde jazz metal
>late 80's horns and orchestra
>one of the greatest guitarists of all time
>one of the greatest modern composers of all time
>prevented the government from controlling the music industry
>named the jew more than once

literally nothing blocks his path
> cancer
you do realize that this man hasn't been alive since 93 right?

File: Tellallyourfriends.jpg (16 KB, 316x316)
16 KB
This came out 16 years ago
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So, recently, I got into Brand New, a band I never actually knew that I knew (the very first song I heard from them was Jesus a few years ago on my local radio station), and checked out some of their work, mainly Deja Entendu, Devil and God and, most recently, Science Fiction. Apparently, this band had some sort of rivalry with Brand New a while ago, which escalated into some huge debacles between who was better or not. I never listened to any of TBS' discography, nor was I familiar with them as an existing band, so, I decided to listen to this song, which I assumed was their magnum opus or signature song.

After hearing this, I quietly pondered the melody and lyrical structure, when suddenly, a candy wrapper came from my ear. Flabbergasted, I thought it floated mysteriously from my ceiling. As I looked up, alas, nothing but a concrete structure continually supporting the roof of my house. Perplexed, yet apathetic, I went back to my muses of this son- *PLOP!* A single droplet of an unidentified specimen permeated my plywood desk. Suspicious, I peered my head towards the goo and let the aroma approach the caves of my face. A little flashback to last night's spaghetti and casserole instantly triggered my memories, as it were a lost wanderer awakening an evil deity presumed to be vanquished. Ignoring the memory the droplet gave to me, I repeated my thoughts again, until a final disturbing image pierced all my perceptions of thought. Blood splattered a prickly grass field, followed with embers from the Sun scorching the ground. A face obscured with dangling hair the shape of a shattered parabola and battered bruises arose from the flames, as a hand I recognized wrote with its own nail, "Death to Horrible Music!" I ended my musings there, and assembled them here, in the fabric of cyberspace.
Basically, this band sucks, and I hate them. Anyone who tells me that this band is good in any conceivable measure will immediately face an eternity of my hatred.
Fuck mates I need to relisten
File: wojak-numale.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
Prefers brand new over tbs

File: neigecorePNG.png (2.6 MB, 2100x2329)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
Essential chart/flowchart thread
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bumping thread for more
Brave little abacus
it would be nicer with album names
>no Angelic Process, Suicide, or ミドリ
The piano version of Peaceful Snow should be switched. It's a much better album.

It's been 37 years
Those are Eastern Bloc tier houses in the back, wtf.

File: 1512150327152.jpg (141 KB, 582x1024)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
It's so edgy, hip and autistic to make fun of Grimes. Yes...Art Angels was dumb but Visions is one of the best spacey electronic pop albums ever made. If you could put aside your edgy autistim for a little while and listen to it you might see this (you're retarded if you don't). Visiting Statue, Be A Body, Colour of Moonlight, Symphonia IX and Nightmusic are some of the best spacey electronic pop songs ever made. Of course the entire album is good but these songs in particular are just phenomenal.
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Kek the Grimesfags are fighting each other now
This is the best thread
people who are not nice to grims don't deserve to live
"edgy and autistic"
"you're retarded if you don't"
lol the edginess and autism just showed in you

“Do you like my collection” edition
Post and r8 prized children

Music theory:
Hal Leonard's Bass Method:
Steve Vai's Ten Hour Workout
Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2
Advancing Guitarist - Mick Goodrick
Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: An-empty-wallet.jpg (127 KB, 1024x768)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>third world poorfa/gg/s wake up
>immediately go online and start crying about the Gibsons™ they'll never be able to afford in their entire wretched lives
lmao like clockwork
File: St_Vincent_0.jpg (582 KB, 1280x720)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
>buying an ugly cunt who can't plays $4k signature model guitar

the power of Soy.
Late on rent?
Tell us about the living room show you’re going to do.
The CEO is retarded. He spent millions on robotic guitar tuners and websites like harmony central
Those instruments you posted are more than capable of creating enjoyable music

File: Q0ol-Ylx.jpg (12 KB, 250x250)
12 KB
>picturing yourself performing the song you're listening to in front of your high school
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File: 1405938934012.jpg (57 KB, 645x773)
57 KB
its 2028. you've finally found a handful of amazing chord progressions and scales that perfectly complement them. youre currently working on your 4th album from the recording studio in your house. the callouses on your fingers are so tough theyve lost feeling completely. you play cliffs of dover to warm up. your wife is a groupie with huge tits who makes bomb grilled cheese and listens to you softly play guitar after hours of banging. life is good
File: 1469296561566.png (763 KB, 786x576)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
>become close to a girl for the first time in my life
>since music is my biggest interest, I try recommending her stuff
>spend a literal week thinking over what I should and shouldn't put in a playlist, how many songs there should be per artist, how to format it so it sounds nice to listen to in order, etc
>final product around 20 songs
>she listens to 5 and tells me my music taste is weird
>sends me a playlist consisting songs that come almost exclusively from one radio channel
I do this too
>look up promethean board
>suddenly feel ancient
what the fuck was wrong with these??
very cringey but without daydreams like that many great musicians would have never started playing

Worth the price!
Meh. I'd say Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is worth the price. Maybe 1 as well.

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