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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
29 KB

Wtf is this ugly faggot doing?
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kill yourself
is rick clothes comfy?
>vanilla shit threads
this is the real plague of /fa/ - no one stands out whatsoever anymore; everyone is wearing a denim shirt and/or olive jacket from topman with primark black trousers shittily creased with white converse, stans or common projects.
it's called fashion. look it up pleb
i should have but a thom browne store was being built next door and the construction was very loud so i left quickly

Can we have a shoe & boot thread? No sneakers plz.
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Why do so many shoes have high heels. Can I still high heel when I'm 189cm?
It's not as big of a boost as it looks. I'm 6'0 flatfooted and in the tallest of my boots I hit 6'2.
Why are prefade jeans a hang-able offense when these preworn shoes are everywhere?
as long as they didn't come out of the store worn it's a-okay

File: 1429395295617.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x2448)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
Does anyone go on here even though they dress like a normie casual?
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look at this idiot flexing even though he's anonymous
those are aussies, the whole population is either laughable tryhards or meth heads idk which is worse
Pretty much, I'm still a bit chubby so I'm considering losing more weight until I really start copping shit I want.

Coming here has given me a better eye for colors and an understanding that fit is imperative when it comes to looking good.

This place is mostly garbage though, model talk and Rick hype is horrible. The Aussie meetup was laughable and is an example of the people who take this place way too seriously.
That's far from the only /fa/ meetup to happen, it may have been pretty funny but 15 or so awkward lads with shitty fits are hardly an accurate representation of an entire board.
how long have you been here and what dont you like about it?

what does /fa/ study?
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Electrical Engineering
Graduated tho
english lit

i'm so fucked
me too

the gimmick is slowly wearing off
Journalism, i guess it's /fa/ish, i can cover local runways, trends, that kind of stuff.

File: AYP0203195.jpg (71 KB, 400x259)
71 KB

be honest /fa/ has this happened to you?
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File: img-thing.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
Once when I lived in a suburb of a suburb in Germany I got lost looking for an ATM and ended up walking on the side of a farm trying to find my way back to my guest family's house. It was really hot out and I was wearing normal American Apparel running shorts and got shouted at from three different cars.

"süße Shorts!"
"schöne Beinen!"
"hübscher Po!"

two of them came from women too
The hat itself is super gay bro. My gay friend wears a hat like that too. He's almost too gay to function.
nice meme
Not usually. My friends might say something but I just give them the bantz back. I'm super surprised at how much everyone likes my fits here in the south. I was preparing to be alienated because of my clothing but the grilz eat it up. I guess they're just tired of looking at the common frat dress code.
I have an ak47 but its not like im going to flag someone with it for yelling at my clothes, please tell me you dont open carry.

File: bfg.jpg (48 KB, 466x590)
48 KB
Is depression /fa/? What are some /fa/ mental illnesses?
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File: ZhsD1oI.gif (580 KB, 300x221)
580 KB
580 KB GIF
This isn't fucking tumblr. Mental illnesses aren't cute or "effay".

yo this fr fr the funniest shit I've read on /fa/ in the longest.

>or some shit which is way fucking better than shitty outdated heterosexuality.
The list is pretty endless actually, pic related

Unmedicated it's a huge snag, personally I take lamotrigin
>buying cologne at store a few minutes ago
>cashier says her usual "how are you" thing
>pause a bit before responding, "I'm alright"
>she says "is everything okay?"

Damn, bros, you know your depression is bad when even random qt pi cashiers call you out on it. Inside I was like, fuck, this cologne isn't going to mask my illness. Felt bad.
File: 1427045829253.png (526 KB, 826x738)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
>"I'm actually trying to develop depression to kind of boost my social status"

File: 1428314960612.jpg (97 KB, 500x750)
97 KB
Let's get one of these going.
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as the pleb that i am, i'd recommend nike.
Nike Free Run 2
check your local Foot Locker, fuccboi
>tfw you'll never remove Chechens
Looks good, would've preferred it without the strap in the back though. Anyone know of a reflective cycling cap?
maybe ICNY

File: lucky_strike_usa.jpg (62 KB, 452x640)
62 KB
Which are the most /fa/ cigarettes?
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Traditional Gauloises were short, wide, unfiltered and made with dark tobaccos from Syria and Turkey which produced a strong and distinctive aroma.

once bought a pack of 25 cigarettes in mainland china for 16 cents. they tasted kinda weird. even the poor street vendor was laughing when i bought the pack.
you were smoking whatever shit he picked off the street and rolled
I bought a carton off some online dutyfree shop.
The cheapest cigs I've seen are alamos in Mexico City, Ive never seen anything under 3 plus taxes. Only started awhile ago tho.

File: wow.jpg (68 KB, 540x711)
68 KB
ITT: try to find a shirt worse than this. I don't think its possible
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Any major department store circa 1999.
yes they do, please leave if you think its acceptable to wear chinese writing or a weed/adidas logo on any item of clothing even ironically
File: laughing feels.jpg (73 KB, 634x650)
73 KB
>not noticing why its actually bad
i really dont think the average person knows about memecore.
with that being said, the shirt is bad.

File: 1360327990203.jpg (1.2 MB, 2200x2529)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Ok /fa/, it is time to prove your worth.

This thread is for discussing of the arts. Paintings, sculptures, film, haute couture, discuss it all here. I shall commence by posting this guide of films.
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i hate to ask...but why?
So gooood
File: sayonara-itsuka.jpg (112 KB, 1280x544)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Sayonara Itsuka
>implying i haven't
Only God Forgives was nice to look at, but kinda confusing.

File: pigalle.png (214 KB, 642x746)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Can I get a legit check on this hoodie?
anyone familiar with pigalle and know if I should trust this site?


File: what.jpg (383 KB, 1000x1500)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
What does this mean?
He just edits part of his hair in front of his face probably, to keep his face private.
i think he's just sweeping all of his hair to one side then putting the hat on
w2c shoes
supreme x vans lampins
Supreme vans Lampin, good luck

File: image.jpg (254 KB, 1200x800)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Hey /fa

I want pants and huge shoes like MC Ride. Can anyone recommend where I might obtain these items?
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levi 510
Can anyone ID those boots?
from the frankenstein store
im pretty sure they are some kind of dickies
and the way he is standing is making them look a lot tighter than they are

I got the looks and the clothes, now how do I respond to something like this
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>We know when you're faking it

The annoying thing is that they constantly bring it up. I don't talk about free software, firearm laws, privacy invasions etc or other political/social issues important to me, so I don't appreciate being complained to. I *can't* really do anything about it, I'm not in a position of power nor do I propagate what they are against so I don't see how it has any relevance. And the fact is is that they are neither, so I don't see what they aim accomplish by talking in a hive mind to 20 year old nothings.
boipussy --> avoid all feminist bullshit
okay i understand where you are coming from. there is a right and wrong place for these type of discussions. i completely understand why you would get annoyed with someone bringing it up every chance they get. i feel the same way actually. but just because there is nothing you can do about it doesn't mean you cant be understanding and sympathetic towards the topic if it is brought up.

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