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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
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File: hng.jpg (44 KB, 369x560)
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absolute goat facial structure.
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what a pathetic attempt to defend your shit taste in male models lmao
Your dad is a faggot

oh look someone's ego just got hurt.
File: 00120fullscreen.jpg (170 KB, 683x1024)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
i guess it really would if I were the same poster.

All of us are anonymous faces on an image board.

well, I don't pride myself on my taste in men, because I'm not a faggot so that's fine.

File: basq.jpg (29 KB, 734x734)
29 KB
New cop or not thread, old one is over 300. I'll start
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What do you think? cop or nah
i got em at macys for 55 bucks each. do it man. they have a ton of nice features if you ride a bike to.
File: wb.jpg (31 KB, 559x539)
31 KB
cop. w2c?
Need more opinions... ty so far

File: 1435136485368.jpg (100 KB, 682x614)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
/fa/ what's your favorite designer, and more importantly why?
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both margiela and galliano
Proportions of his "suit" accent fat stomach and wide hips. Oposite of you want to accent on a man.
The reason for that?
Upper button is too high and the jacket is overall too short. Literally zara tier cut.
>favourite designer
>names brands
good taste
Looks like she's wearing a cowhide rug

File: 1828278278272.jpg (20 KB, 236x310)
20 KB
>strict dress code in my office
>no facial hair, all men must be clean shaven
>new hire shows up on his first day with an "epic beard"
>is told he has to go home and shave, come back tomorrow
>he sperges out on the manager yelling that "nobody can force a grown man to shave his beard"
>luckily the owner of the company was doing a walkthrough that day
>overhears what's going on
>fires the new hire
>new hire comes back next day, baby smooth face
>cries for his job back
>they give it to him
>have to listen to a million "if i had my beard right now my power level would be " jokes every day during lunch

holy fuck /fa/ the anti-beard shitposters were right.
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>tfw you work in the communication department of one of the biggest companies in the world and your boss has a beard and wears shit like this

sucks to be you :^)
I use hooters as an example because they have a uniform and if you don't wanna wear it you shouldn't work there. If you're a guy and you want to work at In-n-Out your hair can't touch your ears. That's even more strict, and you're flipping burgers. But, if you want to have different hair, don't work at In-n-Out. Dress code is the employers choice, and they usually do it for a reason. Maybe beardo would do well working in the warehouse where he could better express his 'manliness'.
Nah I'm not a libertarian
I just hate it when people bitch about their jobs without realizing that everybody is replaceable and that employers are super quick to fire for insolence (and if you're stupid enough to allow yourself to leave on bad terms, supervisors are quick to call other companies and basically blacklist you from getting hired in your area; well that happens where I live). The way I see it: complain about issues with your co-workers off of company time and in private.....anything else is just gonna get you in trouble or bite you in the ass later on
I've heard the opposite, that when corporations call others to enquire, they only get the most basic details for fear of legal repercussions.
>today I'm going to try to impress strangers on the internet


Ask me anything faggots
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hes a cool dude that makes cool clothes
>how short and stout he was

How tall is he?
>thinking Saint Laurent is new and/or innovative.
This really mustn't be offensive coming from a guy who's /soc/-tier 'Post Your Face Thread' got rejected by the entirety of this board. You try far too hard to make a name for yourself here, kill yourself.
most boring responses of all time smh

File: 1437423424001.png (146 KB, 554x439)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>tfw no matter how skinny i am i will always have big tits
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this tbh

chewing 5Gum in my youth is the reason my cheek bones are so nice
change pillowcase regularly
stop sleeping on stomach
dont let hair touch face
stop touching your face
drink more water
eat/drink less sugar
do dips/decline bench presses then
why did you offend someone who was trying to help you, you fuck? it ain't his fault that you're some estrogen living accident
>Reddit ruined 4chan
it's always somebody else's fault, it amazes me.

File: 20141112_111227.jpg (3.58 MB, 5312x2988)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB JPG
Was Newton effay?
As fuck.
no. The theory of colour is too much colour to be effay
w2c dem shoes

File: 1440859027503.jpg (299 KB, 950x1266)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>tfw you will never have these aesthetics
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side profile is really shit tbh. upturned hog nose, shit orbitals, really high estrogen, ape philtrum, etc

- sincerely s.h. user
Good looking. Dat Isaac Newton hair tho.
jesus i'm sorry but there are going to people in the real world (higher than 50%) that will look at you lesser than them because of how you look. to different degrees, whether they or you are aware of that or not. make the best of it

File: fbg.png (646 KB, 1156x899)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
FBG- ask questions that don't deserve their own thread here
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>textile rafs
Would not cop.
When wearing sneakers + jeans:
Long or short socks?

Short socks are just kind of awkward in a lot of positions where the ankle shows and it just makes it seem like your pants don't fit.

Long socks (black or wool) seem like the choice but then I feel the socks are really glaring and obvious which seems bad without some kind of pattern or something.
If they are no show socks the fucking color doesn't matter
There's a comma, mate.

File: uzip.jpg (8 KB, 300x166)
8 KB
Two pieces by Uzip gpt posted in a c/n thread and quite some people were interested in it.

I checked their webstore and found many interesting sweaters and some legwear.

I wanted to ask if it aliexpress/yesstyle tier or if you got the chance to find gems there.


Will post pictures of the actual clothing in replies.
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File: 06.jpg (55 KB, 750x750)
55 KB
File: 07.jpg (181 KB, 700x700)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
File: 08.jpg (67 KB, 750x750)
67 KB

>Estimated Arrival: 15 - 30 Days depending on the destinations.

It's definitely taobao/aliexpress for that shipping time. I've gotten some really good things off of taobao though
Looks dope my man, not sure if that quality is that good tho..

>he has tattoos
>he smokes weed
>he has a hitler youth haircut
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I mean vape
Yeah if I ever will be in the mood for children. nearly everyone of my relatives fucked up as parents but not gonna think about that at 20 anyway
The important thing is to take responsibility if you get children like a man instead of running away like a little boy. Don't breed if you're not ready lol.

Like Vito Corleone said, 'a man who doesn't spend time with his family is not a real man'
File: 1430884820169.png (870 KB, 1000x1322)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
Old tripfag from /v/ who spammed his comics to induce butthurt
Potheads are often shitheads, so it's not irrational.

File: 4xZ5X.jpg (245 KB, 1000x1490)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Are sloppy tits effay?
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tits aren't effay
stop getting mad at people for using trips, its better than using copypastas you fucking redditor
put your trip back on. Hell of a meme.

File: image.jpg (70 KB, 977x458)
70 KB
can we get one of these started
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>this is who buys stan smiths
File: jjjjj.jpg (112 KB, 977x558)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
File: kill me please.jpg (90 KB, 977x458)
90 KB
File: sverge.jpg (94 KB, 977x458)
94 KB
(My english isnt good)
Age 10: Parents make me a tattoo. I was running everywhere naked and not afraid. Always in my ranger boots with white laces.

At age 13 dad gave my a machete to protect myself from niggers. A lot of them arrived to Sweden.

At age 16 I've lost my hand. Niggers do that. Because I'm white.

Now I;m 24. I buffed up a lot, i grew a mothafuckin beard. Niggers are attacking on my hood everyday. Rape and murdering everyday. We must defend that shit. There is no hope.
the fuck

File: 1595465_fpx.jpg (12 KB, 328x400)
12 KB
Lately my friends and close friends that are women (budding relationships) have decided to be honest with me and told me that my clothing choices lack a little to be desired, to put it nicely. So a background of my general look: Physically I am tall, some-what muscular, and about 25 pounds overweight. (I used to be very fit but stopped working out and following my diet). Generally when I go out in public I will wear an Underarmour or Nike sports shirt, some basketball shorts, and yellow Kobe's on my feet. This is the part that will seem like a joke, but I hope at least one person out there takes this seriously and tells me this honestly, is wearing a fedora really that bad of a thing? I used to wear fedoras when out with my friends on occasion, and this is when these criticisms from my friends about how I dress arose. Personally, I think the fedora suits me well, and does not look anything like the stereotypical kids on the internet wearing fedoras resemble. Is wearing a fedora really that bad anyway? I plan on working out and getting back to proper health status as well as going back on my diet and strictly following it this time. So please, if I can get some honest advice on what to wear and what to change about my look please tell me. All help is appreciated. Attached is a photo of a typical outfit I wear.
>dont do sportwear if you're not gonna work out, dummy
>no kobes/jordans
>no fedoras (lol at even asking)

lurk more
keep lurking, you'll eventually develop taste.

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