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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
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well anything clothing that looks name brand is a knock-off but I wouldn't call it a scam since most people know that at this point

they also sell plenty of other basic shit from no name brands that aren't trying to seem like something else
File: fila-disruptor-ii_4.jpg (54 KB, 800x531)
54 KB
Ok cool & thanks. So if I just wanted like, basic tank tops for the gym and stuff, it should be ok? Also, are they US based/if not, is shipping expensive to the US?
File: XB3502050___AD3______.jpg (49 KB, 800x800)
49 KB
And this
R8 pls
autism: the shoe

File: Trepanismops.png (364 KB, 650x650)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>it's another Trepanism episode-edition

Previously: >>12379372

>Where can I acquire patches?
>Where do I place them?
>How do I design my own?

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ
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Whoops, that abbreviation doesn't bring them up. In case anyone's curious: www.hateball.com
Thanks for posting link. "H8BL" didn't lead to anything and I wasn't about to go on an autistic search for the slight curiosity of what they've got.
Yeah I forgot what the abbreviation was even though it's right in the details on the pin's paper holder.

Guy obviously puts detail in his stuff. Lots of NGE vibes/inspo.
is it possible to dye a patch?

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If 12 year olds could get tattoos
is there a blue face in the sun or are my eyes playing games?
this is sick
I hate most tattoos but I do like this because it's inspired by religion.
You guys do know that it is forbidden in buddhism to get Buddha printed on your body? Its pretty pathetic to tatoo something on your body and not even understand it.

File: IMG_6791.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
42 KB
I know that there is already a watch thread up but I kinda need a fast response. What do you guys think of watches like pic related. It's around £100 and is pretty much what I've been searching for.
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File: VF_Spin.jpg (22 KB, 278x360)
22 KB
replica poljot watch, c/n?
it's 45usd
$45?. No. It'll lose seconds like a bitch and is too beat to achieve the look, just garage sale trash desu.
aww, thanks for the (you)

So is this actually good quality, rugged work clothes or is it just an overpriced meme? I know fuck all about clothes, and could care less about fashion. Buying clothes is pain for me. I wouldn't mind shelling out the cash if it means that the clothes actually hold up to hard use.
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I work in a feed mill and I wear mine there during the winter because we are exposed to the cold 8 hours a day and they are very warm.
I do welding/weld inspection and I like them. The pants/socks/shirts are pretty well made, not too expensive, and last a fairly long time.
I only buy Carhartt WIP when there's a sale, which is at least 4 times a year. Best you can get for your money
Ausfag here. The regular stuff is hard to get domestically. I'm not sure anyone actually retails it. I've seen it online on Australian websites but I suspect they just order the shit from the USA when you order it from them.

WIP isn't hard, you can try that on in person. I reckon it's all right as long as it's on sale.
there are plain carhartt tees for 29.90 on caliroots...

there's no way it's 100 dollars for a carhartt shirt and even if it is you can always buy online at european wide retailers

Which one, /fa/?
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is that a Mach 4?
they're adapting, senpai
these reactions are not from real people
it's all from a program run on a system of computers

I like how you didn't use the word walking but instead waddling
You should also save up for breast implants and dick removal and go full trap.
>fools falling for various shaving memes

File: 1421372356644.jpg (123 KB, 1000x774)
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123 KB JPG
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File: aaaaaaaaaaa.jpg (98 KB, 660x880)
98 KB

Got some nice pieces, Undercover, Stone Island Shadow Project, WTAPS, Cav Empt, Final Home, Issey Miyake. I'll listen to offers and I'm also in the market for trades.

9-10/10 Ramones 10
Acronym Presto Mid M
Lunar Force 1 9.5
Other 3A's
File: 2017-04-23_0542.png (802 KB, 1920x950)
802 KB
802 KB PNG

APC x William Lockie
Alexander Wang
Rag & Bone
Band of Outsiders
Levis Vintage

Offers accepted and encouraged
just added Rick knit in pic few days ago
also Damir Doma Silent chore coat, gr8 spring jacket
some other rick and damir items for sale as well

File: 1491436548623.jpg (208 KB, 500x491)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
File: 1492632190290.jpg (23 KB, 551x367)
23 KB
File: IMG_9357.jpg (152 KB, 750x1002)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
6'0 75kg/165lbs

Do I still count as thin??
bait if not go away ugly fatty
there is no room for muscles in the world
/fit/ tells me I'm skinny though

I'm in a void between thin and thicc

File: _20170416_195117.jpg (519 KB, 1536x1687)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
Every Day Carry (EDC) thread.

What do you normally have in your pockets?
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>Doritos, and "Honey buns".

Way to waste space on fucking junk.
Why the fuck collar stays?
File: 1291005255167.jpg (46 KB, 789x688)
46 KB
You can tell a lot of a man by the hat he wears
what the fuck are those smokes
cheap menthol cigs. i dont usually get this brand but it was the only menthol left

File: cobain.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
What are the best tips/methods of dealing with acne? Help me /fa/
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Talk to a dermatologist
So you take accutane temporarily and the acne is gone permanently?
I've had sort of mild but continuous acne for years, I'm 30 and I still get it.
I went to a dermatologist recently for a different problem and asked him: "Hey, since I'm here is there anything you can do for my acne?"
>What do you want me to do with it?
Uhh, well I'd rather not have it.
>Looks fine to me.
Use a glycolic acid peel + benzoyl peroxide combination. This is available without prescription. Add clindamycin cream in there if you want to clear up purging break outs with antibiotics (don't abuse the antibiotics). Don't be dumn, and don't burn your skin off with glycolic acid - start slowly and at low concentrations.

Worked for me (I had comedonal acne), but I purged for solid 2 months it was nasty af

check diet
Accutane will fuck you up, in a long term

File: jeans.jpg (55 KB, 533x800)
55 KB
ID on these?

Or any alternatives?

Love how it fits.

File: wing collar necktie.jpg (123 KB, 1366x768)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Do you think it's possible to be able to pull off wearing a wing collar with a necktie?

The only person that I know of who still wears them like that is Reviewbrah.
Yeah, I think so, though it's hard to do right and I'm not hugely knowledgeable on suits in the first place.

Reviewbrah needs a haircut and a tailor, his aesthetic would be insane if he wasn't wearing fat guy suits on his tiny frame.
personally, no. I only wear winged collars for bow ties.
Only if you're as asexual is this kid.

File: burhan 2.jpg (94 KB, 720x960)
94 KB
+ weight and body fat
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kate Moss is only 5'7"
Tripsk is just more muscular than you
File: 20170423_042059.jpg (2.93 MB, 4032x3024)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG
My hair is fucked up because I just got up put of bed for this. Also, concealing identity because of obvious reasons. Is my chink eyes, skin, and hair proof of my ethnicity?

File: MZ001K-1132-1.jpg (58 KB, 900x1044)
58 KB
I'm gonna start dumping a bunch of milspo pics I have laying around in dedication to the most superior men's clothing style. Military-inspired pieces embody a sense of discipline, duty, and masculinity that many people lack or otherwise seem to look down on these days. They also are some of the most practical kinds of clothing, that will serve you well in both urban and rural environments--with some even using tech(ish) materials like ballistic nylon, merino (or other wool types), goretex, etc. There's a fine line between "I like military surplus" and "I'm a poser faggot who doesn't care about stolen valor laws" though, so you need to figure out how to incorporate these pieces into your own personal style.

Some of the pieces and fits I'm going to be posting may bleed into the "outdoors" or even "streetwear/techwear" styles a bit. So don't get pissy with me for not being a purist, you sperglord piece of shit.
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I think they are Corcoran's. I was literally about to post asking if anyone has worn them then saw the pic.

Anyone know how they fit? I have small and thin feet and I'm a bit anxious about buying them online.
they're just repro jump/paratroop boots
those particular boots are a model called Jumpmaster by Vintage Shoe Co

Corcoran/HH makes one of the highest regarded jump boots out there

I'm sure you can find plenty of size recommendations/reviews online
he made an ig lately. no posts yet, tho
the fucking grail!!!!!!
Welp, I just impulse bought some Corcorans

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