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Anyone have any inspo for these? Thinking about picking up a cheap pair
Be tall and in good shape and wear clothes that fit

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They'll last like 3-4 months if you wear them daily (my 1490s had their soles rubbed down and cracked holes behind the toecap after 2,5 months), if you can, get two pairs and rotate (one wear of one pair, let that pair rest and wear other pair, rinse and repeat), polish and balsam both regularly. That way they'll both last way longer.
Solovair, Red Wings, Chippewas, Danners, Clarks, take your pick.

Those look like a pre 2003-vintage pair, what model are they and are they made in England?
Do you balsam and/or polish them?
What does /fa/ think?
File: boots.jpg (158 KB, 1370x675)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Just copped these, how'd I do?

File: sneakers.jpg (268 KB, 960x576)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Easy way to indentify man child: he is wearing sneakers when not running

File: 7_ds13f04803ugbl09_1_p.jpg (75 KB, 1000x1333)
75 KB
Anyone have any inspo for these? Thinking about picking up a cheap pair
Don't do it mane
So long as they are the ones from grailed with the dog standing in them that have been up for like a year.
the nonleather ones are bullshit

File: 03-11.jpg (1.71 MB, 2000x1326)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
/Dark Fashion General/

Discussion, Inspo, Fits, Advice, and Item Showcase all welcome.

Some Brands:
>A Diciannoveventitre
>Ann Demeulemeester
>Boris Bidjan Saberi
>Carol Christian Poell
>Carpe Diem
>Isabel Benenato
>Individual Sentiments

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You should check The Last Conspiracy
There are similar Damir Doma boots currently on sale: https://www.damirdoma.com/shoes-and-accessories/785-fries-coal.html

But If you want rounded toe and bulky sole I have unworn Fita boots also from Damir in size 44 (fits larger as always), might drop them on grailed/ebay
File: 1514950460705.png (78 KB, 680x412)
78 KB
You look like somebody who posts on reddit about how no girl will sleep with you.

File: 27_788953132.jpg (191 KB, 828x900)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
The text on the patch looks kinda fake.
..And the loose threads look fake as well.

do you like blonde hair on man /fa/?
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mutt hair
>if she hasn't had it drilled into her head from a young age to be attracted to me then she's a fucking moron.

You sound like a real catch, anon. I know the horsiest-looking motherfucker in the world who is also adamant that he is automatically attractive because of his blonde hair and blue eyes.

I have patrician green eyes/dark brunette combo but dye my hair blonde because it looks more natural.

You're projecting. Slow down and think.

Anyone, man or woman, who sees a perfect 10 and says "Nope, wrong melanin level, wrong pigment of keratin, not interested" is a moron. I'm attracted to attractive people, regardless of their phenotype. I think most people are the same as me on this one.
>aryan man mating with a wench of inferior stock
Nice try. Not on your life bitch
Kek, I already found myself a blonde blue eyed suitor & he cherishes me. What now anon?

File: vxKajRJx_400x400[1].jpg (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
Tumblr thread, link yours

Colorful fashion, art and photos
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i'll follow back if you have a good theme. seriously, that will tell me if i should follow you.
>. seriously, that will tell me if i should follow you.
Clearly, a man of principles

>traditional fashion
>fighter jets

Will check out anyone who stops by
File: archive.png (1.29 MB, 1291x571)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Love the use of colour.


Everyone else I already follow. Keep posting.
File: 4ngel.png (178 KB, 333x313)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Art: t-chaikovsky.tumblr.com

Lifestyle: moomintrolled.tumblr.com

File: 1CH8LdgDaG.jpg (76 KB, 856x837)
76 KB
Should I wear geos to a concert?
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I saw some kid wear Rafs to a Father concert in 2015, didn't see him after so I don't know if they got trashed
It depends on the concert, who are you seeing?
kek my ramones got raped at a rave last week
Do they even make replica Velcro’s anymore? Isn’t it all just balenciagagagaga now?
I also went to a carti show with my vans, and they got super fucked up cuz I was in the pit a lot

File: george toupee.jpg (38 KB, 717x535)
38 KB
Why do people on here say to shave your head at the very first sign of male pattern baldness?
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File: baldo.jpg (1.27 MB, 1638x1692)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Am I balding, bruhs?

I'm 28, dad and uncles were bald by their 40's. Older bro and cousin in mid-30's are pretty much bald.

Am I gonna make it brehs?
>late 20s/early 30s pussies complaining about balding
>meanwhile there are people like my friend and me who started balding at 18
Looks like you might be. The good news is that if you are, you're catching it super early and finasteride can save you.

OP here. I'm balding at 23, it's probably been going on for the past 1-3 years. I also have a buddy who it became obvious for by 19. I even knew a guy in high school who was a NW3 by junior year.
I have a fetish for shaved smooth heads so it arouses me when a guy who's balding finally starts shaving.
I'm glad you exist but you're a minority. Also even if all women prefered shaved heads, I'd want to keep my hair. I wouldn't be me without it.

File: Adidas.png (365 KB, 1200x650)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Adidas just dropped these new GATs (left in pic rel). I have been wanting a pair of the old ones for a while now, but they haven't restocked in my size. The only difference between these new ones and the old ones seems to be a slight difference in color, with the newer ones being lighter. Should I just go ahead and cop the new ones? Will the originals ever restock or are they gone forever? I'd prefer the original ones, but I would be fine with either.

>inb4 "this belongs in fuccboi general"
I already posted there and got no responses.
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Yeah, whatever, most of that shit is still outsourced to the third world, you're paying to placate a superiority complex and going broke at the same time, retard.
>too much suede
even if it's outsourced you can't deny that a ysl/boss/whatever is objectively qualitatively superior to h&m/zara type shit
the ogs are army shoes; eg of shit quality
>anything but OGs

musician aesthetics

File: RawJeansWEB.jpg (204 KB, 499x974)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Raw denim is the only denim.
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Alright imma do it. Whats a good tapered but not skinny fit pair of raw denim
raw denim may look cool but wearing it is fucking unbearable, even after it breaks in.
Japanese denim is GOAT Japanese fit will make you look like a grandpa

There are more and more options lately. Mid-range would be APC PNS although I think PNS is discontinued. Make sure there is a taper from knee-down and the hem is 7" or less.

Dior, SLP, APC have the best raw denim cuts imo.

1%+ stretch makes it wearable but fades take longer
Worst case scenario i could just get em altered right?
I find getting things altered is always a bad route to go, if it doesn't fit how you want initially, return it and try something else.

The only time I get things altered are for 'one of a kind' purchases where you'll never find that piece ever again and the sizing is just slightly off.

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You know Hedi could give a fuck about a brand's lineage. It's just gonna be skinny twink models in skinny jeans and recycled rock n roll inspo. I hope he proves me wrong, but I would enjoy seeing aging rockers wearing Celine instead of SLP. Who would have predicted that?

Maybe Phoebe isn't making the margins they want. Hedi is definitely a money maker, but his style couldn't be more different than Phoebe's. As a man, maybe I'm out of touch, but I really like Celine's light and flowy vibe. I hope there's some semblance of this in future seasons.
I let my hair grow long by slicking it back until it was 2 long at the back and then just letting it grow until I could cut it myself with scissors if I needed to maintain it, my hair is past my jaw now
Oh not this overrated faggot again, jesus christ
>overrated faggot
Keep on wearing rick and yeezys gay cunt
Hedi is so overrated. It's only rich teens who gets wet for his design. Early Dior is his only good work. Céline would be better off without him and they're only doing it for the money.

File: xxxtentacion-mugshot-red.jpg (64 KB, 1200x1112)
64 KB
Never noticed this until now but what the fuck is X 'wearing' (?) in his hair?
Does that adornment have a name? What is that called? A hair ring?

Are there other less-known/uncommon male accesories that I'm not aware of?
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>I never said I wasn't a murderer so you shouldn't be surprised that i'm going to kill you
File: sgp.jpg (60 KB, 710x815)
60 KB
right bro i love him
underrated. That guy did god's work.
Its time to stop posting

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