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How do you carry stuff around while wearing a poncho?
A backpack doesn't work unless you autistically wear it underneath the poncho, and a messenger bag seems too constricting on the arms.
Tote bag or fanny pack, the fanny pack won’t really be seen.
I got this Arrivals rain poncho (which is super fucking rad) and it's got a lot of lasercut pockets on the inside if I need to carry a sketchbook or something small like business cards. I tend to use a tiny canvas military side bag for anything else. It hides under the poncho just fine and doesn't get in the way. But if I'm carrying a lot of shit, I'll just go full-autist and wear a backpack under the poncho. If it's raining heavily enough to justify the poncho, I'm more concerned about getting through the rain than looking *aesthetic* anyway.
super jealous; i was looking at buying that poncho for a while but never pulled the trigger
glad to know you like it. i might buy it in the future
>unless you autistically wear it underneath
you're already wearing a poncho. no one is going to think the backpack is autistic

What streetwear brands do I need to wear if I want to fuck 17 year old tumblr girls who communicate through shitposting?
cпyтник 1985)))

File: 1529985297225.jpg (96 KB, 401x802)
96 KB
what's the point in buying expensive clothes and worrying about how you look when Chad walks around in his old gym clothes and mogs you to death?

You won't look stylish you just look weird and out of place.
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it's just a fun hobby for me
>its another "virgin tells virgins they're virgins" thread
/r9k/ for sure
Shut up. You're hurting me.
Because what you thought where old gym clothes are actually a full rick outfit

File: image.jpg (53 KB, 720x600)
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Post inspo, W2C, advice, etc
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Info on jonas glasses
Sit down, kids
how cheap is too cheap for sunglasses? I'm a poor fag who just wants a decent pair but I don't want to spend $220 dollars on a pair of polarized ray-bans
always check cvs, gas stations, walmart, ect. for knock off raybans that are around 20 bucks

can we post some pixie cut inspo? mine is looking a bit rough so im getting it trimmed soon and wanted to maybe switch it up
File: 1530408954225.jpg (39 KB, 385x514)
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My biggest weakness in women

File: 1457561952470.jpg (1.88 MB, 2480x3508)
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1.88 MB JPG
Can we get some kind of Dilf core
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File: image.jpg (81 KB, 960x525)
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I think Enoch Powell was pretty hot tbqh, fite me
David Gandy
>fashion board
>posts closeup of a shirtless man

Qustion about permed hair

I had my hair colored from mahogany->mahogany->light brown->dark blonde->black in a span of 2 months, so my hair is pretty dry and damaged

I would also like to try perming my hair, is the damage too far gone? would perming my har cause alot of breakage? does perming hair be as damaging as bleaching (never bleached my hair)
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looks good, products?
cool, thanks
1 is the most shaved meaning it will shave the most amount of hair
Don't wash it so often and stop brushing it. Come back when you've done that and we cant see what your hair actually looks like.
if you cut it you're gunna look like lovecraft

File: blackdress.jpg (33 KB, 700x467)
33 KB
hello lads. what does a woman wear to a funeral desu senpai?
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Tits of gtfo
File: IMG_20180720_234356.jpg (260 KB, 1187x1241)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
a dark colored conservative dress or pant/sweater/shirt combo

how is this even a question?
wear something nice and respectable but not 'sexy'
Something that isn't sexualising, doesn't show much skin and is black or at least dark in colour.

File: no.jpg (40 KB, 640x640)
40 KB
What is a SOFT BOI tier belt
Shut the fuck up
File: download (7).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
those ones you get with a pair of 10 dollar cargo shorts at kohls

tell people you made it

File: mensafrohair-21.jpg (52 KB, 455x700)
52 KB
Subject says it all. How should I style my hair?
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a noose
I thought Cash in sorry to bother you looked pretty good, he’s aesthetically pathetic looking and I think it’s cool
File: luka-sabbat.w710.h473.jpg (71 KB, 710x473)
71 KB
freeforming is the only way to go senpai
File: fatlipp.jpg (24 KB, 500x409)
24 KB
dread it
File: 1524339179388.gif (1021 KB, 288x162)
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1021 KB GIF

File: Air-Jordan-4-1.png (382 KB, 830x581)
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382 KB PNG
how do I find a shoe similar to this? I want one like this but it doesn't have to be the expensive brand I just like the shape and look.
Balenciaga triple s rick runners new balance Cincinnati bengals
the cheapest retro jordan 4 colorways are <$200 If you know where to look, which isn't that bad. This sneaker is one of the most iconic in basketball history so quality replicas will probably be your best bet if that's outside of your budget
Nike Flight 89 should be what you're looking for
They retro spring or summer 2019

File: gxtCXzI.jpg (280 KB, 1700x1212)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
p r i n c e t o n

This is sneaker of the fucking year
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These look like fucking Mona Lisa compared to the 700s
The 700s look so cheap compared to other chunky shoes.
it is genuinely awful. it looks like a half aborted air max. the colorway is beyond awful too.
puma rs0
people slept hard on the acronym vapormaxes. the matte opaque looks insane

File: image.jpg (1.28 MB, 1668x2224)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Alls I’ll say is this. I’m well positioned at a certain international fashion house. I know for a fact that my boss visits /fa/ primarily amongst other fashion boards. Just thought I’d let you know. Your tastes are monitored and fits from a certain “starry”core have been ripped off most recently.
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As in celestial bodies....as in something made of cheese.
lmfaoo that trend died years ago and it's only now getting ripped off...your boss doesn't know shit if true
Moon core has been a thing since forever m8, like we own any of this shit faggot.
Imagine someone thinking that some shit Helmut lang pulled in the 90s is in any way creative and original in 2018 either on fa or in some shitty fashion house
It actually doesn't surprise me. I used to work on melrose in LA and there were corporate culture vultures often, despite us being borderline retarded. I kinda feel sorry for you, cuz all the fashion interns I've known have been taken advantage of.

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