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Is anyone seeing adiddas fucking everywhere? All the normies wearing them wouldn't be caught dead with them five years ago because of their retro connotation. Why is this happening? I never thought I'd miss Nike and Vans so much.
damn i have yellow fever and that hag is trying so hard to look hot
File: 1496865029835.jpg (25 KB, 418x475)
25 KB
>why do normies wear whatever's a fad right now
i wouldnt mind seeing more of her if you know what i mean
adidas is wack as fuck though

File: IMG_0229.jpg (109 KB, 749x1008)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Started a new Instagram, rate it/ post yours get rated
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GET ME TO 420 fags
fyi when you grow up no one will care about your fake instagram persona (unless you're famous) so chill a lil
File: 1497976463435.jpg (134 KB, 422x437)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
what is cumbag back anonything is gone is afalling in the sky
whut happen in the middle who is going perhapsdhs also anomnything maybewell thentacion

File: nor.png (859 KB, 521x771)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
Is this /fa/ or not ?
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File: 1388662305999.jpg (61 KB, 389x672)
61 KB
I agree, this is what a slightly above average male look like
Yeah, so why do they dress like they fuck each other in the ass?
Because they're Swedish.
I thought so.

File: hypocrisy.png (1.95 MB, 1550x1060)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Explain this.
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I wear both, but I kinda wish they made shorts longer, mine are too short for me which makes me uncomfortable but I couldn't find better ones at all. Also skirts are too short nowadays too, I have 3 that are short and I wish they were longer but it's impossible to find something decent on normal price that it just above the knee long
imagine thinking being into bdsm isnt normie tier
learn how to make your own clothes then????
If I got any free time I would, but that will happen only after I finish uni
Normie girls are not into being ordered what to do, punished, have strict rules, into being tied up, into being humiliated, into being fucked whenever their partner wishes to and into having their hair pulled, her necks collared and their butts plugged

>liking being choked and having tied hands and being submissive is not bdsm

File: SRP765J2_MED.jpg (20 KB, 300x400)
20 KB
I bought this watch but when i turn the crown it doesnt do anything.

Did I get scammed?
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past 0 am i mean
File: 1494719619461.png (10 KB, 645x773)
10 KB
thanks for helping me a low iq hopeless mongoloid

just gshock.
File: laughing guy.gif (987 KB, 229x176)
987 KB
987 KB GIF
File: chingchongnipnong.jpg (130 KB, 567x552)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Fucking millenials I swear

Can we have an /athleisure/ general? I'm in need of a new tracksuit for lazy, gym only, days. Post inspo boys.
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The differnce between chavcore and athleisure is the tailoring and how buff are you
File: nbdv5v.jpg (240 KB, 1200x1129)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
File: tmp649332544080183297.jpg (48 KB, 468x294)
48 KB
It's the same aesthetic though.
File: hoody-gang-415x275.jpg (40 KB, 415x275)
40 KB
Different silhouettes though.

File: Unbenannt.png (780 KB, 1055x541)
780 KB
780 KB PNG

>tfw youll never be eastgerman-commieblock-tschusch-thug effay

why even live?
the video might have an aesthetic to it but these people live trash lives, also fucking shitskins

File: 81gmubhbGjL._UX395_.jpg (19 KB, 395x371)
19 KB
I want boots looking like this.

I like the texture and form.

Wich are the best I can choose?

the ones you posted?

What's the verdict on Meermin Mallorca?
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What last are they on? I'm looking for that style around that price, but those meermins always look too elongated on the site
Don't remember the exact last, sorry. I know I did buy them a half size bigger and they fit fine in the sides, so they're probably narrower than the regular fit.
If he bought them several years ago they're probably no longer available on that last anyway, Meermin used to have about 8 lasts but have been replacing most of them with the Elton one which is narrow/elongated, most likely due to the fact that it sells better. I'm guessing it looks more elegant to most buyers.
yeah they don't even make that model anymore it seems
because they are ugly as sin

I just finished reading this and im thirsting for more like it.
What other good books that gives some insight into the fashion industry are there?
Would you recommend it ?

I'm personnally hunting for anything Jun related, got a few magazines, one of the books Rizzoli made about him and now I'm looking for The Shepherd... Missed one on Grailed a few weeks ago I'm still mad.
File: jungleoutthere.jpg (30 KB, 668x358)
30 KB
I would recommend it!
I guess some people would be annoyed by the callousness in the depiction in Gallianos and McQueens shortcomings and I sometimes feel like the author dislikes them and their legacy. It's not a perfect biography but it wass still an intresting read.

File: 20171023_171810.jpg (814 KB, 778x1986)
814 KB
814 KB JPG
Do these boots look like clown boots on me?
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Looks fine to me
File: 1484251069736.gif (1.74 MB, 308x267)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
dang those boots actually look pretty good on you, they do well with the jeans
looks good to me anon, id wear those all day
fucking idiot they are boots what do you expect, you have to be 18 to browse this site
ask in the fuccboi general newfag

File: IMG_20170715_222820.jpg (45 KB, 540x665)
45 KB
Why do people give me dirty looks when I wear Vineyard Vines?
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Borg is the new basic bitch/bro trend be on the lookout southern bros
i go to uni in Louisiana, can confirm this shit. its so hard to even find any remotely /fa/ girls.
Grew up in Texas, 100% accurate
You're probably imagining it

File: IMG_7318.jpg (181 KB, 1000x666)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Are bucket hats effay?
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Only at music festivals imo

sure if you wanna look like an autistic 11y old
no they are gay
No only stupid streetwearniggers like the ones in your pic wear it.
File: IMG_1412.jpg (67 KB, 700x700)
67 KB

File: fuckingsexy.jpg (1.23 MB, 3264x2448)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
What hairstyle would you call this?
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Why is your skin so brown? From the thumbnail i thought youre a nignog
Waiting to be deported.
Is it like a frizzy bowl cut?
I'm guessing you're Hispanic with curly hair who lives in a hot place, cause I have that exact hair texture and cut.
G r e e k g o d X

Any idea how to track down this kariyushi?

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