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File: 1519893856022.jpg (28 KB, 474x710)
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Stupid questions that don't warrant their own thread &co
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Allen Edmonds factory seconds, meermim, Ace marks, shoepassion. You should find something you like in those, and they are all decent to very good quality.
File: 1520180084609.jpg (37 KB, 540x640)
37 KB
what are those shoes called? the model specifically
Nike Janoski's
File: 1494543203070.jpg (154 KB, 854x758)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I'm looking for an SPQR shirt and so far can't seem to find a decent one, can anyone recommend me one? I'd prefer it in red with gold lettering

Elias Ronnenfelt is beautiful.

how do you pull off this look?
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yeah I don’t know why him and ZCS from Diiv do this. They don’t need to dress like that.
look like elias
maybe because they like to? have personal style?
I like his choice of Hermes belts
File: 544ae176.jpg (21 KB, 300x300)
21 KB


File: 1524262394285.jpg (29 KB, 540x443)
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Hey folks, you wanna help me get a wardrobe together? We can be all girly about it if you want, or not. I just realized how much of a twink/trap I am and it really has done a number on me, so I want to start dressing pretty. But, I don't wanna be TOO pretty, like a flaming faggot. Booty shorts is not acceptable on a male in his 20's, heck I don't even know if it's acceptable on a female but it's happening and we can't stop it now.
Start with fitted tees/polos, 5-7 in shorts and canvas sneakers, then work your way up from there.

File: mall.jpg (177 KB, 1000x667)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Does anyone have experience on starting your own clothing brand?

I've come to the decision that I really want to start my own streetwear clothing business, and have been doing research for a few weeks on this, but I have been hearing some conflicting information.

-I hear a lot that you should start a brand with a premade printing manufacturer, and just sell printed tshirts/hoodies/etc. but the brand I want to create really doesnt revolve around prints, but more of actual designs (such as most fashion brands). But still I hear that 'cut and sew' brands are extremely difficult and expensive to start, so how does anyone start in this field?

-I hear a lot of people say that you should market your brand before you even have the products. This seems like a bad idea to me. would it be bad for me to come up with the designs, have them all made, and then create a store and start marketing at that point? that seems the most practical to me...

-How many designs should you produce by the time you put up a site from scratch? and how many should you order? I notice most places require you to order huge quantities for everything, but having never sold any before, I have no idea what the numbers should be like.

I know this is going to be hard, but I am pretty set on doing this. if it fails, at least I can say I went for it. I only have around $2k to start with (working a flexible job still, so its okay if it doesnt work out), but I will do whatever I can to get this started.
I won't go into detail about what the style is like, but I have a pretty clear vision on the brand I want to put together, and the target demographic, and I am pretty happy with the designs I have come up with already.
It's a fool's errand, IME. Takes loads of startup capital, good designs, themes and motifs that stand apart. It also takes connections, because the streetwear world is a closed loop a lot of times. Good luck getting your work in the same stores as other more established brands, cuz those kids got it locked up tight.

I worked as a designer for a streetwear label for a few years.
I only plan to start online, so the marketing is something I will figure out myself. what sort of scale would you need to start a cut and sew line? or is it basically impossible to do anything other than blank print designs at the start?

File: 71n3VmqkG7L._UX522_.jpg (21 KB, 522x272)
21 KB
What's a good and reasonably priced belt?
Type “Belt” in Amazon.
Your welcome.
What's your definition of reasonably priced? for me i'd drop $100 on a really good belt since it's used daily for years
Thinking about getting an Orion belt, but I'm not sure if they are too casual to wear with wool trousers

File: 0321118-elon-musk.jpg (171 KB, 1236x820)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Who gives a fuck that its about to be summer in the northern hemisphere? LEATHER JACKETS

I've been looking for a jacket like this one on elon musk for the longest time, yet to find one that fits.

Post leather jackets, brands, styles, etc.
I can't afford a proper +$1,000 leather jacket........
that's an a2 leather jacket. You might find one that fits when you know the terminology.
found the perfect jacket, exactly what i wanted

>theyre sold out of my size, and only my size

why the fuck does this happen? they have stock of every other size, but not mine. fuck this life.
try and email them, worked for me once

thanks, needed that

What are your thoughts on the Off-White belt?

Did I make a mistake by buying one?
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That looks fucking terrible.
I've been working in real estate & construction forever. My coworkers laugh at these things like mad because we use them all day to bundle heavy loads and they're dirt cheap. You're literally buying a super expensive screenprint.
Yea that's kind of the point
I like it, but I'm more of a hypefag than most on this board. As long as you can afford it, it's a nice cop. If you're a poor college student who just wants to look cool, you're retarded.
How would someone be able to tell the difference?
I'm not exactly rich but I'm a student with a decent part time job and very little expenses. I've been thinking about buying 1 or 2 designer pieces

File: jwcoat.png (92 KB, 179x441)
92 KB
So I was watching The White Stripes perform Blue Orchid live From The Basement, November 2005 (https://youtu.be/JsnIdx8JSBY) and I wanted to figure out what coat Jack was wearing. I LOVE the look of the coat. Random ass request, not really expecting to find anything about it, but if there's a place that would know it's here.

TL:dr What fucking coat is this?

File: Raf_Simons_FW14_49 (1).jpg (139 KB, 533x800)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby LIVE on Harvard

Rouse Visiting Artist Lecture: Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby with Jessica Morgan


Get in here, idiots!
File: raf-coca-cola.png (265 KB, 370x528)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
you fucking idiots...

is sorcery /fa/? How do we make this a thing?
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File: 1517039802752.jpg (388 KB, 1366x2048)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
File: witchdoctoraghori.jpg (61 KB, 486x693)
61 KB
File: aCGVgdN.png (522 KB, 600x508)
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522 KB PNG
File: 1519534131856.jpg (52 KB, 540x720)
52 KB
music inspo:

Post /effay/ backpacks. Simple as that.
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I swear everyone and their grandma has this backpack.
File: IMG_0780.jpg (66 KB, 640x640)
66 KB
While one more of a shoulder bag guy myself, my current backpack and top recommendation is the navy version of this backpack. Though I think they sold out of the navy color so all they half left is pic related, which is on sale for like $35. It's nice and minimal, yet touts a decent build quality
File: IMG_0781.jpg (109 KB, 640x640)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
File: freitag .jpg (25 KB, 564x564)
25 KB

do /fa/-approved yeezy shoes exist?
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LV Yeezys 700 and 750s are nice. 500 and the bots are decent but the 350s and air yeezys are fuccboi ugly shit
500s are /fa/
750s, white powerphases, Oxford tan 350, cream 350 v2
the first 350s are shit. literal roshe looking tings
Sorry no triple black air max plus in this thread

How are you supposed to carry your stuff (phone, wallet, keys etc) if you're not wearing a jacket or carrying a bag? It doesn't fit properly on my pockets unless I wear cargo pants, it's too hot to wear a jacket and carrying a bag makes you look imbecilic.
What do you guys do?
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Wallet, cellphone, keys, pocketknife. All fits comfortably in my front pockets.
exactly what i do
If your back pocket buttons or just fits properly such that it's not loose, it will not fall out, and you can just adjust your sitting until it doesn't matter. No reason you shouldn't be using a back pocket for something.
Stop wearing women's pants.

Whats the quality like on yeezy footwear ?
also will tan colour way go with black jeans or is that a nono?
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kanye needs to make these sfb height
Can someone link me similar boits but cheaper
Should i just get timberlands?
Shorter sole would be good too that looks like a runner
I’m a fan of every other Yeezy shoe/men’s boot but I just can’t get into these ones.
i have the yeezy 500 and i love it. really comfortable. quality seems okay.

File: s-l1600.jpg (259 KB, 1543x1543)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Are bucket hats /fa/?

I mean fuck, not just for daily use, I just need a hat to wear when im fishing (like unironically)

>tfw head gets roasted with baseball cap
>tfw cowboy hats are tacky + too nice to wear
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its a bucket hat, it can be any color but should be standing out
As a blond dude, I can assure you that having a lot of hair does fuck all.
Is this running cap fa?
if you need them for a practical purpose then just pick up a solid colored black or beige one and put it on your head. only retards try to plan their fits out at places like the gym and whatnot
I feel like you have to look pretty young to pull off a bucket

when i go fishing i go for maximum sun protection
wrinkles are not effay

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