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File: uga.png (66 KB, 3528x1154)
66 KB
Anyone go here? people here are lazy too dress
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Eyy graduated 2015

Mendy quad, always say rich fobs going to their dope cars in the lot near the Union
u got some of that hygiene de vie bro?
I agree on the BS/BA in math but anyone who stops at a BS/BA in math is too much of a dumbass for graduate school anyways. The bit about PhD students is just flat our wrong.
Autistic enough to get into the major apparently.
do we not have school on monday, wtf?

File: image.jpg (117 KB, 1260x630)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I switched off my vegan mode recently because my teeth enamel were starting decay and within 1 week of eating tons of gourmet cheese and fine dried meats my teeth look way better.

But more importantly, I feel way better, I feel like more of a man now that I'm eating meat again. My hair also looks and feels thick and lustrous. This is all translating into my feeling extra effay.

File: noora.jpg (38 KB, 513x610)
38 KB
How should I dress to attract girls like this? And also, what is this kind of style called? (Pictures below)
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File: 15080709296120.jpg (33 KB, 445x372)
33 KB
File: shears.jpg (184 KB, 537x810)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
this thread needs some VADA VADA
File: front.jpg (72 KB, 480x522)
72 KB
like a drittsekk
File: Kevin_minions.png (384 KB, 749x1000)
384 KB
384 KB PNG

How does one obtain this schtoyle?
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W2c trench ?
people used to dress so horribly back then
man he's always had the JUST meme look hasn't he?
1) no taste
2) too much money
3) too much drugs
4) colorblind - optional

File: undercut21.jpg (64 KB, 736x1018)
64 KB
>The year of our lord two thousand and eighteen
>The undercut still reigns supreme despite /fa/ predicting it's downfall everyday for the past 6 years

The undercut will eventually replace the side part as the standard acceptable business haircut as the boomers die out.
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File: kraftwerk-007.jpg (27 KB, 460x276)
27 KB
were kraftwerk /fa/ ?
>/fa/ predicting accurately anything about fashion
This place is for REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing at trends that get discarded immediately after normies caught up with them. Nothing more.
Yes, very
File: download.png (1.07 MB, 964x540)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG


File: alana de la garza.jpg (139 KB, 683x1024)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
why do autists on this website dislike women with defined jawlines?
Their’ere jealuos
File: Sign.png (174 KB, 392x314)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
They dislike anything that recalls them highschool jocks.

i dunno, probably feel emasculated.

moar pics tho. i love these type of faces.

File: 1200x630bb.jpg (38 KB, 630x630)
38 KB


Let's get it started.
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Please someone at least pseudo offer and give me hope that one day someone may buy one of these items.
File: Seinfeld Front.jpg (21 KB, 1100x825)
21 KB
Dope ass Seinfeld cap and more @:


5/5 feedback. 99 transactions. Buy with confidence!

Brands such as:
Common Projects
Engineered Garments
Norse Projects
Nudie Jeans
Our Legacy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I got you sempi please I need it sold
its brand new and its a steal
Im interested in the jacket, but Im not gonna buy it right now. If you pop up in the next few grail thread I'll shoot you a message.

File: a21.jpg (61 KB, 680x643)
61 KB
Post prep inspo
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You know you have to.
you know I had to
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa2FWZwTYpM love this vid
you know I had to subvert it to en
does any one know why he had to do it to em?

hey guys, i’ve been thinking a lot about the varied gender non conforming looks and lifestyles of sexy people between like 1700 and 1970. mostly 30s right now, i’m tired of my socks falling down and saw garters and shirt stays, and got sucked into the churning subliminated horniness present in so many old clothing styles and rituals that i think would be fun to emulate. to start off i was wondering if any one of you guys who knows about good leather shoes to try to point me in the direction of some quality oxfords/derbys or whatever with an extra stacked heel, inch++, like in the image attached. if anyone is into this i’d love to talk ideas and share inspiration pics!
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File: 4L_Vz65pvUK.jpg (74 KB, 572x791)
74 KB
Have you checked out the painter Gluck? She was a lesbian artist in the early 20th Century who played with these concepts a lot in her art and personal fashion. This is one of her self portraits.

Anyway, A+ concept, def the most original and inspiring thread I've seen here in god knows how long.
i had never heard of her, wow! really nice portraiture stuff and such a killer moniker
thank you!
which reminds me of this too! that i wanna find the source of
i’m sad that i abandoned this thread for a while, but definitely excited to see the contributions you guys made
like of course joan of arc!! may she rest in peace... fucked by every aspect of life

>falling for the fashion meme

If you want to look nice, why wouldn't you get into fitness and work on your meat suit instead of buying overpriced rags from sweatshops?

When you look fit no one gives a shit what you wear and you look good regardless.
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File: PtL0f2O[1].png (529 KB, 604x596)
529 KB
529 KB PNG

My favorite thing here is how the girls that don't have effortless beauty are trying to make an actual princess feel bad for not going to the gym and not trying to get the absolute shallowest people to stare at her.

Stay pretty cutie
>spending thousands of dollars because of what girls like
>implying you look anywhere near as good as an SLP model (what girls actually want, not some pale sickly looking manlet with 0 muscle).
>if you have muscles you wear polo shirts and can't size your clothing

ps you're a bitch.

>trying hard at making your body look good is bad

fuck u
>not some pale sickly looking manlet with 0 muscle
I'm a girl and I want this except for the manlet part. I doubt models are as interesting as a mentally ill weirdo outside the fashion industry
models look better, we're talking about looks.
yeah how dare I not look like a SLP model

Can I get some constructive criticism?

Keep in mind I'm 6'5" so it's hard for me sometimes to find a good fit.
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Dadcore. My dad literally used to dress exactly like that
You aren't seriously suggesting these horrible things?
bushy eyebrows : get rid of the beard or keep it subtle (and get a better haircut)

I find your jacket and pants are a bit boring but the fit is good.
post some more you teddy bear
Your facial hair looks awful. It needs to be trimmed way closer to the face and tidier

>live in rural Virginia
>wear anything other than blue jeans and t shirt and get called a faggot

How do i become effay with shitty paramaters? Im thinking of just getting ripped and going full Place Beyond the Pines core
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Just wear blue jeans and t-shirts/sweatshirts desu. you don't want to stand out
If you want to be /fa/ but don't want to stand out then one of those things is a lie. Move to where there are peers you can engage with, stop caring about other people's opinions so much, or wear blue jeans and tees and keep your social life intact.
have you tried not being a faggot and/or not living in a shithole?
>caring about what other people think
This is how I know your are a mindless sheep who tries to be unique but end up looking like every other art hoes.
this >>13081328
not only do some people actually dress nice here but we're not all poor so we can actually afford to dress well

File: 1516293851779.jpg (37 KB, 590x350)
37 KB
Would you rather be a 10/10 until you turn 25, and then become a 3/10

OR be a 5/10 your whole life?
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>be obscenely rich, powerful, connected, and famous
>still balds

Is he outright refusing to seek help or is there no hope for the rest of us?
Be gratefull it's not cancer or ALS or something else genetically fucking you over.

Almost everyone lose some amount of their hair post 30, be grateful it lasted you that long.

Also OP, I'd rather be 10/10 til 25. Gives me enough time to marry some rich girl.
Maybe he isn't a insecure beta fuck?
>become a model
>make actual money
this is where your plan falls apart
get b/w tattoos on your head, thats what ill do if/when i bald

File: asap_rocky.jpg (95 KB, 564x846)
95 KB
Why does he make simplistic fits look so good How do i dress like him? Every time I try I look like a complete fag.
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He looks absolutely horrible here
lol /fa/ roasted this fit for weeks when it first popped up. goes to show just how much the demographics of this board have changed over the last few years
File: 1426442480640.jpg (94 KB, 802x601)
94 KB
>tell a girl that I think Rock is a hack
>he's a fashion God, anon!
Looks like /pol/'s shits are leaking here, huh

Why do black people, and non-whites in general pull of flannels way better than white people? Whenever I see a white person wearing a flannel, it automatically is seen as a soy flag. Every other race pulls it off way better.
41 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
If youre not wearing a flannel from Pendleton, Filson, or Jonsons Woolen Mills pls kys.

Flannel shirts made from cotton are pleb soyboy tier.
Mfw I'm a white millennial with facial asymmetry that nobody has noticed but it's only a matter of time
That shirt is both ugly and not flannel
File: 1496259792213.jpg (86 KB, 500x500)
86 KB
>reading comprehension
Most people don't give a shit, only /fa/ggot 18-24 year olds who have a lot of dispensable income to waste on "expressing themselves" through clothing. In reality, it's no worse than tats. Most designer brands look like complete shit, and their longevity is limited. I highly doubt cav empt will still be popular 10 years down the line. Even though that plaid shirt is not technically "fashionable" looks fine. It's respectable to dress with that kind of shirt since they are popular within the majority of the population that doesn't care for fashion. That population is also the only population that matters since they are the ones actually contributing to society instead of acting elitist and pretentious, something most /fa/ggots need to learn. I find it ironic that the outfit threads I see on /p/ are better looking than the ones I see here.
File: IMG_4416.jpg (129 KB, 590x900)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Can confirm, /p/ shits all over /fa/

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