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>chukka boots
>not boots
File: tguyfu.jpg (24 KB, 600x434)
24 KB
I got a pair last week, ten eye, really enjoying them. They kind of squeak right now, hoping that goes away with time. But aside from that they are miles ahead of my DMs, and I can recommend them to anyone interested.
pls rec good boots (nice silhouette with clean lines and not "busy") with a wedge sole? does such a thing exist
File: IMG_7428.jpg (80 KB, 595x639)
80 KB
I'd really like a pair of Mad Max's boots for everyday and hiking, anyone reccomend
>these style boots but lightweight and fast drying
>a short boot shaft (or one I can cut off)
Also, how do I weather them to have this kind of patina?

File: phwe.jpg (74 KB, 768x512)
74 KB
that's not test, now THIS IS TEST
That girl's got so many handles she could be a ladder.

File: hm.jpg (57 KB, 720x1133)
57 KB
Where can I actually cop this hoodie? I'm black so I want to make other people uncomfortable and shit lmao.
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Normies won't give it a second look. The only people who ever called this kid a monkey were the lefties, ironically enough.
the soypost
its an ad for H&M, in swedish its a think like the most fierce animal in the jungle, we say the coolest ape in the jungle. this was a south african ad.
What implications?
See >>13079684

You fucking racist. I bet you look at kids in bathing suits and start thinking about fucking them and child porn.

File: IMG_2493.jpg (57 KB, 1472x828)
57 KB
Old ones too old
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File: whatIwore.jpg (1.84 MB, 3288x2332)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Not exactly what I'm wearing today, since I have to wear job uniform... but last weekend.

The jeans is cheap monday and the shirt Dickies lol. I'm just thin af.
7/10 would go to Pete's Coffee with.
The jacket looks a little too big imo
Not a big fan of the loose core but you weat it well
You look like a cunt. Your fit is alright
That angle makes your arm look abnormally small. You have great looks so it really doesn't matter what you wear. Easy puss for life/10
Take off the sandald and I'll go combining with ya.

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Do you use a tripod
File: 2018-01-17_11.33.49.jpg (26 KB, 480x480)
26 KB

Hello /fa/, used to lurk and post a lot in 2013/2014, moved away from internet fashion shit and just decided to do me. I'm a model now, signed to the best agency in my country's capital. Made pretty good money from last year considering I'm a nobody, this year i will focus on it full time. Ask me stuff about photoshoots and styling and literally anything dog
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>Also, you sound like a contributor of a lot of worthy material to this board, could you show some examples please?
No because I'm not an attention whoring faggot like you are, I don't need a credit for whatever I contribute, I'm anonymous cause I like it that way. But that's all probably completely alien to you, judging from your posts all you want is people sucking your dick and the air of superiority cause you like *real* fashion and constantly remind yourself that everyone else is stupid for not taking part in threads *you* like.
>I make archetypal alpha males confused and angry all the time because I am really confident and somewhat of a socialite
Judging from this thread you make whole bunch of anons angry and confused as well, the 'criticism' of how you look is laughable.
The best roasts i’ve ever gotten were you look like sid from toy story or Randall Boggs from monsters inc. SHIT CUT SO DEEP. Got alien baby a lot growing up but that one I embraced cause fuck aliens are sick and humanity is pretty shit tier imo.

But yeah wasn’t interested in a lookism thread with siegposting but goddamn like 5 years later, nothing at all has changed. Did anybody else used to think /fa/ was an early adopter forum? I was so insulated from other outlets of fashion that I thought /fa/ had the drop on styles and trends. A lot of poorly thought out criticism definitely limited the overall content of the board, but I guess also kept it insulated as well from too much external influence. A big problem also is the toxic nature associated with the site and bad press infects the public image of anyone who is associated with posting here. I can’t post a lot of great content in this thread because there may be someone who is able to compromise my very tiny and irrelevant online content. Fashion is such an identifier, totally connected to you as a person, and I have even already taken something of a risk posting some content here. For me it’s worth though I haven’t posted on this site as a whole for years. Shits changed a bit on other boards this place seems mostly untouched.
>I was so insulated from other outlets of fashion that I thought /fa/ had the drop on styles and trends
Hey at least you realize it now. Unfortunately nothing has changed on that front either, I feel like half the people browsing here fully believe that solely cause they don't have any other kinda touch to fashion than this place.
> A big problem also is the toxic nature associated with the site
At the same time it does feel refreshing that you don't get the 'nice guy' replies, criticism is handled straight, the issue is that it's just so poor most of the time.
I feel like that's the main appeal, anonymity so no circlejerking and the format encourages you to just be dead honest.
I don’t care about deadhonest from fa. I don’t come here to appreciate fashion, I
Like to fuck around and catch updates. The oldheads left are just fuckwards like seig, everyone else was born after ‘97. I haven’t taken this place seriously in a long time. It was invaluable as a 17yr old who had just realized ed hardy hoodies everyday looks bad, but I’ve grown past this. No one here wants to actually talk about fashion and the faggots that complain about that don’t seem to realize it is time to move on. /fa/ is just a bunch of shitposts and and it’s always been that way. This hadn’t occurred to me until anon here >>13079421 but I would totally take everything here seriously if I was still 17. This place is exactly the same, nothing has changed. The old fags just grew up and left. Fa never left. If you don’t like fa and it’s not meeting your needs, maybe you’re just not the fewfig u once were, don’t bitch that the board hasn’t grown up with you, just fucking leave
that is definitely a nice jacket. i don't exactly have any questions for you, but this is a cool thread

Last tattoo thread reached image limit.
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File: 1514496720199.png (1.6 MB, 1172x1174)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
pick retarded would prolly looking pretty tight butthole if it didnt have the ersatz arty writing on it
File: 1515756128157.jpg (65 KB, 640x640)
65 KB
pique rented is pretty dope, i like the shit on the left (<)
looks like thats all the shit i have on this laptop, eat ass mulattos
Cool, but it'll blurr in 2-3 years tops
Small tatttos look nice the first 7-8 months, ut are a mistake in the long term
I like it, but shouldn't you be able to see the dagger through the mouth? It's piercing the skull...

File: images.jpg (4 KB, 259x194)
4 KB
Show me your fashionable suitcases.
ur a fucking idiot

File: 1515942525520.png (472 KB, 596x597)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
ITT we post pictures and make fun of highschoolers that think their style is hot shit
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File: 1484164995078.jpg (143 KB, 804x737)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
im honestly jealous, i wish i was born rich like them.
>what's the issue with that though
Not thinking for yourself. Following the crowd instead of being legitimately interested in something.
File: 1490487184773.png (44 KB, 125x127)
44 KB
Saw two fifteen year olds the other day in vetements hoodies and air maxes TN

So glad this Gvasalia bullshit in fashion is on its way out.

File: undercut21.jpg (64 KB, 736x1018)
64 KB
>The year of our lord two thousand and eighteen
>The undercut still reigns supreme despite /fa/ predicting it's downfall everyday for the past 6 years

The undercut will eventually replace the side part as the standard acceptable business haircut as the boomers die out.
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If you wear an undercut in 2018 and don't think people will laugh behind your back you are delusional.
I'd say this picture is pretty close though mine is a bit longer/shaggier. My beard is about the exact same color too
>year of our lord

what lord you fucking idiot
*tips* m'sir

File: hy6excjh39nz[1].png (463 KB, 891x660)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
I'm going for the British / French roadman chav look.

I'm trying to look like an inmigrant that goes to thai boxing twice a week and might stab you outside a convenience shop at 8pm.

I'm calling it now, this will be the ultimate late 2018 look. It's the Slav tracksuit and (seriously boring by now) ironic 90s sportswear look evolved.

Will be posting some inspo, and hope others will too.
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true desu

seems like european scum imitates athletes while american scum imitates rappers.

although i guess basketball players influence american scum as well
Do you even do muay thai op, that style is not for fags.
see these all over now, more on fucking middle class vegan uni students than actual scallies though
File: D94750_22_model.jpg (61 KB, 840x840)
61 KB
How can i dress up these pants? Or should I get the black ones?
This is what Amsterdam roadmen wear.

Why is "fashion" so bland these days? It seems like everyone's scared of having a distinct look and using primary colors. Are people really that scared of being called hipsters?

Pic unrelated, this actually isn't too bland.
Gucci is arguably the biggest brand in the world right now, and all they use is loud primary colours. Loud, ugly, colour combinations are all the rage these days, /fa/ is skewing your perspective
You're saying this in the middle of 90s/00s revival, a lot of styles right now incorporate color.

Also, black will always be in, so you'll always see people wearing "bland" outfits. If the current trend "dictates" that black is out, the in people will wear it and make it "in". I'm not sure if i formulated that correctly, but i hope you get what i mean.

Wear some colors if you want, primary colors look great if you know how to use them
Please lurk more before posting blatantly untrue bullshit


>Gucci is arguably the biggest brand in the world right now
Not even close

Your point still stands though

LT: >>13063573

try cutting carbs edition

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hydrated


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
234 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
It also depends heavily on your mineral reserves and your lifestyle though
for 7 days? I'm not talking a few hours you retard
yes seven days is fine. I've done it. just keep hydrated and also go to the fast thread on /fit/ all the info you'll need
>tfw 5.10 and only 125 pounds
>tfw all these fatties in this thread
feels good mang
Not gonna lie, if I wasn't thinspo, Strongfat would be my next choice

File: R6TzPFv.jpg (37 KB, 500x419)
37 KB
should i get an undercut?

i'm too poor to go to a barber shop and i have a razor machine in my house

is it easy?

i havent cut my hair in 1 year and 3 months
21 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
boy howdy that's terrible
I feel it. I've been cutting my own hair for the past six or seven months. It looks okay for the most part. I cut it every two weeks.
by razor machine do you mean a buzzer, if so get a semi competent friend to do it.
Hi, barber here.

Don't cut your own fucking hair retard. Save up money and get a professional to do it. You WILL fuck it up.
>p-please keep paying me goy!!!!

Will propecia finally become accepted now that news have come out that the president of the united states takes it?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ey you hurt my feelings
And no, it'll probably go in /hm or /pol.
Not fashion. Medical shit isn't fashion. Wigs are fashion you cotton headed ninny muggins
I sound like a dumbass lmao
hair = fashion
I bet you are too gutless to fight back against the "facial aesthetics" threads.
Propecia is the name of the drug

ALOPECIA is the medical condition

going to get a haircut soon. how much should I lose and how?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
buzzcut will suit you very well, trust me
thanks for the advice, nigger
true, but mine are uneven and look ratchet as shit, so I'm not opposed at all to getting rid of them.
>can't say anything else but lame outdated epithets

lmao bitch pinkie kys
buzzcut for sure

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