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File: sexy.jpg (26 KB, 600x750)
26 KB
When are fedoras gonna be in style?
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I think it may take the fedora to come back, before it gets people thinking about top hats. Maybe the fashion could then progress backwards in time, stylistically, if enough people are wearing felt hats. I already notice quite a few, yet certainly not most, men in the cities wearing felt or straw dress hats. Even in the countryside, felt or straw cowboy/western hats are still a pretty big deal, especially the further away from the coast you get inland, in America.
oh, about 70-80 years ago
in the past, everyone wore hats. every age of people wore a topper on the ol' noggin. but in america, around the days of elvis and jfk, men with great hair began to become the norm. ever since then, it's been all about which hairstyle you wear. its a shame, really, that men have nothing but the baseball cap to turn to. but you gotta go with the flow, not swim against the tide, or you'll drown in place.
well, they were popular in the 1920s so maybe the 2020s
I unironically think fedoras can work on some people. Just don't be a baby faced whiteboy. I think handsome blacks and older guys can pull them off.

Where to cop /fa/ /co/ shirts? Maybe a shirt with a cool panel or something idk
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take a xan bro
File: NoJetpack.jpg (50 KB, 400x276)
50 KB
t. intellectual
File: 663307[1].jpg (155 KB, 970x545)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
might be cool
its ameeeeeeeeeeeee mariooooooooo
-pauses game-
dude we're gonna miss the new marvel wars film, we better hurry!
to be fair you have to have a very high iq to understand marvel movies

Why did N&F, Nudie, and A.P.C. fall out of favor?
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Size up because they shrink one size when washed if they're raw

If not raw, you're right

501 STF is the only jean.
My guess is N&F, Nudie, and APC come down at an unattractive price point. If you aren't that into jeans you can get a pair that's 75% as good for 40% of the price. Conversely, if you are into jeans, a pair that's twice as good are only a bit more expensive. The impact is less for APC I think, maybe because French labels still are seen as sexy and glamorous, at least relative to Swedish ones. Or maybe just because minimalism is in style and Nudie has the gaudiest back pocket and N&F's marketing/brand is kind of over the top.

To that point I actually scored a pair of Nudies on sale for like $60-70 plus shipping and was honestly shocked at how cheap they felt compared to even some Gustins I have (obviously I'm not a huge denim head). Worth it for the sale price but I can't imagine paying full price for that shit.
he called it university, he's not american
File: 3Sixteen Front.jpg (1.38 MB, 2448x2448)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
The hyper destroyed aesthetic is dead.

Copu or Notu ?
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File: mainImg-mem.jpg (159 KB, 950x950)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
should i get the pink hoodie from uniqlo?
File: 407315-68.jpg (19 KB, 750x750)
19 KB
also should i get this pair of slacks or
File: 407314-68.jpg (21 KB, 750x750)
21 KB
this pair
Pink is over played
This one
Uniqlo U SS 18, also FW 17 if you can find them.

File: IMG_6411.jpg (86 KB, 1173x880)
86 KB
I need a pair of shoes that aren't vans/converse

What does /fa/ think about these?
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File: images-320.jpg (16 KB, 451x326)
16 KB
Nike Tns Black Black, get a small size.
Adidas all the way

New Balance 574 or 247
ugly as fuck

File: EPaDPEJ.jpg (783 KB, 2550x3300)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
Is this the faggot that /fa/ used to worship a couple years ago? How can a board be so shitty?

File: techwearinspo.jpg (3.3 MB, 1870x1870)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
Discuss techwear drops, rare items, styling, news, and post inspo or your own fits. Let's have a fun techwear thread for once like we used to.

This is from TWG Discord's Anti-Social challenge.

Invite Link:
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File: M1017-102_0.jpg (120 KB, 1500x1500)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Thinking I might be able to get a pretty good tech look combined with something like this around my neck...

All your fits look the same
what's under the jacket big boi
Nice jacket, longer cuts are underrated
Nothing worse than an ill fitting top that is tailored for manlet body types (which is unfortunately a lot of "techwear" )

File: DSC_6573-web.jpg (79 KB, 1500x1500)
79 KB
Does anyone have a pdf of this book and is it good?
Right from the outset the font is shit - at a glance I read "BAD DESIGN"
True but the content is good
This, except I found the misread title intruiging.
No need to have the pdf version. Everything you need to know is on the front cover.

File: Teddy.jpg (113 KB, 720x618)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
How to achieve a fucking Teddy Boy STYLEEEe?
Yowzas, who are dese fine cats? I surely bet that they know their way 'round a juke box, thats fa sure!

File: suit.jpg (52 KB, 564x678)
52 KB
In this ITT thread we talk about suits.

Best suit designs, best suit fabrics, unforgivable suit sins.

Few things are more |fa| then suits.
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prolly the weddings that those guys go to are very different from what you will be attending
I have a nice shirt and tie already sorted. It's a very casual-going wedding. I'm planning to wear some common projects (black) I think the anons who, kindly , replied to my OP have a much grander affair pictured in their mind.
Suits aren't automatically formal.
File: thebrah.jpg (144 KB, 455x1567)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>I don't like modern suits
File: IMG-1803.jpg (91 KB, 398x624)
91 KB
i know its shit, trust me i used to work for them, but zara suits fit very well for thin guys. again, quality is shit, but i got a few sets for free as uniforms and kept them clean and only wear them for 'special occasions'. def not best bang for your buck but the fit is very nice

File: chadsimons.png (387 KB, 583x586)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
yes lowbodyfat for jawline gains is obvious
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lmao are you me

I'm 22 though and fingered a girl one time and I also wish for a big dick because I think I would feel more entitled to sex. My dick isn't small or anything, but a big one would just make things better.
true to a degree
Now you just have to fix your innate faggotry.
yeah nah you're just polishing a turd
Can't polish a turd but ya can put enough glitter on it to make it a Christmas ornament

Any favorite places to pick some up for non Bill Cosby prices
tf is that pic
>Bill Cosby prices
you mean the cost of your anal virginity?

File: 8b.jpg (222 KB, 1600x1200)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
is my new watch /fa/?
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Any recs for a good watch to get my gf? Ideally priced ~$100
File: suhov.jpg (52 KB, 604x456)
52 KB
I like the oversized
36mm is the patrician size you retard
File: watches.png (749 KB, 1288x672)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
i didnt see the watch general so ill post here.
should i get the gold watch or the silver/brown set?
none of those

File: adidas.png (727 KB, 2348x784)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
Which one should I get?
very original meme never seen this one before

Best way to be an effay metal head?
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My grandpa is buried there
Biggest faggots ever
Maybe on front of black metal, but never on the front of whole metal
Black metal was mostly a norwegian thing. Sweden is known for death metal
Sorry I messed up this two.

Here only Stoner leastning metalhead

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