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File: IMG_7915.jpg (92 KB, 716x894)
92 KB
Someone identify this polo or rec me a similiar one before i eat your ass
looks like you gotta eat an ass

Boots General.
Get this thread bumping my guys
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I prefer the black ones, but levis boots? I'm not sure about the quallity though.
I'm wearing Danner RAT boots right now, they're fucking great, absolutely worth the price.

>Just gotta sand off the USMC emblem so no one thinks I'm a poserfag

I said that same thing when I got mine, and then I just didn't care. I've had them for a year now, and only 2 people have mentioned the emblem.
File: 1223400.jpg (51 KB, 620x400)
51 KB
>reddit spacing
File: 1428106514699.jpg (73 KB, 489x558)
73 KB
>t.redditfag trying to fit in

File: image.jpg (49 KB, 493x877)
49 KB
Rate my fashion? Also advice?

Thank you xD
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Remove that disgusting shit in your ear. Remove acne. Remove beard. Remove fat.
get fit and change hair
lol /fa has some standards now
I feel like anyone in the world would tell him that no matter whether they like fashion or not it's just the truth
File: 1506817827701.jpg (43 KB, 400x438)
43 KB
> xD

File: spur_jp_0410_05.jpg (235 KB, 1000x1369)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Happy 30th to Freja Beha Erichsen

also modelfu thread
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we usually switch back and forth
If there's no top in a relationship who drives the car? Who kills the spider in the bathtub? Who mows the lawn?
whoever has the bigger forearms gets to be the top
>who drives the car?
who has only one car?

>Who kills the spider in the bathtub?
whoever sees it first

>Who mows the lawn?
lawn doctor
>who has only one car?
So you take two cars every time you go out together? I thought lesbos cared about the environment

What are some fa bluetooth headphones?
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Are you 13?
Do you want them because Justin Beiber wears them?
Ive bought them on a whim 2 months ago and they’re great. They just work.
t. Poor
File: 1508359614256.webm (199 KB, 800x786)
199 KB
>spending money on frivolities
>this somehow makes you rich
Is this what poor people believe?

Btw I actually have an SE because I am not a brainlet + I use my old android more often anyways because ios is crippling and just so fucking shit...well at least it has updates

File: t8e9xv6mj8sz.jpg (1.39 MB, 3015x4522)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Hey /fa/, name my band.
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Well actually it’s the full flight suit that inspired those pieces but at least you’re knowledgeable
no its not? are you fucking blind mate
Naruto 2049

Alright boys i got my hands on 500 buckos and i wanna buy some lit shit.
pitch me ideas for things to buy to increase my wardrobe size
versatile stuff would be cool i also dont wanna blow my budget on 1-3 things but you can pitch some expensive shit if you think it that dope
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two words my guy: green suit
i'm not talking a subdued forest green i mean a vibrant lively lucky charms green. buy that one cologne that smells like pussy juice and just own the look. pair it with a graphic t and some ugly chunky sneakers, and a reverse undercut haircut, and you'll be on some 2027 shit while everyone here is stuck in 2017
this should be a copy pasta
forgot to tag, oops ^^
> Anonymous 10/19/17(Thu)23:41:42 No.12846915▶
>for 500$ you can buy a whole closet, just be smart with them but if I had 500$ I'd spend at least 50% on some nice shoes

File: w620-q80.jpg (73 KB, 620x869)
73 KB
Get a fuckin windbreaker

File: IMG_0782.jpg (48 KB, 480x600)
48 KB
Are aprons/skirts/dresses /fa/?

File: IMG_0167.jpg (246 KB, 1242x1213)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
If /fa/ had to pick from one item from Today's Supreme drop, what would it be?
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> don't wear those skiing
this is /fa/, do you really think any of us would actually go outside, let alone do physical activity like skiing?

i wouldn't cop anything from this, supreme is awful and everything in that photo looks disgusting

Idk where you've been but they've already been doing this
yellow down or black parka
I think banned me or some shit. My autofill game too strong.
the gonzo pants

Fall-core General
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They're called fair isle sweaters, don't know if that helps
What is the type of jacket the second guy from the right is wearing and where can i get one?
Retarded clothing

I didn't know my grandparents style was coming back
ikr bape and off white ftw

Is there anywhere online that sells these? The only real ones I can find are sold out and the rest are shitty fakes.

File: 1508168628171.jpg (213 KB, 717x1024)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Why is Finnish fashion so god tier?
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>most might not best represent the lifestyle of those people
maybe that's just not what they are going for
there are lot of ways to approach fashion
that's julius ya retard
100% this is you
yes they all seem to have autism

i love the finns
All fags jnco jeans are better

File: Ar-m0l0CQAE8AWK.jpg (36 KB, 380x257)
36 KB
I have gotten brown. I do not mean tanned, brown. I am half Thai and look as much. But I never go outside, not even during the summer. Now I look fully Thai... Shit. How can I just change ethnicity like that? People show me less respect now. How do I fix it?
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File: 1505677567548.jpg (87 KB, 672x672)
87 KB
I'm half white. When I was a kid a looked white. In my 20's that slowly changed and I look more mediterranean now.
bleach your skin
Your intestines too.
Why are hapas always so fucked up in the head? I'm full asian and turned out ok

I have this dandruff like thing all over my face and even if I clean it, the thing just comes back.What the fuck am I supposed to do, I look completely disgusting and can't go out like that. Its not just small stuff, its all over my beard, brow, nose and moustache. Pic related is nothing compared to my face, it looks like I overdosed on coke
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no idea desu>>12844181
c doctor
Real shit friend. I suffered from that on my scalp for years, I basically just tried head and shoulders conditioner ONLY. Ever since my scalp has been peel free.

Just my way of curing it. Hope it works for you. Remember only the conditioner, fuck the shampoo that shit made me break out.

Idk bout face though give it a try for a week, you got nothing to lose
This. See a doctor, get a referral to a dermatologist even.

Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by fungal infection,it isn't just your run of the mill acne.

You probably need some topical medications like selenium sulfide, sulfacetamide with sulfur or ketoconazole.

t. medfag
stop eating dairy products
shits weak, i have this. since i feel for you, the only thing i've found so far that works is using natural sea salt as a sort of scrub on my face in the shower, then within a minute or 2 of getting out of the shower before my skin can flake i use Alba Botanical Lotion (check target or amazon, it's the purple bottle)

File: black_hat.jpg (29 KB, 750x750)
29 KB
This thread is dedicated to all things related to hats.

>fashiontips & outfit suggestions
>opinions & thoughts
>rate and be rated

I'll start it off with my hat collection

I might be a little young and I'm still not sure wether I can actually wear hat without looking stupid. But if I never try I'll never know. Also you should just wear what you want regardless of what others think of it, as long as you feel good with it.
That being said, what do you think of my hats? They are nothing to fancy since I'm just getting started, but I think they are really basic so I can combine them with a lot of different outfits
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File: s-l1600.jpg (61 KB, 1000x800)
61 KB
Is there a way where one can pull this of in a fashionable way? Somewhere in the inner city?
I've got an Adidas climaproof one, comfy as fuck
Can I get some cap inspo? It's getting sunny in the southern hemisphere and I want something comfy to run in
Yes. It's a rare technique called

>wearing it

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