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What are some ways you make sure your clothes remains its best after wash.

Here's some stuff I do and you guys can share or call out anything that might seem unnecessary in my routine.

>Turn inside out
>Gentle wash
>Cold water
>Laundry bags
>No softener
>No tumble dry
>Air dry in shade
I wash whites on high temperature, blacks and everything else on cool. Air dry jackets, pants, and sweatshirts. Tumble dry basics on low heat, because t-shirts and underwear are meant to be replaced pretty frequently anyways.

Use good detergent and dryer sheets too. Skimping and getting no name stuff always goes poorly for me.
What detergent do you use? I just use basic Arm and Hammer
How to best wash and dry merino wool? like socks and the like
handwash with wool detergent in a sink.

lay flat to dry

File: image.jpg (366 KB, 3600x2700)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
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Fucking hell man, piss off
yall fuckn wit my south florida steez? long live xxxtentacles niba
simple but nice fit
very cute desu
>is in denial about being gay themselves
>is gay
>gay man
>probably over 30 coming to a fashion board to get advice because people at his workplace laugh at him for dressing like a hobo
<meme arrow
lmao those nasolabial folds and i thought i had bad skin

Are vests effay?
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File: IMG_20171220_112053.jpg (148 KB, 720x704)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
that looks like aliexpress quality tailoring
I'm a bartender at a fancy cocktail bar and I'm required to wear a vest. It looks good on us and guests love it but I really can't see it working outside of this industry.
Does a uniqlo vest count?
I think it looks bad but I don't think I really understand why.

File: 3574.png (319 KB, 438x422)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>look hot af in the mirror
>then take a photo of yourself and you notice how ugly you are.

Am I the only one?, why does this happens?
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File: 1534748113822.png (11 KB, 645x773)
11 KB
Chances are your camera is shit or you don't know how to use it to take decent photos of yourself.
File: burger brain.jpg (50 KB, 720x586)
50 KB
Is it normal to look like this in photos? I always thought I looked like a fucking monstrosity in photos. Eyes are always level in the mirror though.
>Look decent in mirror
>look hot af in pictures
What the hell brain
Take a closer look at other people in non-selfie photos. Most of the time, if you really look, I think you'll see you have been filtering out their asymmetry.
In the case of their selfies they probably had the same reaction and take special care not to look so asymmetrical.

File: sputnik.jpg (32 KB, 180x180)
32 KB
Last cop or not maxed so.
I'll start should i get this sputnik 1985 jumper would get the gosha rubchinskiy in this colour but i am poorfag and cannot afford a real one and am unable to find a real one still for sale and i am not gonna buy a fake this is same colour but it's knitted is that a dealbreaker?
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white sneakers work with any colour, dum-dum
File: jacket.jpg (169 KB, 1000x1300)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
What do you think about this CP Company bomber?
Nice. But wait until sales start. Defo won’t sell out just yet.
Thanks, I am a dum dum. Gave me enough confidence to drop the $80 on a pair.
File: 39350_DTSG.jpg (50 KB, 750x750)
50 KB
I would wear it post-ironically

File: ST311A025-Q11@13.jpg (218 KB, 1524x2200)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
ITT: Anything about high heels.

What are your favourite shoes and why? What features do you like/dislike about shoes? What is an absolute no-go?

I'll start with no-goes: Two different, distinct colours on a shoe's main body.

Shoes in pic: Flaunt, by Steve Madden
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Gorgeous. I'm a fan of the semi-round tip and the block heels. It gives off an authorative vibe
The sexiest high heels are open foot. The more visible the feet the better. Bonus points if the nailpolish matches the shoe color
the best ones are the ones where the strap goes all the way up the calves
Big fan of thigh boots with heels

supreme's new lookbook just came out, any thoughts?
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File: F2AIk7DKuhc.jpg (340 KB, 862x1249)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
this is the only thing I'd wear.
>New York Post
Unironically based.
The only good Supreme pieces are its TNF colabs.

hey anons
I barely come on 4chan and was just wondering if somebody could help me find some cheap but really good fake shoes. Specifically the green Revenge x Storm.
go to reddit r/fashionreps
they're experts with this kind of shit

File: 20180820_193147.jpg (735 KB, 1932x2576)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
Sup /fashion/, never been here before.
I've got this Gucci watch. Can't tell if its fake or real. Can anyone help me out?
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File: 20180820_194847.jpg (759 KB, 1932x2576)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
The top left stone looks crooked to me.

Gotta be fake, right?
It doesn't really matter, even real Gucci watches are Chinese made quartz crap.
That's a girls watch
Yeah it is. Its not mine.
Real ones are actually swiss movement and fairly well made from what I've been reading.
that watch is fake as shit. even their old watches didnt look like that or were made that cheap

File: IMG_2840.jpg (45 KB, 477x700)
45 KB
clint easthood
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You're kidding right?
Look at the shape of his face.
look at the subject of this thread.
File: 1200px-Tyson_Beckford.jpg (116 KB, 1200x1295)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>classic facial aesthetics only means good looking white dudes

lmao goes to show how much of a brainlet you are.

Good feel and bad feels welcomed

>looking for a different color shoe besides white and black
>decide on olive green
>t-that’s versatile right?
>find perfect pair
>order them
>google pics of them bc excitement of getting mail
>waiting for delivery’s is what keeps me alive
>they look piss ugly on google images
>get sad
>ordered off foreign site and can’t be arsed to cancel
>they arrived
>they’re exactly what I wanted
>decided to leave the house and pretend I have things to do just to wear them.
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wow. 3 pounds. the world is FUCKING ENDING

go cry to mommy little bawby ;(
get fucked stacy
you really think youre gonna get fat from having one fucking dinner? you do realise you dont have to get the fucking heart attack burger when youre with friends right?
File: 1534638970772.jpg (23 KB, 380x338)
23 KB
I'm so bored with myself. I've been in a relationship with someone who loves me dearly fr a year yet I don't reciprocate, I can't muster the guts to leave them considering how much they feel for me and I wouldn't want them to hurt badly.
Same, I don’t really like people looking at me on the street, it gives me anxiety.

File: hipster1[1].jpg (180 KB, 1200x630)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
What do hipsters dress like in 2018? Does this term even mean anything nowadays?
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You clearly dont live in a major american city and nice calling me a dumbass you ignorant absurd faggot. These people are everywhere in major american cities. Its just slowly evolving into different things that are equally as retarded and obnoxious.
What was with those wolf t-shirts, at the time? They seemed pretty popular around the very late 2000s, very early 2010s.
how the hell are you posting from 2009 mayne get back in the time machine
the internet had just figured out how irony worked
the fact that you're on fa means you probably have an actual interest in fashion (not mfa interest). you probably dress differently than a normie in suburbia. the normies there would absolutely consider you a hipster, but what does the word mean then? sure it applied to a group of people trying to be "hip" with shitty trends, but too many people use it in too many ways for it to actually mean anything.

File: IMG_0059.png (32 KB, 434x327)
32 KB
How do I start dressing like a zoomer?
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yeezys are what the kids wear these days
Shop at Tillys, Pac Sun, or Zumiez.
Pretty much how I dress
File: magnum dong.jpg (38 KB, 400x516)
38 KB
What are the characteristics of a zoomer? I've seen a lot of boomer love on here lately especially on /fit/
show fits.

File: Adi+Ease+Skate+Shoes.jpg (44 KB, 1006x1340)
44 KB
hello /fa/, sk8fag here, looking for good-looking but still functional, and not crazy expensive skate shoes. any good suggestions?
if you really skate you'd know cheaper is better and good looking isn't worth it because they get torn up in a matter of months anyway
oh i know that yeah, i have a shit ton of cheap stuff i bought from discount shops and all, but i want one nice pair for videos and stuff

I have really good skater friends, and they never wear skate shoes like them fat old dcs and shit, or even the newer vans stuff. A lot of them wear ones a bit like your picture but unbranded, why would they skate in anything decent?

I really don't think it matters.
i live in a big city and skating is a big part of my day-to-day transportation, so i'm looking for one or two pairs of shoes that don't look too bad for off-board stuff and videos my friends and i take
Adi-ease or Busenitz in black/white/gum.
Maybe some of the Vans pro models.
Those will take around 10 try-hard sessions and still look acceptable.

File: jonah-hill-3.jpg (203 KB, 800x1200)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
is jonah hill /effay/?
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t. jealous fatty
come back to /tv/ anon
we are waiting you at home
>Oy vey check out all these brands I have on!
/fa/ has become nothing more than a place of brand worship. Fashion is "fashion" so long as it's kosher. I remember when this board used to actually fight the zionist power in control of the industry. Now we slobber all over it like good goys.
hi jonah
File: file.png (882 KB, 634x1024)
882 KB
882 KB PNG
mobster core

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