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/fa/ - Fashion

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13082774Palladium Baggy Boots: Can we get a inspo and these?[View]
13082772Identify sunglasses pls ty: Worn by Anderson .Paak https://gyazo.com/bd6892ac3d308bb36062da88af11fb5…[View]
13081897Check out my schtoyle. Do you like my schtoyle?[View]
13081874Why does Off-White put paintings on their stuff?[View]
13082195Suede combination: What shoes should u wear with a suede jacket?[View]
13082577Rate my aesthetic[View]
13082303What's a /fa/ laptop bag/briefcase?[View]
13081980Powerful stuff.[View]
13078900How to field compliments on fits from females: There are some girls in the office who compliment my …[View]
13079626going to get a haircut soon. how much should I lose and how?[View]
13082382What's the best way to get this image printed on a shirt/sweat shirt? I'm looking for dece…[View]
13074968highschoolers: ITT we post pictures and make fun of highschoolers that think their style is hot shit…[View]
13081432Can sandals be effay?: My feet get sweaty as fuck. This is the only solution other than flip flops.…[View]
13082438Can i wear polo shirts if i have long hair?[View]
13069486I'm going for the British / French roadman chav look. I'm trying to look like an inmigrant…[View]
13082294>at music festival >ppl complimenting me randomly on my fit >music mag photographer says s…[View]
13082319Does darker or lighter hair go better with a white suit? Or do you think it depends on the shirt?[View]
13081645ITT : unpopular /fa/ opinions 750s are a decent shoe[View]
13081675>at a party >person recognizes what you're wearing >mentions it >now everyone knows…[View]
13082237id on hitop model pls[View]
13079163>simple as fuck fit >looks better than 90% of WAWYT on /fa/ how the fuck does he do it?…[View]
13081296i feel bad for you: I actually feel bad for all you NEETs out there who cant afford to buy clothes l…[View]
13080185How do you pronounce this again?[View]
13082132where can i buy a denim overall the only stores i can go to that are close Is ross and marshalls but…[View]
13082053Cop Jacket: No actually, police jackets. I've been wanting a very high quality leather jacket, …[View]
13081922LEGIT CHECK PLS -CDG: i got these pair as a gift, originally brought from Ropongi, just wanted to ma…[View]
13081835How do I become a tekkie?!?[View]
13078016ITT: /fa/ anime characters: ITT: /fa/ anime characters[View]
13081860>dry, short hair >look online for any advice and products >its all targeted for woman with …[View]
13081483ID on the jacket on the left?[View]
13081307OFF-WHITE AW18: What did everyone think of this shitshow?[View]
13081623Mockneck: Why aren't mocknecks more popular/common? I understand that taller necks on tops don…[View]
13075052Fin users, when did you start seeing improvements? I've been on it for about 3 weeks and I thin…[View]
13081820Beanies: Are beanies /fa/? Nevertheless- beanie thread.[View]
13074825Adidas × Dragon Ball[View]
13081412Fuck tight, low rise shit. Let's get a high waisted, comfy fit inspo thread going. Bonus points…[View]
13076166Hello /fa/, used to lurk and post a lot in 2013/2014, moved away from internet fashion shit and just…[View]
13079750How do I get this fuckboy hair?[View]
13081668how do I /pimpcore/[View]
13081638Was Warren Oates /fa/?[View]
13080470w2c glasses like these, if not the very same glasses[View]
13076243/prep/ inspo thread[View]
13081594Outfits of 4chan: I hear /fa/ is the place to come for this, so let's have one of these threads…[View]
13081387black hair thread: heyy what do i do with my hair? it looks like this when its unkept pls help my ha…[View]
13080042start lifting: >wearing sweats and a hoodie to court >probably just rolled out of bed >lo…[View]
13080184Where did all the wiggers go? Weird i didn't think it was a fashion trend i thought it was a wa…[View]
13080331I made these sweatpants >what does /fa/ you think?[View]
13079299>tfw cheap as fuck and basic wardrobe so i buy levi 511 jeans on ebay for like $15-20 a piece …[View]
13080496So, is he /fa/? I can't decide.[View]
13081031Kapital: Is Kapital /fa/?[View]
13078810REMINDER This is your LAST CHANCE to get these amazing boots (or slippers or socks if you need them)…[View]
13081245Is dark hair /fa/?: My hair is a very dark brown. But my skin is pale and my eyes are a light brown/…[View]
13078369Cloaks and capes: Will the cloak ever make a comeback? They are comfy, stylish and flatter the fulle…[View]
13082349Albums like this?: Recc me shit like this. Grungry, sloppy but catchy, dirty, passionate vocals The…[View]
130793152018 in the year of our lord: Not wearing crocs Kill yourself[View]
13079862How to dress like a tough guy? What's the type of look that makes people not fuck with you and …[View]
13080539What's the effayest kino you know? For me, it's Slacker, intelligent, nihilistic and with …[View]
13080840who else here fell for the raw denim meme? >can't wear my tan cp chelseas and white achilles…[View]
13080923p o s t u r e: One of the most unattractive traits is bad posture and looking like a slouch can real…[View]
13081283Does anyone here know what kind of jacket this guy is wearing in pic related[View]
13080092ITT: Cringecore[View]
13079670WTC?: Where to cop thread. Post clothes you want but have no clue how to obtain. I'd unironical…[View]
13080935soprano inspo: soprano inspo, post your best fits from the sopranos[View]
13076314Is it /fa/[View]
13077767Which jacket is nicer?[View]
13077925should i get an undercut? i'm too poor to go to a barber shop and i have a razor machine in my …[View]
13079745/out/ here: Can /fa/ recommend me some outdoorswear? The lighter and more merino the better[View]
13080934Are drag queens /fa/?[View]
13080693>Hey anon you dress really nice >Are you gay? Happen to anyone else?…[View]
13065632loosewave/comfy thread[View]
13078224Why is the fashion industry and fashion in general so queer friendly?[View]
13080925What does /fa/ think of Tom Ford? (both him and brand)[View]
13077379Why are this sunglasses so fucking /fa/ /fa?[View]
13076101>get into fashion to feel more confident about myself >see girls looking at me way more than b…[View]
13080676Are the greys noticeable?[View]
13079717Test: Test[View]
13078709Where can I find this shirt /fa/?[View]
13076926Can we have a thread about underwear?[View]
13080884r8 my cops or nots: should i coppernaught?!? https://standardandstrange.com/products/type-3s-jacket-…[View]
13079271what core is this[View]
13073673How do we make modesty fashionable again?[View]
13072612NYC Local thread Ask for recs around the city, share info or gripe about the shit you hate. It seems…[View]
13079998High waist jeans: Anyone gor cheaper alternatives to vintage 501s? 100% cotton, mid-high waist, blac…[View]
13079668Why is 'fashion' so bland these days? It seems like everyone's scared of having a distinct look…[View]
13043141deepwebcore: ? >A style focusing in on the anti-social aspects of too-heavily consumed internet …[View]
13077966where can i purchase this[View]
13072932/ t h i n s p o / - thinspo general: LT: >>13063573 try cutting carbs edition Comfy Rules: …[View]
13080186How do you extend your aesthetic to the non-clothing objects in your life?[View]
13078648Why do white people, and non-negroids in general pull of Americana way better than black people? Whe…[View]
13050423/fa/ names: Since this is the official board for self-obsession, paper-thin identities, and delinque…[View]
13077606can someone explain ties?: Which tie do i wear when? What are some good brands or styles and when do…[View]
13076829Is the green frog hat effay?[View]
130804042052 Style by Francis Future: Year 2052, huge game changer. Noir movie jacket, 'FrancisFuture' pullo…[View]
13076532Are these a good alternative to old skools?[View]
13078741I fucking hate my life no girls want me, ive been a kissless virgin all my life. I try to dress good…[View]
13080125Did anyone know where i can buy similar T Shirts?[View]
13071686is this the most /fa/ TV show of the past 3 years? >James is a total autist like a majority of /f…[View]
13079979Buzzcut inf/spo: I get a size 3 buzzcut on the regular and it annoys the hell out of me whenever my …[View]
13072405They make fashion for big people now, why not let yourself go?[View]
13080023Hi /fa/ Is there a way to use formals for hiking? Formal is all I have, I feel awkward to wear form…[View]
13076415>Acne at 22 still >Used accutane a couple years ago already and it gave me bad joint pain …[View]
13079136Where can I actually cop this hoodie? I'm black so I want to make other people uncomfortable an…[View]
13077558I want ‘murricana to catch on again, what went wrong?!?[View]
13079916looking to get some darker washes/faded light blues distressed if possible female jeans ideally or…[View]
13075036Does this setup look /fa/?[View]
13079813I usually dress in dark/grey (sometimes olive) colors since I'm a pale skinned slimmy boi with …[View]
13078394Andrew Jackson Hairstyle: How do I get the Andrew Jackson hairstyle? How would such a haircut look i…[View]
13073642Can you actually pull of a leather trench coat ?: Or does it just look gay ?[View]
13079666rate thread[View]
13075300Tumblr thread: lvsckmnd.tumblr.com[View]
13078764caught u mirin: ;)[View]
13075185Hi /fa/, I have two cute cousins, 6 and 11 years old, I have tons of income and I'll often buy …[View]
13078986I have these as eyeglasses but would really like them with the amber lens McQueen has. Is there anyw…[View]
13078552inb4 its cool: this is gonna be the next big thing trust me im not even joking. horribly coloured 9…[View]
13077353Can I get some constructive criticism?: I was going for the classic Ivy look with pastel colors, emb…[View]
13070044Septum rings: Why the hell do girls get these? They're unattractive. I have never met a single …[View]
13077066tapered checkered pants: sup. where can i find cheap pic related kind of pants in dark color, tapere…[View]
13077773What should I wear?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14859144[View]
13078316>haven't posted on /fa/ in like 2 years >still wearing my old fits from that time since i…[View]
13079084Why are aggressively disgusting prints considered /fa/ now?[View]
13079064More like “cranburied”[View]
13078963/fa/ confessions: I still can't tie a tie. I'm 24. I graduated from college, went to sever…[View]
13077888yo does anyone know where I can get this exact spalding sweatshirt? Preferably in Europe if possible[View]
13078758Should I get a short haircut[View]
13077443why the fuck do women have dedicated stores for underwear only? like wtf is the point of this? who t…[View]
13076748I'm wanting to go jacketless to some horse races/a cup day. Can I get some effay reqs? I'm…[View]
13075169choose the top 5 fashionable guys or gals from the class of 84'[View]
13078082Engineer boots: Are engineer boots /fa/?[View]
13078826>mfw when one stars go popular in 2018[View]
13077526Does anyone else have a thing for girls who can dance? I mean like, really cut a fukkin' rug. N…[View]
13078215Overcoats: Where is somewhere to get a good overcoat that isn't too pricey? $200-300[View]
13078292r8 my look, /fa/.[View]
13078474How do you guys feel on customizing shoes? (Pic Related)[View]
13078682Are castro clones effay?[View]
13072853aesthetic shoes only[View]
13078725i like this shirt, this one is on asos and i like the look of it but its sold out in my size, anythi…[View]
13077872slayer haircuts: post your favourite slayer haircut[View]
13078642slackjaw space: What are some good ameri-comi hari-tage shoes/boots?!? ROOTS, REGGAE, RAW DENIM!!!!!…[View]
13078546What core is this?[View]
13075782Do you guys have any recommendations for vegan sneakers? I've been reduced to wearing solely Co…[View]
13077896$uicideboy$: Are they /fa/?[View]
13077398Lads im going to mexico on vacation in a month (to get chopped up). Can you post some vacation inspo…[View]
13077371Can anyone ID these trousers, or something similar, or even the name of the style? cheers[View]
13078451How fucked am I? will a wash fix it?[View]
13077719>he'd rather have boobs and a non-functioning penis than go bald Balding affects 50% of men …[View]
13078366konietzko: I want to look exactly like Sasha! how do I achieve this without getting Antifa associati…[View]
13077197Regular v.s. Slim?: Which one is best[View]
13077779Taylor Swift with jews: A couple months ago I saw a couple pics on here of Taylor Swift with some ra…[View]
13077735What's on your feet fa?[View]
13074869Why is CANADA such a shithole when it comes to shopping and item variety? Picrel is a big deal on th…[View]
13078127best brand to print on?: which brand has the best shirts to print on? ps: i could do it on a local …[View]
13075188what do you call this aesthetic?[View]
13074846fringe/bowlcut inspo: Post bowl-cut / fringe inspo! I've got this hairstyle but it can look ki…[View]
13073165Why don't you twinks just get fit? You know your clothes would look better with some muscle.[View]
13077305i think i have an unusual/strange/ugly(?) nose. as an asian or something like that. my nose is affa…[View]
13077877Well /fa/ its been fun while it´s lasted but it after being a somewhat active anon for a couple of y…[View]
13076879Summer Cops Thread: Spring/summer is right around the corner bois. Are you starting to stock up on s…[View]
13073037What is the most /fa/ sports uniform?[View]
13071993Who else is coppin, senpai?[View]
13073976Where can I find pants like these for 50 or preferably less?[View]
13077698Come chat. Fashion. Philosophy. Aesthetics. Culture. Art. This chat is for intellectuals and diletta…[View]
13074196Who makes up the /FA community?: I can't be the only one who wants to know what the M/F ratio i…[View]
13071288is marzia effay?[View]
13077682ID on millie bobby brown's shirt?[View]
13074919is this green or blue?[View]
13076993rate my style /fa/![View]
13075768I'm in a bit of a pickle /fa/ and I didn't know anyone personally to ask My gf and I are a…[View]
13076333>you will never live in america >you will never buy cheap and comfy outfits for 20 dollars…[View]
13068895first time on /fa/ rate my fit: feel free to roast if you want to[View]
13074482How do I present the image of looking rich without actually being rich/and on a budget?[View]
13075536I want to be a model, do i have what it takes?[View]
13077336>get into /fa/ because i wanna lose my v card and get a girlfriend >only faggots like me becau…[View]
13075935uniqlo: i just received a uniqlo gift card what should i buy with it[View]
13076825What to wear with these?[View]
13074374Do girls even like fashionable asian dudes?[View]
13077297Skinhead fashion: Help me dress like a skinhead please, I want to know all the details, also some sk…[View]
13077102I can’t buy a bitch no wedding ring Rather go and buy Balmains[View]
13073469going over to japan soon, staying in tokyo, osaka, kyoto. any stores i should check out? what kind o…[View]
13074948are there any trainers that look like shoes? furthest I have come from looking like sneakers/trainer…[View]
13070886The Kooples: French punk/dark-oriented brand, pic related is pretty old, you'll find more up-to…[View]
13077104what does /fa/ think about this jacket: lets see the opinions[View]
13077105Who do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing fa looking person you'd like to switch bodi…[View]
13077106c.e: Is anyone here living in Tokyo that can proxy some c.e pieces for a /fa/g?[View]
13077020Swagged Out Fits: All you niggas talkin but ion care about ya shit, walking opiate, don’t ya see the…[View]
13074275link me some pieces that bones would wear[View]
13075753glasses: should I get these was sent the frames to try on[View]
13075939This is, unironically, a /fa/ meet up (lol)[View]
13076895Should i cop this?, and what would look good with it? Shoes, pants etc.[View]
13077028Could I bring this style back?[View]
13075305Shoe thread.: Need a new pair of shoes..I wear something like this. Nothing flashy or too bulky. Als…[View]
13075076Sometimes I wonder if Andy ever lurk on here Guy looks pretty /fa/[View]
13075759Why did the belt become more prevalent than suspenders?[View]
13076990Are afghankas eff-ay? or are they /k/-tier?[View]
13071086need pants like this[View]
13076960Name of the haircut? How do i achieve this haircut? What do i tell my barber? Name[View]
13076746w2c these pants or pants in a similar style?[View]
13076940hair: what type of haircut is this called? i want it[View]
13075318OFFICIAL ADIDAS X DBZ COLLAB PICS: with added details[View]
13076872How to pull off this aesthetic? What good eyepatch brands are there?[View]
13075215Buying first Jordans Barons, Black toes, or Royals?[View]
13075137W2C graphic t-shirts that aren't mall core? I need some new clothes. Don't have much to sp…[View]
13071752How should I dress to attract Boys like this?[View]
13076591I’ve posted a few times in hair threads, I know a few people might recognize me. But here’s the prog…[View]
13074938I need a plain black outdoor vest any recommendations?[View]
13076563(srry for making my own thread) but should I get this?? Gucci has become super hypebeast now but thi…[View]
13076605Where to buy this hat /fa/nons? Google only yielded a bunch of tabloidy of articles by horrified pea…[View]
13071884How do I get this Beatles-psychedelic-colorful style?[View]
13075908/fa/ what do you think of my fit?[View]
13070409Is the Black Emo wave spreading?[View]
13071899Can anyone suggest any wool/cashmere casual overcoats? I like the look of the Burberry car coats but…[View]
13075492Adulthood: Hi, I'm here to ask for some fashion advice. Here is the thing: I'm a 'chick' …[View]
13072816/skechers/: for all skechers discussion[View]
13075197Tie suggestions to wear with print shirts: What kind of tie would be best to wear with a print shirt…[View]
13075082Fresh Basketball Kicks: Where does /fa/ go to find basketball shoes online? I don't necessarily…[View]
13076273>They don't know that caring about fashion is the least /fa/ thing you could do…[View]
13073539Thoughts on suspenders? Belts make me look like a have a belly while my stomach i completely flat so…[View]
13076058Where can I find this shirt /fa/?[View]
13076175I was looking at the Fire Tee I got from week 17 and I noticed it had an akira tag on it instead of …[View]
13073907What hair cut should I get?[View]
13065140/eyes thread/: How do we fix tired eyes and dark circles? Also, post eyes. /eyes /fa/ thread/[View]
13076034was he /fa/?[View]
13075569What are some dope full zip hoodie that j can cop that aren't bape?[View]
13073950How the fuck do you stop windows 10: >buy decent laptop for school and mild gaming >haven’t up…[View]
13075848Give me some /fa/ socks.[View]
13070306Why is Fendi so expensive even relative to other high fashion brands?[View]
13075817Can someone help me on what would look good with this jacket? Trying to pull off bruce-Springsteen e…[View]
13069891Testing the waters for a potential accessories general: Accessories are fashion, albeit not somethin…[View]
13075338Who makes the best boots? Looking for something similar to a Thursday boots, but with a zipper. Does…[View]
13075683BOLO TIME: w2c this, or similar, bolo? Actually where to find any decent bolos? >tfw I have been …[View]
13075073Jamie Jones fancy tshirt: Need help finding this tshit Jamie Jones was wearing on this set https://w…[View]
13062232Tell me, /fa/ What about my look do I need to change so that girls will be attracted to me? I'm…[View]
13074663COOLEST W2C THREAD IN THE BOARD: Where to cop this hoodie, /fa/? H&M is out of stock.[View]
13075402Best fitting tees?: Transitioned from HS to college last quarter and I've been trying to upgrad…[View]
13074880Terracewear thread[View]
13075089What should be done with plebs who waistcoat with the last one buttoned?[View]
13066826Why are Nordics so pretty?[View]
13072093where can I buy a good quality jacket like this one?[View]
13067662how to look /fa/ whilst also looking like you don't care about fashion?[View]
13075108Sneaker Thread: Anybody gonna cop a pair or re-sell on the 26th?[View]
13075127Help: So I just got this today because I thought it looked pretty neat and was heavily discounted. I…[View]
13074540Embroidered clothes: can they look good?: Hey there /fa/! Where can I fucking buy this jacket from t…[View]
13074449Post a picture of your closet.[View]
13067144how do you like nails on a gal?[View]
13074648Looking to get my first Jordan 1s what's the most versatile aj1 in the 200-300 dollar price ran…[View]
13073877MASKS: Can face masks ever be /fa/ without looking like a criminal? It would help prevent chapped li…[View]
13073712Haven't seen shit yet anon[View]
13074628Brands / Clothing like these ?: Hey /fa/gs, looking for mainly t-shirts / hoodies like pic related. …[View]
13073702Is this the new effay anthem?: >lots of quotables like Asap Rocky does >No tryhard designers l…[View]
13074731Legit check?: Posted here yesterday, but now I have tag pics. Will upload in a sec[View]

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