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/fa/ - Fashion

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13318347i love this girl what doo you think of her[View]
13314754why dont you shave / wax your body hair effay?: >looks gross >feels gross >unhighgenic >…[View]
13317346Undercut styling: Left is current hairstyle, is it possible to get to something on the right? It see…[View]
13317216Rate my watch and guess how much It costed.[View]
13318521Hello I have a problem, I have a stomach disorder where my belly bloats, in terms of clothing size I…[View]
13318493Are these any good? Like, really, I have no idea desu[View]
13308391>be white male age 18-34 >not having this haircut or shaved with no guard Explain yourself, /f…[View]
13316215What do you think of my smile?[View]
13318294This is my favorite kind of shirt, I hardly wear anything else anymore. The shirts are so soft to th…[View]
13317576how do I achieve such masculine style?[View]
13312255It's true?!? Bombers are on the way / O U T /??? >dey tink i'm a laggard........…[View]
13318073redpill me on beardwax, all I know is all the reviews on amazon are fake[View]
13317347im 174cm, 140 lbs, fit, and attractive. talk me out of buying cuban heeled boots[View]
13316691Buyer's remorse: Have you ever felt buyer's remorse? What are your worst /fa/ purchases ev…[View]
13316678Who is the most aesthetic model of all time?[View]
13317132Why does half of /fa/ dresses like my gramps?[View]
13317737>be job recruiter >looking over resume >hobbies include: Fashion >mfw Into the trash it …[View]
13318054The setting is Man walking in the street, and the goal is walking in the street and see new things H…[View]
13317387How does /fa/ feel about chest bags or chest rigs? I’ve been wearing a leather fanny pack over my ch…[View]
1331181970 degrees out, sunny >gorgeous day, wearing well fitted t and shorts above the knee showcasing m…[View]
13314520What are some cheap belts i could get? Pic unrelated[View]
13317850I have always wanted these: Is it a mistake? I know they're played out but I honestly believe t…[View]
13317987i'm heartbroken, all those who i have loved have done me wrong. i'm a fashion whore and al…[View]
13317259I want these[View]
13317133Yeezy Slides: How would you style this?[View]
13317533fashion 101[View]
13298630Alright, so the last thread is pretty much dead, but I noticed there's a bit of a misconception…[View]
13317888where can i get pic related[View]
13314394There made few threads about ARTHOES, and how they dress, how about Normiehoes style?[View]
13316863is this effay?? https://www.redbubble.com/people/tskeleton[View]
13316671Is branded underwear a meme?[View]
13315913Looking for piercing inspo. I recently got a regular piercing on one of my ears. Need ideas for some…[View]
13312602How does one pull off the 'socks and sandals' look without being cringe? I want these Suicokes, but …[View]
13316768Who are you voting for in Highsnobiety's Best Dressed Youtuber? >Pic related or bust Not shi…[View]
13296044fa colleges/uni's: i'm in my senior year of hs and pic related is my first choice. i'…[View]
13317056tall guys, are there any ‘fa’ designers you buy pants from with an inseam measurement in their sizes…[View]
13317598Kanye needs to STOP watching anime[View]
13317498Hair thread.: Any tips/products you can recommend to get my hair to stand up like his and not get fa…[View]
13313002Teddy Fresh: thoughts?[View]
13317386what clothing or accessories do you cunts think make a man more attractive?[View]
13317455rate my watch[View]
13316762>current year 2018 Is it true..? Sherpas are / O U T /?!? I’m a softboy, I’ll admit it........ …[View]
13317404Is this /fa/?[View]
13315956What styles should you go for if you're a manlet? Seems dumb to even try to be fashionable if y…[View]
13313215Get every girl core: Pic related will help you GET anygirl I've been watching this movie once a…[View]
13317076Is my tribal dragon tattoo fa?[View]
13317183Do I pull off the shorts?[View]
13317250Interesting: what would modern superheroes wear? would they go full body and face, or just full body…[View]
13315687these things look fucking stupid and yet i cant help but want it[View]
13316950Hey guys, can we get a thread of bad RO fits? I can't find any good ones anymore Thanks[View]
13315649Daily reminder not to consume creatine[View]
13314491Any recommendations for black derbies that aren't too expensive and don't hurt like hell l…[View]
13316679Thoughts on this Pharell Williams tracktop?[View]
13316756>claims to be a pick up artist >marries the most money hungry whore alive Smh y'all buy …[View]
13316574Take an aesthetic, rate an aesthetic: Hard mode, no duplicates: for me, it's health goth also …[View]
13316252Is this acceptable combination of blazer + jeans + running shoes or sneakers?[View]
13316855How do I get freeform dreadlocks? Type 4c hair, with a high top and several inches of length Also bl…[View]
13316025Dad Shoe General: I soon might cop a pair of yeezy blushes, getting them for 260, they’re ds and siz…[View]
13315076Will these ever come back?[View]
13314370Why do these still exist[View]
13312817https://twitter.com/Victim_Girls/status/986115439871733760 Asanagi wants to sell ahegao hoodies, I g…[View]
13310023how do i stop buying black clothes[View]
13314849Will the Suit ever go out of fashion as standard international formal wear?[View]
13316632LUNAR C0RE THREAD: pic rel[View]
13313688I like the idea of 'learning' fashion, but also feel like taking fashion advice is the most emascula…[View]
13315746Cuck thread. >Buying James Bond clothes. Pic related.[View]
13312954reminder that if you aren't muscular with 5% or lower bodyfat and perfect facial ratios, as wel…[View]
13308435Styles that would fit well on a native american guy? I pretty much only wear plain clothes but I…[View]
13314853If I wear a bandana like this in my everyday life, will people think I'm effay?[View]
13315647I'm not gay but can we get some 'Call me by your name' inspo in here.[View]
13316115>hair 40% gray >Facial hair going gray >Chest hair just started greying >Barber jokes …[View]
13316249Crazy accessory ideas: Suggest cute/crazy/unique accessory ideas[View]
13316308What haircut will suit my slavic face?: .../thread[View]
13314149>Lena Dunham and Rich Evans lost their virginity in high school >Adriana Lima and Brad Pitt lo…[View]
13316198Why am I medium in their tees but xl in their underwear?[View]
13315267Fashion for Andros General: Post more gay and andro core inspo. I love dressing in women's clo…[View]
13316225Is he /ourguy/?[View]
13313779How do some people look cool no matter what they wear?[View]
13316144He is currently the male face of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.[View]
13316065It doesn't get more comfy than this[View]
13315546What happened to Uniqlo? All their sizes are large and fit horribly now, and they haven't had a…[View]
13312760>tfw you'll never look like R Y S S C A N D V S[View]
13313839can any of you /fa/gs testify any success stories with chicks partially as a result of a nose ring? …[View]
13315999What is the core called? how do i reach it?[View]
13313998What's some fashionable EDC accessories?[View]
13307361Is there a how-to Soy fashion?[View]
13313966Eye area: >tfw positive canthal tilt but just 1mm short of having completely hooded eyes…[View]
13314992Reducing Frown lines: Well... Whats /fa/s pseudo scientific way of making these fuckers look smaller…[View]
13315888sunglasses general: Is there some kind of rule how far down the nose should glasses sit, and how do …[View]
13314059>look at mfa out of curiosity >they are talking about nike killshots in 2018 whats wrong with…[View]
13315871>that guy over the age of 16 and under the age of 50 who wears blue jeans…[View]
13315862Trump's Hair Routine: What is Trump's hair routine like? How does he style it like this? M…[View]
13312651post skin tone inspo. pic related is my arm[View]
13315775Its this time of the year again in Norway, and this years generation of finished high schoolers (18-…[View]
13315706the last one: everyone talks shit on /fa/, but it's the only alive and well instance of a fashi…[View]
13308030/w2c/ general: w2c this shirt[View]
13315709Post fits, give constructive critique[View]
13315567Short + Big Feet: Is there any way you can dress to look less silly?[View]
13314579collabs between independent/underground brands that you would love to see: i would love to see nerd …[View]
13312373is anyone attracted to softboys?[View]
13311075Trips get ID[View]
13315559thinspo thread now[View]
13315019Asspizza / Instagram celebs: What happened to him? He used to be pretty cool, destroying Rick & …[View]
13315412Literally the goat tech shoe[View]
13313847Why do clothes like pic related look so good on anime characters but cringe on real humans?[View]
13314460Manga/weeb clothing[View]
13306879Most /fa/ way to breathe?: How do I breathe and be effay?!?!?[View]
13312985Do you guys have any suggestion?: Want to improve my effay,[View]
13315410What is going on with Nike? Why is everyone leaving. https://hypebeast.com/2018/4/nike-head-of-dive…[View]
13313654Rate my fit /fa[View]
13314961Normal Jeans - Somehow Killing Me: >decide I should buy some 'kinda' nicer jeans for th…[View]
13301070What should I wear if I'm trying to attract punk/alt girls or art hoes? I was thinking about we…[View]
13314976What do you think of the new Air Money's?[View]
13315294How do hypebeasts look now???: So uhh I’m behind the times here umm so how do hypebeasts dress now? …[View]
13298903itt: /fa/ girls + fits[View]
13312536Are velvet jackets /fa/?[View]
13315058Which tie?[View]
13314366Why do asians have bad hair genetics: never seen an asian with hair like pic related.[View]
13314513What do you think about Clarks Desert Boots?[View]
13314279What shoe looks the best when it's distressed?[View]
13312393ok guys i need your help, how do i archieve the messy hair? what product do i need[View]
1330935170 degrees out, sunny >gorgeous day, wearing well fitted t and shorts above the knee showcasing m…[View]
13314516Opinions?: Just copped these dress shoes. Opinions?[View]
13315016Are these softboy..?[View]
13310167/pol/tards desperately trying to promote their meme ideology through fashion: Share inspo of /pol/ta…[View]
13314836Suicoke type sandals: Does anybody know where I can find this type of sandals but cheaper and worse?…[View]
13314929How do I grow a Tom Selleck moustache, and also will it look retarded if I have that no hair gap? (d…[View]
13313346I have very long straight but thick hair, i like tying them in the back with various styles but the …[View]
13309277What kind of wool is this?[View]
13313444Need summer shoes.: Post below what you like with the brand name.[View]
13314739What style are these glasses?[View]
13304666Let’s talk about Onitsuka Tigers. Which style is the best?[View]
13312632How do you enhance your facial aesthetics?: Is this guy on point or is he just fucking autistic? htt…[View]
13306552Modest Women's Clothing.: /adv/ and /cgl/ have ruined my trust in women again, can we get a mod…[View]
13306950Meme Skools: what are some effay old skool alternatives?[View]
13298383Anime inspo thread[View]
13314274/fat/ thread: So what do you /fa/t fags wear? I usually try to get full graphic t-shirts so my nippl…[View]
13314334WAYWT Threads are a fucking joke here....: Literally the most lazy fucking fits and catty snide-craf…[View]
13312177ef ay video games characters go >video games characters can’t be ef ay fuck you…[View]
13310148Why do People wear skinny jeans?[View]
13314412i'm in love with this adidas jacket please help me I don't know where I can exactly find t…[View]
13314224Man Seeking Trenchcoat: Where the hell can I get a good trenchcoat? I'm willing to spend around…[View]
13311221who /minimalist/ here? been thinking about basically throwing everything out and then building a min…[View]
13311919/ACG/ alt-chad general[View]
13291790Milspo / Military Fashion & Related Thread: >>13290771 I summon milspo Duke Nukem! Attack…[View]
13312671Gosha Rubchinskiy: In this thread we predict the future of Gosha Rubchinskiy.[View]
13313506Lovely Belts General: ITT post your lovely belts! Where do you buy your belts? Where can ones with …[View]
13314260w2c these glasses? Can't find them on the Gucci website.[View]
13280476ITT: Recent cops.[View]
13312014How do I avoid looking like a mac demarco fan when wearing sleazecore?[View]
13312471Is there a cross between boxer-briefs and boxers? I want the form-fit of boxer-briefs without the ho…[View]
13313658My dad has dementia and is no longer capable of operating a belt buckle, but he still wants to wear …[View]
13312639R4t3: Yo /fa/, please rate my every-day fit that I wear on campus.[View]
13310439Where to cop this?[View]
13314169I get my fit inspo from the monster high character guidebook.[View]
13312288Palewave Brands for Men?: Preferable ones that won't rape my wallet[View]
13314104looking for jeans in this color, slim/relaxed fit. plz help.[View]
13314022What is this type of jacket called?[View]
13313933where is this from i know theres more ive seen it before can be useful[View]
13312608what's the best looking Adidas model in the UK?[View]
13306122Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>13301027 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
13313821Summer shorts: Starting to heat up like crazy, need some /fa/ shorts no pods, rick is dead[View]
13302626/comfycore/ inspo: post some comfycore inspo >want to dress good, like an adult >decent shoes …[View]
13310964Dad Cap Thread: I don't see a dad cap thread so post dad cap inspo[View]
13313800is he /sleazecore/?[View]
13312401If you're not exclusively wearing aloha shirts and loose fitting cargo pants, what the fuck are…[View]
13313758The bomber jacket: Is it still in in 2018, or what is the alternative?[View]
13313644How do I find a barber that doesn't try to constantly talk me into a fade or some gay shit? Wha…[View]
13312319I FUCKING KKNEW IIIT!!!! >Rick Birks[View]
13309655Is ableton the most effay DAW?[View]
13312895where can i find this shirt /fa/?[View]
13313695Yo, should I coppernaught?!?[View]
13310145What core is this?[View]
13312894What is your qualified opinion on this outfit? >leggings >uggs >will smith's son I thi…[View]
13312296/sleazcore/ and /Miamicore/ thread. Post em[View]
13298893Thinspo: Comfy /thinspo/ thread! Easter Edition Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >make america thin…[View]
13313216Randomly got my first tattoo and decided to get this. I'm 25 years old. =) What do y'…[View]
13313527/Glasses/: Post glasses that you consider /fa/, discuss headshapes and the general style of glasses …[View]
13302743rate my fit, /fa/: Gucci hoodie 1290$ supreme shirt 80$ pacsun jeans 60$ air max 97 silver bullets 2…[View]
13308799ゴゴゴゴ: Menacing is the extravagant, avant-garde style inspired by Hirohiko Araki's manga series,…[View]
13311041Everyone keeps saying that thick frames are spy but what about something like these Moscot frames. T…[View]
13307177How should men in their mid 20's dress? Too old for streetwear shit, but still too young for a …[View]
13313035Stylin' jeans and low sneakers/chukka boots: Sup /fa/gotts, im too autistic to piece a fit toge…[View]
13313449I'm looking for shops or boutiques in Vienna to visit while I'm there on a short trip next…[View]
13312789Hell Ye I was so done with the Nelson Arc[View]
13313273Rain jackets: Recently moved to Washington. Rec some good wet weather shit[View]
13312717How do I get this hairstyle?[View]
133118913sixteen Carhartt WIP Engineered Garments Nanamica Norse Projects wings+horns Where do I go from her…[View]
13312981What is wrong with my skin?: So my body skin is nice and clear, very pale but my face has the worse …[View]
13313064Please help me improve.: Hello /fa, i have been around here for about 3 months so i am rather new an…[View]
13310816Is Jared Leto fa?[View]
13312003What's the best hairstyle to hide this shit? Or should I just buzz? I'm a heart face I thi…[View]
13311897Are wool pants effay?[View]
13311225Why do girls have much better and cuter clothes. I love frilly dresses and cute skirts. The most guy…[View]
13298948/waywt/ 11/4/18: New waywt old thread chief keef Whatever the fuck u want edition[View]
13312079what are the shoes on the right[View]
13310479How do you pronounce these brands/designers? Please record yourself saying them Use vocaroo to uploa…[View]
13310275Femboy Fashion?: So i'm a femboy and I want to start dressing more femininely but most of the p…[View]
13309757Your dryer lint colour is the average colour of your clothing. If your lint looks like this, you…[View]
13312879Cop or not? I’m wearing mainly black, white and grey clothing, will it go with it?[View]
13312701Have you ever bought clothes from taobao? what was your experience?[View]
13311632w2c shirts like this ?[View]
13312799Is he /fa/?[View]
13310760Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max: How are these for casual wear? Do they go with chinos and shorts?[View]
13311779What hairstyle will suit me: I got all my hair cut off last year around June. It was honestly the wo…[View]
13306405How did you accept being ugly? Looking for coping strategies[View]
13309339Is the weeknd /fa/ approved?[View]
13310682Is pale skin /fa/?[View]
13311263slip-ons: What's your opinion on these shoes? What can you wear them with outfit wise?[View]
13312702post shoes with this style toecap: need some new shoes been digging this look[View]
13312662Looking for some some /comfy adidas sandals[View]
13310364ITT post nice travel fashion guys[View]
13310801Who the namee this style?[View]
13308494What core is this?[View]
13310338What makes a good clothing brand, /fa/?[View]
13311575What is the most /fa/ Fortnite skin?: pic related[View]
13312519So I had braces when I was younger, but over time and when my wisdoms came in my teeth crowded again…[View]
13311598Help: Who makes this dress and where to purchase.[View]
13311786anyone know where I can get a jacket like this? any brands that do edgy shit like this would be appr…[View]
13312429Soundcloud rapper thread[View]
13304102summer inspo: Hot weather bros where are you at[View]
13309097The Ultimate Accessory: What is the most /fa brand of death stick[View]
13309829Can someone give me a basic guide to rolling with 80s retrowave/vaporwave fashion?[View]
13312067How can someone with size 16 4E (EW) feet get shit like vans and Yeezy’s? Am I fucked? (Yes!)[View]
13308572Afro/Curly Hair General: Post inspo, ask questions, give advice. Black 4chan discord link: https://d…[View]
13309051WHY can they not blend?! It’s always a 50/50 of getting your shit fucked up. And they cut so high I …[View]
13311043Wtf is Kanye doing: What type of fashion is this? Asking for a friend.[View]
13308870is being a loser effay?[View]
13312146My face looks like shit how am i supposed to dress[View]
13312076I need a /fa/ backpack: That doesn't look big but it's actually fairly spacious. It's…[View]
13307376Any Canadian /fa/ bros here? The Adidas website has a glitch and you can purchase certain Ultra Boos…[View]
13310226What kind of shoes should you wear happy socks with? How do you style them?[View]
13305779ETERNAL B/S/T BUY/SELL/TRADE: Post stuff, trade with other anons, get monies https://www.grailed.com…[View]
13309504w2c some shorts like these[View]
13311907Does anyone know what these sunglasses are, also, id thread.[View]
13310284Fashion Victim General (FVG): Let's get the easy one out of the way.[View]
13311387Hey /fa/ i need some tips I wanted to do a slicked back undercut but not sure if itll suit me and an…[View]
13311844vanss: anyone have any fitpics with these? I know theyre the least offensive shoes ever, I just wann…[View]
13311821help: i only wear 2 sweatshirts, 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of jeans i could use some suggestions/i…[View]
13309502can fat people be fashionable?[View]
13307254Have you ever gotten hired because of the way you dressed?: Interviewer complimented me since I was …[View]
13309907Do you ever feel like a douchebag when you're around other 'fashionable' people? I went some ev…[View]
13310290What haircut will suit my slavic face?: ..[View]
13299127Avante Garde Dark Aesthetic: Share inspo of Dark Aesthetic including but limited to >Violent Imag…[View]
13310698where do you guys get your fall jackets?: wrong time to ask I guess but I'm curious.[View]
13311563What kind of shoes does Akio (the guy) wearing here? I can't seem to find accurate real life st…[View]
13310209Does this kind of multicolored striped tee have a name or did Supreme actually do something interest…[View]
13302300BRANDS: For the brand loyalists out there, what are your favorite brands? My favorites are: Robert G…[View]
13311236I'm in Barcelona and everyone is dressed so nicely compared to me. How does /fa/ handle everyo…[View]
13310971suit inspo: post some fine outfits good colour combinations are welcome[View]
13309657Any ideas on what some essential 'synth-goth' pieces would be and what the style would inc…[View]
13309396What does /fa/ think about Converse All Star?[View]
13310084Can't decide between pic related. Top photo is the Louboutin Decolette pump and the bottom is a…[View]
13311120Necklaces: What are some effay necklaces for men? I'm looking for a long and simple one.[View]
13307196neofolk inspo: fascism[View]
13304742Effay graphic tees & hoodies thread I sold most of my normie shit and have almost nothing thats …[View]
13311160anyone where I can get pants like this? All i have is this picture and that they are Adidas[View]
13310139Where were you when Errolson Hugh got BTFO by a 16 year old g*rman? Post caps/discuss the SS18 Acron…[View]
13311099Where to cop button shirts that work in a slackercore outfit? Most things i see come off as more 'ni…[View]
13310821/fa/ i made a huge mistake. I dyed my hair in black, but it doesnt look natural at all (pic related)…[View]
13290597Cop or Not general: COP OR NOT: let's try this again edition which one(s) should I get, anons?…[View]
13311145How can I get an undercut/ss cut with curly hair?: ... I need to put gel because hair wax is bad for…[View]
13309998How should i get my hair cut?[View]
13308589What haircut will suit me?: ..[View]
13310140Any tips for clothing resale? Figure i'd do it for some side income.[View]
13308339Current State of This Board: Legitimate question: I've been browsing this board for awhile and …[View]
13308453Pic is basically how i dress every day. I only change the colors, but they‘re always solid, at most …[View]
13309203What are some /fa/, /effay/, and/or /fah/ pug harnesses?[View]
13311032>Go check on Nike US website to see the exclusive upcoming releases >See one or two i like …[View]
13311010t shirts: any brands with cool t shirts? (not expensive)[View]
13310647Bought this at my local thrift shop, is it legit?[View]
13309967Hey, /fa/. A year ago I was 60 lbs overweight. /Fit/ turned my life around and now I want to keep th…[View]
13310839WDYWT RATE THREAD: WDWYT/ Rate thread Misbhv tee Random black longsleeve Dickies Raf Ozweego Random…[View]
13308848Patch Thread: Can we get a good patch thread going? I’ve been thinking about getting a few of these …[View]
13308061When will you take the buzzpill anon?[View]
13310383What are the best sweatshirts under 50 euros? I like bit oversized fits. Also what are the essential…[View]
13309291Branding: How do you folks feel about heavy branding on clothing? I find it pretty grating most of t…[View]
13310574What kind of necklace is this and where can i cop others like it[View]
13308440Any recommendations for good sunscreen? Something that doesn't leave a white cast and mattifies…[View]
13279506INSTA: Give constructive criticism, post your insta, complain about these type of threads, do whatev…[View]
13309936What glasses are cute for girls right now? I see the asians wearing round thin metal frames, is that…[View]
13309759What are some effay approved anime streetwear brands?[View]

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