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/fa/ - Fashion

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13702551Anyone know what kind of bangles these are called or where I could get them?[View]
13701699first time posting one of these, how am I doing? lets have a kickrate thread[View]
13702526What shirt is this guy wearing?[View]
13701360Color gradient: Post your color gradient. Others rate.[View]
13682368/hair/ - Hair General: General hair discussion thread How do I achieve pic related (Newt Scamander-c…[View]
13702407So I dyed my hair for the first time 2 days ago and I literally cannot see the difference. I have na…[View]
13702475casual milsurp inspo?: recently ive wanted to incorporate more milsurp into my wardrobe, but I don…[View]
13699502How would you recreate Naruto and Sasuke outifts in /fa/ reimagined modern outfit? sorry for being a…[View]
13702446what pair of glasses is Liam Gallagher wearing in this music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
13702439*: *3500$ leather/dyneema bonded leather jacket blocks your path*[View]
13702015How come no one on fa dresses like the slavic criminal scum?[View]
13701676Anyone here ever buy replica sneakers? How did it work out?[View]
13699746effay memes[View]
13702340Phone Cases: Post some /fa/ phone cases. Was thinking of getting the ridge wallet leather case to ma…[View]
13695452Why do the Chinese students at my school dress, I guess, more fashionably than the normal American s…[View]
13702308What shoes do you guys wear to bed? I wear Gucci slides[View]
13700020Beard Oils: Hey /fa/, I am growing my beard back out, and need advice. I noticed my beard would alwa…[View]
13702234About to throw 60k into Cardano: Any reason why I shouldn't 0.08 seems like a good buy and I li…[View]
13701266What the fuck do I do with my hair?[View]
13698337Is there actually anything wrong with this?[View]
13671717Aesthetic you wish you could pull off: And why you can't Me: The trashy/chic asian model. Pic r…[View]
137015612019 will be the year of vibrant colors. Monochrome will finally be out. Mark my words.[View]
13702101Side Profile Thread: Last one ended some time ago so yea.I gotta lose some weight and not be a spic …[View]
13702022What is the correct watch diameter to wrist circumference size: I am a non nigger who is 175 pounds …[View]
13702051I lost my watch. The one in the picture. It was my favorite. I cant buy it again. Its out of product…[View]
13699074what do you guys think?[View]
13700259/wt/ - Watch Thread: Tudor Heritage Black Bay Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of stee…[View]
13700616how /fa/ would this look be irl?[View]
13699440Is smoking weed effay?[View]
13701886Someone redpill me on trousers/chinos, ive been wearing jeans for my whole life and i want to change…[View]
13700571Is angry grandpa effay?[View]
13696441stop trying to be /fa/ without working on your personality: there's this guy in one of my class…[View]
13701907hairstyle? seen from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ9KA4sywbk&t=915s[View]
13699333Am I fa?[View]
13700463which do you prefer[View]
13699851FINALly, a discord server about fashion without pretentious cunts. Join in, have a nice time. invite…[View]
13701869Common Ground: Would you shop here? Inside: 'literally who?' streetwear brands started by trust fund…[View]
13696002Opinions on my outfit?[View]
13699190Thoughts and opinions on superdry[View]
13696529Is it true that hats/beanies make you go bald?[View]
13701282how do i into old school punk aesthetic?[View]
13701769Anyone know what this brand?: I tried looking this up a couple days ago and just gotten some gay shi…[View]
13699815FACE RELATED THREADS: ive been browsing this board for a hot minute and although i had stopped for a…[View]
13692967I NEED some degenerate inspo bros[View]
13700300is this peak /fa/ ?[View]
13699231so, how does one stay /fa/ but also warm and safe? i just moved to canada from a place where the win…[View]
13700928Not a fan of Jordans in general but I'm really liking these. Kinda on the fence with my finger …[View]
13690835>walking around a store at the mall minding my own business >fit as fuck qt comes up to me …[View]
13665656Post three of your favorite sneakers that YOU OWN and rate others.[View]
13690279Should I take the conversepill /fa/?[View]
13700015How often do you get your hair cut? I seem to need one every month else it becomes an unruly mess.[View]
13701276Precious metal used in under garment /fa/ ?: Are they/if not will they ever be?[View]
13694750IG General: You already know the drill, post your feed, reccomend ig pages you like, post likes/save…[View]
13695926/wt/ - Watch Thread: Timex Shitters Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of horology and t…[View]
13701056>spend loads on clothes >never leave the house…[View]
13676584Rate each other’s recent cops.[View]
13700539need new shoe recs black or white color. would prefer them to have higher platforms cause manlet. wa…[View]
13700035Is LeonCore allowed if i am short? 5'10[View]
13699783/fa/ pls help find good sources of military surplus online[View]
13698350Hair Advice: Hey effay, need some hair advice. Been rocking the undercut/slick back. Usually get a #…[View]
13700421What is for you guys a car that is /fa and not showy?[View]
13700944ITT: ancient /fa/shion[View]
13699129Straws: With Plastic straws on their way out who makes some /fa/ reusable metal straws? I only know …[View]
13694865inspo thread anything goes dumping a few[View]
13700993Belt trend: Is her belt /fa/?[View]
13700680Question to zoomers which most of you here are, What possesses you to get the shaved or tapered side…[View]
13699718how do i dress to attract guys like this?[View]
13698901What are the top fashion houses in terms of materials quality?[View]
13697285FUCK SKATERS!: i fucking hate skaters, why do we let these degenerate low life drug user scum run ou…[View]
13700495Is being an artist /fa/?[View]
13700223is Brian Molko /fa/ approved?[View]
13699360anyone ever tried makeup for acne scars? surely there has to be something that can help me cover up …[View]
13699505Why are these shoes so hard to find? I really want to get my hands on these pair but, it appears the…[View]
13700217Time is up: There’s here on /FA/ that needs to know they’ve been discovered for the fraud they are a…[View]
13698661>22 years old Should i just kill myself?[View]
13700282Why are loose long-sleeve shirts such a norm? Even many men in positions of wealth or celebrity who …[View]
13699872can azns be sleazy?[View]
13700171SMALL WARDROBE GENERAL: OK SO how do you guys manage to keep your wardrobe small? I find it hard to …[View]
13695292Is this a good look or am I just being a damn idiot?[View]
13700206Why did German women start to shave their armpits?[View]
13700161Trench coat: does anybody know what trench coat this is?[View]
13699768can someone tell me what is this hoodie[View]
13697359So i finally got a solid paycheck (for me atleast, im 19) which is about 1700$. I know clothes are s…[View]
13696782How do I dress like I'm a vampire or a werewolf?[View]
13671140/fa/ Femme Faces: Post perfectly /fa/ female faces ...[View]
13699985Comfy Dress: Anyone else pulling off the comfy grandpa?[View]
13697824I fucking hate jeans and feel overdressed in chinos. Are there some other pants I could wear?[View]
13686688Turn the pain to hate edition Last thread >>13673081[View]
13699228is smoking /fa/?[View]
13699642grandma appreciation thread: Shout out to my grandma for always complimenting my fits! (pic unrelate…[View]
13698812Tapered skinny denim for /fit/izens: Any brand recs' for tapered skinny denim that's more …[View]
13699800Daily reminder...: ...that if you are fat you can never be /fa/.[View]
13695583What's the most effay tabletop game? I don't want to be playing a game if it cramps my sty…[View]
13699540What do I ask for at the barbers?[View]
13698307What is the best 1:1 replica site for 750´s?: I mean kanye will not restock 750´s and i am from euro…[View]
13699457rate my boots effay[View]
13675673Grid Thread: Last one it's almost over[View]
13697053If I don't lose my virginity by the time I'm 30, I will walk around in a shirt with this p…[View]
13699139what do you guys think?[View]
13696301What kind of haircut?[View]
13699025What is this style called and what does it take to pull it off?[View]
13699465doubt about a hairstyle: which hairstyle is this dude wearing? seen from https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
13698145/Socks/ don't forget about these motherfuckers[View]
13695150T E R R O R W A V E: No Terrorwave thread? It's like you want (((them))) to win.[View]
13697888Quick question: What caps and/or hats would look good on a square-ish head.[View]
13697796Help me with Doc Martens 1460 smooth sizing. My Nike size is 13, what's my DM size? No, I can…[View]
13697049Is reading /fa/? Is philosophy /fa/? What do you read, any favorites? Recommendations? I'm star…[View]
13692230post a fictional character others create an aesthetically[View]
13698864/fa/ personality: as a man, is it more /fa/ to be a dependable straight shooter, or a messy slacker?…[View]
13690790>tfw size 10.5 >tfw cant wear Vans without looking like pic related AHHHHH! I WISH I WAS BORN …[View]
13696438How do I wear cowboy boots without looking like a sperg[View]
13682885tinder help: Are my pictures good or autistic? I super need to get laid here folks[View]
13697989This guy come at you in the street and say: 'Give me your gucci belt fucking manlet' WYD?[View]
13685794What are the most /fa/ instruments[View]
13699057Are powdered wigs /fa/?: I hear fashion is cyclical, are powdered wigs back in style yet?[View]
13699171effay cities: >inb4 /soc/ this isnt a meetup thread. just post effay cities that have cool shit g…[View]
13699155joggers r comfy, why are you guys so fucking gay[View]
13699002Where could I finding a brown, mini houndstooth pencil skirt? I’m not sure how else to describe it, …[View]
13698672how ugly am I?[View]
13698097Can A Beardlet Grow This?: I'm 22 and have decently strong stubble but I'd never attempt g…[View]
13699115Does anyone know where I could find this snapback? I've been looking everywhere but no luck. I…[View]
13699087What core is this?[View]
13698236Desert tan boots (budget): What's your opinion on the Belleville 790G ? Made in USA, goretex et…[View]
13694625Hey guys, is Guidi any good? I heard it’s high quality, but nothing about comfort.[View]
13698370are these fuego or nah ?[View]
13698977where do i get these boots? they're not timberland, they look like a cheap version, does anyone…[View]
13698969Digital STYLE[View]
13696977Name a better and cheap face moisturizer. Pro tip: you can't For 35 dollars this product is li…[View]
13696910How does it feel to know that you spend dozens of hours a week thinking about your outfit and there …[View]
13698372Mullet hairstyles?[View]
13698651Good choice /fa/? https://www.macys.com/shop/product/kenneth-cole-reaction-mens-slim-fit-charcoal-kn…[View]
13696776Modeling: how good looking do you have to be to do modeling (male) as a side job?[View]
13698650Can fat chicks be effay?[View]
13682156What's It Like To Be Beautiful?: Is there anyone here that's objectively beautiful, like 9…[View]
13692465Flared Jeans: Does anyone know where I could get skinny jeans with a flared bottom to fit around boo…[View]
13691813What is the shirt pattern called?[View]
13698547Is he /fa/?[View]
13698457is this scene one of the WORST choices in recent memory? its like they used a trailer as a placehold…[View]
13698273yung-1: thoughts on adidas yung-1?[View]
13698520Kendricks jacket: Does anyone know what kind of jacket is kendrick wearing in the 'LOYALTY' video fe…[View]
13694854boomer starterpack: post how boomers in your country dress[View]
13696746Is it acceptable to pull a Gareth Bale? I am really insecure and don't want to accept that i ca…[View]
13697584Raw Denim Thread: For me it's APC (Atelier de Production et de Création).[View]
13697103How do you manage to keep your wardrobes small? I really want to get down to having a really small c…[View]
13686315How can a large, wealthy country be so devoid of fashion?[View]
13698248Are tie-dye tshirts effay? I feel like they are the only non-plain tees that don't look tryhard…[View]
13698197>tfw vegeta hairline give me one reason not to end it all[View]
13698146You may not like it but this is what peak male fashion looks like.[View]
13693602Yes, balding..: >dead skin in fingernails after scratching front of head >none when scratching…[View]
13698136Don’t even try to deny it: Toby McGuire was wearing aventus while he was black suit Spider-Man in Sp…[View]
13694298But and sell thread: Any eu fags that would be interested in buying my drkshdw fish tail parka it…[View]
13694969What does /fa/ think about long-sleeved polo shirts? Are they dadcore? It seems like they're ne…[View]
13697692Should I take the conversepill /fa/?[View]
13697970G..guys, i really feel threatened by Giga-Chad, he will spoil all females to the point that women wi…[View]
13698029good taste[View]
13697905Which animal is the most /fa/? My vote goes to octopuses >Intelligent, wise and sophisticates…[View]
13696835How do you /fa/ in a tropical climate? Style is all about layers but where I'm from you'll…[View]
13697870What should i dress as an artist of classical art in modern times?[View]
13697895/strap/ - Strap general STRAPCHADS UNITE[View]
13693248are thinkpads /fa/?[View]
13696691Why are people exactly the way they look like?: Think about it. How many times did you conceptualize…[View]
13697806Is she /fa/?[View]
13697309Is there a name for t-shirts that are cut this way? (extra long with swoopy extended buttflap area)[View]
1369420525+: I used to be able anything off because I looked like a perpetual college kid but my youth is vi…[View]
13696122/fa/ cities and neighborhoods thread: where do you live? where do you aspire to live? i'll star…[View]
13697677Are superdry a shit brand? I keep seeing them and just think theyre for old people trying to be youn…[View]
13694304What's the standard normie sneaker of 2018? >2016 was the roshes >2017 was the adidas zx …[View]
13692634Should I even try to dress well in a redneck town? I feel like I'll just get called a faggot.[View]
13697185pantsu: What kind of pants would you pair sneakers like these with?[View]
13695708Where would it be possible to find a DIO- esque yellow jacket? I’ve been looking for hours and can’t…[View]
13697645Buy & Sell thread: grailed links, ebay links, whatever[View]
13692527Hello guys, What kind of shoes should I wear with this outfit? The shirt's material is jean.. T…[View]
13697277DAE think that dressing bad is a societal issue we need to dismantle? In an ideal society would we a…[View]
13696509I make abstract jewelry[View]
13697167w2c this aloha shirt Joji is rocking? Simple, non-busy aloha shirts are fuckin tight but surprisingl…[View]
136970293sixteen Iron Heart[View]
13688638post some Loomer-core inspo[View]
13694456Is it possible to rock SLP moto denim with Rick?[View]
13697109post a more aesthetic face[View]
13695920When are mustaches gonna be 'in fashion' again? It's the perfect balance between babyface and t…[View]
13696542Realistic fashion: Do you guys ever talk about fashion that doesn't include dressing like a nin…[View]
13696807new suit. like comment subsribe[View]
13695763What brands make medium rise jeans? I'm fucking sick of low rise it's disgusting >inb4 …[View]
13696160issey miyake: Is issey miyake /fa/?[View]
13696324Trench coat: Does anybody know what trench coat this is?[View]
13696880How do I achieve the manic, anxious writer aesthetic?[View]
13697116I need a nice effay bike jacket. Any ideas?[View]
13686284Post brands you love but cannot afford: Ann Demeulememe Corneliani Trove[View]
13696971what's the best japanese eyewear company? looking to switch out my moscots for something with b…[View]
13694935I have never bought a real winter jacket before so I'm a noob with brands. I want one like this…[View]
13694101What you think about this shoes /fa/? with What i can combine them?[View]
13694516Was Master Roshi /fa/?[View]
13696756ID on this shirt or something close to it please. Moving to tropics and need this[View]
13696852/fa/ discord talk tho: http://invite.gg/lifestyle[View]
13691574How often do you get compliments on your looks/outfits from non-family/friends?[View]
13696837How to symbiote core?[View]
13692018So my girlfriend told me that tighty-whities were her fetish and I’ve been meaning to surprise her s…[View]
13696528Rate this[View]
13694223Do you like crocodiles?[View]
13695247Please rate me guys: I'm a young nigga tryna make it out the hood, not very successful with the…[View]
13694068Rate their fit.[View]
13696053Help me find a replacement: Hey, had these things for years, nothing fancy, but i really liked the f…[View]
13696632Why is it that fashion models tend to be grossly underweight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vys2o…[View]
13695077W2c high quality beanie like pic related Hard mode: no branding[View]
13696621Is this T shirt (but for men) fa? Im getting my 90's style[View]
13696418MOTT & BOW: In need of some new jeans. Has anyone tried or have heard good things about Mott …[View]
13695271COOL CARS: Show me a cooler car than this busted old porsche. [spoiler]You can't.[/spoiler]…[View]
13692874What shoes is moby wearing on the album play[View]
13688549So we all know that everybody would go batshitcrazy over her, but what's the male equivalent to…[View]
13694729Can anyone ID the shoes pictured? Cheers[View]
13695300between hitting the squat rack too hard, walking everywhere, and biking, my calves have blown up and…[View]
13690633Townie Core: Townies are the American cousins to the chavs found across the pond in the UK. Townie s…[View]
13695677Do you talk about fashion?: With friends, dates, family, co-workers...people in your life outside th…[View]
13692387'Where can I buy this?' Thread: Looking for this scarf, where can I buy this online?[View]
13695068Quick lads, how do I dress effay when going on a hike?[View]
13694481What sort of winter outerwear can you wear with blue /pale denim?[View]
13695679Vans: Why are these slipons never in stock?[View]
13693378>Try to buy the new Palladium Pallabrouse Baggy TX >Get a fullscreen splash ad for Palladium C…[View]
13688619Bald inspo thread[View]
13695421How do I achieve this hairstyle?[View]
13687845Boots Thread: Featuring Stuff vol. 1[View]
13695990Wtc Jacket[View]
13695915how fucked am i[View]
13684588which is the most effay flag and why is it pic related?[View]
13682878/ T E R R O R/ am i doing it right edition[View]
13692110/wt/ - Watch Thread: Seiko Stunners Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of horology and t…[View]
13695329>tfw 40 year old boomers get the shoes meant for you REEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
13694242how can I nail the Early-90s-Game-Developer style like in pic related[View]
13692323Fjallraven Kanken: Why the fuck does EVERY single girl(art thot) have this backpack? I see at least…[View]
13695777muh hair: I have very thick, very straight hair. I want to grow it out long but I dread the 'inbetwe…[View]
13691217Do women just age worse than men or is makeup bad for skin in the long run?[View]
13694541>overpriced I see people meme this all the time here. What are some brands you think are fairly p…[View]
13693996this dude spends his time on a fashion forum posting pics of himself thinking he dresses well[View]
13695298Enyone where to buy a sweater like pic related[View]
13695752is it possible to wear a boiler suit without looking like a total cunt? i like the idea of the mono-…[View]
13694345Is Angela Merkel /fa/?[View]
13679243Side profile: Whats the point in living if you have a bad side profile? Literally more important tha…[View]
13693063What does /fa/ think of my haircut?[View]
13693497/fa/ discord: https://invite.gg/lifestyle[View]
13695433how do i improve my wear when im too socially anxious to shop in malls? all i wear is 10 year old cl…[View]
13690042>buy safety razor >apply foam or whatever it's called >shave >wash my hands and rin…[View]
13695270i like this jacket, any idea where its from?[View]
13693659>he's never received compliments from multiple strangers why?[View]
13691888Fighter haircuts: Any good fighter/Boxer haircuts for people with straight hair. I really don't…[View]
1369503450's Denim: To go full autism, would it be inaccurate to wear slimmer jeans than these in the p…[View]
13695209do women like swag style or class style?[View]
13691135If I took 1gram of St. John's Wort with caffiene, would it be like rolling on molly?[View]
13695187This fucking board.[View]
13694953wtc boots also wtc general[View]
13694619Who's the guy on this crewneck?[View]
13692471Interior Thread: Featuring Popeye City Boy's way of living[View]
13676465cop or not: this or that? yes or no? general[View]
13694888What would be the name of the all-black high schooler who doesnt speak style?: Stereotype or 'starte…[View]
13689548Manlet Inspo Thread: 6'0' and under[View]
13676750WAYWT: Talk shit post fit[View]
13694968Hey /fa/ I just picked up this Pendleton sweater for cheap. The problem is, it's obviously too …[View]
13689392How do I attract these girl[View]
13694952what the FUCK bro, yet another bitch said that i'm 'adorable' or 'cute' What do i need to do to…[View]
13694294where do you idiots go for inspiration now that sufu is dead and /fa/ sucks?[View]
13693654Anyone sewing their own stuff? Is it hard to learn the basics? I always need to taper the waist on m…[View]
13687761Suits for steak house and cigar bar and scotch for my 30th birthday. 6ft, 220, size 38 waist, pale d…[View]
13693240where can I buy an extremely loose&thin pullover hoodie like in pic related?[View]
13694483rick-senpai: what the fuck is this[View]
13694790Americana: Inspo for workwear/heavy duty ---[View]
13694664>tfw you'll never look like this queer[View]
13694674Really wanna cop something like this flannel jacket. But clearly this site is a scam. https://www.an…[View]
13692852Was dylann roof really 5'9? He looks way taller than the chop that is arresting him[View]
13692654Supreme is really running out of ideas if they weren’t already. Shot looks like an autistic 5 year o…[View]
13693184What type of beanie does Bhagwan Rajneesh wear?: Anyone know the name of the type of beanie Bhagwan …[View]
13694500Which model is this?[View]
13688605/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology and the design, micro-engineeri…[View]
13686066Euro Street Fashion: How do I get into european fashion? Which soccer tracksuits should I cop? https…[View]
13694321Can someone tell me what shirt hes wearing?[View]
13692299Where did the goth girls go? Did the art hoe take over?[View]
13694253>finally find a hairstyle that suits me at 21 >start receding rapidly fuUUCK…[View]
13693675Where can I get this for a non-rape price?[View]
13693083why do I see normies wearing ripped jeans everywhere what the actual fuck happened? why do people bu…[View]
13694218What's something I can wear in place of a t-shirt that is different from the norm? My entire wa…[View]
13689710/fa/ phone case: What are some /fa/ phone cases? Just preordered the new gold iPhone Xs and want a r…[View]

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