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/fa/ - Fashion

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12854263ITT: /fa/ dadcore sneakers[View]
12854764I can't find this damn jacket anywhere, it's so fucking dope. Any help? I know it's …[View]
12848000/thinspo/ - Thinspo General: Last Thread: >>12841632 → Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >ma…[View]
12852988Where can i get a blazer that is more street/casual than it is formal? pic related Also Persona fash…[View]
12853813I need inspiration for vintage pilot fits. Something about it just feels right[View]
12854429Why is gook fashion so bad?[View]
12851846Y-3: How do you guys feel about Y-3? Don't see a ton of it around here[View]
12850448Whats with all you fashion fags tryna beat up and dirty your sneakers for that filthy dirty look? Ex…[View]
12854090EFFAY DISCORD SERVER.: https://discord.gg/Gu3FJNm Not necessarily isolating it to /fa/ but. Creativ…[View]
12854314Where do I sell tees?: I was looking into a place to sell tees that would produce and ship them for …[View]
12852166Are baggy fits making a comeback?[View]
12854128ID: id on this hedi era dior suit[View]
12846356>/fa/ in a nutshell[View]
12854524Is my shadow /fa/?[View]
12854408W2c hoodie with all over embroidery like pic related?[View]
12853648What core is this?[View]
12852922>Enter into /fa/ everyday >See beautiful clothing >Too poor to buy any clothing >Stuck w…[View]
12853770Post badass fashion inspiration[View]
12854394Anyone ever realize that only one type of shoe/boot actually looks good on them?: And so, you just s…[View]
12853442>2017 >Not wearing high heels[View]
12850377/SHAG/ Skinhead Appreciation General: 1st Edition[View]
12851978Ann Demeulemeester bootd: Any experiences with sizing?Thinking about copping pic related. I’m a size…[View]
12853687Can someone I.D these chelsea boots![View]
12850713BAPE BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4itRDji3uio[View]
12853696is it a good look to try? I think I'll start dressing and grooming like this guy[View]
12854230Anyone know where I can get this shirt or one basically the same? Thanks guys[View]
12847566Black Hair General: So I've had the same hairstyle for 3 years or so. Been cuttin my own hair f…[View]
12853554/flannel/ Big Ed edition: all things flannel thread, do you love it do you hate it, what would you r…[View]
12853379where to cop this raincoat? In Europe.[View]
12854178What haircut should I get /fa/?: What type of hair fits the shape of my head? This pic is from about…[View]
12851943essential basics and where you cop them: Hey /fa/ where do you get your basic layer stuff (tshirts, …[View]
12854064Is there any specific way you can dress to attract people who dress like like the lead singer of Pal…[View]
12853959Can we get a sleaze-core inspo thread? I'm drunk af on sunday night, I've lost $200 in sma…[View]
12850593What core is this[View]
12854081Post your ankle game for inspo Pic related: me[View]
12854084How much can I cop these for? Good vintage collection, good style, very popular back in the day[View]
12851080absolute shitkickers: post em'[View]
12854035What are some good /fa/ halloween costumes this year?[View]
12841345I'm looking for some long hair inspo. I've been growing my hair out and I don't even …[View]
12852840Do you design fantasy clothing for fantasy characters? Show me.[View]
12850953What are some fah backpacks between 45L, and 55L, of capacity? I want something in black, sleek, wit…[View]
12851332Will men's overalls ever make a comeback?[View]
12853450>unable to afford any clothes other than charity shop clothes help[View]
12853754Give a newfag some advice?: Can an effay spare some advice? OK so I want to dress well, but to be ho…[View]
12836503Fragrance General: LAST THREAD >>12820707 --- BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): http://ww…[View]
12852186Rucksacks rule: /fa/ggots Give me backpack inspo[View]
12851624>boost sneakers >with jeans[View]
12852479What hairstyle should I have for an oblong head? I change it quite regularry; from bowl-esque to a q…[View]
12851722Is Ernie /effay/? What is his core and how do I steal it?[View]
12848650Glasses Thread: As a general guideline, you should choose something that accentuates your face shape…[View]
12841469Cop or not[View]
12849768/Trousers General/: Highwaist/Highrise Edition. Before turning to getting custom chinos made, anyone…[View]
12851363Im better than you[View]
12852602Fashion from India: India is one of the richest country when it comes to cultures and traditions. Be…[View]
12841505Female inspo[View]
12853671id?: whats the homie Dark0 wearing in this picture? looks fire[View]
12852783Is there any way a man can pull off a bodysuit? Asking for a friend.[View]
12852719>MFW I bought a pair of Jordans like seven years ago to resell and they're worth basically t…[View]
12853580effay music videos: post em: >you will never cruise at night with your effay friends why live? ht…[View]
12852378id on jacket?[View]
12851977What is this?: I’m at a party with these fags currently[View]
12837688Hey /fa/, name my band.[View]
12835343/Sneaker General/[View]
12851461What kind of style goes well with this?[View]
12852947Should i cop this shirt for 60$?[View]
12853395anyone shop at needsupply? there is a lot of nice clothes there, but costs way too much for me.[View]
12851576I'm looking for a women's peacoat, that's nice fitting and not boxy, like pic related…[View]
12822466Fuccboi General: Can someone pls id these shoes[View]
12853283Where can I cop some nice American jeans like these around a 20-30$ price range?[View]
12853241Slippers: Hey winter is around the corner and I need some slippers to keep my feet warm. I don'…[View]
12850269How would one get into the soft boy look? What say /effay/[View]
12853238Y/n? Waywt or whatever[View]
12849320Red Wing Boots general: How's the patina developing? Have they finally broken in yet?[View]
12852226I've just started a new office job and I need new clothes. There are no other men, only women …[View]
12853139Are Acne 'raw' denim really Raw? The inside don't look the same as my other Raw denim[View]
12852181>Made in Romania[View]
12851216Help me decide. I need a pair of black daily type leather shoes. should I go for solovair, dr marten…[View]
12850472I just bought a suit for €1000 (~$1200). Tough it suits me very well and the fabric and build qualit…[View]
12853093More like this?: Hi /fa/, i was looking for something effay coming from adidas/palace that i can wea…[View]
12852999E F F A Y: Come chat about fashion or whatever. Let's get comfy.[View]
12852190Does this work as an outfit? any suggestions on what to wear with this shirt?[View]
12852366What's the most /fa/ underwear? We still gotta flaunt it.[View]
12852951what are people wearing in berlin now[View]
12852870Noob here what are you wearing /fa/ ?[View]
12852867ID on the bandana[View]
12851267can you be /fa/ without looking gay?[View]
12852831W2C those pants or similar[View]
12852781Have any of you guys bought these shoe Are they comfortable?[View]
12846683If I want people to stop thinking I'm a fucking loser because of my glasses, what style of fram…[View]
12851281What’s the cringiest outfit you’ve ever seen irl?[View]
12852254>Manlets<: Only manlets will know this feel....[View]
12851279hi /fa/ggots im new on this board plz dont bully just wanted to know you guys opinion on streetwear …[View]
12842451god dammit im fucking sick of having to wipe 100 times every time i shit how much is laser hair remo…[View]
12852196Slp pics: Does anyone know where to find the slp catalog photos, the ones that Hedi takes before the…[View]
12850541Is he /fa/?[View]
12852143Which Blade Runner had the best coat?[View]
12850973Sportswear Thread: Clothing meant to be worn for physical exercise, please no athleisure. Let's…[View]
12852213What jacket is he wearing?[View]
12851889Where can I get a good looking /fa/ leather jacket?[View]
12850520Do I really need to wear brown shoes with a blue suit. Brown shoes look like shit to me.[View]
12833108effay tattoo thread[View]
12851026shoes: Where can I find these color of converse? silver lace rings / milky white / embedded logo…[View]
12851518Mulatto to Korean: I'm going to Korea in around 100 days. I want the perfect baby white skin ty…[View]
12852068I'm looking at contacts, specifically hard contacts. Anyone have any experience with contacts? …[View]
12849049I bough raw denim about a year ago and when I got them they were too small. I've stretched them…[View]
12850612Plain White Ts: What's the best white T-shrt brand? Any of the bulk brands (Hanes, Fruit of the…[View]
12849257FA Musicians: Any of you got an ID on Archy's Jacket?[View]
12850236Learning the Basics: Where can I learn the steps to creating clothes? Really interested to inform my…[View]
12852237But he is just doing Prada nowadays wtf[View]
12850650Look alike/substitute thread[View]
12851996What kind of boot is this?: Simple question. Tell both what this boot is not; as well as what this b…[View]
12847183/edc/ thread: Been awhile. Not usually a fan of off topic threads but hopefully someone can give a s…[View]
12852053what shoes should people with large feet buy? When I wear stuff like converse my feet look monstrous…[View]
12840058What is slutty/promiscuous clothing for guys? Like how women have tight party dresses with plunging …[View]
12851798thigh high boots: hey /fa/ so winter is around the corner. I recently moved to Tokyo, and shoes are…[View]
12843059Help with eyes: How do i fix my eyes? Please help[View]
12851741what do you call this hairstyle?[View]
12850307music & style: I'm curious to see how these tie together for you anon, post: >a favorite…[View]
12851683Where can i get that shirts?: I really wanna wear it. So i entered nfl shop official site then searc…[View]
12849141crewnecks: what are some nice crewneck sweaters[View]
12851166Something similar?: This one is out of stock,it was like 50 bucks and looks perfect, anything simila…[View]
12850293shoe ideas?: long time lurker, opinions on what shoes would go better?[View]
12850280Who /vest/ here?: Been looking around for this beauty. Anyone know where I can find it?[View]
12850110>tfw supreme released a blood and semen hoodie and it ended up not being a Metallica collaboratio…[View]
12850982Do you know of Igor Guttman? Are you aware of this man and his existence? Please take him back, Kr…[View]
12844181Seborrhea: I have this dandruff like thing all over my face and even if I clean it, the thing just c…[View]
12851526Yo, should I cop an Alpha Industries parka in BLACK? Do you leave the tag on?[View]
12851284What are some high quality graphic t-shirts? Preferably made (and printed) in the USA[View]
12848647Hat Thread[View]
12851459Never posted here but I quit shaving and getting haircuts a year ago. Is it /fa/? I'm pretty mu…[View]
12850512Improving /fa/ starts with YOU: Please take 2 minutes to read this. '/fa/ is dead' I see it all the…[View]
12846939Who is the most /fa/ in this picture?[View]
12847084What's your verdict?[View]
12851349Why do I always buy blue watches? Like any other color and I am like meh, but throw a blue strap on …[View]
12850502What are you guys wearing for the start of the second American civil war on nov4?[View]
12846657Balenciaga Triple s general: Sup /fa/ Been a while since I've been here, so forgive me if this …[View]
12851265where can I find these sunglasses?[View]
12850755How many of you get your clothes made?[View]
12851222Identifying This Dress: Hey /fa/, I want to identify this dress. I have some theories but I need you…[View]
12851126Golf aesthetic[View]
12851181Fashion Documentries: Interested in learning a bit more about the fashion industry. Please share som…[View]
12824842/grid/ Autum Edition: r8 h8 etc[View]
12851153Can we pls have a women's fashion thread that isn't neckbeards posting their 3d waifus in …[View]
12851032can someone get me an ID of this Barbour Jacket? It's definitely not the bedale or beaufort. i…[View]
12837533What's the most /fa/ drink or cocktail? Protip: The only answer is a single malt whiskey, neat.[View]
12849458LOT 2046: thoughts on LOT 2046 fanons? i love the branding and idea, so i'm going to give it a …[View]
12848813Suggestions: Heya /fa/!! just wondering if you guys could help me out with a fashion crisis. I’ve be…[View]
12850466Does anyone know the name of this hat William Tyndale is rocking?: Me and some buddies are celebrati…[View]
12849775Big & Tall: Hey /fa/ , I don't normally browse this board at all but I was wondering if y…[View]
12850242Hey guys, just dropped 150USD on these timberland earthkeepers. Did I do good?[View]
12850494What does /fa/ think about WenVen?: I'm looking around for some jackets and I found this brand …[View]
12850028there are so many fat fucks working at my office, so when it's hot outside, they put the air co…[View]
12848344Best off white sneaker?[View]
12843815Happy 30th to Freja Beha Erichsen also modelfu thread[View]
12850262Long Hair Inspo[View]
12850582/fa/ what are some good receding hairline hairstyles/hair cuts?[View]
12850678I need recs on how to dress feminely as a male. I want people to look at me and assume I'm gay.[View]
12848217/RMRS/: What is /fa/'s opinion on Antonio Centeno?[View]
12850200I wanna get a small subtle tattoo on a really hidden part of my body because I want it to be persona…[View]
12850484what is the name of this bagpack style? do you use them?[View]
12850490Are fu manchus effay?[View]
12849187What are some shoes that have close to the same level of comfort as UltraBoosts but arent as expensi…[View]
12845089/hg/ Hat general #1: This thread is dedicated to all things related to hats. >fashiontips & …[View]
12849678Is full rick dead?: https://www.instagram.com/fullrickowens/ Last post September 11[View]
12849890anyone got any watch recommendation for someone who doesnt want to spend more than 20 bucks on one?[View]
12850312Are suspenders effay?[View]
12849869Mindhunter / 70s Fashion Anyone seen this show, I like the fashion, especially Tench's style. A…[View]
12849882Starting College: What should I wear? >6ft >Black >Business Major >22 >Sophomore …[View]
12850317Are there any good fits with these? They're extremely left field for my style and I know they…[View]
12849660shia boots: id on those hiking boots anyone ?[View]
12849548black or khaki?[View]
12850023Copenhagen Hat: Can anyone give me an ID on this Copenhagen Danmark hat? Thanks in advance.[View]
12849558How do I wear chelsea boots as a man?[View]
12849988looking for pants or short pants with thick stripes like this but with more of a punk look. less co…[View]
12850059how do I steal his look? I need pants that fit just like those s[View]
12837333Why is Finnish fashion so god tier?[View]
12847230Cutting own hair INSPO: Hi /fa/, recently i buy a hair trimmer and i want good inpirations of hairs…[View]
12843528Can I use this on my dick[View]
12842702Realistically /fa/, are enamel pins fashionable? I was wondering wether or not I should start doing …[View]
12849688I used to love this show as a kid. Is it ok to wear this shirt as an adult?[View]
12848695Where can I find a jacket like that?[View]
12848102ITT: /fa/ triggers[View]
12845522'ugly sneakers': https://www.wsj.com/articles/yes-these-sneakers-are-ugly-thats-the-point-1508167909…[View]
12841288What happened to hipsters. Where did they all go?[View]
12849042> ...pull it off[View]
12847916W2C: black pants like these[View]
12848244Evolution of Style: How long have you been interested in clothing? How has your taste evolved? I…[View]
12848663What's the most a e s t h e t i c and effay pet to own? I was thinking: greyhound freshwater fi…[View]
12849715Hey /fa/, i need a new haircut got tired of the undercut, i've been liking pic related lately b…[View]
12849721What sort of product/styling technique would you use to get hair that looks like this?[View]
12847240Ankle Cut: >hemming your jeans up to your ankles I've been seeing this more and more lately.…[View]
12849695Denim: what is a good slim pair of jeans that have about a seven inch leg opening? I've tried a…[View]
12848713W2C: w2c shirt like this?[View]
12849423What hairstyle you woke up with?[View]
12845621Fashionable or trashionable?[View]
12849515Converse: Where do I find these in all white but with silver shoe lace rings.[View]
12840086Waywt: Waywt[View]
12847462ultimate urban grey man style: Hey /fa/ What is the ultimate grey man style in a corporate/urban env…[View]
12849484Looking to buy this: Can some one help cant find it anywhere[View]
12832496Cringe thread[View]
12844883Headphones: What are some fa bluetooth headphones?[View]
12847435Need help. I'm getting some new glasses (can't do contacts they fuck with my eyes) but I a…[View]
12849341What kind of style are millennial girls into these days? I just can't keep up.[View]
12843896Debut: Just got done with my first piece that I will be producing! Making it with a heavy upholstery…[View]
12845684Where did the 'gay people know how to dress' meme come from?[View]
12848890cop or not[View]
12849255alright /fa/ i'm fucking obese as fuck. i know nothing will look good on me but i need a jacket…[View]
12846638Wearing snowboard jackets casually.: i was thinking of buying this, but i know nothing. I need some …[View]
12846694Is this carlo colucci sweater worth anything? I thrifted it a year ago for £20 and I can't find…[View]
12849300Going thrifting tomorrow for the first time in forever. What's some effay trash I should keep m…[View]
12847457is it /fa/ to wear your jacket like this?[View]
12849106what does /fa/ think of loafers?[View]
12848540Alright fellas Where can I find a trench coat like daxy-boy here[View]
12847467Rate this jacket pls[View]
12845048You have 20 sec to explain why you don't own a bolo tie.[View]
12845747Was going to buy this but it's gone out of stock and I can't find it anywhere! Any suggest…[View]
12848481Eurotrash clothing thread[View]
12848728what shoes is he wearing?[View]
12847245how to cop this look[View]
12847953I'm poor but I need clothes. Second hand is my solution?[View]
12847188Guys I'm gonna buy some replica adidas ultraboost sneakers because im a cheap fucker what do yo…[View]
12848928Hair Care: Is it normal to have so much dandruff? Pic related[View]
12846429Would you wear this in real life? Maybe not the leg strap things but it looks pretty /fa/.[View]
12849008Is my forehead too big? I’ve been rocking a Justin Bieber kinda haircut all my life because of my fo…[View]
12848762I need some /fa/ help: pic related is my current messenger bag/man purse. I need to get a new one be…[View]
12846910Help a homie out... nigga: Alright boys i got my hands on 500 buckos and i wanna buy some lit shit. …[View]
12848618Does anybody have any experience with pic related? Is the quality any good?[View]
12848988Avoiding Buyers Remorse: New to /fa/, how to gain the most satisfaction from your purchases? Don…[View]
12848976Personal Hygiene: What do you guys use on your faces? Hair? Beard? Body? What colognes are /fa/ appr…[View]
12830866/fa/ Halloween Costume Ideas: Need some costume ideas for Halloween coming up. Bonus points for clot…[View]
12846203Am I fa?: Am I Fa?[View]
12847960Hi /fa/. I'm a pleb from a second world country and I want to aquire some good colorful clothin…[View]
12848534Was Jeffrey Dahmer effay?[View]
12848524>tfw you see a person wearing GAP clothing[View]
12847137Where can I get this shirt?[View]
12847584Is it a bad idea to wear skinny jeans if you have a small cock?: Like will it be really obvious?…[View]
12847123have you ever thought that bikinis are just a set of panties and bra that are made for water and are…[View]
12846504Fit assistance thread Post new pieces you got that you have a hard time forming a fit for[View]
12847017What does everyone think? pic is related.[View]
12848184APC petit standard: Anyone here own petit standards? I was thinking of getting them tailored because…[View]
12844626Does anybody else here find shopping in person humiliating and take away their dignity? Whenever I e…[View]
12845381Is Wes Anderson /fa/?[View]
12845675HAIR: What are the basics to having 'good' hair in terms of product, cleaning, shampoo etc. I'v…[View]
12845976Would you ever wear this?[View]
12847883American clothing brands that are more popular outside the US than inside the US >Gant >Farah …[View]
12848352What's the lowdown on Yohji's collaborations with New Era? Is everything similar to YYPH m…[View]
12842624Why do people value 'Made in Italy' tag?[View]
12844677how do i dress with these? also what kind of socks (plain white/black/colorful/no socks)[View]
12836102how often do you bathe[View]
12846920Is there anywhere online that sells these? The only real ones I can find are sold out and the rest a…[View]
12847864Can you make clubmasters work with a round head shape? Getting my first glasses and I like those. Gu…[View]
12848265Giraffe neck: I have a pretty long giraffe neck. Where do I find shirts with tighter neck holes and …[View]
12848253Fashion photographer: Hey I'm a fashion photographer looking for men and or women to shoot, we …[View]
12847819Trench coats: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2017/aug/16/trench-coat-messy-style Opinions on th…[View]
12847060What is the next 1 Million?: Is it pic related or is it Dior Sauvage? I love them both but I don…[View]
12845936He /fa/ what do you think about this look?[View]
12847464How exactly can I wear this jacket in real life? Can't exactly wear it to a business meeting, o…[View]
12844876What are some /fa/ magazines to subscribe to? Pic related, but I'm in the US so I can't g…[View]
12830311Inspo: dark aesthetic type shit i guess[View]
12846567>tfw no qt /fa/ bf[View]
12847301Thrifted this for 5£ Windproof and waterproof 3/4 zip Did I do good? Btw the colour is like a dark …[View]
12846498Best black pants General: Jeans, Chinos, Skinny, Slim[View]
12839842Do you actively practice any sports /fa/? Any martial arts? What are the most /fa/ sports/martial ar…[View]
12846242More Camo Shit: I bought into the meme a while back and got one of those flecktarn field jackets and…[View]
12847105what to buy.: So I got my 1st pay check today. 280 AUS dollars. What am I buying boys?[View]
12847429LPU: Just picked up This bad boy[View]
12847175How to measure attractiveness? Is there to see how attractive you are/might be? I’m a bit overweight…[View]
12847086What to wear with a Haori: Wanna wear a Haori don't have anything to wear it with; figured this…[View]
12846391Fall-core General[View]
12847540Yes or no? Explain why[View]
12845500My bathroom looks like shit, help a man out. >rugs in bathrooms are disgusting The fuck am I su…[View]
12841632/thinspo/ - Thinspo General: Last thread: >>12827717 Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >make am…[View]
12847456Is Aubrey Plaza effay?[View]
12845197What 2 Pair With This?: Just copped these Muay Thai shorts on the low, but idk what to pair these wi…[View]
12846664Dressy Casual?: Is this considered 'Dressy Casual'? I feel like this is too much, I never dress up b…[View]
12818526Boots General. Get this thread bumping my guys[View]
12847338Shoes: What kind of converse are these?[View]
12846041whadya think?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAuUd1HiWe4 thoughts?[View]
12847051Is it wrong for a guy to wear roman sandals? Sandals in general look really bad to me but these loo…[View]
12845754How can I incorporate these into outfits?[View]
12847233Summers coming up: Post whatever you'll be wearing down under[View]
12844863You don't plan on being /fa past 30 right? There is nothing more depressing and sad than an old…[View]
12847157How do I get Old Hickory hair? Why did men back in the day have such insane volume?[View]

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