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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 289 expired threads from the past 3 days

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13522981face rate thread: rateme hard[View]
13531810How do I tell my barber I want the hitler-cut without telling him I want the hitler-cut?[View]
13532771ITT Styles you wish made a comeback: The pencil stache[View]
13532022Is beard + long hair the ultimate aesthetic?[View]
13532958I bought this chain and it just keeps rolling over so that the fake diamonds are facing down what d…[View]
13532710Hello can anyone help in autistic core I would like to dress up as a total loser so everyone can avo…[View]
13528013WTF causes these shadows on the chin below the corner of the lips? What surgery do I need to fix it?…[View]
13532852Does /fa/ like Visvim? Can we have a visvim inspo thread? Visvim inspired fits are cool too.[View]
13532584Aviators as glasses, is it a good idea?[View]
13530211fit rate 1-10?[View]
13526051what shoes are /fa/ if you want to keep your natural foot shape?[View]
13532791CHECK THIS BLOG: Fashion and drama, the life of Charles Collingwood, don't miss it! adayinchuc…[View]
13527176What's the most versatile type of business shoe? I got myself a nice jacket and now maybe shoul…[View]
13532004What are some good outfits for the young lady i have in my quiet box?[View]
13532729Silver nails: What do you think of silver nails?[View]
13532704Have any of you had experience dying your own hair? if so what products, methods, etc did you work w…[View]
13532443Does anyone know where to cop this jacket?[View]
13531044When will the balenciaga/vetements meme end? At the end of the day ironic and bad is still bad.[View]
13527812Natsochic/Aryacore: What’s Natsochic? Natsochic is a fasionstyle that comes from National Socialist …[View]
13532254Help me out /fa/. I’ve got a date with this girl. She’s 18, bleach blonde hair but a natural brunett…[View]
13532605Is my hair effay?[View]
13532070Thoughts on Luka repping /fa/ and the rest of chan?[View]
13530740is edward the most effay movie character?[View]
13524795Does anyone know where I can by a medieval robe that isn't made of some kind of polyester shit?…[View]
13532328It seems like every single fucking piece of clothing i buy got this shit on it. I'm aware it…[View]
13532196“The perfect sneaker doesn’t exis- ...you were saying?[View]
13527646Saw this in a dying thread so figured ill make a real one. Where do i get t shirts similar to his, …[View]
13530148Saint Laurent Biker Jeans: Should I buy a pair of SLP biker jeans? also general thoughts on these je…[View]
13529322black high tops: Haven't browsed effay since ~2012 when everyone creamed their pants over dark …[View]
13531860Post an effay artist accompanied by some of their music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UweCQtu0BCc…[View]
13531509/midg/ - Minimalist Interior Design General: Where to start?[View]
13523835QTDDTOT - Gays Only Edition: Get your dumb questions answered without shitting up the rest of the bo…[View]
13532305Glasses Thread: ITT: Discuss and share glasses[View]
13531622What do I have to do to get a decent pair of sandals? I don't want to pay a fortune but serious…[View]
13529895Are these a meme? Want some sick high tops for beater use[View]
13531858What's a cool jacket I can wear without looking like a try hard badass?[View]
13530541/wt/ - Watch Thread: Tudor Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the…[View]
13531060Mountain is the only real Rick's show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BiAExMpswo[View]
13529854Need a cap: I'm wearing this. I like the quality of it but my head is shit and it looks bad on …[View]
13529366Is Brooks Brothers a better classic men's clothing brand than Ralph Lauren? If you had to choos…[View]
13531891Has anyone used this, I've browsed but cant add any filters besides price[View]
13528973>Bitching about all black suits: So apparently all black suits are the devil or something, I keep…[View]
13532043What's the deal with this meme? Long hem but not meant to be tucked in?[View]
13529432Post /fa/ pets, I'll start with mine[View]
13531973I ordered visvim foley folk, these are adidas stan smith, did i get scammed?[View]
13531081i.d on the bag the goose is holding? help me fa you're my last hope[View]
13528393what is the haircut of the 2020's?[View]
13528036/fa/ dog names?[View]
13531848Basics General: Where does /fa/ get all their basic, and what places have the best fit and quality. …[View]
13529515Should I get the Reverse or OG Shattered Backboards? Every fag online has the OG for fricking 600 mi…[View]
13528586What's the most autistic fashion combo?: My vote goes to tall, broad shouldered men in crop top…[View]
13529801If I want a big homeless man sized hoodie like link below would I just need to order extra large or …[View]
13529220How can hitler youth cut/undercut even compete?[View]
13529800Someone please help me find this hat in blue. If anyone has it I’ll pay whatever price[View]
13530793w2c jeans on the left?[View]
13512599What type of clothes do girls actually find attractive?: Any girls on here? Is the shit that people …[View]
13530232Are hair transplants worth it?: I'm 46, an oldfag who's never been effay, but I'm hit…[View]
13530085/eyebrows/: What's the consensus on shaving your fucked up eyebrows so they can grow back norma…[View]
13517391Skin Thread: Wiki: Skin care basics:http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics Acn…[View]
13526355post macho and high testosterone fits[View]
13530659rate me fellow incels[View]
13529556European webshops / boutiques (menswear): I've lost my bookmarks, and am looking for European o…[View]
13529031How do you all feel about this? Is it the right thing to do? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/b…[View]
13504277Are your parents /fa/?[View]
13530906Can some of you fags explain why this guy is so handsome?I have pretty much the same face structure …[View]
13530157Post vronskycore[View]
13529342Why do people buy shit like this?: >Literally a black t shirt. Saw someone I know on Facebook pos…[View]
13531145Anyone here likes Adventure Core?[View]
13531381Is this a good look for a young white techie? https://realclobber.com/acronym-j53ts-jacket/[View]
13531311FA PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS BRAND: I am trying to identify a shirt I saw on a friday night before ge…[View]
13531142Slim leather jacket: Is there anywhere you can get a slim saint laurent style leather jacket for abo…[View]
13528936Is this the most effay male hairstyle?[View]
13523728Dressing like an adult: How do I dress more maturely without coming off as a tryhard? My clothes cur…[View]
13529684post interesting / avantgarde belts[View]
13529678Help a nigga out: what is this type of shirt he be wearing?[View]
13529619Why haven't you listened to one of the best albums of the decade yet? It's even free on BC…[View]
13530231how should i size on this fye ass sneaker bros do the they fit liek regular converse? half a size do…[View]
13523473/DWC/: This piece of shit could have been a model. I love his style. What camo is his shirt? Looks l…[View]
13523449Holland /fa/: Dutch bros, I'll be visiting Holland in 2 days, what are some good retailers and …[View]
13529056What is it about this fragrance that makes the ladies go wild? It's unanimously despised by all…[View]
13529704150 year old question: What kind of Bow Tie is this, /fa/? Will micro glasses ever make a comeback? …[View]
13530811I want the legit outdoor pack from visvim (in high visibility red), but I’m too poor! I’m too fashio…[View]
13529828anyone know where to cop some decent overshirts like the ones from last years uniqlo u[View]
13529474What hair products for this style?: And is it possible to achieve this style with very thick hair?…[View]
13530737any ID on these?[View]
13528239Rate my fit[View]
13530637Where do I get a bitchin' coat like Goku and Vegeta?[View]
13529471I saw a denim jacket thread and they were only talking about corporate bs manufactured in shithole c…[View]
13530228Best bras for big bobs? bonus if under 30$[View]
13530113stretching/removing creases on geos: I just got a pair of deerskin leather geos second hand off grai…[View]
13529406Are tattoos like Soto Gang's trashy?[View]
13529845What is your ideal effay lifestyle? The other OP was a day dreaming faggot, as per usual.[View]
13529928Girls of effay btfo Why do you even try to stay thin?[View]
13528098/wt/ WATCH THREAD: effay divers edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as…[View]
13530500Adam sandler core? Is he our /g/uy?[View]
13530406Why don't we have Visvim threads?[View]
13530335Help: FA- I have an important lunch next week and I need new clothes obviously. I have black Red Win…[View]
13528543Sup /fa/ What you think of the fit?[View]
13529096What stores can I get good fitting jeans and some cute boy K-pop stuff (that's not too gay) I…[View]
13529862i need these: vaporwave fashion is great[View]
13525858This look[View]
13530222Does anyone like Kokon to Zai? Most of their stuff is pretty over the top, but I love it, it's …[View]
13530184sandals general: rate my collection[View]
13529367Hey /fa/ I found my grandfathers vintage ties, mostly from the 70s but some probably even from earli…[View]
13530196whats the best place to get one of these afghanka's? also whats the sizing like compared to the…[View]
13529421Will being tan make my laugh lines less noticeable?: I got some weirdly prominent laugh lines and it…[View]
13529332Piercing General: post piercing inspo and care tips[View]
13524391need inspo what to wear this with?[View]
13529920Do you prefer supima cotton or uniqlo U heavyweight cotton t-shirts?[View]
13530117IM TOO THICC I got a fat ass i mean its way too big my thighs are massive i only do leg days and ea…[View]
13528075Smoking: How to optimize aesthetics as a smoker? Roll your own? If not, what brand is most /fa/? Use…[View]
13529901Designing own suits: Hey guys I just 'designed' my own summer suit and it's bought and paid for…[View]
13527657Am I /fa/?[View]
13529909Fake sneakers: What is /fa's thoughts on buying fake sneakers/reps[View]
13529660What are some good brands for glasses?[View]
13529844Fashion Discord: Hey theres! Noticed most of the /fa/ discords are dead, a new one if anyone’s inter…[View]
13529761Visvim nylon backpack - $860 RRL leather backpack - $995 Would you care to explain?[View]
13527717/fa/ Laundry: Hey /fa/, what do you do to keep your clothes undamaged and colorful as long as possib…[View]
13529687real shit what shirt is this right the fuck now[View]
13529707Jeans make my skin feel uncomfortable, same goes for any denim product. What are some other options…[View]
13528331>You're sitting on your couch, you're watching TV, and your life is passing you by. Kee…[View]
13527622“Young” Jackets: Do styles like lettermen jackets or Members Only play too hard into the youth side …[View]
13529637Leather Pants: where to cop some decent leather pants? looking for the jim morrison aesthetic with t…[View]
13529527What shirt is this?: ID on it please[View]
13528681desu: Prove youre effay with a weak budget of $600 and show us what youd buy[View]
13527603does anyone have the pic of a bunch of vetements models with short hair all standing around. would a…[View]
13529554Shirt id: Can anyone is the shirt? Love this shit[View]
13527218omg i am scare: i have pale skin and brown eyebrows but im afraid if i get tan it will make my eyebr…[View]
13529306>tfw I'm unironically about to buy this. Try to stop me bros but you can't. This Hawaii…[View]
13529408I want to get this boots, but I don't want to look too formal or too fagg. Any ideas?.[View]
13529239Is being yourself /fa/?[View]
13528057Okay I've been asking this through out the day on /fa/ and /qa/. What the hell is Eric harris…[View]
13524514>2018 >not wearing joggers What's wrong with you? Chino/denim joggers are autistic, but t…[View]
13529201>basedcucks will defend this[View]
13529190Satanist: I need some Satanist /fa/ inspo[View]
13527365sweat pants: How do we feel about thin sweat pants on guys not wearing anything else underneath. It …[View]
13526559is a singular Gucci item with a plainish comfy outfit /fa/? more like a side bag or satchel etc[View]
13529162Wallet Thread: Can't get any more /fa/ than pic related[View]
13524478/sneaker general/: Listen up here, I bought a pair of Adidas GATs in a US size 10. The right shoe fi…[View]
13517684Fragrance General: Previous thread >>13506303 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://w…[View]
13527525Hey, I am a 26 year old white male and my receding hairline is getting worse and worse. I will not s…[View]
13523816Aging: >used to having youthful appearance >get told a lot that I looked like I was still goin…[View]
13523802How to achieve the trap aesthetic?[View]
13524112gravity boys /sadboys inspo[View]
13527308Okay, can someone tell me what his hairstyle is called?[View]
13528347Are knives /fa/?[View]
13528152only attractive people can be fa, how would i look if i wore this outfit? i would look like a shit, …[View]
13525018Hello /fa/. Here’s an opportunity for you. I recently started working as a stylist with a management…[View]
13527290How come so many anons on /fa/ shit on r/MFA? Sure, they don't obsess over vaguely-defined 'cor…[View]
13526283Help /fa/: Guys i need to buy eyewear as soon as possible and my budget is around 300-350 euro.I am …[View]
13527422How can I dress better as a fatty?[View]
13528813hey /fa/, find a waifu >moonmodels.lv/models[View]
13521884Model Thread: Post female and male models[View]
13528660What happened to Asics/Onitsuka Tiger Aaron MT? Pretty, durable, light. They are sold out everywhere…[View]
13528003what are these called? like is there a name for them? I'm looking for a pair I can buy IRL inst…[View]
13528753Heading to Prague next month. Any particular stores I should check out/avoid? Are clothes as cheap a…[View]
13524151Hello /fa/gs, I dont use this board at all, but I wanted to ask you one thing.On a scale 0-10, how c…[View]
13528739I fell for the ripped jean meme /fa/ are there any that aren't cringe? black preferred[View]
13528517Is this /fa/?[View]
13528722>leather, wool and denim >can last over century >just gets more comfortable and better look…[View]
13524587Nike SFB Field 2 20,5 cm: is that worth the money ? Is that a good looking pair of boots ?[View]
13527371trying to wear more black, is this a cringe outfit?[View]
13526822Aaaaah help /fa/, I want to be cute and fashionable but I feel like my height makes everything look …[View]
13527028Can I be a model?[View]
13525255BUY SELL TRADE: Bring out your old shit.[View]
13528230Is slavcore effay? Or does it just look tryhard and cringy?[View]
13528568I am fairly skinny, my my calves are fat as hell. Genetics I think. So pants look good but shorts lo…[View]
13527699>205lbs >down from 300 >still want to lose another 35-45 pounds >lost 4 inches in my hi…[View]
13523303Adidas Alphabounces: Hi /fa/, yesterday I just bought my first Adidas shoes, those being a pair of A…[View]
13525609is ghostly pale skin effay?[View]
13527615Rank these haircuts from best to worst!: Please rank these haircuts from the most attractive to the …[View]
13528421post some fake chink shit[View]
13528299Black jeans for tall muscular dudes: Any recommendations for black jeans that come in rather large s…[View]
13528127How do I wear shorts and wingtips and not look like a massive douche (e.g the average /fa/ poster)?[View]
13527322Can I get examples of people pulling off long sleve polo shirts[View]
13526935What aesthetic are they going for?[View]
13527280/terrorwave/ - African insurgents editons[View]
13528333I would like a high and tight please[View]
13525817>both of my parents are really good looking >i look like a mongoloid If I didn't have an…[View]
13528068Got a big event coming in about a month and I gotta look creatively stylish but still formal. Advice…[View]
13527878Hey /fa/ is your is your suit woke? Haven't you rejected masculinity yet? It's so unfashio…[View]
13527740Cor or drop?[View]
13519897Effay Albums: inb4NMH[View]
13528201Are tortoise shell frames good for a n oval face and curly brown hair?[View]
13527254BEST DEODORANT?: What are the top tier deodorants? This is what I use rn but I want to step it up…[View]
13528211/fa/ sandals? Comfy Christ cruisers[View]
13527224Styles for males with long afro hair: Subject says it all. How should I style my hair?[View]
13528059Why do they make such ugly things?[View]
13526868What to buy in Japan: I'm going to Japan next week, what does /fa/ recommend picking up there t…[View]
13523757Grug has most expensive black mammoth body wearings. Trade them from the shaman. Full Brick. Grug se…[View]
13526166effay lifestyle thread: post your ideal 'effay' lifestyle -cold and nearly silent marriage…[View]
13524993Where can I find clip on shades that fit on these kind of glasses style thing. Kinda round but not f…[View]
13527831All clothing has cultural capital. There is meaning woven into every thread. Wether it be a Brooks B…[View]
13524100Are they ok as beaters?[View]
13527387Hey /fa/ggots, I want some advice I am having some ballcaps made with a minimalistic logo. I wear a …[View]
13524289Hey fa i need some creative ideas for dressing my characters in the videogame that im producing, wou…[View]
13527735Found old watch: Can anyone help me identify anything about this watch?[View]
13527813Miami's trends will make you sweat.[View]
13526471So my problem is to choose only one of these.. Can you help me fa?[View]
13527568Best hairstyles against helmet head? Just got my riding license and will be warring a helmet allot s…[View]
13525013/wt/ WATCH THREAD: One Hitter Shitter Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as w…[View]
13526555Just bought this shoulderbag. Do shoulderbags like this look gay?[View]
13527711Am I crazy or did Acne jeans (at least the Max Cash line) have a white leather back patch? Did they …[View]
13527691Where can i find tshirts similar to this one for a good price ? I'm from canada. I don't w…[View]
13516402Band t thread: Don't see one in the catalog[View]
13527154can someone reccommend good clothing with anti bacterial and anti odor properties? i dont shower oft…[View]
13525850Thoughts on this fit?: I actually enjoy how Demna casually dresses up in his free time, what are you…[View]
13527193How can I become as beautiful as possible? I can't change my height, but what else can I do? Co…[View]
13526999Does anyone else here wear their boxers back to front so you have more room for your dick and balls?[View]
13527016How are their own brand offerings?[View]
13527378Surf/Beachcore: Can anyone recommend me some good beach or surfercore brands and shops to look at?…[View]
13527151What shoe is this?[View]
13527235Alternative to Keds Champion?: It seems they no longer offer Keds Champions for men. What are some a…[View]
13527135Do you think this would go with navy/grey denim or grey trousers?[View]
13526841Sunglasses Thread: What pieces are /fa/ enough to be worn this summer?[View]
13527315my mum bought this bag but now she isn't using it anymore. It's way better than my current…[View]
13526246Faces of /effay/[View]
13526877summer clothes: Am I the only one who runs into problems every summer with my look? Fall, winter and…[View]
13520439/buzzcut/: >free haircuts at home >look better than most men with hair >don't have to …[View]
13522160What is a good hairspray for men that wont dry my hair or most importantly, one that I dont need sha…[View]
13527137>look at rick owen >it's expensive how do u guys do it?…[View]
13525985Shampoo massagers: Are they worth it?[View]
13522900HELP A LAD: Lads I have a job interview. What’s the best combination out of these? 3 shirts 4 pants …[View]
13520767Minimal Wardobe: Choosing more quality over quantity. Anyone here working towards or currently have …[View]
13520362*ruins your hair*[View]
13525436>just wear moncler bro[View]
13526976Why is every chick wearing these all of the sudden?[View]
13527124!&×*×(! Wiwi2929wnsns .gh:_#_!_!(×.$ sksndbd dnsks .n%$?!_$($€!(-_-€@( !.!_$_×*×÷_÷(×€+£+£+£!?!.…[View]
13523012BOOTS: I am working Vietnam soon and I need a pair of reliable and durable boots. Something I can we…[View]
13527029I need your help guys, i found an Adidas jacket that I had when I was younger that I really liked. I…[View]
13527001How do I get into fashion after being fat as fuck my whole life? I’ve lost weight but I’m still reta…[View]
13527098What have you copped recently?[View]
13525665What kind of necklace Adam Jones wearing on his neck?: This is just super specific but it's lik…[View]
13527066>genuinely don't know what other kinds of mens shirts there are besides t's, dress shir…[View]
13525261Why haven't you buzzed your head yet. Is it because you are a late teens early twenties child?[View]
13509947My wallet is fucked and I gonna need a new one. What does /fa/ carry?[View]
13525717Drawstring shorts: Anyone have drawstring short recs? Looking for like 8'-10' inseam Found these jcr…[View]
13526752Are there any garments which mark one as a s*y cuck or is it all body language?[View]
13524954Tattoo: Lately I was thinking about getting a samoan tattoo, but I was thinking that maybe it would …[View]
13526772Normie Fashion: I haven't bought any new clothes in three years. Somebody please tell me where …[View]
13519034Goth inspo: last one got deleted for some reason[View]
13525886Just bought my first and only supreme. did I fuck up? only spent 80 dollars.[View]
13526878W2C this entire fit. It's literally perfect to me.[View]
13523909I’m interested in dressing like a 1980’s themed cyberpunk dystopia, what clothes do I need to accomp…[View]
13526793What's with the influx of anons posting shit tier fuccboi brands like supreme, undercover, cav …[View]
13525814I’ve recently been doing everything I can to improve my appearance, and the last step is my hair I’m…[View]
13526645ITT boatshoes: Hi 6 years ago my parents gave me dockers or camp mocks. They are the shoes that fee…[View]
13525362Cheapest European Countries/Cities to Buy Clothes and Electronic: I'm latin American Going to S…[View]
13521634Faces of /effay/[View]
13526163Why aren't you part of the /gucci gang/?[View]
13515908What cut, brand, and colors of underwear do you wear?[View]
13525289Boots to go with a trenchoat?: So i'm looking for like some boots that also go up the leg a bit…[View]
13526475do you know famous insta manlets? i used to stalk xxxtentacion because he was a 5'6 manlet like…[View]
13525241Fuccboi General: Fuccboi General Can someone id this? Thrifted the exact same sweatshirt and I can b…[View]
13526239How does this look so good but stay so simple?[View]
13523396Anon why are you buying cheap ass low quality jeans that are already been washed or worst case broke…[View]
13520685Why is /fa/ so queerphobic?[View]
13522433What the fuck is wrong with sweatpants?: I keep seeing a lot of hate for sweatpants on the internet,…[View]
13521848do YOU tuck in your tshirts /fa/?[View]
13524878so i lost my favorite hat and I cant find it online anywhere. whats the best places online to ask pe…[View]
13523946WATCH THREAT, BLUE FACE Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the mi…[View]
13521988How to get thicker eyebrows?[View]
13526275What do you think about my fashion?[View]
13521363tumblr thread, go[View]
13502439Sleazecore: Is sleaze the best style for a young guy with Mediterranean looks?[View]
13524667Where can I get a shirt like this[View]
13525090What's the fa verdict on Vapor95?[View]
13519020can we get a mr grips thread? anything dg/deep web/mallninja core is also ok[View]
13526039>just shave it bro women love that shit[View]
13524888Grab a Headline: This article made me realized that many of these fashion publications and blogs see…[View]
13524460Jeff Goldblum and his wife are pretty /fa/ for a couple of aging Baby Boomers[View]
13524450What do you guys think of this colorful jacket? I wanna start having a really colorful wardrobe with…[View]
13523600Please tell me this isn't becoming the next normie fashion item like the thrasher-hoodie. Have …[View]
13524083FFXV core: Where can I find pants that look like Noctis'? I don't mean cosplay tier shit, …[View]
13525863Male Earring Thread: Post Inspo of earrings on men, all kinds can dangly earrings look good? or is i…[View]
13524538Is Asap Rocky the biggest fashion icon of this generation?[View]
13524935Cop or not?[View]
13523154Are watches the only non-tryhard form of male jewellery?[View]
135255603 things you wish you change in the fashion industry: 1st. I personally would like to see the termin…[View]
13525556how to buy a wardrobe: I've been a neet for a long time, too long. I've recently come into…[View]
13524827does anyone have this hat in blue?[View]
13523234What kind of tie and shoes go with this suit?: It's a kind of green with mild pinstripes going …[View]
13523723What is this style called?[View]

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