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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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10099132I don't date or fuck anymore because im paranoid of guys. Ive been on dates with stupid college…[View]
10098477Post your favorite LGBT related characters.[View]
10093866The more I watch him the more sad I get You can tell he is dying on the inside She really just shou…[View]
10070423Alright /lgbt/, story time: >Be me, MtF >Be visiting cister >Says we should watch Game of T…[View]
10088138What signs did you show as a kid? How did you know you were trans? Me: >compelled to crossdress a…[View]
10096087Well, i was on my Trip in North Korea and i saw LGBT Activists there, even Koreans where Demonstrati…[View]
10098134So why does seemingly only the tranny hate threads and generals get to have discords advertised here…[View]
10095906/gaygen/ - glasses edition: old thread: >>10092372 Friendly reminder to make /gaygen/ a better…[View]
10098841Weird Dysphoria Feelings: I have no other place to vent these things so I'll post them here. Wh…[View]
10094525>tfw so AGP that I let my hair grow, take pueraria mirifica and got my belly button pierced…[View]
10079479Gender/Sex chart: Can we make a version of this including allo/auto so that it covers gender identit…[View]
10098462>Goal of transition is to look like a woman OR be treated like a woman >Many trans women do no…[View]
10097176Whats with the meme of all chasers wanting it up the butt and being fat neckbeards? I go to the gym …[View]
10098112serious question: Why are the gays?[View]
10084959Can you be trad and trans?: i want to start going to church again but im really anxious about it. im…[View]
10076322>terfdom intensifies[View]
10096218Reminder!!: If you don’t want SRS you aren’t trans. Genital dysphoria is one of the main causes of t…[View]
10096590idk if im in a lesbian phase or if im actually lesbian? and i need any version of advice. sorry if t…[View]
10080519Is reverse AGP a thing?: >be girl >watch a shitton of POV porn, lesbian porn does nothing for …[View]
10093338Feminine hairstyles: My hair is long (past shoulders), and I need to get it cut, but instead of keep…[View]
10095893Are people attracted to femininity/masculinity instead of biological sex?: I used to think that I wa…[View]
10071877>tfw my bf refuses to fuck the boy out of me He says 'it's weird', probably because he never…[View]
10093918> be me > trans > only into guys > bf says he probably thinks hes trans wtf do i do…[View]
10084408Do cisgender males feel uncomfortable having ftms in the men’s restroom? What about passing mtfs?[View]
10092392I really fucking wish I was born a girl, I would transition but I'm afraid what people would th…[View]
10087389Bit of a long shot: This is to the trans girl i met today. We were at the farmer's market today…[View]
10083046Tell me about your problems /lgbt/. What's got you down today? We'll give each other advic…[View]
10097214So where can a trans grill find trans porn that's not tailored to chasers? So much of it has ma…[View]
10096928>have a bi friend >fapped on cam for him about 4 times already >previously we agreed that i…[View]
10091131what keeps you from ending it anons?[View]
10094800>tfw you lose your online 'friends' after admitting to being a bottom and thinking guys are hot b…[View]
10095307Hip growth when starting at 18 (and a half): possible or not?[View]
10095189Am I nothing but a damn chaser?: I'm more attracted to mtfs than others. I'm very lucky to…[View]
10097604HrT: Pills, shots, or patches? Which one is going to have the best results to achieve total QT statu…[View]
10092932Mtf Transgirl, how do I deal with sexual urges?: I’m 19 and on HRT. A virgin and I’ve been lusting h…[View]
10095112Girly Fag who looks like a Tranny + 3 Straight Guys in a College Dorm.: Hi guys; I am gay with a lon…[View]
10085377Been a few days. Can we start a MTF goals/looks thread? If they have a tumblr or twitter source it (…[View]
10094263>tfw suffer from major depression and not actually gay but have sex with men to fill the empty vo…[View]
10097395What are the odds of it being possible to pass as an MtF if you start at 27, assuming you're ab…[View]
10018610/wcg/ - don't be a closeted dudebro edition: Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Sh…[View]
10093121>be naturally submissive >like dicks >be in shower >washing butt >finger rimming th…[View]
10097002finger in butt: I'm heterosexual. Is sticking a finger in your ass while masturbating considere…[View]
10096858Would you have sex with a hon for charity?[View]
10097355IRL Scares me: I like 2d boys... can't work my way to talk to real 3d boys. Need help... am a s…[View]
10097338as a bi man i perfure to be with men: i dont like that games most femails play thay dont know what i…[View]
10091197Thinking of simply taking estrogen and just be done with it. I don't want SRS/go girlmode, I…[View]
10096905Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: WTF Why won't you perverted tranny monsters APOLOGIZE and stop ru…[View]
10093145Is calling a cross-dressing person a trap/ reverse trap offensive? and if so should people be allowe…[View]
10097094You wouldn't be a faggot if there wouldn't be so many chemicals in the water.[View]
10094998tfw: after finally coming out[View]
10095630IS this meme actually representative of the typical /lgbt/ denizen?[View]
10096750yall: all yall niggas some fags sincerely, /b/[View]
10095386when did you first find out you were trans?: let me reiterate, when you were younger and realized yo…[View]
10096171Daily Reminder: Pansexuality is Bi erasure.[View]
10090605story thread: >be me >edgy 15-year-old, browse pol, etc. >never really been sexual, masturb…[View]
10096062Don't worry my fellow LGBT, he will deliver us.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwvNud7jsd8…[View]
10087276What have you even done to deserve rights?[View]
10095915/mtfg/ - male (female) to female general: • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransge…[View]
10092858Hypocrites: If gender roles are nonsense then why are you transitioning? Just reject gender roles an…[View]
10077671Is AGP or something similar observed in non-western countries? Or is it mostly a European/American t…[View]
10092372/gaygen/ - working man edition: old thread: >>10089907 Friendly reminder to ignore obvious bai…[View]
10073944/HRTGen/ HRT General 106: Sore Boobs Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages …[View]
10093037So when is the trans community going to finally do something important again like trying to permit t…[View]
10090376Cis LesGen: Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Pokemon Edition Who's your favorite Pokemon? Favorite …[View]
10091856being trans and gay makes me feel like an imposter[View]
10086069>tfw no bf How do you deal with this feel?[View]
10091655First Rejection Stories?: What was it like to be rejected for the first time and/or find out the per…[View]
10079427Can transgirls use tinder?: Do I specify I have a dick or not in my bio or what? I’m kinda scared I’…[View]
10088003Who are your favorite fictional gay couples ?[View]
10090661>tfw no amount of AA and Estrogen will shrink my midface, collarbones, ribcage, feet and hands Wh…[View]
10094846How do I get an MTF GF?: Chaser here, I'm wondering where I could go to look for an MTF GF. I…[View]
10094250What's worse?: Political lesbian or prison gay?[View]
10093675hey /lgbt/ should I download HER again?[View]
10093573Hey /lgbt/ I hope everyone is having a good day I love you all every single one of you[View]
10095100You went to the internet to learn girl Things you never, never knew before Like why do I sit down wh…[View]
10093257Transitioning is a luck of the draw type situation, some don’t even pass when they transition at 16,…[View]
10092759What's up, I'm a trans guy in his early 20's that transitioned as a teen and finished…[View]
10094665none of you will ever reach these levels of AGP the OG AGP[View]
10088630why are all terfs so fucking ugly ... i've literally never seen an attractive terf ever[View]
10073126Thoughts on Blaire White?[View]
10092455Faces of /LGBT/[View]
10093285The Hon Paradox: The more you try to keep people from becoming hons,the more hons you make. You infl…[View]
10093946I’m straight: A faggot tried to fight me in a restaurant and punched me so I beat the shit out of hi…[View]
10094013I like to think myself a normal homosexual. But how many normal homosexuals nowadays? I am speaking …[View]
10092929Was homosexuality the 1st meme?: By meme i mean this. An element of a culture or system of behaviour…[View]
10088604What's with all the lesbian hate recently? There seems to be a stereotype of them being these t…[View]
10075338Actual advantages to Dr. Jess Ting's peritoneal SRS method/weighing options: OK, I read an anon…[View]
10073908I'm going to kill myself because my parents are TERFs and everyone around me is extremely trans…[View]
10080386How is Trans Acceptance in Norway?: If things continue to go well with my and my boyfriend of 2 year…[View]
10092007I'm straight but want to get fucked in the ass Surely this isn't that uncommon Right?[View]
10091584I am a man, but I have always been jealous of the lesbian relationships because they are just so bea…[View]
10093243When was the first time you dressed as a girl?[View]
10092441/mtfg/ - male (female) to female (male) general: Chad bf edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.…[View]
10093625PT General: Passing Transgender general! Share tips on Makeup, stories about your bfs, advice about …[View]
10088676Relationship with parents: Help I think I hate my parents and they hate me too >be me mtf >so …[View]
10090004no gender general: Gender nullifying surgery when?[View]
10074314Any other cis heterosexual men like dressing like women?[View]
10090951anyone else feel pic related? idk if i'm an egg or what also fuck that bigender shit[View]
10093414how do I let a guy know I'm into him when my insecurities and social ineptitude has given the i…[View]
10086836THIS! Right here! https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/06/12/designer-gives-pride-flag-an-inclusive-make…[View]
10089257sooo.....: Should I see a Trans escort? Anyone here done this?[View]
10090581Advice board for any identity.: Questions or worries you have in general about anything.[View]
10092546Can someone explain to me how gays are oppressed in the west? Just saw a (may Allah forgive me for s…[View]
10092763To get dicked down or not: Dubs decide if I'll have sex tonight Trips decide what I'll do …[View]
10089915Today a 30-something y/o woman in my class went on a long rant during a discussion about how there’s…[View]
10092593confused: why are people saying to drop the 'B' is there something wrong with it? sorry ju…[View]
10086916Killer egg stories: >be me >in uni dorm as freshman >roommate shows me picture of pizza sne…[View]
10092197Kind of just want to see some dicks right now. What does yours look like and I'll tell you what…[View]
10085569>it's another liberal woman speaks on behalf of gay men episode What's the final soluti…[View]
10093155>there's actually males out there who want to fuck females. im fucking shaking.…[View]
10092053i don't understand what i look like. the pictures of myself change so much, i swear the ones i…[View]
10093052I AM BICURIOUS: I am a guy who lives in a religious and non-LGBT friendly country. And that makes my…[View]
10093019Okay so my boyfriend is transgender and while I accept him and trans people I'm really confused…[View]
10092079Should we start a hashtag campaign against clubs and organizations that allow white males to play ED…[View]
10092966/acegen/ - Asexuality general: BigGuy edition >What is asexuality? Lack of sexual attraction. …[View]
10088002So I just found out I'm gay >be me in high school >have tiny pencil dick >lose virgini…[View]
10092705Bisexual here. Usually I lean more towards girls, but I got out of a bad relationship with a girl a …[View]
10092732i am a prodontly gay man that dislikes most females: i am a masc for masc kind of guy i dont like or…[View]
10092730Give me a convincing argument as to why you're nonbinary or some other made up shit and not jus…[View]
10092534What the fuck is this.: what the fuck is this.[View]
10092364hmmm: >Start browsing /lgbt/ late at night because free entertainment >Hear stories of men jac…[View]
10092356when regenerative medicine gets good enough in a few decades we'll be able to just grow bespoke…[View]
10092105>tfw went from sub male to femdom mtf what the fuck[View]
10089907/gaygen/ - sweetie edition: old thread >>10086871 reminder to add the following words to your …[View]
10092307> This is what people used to actually believe about the gays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm…[View]
10090381The forgotten connection between Gender Dysphoria and Borderline/Narsicistic Personallity disorder!:…[View]
10087445Ace here. Am I the only ace who thinks its dumb when my fellow aces try so hard to squeeze us into t…[View]
10069484/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Tummy Edition Courtesy of anon. What kind …[View]
10086871/gaygen/ - nature edition: old thread: >>10083405 friendly reminder to ignore posts about >…[View]
10092041What are the chances?: >Be me >Work at Italian restaurant >Me and co-workers get to talking…[View]
10086103So just last week I turned 20 and I thought about taking hrt to preserve my youthfulness for a few m…[View]
10086497How do I build up my gf's confidence? She passes perfectly and is cuter than even most cisgirl…[View]
10087107as a tran do i have a moral obligation to assist in hatching potential eggs i encounter in the wild?…[View]
10078358What's the best city in America for tranners? Feels like a toss up between San Fransisco and Ne…[View]
10091482is there a fight club with all the masculinity talk and symbols? as a woman now i realize is harder …[View]
10087272Coming out as gay to my conservative Christian parents tommorow. I'm not hiding who I am anymor…[View]
10088751Where does a 22yo faggot virgin find a bf? I have no standards, preferably a bear but I'll take…[View]
10090246There are chemicals in the water that turn the frogs gay.[View]
10089914/mtfg/: AMD edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/5xuoms/i…[View]
10090793Petplay Discord: I've posted on /soc/ but that wasn't so well received because I moderate …[View]
10089753What happens to twinks as they age? Do they turn into bears or do they just hit the wall one day and…[View]
10090884Being Gay Around Straight Normies: Anyone else tired of always having to put on an act around straig…[View]
10090918>fail as a male >fail as a proto female >fail as a human bean in general Is it time to an h…[View]
10083771Transitioning young is a meme.: I’m sick of old hons telling people because they transitioned at 16-…[View]
10086354> tfw no 4chan bf to get drunk with very often.: Let's go to liquor stores, buy vodka and wh…[View]
10088685The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality: Hey, Has anyone seen Matthew Vines video about homosex…[View]
10085927What counts as Virginity?: So 1x Ive fisted a person (best sexual experience imo) 2x Ive penetrated …[View]
10090491>check out someone's twitter page >bio says 'Pronouns: she/her' You guys realize this is …[View]
10089446confused: I like to masturbate to images and videos of men (in addition to women), but I am never at…[View]
10074146Trans vs. TERFs: I agree that people who say that trans women aren't 'real' women are…[View]
10084901Monday is my last day of high school before college. I'm mostly out to my school as trans, but …[View]
10090085If gender is a social construct, what causes gender dysphoria?[View]
10081493How do you feel about suicide? 1) pathetic 2) pathetic but I know nobody could've helped them 3…[View]
10087731I need to stop fapping to porn while imagining I have a vagina because im afraid I might develop gen…[View]
10072104Is it a common problem with women sexually harassing/assaulting men, once they know the guy is gay a…[View]
10090064Why even bother?: I can't find any will to carry on. I have had few most dysphoric days in long…[View]
10089921/TTTT/'s offical sport: I think it should be golf becauseits the only one with traps[View]
10089862I've met another trans person a few days ago and she was really cool. She's further into H…[View]
10090021is it lgbt to browse lgbt?[View]
10088351The slow and painful death of a dog vs. transphobic opinions: Was this comeback justified?[View]
10086327Why do so many bisexual women say things like 'I'm a lesbian now' or 'I used to be a lesbian bu…[View]
10085552>tfw tranny with BPD It's like I was meant to be alone forever. Anyone know this feel? How d…[View]
10087165I know this has been asked about 1,000,000 on here in the last 2 seconds, but can anyone help me wit…[View]
10089837Heres my profile picture: here's a picture of me, can wait to talk with you all about LGBT, and…[View]
10088461New Thread, bitchy topic: So my homey just transitioned (mtf). that's cool and all i support he…[View]
10087898ITT: ways we bully NPTs irl: >be me, young passable tranny >In gender clinic one, see 20 somet…[View]
10089045If homosexuals and transsexuals can’t reproduce, why does it seems like there’s more and more of the…[View]
10086540We must secure the existence of our gender and a future for trans childrren: When do we finally oven…[View]
10088080How true is it that transgirls bfs/hubbys leave them after 30? I keep seeing this said on multiple t…[View]
10076920How do you think the situation will change for trans people as technology and medicine improve? Do y…[View]
10087021>have a friend for 3 months i met on this board >she's like my best friend, we get along …[View]
10086789Are straight allies still stigmatized in LGBT? Ages ago my first year at college kinda soured me on …[View]
10087699Ways cis women think about men: >having a nice dinner >getting married >being held and look…[View]
10089209Why are asexuals so snobby?[View]
10089070Does LGBT agree?: Do you?[View]
10086797How are you supposed to correct someone about your sexuality when they assume you’re straight?[View]
10087726https://www.strawpoll.me/15900183 Just wondering if there's any correlation :-)[View]
10085491Is there any legitimate, proven cure for dysphoria? >inb4 transition Not an option for me and ma…[View]
10088544What does /tttt/ do for skincare? How do I get rid of my acne scarring and make my skin look less ga…[View]
10088098Confused: I've delt with my depression and anxiety for the past 20 odd years without help, but …[View]
10088632How do you choose your looks?: When getting new clothes, a haircut or whatever, what do you consider…[View]
10081115Thoughts on pride month?[View]
10087949Do trans guys get to choose how big their dick is?[View]
10088116Violent Transnormativity: I see an awful lot of trans-normative hate-spiel on here, grading people a…[View]
10078607>tfw dominant bull trapped in a fem twink body[View]
10086991Would you trade half of your remaining lifespan for a cis male/female body?[View]
10086089Transition or die: I'm a repressor who has hit this point. I just feel pain and despair all of …[View]
10086458Is he /ourguy/? Or is he just a chaser?[View]
10088071We need to save trans girls from people who make them feel like shit by encouraging them to mutilate…[View]
10087605Happy eid: Happy eid to all, even u fags. spend some time with your family, eat well and have a grea…[View]
10085515Can I be not homophobic and still hate the fuck out of gay pride parades?[View]
10077008/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Innawoods Edition As my 60th birthday is a…[View]
10077864>tfw fem attracted to masc How do i find a bf?[View]
10087834biphobia: It was not the LGBT community that started “drop the B” and you know it.[View]
10086921Straight anon here (but kinda like mtf's, idc if you call me gay whatever) Aren't you guy…[View]
10087640How are you supposed to get friends to support you? I came out to two of my friends for the first ti…[View]
10079575Homosexuality is a mental disorder because it is a mental condition that inhibits reproduction: Agre…[View]
10087381worlds going to end dont give a fuck: worlds going to end dont give a fuck/. hows youre day going lg…[View]
10085587What country has the talest girls? Here where I live every girl looks like 150cm And I stand out as…[View]
10084014does anyone else have a problem with the identity policing in the trans community? if you're wa…[View]
10087624Anyone else represses because they feel like they'll never really be a woman anyway? I just don…[View]
10087349Bi-curious M, want to try out being the subby one here. Why the fuck is it so hard to find a normal …[View]
10085403Is 18 too late to start? im scared i ruined my chances by not starting a few years ago but europe is…[View]
10087483Has anyone successfully stopped being gay? If I am only into gay porn can I stop? So far I havent lo…[View]
10085688lmao about time[View]
10087042What's the trans acceptance situation in rojava?[View]
10086500What is the trans acceptance situation like in Somalia?[View]
10087136Update on the relationship with trans gf: Everything is still going good i stopped having anxiety af…[View]
10086407/mtfg/ trans girl general: Good albums edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktr…[View]
10087152Fantasizing about opponents in martial arts: >Started martial arts at a young age under direction…[View]
10086999>tfw straight >Tfw love the smell of gay man poop…[View]
10087027Gay: >is this how you do green text[View]
10085933where do I find more experienced passing trans friends who I can help me with transition questions?[View]
10084661Friendly reminder that hons are holding us back and that they are the reason public perception of tr…[View]
10086682Have you ever taken advantage of your sexuality for sympathy?[View]
10082467Serious Question: This is really for GBT but I would like to hear L opinion very much too: How do yo…[View]
10083561Why is the lgbt community so promiscuous? Kinda makes me lose hope of ever finding anyone that hasn…[View]
10086739Turns out my 18 month wait was worth it: so /tttt/ I had my first appointment with a endo the other …[View]
10086717hide bisexuality: sorry for my english I recently affirmed my bisexuality, and the truth is, I do n…[View]
10083405/gaygen/ - struggling artist edition: previous thread: >>10079032 reminder that the following …[View]
10044103/femgen/: >What is a feminine male? An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are…[View]
10086491Am a aromatic homosexual. Ask me anything.[View]
10074304Today is Anne Frank's birthday...: Say something nice for the poor girl /lgbt/[View]
10085338Opinions on ottermode?: So I'm pretty new to the... general gay scene since I've only rece…[View]
10080798My gf has been ignoring me for a month now. Should I call her work and ask for her?[View]
10086403Is there any point, or...?: Why even bother transitioning if I'm going to be a hon anyway? Is i…[View]
10085051What is it like to be a straight girl?: Bonus question: What is it like to not be attracted to women…[View]
10073116Apparently this comic isn't a strawman after all.[View]
10078711>ask my parents to choose my new tranny name >they say Alice What now?…[View]
10085807I started HRT at 18 and despite being on it for a few years I sill don't pass. My levels are ok…[View]
10078990>Go outside >Everything is normal, i'm just a permanent boymodder and no one cares much n…[View]
10084358Important question: >I have been assigned as a male at birth >I am attracted by women >I co…[View]
10086048I want a transexual girlfriend: I want a transexual girlfriend,I think they are amazing and deserve …[View]
10084872Was /lgbt/ ever not filled with trannies?[View]
10075280dysphoric NB here in the middle of transitioning AMA[View]
10085748Gender critical therapist?: Over the past few years I've experienced a slope of porn addiction …[View]
10077242Detransitioning as MtF: Has anyone here that was on hrt for a while considered stopping? I've b…[View]
10084432Weird attraction: am I disgusting for idealizing a male brain in a female body (no injections or sur…[View]
10085813>look at pictures of myself I take regularly >see a disgusting masc hon >look in the mirror…[View]
10082832Why do trannies enforce gender roles?[View]
10057040/ftmg/ - female to male general: ideal gf edition (or bf, i don’t care) >tfw no weeb gf to spoil …[View]
10063221Is long-term boymode sustainable?: I don't want to come out to anyone (especially my family) IR…[View]
10085727Slut Shaming: Reminder that the only way forward for gays to gain more respect is monogamy. It'…[View]
10085680How many lesbians find this butt attractive?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15897842[View]
10083180Has anybody here tried this? What happened? Might try following it for a month to see what happens[View]
10084873Safety?: Idk why but even when I was straight I felt safe and comfortable around my lgbt friends mor…[View]
10076018Question to Gays: As a bisexual with a preference for males, I have been wondering about something f…[View]
10072090>tfw bf is funding my SRS Why does this board pretend it's impossible to find someone who…[View]
10085434DNA stuff. https://m.phys.org/news/2018-06-non-coding-dna-genitals-youre-born.html[View]
10084310Do you ever wonder what you'll end up looking like when you're older?: This is mainly for …[View]
10083606is it cool to do my T shot in two separate shots? (im only on .25 a week right now) managed to get…[View]
10078564The trans programmer meme is real. Before transitioning, never got interested in programming, Afte…[View]
10085168I got a new job recently at Pizza Hut and the floors are slippery as fuck so I needed some no-skid s…[View]
10079031Kinda regretting breast implants, they look great but I didn't realize how in the fucking way t…[View]
10081925Wooden dildo: I'm so desperate for dick I made a wooden dildo out of the tip of a broom, what p…[View]
10084655why is finding friends in washingon state so hard: i just want lgbt friends that aren’t alt rights o…[View]
10074454Would an MtF be comfortable in a long term relationship with a guy that doesn't actually believ…[View]
10084775Any other trannies here jwoke/alt-right (not blaire white tier) inb4 hurr durr they wanna kill you, …[View]
10081358Does homosexuality actually exist?: Clickbait title, but I think that the number of homosexuals is m…[View]

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