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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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9830078lesbian discords?: are there any active lesbian discords that aren't full of normies i recently…[View]
9828136/tttt/ life goals: What do other hons and twinkhons and boymoders and repressors intend to do with t…[View]
9827912>tfw blessed with being gay[View]
9828674What are we supposed to do?: >alt-right hates us >poland hates us >communist regiems like R…[View]
9829847What percentage of trannies actually pass?: Kind of hard to tell on /mtf/ with half of the threads s…[View]
9829597Am I destined to be a scumbag by being bi? So I'm 25, been with a girl for the past 4 years, an…[View]
9829731Is this the most anti-cishet movie ever made?[View]
9828092Im a Mtf Hon Can someone please tell me what it’s like to pass.[View]
9823101full time m2f at work: Hello! I am a 29-year-old m2f, been transitioning for like 6 years now, work …[View]
9829774Why does the LGBT 'community' have to suck so hard? I live in Portland from Texas and is it possible…[View]
9827556Head circumference: what head circumference is considered too big to ever pass? some cis women have …[View]
9829719Hongen: >Welcome to Hongen. >Topics include day to day life of a hon, interacting with the gen…[View]
9816662hello /lgbt/ do domme trans girls exist and if so how can i be their gf? thank u[View]
9829617Trap/Cross dressing Related Discord: I'm looking for some discords groups for Traps, Cross dres…[View]
9826346>tfw into older dudes >tfw thinking on such a topic >10 year age gap between parents >tf…[View]
9828447Is homosexuality the greatest Christian sin?[View]
9828381How many cms can you lose with forehead surgery: Asking if it would be able to become more normal af…[View]
9829099>born in the wrong body You know you can't be born in the wrong body but with the wrong brai…[View]
9828509MTFG - Yawndere Edition: Who else here too sleepy to stay awake? I need a hug • Transitioning guide:…[View]
9826679Anyone else experiences this?: I'm a bi-sexual male. I tend to have certain periods where I…[View]
9829116Is being gay a 'lifestyle': Torched tires, charred rims and a smoldering V8 engine are all you can m…[View]
9827917I don't even know why I'm making this thread: disappointment thread? disappointment thread…[View]
9819514my experience with SRS: One of hardest parts of my transition was weeding out the bullshit and urban…[View]
9821960This! :)[View]
9829198This sounds really stupid but does anyone else get intrusive thoughts about their penis? Sometimes I…[View]
9823576>mfw bisexual >mfw seeing the filthy monosexual masses quarrel among themselves…[View]
9818328Daily reminder that TERFs are literally right about everything. And I mean everything.[View]
9817636Things eggs say: >every boy secretly wants to be a girl, right?[View]
9828644Seriously,how does it feel taking a Dick in The ass?[View]
9828730Overlaps with AS and LGBT: How come so many I've come across in the LGBT seem kind of autistic …[View]
9828609IMPORTANT: Please vote on what day of the week we should hold fat ass/flat chest appreciation day! …[View]
9827344I've noticed a lot of you guys like hairy men so I'm curious: >age >sexuality >ha…[View]
9824594who is your favorite gay youtuber?[View]
9823020I went to get my haircut today, and they have completely fucked it up. I was pretty androgynous befo…[View]
9823964Is there any point in transitioning if you can't pass _and_ you're ugly? >it doesn…[View]
9821780MTF here What the fuck do I do with this hair? Any help or ideas?[View]
9821895New AGP flag: I'm trying to design a new AGP flag, but I'm not really satisfied with it. A…[View]
9828141This board has filled me with so much anxiety over the concept of 'being trans' that if I even think…[View]
9825861Should euthanasia be offered as a treatment for AGP?[View]
9828283>be me >be fetishist >love most kinks, total perv >always really, really loved latex abo…[View]
9826231Help T~T I met a girl on here a few days ago who was suicidal and very anxious about passing and was…[View]
9819736Anyone else feel like being reincarnated into a transgender is a punishment for a past life? Not nec…[View]
9827752Please reassure me /tttt/. I just read pic related.[View]
9827360>sleeping over at bf's >go into bathroom to poop >flush >later bf goes into bathroo…[View]
9826454Dont 12 year olds watch this Dude's videos?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEnWzvzVMaA >Ne…[View]
9826038>Hahahaha trans women are so gross and ugly! Just a cheap imitation of REAL women…[View]
9823689is there literally any benefits to dating a bi guy? they really do seem like an inferior form of gay…[View]
9824127How do you find a cute bf to play vidya with?[View]
9824798Holy shit: Yesterday my long distance fwb calls me, he wants it bad.(I think I love him) I have to p…[View]
9825941>tfw the regret of late transitioning set in again I feel like hurting myself for the first time …[View]
9824217Which gay haircuts are the cutest haircuts?[View]
9820689What are some positive masculine traits? For example, providing for one's family is good, but s…[View]
9827996Is being a trans man just an explicit way of saying 'I am so gay, I have to change my body just to c…[View]
9827951I was looking up some stuff about being trans on YT and I found this guy: https://www.youtube.com/ch…[View]
9824125Tranny conversions gone wrong: Look I'm okay with turning men into women. That's fine, as …[View]
9827690a genuine question: im doing some research on this and i wanted to ask more people- everyone is welc…[View]
9826493has anybody tried putting progesterone cream on specific parts of their body, like face / ass/ boobs…[View]
9827329>went to dmv to get id >have to wait another 1-2 weeks for dmv to actually send me the id …[View]
9827755>when they tell you they're not taking hrt for medical reasons[View]
9823438Are questioning people welcome at trans support groups?[View]
9817455I’m half black and have short, curly hair. How do I start becoming androgynous with this curse? Wh…[View]
9827119Why won't she fuck me?: >Dating transgirl >Find out she used to do porn >Was okay with…[View]
9821100ITT: >your height >your weight >ethnicity >gender >bio gender 5'5'' (1…[View]
9826273ITT Discuss: The various forms of 'gay tops'[View]
9823699Chasers: Can anyone help me understand chasers? I've never been in a situation where I have bee…[View]
9827332HRT altered my DNA...[View]
9798994what is the gay equivelent of a uncle tom?[View]
9822112Okay so just hear me out >Staying over at trans friend's house >Always lowkey found her a…[View]
9826353>tfw you will never look like any of the two >tfw you're useless to 95% of the gay commun…[View]
9825888So, am I unusual if the only type of guy I find attractive is androgynous twinks who are a little mo…[View]
9819989>this year my cocklust has gone from 2/10 to 10/10 >last night I lost my virginity and had a t…[View]
9824819what is the true perfect age to pass?: what is the TRUE perfect age to pass and the last years you c…[View]
9823375What was this expression meant to convey?[View]
9820298How do you know if you're for sure gay..: Like for sure for sure gay...[View]
9826099>be with boy >want to be with girl >be with girl >want to be with guy…[View]
9826410Is this at all significant that I found ‘le gay football man’ when I was on tinder? I swiped left ii…[View]
9824403get misgendered at a FFS clinic (of all places): >be me, mtf >FFS consultation >ask them if…[View]
9827202>le homosexuality mixed with virulent racism and anime lmao[View]
9823170Passers Does the depression and guilt of not transitioning go away once you're full time and st…[View]
9824689Why don't chasers match up with trans people from this board?[View]
9826672I just want a boyfriend: Im barely 18, im about a 7/10 and have been in two relationships that ended…[View]
9825896Can i drink on hrt?: I'm currently on 12.5mg cypro and elleste solo. Used to be a heavy drinker…[View]
9826146MTFG: cute cats edition: • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/5xu…[View]
9816720>get bloodwork done >estrogen was less than half what it should have been >allegedly this w…[View]
9826781I went out with a guy I met on Tinder and he is really nice but I don't like this mannerisms. L…[View]
9826926male. i masturbate imagin im dominating a woman and also love fantasizing im being fucked by a man a…[View]
9824916Woman Gets AIDS from Cheating Closeted Gay Black Husband: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/6082354/…[View]
9823001need advice. >be me >closet trans mtf >live with two roommates, they’re bf and gf >these…[View]
9823457>AGP was my entire sexuality >start transitioning >stop being interested in AGP shit >ha…[View]
9826141ITT: unusual turn ons Large men in kilts make me as hard as freaking diamonds~[View]
9826542all I want is a gf with short hair, how hard does it have to be, most of my experiences with short h…[View]
9826345>watch a lot of anime as a teen >decide to become a girl >want to die when you don't l…[View]
9826361help: Hi /lgbt/, I'm really struggling right now. I'm Bi, kinda, and I'm really fucki…[View]
9825915You are given an offer of a lifetime: The conditions are simple. You will, if you accept, become a f…[View]
9824469Will I look like a fag?: >Be me >One day friend puts my hair in a man bun >I wear it around…[View]
9824623>Hi John my name is Alice! I am a trans woman, please refer to me as a woman and use she her pron…[View]
9824731Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst goes public with HIV diagnosis: >Conchita Wurst has revealed tha…[View]
9809978Agp cure: Does agp ever truly go away? I’ve been boymoding on hrt for a few months, and I like guys …[View]
9824497>tfw balding twink will I still look cute with a shaved head? I want to go for a qt.314 skinhead …[View]
9821725why are trans girl denied the simple things we crave want?: really what would make me happier than e…[View]
9817807does anybody feel like there aren’t many people who really care about trannies (might also apply to …[View]
9825766>be me, probably trans >never been verified, not very dysphoric >realize that in my lifetim…[View]
9824308who /waiting to meet the right girl who can turn you straight/ here?[View]
9825374>bf wants me to go to pride with him >i hate pride what do…[View]
9825614Anybody ever had a placebo effect from product containing phytoestrogens like soy milk? I tried drin…[View]
9825659I really like a guy & he likes me but he's hesitant about getting in a relationship.Fucking…[View]
9825424anyone else catsexual?[View]
9820117I've heard of gay erasure memed here, but female erasure?: Is 'breast milk' a transphobic term?…[View]
9825408Preferred Gender Pronouns: In the circumstance that marklar is unfamiliar with marklar's accept…[View]
9825197How does this make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVcLIfSC4OE[View]
9825381Gay = Literally Drunk: This happen to anyone? I'm kind of worried. I'm holding back but if…[View]
9825245guys i need help so im male but recently have been finding myself attracted to other men but not phy…[View]
9825206How do I tell my mom I'm nonbinary?[View]
9825085>be questioning my sexuality >realize it doesn't matter because i am a loser and nobody e…[View]
9825046Is it possible be trans and still want to use your genetic genitalia sexually?[View]
9824562How do you feel about it being a slap on the wrist to intentionally give someone HIV in california?[View]
9823259Are you happy now, trannies and gays? Your hatred on bisexuals are removing this lovable manly chara…[View]
9823958MTFG: bonzi buddy edition: • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/5…[View]
9819173Friendly reminder, guys love tall girls. Tall tranners do not lament! >>>/tv/97407116[View]
9824353>tfw can't wear makeup because of irritated skin and eyes how am I supposed to pass?…[View]
9824773>3 yrs HRT >look like a gross physically ill white trash cletus with long hair…[View]
9824426Who's your favorite gay celeb?[View]
9823592Mom?: Any other tranners desperately want to be a mom? Maybe even adopt a baby boy and dress him lik…[View]
9824470Where to hook up online fast so I can suck some dick? Also I'm in phx, Az.[View]
9822205*AGP intensifies*[View]
9818836isn't it cool that we get to be girls? after so much sadness and suffering, it's finally h…[View]
9822704>measure a body part >1 milimeter over the female average I spent at least 20 days and nights …[View]
9821215Was anon being overemotional about his brother?[View]
9808428Is this why I have dysphoria? Apparently when I was in my mom's womb, she would go to the docto…[View]
9803340did it actually turn out ok?: >haven't been 'sir'd' in 6 months >random people tell …[View]
9823948Is it common to have a phase where you're aware of and recognize your gender dysphoria, know yo…[View]
9810954fell for the boymode meme: i've been on hrt for about 1.5 years and suddenly seemingly everybod…[View]
9823326trap gf is best gf?[View]
9814509Am i actually attracted to guys?: I'm a boymode mtf. I had a gf before but nothing gets me horn…[View]
9813597Is it ok to get cis women kicked out of the gym for transphobia if they complain about my odor? I do…[View]
9823646How do I get over my internalized hatred and transphobia and actually socially transition? I've…[View]
9810731Why are AMABs treated so much worse than AFABs?[View]
9823603TERF vs TRA war: It's a pleasant irony that the two most unpleasant segments of society - pre-m…[View]
9821478LGBT theme YLYL?: LGBT themed YLYL?[View]
9821076Made a cis female friend: So the last few months I've been siding with terfs in many ways, gene…[View]
9821926>visit childhood town 13 years later (21years old) >childhood friend and I catch up >claims…[View]
9819812When are we gonna rename /lgbt/ to /mtf/? Most posts here are by, for, and about trans women.[View]
9822671Traps are overrated. What mix of skin care product, hair conditioner, nail care, diet and exercise d…[View]
9822507what made you gay anon?[View]
9822862How does this make you feel[View]
9818073MtF Baby Fever: Does anyone else experience this crap? It's damn awful. At first I joked around…[View]
9815206>Be me >Have an early childhood best friend. >He's muslim but that meant nothing to …[View]
9817881Is nonbinary a meme?[View]
9820297Makeup!: AAAAH! I'm so lost! I don't know what to do or where to begin! Watching tutorials…[View]
9822579I would like to feminize my body in some way, but I don't want to fully transition because of m…[View]
9821727/mtfg/ Transgirl General: Getting hit on the head for being an idjit edition • Transitioning guide: …[View]
9813479Femmeboy or transgirl?: How the hell do I tell if im just a femboy or transgirl? Im pretty sure I h…[View]
9822940Are there any mtfs in LA here that want a bf or friend? I just moved here n am very lonely[View]
9819833is it better to take the bigger dose of sublingual estrogen at night or in the morning?[View]
9822182Has /lgbt/ made anybody else hate other trannies? You're a bunch of pathetic degenerate sluts …[View]
9821903Trans ppl that give you hope thread: Time for another one of those threads. Post pics of trans girls…[View]
9822805Chaser vs something else: What would make one a chaser vs something else? I see the term thrown arou…[View]
9822199Would this lower your disphoria: This question is aimed at 'boy/girlmode' trans people or …[View]
9820409For people with penis: What's it like to have sex after a long period (weeks, months) of no eja…[View]
9821707>tfw the idea of infertility is the only thing keeping me from starting HRT >tfw sperm banks a…[View]
9820290retired sissy, AMA[View]
9822335mtf 4 months on hrt here so i can't cum anymore my dick works fine even if it's a little s…[View]
9822327MANLY BROWLINE: This is the same (cis)woman 20 years apart. How do you keep an already strong browli…[View]
9820416>think i'm trans >go to doctors >get blood tests, etc >talk to friends and mother a…[View]
9816502>draw a girl >say that it's a boy Why does anime do this? Do you think it creates unhealt…[View]
9822482Wat: >mom asks how her hair looks >say it looks nice >she proceeds to offer to curl my hai…[View]
9820524Huns: Why do huns do this >gender man > pronouns she/her…[View]
9809771I love her dick: So I finally found a cute transgirl without genital dysphoria. She's completel…[View]
9822196>im 6'1 >have broad ass shoulders >have huge ribcage on the other hand, i >have wid…[View]
9821335I just got my first strap-on, it's pic related. How do I go about fucking some bitches? I just …[View]
9822207fuck i went on this board as a joke at first but then i kept coming back and lurking. Now i fucking …[View]
9819200Here we go girls! Finally![View]
9817631are female athletes the hons of normal women?[View]
9807560why do i get treated so much better as a girl?[View]
9821279> around 2-3 months hrt > used to be a complete robot > boymodding right now > a guy tel…[View]
9811050/HRTGen/ HRT General 091: Income Tax Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages …[View]
9820556Would you transition if you were better looking or more androgynous? Do you believe your looks hold …[View]
9821592If I die honorably will I get to be reborne as a girl? I have this constant fantasy where I get forc…[View]
9821260What is it like to have a boy hit on you?: asking for a friend...[View]
9798192Anons who believe 'trans women are women', I have a question for you: What is your definition of 'wo…[View]
9819485>be a dysphoric bisexual 'boy' >Star HRT >expect to be a straight cockslut >sexual and …[View]
9821750u gey!?[View]
9821463>mtf >straight >get bf >we fall in love >meet other transgirl >She's the cool…[View]
9820858What happens if a real woman takes titty skittles? Does she get more feminine looking, or does nothi…[View]
9819725Shoe Store Experience: You go to a shoe store. You are a size 500 in made up sizes and all they have…[View]
9821039we all know about the mtf chasers, right? but do ftm chasers exsist? I feel like I haven't seen…[View]
9809319Slavs passing?: Is it true or just a meme? I keep hearing stuff about it and am just curious.[View]
9821242How does one ask someone's sexual orientation without being rude/intrusive?[View]
9820762Am I bi or a full on faggot?: Recently I came to terms with the possibility that im bisexual. I was …[View]
9821235coming out: k so recently i decided i wanted to come out to my crush/ my closest friend, knowing me …[View]
9821051How do I know if my feet will ever pass? I want to wear cute sandals but I'm worried I have sas…[View]
9820983has anybody tried putting progesterone cream on specific parts of their body, like face / ass/ boobs…[View]
9819030Transition motivation thread[View]
9821154With backpage gone where else do i go to meet dom tgirl goddesses[View]
9813970can social isolation, crossdressing and compulsive feminization fantasies give an otherwise cis guy …[View]
9819257I never understood why some of us identify as queer. Like why voluntarily call yourself a homophobic…[View]
9819927/mtfg/ trans girl general: sourdough bread edition Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/ask…[View]
9820379Dead Prez Wife Said Reading 2 Kids Cures AIDS: In 1989, she formed the Barbara Bush Foundation for F…[View]
9819127Should I lose my virginity as a guy before I start HRT?[View]
9819403what is the 'confusing shape with size' meme?: I read it all the time here on the board and have no …[View]
9818542if everyone was asexual, the world would be betetr >no getting used for sex >no cheating >…[View]
9820046Why did /lgbt/ lie to me?: you guys said I'd pass and be fine. Well here I am a whole 4 MONTHS …[View]
9820688Is it unattractive to have a mole on your butt? 18yearsold twink insecure..[View]
9817654I keep (involuntarily) switching between 100% gay and 100% straight every 3 or 4 months like clockwo…[View]
9820496>Due to recent incidents we've decided to install Queer detectors for our safety >What…[View]
9818945I'm thinking about getting VFSRAC next year, but I want to hear your opinions. Is it worth it? …[View]
9820272>'Mommy why does that lady look like a man?' >'That's a transperson with a male skull. Th…[View]
9808291Cis LesGen: Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Cosplay Edition Do you like dressing up and pretending to b…[View]
9820464Is unconscious repressed homosexuality a thing? Apparently I always come out or do gay shit when I…[View]
9812530>and then she blamed the 'cotton ceiling'[View]
9818874What does it mean when a straight guy always calls you a faggot and makes fun of you because you…[View]
9818108Ignoring obvious signs: >Have obvious symptoms of dysphoria very early in life >raised in a c…[View]
9811616Does anyone ever feel like medical transition isn’t nearly enough for them to be happy? I’m ftm and …[View]
9819255>be me >be male >want to be girl >male voice >unhidable male features Literally the o…[View]
9815717Just a reminder.: > If you don’t pass at least semi decently before HRT then you won’t post HRT. …[View]
9813555Is there a better p*ssy doctor than Suporn?[View]
9820192Gay Guy thread: When did you find out you where gay no tranners allowed[View]
9818992it is impossible to have a tight, feminine body on hormones: The stupid fucking hormones only give y…[View]
9818982>Spent years fucking the types of guys I wasn't really into >Vanilla stuff, always wanted…[View]
9813500The Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir): Has anyone read it? My sister told me to read it when she asked…[View]
9818993Thoughts on poly-sexual non-binary couples?: Are gay people marginalized by the inclusion of those w…[View]
9819870Ever since I started bodybuilding I am becoming more and more into traps and trans girls. I always t…[View]
9814233has any ffs surgeon warned you?: they warn you about infection risk, death, other complications, but…[View]
9818901Does your top 10 movies ranking pass?[View]
9819880/mtfg/ - male to loves feminism general: peace and good will to all feminists edition Transitioning …[View]
9817456Which ethnicity is the most skilled at clocking tranners?[View]
9819416Never Confess Your Feelings To a Straight Friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4nIHJAbFyo skip t…[View]
9817958Australian Roller Rink CLOSES After Asking Lesbians to Stop Kissing: https://www.illawarramercury.co…[View]
9819668how do i find a qt trans gf that i can love? its all i want ;-;[View]
9813886Why are Pride Parades acceptable in public communities when they are super over sexualized.[View]
9818080Does anyone here still think of chasers as more than subhuman? I can't.[View]
9812525How to keep trannys alive 101: Alright, I give, I tap out. You guys are way harder to keep alive the…[View]
9819437Question:: What do you think of /pol or social justice?[View]
9814582Thoughts on Lupron as an antiandrogen? I never hear it mentioned here and it's expensive af. An…[View]
9816593I'm proposing these definitions >cis-tier Pretty much unclockable, only would know trans sta…[View]
9810703What does peak performance look like?[View]
9741567/masc gen/: Masculine General: Sexy Robutts Edition Rule #1 - No Tripfagging, no namefagging Rule #2…[View]
9819309>be dysphoric from 12 years old >come out at 13 >don't get on HRT until 18 >spend …[View]
9819240I haven't felt emotion since puberty unless I think about being MTF. Mandatory college fitness …[View]
9818692I don't get it. Does sexual orientation have to do with attraction to a person's sex or th…[View]
9819194LESBIAN STANDS UP TO PREACHER: A street preacher was taught a lesson when two comedians, lesbian and…[View]
9814697Oh no no no: She is getting cute![View]
9815771Hey guys I'm a hetero guy in a long term relationship. I've just edged myself for hours wh…[View]
9815264I have a problem. I feel no physical attraction to other men and have never done anything with a man…[View]
9816360BF WANT MY SPERM BUT IM ON HORMONES: Wtf do i do is there a way to force my body to produce sperm ev…[View]
9818751Who here sapiosexual?[View]
9818795>finally come out to my parents as trans >everything goes really well >then dad says 'take …[View]
9818448>the medical treatment for the mental illness that is gender dysphoria is transitioning and passi…[View]
9817667What should I do if I don't identify either as masculine or feminine? I feel like I want to be …[View]
9814514Misogynie of gays: The biggest misogynists I know are gay. Why do gay people tend to hate women so m…[View]
9800426You've heard of Donna Tramp, our supreme AGP presidentess in chief. Now get ready for: Her (for…[View]
9818890Does he pass?: https://twitter.com/DCPoliceDept/status/985884979266818049[View]
9816817Has anyone here had hairline lowering surgery? I'm considering it if HRT doesn't fix my ha…[View]
9810593Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst goes public with HIV diagnosis: >Conchita Wurst has revealed tha…[View]
9818827make it go viral: work with this fool. meme him, lets see what you got. make him famous[View]
9816774please help me with my situation: please help.. i am a mtf who is transitioning, however i have a he…[View]
9818510real quick: If you think you're trans, transition. If you're questioning and leaning towar…[View]
9813879Hey guys and girls, i think i need help... See, I'm 30yo, always lived a pretty heterosexual li…[View]
9818618Just found out I have two Y chromosomes, and my ftm brother is pissed at me. What do?[View]
9815819Why don't mtf transgirls practice their voices and postures?[View]
9817959It's 9:40am here (gmt-3) and I already got redpilled by an American on /cuteboys/[View]
9818675>tfw squishing hard on my qt friend[View]
9811296Why do I get turned on by the thought of being forced/groomed into becoming a sissy little girl by a…[View]
9818001There's a girl in my class who passes flawlessly except for her height. She is far taller than …[View]
9818482>plan on leaving boymode in september >have barely practiced voice FUCK WHAT DO I DO GUYS HELP…[View]
9808862This board is always talking about tranny this and that. Can we talk about beards, and why they…[View]
9818576Jealousy: How do i get over my jealousy towards cis women. Every time i see a pretty one i get fille…[View]
9813877What is the primary function of the anus?[View]
9817758Focus on the Family Quietly Ends Anti-Gay 'Day of Dialogue': http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyat…[View]
9815672How do you deal with manhands? I've just remeasured them again and it seems they are even large…[View]
9816485So... why don't bio girls take HRT to preserve as much of their femininity as possible?[View]
9818412I suppress my urge to support trans content when I see people overly praising it. Should I just cave…[View]
9817814When I get drunk I start talking about trans brain research. Like, 50% of the time. Do you think peo…[View]
9818291I can't do it I'm too fucked up. I've spent a week being unable to function because I…[View]
9815544>get called slut / bitch / cunt / whore >cry because im not :( >get happy because theyre fe…[View]
9818029Will eating greasy food make my butthole more lubricated for anal six?[View]
9817298I don't have any dysphoria, but I would really like to be a girl and my more masculine features…[View]
9818234Butt Stuff: Any dietary advice for a cleaner hole? I heard eating more fiber does a lot of good. Fou…[View]
9817158All these insecure self hating trannies posting threads about how trannies will never achieve happin…[View]
9816153I just bought this bodysuit ama[View]
9813964why should we allow this in women's bathrooms?[View]
9816845Is it normal to want to be butch and dom girls despite being a trans girl? When I think of some of t…[View]
9808325Worried about my reasons for transitioning: I'm a 27yo probably mtf. Why probably? Because I…[View]
9814739Are there any other straight mtfs wish they were at least bi? I have to deal with men and their bul…[View]
9817933Is 4chan just a way of coping with dysphoria? Is that why 4chan is half guys and half mtfs and maybe…[View]
9817907How do I motivate myself to consistently work on my voice? Every time I try to do it, I feel like ki…[View]
9816923Make money thread? Wannabe trap here. I want to save up for a boob job and Facial Feminization sur…[View]
9813965Is it normal for slowly discovering your gender identity to destroy your mental health? Since Christ…[View]
9816760Hey lgbt. How do you know if you're trans? I'm almost 30 and wondering if it's worth…[View]
9810498No washrooms for women: Thanks trannies! >College campus Toronto, Ontario: Men get their own bath…[View]
9817027/mtfg/ trans girl general: degeneracy edition Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktrans…[View]
9803990Do trannies really think women should be deprived of their healthcare for vaginas/uterus/ovaries/vul…[View]
9816965Hey trans people how do you feel when seeing old photos of you before transitioning? >tfw cringe …[View]
9817531Why am I trans?[View]
9816457>when google thinks i'm a girl uwu[View]
9807489Did your relationship with your dad get better or worse after transitioning?[View]
9813349Please please PLEASE can someone explain this to me. I was attracted to men, so I transitioned to fu…[View]
9810449I made a thread last week about my asking if I could hug my trans friend. It's archived now but…[View]
9816791How do some people pass so well without hormones? Is it good makeup, genetics, soy consumption? Pic …[View]
9816818instead of officially coming out to my christian parents, I started wearing a rainbow bracelet aroun…[View]
9813540Stop bullying transgirls[View]
9816364So I dated this guy for a couple months back in 2016, he is very handsome, we were gitting along wel…[View]
9814171Blaire White: This is Blaire white and her loving husband, say something nice about them.[View]
9749455ITT we post people who are secretely eggs.[View]
9806925/gaygen/ Michael yerger edition[View]
9810008>parents are gonna make me cut my hair tomorrow What do I do?[View]
9806773Circle the ideal mal physique: Do it now, g and t.[View]
9811477/BMG/ - BoyModeGeneral chromosome edition: Boymode is a place for us who have decided to cope with d…[View]
9807582What is the lgbt agenda: let us decide here, conclusively, what the lgbtqia+ agenda is.[View]
9815843wise lesbians please help me: wise and slutty lesbians hear my plea: how do i meet women for casual …[View]
9785754I’m lonely and want to here some love stories People with trans gf >How did you both meet? >w…[View]
9807193Good job trannies, now look what you did. A support group has been made for your mommies.[View]
9815893Hi guys[View]
9809269What is it like to be trans in brazil?: Im currently living in argentina, but i have a chance to mov…[View]
9815903I keep having dreams where I get convinced I'll pass and decide to transition[View]
9800688>read terfs and clg >hate them, all females, the world, and myself why are things like this?…[View]
9816297Am I just TOCD, if I'm starting to feel like I really really really don't want to have to …[View]
9814176>have a thing for height differences >in my fantasies always imagine myself with a guy who is …[View]
9802486>be transbian >don't know how to talk to women, at all >never approach women >longi…[View]
9799381Have you seen Rational Wiki's LGBT pages? https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Autogynephilia[View]
9808060Autogynephilia is not bad & its not a disorder. Its actually good & an indication that you l…[View]
9816151Transgender or Femboy?: There's always a constant bother for me. I don't know who else to …[View]
9815778Any other Mtf tranners have a breeding fetish?[View]
9814946/mtfg/ trans girl general: a day in the life edition Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/a…[View]
9815831Terapeutic shitpost: TFW just coming down from a panic attack thats been building the last two weeks…[View]
9809911So according to /tttt/ AGP is hereditary. Does that mean that my father is a repressed AGP? Should I…[View]
9812642Can you learn to be gay? I need some human contact and intimacy, and no woman will have me[View]
9814752Help anons >Be me >Know this guy online >We talk in group chats sometimes >Not that freq…[View]
9809826Can someone give me one good reason why pic related is illegal in burgerstan?[View]
9779335I'm a teacher at a high school, I'm also about a year into my transition though I'm i…[View]
9812772How do I get a hairless butt? I shaved most, but am scared to enter the zone with a razor. Should I …[View]
9804522how can i get that qt anime trap aesthetic 4chan? i’m 6’2” which instantly fucks up my chances of ev…[View]
9813754>dress masculine >look like a girl in boys clothes >dress feminine >look like a boy in g…[View]
9814353Send help: How the hell do I cope with dysphoria!!? At this point I just want to sleep for 3 years a…[View]
9813254Remember kids.[View]
9812325Wish I was a girl, but too afraid of social ostracism because I know I'll just be a big hon. I …[View]
9804611Trans people, I want to ask how did you or currently do you reconcile your being trans with your rel…[View]

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