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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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10504225I’m considering trying to find a guy to fuck me in a month if I can’t get a gf. Every time I get rea…[View]
10498261Friendly reminder that Jesus loves you even if you're LGBT and that the papacy is unbiblical.[View]
10504134>pretending not to care about my friend managing to take hrt and move out of their parents house …[View]
10495841Help! I can't fit a finger in my butt. I measured my poops diameter, which is much wider (almos…[View]
10489334She's AGP btw[View]
10493472Latest ContraPoints Stream: Did anyone get a screencap of Theryn and Natalie making out? I heard shi…[View]
10497193Lies you used to believe: >women are more accepting of MtFs than men…[View]
10502332I’m not trans I just transitioned to have sex with straight guys. Anyone else?[View]
10502681Do I even bother carrying on: Only 21% of transsexuals can sucessfully pass as the opposite gender. …[View]
10498984why don't they do midface shortening as part of FFS?: I don't get it, a lot of us have lon…[View]
10495750Why do black and Hispanic women hate trannies so much? Im white and i'm mostly passing but I do…[View]
10502637Transgenderism is just men who have a fetish for submission/degradation or a misunderstood fondness …[View]
10503302Really need LGBT Advice & Date: message me here: https://twitter.com/RealIcePoseidon I'm in…[View]
10502439>be me >trans girl >meet other trans girl >really like her >don't know if shed l…[View]
10498663>there are actually people who were able to transition in early/pre high school who look and live…[View]
10495744Football's first ever transgender referee takes to pitch for women's match: - Football…[View]
10501519/gaygen/: previous thread: >>10499295[View]
10499458what do you think of transracialism?[View]
10496962how come whenever someone hears my boy voice they say 'thats not how i expected your voice to b…[View]
10499916Why do gay men hate women?[View]
10502318Anyone have any LGBT horror stories? Close call encounter, homophobes, date rapists, shock therapy? …[View]
10497080Hey /lgbt/ I'm a trans girl but idc I'm stuck being a twinkish guy for like a year or so I…[View]
10495542Should I even attemt with a body like this. It doesnt matter how well I do my male up or if I would …[View]
10502330How can you tell if you have 'genuine' dysphoria or just memed yourself into it because of egg memes…[View]
10502588I feel like I'm cursed: Or like I sold my soul. I am ridiculously lucky. Being a passing tranny…[View]
10501730/mtfg/ - Dragon Laf: Laffy VS Goku edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransg…[View]
10496164Where is the best place to live for a straight trans women who wants to avoid chasers? I'm als…[View]
10494629How do I stop wanting this: I just want a gf (male) who will let me suck on her dick when I want too…[View]
10502414is 18 too late to transition: am i cursed to be a hon or a guy for as long as i live[View]
10502242Before I transitioned I chased white trannies because I thought white trannies were the prettiest, m…[View]
10499157Greentext times where you bullied or harassed NPTs in public because they made you uncomfortable /yo…[View]
10500621I think I became bi-curious recently, and I want to experiment with a girl. The thing is, I'm i…[View]
10501512chaser here, visiting a trans prostitute tomorrow. i'm going to tear that asshole up but is the…[View]
10498715I have a HUGE power/rape fetish. I want to fuck widows who can't afford rent. I want to fuck wo…[View]
10494731Is GAMP its own sexual orientation or are we just regular faggots?[View]
10499959Hey /lgbt/, I want my bf to lock up my dick in chastity and he wants to do it too but I'm worri…[View]
10496472Is My Life Just A Meme?: >be me >mtf trying to get hormones >bi-sexual but more interested …[View]
10500309>pass by an obviously cis woman on the street that's the same height as me >height dyspho…[View]
10501437Twinkhon thread: Post your fav twinkhons here[View]
10499877Serious question: Why do so many trans people use message boards? Trans shit dominants lgbt and stat…[View]
10499295/gaygen/ - olive oil edition: old >>10497254[View]
10499788> be me > a year post op > getting a vaginal exam > spectrometer hurts like a motherfuck…[View]
10496405did you know that the compliments women give you are fake?: if you're a tranny and a woman says…[View]
10498704Why are femboys and traps all awful people? They are all manipulative liars, unfaithful, and you onl…[View]
10498988Waxing Beard: Hey, I've been waxing and epilating ny body for months now but the one thing prev…[View]
10495249>tfw huge skull >tfw humongous midface that can only be possibly fixed by one of the most expe…[View]
10501171I've been feeling extremely bicurious for a while now, but I don't know what to do about i…[View]
10499829Well... I just realized this morning that everyone can see my boobs through my sweaters that I wear …[View]
10500569Anyone else, cis or trans, wear padded bras? I find it really helps with my figure. I am 36c without…[View]
10491104Help :(: How do I grow my hair longer without it becoming a questionable thing at work? I don't…[View]
10499849Why is the flag rainbow?: I'm not gay so maybe it's a cultural thing I don't get, but…[View]
10500665Really exploring my boundaries: Ive been gay for several years. Really trying to push my boundaries …[View]
10500063Who's worse Lesbians or Trans freaks?[View]
10499294The forced indoctrination of vulnerable youth into the transexual community.: I want to discuss a pr…[View]
10494172>tfw not sure if really trans or just got gaslighted[View]
10500275>be me >depressed >gender dysphoria is shit >wanting to die >brother watches emoji mo…[View]
10499119/mtfg/ Transgirl General: New Vegas edition QOTT: when was the last time you played this masterpiece…[View]
10500032Anyone have Adam's Apple Tips/Female Undertone Advice?: >be me >semi-closeted mtf >try…[View]
10495723I'm going on my first flight for school purposes very soon. How do I make sure that my pills do…[View]
10494892>tfw when your boyfriend isn't there to cuddle with you and tell you to milk your little utt…[View]
10498958Do you ever get the gnawing paranoia that every well passing tranny, or even trap that you've e…[View]
10496885How long does it take to get actual effects from hrt? I'm 2 months in and still want to commit …[View]
10488258I know this board is a pessimistic place, but realistically what are the odds of passing for someone…[View]
10499470>Wanted to transition when I was 9 and learned it was a thing from somewhere >Even brought it …[View]
10489885comparison between an average man skull and a big woman skull: Hi lovely ladies. You always say ther…[View]
10499337can you please do me a favor?: Can you please find me a born female, ONE, just one, who has a head s…[View]
10499141>Meet cute guy, we really hit it off >End up mutually interested in eachother >Get asked ou…[View]
10499504I feel like something wrapped my left testicle after just a month without AA (QHI was down, and no c…[View]
10499218Stories!: I love stories about anything but especially other gay people and their stories please tel…[View]
10495053ideal dorky bf: >tfw no nerdy bf are there any actual nerdy gay/bi guys irl or are they all close…[View]
10499246Sexuality confusion: 26 year male here. Have been with gf for a while. Have dated a couple guys, but…[View]
10494201>Attracted to femininity but not the female body >Attracted to the male body but not masculini…[View]
10492030I'm feeling comfy and feel like hearing stories. Anyone got any good stories involving eggs. Bo…[View]
10497254/gaygen/ - love edition: prev: >>10494544[View]
10498783Why do straight relationships always seem so loveless and forced? Am I at least somewhat right about…[View]
10494069Body hair: i think my ass would look better shaved. what do you guys think about body hair? do you s…[View]
10498824I heard that hons can use makeup to contour their face to look more feminine. Can I as a cis gay guy…[View]
10495043>that 23 year old boomer who stays in boymode to get gay dick[View]
10497962/mtfg/ Transgirl General: Bullying boys you like edition QOTT: y'all got a crush you want to bu…[View]
10478455Why do everyone hate men?[View]
10492020Well /lgbt/, how true is this?: >Underneath it all, homosexual attractions aren't necessaril…[View]
10495339How do I get her to break up and fall for me?[View]
10489168Friendly reminder to give your transgirl plenty of headpats[View]
10495226I have a date in 2 hours. It's my first date with another guy. Any gay/bi guys who can give me …[View]
10498082How do you make your straight friends question their sexuality? I'm not interested in any of th…[View]
10497107how do i transition without becoming a basic bitch?: i'm not trying to be misogynistic but i…[View]
10496344Reminder that no one naturally has a gay lisp, and that anyone and everyone that speaks with one is …[View]
10497450survey on healthcare experiences in trans population: To transgender users of this board: What has y…[View]
10492395Why are people promoting trans children, it can affect their fucking health for godsake. Most of the…[View]
10488974Be honest with me /lgbt/ can i get a cute bf if i look like this?[View]
10473138How does it feel to have pretty girl privilege?[View]
10497347Why do some of you seem even more mentally ill and crazy than /r9k/? It's genuinely worrying ev…[View]
10497318Short Bottoms = Majorly Overrated: Firstly this aint no hate thread. I have seen threads like this w…[View]
10491859/acegen/ - demographics edition: >What is asexuality? Lack of sexual attraction. >Am I asexual…[View]
10494798Why are so many transbians serial rapists? pic related raped a little girl, 3 anons from /clg/, and …[View]
10494544gaygen/ gay general: /Fitgen edition Prev thread >>10489355 https://discord.gg/d28mUwF[View]
10496844Who else was recently dumped and hates their life rn?[View]
10496133MTFG: uncomfortable truths edition qott: do u got a secret that's eatin u up inside???? post it…[View]
10496480>'wear makeup, it will help you pass!' >put on makeup >look like a man wearing makeup I don…[View]
10493608make a homophobe change idea about gay people and genders pic for attention[View]
10494582>tfw just want a traditional romantic relationship with a man >tfw chasers are all submissive …[View]
10486383What are your predictions for the trans community in the next 10 years? My prediction are: > huge…[View]
10488246> This is my favorite picture I’ve taken of my fiancé AHAHAHAHAHAHA OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
10495743mY tip HURTS: So, I've noticed these days my ween is super delicate to the point that even gett…[View]
10495681He was AGP right?[View]
10495635What the fuck am I doing? Please, someone tell me.[View]
10466339/HRTGen/ HRT General 118: Meme Dose Blues Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on medications and dos…[View]
10489825>mfw I have to include 'as a chaser' or 't. chaser' in every post because schizoid, prohecting tr…[View]
10494111Was he AGP?[View]
10495077I went to a party with three gay friends and expecting to kiss a girl. >tfw I wake up in the morn…[View]
10493981Should you require a doctor's permission before you can girlmode?[View]
10494316/mtfg/ - Make that fusion good: QOTD: Who would you fuse with • Transitioning guide: https://www.red…[View]
10492661Daily reminder to be nice to tranners[View]
10478514ITT: We write letters to people who will never read them and think about sending them[View]
10494262How can I go from a Bi guy to a Gay one? I fucking hate women, I don't want to be sexually attr…[View]
10495203polyamorous domestic life?: i am bi mtf and since 6 months ago i am triad with a couple, i love them…[View]
10484830>tfw I'm nothing but a masturbation accessory for my AGP girlfriend…[View]
10482697How do you feel about this AGPs? How does it feel to never be accepted by mainstream society when th…[View]
10471020>circumcised >Not fat, but a little over weight >Penis still stays inside foreskin part of …[View]
10480245>Be passing and cute transbian >Hold the opinions of most moderate TERFs >Want to befriend …[View]
10464134hey anon,: give us the story of how your tranny repression broke?[View]
10493912Starting HRT a few months before I turn 22: How fucked am I? What are the chances I make it? FFS can…[View]
10485366Does /lgbt/ know how any good trap tips for an aspiring trap im gonna be up like almost all night so…[View]
10493721why are tranners obsessed with lesbians? why do they desperately want to become a lesbian and be wit…[View]
10494108Being smart is knowing that no matter how often you see a particular stereotype of a trans woman irl…[View]
10479074this is the future you chose[View]
10481547Is SRS the biggest Jew shit with false advertising ever invented? >get a VAGINA Alice you want t…[View]
10478842please be honest with me is AGP a legitimate thing? do people really transition due to their AGP fee…[View]
10491525Try and dispute this. Protip: You literally can't.[View]
10488617Asexual: It's time we had our moment, I'm tired of hiding in my apartment never meeting an…[View]
10482698Would your parents say that you were feminine as a kid?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16288942[View]
10487596Were you doomed into hondom from the start?: >started growing facial hair at 9 >voice dropped …[View]
10486233>taking a bath >having a hard time trying not to cry It's getting worse, will bathing cl…[View]
10493370is it fine to call extreme-HON's/People that don't try 'he's': young, passable mtf he…[View]
10491584Alternative to HSTS/AGP typology: I propose a simpler version of the typology. Category A: the Hot, …[View]
10489063LMAO Skullchan has been rekt by contrapoints LMAO 100%: LMAO skullchan has been destroyed by contrap…[View]
1048911890% of brain development (relevant for MtF trannies): 90% of brain development is complete before ki…[View]
10492628Will wearing too small panties help with tucking & dysphoria?[View]
10494192Ok I am a straight white male about 230lbs pretty good looking. 6' and all I want to do is suck…[View]
10492226How did transitioning become an online trend? To us observing those that do it here, it's just …[View]
10494193do you think I should get SRS?: Why I think I shouldn’t > like getting my dick sucked > someti…[View]
10493246Transgender with Mushrooms: So yee, I'm a youthful mtf, started cypro and estradiol on Thursday…[View]
10492006Chaser woes: I used to be a chaser until I bagged a few trannys. Now i guess ive fucked it out of my…[View]
10489124how many of you are passing? reddit.com/r/transpositive/comments/95yd3i/validation_plz_i_have_a_hard…[View]
10488255How do I deal with the fact that such a huge percentage of the human race hates trans people? How do…[View]
10491680>tfw no eastern european bf[View]
10489783Natalie, I'm sorry for being a toxic cluster B boy who is pretending to be trans and for making…[View]
10489269How does it feel like to be a girl?[View]
10493708How many of you trannies wish you were mute so you wouldn't have a manly voice?[View]
10492306I’m 11 months HRT and I’m really worried cos my motivation and will to actually achieve anything in …[View]
10490557Feminine Penis?: Is cut or uncut penis more feminine? What about size? Is it cuter to have a smaller…[View]
10489355/gaygen/ gay general: previous thread: >>10483336[View]
10477977>tfw no bf or gf(male) to collar you and give you headpats[View]
10492766>be me, closeted/'boymode' tran >friend confesses to me that he has a crossdressing fetish wtf…[View]
10492206Can you do me a favor, please?: Can you find me one (1), just one single woman with a head as big as…[View]
10487410/sissy/: Any sissies on /lgbt/? I'm going to meet up with a man in a hotel room on wednesday. H…[View]
10488642What are some pre-transition things to do other than fat loss and voice training? I can't get m…[View]
10481897My friend is letting his sexuality consume his life and its turning everyone away: I don't thin…[View]
10488831Asian Trans Girls: Do Asians have it the easiest time when transitioning? Why does it seem like I ne…[View]
10486902>there are no psychological differences between men and women I honestly didn't know that pe…[View]
10492946>be a tranny >super submissive >straight/bi-curious >really like femboys Should I just g…[View]
10492526what is about trans girls that gets men so addicted to them sexually? basically man that has sex wit…[View]
10439691>late millennial mtf >born too late to repress successfully >born too soon to transition ea…[View]
10491043is it possible that im not even trans and that im just a huge fag that refused to accept my homosexu…[View]
10487143Back in the closet cross-dresser: Have not had any positive experiences when I went out in public in…[View]
10491835where does broad shouldered athletic man find sissy trap to take advantage of short of spending my e…[View]
10492528Is bisexuality more common in autistic people?[View]
10492552What’s the chance of a traner ever landing a daddy bf who will take care of her whilst also viontly …[View]
10492037/mtfg/ leisure time edition: QOTT: What makes the perfect lazy sunday for you? • Transitioning guide…[View]
10488809i plan on going on hrt by the end of the school year. how do i look so far?: i haven't come out…[View]
10489776>be me >be bi, not out >straight™ friend asking why there's no straight pride month …[View]
10489009>your letter >do you want to get hitched (married)? >how long would said marriage last? …[View]
10481302>used to think I was mostly straight with only a little bisexual inclinations >been really wan…[View]
10482226>tranny tripfags[View]
10487344Did anyone else feel like their dysphoria got a lot worse after they started recognizing themselves …[View]
10490965Have i done this to myself?: I wanna be a girl even though i know i can't be. Is this my own fa…[View]
10491280Is it possible to brainwash someone (irl) into being attracted to trannies?[View]
10490431Was he AGP?[View]
10491951Why isn't there some kind of tropical holiday resort where only trannies and chasers are allowe…[View]
10491980I just had my first Dysphoria attack today and it fucking felt awful. I spent the entire time thinki…[View]
10487816How do I get a bf?[View]
10487870mtf, regarding toilets: Where exactly are you supposed to aim, because piss is noticeably different …[View]
10482037Late transition feels: >there are people who live full time and got all the surgeries they need y…[View]
10488503Why does it hurt so much if it's just a fetish[View]
10489448How often do 'transbians' end up losing to dick?[View]
10488920Halp i wanna take big stuff: I just spent 60 bucks on butplugs i cant use. I’ve been doing but stuff…[View]
10450202The Man Who Would Be Queen: Have any of you a actually read this book? What did you think? It's…[View]
10488993Suppress or transition: Sometimes I feel like I’ll never pass. I’m FTM. Binders never work because m…[View]
10491311/feels thread/: Can we get a thread to vent about stuff? I’ll have been on hrt for 5 years on the 28…[View]
10491736fake compliments: I am boymode. My friend is full time but she is pre ffs and pre hrt and pre everyt…[View]
10491703Anyone else know this problem: >Be me >Help friends with relationships and wingman them >He…[View]
10488824>turn 27 in two months >6'1 >hardcore lifelong repressor without a shred of femininity…[View]
10490276How do I know if I didn't meme myself into being gay[View]
10478273/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Back from the dead edition Would you a zom…[View]
10483498Is there any anon, chaser out there who can pay for my ffs. If yes, I'll do whatever you want f…[View]
10472797What are the truths and misconceptions around working out and trying to get fit as an mtf? Being wea…[View]
10491211/lgbt/? More like /tttt/.[View]
10490229Is getting an escort greasy? Pic related.[View]
10489336>digit ratio of 1 on one hand and 9.7 on the other: What does this mean?[View]
10479527Is having a feminization fetish the result of or cause of gender dysphoria[View]
10483782>meet a really cool trans/trap in my chemistry lab >we instantly click, she is so cute, smart,…[View]
10490394/mtfg/ - Dyson Sphere: Rooty is gonna help me build the Dyson Sphere edition • Transitioning guide: …[View]
10485635Do trans women engage in hypergamy?[View]
10490731Does anyone have OCD about being clocked? I know I really need to start therapy but I need to figure…[View]
10454404/ftmg - female to male genderal/: Elijah is our king edition Results from old thrad: https://www.str…[View]
10489510>tfw you can't tell whether you want to be a girl, or just want a girlfriend so bad that you…[View]
10474122Would you rather: Be seen as a girl by society but look like a man to yourself or Be seen as a man …[View]
10489397Hey, I’ve never posted before so please be easy But since I was younger I’ve always wanted to look …[View]
10481969How do I find a guy who wanna watch anime and cuddle?[View]
10489529I'm having serious issues with finding dates in my area and I feel like It might be my height, …[View]
10488605I’m normally a straight guy, but after changing my antidepressants, I just want dick. Just gloryhole…[View]
10488144Are moefags just (mostly) AGP? Honest question[View]
10489260mtfg male to female general: which one r u • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransg…[View]
10488077Is futa an offensive term against trans people?: pic unrelated[View]
10484603does transpassing prove all trannies are sociopaths?[View]
10484531Safety Patrol?: So now that it's been proven that TERF's are as dangerous as men, should w…[View]
10483616How can I know for sure whether I'm trans or not? Please help.[View]
10477820Why am I so jealous of trans girls? Why does it fill me with sadness when I hear stories of them tra…[View]
10489348>tfw no best russian bf to run in circles with I know we tranners have limited dating pools but I…[View]
10489051How gay can you get while still retaining your heterosexuality?[View]
10488861Hey faggots: Hey faggots, yeah you. Stop treating your sexuality as a personality, it's fucking…[View]
10467556>mommy got new panties yum yum[View]
10461343>mummy says I look like a girl thanks mummy[View]
10483336/gaygen/: old thread: >>10480664[View]
10478234hetpm: Hon exclusionary trans positive male general[View]
10482049be honest could i be a trap: like if i shaved could i be a trap w/o makeup or something. i will post…[View]
10489001>late transitioners create a thread to share their feelings, experience and stories >'Hold on,…[View]
10484374Get caught: Any stories about some one find out about you being a homosex?[View]
10488680Is tinder better than Grindr by any significant margin when you're not looking for cheap sex? I…[View]
10487680It finally happened, I just got hit on in public. Ask me anything.[View]
10488949how do i stop wetting the bed? its started ever since i staarted spiro and my boyfriend makes me wea…[View]
10484839Do I even need to come out?: >Be me >One year ago >Still think I'm homo >Tell Mom I…[View]
10467281i'm a cis sport dyke, i was wondering where could i go to find a girl who actually has a person…[View]
10488136why do all FTM's look like leeeeetle boys with thick rimmed glasses?[View]
10488859Do you think he'd suck dick if it was for a good cause, like charity of some kind?[View]
10487829what browsing this board feels like[View]
10487726Regrets over not transitioning early. I'm so sad. I should've went crazy when I was young,…[View]
10485850relationship advice: gay dude here ok so basically i'm seeing this 9/10 guy and like we click s…[View]
10488205Is there any salvation? MTF: I've recently been coming to terms with people telling me I'v…[View]
10488204Are lesbian MtF's just greedy straight guys? Seems to me like they just wanna be straight and f…[View]
10488550Tell me if I'm crazy or not: Hi I have a really big problem,.... >be in LDR with bf >send…[View]
10480491>tfw cute boy >tfw crown hair starting to thin at 20 years old What the fuck do I do? If this …[View]
10487403Symptoms of bipolar disorder: >rapid fluctuations between manic highs and depressive lows >sel…[View]
10487707Does having cute tattoos help you pass?[View]
10487571/mtfg/ trans girl general: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/askt…[View]
10481810https://youtu.be/fD2briZ6fB0 Is she right about us? Is this emotional self harm?[View]
10484609What advice would you give to a babytrans (1 week hrt) who already feels like it's hopeless and…[View]
10485640Hon advice: ITT: hons give other hons advice on how not to be depressing and miserable and other gen…[View]
10484803This is a serious question and not a troll. My new sister (1 year ago it was my brother) is so fucki…[View]
10484900Are transgenders only humans that hate themselfes because they never had friends? When i would hate …[View]
10487012I've had a sissy fetish for years and its never gone away even when staying from porn and its o…[View]
10481974Successfull transition possible yes or no? more pics following[View]
10487239How am I supposed to not die inside when people give me weird looks, laugh at me and gender me male?…[View]
10485256Whats it feel like to fuck trans girls? They're so hot in ladyboy porn[View]
10487170Are there any other mental illnesses that might cause one to consider transitioning? I have severe d…[View]
10482423this is what T does to your body: ftm's are literally insane[View]
10486865http://ostymeditech.com/ thoughts on this transgirls?[View]
10486415/mtfg/ - lrig: no • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/5xuoms/i_…[View]
10485060Gay: Do gay people actually exist[View]
10482301i've never started a thread on here so bear with me :,) i have pretty bad dysphoria, but only i…[View]
10481861>tfw still blessed with being gay[View]
10486765Pre-everything ftm here. Do I deserve love?[View]
10486647How many FtMs want to switch back after experiencing the horrors of being an effeminate male?[View]
10485034should I lose more weight before starting hrt?[View]
10486164to the people who got here because they saw it in the contra video[View]
10486569labia reconstruction: heyo, has any tranners here had labiaplasty revisions done after srs to make t…[View]
10484891contrapoints also sex stories of crossdressers: does anyone any phoyos of her that i can jerk off to…[View]
10486005I am postop and it worked out: Start diagnostic talks at VUMC December 2013, Hormones May 2014 (cyrp…[View]
10486242Should I get an orchi if I'm gonna be boymode for the foreseeable future? I started a new job a…[View]
10478529Hey guys, gays, and goys, I'm here for the armchair psychologist therapy and anonymous online l…[View]
10480756>be me, 21 >want to transition since I was 14, but thought I'd never pass (I have good me…[View]
10485758Why do I do these things to myself? I just wish I was a girl so badly yet I just can't do anyth…[View]
10485749Goddamnit why am I about to cry again? Every time I meet someone who started hrt in their teens I ju…[View]
10485218LGBT - Places on the web to learn more about them: Hello anons. I just made this thread here because…[View]
10482319Is it possible to successfully transition without hormones?: Imagine money wasn't an obstacle. …[View]
10479373cis women have big shoulders too: so why do mtfs worry so much?[View]
10484772MTFG: THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED edition QOTT: why not have fun??? • Transitioning guide: https://www…[View]
10485024How can I get over the feeling that woman are always testing other men? If this is not true? Like, a…[View]
10464903Would you date someone with boarderline personality disorder?[View]
10485160I have zero dysphoria but if I could wake up tomorrow and be Lucille Bluth, I would. Should I transi…[View]
10480351Wait, Sneaky looks like THAT?!?! O NO NO NO NO HAAAAAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUhy6z…[View]
10484987Ok so I know that my family has a history of baldness and my hair is already graying so I thought 'h…[View]
10479742>tfw no TIM (trans-inclusive misogynist) bf[View]
10481152>Supposed to be normal and happy >End up a tranny and borderline personality disorder Is that …[View]
10481074I think my mom trying to foce me to become gay turned me into a faggot, everyday she tried to make m…[View]
10484740just say i love and support all of you (except the ones who transitioned because of a fetish) and u …[View]
10478068Nude Beach experiences and questions: So I'm kind of a hetroflexable APG and I had gone to a nu…[View]
10463191Anxiety in boymode and socially transitioning: How do you deal with this crippling anxiety? I'm…[View]
10480502Should you ever leave boymode if you are tall*? I'm like 6'3 and it's just a joke how…[View]
10484559Is it weird to be trans by definition, but to not 'identify' as trans? I just don't f…[View]
10484562I'm a 19yo male and am thinking I might be trans. It hadn't cross my mind until the last f…[View]
10466809Where to go for SRS?: I'd like as many resources for comparison between SRS surgeons and techni…[View]
10481780how cum there are no cum tributes of her online?[View]
10482568What am i?: So i feel like i hate being a guy. I hate guys clothing, i hate looking masculine and mo…[View]
10484230is monogamy a big meme? ive been dating a man for about 3 years now and i love him to death but i f…[View]
10484057>tfw by the time im a 40 year old boomer all the qt trannies who got on hormones at 8 years old w…[View]
10482670Why so many trans women on here? Nothing against trans women at all, just wondering where the hell a…[View]
10483444/mtfg/ - The year 2120: This is the future we're gunna get edition Question: what does the futu…[View]
10483525>so obsessed with feminization fetish that im taking 25mg spiro daily and ordered pueraria mirifi…[View]
10477386be me and tranner gf have successful lives and can socialize >find nearly all cis women vapid an…[View]
10483304Okay I've been meaning to ask this for a while now. My boyfriend is ftm trans. When can I be ce…[View]
10482779As someone who uses both 4chan and Tumblr frequently, I come across terftards all the time. It'…[View]
10483160>puts on pink anime wig >hides chin with hand >turns filter up to hyper bright >>do I…[View]
10479590Why does this board have numerous Blanchard shilling threads up at any given time? >>10479527 …[View]
10482227Well the gauntlet has been laid down, skullchan has been called out along with all you hons. How do …[View]
10483283>hontra makes video telling deluded males to stop going on /lgbt/ >trans leave >board goes …[View]
10481330>tfw liked dicks ever since I was a kid >repress and lie to myself all my life >only had se…[View]
10482166Contrapoints talks about /lgbt/: IT'S HAPPENING!!!! 2/3 into the video contra starts ranting ab…[View]
10481788mtf probs: My friend’s stepdad wanted to fuck me. Should I tell her?[View]
10482803Are there any trannies here who just suffer from TOCD rather than actual GD?[View]
10482983I actually had sex with a MtF transexual escort, does that make me bi now? serious replies only. I d…[View]
10480664/gaygen: gay general/: Melkor destroys the Two Trees edition. Previously: >>10477232.[View]
10482912Thoughts?: https://youtu.be/fD2briZ6fB0[View]
10479752Rapid onset gender dysphoria study: internet turning kids trans: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/ar…[View]
10482939Don't be rude: I can't believe you dumb dykes hurt contra points. Natalie is a kween and y…[View]
10479661>realize im trans at 14 >repress for years and years anyways because of family >dysphoria a…[View]
10472692AGP: If I transition my agp will just go away, so what's the point? I want to be feminised so b…[View]
10473412AGP is stupid: So I believe AGP is a meme. I mean imagining oneself in a female self during sexual f…[View]

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