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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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10923566now that craigslist is shut down, where can I post?: Where can I post now that craigslit is shut dow…[View]
10917139so, what exactly IS the hateboner trans people have for TERFs for? Honestly, most of the world is tr…[View]
10924591Transbians and society: How are transbians seen in your country compared to straight or bisexual tra…[View]
10926735isn't their only two genders? male female bigender/nonbinary - you are both of the 2 agender- …[View]
10927993You all really need to learn to admire your beauty, be it an ebon tumult spiral or a delicate bonny …[View]
10925363LOL at hons. Pic related average hon.[View]
10926987I am big gay: i think im big gay. mom caught me suckin peepee and i am hav peepee also. help. do emb…[View]
10925864Could one transition without telling anyone? Are there any downsides to doing that? Does it even rea…[View]
10921886You transition to live as a woman: You go through hell to transition and live as a woman and then me…[View]
10927880Can we ask Hiro to make 'Goodbye Horses' play automatically when you open this board?[View]
10924641How to be a femboy: I just found out im a femboy but I don't know how to be one. I know its dif…[View]
10923272Why are trannies incapable of imagining a woman without a penis?[View]
10927908Ever fart so hard your tuck came undone?[View]
10926827>thought about transitioning at 16 >no idea where to get hormones or how I would pay for them …[View]
10919576what the fuck am I?: >been on hrt for a little over a year >don't want to transition and …[View]
10927122/mtfg/ trans girl general: original lewdanon edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r…[View]
10925035Part time traps/girls: Is their a place for bi dudes on here who want to be part time girls? I don…[View]
10917837Why hons rather be obsessed with making ugly neovag than with actual face flaws that makes them look…[View]
10923270Passing is hipster?: Does anyone here believe that someday in the future that you're going to e…[View]
10922051/gaygen/ this one is better[View]
10924453>Transwomen hate having their tinklers sucked on-: Oh no no no no no /tttt/=BTFO[View]
10925638can gay couples be lifetime partner? what do you think about your current boyfriend? do you want to …[View]
10923609Why are asian ladyboys so perfect?[View]
10925251Gay Twitter Accounts: I made a private twitter account for my gay stuff since I wanna feel free on p…[View]
10924118Is This Normal?: Am i the only tranny fag who almost enjoys being depressed? Don't get me wrong…[View]
10924095am I denying my lesbian-ness??: >be me >currently bisexual-identifying femanon >have always…[View]
10926804Feminizing Skincare Routines: How do you get nice skin? I never go out in the sun. I eat decently. B…[View]
10922160I'm a cis dude and I always hear about so many trans women but I've never actually met one…[View]
10921619Mtf because it would be cool (minus the judgment from society): This is my annual thread where I say…[View]
10888591Anyone else have an alt-right boyfriend? My bf voted for trump and we have argued about it a lot. Th…[View]
10926664mtfs and ftms (gays chime in too!) did anyone cope with using drugs before transition ( or coming ou…[View]
10922149>be me >currently 5'7'-5'8' >getting dangerously close to crossing the boundary o…[View]
10916435psychadelics and self discovery: Anyone have any thought provoking experiences? Specifically people …[View]
10926219chaser-kun's, why dont u transition to get a transbian gf? win win situation amiright?[View]
10924903I have this question, why everybody in others 4chan borads hates trans people?[View]
10926673how to get a straight guy as a femboy?: so i'm a young androgynous femboy/crossdresser that wea…[View]
10924155Were you really nice until you started transition/coming out?: What happened? Or did you become a mu…[View]
10926407Orchiectomy VS Vaginoplasty Which should you/I pick, assuming you can only pick one? Why?[View]
10926182What's the deal with switching to injections?: Earlier the better? I've heard numerous cas…[View]
10926430Voice Feedback: I can make something more fem come out of my mouth for two seconds, but this is the …[View]
10924247>*Have white trans gf* >*Get black trans GF (notice how this one is bigger* >*invite her ov…[View]
10925614Transwoman Goes to Prison - Gets Gangbanged Documentary: https://www.vjav.com/videos/80459/exotic-ja…[View]
10925613>/lgbt/ considers fucking this not gay[View]
10923122/acegen/ - Asexuality General: last time on /acegen/: >i don't fucking know because I can…[View]
10922678Why didn't I realise sooner?: I always hated puberty, yet I never questioned why... I hated bei…[View]
10924671I identify as a Cowboy: my triggers are injuns and cattle rustlers. my preferance is for monogamy an…[View]
10921415Do I need FFS?: Hello. I would like your feedback. What procedures, if any, do you think I need? My …[View]
10922168mtfg - TRANSGIRL GENERAL: catgirl edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransge…[View]
10925183>gay jokes and characters are most of the time over the top funny >make a single fat joke and …[View]
10911540how about a non-binary and/or intersex thread? discuss androgyny! what do you think of them?[View]
10924159>be a boymoding twinkhon >M on my ID >'have a nice day, ma'am' >registered under a …[View]
10924768Can you get NEETbux for GD.: I'm a hon. Or already I think I am other people say I pass and am …[View]
10922638Why so INSANE?: 'Why are you texting other guys? The only guy you need is me.' 'I'll kill that …[View]
10923475Judging Attractiveness via Grindr: I've basically never been hit on in my life so last week I m…[View]
10906080Do any other mtf get really turned on when they see a female who's taller and stronger than you…[View]
10914843Sips diet coke: Yup, Susan's Place was a good site. Better to transition later in life when yo…[View]
10924608Get to fuck a CD tonight: Woot woot[View]
10924149What household items can imitate a bra?ive used a neckwarmer and a pair of boxers cut between the le…[View]
10923333is it possible to train your voice to sound as something in between, that it could be a female voice…[View]
10924231>18 F Lesbian >German / Danish Anyone wanna talk? Leave discord tags:>…[View]
10923967>tfw truscum are now coopting the transsexual>transgender thing when part of the reason you st…[View]
10922894I came across a video that encapsulates every anti-tranny boomer talking point >https://www.youtu…[View]
10920575I am a pre-op transsexual. I didn't go through this hell to be a homosexual man with homosexual…[View]
10920436New cartoon about a transgirl, 'Twelve Forever': This is a new cartoon about a girl named …[View]
10923016LGBT Artists Appreciation Thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC8h4HnWyys[View]
10923454post /lgb/ memes + bingos i excluded trans stuff since i've already got a ton of that saved, s…[View]
10922786>Lupron isn't dangerous to put 10-year-olds on, silly! Hmmm... https://www.lupronvictimshub.…[View]
10898075post a pic of your room, guess other people's lgbt letter: I'll start :)[View]
10907104/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Spooktober What scares you /clg/? Every ha…[View]
10923138>checking new messages >this guy sent you a dicc pic /ttttt/'s reaction?…[View]
10923423Turtle gay: hello I come to tell you a story, the truth gives me grace I was 16 when I first fell in…[View]
10922400>Jesus told me to delete my trap folder again[View]
10914211do gay guys have a thing for shotas like straight girls do?[View]
10922811Random thoughts: Has anyone thought how shit it must've been to be trans before HRT, FFS and GC…[View]
10913071how dangerous is taking HRT without blood tests? I can't really get them so I'm just wonde…[View]
10918203MTFs, have you given up on finding a bf? It seems that men are unable to accept and will only ridicu…[View]
10918619im not a chaser.. i just want to be someone's loving and loyal bf[View]
10913400>want to stay cute male >already have gyno >already hide titlets with baggy sweatshirts …[View]
10922157/mtfg/ trans girl general: consensual cuddling edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com…[View]
10921804LGBT rebels/terrorists: when do you think the shooting and killing will start? whats going to push t…[View]
10915067is she (ops, i mean he) in HRT?[View]
10916089How fucking pissed would you be if a fatass like this asked you out?[View]
10921497>be me >cross dresses as girl on a weeb convention >puts on male clothes later >asks out…[View]
10909207Does anyone else find it irksome that there doesn't exist a gay-male-specific flag? The rainbow…[View]
10922274have you guys seen this https://ep70.eventpilot.us/web/page.php?nav=false&page=IntHtml&proje…[View]
10903055This person is FTM, imagine transitioning from female to become a hairy skinny gay guy, you literall…[View]
10912941Is there anything more annoying than a trap who won't let you touch her dick? Like, do you not …[View]
10889728Why do lesbians hate pedophiles more than anyone else? [spoiler]Is that true or just a meme?[/spoile…[View]
10918255Being trans is deeply ingrained in your personality. You always acted girlish/boyish by instinct bec…[View]
10918456>yfw AFP (autofemboyphilia)[View]
10919073Daily reminder that you will always be biologically male and no amount of pills, patches, injections…[View]
10914750Married stealth trans woman - help: You may remember me from a few months ago, forgive me for reddit…[View]
10912553>be twinkhon >meet alt-right guy on grindr >don't know his views exactly but he says s…[View]
10916252reddit sometimes: https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/9pth70/lesbian_ends_up_having_sex_with_tra…[View]
10918205/gg/ - gay general: Previous: >>10913734[View]
10918492How good is Pueraria Mirifica vs regular estrogen treatments?: Until I'm able to start HRT, I…[View]
10920000Gay love aren't real: It's all fake. Real love can be only between heterosexuals. Man and …[View]
10916778>good girl![View]
10900553dealing with agp: after a while of internal conflict and thinking I may be trans, I've come to …[View]
10919664What percentage of tranners actually fit the typology? Most the trans people I've talked to don…[View]
10914630what did he mean by this[View]
10921253>Be AGP and wanna crossdress >Girlfriend wants me to act more masculine >mfw…[View]
10918745If your skeletal structure can't be changed what does HRT even do?[View]
10890812Why's it so bad for trans[View]
10917091>be not trans >constantly think about crossdressing am i retarded?…[View]
10920717Need hubby I am trad femboi :3: >be me >Be cute femboy >Live in Kentucky so no man Can y…[View]
10915299Casual, pointless survey for transgenders, both FTM and MTF: If you don't want to elaborate on …[View]
10910131Chart Thread: Chart thread[View]
10919430>be me >just turned 18 a couple months ago >I meet up with the cutest trans guy on tinder …[View]
10911830to the guys who say they like trans women: are you willing to look beyond the physical and into the …[View]
10912510I'm 6'4: Please what do i do i can't make myself smaller this is hell.[View]
10920154Do you think their parents helped make their signs?[View]
10916844How to get over dislike of masculinity: Self hating amab here How do you get rid of a general dislik…[View]
10906176TERF here. Just clarify for me. Is there now *any* requirement to being a 'woman' (by the …[View]
10902156>If you could press a button to magically and permanently turn you into a girl, would you press i…[View]
10919973Let's create an LGBT specific caucus. How is this not already a thing? Is it because LGBT isn…[View]
10892664Hello fellow repressors, I think my social worker knows or at least suspect im a repressor I met he…[View]
10920002>tfw when you feel like you're a girl but you're born a boy[View]
10920052What have you done today to combat homophobia?[View]
10917893>move to San Francisco bay >still no bf How to get bf?…[View]
10917095How come you never hear about straight transvestites anymore?[View]
10918365I just turned 20 and there's no possible option to get HRT or transition. Do I repress for life…[View]
10919116Who else in /tttt/ is in college? How is it going for you? I'm so poor I'm thinking about …[View]
10919945can i still be a twink if i have body hair?: i have very twink featured but a little bit of body hai…[View]
10918317I don't think trans women are women but I'm not a TERF: I 100% believe trans women should …[View]
10900431>tfw a loving chaser will never sweep me off my feet so we can live happily ever after…[View]
10920126>tfw you could have been aborted if your mother wasn't a christfag…[View]
10918905/mtfg/ trans girl general: dancing squid edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/ask…[View]
10919747my boyfriend -> girlfriend: I literally have no issue with trans people at all, I have a lot of t…[View]
10903958>when the ladies room is single occupancy so you can stand to pee[View]
10919070Does transgenderism refute gender fluidity? Many trans believe that they were born the wrong gender,…[View]
10894383>falling for the scam of 'gender' There is no such thing as gender. The thing separating the dist…[View]
10914421male sex work in the UK: sup /lgbt/, I'm a young twink living in the UK, my life sucks and I ne…[View]
10917847I wish cis people realized that if you disagree with lgbt that it automatically means you are a bigo…[View]
10918316Do trutrans always end up in suicide?[View]
10919787>Guys want to keep mistresses/gay lovers hidden and won't acknowledge them in public >'Pe…[View]
10917327hey so like when i wear panties now my penis is sorta compressed wich is not a problem but it sweats…[View]
10912762>have a dream where I'm a girl >in a relationship with a hot dude I went to high school w…[View]
10917724Exclusionist: Is it bad to be an exclusionist or transmed? I think its pretty common sense, anything…[View]
10897387Cluster Determination Thread: Trans people post selfies so that people can say whether they think yo…[View]
10918387Anyone else been falling for the hsts meme?: I don't really have dysphoria although i do like b…[View]
10918060Hi ^_^, poll to know of /tttt/ demographic for curiousity; not vry intersting thread: https://linkto…[View]
10915245>think about transitioning for a year >get on bica and e for 6 weeks >stop for a month to f…[View]
10916233>Put on panties >Don't get aroused cuz not sick fuck…[View]
10902438How not to love her?: Today Emma Watson showed support for trans folks with the following tweet: htt…[View]
10919052Being Bi: so I'm femanon bi at a highly conservative school. Being gay, not christian, liberal,…[View]
10918626Am I transgender??? I’m on hrt for 2 years...: Soooo I’ve been on hrt for 2 years, pass pretty well,…[View]
10899944Are there any other bisexual guys here who are only interested in dating woman? I've managed to…[View]
10914123is it easier to find a non-cis gf as an autistic person than finding a cis gf? t. clinically autisti…[View]
10913734/gaygen/: previous: >>10901503[View]
10897934tranners, why not date an incel? he won't leave you for a cis woman because he's too unatt…[View]
10914361Why is it afabs who are always the trenders? They’re coming up with stupid bullshit like demi girl, …[View]
10905002incels must be forced to transition by law[View]
10913563MTFG - TRANSGIRL GENERAL: industrial edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktran…[View]
10915111/jawlinegeneral/: Has anyone managed to shave their jawline to appear more femine? > mfw not born…[View]
10914977Is Venom queer?: https://www.themarysue.com/venom-subtext-and-the-race-for-on-screen-lgbt-representa…[View]
10916965i'm kinda pissed about how the definition of bisexual is put in the blender because no one want…[View]
10904351Im starting to Like men wtf 1 yr hrt and suddenly women just dont turn me on anymore. Only guys. Wtf[View]
10915923Is the idea of there being a ton of 'oppressed POC trans women' just something made up by white tran…[View]
10915493I know a guy from portugal that i love, but i live in norway, what the hell do i do[View]
10912157>/clg/ >/ftmg/ Why are roasties tolerated on this board?…[View]
10915899Is it even real? Maybe I do need help..?..: >Think about transitioning >See Psychologist after…[View]
10916455How many of you aren't dysphoric but are on hrt/consider getting it because growing old as a ma…[View]
10911464Why the fuck is gender important?[View]
10916763hi ttttttttttttttttttt i am drinko and sad-o pls post cute stories for my vicarious enjoyment thnx[View]
10916678How do gay and bisexual cis-men feel about transwomen?: All the gay and bisexual guys I know on disc…[View]
10891634Why isn’t it more popular to do mild HRT/AA and stay male in formalities? Not sure what this is call…[View]
10915385Successful birth after unterus transplant in india: tribuneindia .com/news/nation/in-a-first-woman-g…[View]
10909508What kind of means do you use so your boyfriend doesn't run away to be with a cis-girl?[View]
10909061Your favorite fetlife hons: y[View]
10909390tucking question: hey /tttt/, closet transgirl here, pre-everything, trying to get more into dressin…[View]
10915983HRT questions and answers: This thread is for HRT Q and A. I am starting it because I have a questio…[View]
10912132passgen: chasers begone edition[View]
10877947Lgbt as a topic is deeply related to politics. Let's try to get a rough idea where you guys sta…[View]
10911399If I am undecided whether to read a thread, the anime picture is often the deciding factor.[View]
10914266I really want to be a femboy/trap but ive been told by literally everyone I would never pass without…[View]
10916262I wish the chemical castration myth would be true... I wouldn't have to worry about getting orc…[View]
10897738Prove to me that there exists at least one trans person who passes at EVERY angle. Hardmode: They pa…[View]
10916159Friendship: https://discord (dot) gg/bdEdhV[View]
10915913Trans senator or president: Do you think there will ever be a trans president/senator/governor etc? …[View]
10910067Fake new groups in LGBT: It pisses all of you off that polygamy is rebranding itself as 'polyamory' …[View]
10915243Voice: I’m strongly considering transitioning. To, you know, avoid suicide. My biggest concern thoug…[View]
10879439I don't understand why's everyone buttblasted about a trans woman winning the race? She ha…[View]
10907777If you are born a man you are a man if you are born a woman you are a woman, if you are not happy wi…[View]
10915797Is there a way I can repress gay feelings? I'm bi, but I want to be pretty much straight. Howev…[View]
10906727Is it true that a lot of trans people end up having to wear diapers because their t-blockers give th…[View]
10913812Dom > Sub: >be recently converted Bisexual >still unsure on things >looking for a relati…[View]
10907691We have a position open for a beefy muscle pup or those who want to become a beefy muscle pup? Who w…[View]
10913997So what makes you come here, anon? Is it the memes? Generals? Tranner butt? Trying to find that spec…[View]
10910974Is pic related how repressors and hons feel when they die?[View]
10891677Bullying online e.g. Narcissa Wright: Recently saw a vid online where NW was looking thru a /v/ thre…[View]
10914475ok so honstly i donteven want a bf cuz all he would do is conplain and i just wanna be in my snugie …[View]
10911451Find sissy friends here: Hello, If you are a sissy, please share the country where you live. So that…[View]
10909137That feel when if I transition I’ll look like this. Should I talk to my gender therapist on Monday a…[View]
10910152Been seeing a lot of posts lately encouraging dudes to take HRT, even if they have slim chances of p…[View]
10912771I don't know how to feel about this...is it a parody on gay/drag culture or a gay power cartoon…[View]
10906078>over a year of HRT >still haven't found a trad husband to make me into his qt tradwife…[View]
10909494Youngshit hons: This hon passes worse than fucking blaire and she started at 12. Is this cluster B i…[View]
10914713How many mtfs actually pass?[View]
10909866MTFs, do you experience pretty privilege?[View]
10909543>if you don’t like me you’re racist[View]
10787926/agpg/ - Autogynephilia General: >Scene Edition QOTT: Which styles/looks/outfits activate your AG…[View]
10912322What percentage of LGBT are NPCs?: I'd say 50/50. Some gays are so vapid and materialistic ther…[View]
10910011how the fuck do i move forward with my life?: >hormones at 16 >came out at 18 >Dated around…[View]
10914066Why do I have an urge to fuck a gay bottoms ass over a womans pussy?: What the fuck? I do well with …[View]
10909004Why does society expect women to wear fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake hair, lipstick, eyeliner, lip…[View]
10913451/mtfg/ Male to Female General: Video Games Edition QOTT: What's your favourite game of all time…[View]
10912437>be egg >go to gender specialist >get estrogen after they diagnose me with gender dysphori…[View]
10912315Real discussion time: do you know the difference between passing and being conventionally attractive…[View]
10913604>No. I mean, like, for guys. Fucking bislut! REEEEEE![View]
10899157You are all sluts: >On Grindr looking for hook ups >BF gave a pass for me >some tranny want…[View]
10913695>be passing mtf >go into ladies room >creepy old guy walks in >'what the hell are you do…[View]
10901503/gaygen/: previous: >>10899417[View]
10910334/MTFG/ cherry's little slut edition: her embarrassment fuels me c: sploosh sploosh • Transition…[View]
10907424anal bleach: So I wanna bleach my ass for that perfect colour. What anal bleach products are the bes…[View]
10912764Mothers: Can we have a thread where we talk about our mothers? What is your relationship like with y…[View]
10910648Suicide: How many of you are contemplating?[View]
10907478Same-sex INTIMACY and homosexuality: Is the lack of same-sex intimacy responsible for the rise of ho…[View]
10911309>tfw you're cluster a but your skeleton is cluster b[View]
10911242Tranners who went through their doctors to get hrt, do you remember what you said to your doctor/sta…[View]
10912981To those who have undergone hrt to become girls, but still have your male genitals. Is it possible t…[View]
10912712How do i get a trap gf without getting called a chaser and hated on?[View]
10912657What the fuck: https://bes-pacific.tumblr.com/post/179246752788/my-final-report-on-the-death-of-jack…[View]
10908286Just realised I'm probably gay. Is there a way to not be gay? I always grew up thinking I was s…[View]
10911023Do you wish you were straight?[View]
10885776/HRTGen/ HRT General 129: I swear I'm only taking HRT to stop hairloss Edition: >Help, advic…[View]
10912269Hey anons, I wanted to go to a weeb convention and I would like to hear all of your opinions onto th…[View]
10910120>be a boymodding twinkhon >enter a bathroom (male) >everyone starts losing their shit >s…[View]
10906594Bi guy drama: Hi /lgbt/, 25 y/o cisgay man here. Here's my situation: >Meet closeted bisexua…[View]
10908850>actually wanting to be female >actually wanting to be physically and mentally weak, overly em…[View]
10911479I'm a half-passable boymoder and I have no clue what to do next. I feel anxious around women, I…[View]
10909344>Be me >Laugh with friends at hons and transvestites on one portal >Post a link on forum an…[View]
10911868LGBT: You guys are NOT natural and lying for attention[View]
10907890Ok trans people I have a question for you. When I was little boy i don't want to wash and touch…[View]
10911707Proof that traps arent gay: Reminder that we all can be real girls as long a where cute. Infact wher…[View]
10911511what made you gay[View]
10910773/mtfg/ trans girl general: making fun of sharks edition QOTT: would you make fun of sharks? • Transi…[View]
10907313>tfw you realize that gender dysphoria is caused by delusion >tfw you realize that 'transgende…[View]
10911420/lgbt/ firearms: How many of you own firearms? What kind are your favorite?[View]
10911108Cluster As have stories worth telling!: Are there any anime or manga about cluster A transwomen? I r…[View]
10910441Whats it called when your attracted to anyone who looks kinda girly. I like to think im straight, b…[View]
10910836>tfw no trapboi friend to show my panties and thigh highs to[View]
10909894Is it true that most gay men hate women?[View]
10911150Is it possible to be both AGP and AAP at the same time?[View]
10911175I like trap. Does that make me gay?[View]
10911146Ive been on hormones on and off for the last 2 and a half years, mostly at a low dose and with t-blo…[View]
10910907how do i find love as a boymoder?: gay men don't like my tits. straight men don't like me.…[View]
10907918How do I determine if I am attractive? I was tempted to try Tinder or Grindr, but I don't want …[View]
10907847Why is your community going after children now?: At first I want to explain that I do not have a pro…[View]
10906138I'm really happy: Sry, i'm not very good at writing stories but something really good happ…[View]
10910180How are doing tonight, fellow pre-hrt tranner[View]
10910321Hello, my cousin (age 21) came out as trans a few years ago. MTF btw. They live a few states away so…[View]
10906334Is it worth it to keep your dick alive?: I recently started hormones and I kinda wanna let my dick a…[View]
10910316Alright, I know asking for help on 4chan is essentially a suicide attempt, but I'm genuinly con…[View]
10909946>gay guy FWB with straight cis female How fucked am I[View]
10897996Contrapoints passage of time: Quite interesting, sounds like an affected mid-Atlantic accent. Perhap…[View]
10905894/cgg/ Cis GayGen: Ahegao Edition: Previously on /cgg/: >>10901171 >gay monogamy wins >re…[View]
10908950Which is nicer to trannies? Japan or South Korea? Or are both equally as rough?[View]
10905246What went wrong?[View]
10909037I fucking hate the LGBT community now days.: Why are so many gay guys such fucking flamboyant bottom…[View]
10907737lets get a trans guy transition goals thread goin!! need some positivity in here! >that flat che…[View]
10909900Can’t take feeling like I’m stuck anymore. Have a great life but I need to be a woman. My self medic…[View]
10907392Daily reminder that you trannies are going to look ugly as shit when you're 30+ Will you seduce…[View]
10909013is denying your transgirl headpats the worst punishment of them all?[View]
10908842What do I do?: start HRT: >will never pass anyways >dysphoria will increase 10x >will have …[View]
10909773>I want to transition but still have a fully functional dick Why are people like this…[View]
10906689transition made my gender dysphoria worse: not better but worse. When I was a boy, at least I had ho…[View]
10909095i ate real big quesadilla and now im drinking wine will i turn into fat[View]
10908496First time help: Hey /lgbt/, im an 18 year old, straight acting bi guy and tomorrow i'll be mee…[View]
10909266Great Wall of Va-china: > wishing you could start a support group for non-hons to meet other reas…[View]
10908396Me in panties: I’m lost but on here I’m found[View]
10908439How many guys have you had sex with? At least 20 for me, though most of them were only a couple of t…[View]
10909237TS fitness: Pic unrelated Looking for diet and fitness tips for mtf 9 months into hrt. Tired of look…[View]
10908552today I went to buy sunglasses and I found out that...: it looks like men and women really do have f…[View]
10903874There are commonly two groups of sexual orientations the first are the widespread and commonly accep…[View]
10905712Would you?[View]
10904058I don't hate the LGBT. I never even think about the LGBT. But all the parades; waving gay dicks…[View]
10909138help: arei gay because i liked womens[View]
10909126Calling all Lesbians: What was your longest and most successful relationship? Did you trust your par…[View]
10908948BF doxxing?: I really want to dox my ex Boyfriend who cheated on me and left me for one of my friend…[View]
10903190How can I prolong my twink status? I willing to do pretty much anything (pills). My genes are pretty…[View]
10893468how come it's okay for lesbians to be misandrist but it's bad for gay men to be misogynist…[View]
10908162/mtfg/ Male to Female General: Snuggles Edition QOTT: What's the best snuggling position? • Tra…[View]
10897273Why are so many people falling for the ace meme[View]
10904189If i start blockers will my balls still work?: thinking about starting blocker... but i still want m…[View]
10908470what is the difference between traps and trannies or trans?: i don't get it. what is the differ…[View]
10908633I'm an NPT, trapped in boymode forever. The only thing that has kept me from roping is the fact…[View]
10908468Help: I’ve been on hrt for only two weeks now but my nipples are painfully sensitive. Like if anythi…[View]
10906233Whats with all these post that tell people to not transition just to be a hormone boy. Is it like we…[View]
10893359Length of ring and index fingers 'linked to sexuality': https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-…[View]
10905544>come out as trans >be retarded and get tranny bangs because I thought I was ready to present …[View]
10908040Youtube keeps recommending this video to me. I am a gay man. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
10905545lgbt youtubers/e-celebrities: Let's make a list of the best and the worst. Who do you love? Who…[View]
10902775Getting into speed with transition: I just got approved by my endo to start doing HRT in injection f…[View]
10886388/ftmg/ - Female to Male General: Pillsbury doughboy to /fit/ Edition Moldy bread: >>10871006 …[View]
10898164Does she really pass? If you're gonna be honest.[View]
10905121Dealing with inability to get pregnant.: MtfF, pre-OP, 1yr HRT. Slight NSFW near the end of the post…[View]
10897568meme of the month: I've noticed that many transgirls don't quite fit the two cluster typol…[View]
10907707Hair removal: How to become sexy trap without ripping out my pubes?[View]
10907191what is gatekeeping?[View]
10901158Ways to cope with dysphoria: I want to know how you cope with your dysphoria /lgbt/. Post strategies…[View]
10897746>hanging out with friends >squished beside my bestie on a couch >feel so small and feminin…[View]
10894085so where exactly did meta attracting come from again? who coined it? it literally exists to tell str…[View]
10903130Having a long term trans gf is impossible.: > lurking on discord thread > see a transgirl post…[View]
10906903I masturbate to gay porn more than straight, but most of my friends irl are male and I still suck at…[View]
10894562I just want to be a cute diaper girl :([View]
10892924Why do so many tranners wear face masks? I see it all the time. Mostly on Twitter and Facebook group…[View]
10888511I've never considered myself a really sensitive person, but finally all the transphobia i see e…[View]
10890154Why is there so much aggression towards cluster A transwomen?[View]
10904327So my mom has been trying to put all of her pain on me since apparently me being trans has caused he…[View]
10906988Question for the lgbt: Hello guys,so why did you chose to be gay? I personally did so because its tr…[View]
10892827Why do random guys tell me to smile?[View]
10897250There’s now a trend of HSTS trying to distance themselves from Transbians. 2018 has been a PR disast…[View]
10886944is there anything more tragic than trans girls? especially the ones who don't look cute, I can…[View]
10906425>cousin is AGP >started HRT recently >becoming a really cute twinkhon, maybe even passabl…[View]
10905485Mexican Holes: What is it with the latinos and mexicant? Why don't they understand they need to…[View]
10906505do you have to be straight to be agp?: ...or can you be lesbian?[View]
10904849I need protection: >5'2 >no muscles >in constant danger of being attacked by a horde o…[View]
10906935What does /lgbt/ think of Common Filth?[View]
10906761Lesbians liking BY/Yaoi, etc: Explain that to me , i can understand that you find a relationship cut…[View]
10889985Useless Genitals: I'm a 25 y/o pre-op mtf who has been on HRT for a little over 2 years now. An…[View]
10905006I need all the dick-friendly panties you know of, post them Either the store pic so I can reverse se…[View]
10903140to bottoms: do you guys prefer big dick or average dick? I'm pretty insecure about my dick size…[View]
10906373How do I slowly push my bottom bf into more and more sexual degeneracy and fetishes?[View]
10885302>at class >task requires us to split by gender FUCK…[View]
10894453>tfw you're a biological woman who's always hated her body but has recently learned to …[View]
10890434How can I cure myself of AGP urges so that I can become a better ally to the feminist movement?[View]
10902441As a gay trap, I can say any man like Jotaro has claimed this hole.[View]
10906010Snowballed my own jizz: Me (male straight) her (female, bi) are together. I came in her mouth and be…[View]
10906452Told myself I wouldn't do this. Installed Grindr and found a dom. Meeting tommorow. What are t…[View]
10906422Reminder that if you're 'bicurious' or 'prison gay,' you're not actually gay, just a degen…[View]
10904132Since my egg broke I haven't watched porn a single time in months now, grossed out by the idea …[View]
10899983repressor gf: Does anyone else kind of want to find a repressor gf? Especially as an agp repressor m…[View]
10905615Daily reminder that transition is optional for AGP's because they don't have dysphoria. Tr…[View]
10900713Survey time, /tttt/: 1. Your letter 2. Your mom's age when you were born 3. Your dad's ag…[View]
10904299y'all ever meet someone who was really SUSPECT, like people you think are eggs or boymoders?[View]
10905904How can I tell my therapist I'm trans ?[View]

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