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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

Displaying 175 expired threads from the past 3 days

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9463124isn't the poz bug chasing problem fucking widespread ? why no one talks about it ? every faggot…[View]
9462514Can someone explain dysphoria better to me?: I'm not sure what it is I have, but I haven't…[View]
9462240How do I tell my therapist I think I might be trans?[View]
9461653Telehealth services: So you can consult with a doctor over the internet and get a prescription for a…[View]
9461315Considering how most of the world considers those of the LGBT community to be demon spawn. I am intr…[View]
9458301This guy just made it harder to be gay in California. Considering he does not believe intentionally …[View]
9449208Any other traps here have had guys spill their spaghetti over you? Post em if you got em.[View]
9455545so why aren't you in a relationship[View]
9463730>check local auction website >lots of offers for laser hair removers >reason for resale is …[View]
9465018So I've never really been hit on and I can't figure out why I seeming just don't appe…[View]
9465088is it possible to experience 'dysphoria' without being trans? I hate being masculine and pretty much…[View]
9465101I want a man to pick me up from my trailer in the middle of the woods in Alabama and buy me hrt and …[View]
9453951Gay people: No disrespect to transgender people But any other gay people feel that this board is now…[View]
9462376Are there any mtf's on /lgbt/ who formerly were straight guys but are now into men? Please tell…[View]
9462427catharsis: how do you guys like cope with being gay or trans or whatever? i just feel like i have th…[View]
9459555>tfw you're a heterosexual man (male) with an erotic target location error…[View]
9462632I'm fucking retarded: >be me, 18 yo wannabe tranny living with parents who I know definitely…[View]
9460616Misgendering: I'm not trans myself, however I empathise a lot with trannies. My empathy is cold…[View]
9460275How late is too late to transition mtf?: I’m 18 and scared it’s too late to even bother trying as I’…[View]
9454341trans history: Can you tell me about the history of transgender people in the ancient world? Feel fr…[View]
9407823/ltg/ - Late Transition General #005: Last one edition: A thread for late transitioners to share and…[View]
9459723Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
9453629>LGBT How was the letter order decided?[View]
9433515What's your most degenerate fetish /lgbt/? And why is it your fetish?[View]
9450895Driver's licenses: So I know most trannies here are NEETs, but does that mean most don't h…[View]
9456079Gay conversion fantasies: Any here ever had gay conversion fantasies? The thought of dicking lesbian…[View]
9456436is 18 too old to transition: I’ve been feeling this way for a long time but I’ve been too scared to …[View]
9461820Caught crossdressing?: Have you ever been caught crossdresssing?[View]
9463258How do I stop feeling like the only people who will ever pretend to love me or at least fuck me are …[View]
9461407>lgbt >over 95% of threads are tranny this or that How? Why?…[View]
9455985I remember when back in the day, trans people in the LGBT community was as rare as a unicorn, but no…[View]
9463774anybody as retarded and gay as me: the past few days ive been debating with myself whether or not to…[View]
9453893Is there a point of no return?: If you are MtF and you get into girl mode... let's say you…[View]
9463223/mtfg/ - Male to Fragrant Femmes General: You're not anime edition • Transitioning guide: https…[View]
9454014Why am i trans: >be me >be trans >hate trannies >family hates me >i try to kill myse…[View]
9461687Open relationship??¿?: >I don't wanna have anyone coz I'm a hoe and need loots of sex …[View]
9459004Any of ya bought your pills from rogue pharmacy? also post sites.[View]
9462541Bi-curious here. Sometimes I'll just be listening to this guy I follow on youtube talk, and won…[View]
9462646>be hetero exclusively attracted to women >tried HRT just to be a femboy and recover a little …[View]
9451830What the actual fucking fuck???: >Be me, 18yo mtf, 2months hrt >Act as always with male or fem…[View]
9446764Has anyone here gone on mones to see if they like it while questioning their gender and then decided…[View]
9458374/gaygen/ - myth edition: Old thread >>9456896 What is your favorite myth? Mine would be Tu…[View]
9455934Any traps with this aesthetic?[View]
9430812>tfw you're trap top and love bottom muscle dads What do[View]
9452273>be trans girl >add a trans girl I found on /lgbt/ >we start talking, seems pretty good so …[View]
9457992/bigen/: why doesn't this exist already edition[View]
9457153what's a good show for a nice trans girl to watch while eating salad? :)[View]
9460353Why do I fantasize about watching my trans girlfriend have sex with a man[View]
9460889/mtfg/ mean to female general: /revelations/ edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r…[View]
9461230>talk to guy >get ghosted after I send lewds Is there any time where this doesn't happen?…[View]
9461188“Traps are the spice of life”: Is he right, /lgbt/? I think so.[View]
9455321Extreme height difference: Do tall bottoms (6'3 ft and taller) love small tops (5'9 ft and…[View]
9457250ITT i am degenerate: Got my adderall prescription again, and I might just do the same thing I'v…[View]
9461070gay: everyone gay lol[View]
9458397the story of my first relationship and how I became a fag: I doubt anybody reading this will give a …[View]
9461216>/tttt/ tells me I should just start popping female hormones >/fa/ says I should just shave my…[View]
9461500First time wearing womens clothes?: How old were you? When and how did it happen? How did it make yo…[View]
9461368Last time I knew I wanted to get fucked by a guy, now I want to fuck girls again. What is this degen…[View]
9456491best way to remove hair: Hello everyone! Recently accepted my transness and more or less looking for…[View]
9461191So Aaron 'I really, really like women' Rodgers turns out to be straight. One-nill you faggots. http:…[View]
9461135My roommate is mtf. Today I saw her wet spots on her shirt where her nips are, like she was lactatin…[View]
9450652Will we ever have a height reduction surgery so that heighthons like me (5'8') will be able to …[View]
9454123how do i come out at work as trans?: i work with my mom at work and its the only place other then at…[View]
9458210anyone wanna join Isis[View]
9459521Here is a guide to help you determine whether you are HSTS or AGP. Let's start. >is attracte…[View]
9457658What if your kid wanted to be a tranny?[View]
9456390Gay Porn Stars Wearing MAGA Hats: - Scream ‘Trump and Pump’ While Gang Banging a Bisexual '... In a…[View]
9455115Is my friend trying to turn me into a chaser?: Hi, /tttt/ straight guy here, I have a friend who is …[View]
9456011I'm a straight guy, and always have been, but recently I've liked the idea of sucking dick…[View]
9456871Why is it that when I'm incredibly drunk I'm like 'lol yeah I'm probs a tranny' but w…[View]
9440747Tomorrow morning you wake up, for some reason you notice everything in your room seems unusually hig…[View]
9442350do you have a gf or bf?[View]
9448201What does Blanchard's Theory say about BI people or FTMs?: Like I'm a bi transgirl and I d…[View]
9458957MTFG: the 90's edition: it's the 90's ITT no diaper shit allowed for fucks sake • Tra…[View]
9457832does shapewear really work, will wearing it actually give me a more feminine figure or is it just a …[View]
9451642Christian XXX. That motherfucker. What a tool.: Christian, along with ultrafaggots such as American …[View]
9454235>start talking to this guy casually, don't tell him I'm trans >all of a sudden we…[View]
9454112>tfw you date a dysphoric trans girl >tfw just calling her 'she' or 'girl' or using her name f…[View]
9458290How do I tell my crush that I like him (imgay)? I don't even know if he is gay/bi. But I really…[View]
9452123What the fuck is going on: >Get a Twink boyfriend over summer >Expect to get laid a lot and in…[View]
9453918This is madness...: 19yo Crossdressing since 14... made it 2 times with girls and i didn't like…[View]
9456684R8 me: r8 me[View]
9455768>am trans > am going to start transitioning at 27 Should I just end it now???…[View]
9455544>be teenager me, early 10's >not interested into girls, but not into boys either >just…[View]
9451385Any FtM MtF couples on this board? How are you two doing? How did you meet each other? What are the …[View]
9457847Bisexual tendencies. So after accepting my urges and had finally come to the conclusion that my real…[View]
9450967How do I get a trans gf?[View]
9458587am I a bad person: I like to use grindr solely to watch and never reply to 'alpha' mascs with things…[View]
9457110how often do you tell your bf or gf that you love them[View]
9454586How to not want to be a girl?[View]
9451510does anyone have those charts for achieving trap mode aesthetics? a-asking for a friend of course[View]
9451446Is the reason so many trans transitions after seeing shemale porn because that's the first plac…[View]
9455047Why do you guys obsess over blanchard typology? Do you actually believe its real or is this just par…[View]
9452026I am so fucking confused about what the hell I am. I feel like a cross between AGP and HSTS So, I…[View]
9457922/mtfg/ male to female general: >new recipes edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com…[View]
9451508Gender euphoria thread: ITT we talk about how we love our genders >be me >AGP >passable and…[View]
9457749I think I'm crazy: Do transsexuals get depressed because they can't give birth to a child?…[View]
9458367i just want to introduce my bf to my family but I know they wouldn't like it[View]
9454060>tfw you're not delusional and realise you need FFS to pass How do most of you afford it? M…[View]
9458129>parents are starting to give me a hard time for not cutting my hair or going to the gym How do I…[View]
9456896/gaygen: gay general/: time for cheese and lettuce edition[View]
9453919just masturbated for 14 hours straight to the thought of buying a girly car. agp is a sickness ahhhh…[View]
9448041Skeptical of suicide figures: Let's be honest, are the suicide rates for transitioned people re…[View]
9456787halp?: Yoyoyo, very ignorant pleb here. I've been thinking about asking you guys several things…[View]
9456669/mtfg/ Male to Female gen: No hekkin bullying edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/…[View]
9457219Giving up: i'm giving up /tttt/. it's not even that i don't or wont pass. i already l…[View]
9455872LGBT Drinking Thread: Saturday Edition: Drinking general. Alright get it all off your chest (female)…[View]
9447804>tfw you start having massive doubts if you're actually trans the second you order hormones …[View]
9449488/gaygen: gay general/: 'Mother, pass the NaCl' edition. prev: >>9443377[View]
9455611best depection of transgdners in media:: best depection of transgdners in media: i applaud pop team …[View]
9455345I'm not actually trans if doing extremely feminine things makes me uncomfortable, r-right?[View]
9453279have you ever loved anyone?[View]
9456055> be me > 11 years old > I wish I was a girl > 'How could it even be possible ?' > g…[View]
9452238Dating a Trans Guy?: Alright /lgbt/, I need your help. I just started dating a trans dude (I'm …[View]
9452778Has anyone else completely given up on trying to find a bf/gf[View]
9456380gayness ;//: >bisexual boy >have a hoeing episode >fuck for money sometimes >mom finds o…[View]
9456263FACT - the only people who fight against bathroom bills are disgusting hulkhons because no passing o…[View]
9451409how do I start liking being gay?: I want to start liking who I am and I feel like this is the first …[View]
9451049Don't believe their lies: I thought it was necessary to remind everyone that any ratings of pas…[View]
9454132been thinking that 'trans women' who play video games growing up might develop autogynephilia from b…[View]
9446618>be male >like male interests, prefer to associate with men >have GID (gender identity dis…[View]
9455846Not sure if this is exactly the proper place, but I'll ask anyway. After spending months browsi…[View]
9450127Hot dudes reading: Why do so few /fit/zens make it? https://www.instagram.com/hotdudesreading/?hl=en…[View]
9453747Accepting reality of my cross dressing fetishes: I am a male 29 year old bisexual male, divorced, 2 …[View]
9451169Do attractive trannies exist?: I only remember johnnyboy.[View]
9454825/mtfg/: Ogre balloon edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments…[View]
9452925why not just stop being gay?[View]
9446789tfw my HRT timeline: 1yrs in: cute androgynous teenage boy 2yrs in: even cuter girly boy now: frumpy…[View]
9449316Would it be possible to repress so hard that you actually enjoy being male and having a male body?[View]
94510201) Your letter 2) What have you done to combat bisexual erasure in our '''''community'''''?? 1) B 2…[View]
9455554/polgb/: >tfw no redpilled bf who helps me to prepare everything for the upcoming European race w…[View]
9427388/ftmg/ - Female to Male General: Favorite animals edition What is the best wild animal and why is it…[View]
9455172I told my Mom I was Trans, and now I am scared to transition: I still feel trans but the thought of …[View]
9454830basically im cute: >gorgeous new guy at work >perfect white teeth, scruffy, smiles HUGE, deep …[View]
9445977Hello /lgbt/ :~) whats your personality type? whats your zodiac sign? what type/sign do you like the…[View]
9454798I came here for the first time.: Good to see you![View]
9454983Greentext gay stories: Have you ever fallen in love with a person you considerd your friend? Did he/…[View]
9453643Thoughts on HoA: https://vimeo.com/200672866 >What are your thoughts on this work of art /lgbt?…[View]
9444535/jazz/ - Jazz General[View]
9441839That French anon that regularly comes to post about loneliness and does awkward threads that always …[View]
9435279/repgen/ - Repression General #53 - Dead Inside Edition: Previous thread: >>9409184[View]
9448812Is hatred of male societal roles and hating being around other men a bad reason to transition?[View]
9448417Cis LesGen: Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Bidya Edition What are your favorite games? What are you pl…[View]
9409397ITT: we share the PsyOp that probably turned us trans. Pic related. Also this https://www.youtube.co…[View]
9450734>hate life, want to die, all the usual >chronic 'AGP' >girl envy starter pack >freak out…[View]
9447534>your agp is getting out of hand and you get off to anything else what do…[View]
9451755I want to come out to my mom but I don't know how to explain what AGP is to her. Help.[View]
9447179How does one cure AGP. I just want to be normal :([View]
9452579I originally posted this on /adv/ but I might get some better insight here. is it okay to hook up wi…[View]
9450675Who /heteroButlikethisboard/ here? Also if ive done gay stuff but have no attraction whatsoever to t…[View]
9441088>be me >be perma-boymode cuz ultra manbeast hon >not even on hormones for past month cuz no…[View]
9449447Becoming a judgy bitch: > Be trans mtf > Pass and be stealth after over a year of HRT > Try…[View]
9454130FtM voice change: Hey, I don't know if it's just me, but why does it always seem like tran…[View]
9449479/gaygen/ - BF material edition: Last thread: >>9443377 What is BF material to you? Is it more …[View]
9454133ruh roh: i’ve been on HRT for 3 months now and my dysphoria outside my genitals and skull and should…[View]
9450884Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down.[View]
9449402Lesbians with Old Boyfriend Problems: Hey /lgbt/ I have a question about past relationships. I have…[View]
9453406/mtfg/ transgirl general: diapy diapy edition Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktran…[View]
9452030Please help: I had a nice endocrinologist for my first meeting, they thought I actually had a good c…[View]
9449805Coming out: Will you always be “the gay guy” I’m the back of the minds of the people you tell?…[View]
9451459Is Meghan Trainor a transwoman?[View]
9450726>reddit hugboxes >lgbt hugboxes >susans hugboxes Where does one go to get an unbiased opini…[View]
9450085>be me, cis male on hormones >1.5 years in >realize I drastically underestimated HRT effect…[View]
9452153Are there any gay dudes on this board that would be willing to look like this?[View]
9452234/gaygen/ - Self improvment edition: Previous thread: >>9449479 What are some things about your…[View]
9453482Fml bois: >be m,e browsing wikipedia >see this >immediately get sad bc i realize that my dr…[View]
9451243so how did you meet your gf or bf?[View]
9446527Is there really anything inherently THAT bad about just taking an AA? I mean, eunuchs live 14 years …[View]
9453036Will SRS vaginas be cheap + high quality by the time of 15 years?[View]
9448579>tfw probably wouldn't even come out to my parents if I got married…[View]
9452777Are there any positives about male socialization for mtfs? Surely negatives outweigh any advantages,…[View]

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