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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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9040623/v/ here: why arent all lesbians into girly girls? youd think if youre actually into women youd be a…[View]
9039546>browse this board because wanted to underdtand LGBT people better >end up disliking them Wh…[View]
9035478Any advice on dating a trans woman?[View]
9041166Why are transgender lesbians never willing to settle for dating straight and bisexual women, even th…[View]
9038578Hey /lgbt/, Is “queer” the new fagword? Been roamin around other forums and seeing it everywhere, p…[View]
9036506Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ Lonely Lesbians Love Liquor Edition Hide, Report and Filter bait Discord…[View]
9038675Hair Removal Thread: Hi legbutts, I've been considering getting some sort of hair removal treat…[View]
9040425Do I still count as gay erasure if I'm perma boimode?[View]
9041015Research: Well, I didn't realize that there's a nsfw section for 4chan, got banned, and co…[View]
9035818Fellow hons. are you working on a scientific solution to become attractive and passable?: how close …[View]
9034368It's funny how a couple of years is all it takes to Hulkify and therefore fuck your bod forever…[View]
9040850trans boy here how do i stop my boobs from growing? i already bind but i feel like they are[View]
9040410https://discord.gg/pDAzg8p anyone wanna join my trap/ transexual discord? we have around 50 people i…[View]
9035155who was your first crush, /lgbt/?: mine was this rascal >tfw most into middle east dudes >tfw …[View]
9040677I need help. I have a crush on this girl I met not too long ago and we’ve been hitting it off. She i…[View]
9040544My life seems pretty confusing gender wise. Help me clear things up. >be ~6 >not super feminin…[View]
9040376Okay /LGB/, Here's the thing, we all know that /tttt/ works itself into a hysteria about things…[View]
9035972http://www.crossdreamers.com/2016/07/the-pseudo-science-of-autogynephilia.html?m=1 reminder the AGP …[View]
9038003Paraguay BANS Trannies from Public Schools: https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/paraguay-bans-ma…[View]
9016111http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a13029632/california-recognizes-third-gender/ I'm a cis ga…[View]
9037090/transpassing/ -passgen-: Would I pass or I should stay as a boy?[View]
9039256Ask somebody who tied herself up to watch some anime I forgot the name of with her phone at arm reac…[View]
9037648I've noticed that most MtFs and traps are programmers. Anyone got any advice for a wannabe-trap…[View]
9035720Why do I get an erection whenever I think about being a girl? Even just in normal situations and not…[View]
9037506Gona do it: Hey /lgbt/ I've decided I am going to become a woman. What should I tell my therapi…[View]
9039068I've been on hrt for 4 months and now I have like no interest in videogames anymore, I tried to…[View]
9040186Homophobic Friends: So one of my friends was talking about a girl that hates him because of a social…[View]
9040140What is a good first dildo for a masochist?[View]
9040023Why are HSTS so passable compared to us gross manly AGP fake-trans late mansitioners? What's th…[View]
9038803>when you realize you’re within driving distance of samantha[View]
9038081Are they right?: NC Values Coalition – a pro-family group – issued a warning to citizens in the Tar …[View]
9039297Is vaporwave 'gay'? A friend mentioned that vaporwave is part of the lgbt community or whatever. I d…[View]
9035640The reason why Blachard's typology makes sense is because our bodies are made to attract other …[View]
9032934Ex-Straight?: Can we counter the narrative of ex-gays by providing examples of bisexuals and homosex…[View]
9034456is AGP the best sexuality?: I used to feel really guilty and terrible and full of shame about being …[View]
9037700Now I know that I'll never pass or will be an uggo girl at best. Is there even any point in li…[View]
9036064A G P: >You spent the entire day fapping to your faceapp photos again.…[View]
9035147MTF/FTM, Transition is a Bad Idea: Personally I think it's a bad idea. However not transitionin…[View]
9038201/mtfg/: mtfg Spooky Donut Edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/com…[View]
9038860Ok, so, as I have been considering hormones myself and really out of curiosity I would like to ask M…[View]
9038157Cis/Trans AMA: I'm a cismale dating a transwoman. Ask me anything.[View]
9038916Guys, can you help me out? I remember about a week ago, I saw a comic posted onto this board. Here…[View]
9026096Post a picture of yourself. Everyone will rate you.[View]
9037126Do you think attractive people lives are hard?[View]
9039075Was Ines Rau right for Playboy?[View]
9030420To FTMs: Does male privilege exist? Please give examples.[View]
9038540I used to have hobbies and interests. Maybe they were shitty and not 'real', but they were there nev…[View]
9028293LGBT self-improvement thread!: what are you going to do today? :)[View]
9035132What must I do to live in glorious San Francisco?: Is it expensive? Is it Folsom Street fair year ro…[View]
9037599Lesbians, do you also hate Western women or are they what you've always worked for and campaign…[View]
9038136WHY IT IS OKAY FOR MEN TO HAVE FEMALE HIPS: When sleeping on your side Men having Female Hips actual…[View]
9038563>be mtf >be on autism bucks >play vidya & watch anime all day >never leave the house…[View]
9019148Am i going too far? Seriously.: I've been on cypro for a month. low E dosage for 3 days. Starvi…[View]
9038562SOLIDARITY: Cis allies for trans*people! This board is getting more and more toxic, more and more b…[View]
9020656So what's your darkest sexual fantasy?[View]
9038497Boy touches himself in Walmart: This is interesting... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYp1vb8GCUs…[View]
9031764Anticapitalist LGBT: When did you realize that the LGBT community the corporate media sells (wealthy…[View]
9038510>mfw not sure whether more butch or femme help me out /lgbt/, should I try to find some middle gr…[View]
9026293I’m tired of gender: Any other trans people wish you could just...opt out of this whole mess? Like, …[View]
9038227Gay Music Artists: What the fug happened to Fischerspooner? They used to be amazing in the early-mid…[View]
9038306Too stealth?: Did any other trannies take a drastic turn with transitioning and move somewhere that …[View]
9038247YO: I am a lesbian id like to fuck kyoko sakura because im trash.[View]
9037066mtfs are not as accomodating and submissive as cis females to males because of male socialization?[View]
9034256>tfw ywn be someone's snowbunny[View]
9037863LGBT NOFAP: This is day 4 of nofap for me and it's already getting harder![View]
9033165being bisexual sucks I don't want to be attracted to every single fucking living being on earth…[View]
9038196What do you guys do when you can’t stop thinking about them?[View]
9038181lgbt music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrfc8c6VkTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HbA86jVZeY …[View]
9025401/tttt/ Do you believe that if you had had a loving, healthy family and proper upbringing that you wo…[View]
9033963Hello, people. I don't browse /lgbt/ and I'm not an expert on the accurate terms to call t…[View]
9035299Any mtfs want to be musclegirls? Any ftm a try being musclegirls before transitioning?[View]
9038053Have any of you watched the 1970 movie Dinah East ?: It's portrayal of transwomen is really end…[View]
9025073This thread is for those who are pre-everything or very early on HRT and want to know their chances …[View]
9037832Siblings: ITT: We share depressive stories about how our older siblings are much more successful wit…[View]
9035235What are the most tell-tale signs that someone is a tgirl and not cis?[View]
9036262Long Face Is No Excuse: Long midface doesn't even matter in the age of Korean plastic surgery. …[View]
9036578if u could date ur self would u: i would thrn agin i am pan sexual[View]
9036402tfw no bf to bully in public til his cheeks turn red.[View]
9034689>tfw keep catching myself hoping there is some resolution for me around the corner, some peace of…[View]
9037437Daily reminder[View]
9017779why blanchard thinks tru bisexual trans women don't exist?[View]
9029581What is the best build for attracting femboys, straight trangirls, etc?[View]
9028715How to stop being transphobic: I feel bad about this, but I just can't view trans people as any…[View]
9035830im a normie gay with trans questions: mostly about the sexuality aspect. bear with me as i am stupid…[View]
9029148>when you are one of those failed beta straight men who was always told 'I am sorry Ryan but I on…[View]
9021067/gaygen/ - BOYZU RAVU edition: Old thread >>9010285 South Park: The Fractured But Whole is out…[View]
9007191/Over 25's/ LGBT thread. No young whipper snappers allowed.[View]
9034651Hello anons, I'm a gay dude or something like that and have been thinking about something. Do l…[View]
9030384>tfw no psychotic twink top bf for my muscle hairy bottom self I look like a constructio..n worke…[View]
9036072Really fucking confused: I’m a cis girl, and I think other girls are sexually attractive. However, I…[View]
9035987/mtfg/ male to female general: race war edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYy77IGsBFc • Transi…[View]
9035983Does your room pass?: If someone who didn't know you and hasn't seen you were to look arou…[View]
9030493How do I tell my parents that I like black guys?[View]
9032346Who else here self-inserts into iffy fictional relationships involving age gaps or both parties bein…[View]
9031455when will the trans community accept that bottom surgery is immoral and abhorrent. the surgeons who …[View]
9036714Let's have a center-center of right cis gay men thread[View]
9036759Write and Guess:: I haven't seen a handwriting thread in a while so I want to start one. I…[View]
9036140Alone on a Saturday night huh? I thought gay people were supposed to be social[View]
9036378Death's around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive In the city where the skinny niggas …[View]
9034140Which one of you is gayest?[View]
9035757Let me give you some advice tranny. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear …[View]
9033292Dirty talk: Tips on talking dirty to my trans girlfriend?[View]
9031077Boymodding dating trap: For various reasons I'll have to boymode for a pretty long time. Does t…[View]
9030051Am I actually autistic if I want to wear maid outfit for my bf (who is not my bf yet, since he has r…[View]
9025731>tfw always wanted to be a sensual curvy dickgirl who turns every straight guy on but instead I w…[View]
9034184>tfw you want to transition but live in Eastern Europe and would get shunned and disowned if you …[View]
9035273Vote no: Vote no[View]
9027767Mtf and their best friends: Can we have a thread with stories about mtf falling for their best frien…[View]
9031473Femboy Anorexia: A lot of femboys seem to be borderline anorexic. Obviously, they're eating few…[View]
9035011>i can't transition, society will judge me >if i transition i'll make the trans comm…[View]
9034691G here Would you breakup with your boyfriend if he turned out to be a tranny? Please mention if you …[View]
9029885started hormone treatment in mid 2009, ftm here that still needs to work out, do i pass[View]
9032671do you think Eddie Redmayne was on hrt during filming of The Danish Girl?[View]
9033886Why is there more transgender women than men and more homosexual men than women??? or its the media …[View]
9021537Why are gay men with shiny bald heads so rare? t. bald heads fetish haver[View]
9034130trans positivity: What's positive about being trans to you? What has transition given you that …[View]
9033798/mtfg/ male to female general: cute girls edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/as…[View]
9016057/repgen/ - Repression General #35 - Land Down Under Edition: Get out the Vegemite and put a shrimp o…[View]
9032966>Miguel Martinez was arrested after the child’s mother reported the attack to Caspar, Wyoming, po…[View]
8980354/agpg/ - Autogynephilia General: >AGP questions and answers >Thoughts and feelings / emotions …[View]
9033813>tfw no bf[View]
9032483What would the world look like if everyone could choose their gender?[View]
9010396Chaser General: /chasergen/ Q&A Edition. Why do you like trans women so much anyways?[View]
9029704I am pretty enamored with this MtF girl I know at college. We're friends but she's always …[View]
9034069Which one of you did this ? https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Homosexuality#N[View]
9033651Bisexuality and Fluidity: I've hearing around the community about how some bisexuals have 'fluc…[View]
9031483>'Hey Anon, from today onwards I'll be your government assigned boyfriend and financial supp…[View]
9033917I used to identify as asexual. I've been identifying as asexual for 4 years, but I no longer fe…[View]
9032802How do you get over the fact that being 5'8' will always put you in a 'big girl' league and wil…[View]
9033132Mental Illness General: Need somewhere to vent or get advice?[View]
9030111According to CVS 5% of their customers taking Estradiol are male[View]
9032996Adoption or surrogacy? Which will you choose?: Anyone here with adopted or surrogate kids? -- Ben C…[View]
9031542Sorry About Your Dick: So when trannies have genital preferences up to a point where they try to cut…[View]
9032582Anyone here is still virgin because HIV paranoia? I don't like to wait 3 months just because 1 …[View]
90321832 Girl crushes in the same week doki doki fml[View]
9031460Does anyone else feel like maybe they don't want to transition anymore because transgenderism i…[View]
9025954What is it like to be born attractive?[View]
9029702What does /lgbt/ think about state enforced homosexuality?[View]
9032938I not under HRT and my tits are growing, im not becoming fat btw, any known issues ? (My morpho is k…[View]
9024674Transbian here. How's my alpha chin?[View]
9027474Did anyone else feel phantom boobs or want to get boobs before realizing you were transgender?[View]
9029036>Be me >Closeted gay >Have healthy friendships with a number of women >Come out >…[View]
9032614Have you ever liked someone only to be crushed by your own trannyism, anxiety and mental illness?: I…[View]
9028290Is there plastic surgery that can give me the upside down mouth?[View]
9028524Why should sexual orientation/gender identity be protected classes?[View]
9029640Well, what are you waiting for?: Apologize[View]
9012582how feminine do you like your males, /lgbt/?[View]
9032062/lgbt/ pls halp me. I dunno about life. I'm like twink/bi/crossdresser (I have very fem body an…[View]
9025664What's her name again?[View]
9031094I blew a guy and really enjoyed it: I didn't think I was gay until now, how gay am I?[View]
9026395/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ Emergency Beef Edition Hide, Report and Filter bait Discord: htt…[View]
9028220gay prides: this is my first time talking about this in an actual lgbt comunity so i beg your pardon…[View]
9027739lil theory on gender dysphoria: I've seen a lot of sh*t on this board and this thread is. Gend…[View]
9017830I'm scared of taking hormones because I heard trans people seem to age faster after taking them…[View]
9027572Danica Roem, Running for State Hon: State legislative races don't usually draw a lot of nationa…[View]
9031121How to talk/date a transgender woman?: Pic not related. There's this transgender girl that I kn…[View]
9031614Betty price is a nasty cow+, lets get her information out there: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/20/healt…[View]
9031445>Be MtF trans >Tell dad I was trans at 17 >He tells me ITS A PHASE(TM), I'll grow out …[View]
9031459Can we have a thread for male homo /pol/acks with XY chromosomes?[View]
9013207Finally confessed to my best friend: I did it. I finally did it. I fell in love with my best friend …[View]
9031495top kek!: Peachyoghurt - Drop the T from LGBT! >Since sexual orientation isn't accepted any…[View]
9026802How do I crossdress?: I am thicc, a thicc cute hispanic boi. My end goal is to lose the cellulite an…[View]
9029976I've been on hrt for a long time now (mtf). I finally look like a cute cis girl! I am finally t…[View]
9028141How progressive are you?[View]
9027384Cute Girls Doing Cute Things: Do non-trans people watch these shows and wish they were one of the cu…[View]
9030731What's your dream, /lgbt/? Hard mode: no mention of passing or being cis.[View]
9031185>pic completely unrelated: gay anons, any tips on coming out to tradfag parents? ask for context …[View]
9025885Do MtFs have a pedophilia problem?[View]
9018237if every single 3d girl died tomorrow would anyone care?[View]
9027011why are 3d women so useless?[View]
9020674Who here, /uncletom/?: >be me >be with family >'look at these freaks trying to use the…[View]
9026309Drag is to trans people what the blackfaced minstrels of the 1800's were to African Americans. …[View]
9030222Dear gay anons here, would you consider dating a guy with a powerlifters bod like pic related?[View]
9030916Why do some of the twinks in porn videos look 12 and other look like they are 30?[View]
9007870>gay >not flamboyant or interesting >quiet >not effeminate at all >don't know an…[View]
9030413Looking for hot boy or girl: I'm new to this site and keep getting fucked over! I would like to…[View]
9029130How do you get over the fact that transitioning at 22 will make you nothing but a hon?[View]
9030775Anyone have the pics of Frosty when he went M to F transgender?[View]
9029384Can we have a fashion thread for MtFs? Whether it's to start going girl mode or just getting mo…[View]
9030709Pic not related Anyone else here with an SO that's transgender or is transitioning? I would lik…[View]
9028372Abolish Gender!: Gender should not be transgressed but abolished, since gender is a hierarchy, not a…[View]
9028645/GBT/ General: How's it going, my fellow eggbutts! Let us enjoy, care for and protect each othe…[View]
9024595Mtf in love with her best comrade here. We had wonderful comradeship for years, he has always suppo…[View]
9030127If hons are mtf's that normies can clock, what would you call the trannies that are passable to…[View]
9026283Homosexuality and Psychopathy?: Alright, so I noticed this when binge watching Rob Dyke a few hours …[View]
9023709So my dysphorias been gone for a few months and I'm comfortable being a boy and even using and …[View]
9024756My mom is convinced I'm not trans because she read stories about girls who went through phases …[View]
9024761I'm here to dispel the harmful myth that AGPs only start to think about transition when they ar…[View]
9027635ATTENTION TRANNIES: I'm fine with you being fags and everything but stop roleplaying as women o…[View]
9017801Is he right?: https://genderterror.com/2014/04/15/dysphoria-not-required/ There is this running idea…[View]
9004753What are you doing/dressing up as for halloween this year /lgbt/?[View]
9030274Gonna be dating a F2M soon, anything I should now/advice to give? Not much experience with dating in…[View]
9029412skip over to /LGBT....: >be me >innocent >normie >spelunk over to /LGBT to support and h…[View]
9027188I'm a repressor. Dysphoria is fucking me up pretty badly. I'm never going to transition. I…[View]
9029956A reminder that HIV is still out there and it's no longer a death sentence but a life sentence …[View]
9020940HRT making me stupider?: I used to be a borderline alcoholic and I would smoke a lot of weed, but fo…[View]
9028768/mtfg/ - mean to friendly general: Good boys pretend to be girls edition • Transitioning guide: http…[View]
9029970>white male rapes someone >Rapists are dangerous to society! >black male rapes someone >…[View]
9029723Dysphoria is NOT a part of every transgender person's experience.: Where should she pee?[View]
9027328>tfw no huge submissive muscular bear 6'7 ft 250 lbs bear bf to dominate in bed and use his …[View]
9029900Stereotypes: Hi all What's your most stereotypical LGBT+ trait? Recently I've been coppin…[View]
9028856>tfw too girly face >tfw can't use toilets without being harassed by misgendering retard…[View]
9025012gay cunt here just been dumped by the love of my life never been dumped before serotonin just shit i…[View]
9029506I've noticed that hons have a better passing voice than the mtf's that are not hons. Whats…[View]
9027847When I get high is when I am struggling with acting like a girl the most, and miss my appointments t…[View]
9025409Hon Hate Thread, /hh/: Post pictures that make trannies re-evaluate their life choices. Unload your …[View]
9014582>someone makes a thread where late transitioners share their regrets and suffering >some young…[View]
9016956If you could wave a magic wand and be straight, would you?[View]
9024510>be '''transbian''' >just a couple of months on hrt >suddenly realize I enjoy self-insertin…[View]
9029315> finally meet a human I actually like and enjoy spending time with > he's gay and lookin…[View]
9029292your anthem: I WANT TO RAM MY FINGERS UP YOUR PUSSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJjGZkPl9Tw…[View]
9027819Help: So i'd like to start transitioning but well, because of my family and all the other circu…[View]
9028801>tfw gay >tfw just finished lifting weights >tfw hanging out in a coffee shop >tfw im th…[View]
9029132entertainment: Like I know you go through that procedure and shit because y’all retards think you in…[View]
9029125What'chu waiting for?: What stops you? https://youtu.be/RtBPPr_GVUg https://www.gaystarnews.co…[View]
9028361https://m.youtube.com/watch?l v=DiqtFAKQHlk How do you deal with the fact that most people feel this…[View]
9027394I used to live in North Carolina and I now live in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. Ive traveled ac…[View]
9023931LGBTQIAPK: Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transsexuals Queers Intersexuals Asexuals Pansexuals Kink Who did…[View]
9028203Arianna: >Be me, 20, college student loner >Remember perfect match from high school, she'…[View]
9028416Why don't you choose to be happy, /lgbt/? Instead of constantly complaining on 4chan about tfw …[View]
9028447/vpg/ - Voice Pass General: Can I make this a general? You all know the rules, post your voice and w…[View]
9028568So I consider myself to be bisexual, but the more I think about it the more I don't actually li…[View]
9026209I just found out I'm gay, and my family proudly expresses an overwhelmingly negative view on …[View]
9027828Hair?: My hair is a big mess rn, how do I clean it up so I can have qt girly hair instead of my mess…[View]
9026977>be gay >girl (female) friend comes over a lot >always talking about sex and how guys don…[View]
90283531v1 me warframe[View]
9017637Rupaul's Drag Race General: >tfw All Stars 3 ruveal in two days Who else /Bendela/ here? Per…[View]
9028195baking thread :) waiting for 3 membors waiting for: Jack waiting for 2 other memories for talking ab…[View]
9021136gross sex: >/b/ >me >getting head from trans girl friend >choke her with my cock >fee…[View]
9027855/hrtgen/ - I need some help: So i'd like to start transitioning but well, because of my family …[View]
9027331Anyone else here lowkey sick of people offering to help them get laid, but no one actually fuckin th…[View]
9024162So I still haven't started transitioning yet and I turned 24 this month. Is there even a reason…[View]
9026581Wow who woulda guessed: Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl …[View]
9027536anyone else experience this?: >mfw 'asexual' while awake (don't feel any sexual attraction t…[View]
9014646What transwomen have to go through in porn. Thoughts? Chelsea: What ends up happening is a lot of t…[View]
9026862/mtfg/ Male to Female gen: White chocolate edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/a…[View]
9017036Mtf discord: Does anyone have a mtf discord to like socialize and whatnot[View]
9023656Heaven's Gate was founded by a self-hating gay guy: The Heaven’s Gate cult was formed by Marsha…[View]
9019924You Make It Impossible to Love You MtF with your double standards: How come trans, m to f, hate on i…[View]
9024074Expanded Facial Shame: Why do bisexuals and HSTS have such a hard time admitting they are gay?…[View]
9023471Is it a bad idea to move across the country after getting voice feminizaion surgery and start a new …[View]
9027118I thought i had the best relationship with my gf, turns out I'm a huge piece of shit and I hit …[View]
9025925Does /LGBT/ know where to find trap bfs? Just curious[View]
9022503How do /lgbt/ people decorate their phones?: Post pics of your phone case or phone background along …[View]
9027042benis :DDDDDDDDDDDDD[View]
9025625So I posted in a 'passability' thread recently and it confirmed what I knew deep down alre…[View]
9024843>agp since i was 13 >i'm almost 24 and i've been prone masturbating for 6 years now …[View]
9024043Besides the obvious 'always plays as a girl in video games' how do you recognize an egg? What are th…[View]
9022087have you ever felt validated from passing via text? because i just felt better than i ever did[View]

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