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File: shinjimug.png (244 KB, 512x512)
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244 KB PNG
Is there scientific evidence supporting the legitimacy of genderfluidity, bigenderism, non-binaryism, etc? You know, the newfangled trans* stuff that doesn't lead to any surgery, just changes in pronouns and fashion.
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Okay. Then I apologize for spreading misinformation. I guess that if you hang out in certain corners of the web it is easy to get things wrong for a long time and not even know it.

This is one of the big ones and imo the paper that's probably the most relevant since it was one of the main ones arguing for a diagnosis that doesn't imply a trans person is still ill when transition happens.
>identify as a person
>By treating treating them this was you create the problem you want to avoid

I'm in the wrong?
File: sd.png (309 KB, 610x600)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Are people forgetting the real bullshit at hand. It's not the trans thing it's this bullshit
File: Gender.png (163 KB, 490x660)
163 KB
163 KB PNG

File: tilda.jpg (32 KB, 640x640)
32 KB
This is basically an experiment. Having spent some time on /femgen/ but having witnessed the infighting between the 'non hormones' vs the 'hormones' camp I've decided to make a safe space for all you basically want to be cute and androgynous/fem by whatever means they choose to take. Consider this like a chill /femgen/
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is this thread only for guys who want to be andro or is this a thread for androgynes?
No. They are quite literally a secondary sexual characteristic of females. Not that I'm against femboys popping hormones if they want. I'm saying that having tits or puffy nips is a female trait though. If you've got the right shit to balance it out it can be cool. Having true knockers is nearly impossible to balance though. There is a huge difference between puffy nips and outright having boobs, especially ones past A cup.
It's a chill femgen but I guess other mab are welcome?
I'd say it really depends. If someone looks like a female I wouldn't say they belong here, just like if they look like an ogre I wouldn't say they belong here.

At the same time having vagina havers goes against the spirit of what a lot of femboys like being around, which is other gay males like themselves.

I feel like the thread was more intended to get rid of the whole "wahhhh no hormone takers in muh femgen! you're all just trannies in denial even if you don't like your boobs and would hate to crossdress!" thing, which I do support getting rid of. Nothing wrong with modifying your body to become more androgynous or fem/cute.

I do not support females coming in so much because they tend to just look like dykes and not actually androgynous. Furthermore it's not like they can take hormones and become more androgynous because that'd just take them over the edge to looking masculine.

Maybe I'm a little biased with this but I feel like females also bring toxic environments with them, especially when they're les and mixing with gays.
You see them in intersex males like the Klein and P/MAIS ones. So really, it's still an Andro male trait.

I mean I would've rather kept my flat chest but I'm not gonna agonize over minor development.

File: Panzer vor!.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
What is your tank team?

▶Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wiENQMc9g8
▶ Informed consent providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶ Trans Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV
▶ Beginner makeup resources: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
▶ Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶ Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶ Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge
▶ HRT info: https://web.archive.rg/web/0000000000000 http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
▶ Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶ IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg
▶ Zeemaps: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1843968


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Ufufu, you have your first crewmate already!

Pick 5 and then ask them what tank they want?
That's what Kit did!

>most of the war
And now I want to create a thread on /tg/ to see if we can't develop a setting that's a cross between MtFG, GuP and Advance wars Days of Ruin...
File: 1464531125903.jpg (121 KB, 600x449)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I think T-30 looks good actually. I trust Dana's choice of transport since she has a nice baiku
>Implying we wouldn't enjoy it.
It's not rape if it's consensual.
File: kurisu_001.jpg (264 KB, 1350x1150)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Idk, I guess enlighten me then. Where's the artistry in guns?

Maybe. I suspect they're weak tabs, but I havn't bought from this guy before. Guess I'll find out when they get here, nbomes are pretty easy to tell apart from acid from everything I've heard

That's cheaper than average for LSD, so anon may be correct that I've bought RCs. Normally I've paid more like 8-10 dollars/hit
100mg-120mg is a pretty standard dose for MDMA, so a gram can give you 8-10 doses. Assuming you're a lightweight, that's $3 per dose of MDMA.

Fencing seems pretty neat, hard af though ;~;

File: Gil++(7)[1].jpg (47 KB, 500x718)
47 KB
Femgen FAQ:
▶What is a fem guy?
A young, androgynous guy with soft features. Mostly gay, but not all.
▶Are fem guys trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
▶Can I be a fem guy?
Often with enough effort, yes. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
▶Should I go on HRT?
If you can deal with the tits and infertility, you'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man.
▶Is liking fem guys considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.
▶Skincare resources: https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/wiki/index
▶Hair care resources: https://www.reddit.com/r/haircarescience/wiki/index and /r/FancyFollicles
▶Beginner makeup resources: https://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860 and youtube tutorials
▶/Femgen/ Skype Group: Post your Skype, and someone from the group will add you.

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Not them but yeah, loads of eunuchs do it on purpose. Others are naturally that way. What's the big deal?
> What's the big deal?
cutting off or otherwise disabling your balls.

I like looking femmy, but the big draw for me is "SURPRISE 7" COCK READY TO DO SOME FUCK"
I wanna cut that stupid expression from the skin of your face.

Also, no.
You also did zero clarification on why it's a big deal, you just repeated what you don't like and wouldn't do to yourself. You sure did a lot of work to make your point! I am convinced! :DDDD
FYI I am one of those with whom nature decided to have some fun, but I'll still defend people's right to make themselves like this. If someone really wants to be a eunuch, why not?
Actually it's something I had already been planning on getting eventually anyway. You can't really tell in the picture, but my nose kind of looks messed up from the side, like I'd broken it in the past (even though I didn't).

File: image.jpg (142 KB, 637x882)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Return to the classics edition

Mold head >>6225355


Don't forget to sage and wait to make new threads until we're at bump limit on page 9-10.

Ancient map: https://www.zeemaps.com/edit/U0Hw9yNtqrJd-qzTdbUFMw

Some info (excuse the tumblr, it's truscum): http://helpfultransinfo.tumblr.com/tags/

Phalloplasty info:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Let's get some beers and vodka.
When are you getting here
what is that above your eyebrow
File: 0523161502~2~2.jpg (431 KB, 1079x1606)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
>tfw german with a jew nose
A mole. Yes, go on, make fun of it.

Literally wtf? Am I not allowed to want to date only std free individuals?
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And how are they treated like plague? Because people doesn't want to have sex with them? Most of the time it's infected guys getting mad because someone won't fuck them, crying about how badly they're treated.
Nah, I mean people wouldn't even go near them much less shake their hands and generally ostracized. I agree it's ridiculous these people still want to have a sex life and endanger others.
I've taken bare dick from three people in the past few days. I will probably do it again. It's like I can't get it through my head how stupid I'm being.

My only condition for bareback is that I've sensed that the person is trustworthy when they say I'm negative/been tested recently. My own train of logic doesn't even make sense to me.

Just fuck me up anons, no pun intended
File: image.jpg (250 KB, 2048x1536)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
"AIDS Yeti"

Read: http://ctrlv.it/id/6327/4225561588
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTvVbTarXDM
Old Thread: >>6287687

Through the power of Jesus Christ, you too can defeat your homosexual desires and be delivered from evil! Why not accept his free gift of salvation guys?
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This is a homo gen what else is there to talk about?

Someone come over and play car wars with me.
What is car wars?

Id come over because youre hot tbqh but you're going to have to teach me that game.

Also unrelated im buying a power rack for the house. Im excited.
File: IMG_20160529_131930559.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1440)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Not your dick c: and can talk about cooking and cooking accessories. Also motorcycles cause men like powerful things between their legs.
File: 1454198387524.jpg (354 KB, 1920x1080)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
I suck at cooking though and riding motorcycles. All I know about is my cock and lifting weights and Japanese studying.

Cis Lesbian General: Superhero cosplay edition

Whose your favorite superhero? Would you ever cosplay a superhero? Should nerds be given this much free rein?

This thread has been tailored to fit the AFAB lesbian experience. Please be sure to keep your filters updated for all our sakes! http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE

Bisexuals, transgender lesbians, men with questions, and heterosexuals are encouraged to use the other generals (bigen, tlgen, start a new thread on the board, etc.) to keep things organized and in their proper place. Adherence to board rules is appreciated.

Some rando kid trying to fill my shoes to feed their sad addiction
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I think that characters that are plot devices are still not as bad as OC's that become waifus of writers.
>directors and screenwriters of Arrow doesn't even talk about new episode script with actors, as they are on the other side of the country, doing who knows what
That's what I mean. I've always wanted to see a faithful portrayal of Superman on TV or in a movie. None has come anywhere near Supergirl though.

There have been a few characters with the personality traits, but to me it's when you mix that personality with someone on that level of power (basically a demigod) that you can tell the same kinds of interesting stories.

What in the name of hell are they wearing? That paper-thin leather cleavaginator makes bikini chainmail look bulletproof.
Fucking Olicity shippers ruined the show
File: moncc993f2ee93.jpg (20 KB, 350x263)
20 KB
> The majority of casters, writers, etc. being white males means that they envision the majority of interactions as a reflection of themselves, i.e. with white males

This also leads to the situation where even when they do try to work more realistic diversity into things it can come off as unnatural. Because sure they can decide that a character is black or female, but that doesn't mean they understand or know how to write realistically from their perspective.

I think of the Monty Python guys being asked why they almost never had women in their sketches and when they did it was mostly just them in dresses doing weak pastiches of old British ladies. They just shrugged and said they were a bunch of blokes. They had no idea how to write women, especially them being funny.

File: 1464568254878.jpg (99 KB, 1238x1009)
99 KB
How many lesbians can you think of who AREN'T avowed feminists?

(Google couldn't parse this question right; all I got was "Are all feminists lesbians?" rather than "Are all lesbians feminists?")
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That woman on the right looks terrifying. Is she a tranny?
Nah, probably one of those hyper-feminist lesbians.
My sister's gay and she hates SJWs
how big is your sister's penis?
Lesbians are so feministy as they are identity politicky.

They are really big into being lesbians. It is a major part of their person.

Gays are the same way. So are transfreaks.

File: 20160528_185817.jpg (999 KB, 3264x1840)
999 KB
999 KB JPG
What do you think about my new shoes (Clark's Originals)? Are they worth $130 to you?
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Nothing sexy or fashionable of wearing the carcass of an animal on your feet. Stop being selfish please. Men and women who wear leather are a no no for me
File: 1464455377282.jpg (10 KB, 300x186)
10 KB
Kill yourself with your vegan shoes
>implying there's alternatives to leather for work boots

Why don't you start scaling power lines/trees/heavy mud and tell me how your artificial canvas boot works out? Or how you have to replace them every fucking month because they just aren't capable of handling the conditions?

Overall there's less waste involved in leather if it's treated properly. Get your head out of your ass and realize the world isn't a nice place and trying to act like people making hard decisions living hard lives are somehow evil just makes you look like a yupee dickhead.

I normally don't like brown shoes like that and I hate guys shoes with a taller heel in the back

Also don't like the leather (don't like the idea of it unless for boots that need to be tough etc)

Finally these shoes look so fucking... Old. It looks like you took a time machine back to 1901 and bought a pair of shoes
There are actually


If this is good enough of a material to make war boots I'm pretty sure it would do for whatever kind of job a civilian could throw at it

Now the leather "alternatives" available in the west are shit but if we started making this we'd never have a reason to need leather again

File: 1421123806730.jpg (119 KB, 612x612)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>don't tripfag
>don't respond to shitposters
>post bara dudes



Masc husbando mode fitness pastebin: Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/fmyJtHVM
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
What're /mascgen/'s experiences with cruising?
>tfw skelly twink
>tfw no gymbro bf to make me a not so skelly twink
Just use the Internet to meet guys desu
>just woke up
>raise my arms up over my head
>smell the musk of my armpits
>smells faintly like semen
W-why...? Is this normal? This isn't what my sweat smells like.
File: 1464366679187.jpg (20 KB, 275x275)
20 KB
Does anybody have any expierence with home gyms?

Im buying a power rack for the house soon.

File: 1463124954385.jpg (35 KB, 500x664)
35 KB
qt froggie edition

>AGP questions and answers
>Thoughts and feelings / emotions
>Help, advice, guidance
>Be cozy and chill out

>What is AGP?
Autogynephilia, from Greek αὐτό- ("self"), γυνή ("woman") and φιλία ("love")
Broadly, sexual or nonsexual arousal to the thought of oneself as a woman

>AGP is discredited and doesn't real!
No, you might be thinking of Blanchard's typology, which includes the idea of AGP. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Blanchard's ideas, AGP is very real to the people who experience it.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Hume.jpg (8 KB, 148x200)
8 KB

That's Hume's face? X//D


Makes me wanna start chanting "one of us, one of us" Freaks style.

Also makes me want to read more of Hume's stuff.
I wonder whether Blanchard's strict dichotomy might be problematic in the sense that some autogynephiliacs might also experience dysphoria. I mean, is there a reason someone couldn't both have an intense fetish and feel uncomfortable in their body? Are those conditions mutually exclusive?
Perhaps I've misphrased my thoughts. What I meant to write is that, given the two possible motivations for transitioning - both of which count as dysphoria - couldn't a single individual possess both?

I guess it remains an empirical question:
-It can't be dismissed a priori
-Needs substantiation with proof

In any case I don't believe that all persons must by necessity conform to a specific pattern...

Post your results.
The test can be found here. http://mysexualorientation.com/
56 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do you like masturbation?
um cant you take some testosterone to up your sex drive?
File: nah.png (8 KB, 838x222)
8 KB
I think it's being a bit generous, but hell I took the test.
File: pls no.png (13 KB, 1051x189)
13 KB
I wish I could get rid of attraction to girls entirely desu
They are bigger attention whores than women. Seriously, can they not go one fucking thread without the "i'm trans btw" bullshit?

File: pNkTqFY.jpg (3.31 MB, 2256x2588)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Brassard: http://imgur.com/a/7TqD3
Chett: http://imgur.com/a/1xWpj
Bowers: http://imgur.com/a/ofqcG
Mcginn: http://imgur.com/a/jHbQL
Suporn: http://imgur.com/a/hrRxE
Unknown: http://imgur.com/a/Zw5jk
Thai website: http://imgur.com/a/DmT9a
Extra iamges: http://imgur.com/a/09WAl

When are you getting SRS?
56 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
meh, if no guy will ever fuck it whats the point of even getting srs instead of just purely chopping it off
Just sent a few from unpacking day to two weeks post surgery.
just as soon as they can slap a womb and fully-functional ovaries in me. IE 30-50 years after we're all dead of old age
File: CXhNOohUEAACs7b.png (7 KB, 380x380)
7 KB
I'm a gay guy, and just shed some tears for those cute benises.
Now you can put your benis in her benis!

File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
Do FtMs even exist on /lgbt/ or at all for that matter, are they an urban myth?

After spending much time on 4chan I have hypothesised that FtM might be an urban myth of sorts or maybe a bed time story to scare the poor non-passing MtF hons to sleep each night before bedtime.

Are FtMs real /lgbt/, do they exist?

FtMs of /lgbt/ are you real or are you merely elusive like the infamous big foot, are you a collective delusion, dream a segment of our collective imagination?
87 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I usually find that those people are pushed by others. "But you're not super girly! You have A cups and wear men's pants, you must really be a guy!"

In my experience, a lot of people who identify as trans but feel mostly ok or say they don't have much dysphoria but still decide to transition, tend to just not realize how much they feel like shit until they really feel okay.

Like if someone with chronic pain finally got treatment and went "wow, so that's what that feels like, I didn't even realize how much it hurt until it didn't."
There are a lot of trenders, but not many that actually take it as far as transition. If you're that serious about it, knowing all the bullshit that comes with it, there's gotta be a reason.

I believe you, anon.
Goddamn this. "Oh, I feel gr8 today I'm just a silly trender. Time to live a carefree life~"

But dysphoria just took a bathroom break and life is suffering :^)
I am biased with ftms who just love wearing makeup and dresses as a practically daily thing but I'll also keep that to myself. Once in awhile why not. Then again I wore a skirt and let my friends kid paint my nails for a Rocky Horror Picture Show so maybe I'm just justifying myself. I think my opinions on trans is just weary due to tumblr trans. Pre-everythings(by choice), constant makeup and girly outfits but go nuts if someone calls them she(even by accident) and of course the junk you mentioned. it feels like an online persona because I can't legitimately imagine these people demanding to be called a man in person.

Also that. Maybe their lives are just shitty and boring too so something so 'new' feels better. Like going on a diet or working out. Everyone gets excited but if you're not serious then its just a chore rather than something you have to do.
FtMs pass better?
File: 1461168872762.jpg (70 KB, 950x1144)
70 KB
They be ninjas

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