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File: vocaroo_0.jpg (66 KB, 432x432)
66 KB
Everyone welcome to participate. Let's hear the voices of /LGBT/, yes? http://vocaroo.com/
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clyp.it good good, I like.
clyp.it is lossless compression, voocaroo compresses the everloving shit out of everything

You two anons inspired a reading from my favorite chapter of The Brothers K:

Beautiful passage and I love your reading of it. Love The Brothers K, I read it after Notes from Underground and C&P. I need to get to the rest of his books, my professor is a Dosty fan as well and recommended I read his short story White Nights so that's probably next.
when did you save this? I think it might have been one of my posts.

File: IMG_8728.jpg (70 KB, 1298x727)
70 KB
1-10 edition
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Aww y
File: IMG_3768.jpg (885 KB, 2448x3264)
885 KB
885 KB JPG
I never leave the house so I dunno

Why do you have your tits out on a worksafe board?
that's a cis woman.
File: Super_Mutant_Master.gif (298 KB, 1024x768)
298 KB
298 KB GIF

That made me laugh much harder then it should but you are right

File: 1479533212678.png (1.37 MB, 1193x699)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
My bf and I are both virgins, and we are going to do anal for the first time.

Is there anything I should know other than lots of lube? Condoms arent necessary because there's not a possibility of either of us having stds correct? Also, are anal creampies a problem?
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Make him go in and fuck you from the start. These fags don't know what you're talking about
How have you never gotten fucked?
Not OP, but I came to the dating game late since I came out around 20 and still took some time to get comfortable trying to date guys.

Then I also lived in basically the middle of nowhere and couldn't start dating guys until I moved to the city. Add that to my reluctance to let just any guy fuck me, and that amounts to me never dating someone long enough to get there.

>tfw 23 year old anal virgin

But oral sex is so much fun!
You're not a virgin. Slut.
And the guys you're fucking with are wack.
>tfw 25 year old virgin
It hurts

File: 1480724734858.jpg (125 KB, 900x900)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Alright YouTube, it's time to talk about Styxhexenhammer666 and whether or not he's a closeted transgender. Now if you're not familiar with Styx, he's sort of an occult-worshipping Trump supporter who recently gained popularity within the alt-right. In particular, /pol/ seems quite fixated on him. The only problem is that his supporters are transphobic and it's obvious to anyone outside of the lamestream media that Styx is a closeted transgender. Now personally, I'm a libertarian. I don't give a fuck what Styx chooses to do with his gender, more power to him. It's actually pretty funny, /pol/ claims to support U.S. nationalism and yet they criticize transgender people for exercising their constitutional freedoms. They're just a bunch of retarded neocons if you ask me.

That's about all. Peace out.

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He looks like a woman librarian
>what is agp
This, desu.
He is divorced.
Styx kinda looks like a yung Dahmer so he's probably a gay necrophiliac but not a tranny

File: Untitled.png (9 KB, 394x361)
9 KB

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You cannot "disagree with /pol/"

It is an imageboard where anyone can put any opinion, and most opinions expressed are not even genuine
File: IMG_1215.png (17 KB, 480x400)
17 KB
21; mtf
File: fuckfags.jpg (30 KB, 454x386)
30 KB


ok i guess

Good lad


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I don't care what an edgy poltard thinks of me
File: chart.png (17 KB, 480x400)
17 KB

Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Winter Break
Anywhere you plan to go? Staying put and getting cozy? Bundle up, light that fireplace, and hug a REAL LIVE GIRL. Let's pray for snow.

Hints: Ignore 2d posters - 90% of the time they are not the good gay.
Group think kills the degenerate non lesbian.

Filters are free for a limited time only!!! : http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE

Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Breaking News:
>Anons boast about their cooking skills, and then immediately unlock the "no girlfriend to cook for" feels
>Marriage explained: When two women want a tax break very much...
>Girls consider the art of eating ass
>Anon's crush asks another girl out. Other girl is better than anon in every conceivable way. :c

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You did this to yourself. Do not date bishits. No matter how you tell yourself she's different, she is no different. They're all garbage in the end.
no fucking shit to both of you.

but seriously why do I have to date gold stars only, why does it have to be so fucking hard. all I want is a stable happy relationship.. why is that too much to ask for

I asked and she said she has Tuesday open, so I guess I have a date for Tuesday. But I wasn't without the loss of my spaghetti and my heart jumping out of my chest
If all of your relationships are shit then you are the problem. Either the way you choose people or the way you treat them.
Haha sorry! I was for sure you were on the left!

I don't mind gauges, they can be hot af on the right girl, but like you said extreme gauges aren't something I'm fond of

Aw, that's so sweet! I think the best thing you can do for her right now is to be by her side and to let he know you're there to support her. She's probably dealing with a lot of mental anguish, and having a gf who makes her feel safe and loved is something that should help her a lot! I mean, I still think official therapy is the best option, but being a supportive gf and saying things to help make her feel good about her body again are things I think will help her a lot on her road to recovery! Hang in there you two!

File: hmm.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
So I'm wondering about something. I'm male right now but I guess I could be considered questioning? If I understand the terminology correctly.

One thing I like to do is play as girls in video games as a way to simulate the experience of being a girl to some degree. The way I see it, a video game is a good opportunity to be something I'm not, but perhaps something I'd like to be. So I would say I am not doing it for purely sexual reasons, unlike some men who play girls "because they want something nice to look at." I genuinely want to put myself in the shoes of a cute girl.

The issue I have is that despite what I said, I cannot deny that I am still sexually stimulated by the act of playing as a girl, and I'm wondering if that's a sign that I'm heading in the wrong direction with this. Is it possible that I can feel this way about what I'm doing, or is there a conflict of interest here?

Clearly no matter what I am, I'm still attracted to girls, but is it wrong to have a sexual attraction to the idea of being a girl? I feel like the thought of being something that I'm not is stimulating to me, but is it... acceptable, I suppose, to want to be a girl but to also receive erotic pleasure from the idea? Or is it a sign that I'm just perverted and not truly committed to it?
File: IMG_4255.jpg (133 KB, 634x927)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
You can pretend and wish and pray to be a girl your whole life and still not be trans. It's just about aesthetic.

Also if you're attracted to women you're not trans (doctors will gatekeep you over this) I wouldn't worry about it.
>Also if you're attracted to women you're not trans (doctors will gatekeep you over this)
Eh? Why is this? Wouldn't I just be a lesbian?

File: Trans Help General-.png (209 KB, 694x907)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
This is the Trans Help General thread. We'll try to help you here with everything related to being transgender.
This includes questioning, appearance, daily trans problems, medical info, general info and other interesting stuff to name a few.

MTF, FTM and questioning people are all welcome here to help eachother and discuss possible solutions.

You can also share your transgender related stories here. Just came out? Or you just need to get something off your chest?
Maybe something wonderful happened today! We'll be glad to hear it, it's always good to know we're not going through this alone.

Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff: http://pastebin.com/CyW1dXV8
Lots of useful links about/for transgender people: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV
Transgender FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8QbKyShU

Am i trans/ trans help threads archive:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ah, so, if i took bica how much would i have to take to get an effective AA dose? i just want the blocking effect with minimal pee pee wrecking
are you not planning to supplement with estrogen?
yes i am, unless theres a way i could do only an AA without my bones breaking for just until i can move out
not that anon, but estrogen wrecks your penis
This. And the effects are unavoidable.

File: hrtgen.jpg (794 KB, 2344x2203)
794 KB
794 KB JPG
> Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages
> HRT related medical experiences and research
> Availability and pricing of medications
>Rational and scientific discussion

Please take the survey and help us determine the best medications, dosages, and treatment regime to get the results we want.

▶Survey: https://1drv.ms/xs/s!AudRJceTA5C9c2G5lCV2Avq0kQ0
▶Raw survey data: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM
▶HRTGen Data Analysis: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r
▶HRT Anime Girl Info Sheets: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
▶Where to get meds: https://www.inhousepharmacy.vu/c-88-transgender.aspx
▶ Also here: https://www.qhi.co.uk/ http://www.alldaychemist.com/
▶ Pill Identification: https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php
▶ Basic hrt info: https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/gsc/assets/hormones_MTF.pdf

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: qtt.png (129 KB, 314x278)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>tfw not sure if this bica from adc is real or fake
are you shaving more often than you used to?
That's what did it for me, i didnt shave much (though i had not much facial hair to begin with)
Possibly though only very minutely and temporarily. As in they may swell but not grow per se.
Cis women dont start producing progesterone until they are in the 5th tanner stage of breast growth anyway (which is also why it's pretty much useless for MtF to take)
does the time of day you take the meds matter at all (Bica and progynoa)

I dont think it does but it not something to not be 100% about right?

>tfw you will never be a housewife
Why live?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: no women are cis.png (232 KB, 645x633)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
it's very possible, actually
>you will never be a stay at home housewife
>you will never make sure the house is tidy, the kids are clean and that dinner is ready for when your handsome manly, 6'4" husband comes from work
>He will never be look down on you for staying at home all day while he's providing for the family but still forbid you to get a job
>He will never come back late and drunk, grab you from the pussy and fuck you on the kitchen table
>He will never lose his shit when you tell him he got you pregnant and that there will be another mouth he has to feed
>He will never stop fucking his slutty assistant even when your swollen womb is carrying his 10 lbs child
>He will never slap you on the face for being a gelid bitch when you don't want to have sex with him because you just pooped out a massive baby and your vagina is destroyed
>He will never not take a 'no' for an answer and fuck you in the ass regardless
>He will never grow more and more distant because he just can't stand you anymore
>He will never tell you he's leaving you forever
>You will never snap out and shoot him 35 times so he won't leave

y live
sounds like a dike is projecting her views on all men again
>ywn be the handsome manly 6'4" husband who beats and rapes his housewoman for her disobedience and forces her to carry his child
why even live
Not a dike I want that to happen to me

tfw no uterus

Alright: favorite fag films, post 'em.
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Also gets my vote for comfiest movie ever made.
Has recurring themes (implication [implied action, dialogue, scene], minimalist script, comfy hyper-realism)
Strong cinematography

Sit back and watch it, it's on Netflix
If this movie isn't about Klinefelters I swear to god
The Imitation Game
File: ButImACheerleader.jpg (20 KB, 220x326)
20 KB
fucking love this
I don't speak frog, but from what I remember the beardy is telling blondie that he isn't going anywhere, to just go with to flow, and never to dare to tell him how to love his mother. Nothing gay about it, though there is screaming.

File: cap4.png (372 KB, 645x666)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
I basically don't believe the trans people ever pass. I have photoshopped my masculine features out, even so, I still can't pass, sometimes to an extent even beyond what FFS could do. Even with that I still look male and I can't explain it.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I hope what you say is true, despite this, it's pretty terrifying to be unsure of your own perception (outside of the philosophy classroom)
It's hard to see yourself objectively when you hate so many aspects of your body.
>toilets shit

I dont get it. I've been to non-gay clubs with gender-neutral toilets and no one had issues with it. And it was more than 10 years ago too.
Can't agree, If I shoop myself I totally see myself as a girl and I begin to look very similar to my mom when she was young.
Thats really dysphoric too when I see what I could have been and it's how I feel myself, but in reality Im just a dude and wouldnt ever pass without major FFS
Get some trans friends. I thought the same but I met one of my online friends irl and she just looks like every other chick. It helped me a lot, also considering how bad she looked on her pre-hrt photo.

File: IMG_4261.jpg (66 KB, 750x750)
66 KB
How exactly do signs of being trans manifest in transkids? Is it really possible for children under 10 to exhibit them, or does that only occur around puberty? What are these signs?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
from personal experience, they were kind of innate.
for example i when i was about 6 or 7 i would always play with stuffed animals but in my head i thought of myself as their mother, and they were my babies. my parents did try and curb that behavior. after which I internalized a lot of dysphoric feelings after that, out of fear of parental disapproval.
both my parents are conservative, and i was raised as male by them through childhood and adolescence.
Internalizing dysphoria eventually lead to extreme emotional distress in my late teens and i eventually came out.
childhood gender nonconformity + physical and social dysphoria
it starts before age 10-13, but you can only distinguish the actual trans kids from the gay kids during that age range, so transitioning under 10 is not recommended (however kids who transition under 10 still generally have good outcomes)
when i was a child i thought i was a girl,,
no more to it really,
i did enjoy hanging out with females, playing with girl toys, and wanted to wear girls clothes, but i didn't see it as weird or different, and didn't realize other girls didn't have the same genitalia i did

during puberty (around 9ish) was when i really genuinely realized i was male and nothing was going to change that, i isolated myself from everyone and became a creepy depressive neet middleschooler
bought to get trutrans as fuck up in here

>favorite colors were pink and purple
>wanted a pink dress I saw on tv really badly
>played dressup and with makeup
>had female mannerisms
>went into hardcore repression due to bullying in school
A mental illness can be developed at any age, anon.

File: 26175099_p0.jpg (483 KB, 800x1052)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
2D Lesbian General (/2clg/): Cute edition

A general for cis lesbians with evolved taste who understand that 3DPD. Only post cute cis 2D girls, no trap/futa degenerate shit.
172 replies and 100 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: miyabifujieda04.jpg (202 KB, 600x430)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
ADHD ? poor Akiko , What else publishes in twitter ?
>What else publishes in twitter ?
Well, technically she publishes that on her blog. Tons of artists release stuff via twitter though, which is annoying since it makes for a terrible reader AND it fucks with images. I get kinda why they do it though.
I love you ano-chan . You are a lively girl
I love you ano-chan . You are a lively girl
Lurking for a while are you actually women or shemales this place is fucking weird

File: WHY.png (215 KB, 525x399)
215 KB
215 KB PNG

Never trust a leaf.
p-pls no trudeau-chan

>current year
>being racist

just go to trumpland and be a bigot there
You don't understand

these people he's bringing in fucking /hate/ gays and they will not adapt

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