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File: face.jpg (70 KB, 607x679)
70 KB
Old Thread: >>6958052

>mfw another disgusting hairy beast overloaded with testosterone and steroids is posted on here and said to be hot
I was in a common washing room today. I forgot my keys and phones in there. So I locked myself out. I knocked on neighbors doors, hoping they where home and could call the janitor. A neighbor I Think was gay opened the door. I thought he was cute. How can I fuck him? I am not gay, but I am a sexual person.
File: 1445280341463.jpg (42 KB, 426x532)
42 KB
File: Yukio_Mishima.jpg (97 KB, 449x364)
97 KB
>find skinny peoples faces gross
>find thicc peoples bodies gross

. . .
File: 1473371470109.png (171 KB, 657x527)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>>6963603 #
I didn't cut it properly and fucked the entire order up. I had another job lined up but they gave me such short notice. Im going tob wake up early tomorrow and start again looking for a first shift job since I like being up early. Winter mornings are kind of lame though. Summer morningsc and fall mornings are god tier.

Maybe ill start my YouTube channel today also.

The spirit of Tony Robbins inspires me.

>>6963598 #
Those are always on lock by some old woman.

Being hated and being betrayed are different things. Being hated by niggers trannies and pot smokers are a positive thing. Getting betrayed by one of your brothers in blue is catastrophic. You don't hurt your brother ever. Its a concept woman and twinks don't get. Twinks and women are neutral evil jerks that are in it for themselves.
File: fit.jpg (150 KB, 500x500)
150 KB
150 KB JPG

If he wasn't flexing his arms and sucking in his gut he would just be FAT.

File: 1387425021001.gif (496 KB, 250x188)
496 KB
496 KB GIF
Can I still have bf despite being a NEET?

I take care of myself by doing exercise and eating healthily; and I've had a job before, and I am currently looking. I've just had bad luck with all my jobs.

I'm still not that bad, right?
Depends, how old are you?

I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone goes through slumps.
File: 1398307322726.png (101 KB, 500x366)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I'm 22 years old.

I have a university degree. I've only had two jobs, and been fired from both of them. I still live with my parents. I feel like a failure, and like I couldn't get anyone because of this.
I know a couple of people who are like you, sometimes being with someone can help you get motivated.
Probably, I don't actually know just guessing but hey.

File: 1469643811653.jpg (86 KB, 720x1088)
86 KB
Previous thread: >>6929295

Rule #1 - No tripfagging, no namefagging.
Rule #2 - Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags.
Rule #3 - Post bara dudes.


> /fit/ sticky
> Husbando Mode Pastebin (mostly meant for Intermediate lifters)
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>The dude came in already swinging his fists at my face.
Jesus m8. Someone called you a bitch on 4chan. I doubt they even meant to be offensive.

If I had to guess, you're probably over estimating the amount you eat in a day. I did the same thing for years. Once your start counting calories you'll get a better picture of where you stand.

As an ex skelly, eating enough to bulk up is incredibly hard. Your stomach just isn't used to it, and hitting you calorie goals can be physically painful.

My first bulk, I ate what I would normally eat in a day, then an entire frozen pizza. Cheap frozen pizza if pretty good bulking food. $3ish for about 1000 calories and 60+ g of protein.
File: IMG_8458.jpg (133 KB, 960x540)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I'm feeling really stressed out and alone today :/ why is every Monday so crushingly stressful

I just want this election to be over already so I know if we're doomed or not
You could use the guy on the lefts belly and tits as a drum set.
File: IMG_8461.jpg (125 KB, 456x740)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
The guy on the left is my favorite tbqh. Linebacker build best build
File: abstract pepe.png (134 KB, 500x454)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>be khv
>think you're a total bottom bitch
>think about getting fucked by multiple men in all holes while masturbating
>think being a top is disgusting
>that one person comes along
>suddenly get all the motivation to become alpha
>primal instincts awakened.jpg
>go full autism mode and start gains

Anyone else know this feel?

File: IMG_20160926_130849.jpg (11 KB, 240x170)
11 KB
So I'm making the big step to open up my sexuality.

I am not sure as per how successful I will be, but I decided not to discriminate against TS people if they strike my fancy.

However, there are a couple of things I want to consider:
>my attraction is still mostly sexual. Building a relationship is a different thing and am not sure I want to throw myself into things that are bigger than me [pun not intended]
>Notwithstanding the genuinity of my sexual attraction, there is a big obstacle I ought to overcome: the fear of STDs.

The latter point is not frivulous. I am an anxious person, and the idea of diseases scares me. On top of that ,I hold the following "folk beliefs":
>inevitably, since TS people are still a fringe aspect of society in my country, they all tend to have lifestyle that are considered high-risk. That is, escortig when it's not regulated, drug use, polyamorous and with many partners, ertc.
Finally, in addition to health concerns, I worry TS people may be subject to hormonal imbalance, bad mood and psychological issues in general.

I am aware all of the above might sound offenesive or naïve, and be triggering. But if I don't express myself here I will.never be able to hear contrasting arguments.

So I would be extremely glad if somebody could solve my dilemma.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well that sounds absolutely insane.

To your OP however, all the trans girls I know at least actually assume the MEN that pursue them are the slutty ones. We're all well aware of the fact that there are 20 guys that want to ""experiment"" for every guy that wants a relationship. I always get tested / have my papers ready to prove it. Same with my friends

Hormones are more stable in trans girls. It's just the facts of not having a cycle.

TL;DR: You will get clocked as being an """experimenting""" man from a mile away, and the only girls worth anything will avoid you. You will have a fine selection of sluts however. Enjoy your aids
> Never had sex untill SRS.
> Doing anyything involving genitals was to dysphoric.
> After SRS still only had one sexual partner so far. Cause Im not a slut.

Besides why even date anyone advertising themselves as transtrender I mean transgender. Its not something any trans girl will advertise unless she's positive she trusts you, has feelings for you or sees a future with you.

If you are actively going to look for a tranny then I have one advice for you, cause the people that go out shouting IM TRANS DATE ME CUZ IM SPUCIAL are not worth your time and the headaches anon.

Just date a girl you like, and if she happends to turn out to be trans then thats up to you to decide whether its worth it or not.
Do you want a trans girl/man or a "tranny"?

Does op state matter? IE. Pre/non op. These are things you have to think about.
>why would you even want to date someone who leads such a lifestyle if you've got a healthy concern about STDs
Because ppl are not rational machines... if they get a boner or fall in love, they can do many irrational things.

Another thing is I believe OP is worried because most of the "front-runners" of the TS movement are also escorts etc. And they are not representative of the majority, but affect hia judgement.
>Besides why even date anyone advertising themselves as transtrender I mean transgender. Its not something any trans girl will advertise unless she's positive she trusts you, has feelings for you or sees a future with you.
Except this thing is so widespread in trans culture that practically even the pious and non-slutty ones feel like being transparent from the start and they write it all over the dating sites.
>If you are actively going to look for a tranny then I have one advice for you, cause the people that go out shouting IM TRANS DATE ME CUZ IM SPUCIAL are not worth your time and the headaches anon.
As above. See thread here: >>6960653
TS activists bombard young trans people with messages like:
>wear it as a badge
>if you don't make it clear from the start, etc. etc.
>don't hide
>it is their fault
But where is privacy? Where is discretion?

Consequently, I assume many good ones are misled by some vocal members of the ts community that incept them with the idea that they should never keep things to themselves and advertise it. Always.

Go figure why they end up complaining people like me who want to experiment never get involved in a long term relationship.

File: drool.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
How do other mtfs achieve orgasm? Can you achieve orgasm without the help of your benis or do you have to help yourself this way at the end? What's your favorite technique?

Over the months orgasms from benis become pretty lackluster to me so touching it is almost useless and almost always leads to a disappointment. For me the best orgasm I get is when I get on my fours and play with my nipples while fingering my butt. Or using multiple fingers to fuck my butt in a movement that imitates the thrust of a benis.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I am a cis male and can achieve orgasm by massaging my prostate from the outside. That is, perineum. But only provided I have resisted masturbation for some days or possibly weeks.

I came to this thread because I was curious if somebody else has my same anatomy.
Forgot to say: I have been penetrated by medium sized dildoes and evem aneros or fingers... and only once the fingers made me feel extatic. All the other times it was just plain and boring.

Apparently, I can take things in my butt without a sigh, but touch my skin and I'll jump on the chair.
Get yourself a glove and lube. Spread some of it on your butthole and on your finger (Be sure you clip your nails first). I start with one finger and put it in very slowly. It helps me a lot if I fantasize about something otherwise it might get boring and I'll lose interest quickly so be sure to always occupy your mind with dirty thoughts.

Dildo is fine but it can't change its shape while with fingers you can always add more fingers as needed.
check your bagina having privilege please
do you also feel weak after prostate stimulation?

Reboot #1 Edition.

Intended to be a no-trips allowed version of /mtfg/.
This is to keep the drama low, and letting anonymous people be heard, as well as to avoid the erp/rp that goes on..

It's open for everyone, just behave.

>No trips (or names)
>No avatar fagging
>No erp/rp-ing
>No calling out on trips (or names)
124 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.

Is it white or clear?

I had a bit of clear liquid early on in self medding. I don't think it's the same as milk though or that it can be boosted into fullscale lactation.
2mg Estrofem and 200mg Spiro until recently, now without any spiro unfortunately.

It's pretty clear i'd say. Hard to tell since it's really only a little

Yeah I've heard it said it's just fluid from the developing tissue.

Even now on occasion though I feel some wetness coming out of my nipples randomly, but it's only a little.
Oh okay, if that means my boobs start growing i'm glad :)
>Oh no, I upset some little bitch!

Since you appear to be in this only to satisfy your fetishes I'd say the bitch here is you.

File: Doit.png (179 KB, 1711x2534)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Time to this thing again oh boy
51 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Nat.png (1.57 MB, 2000x2528)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
favorite pokemon ftw
fucking love your deal

I feel you on a very close level. punk rock wins though

for real though I am loving how many Lib/left people there are in this thread. I know the test is bias twards it but that means we are all similar enough to at least fall in the same basic "not insane" catagory
File: me.png (1.73 MB, 1994x2534)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
hello friends
how is thread still alive
>people are posting in a thread bumping it up
>thread is active
>asking why it's still alive

File: howtobeemo.png (2.41 MB, 1704x3071)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG

tfw having trouble relating to ppl

→ Cis Lesbian General:
TFW NO GFt edition--W-why dont you have a gf /clesgen/?
Do you have a gf? How did you meet her? Do you plan to be together a long time? do you want to get married? Are you Uhaul?
What do you want to wear at your wedding?

if you need to draw attention to you not being Cis or lesbian, please see

Some advice to keep this general decent:
Recognize the ability to hide posts that are attention-seeking.
This thread is intended for AFAB lesbians to discuss and congregate on 4chan's /lgbt/ board.
Therefore please respect /lgbt/ board rules, and 4chan global rules.

To join Discord look here: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
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File: soleil laughing.png (54 KB, 256x256)
54 KB
You made my night with that post, anon. I think it's finally time to get over her, yeah. I'm glad that I'm not crazy for thinking so.

So thanks!!! Really, it means a ton!
I believe it's because i go threw this all the time. But at the same time i feel exactly like the picture you posted.
"I am lesbian" i mean it's just that simple.
In the truest sense of the phrase.
I have a surgery tomorrow and I'm kind of scared but also relieved. Hopefully there will be cute nurses to take away my pains
I confessed and she rejected me after admitting she wasn't interested, so we stayed close friends. I asked everyone we hung out with to confirm my suspicions she was giving me mixed messages and that it wasn't just me. She got super angry that I was asking and not being "a true friend" for "gossiping about her" and blocked me on everything

A few weeks ago, after blocking me for six months she admitted she had gotten angry because I was seeing someone new and didn't know how to explain that after she had so nastily rejected me, she DID have feelings for me. She messaged me just to try to be friends again, but I've secretly been harboring feelings for her but didn't want to feel hurt (yay disassociation).

It was a giant shock to me to hear "I was jealous and I do like you... it's why I left".

We're dating now. I love her. I love her so much, I want to marry her...
Good luck and good on you for being brave enough to get healthy, anon. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

File: Laughing-Frog-Meme-29.png (273 KB, 600x583)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>tfw i will never have a male hip tilt
>tfw i will always have a short, weak, female skeleton
>tfw wristlet, footlet, and manlet
>tfw no dick
>b-b-but eff tee ems have it easy because they're all trender dyke faghag terfs with female privilege!
11 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.

God damn. Being transgender sucks so much. I wish they had a euthanasia program for us if we wanted it, it's not fair to have to live in such misery.
I feel you OP. I'm have exceptionally masculine build for a female and I still hate my body sometimes. Especially the no dick.
not less just different rates of density thinner in some places thicker in others
I feel the same way.
Trade you

Old thread is on the way out and so we start anew!
Bis, where/how did you meet your current or past partners? Has your experience in finding partners changed since you sorted out you were bi?

If you haven't had any partners, has there been a reason why? If you tried looking, how/where did you look?
Old Thread>>6824174
Did you know we have a discord?
Come join the Cour de Miracles today!
222 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is the internet useful for finding people to have sex with, or would I be wasting my time and should I just keep finding people the normal way? The internet is such a technological marvel that I can't imagine it couldn't be a great tool for connecting people but everything I've heard suggests all dating sites and apps are just populated by bots and stalkers.
I didn't have too many issues when I first came out at age 22. But once it had become well known that I was, people overreacted. It made my life more difficult, so I made the decision to not socially label myself... Because who honestly cares who I have sex with?
Yeah, that's similar to my experience. I'm not being openly bi until being bi is seen as boring.

You don't have to do everything your friend does.

If you end up smoking weed (considering it's legal where you live), try not to do anything sexual with him because it will make things awkward between the 2 of you.

And if you plan on getting busy anyway, make sure you keep some condoms.

Also, you have a test... so you should just call off the date with your friends. Your success is more important.

Tell us about all your cutesy experiences during the most free and pure time of your life! Back when you were still cute and desirable! and if you don't any, feel free to kill yourself. Nobody will miss you.

Tinychat: /notgaygen
Discord: We need to make a new one

Last thread: >>6952193
309 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: zyO1XZpl.jpg (45 KB, 499x499)
45 KB

Id date a detective.

Not sure about a Community Support officer or something like that tho


become a parking ticket inspector
File: twinkafi.jpg (416 KB, 1497x1839)
416 KB
416 KB JPG

Wire cutters are just like using scissors.
Even twinks know that.
File: 1473371470109.png (171 KB, 657x527)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
I didn't cut it properly and fucked the entire order up. I had another job lined up but they gave me such short notice. Im going tob wake up early tomorrow and start again looking for a first shift job since I like being up early. Winter mornings are kind of lame though. Summer morningsc and fall mornings are god tier.

Maybe ill start my YouTube channel today also.

The spirit of Tony Robbins inspires me.

Those are always on lock by some old woman.
new thread:

>likes being hated
>doesnt like it when people try to fuck him over

good luck with that

File: FB_IMG_1424708261792.jpg (33 KB, 600x900)
33 KB
I count myself as a very introspective person. Always aware of my weaknesses, desires and passions. After my divorce 3 years ago I made a photo of myself dressed up as a woman. I liked myself - hence thought of myself as normal guy, having a small feminine nuance.
Since then I came a long way, through different kind of heterosexual relationship. In a meantime always was interested in LGBT movement, watched videos, read articles. Last year decided to make a project about my feminine part, as a way of me to bring up my fragility, that is not requested from me as a man. Text + photos, very revealing but still very controllable from my side.
Since then my girlfriend said that i am too feminine, my colleagues said that my walk is feminine. I found myself being arose first from videos with transsexuals, then from unpersonified penises. I did my first depilation. Now i found myself on Grindr searching for my first date as a cross dresser. I've asked several times a woman to be a man with me in the bed.
Meanwhile, the project continues, we are trying to catch this fragility alongside with other crossexual patterns through the photos, that gives me the opportunity to experiment with the looks. But this is rather externalized sexuality, that provokes conflict with the outer word. But i want to deal with my inner world first.
So, basically, i feel that i loosing control over myself. But what is important, that i am afraid that this is not because of my internal feminine sexuality that was oppressed, but because by making it a very actual topic for myself, my brain, since i am very empathetic, adapts to it , thus provoking me into more radical changes.
If somebody has anything to add, I would like to hear it.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Do you identify with an existing group at all? What do you want out of life, assuming you could have everything you want?
Danish Girl: the thread
Well, yes. I found this film related to me, but to my mind the film is rather plastic and the metaphor is really plain in order to make the film more easier to watch. I didn't had any of this kind revelations nor when i dressed myself for the first time, nor while watching the film. But yes, accepted.
That's the bunch of questions. I still regard my self as a heterosexual man. Though my ideal woman would be the one who would accept my crossdressing as a solid part of my personality and would find a masculine role in herself. But these borders are really changing all the time. And I do think that sexuality changes over the course of time (or even under the light of full moon). What I want to understand in me is whether how much I am making up my sexuality all by myself, by just provoking myself.
File: smugtea.jpg (8 KB, 299x168)
8 KB
You're in luck, "Denis"

Just hook up with >>6961556

File: image.jpg (416 KB, 2048x1536)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
>been waiting for reassignment treatments forever
>the trans clinic has already admitted that they have no reason to keep gatekeeping me so now their only tactic is to pretend they didn't notice the letter my psychiatrist sent them a fucking month ago
>I've had all tests done and I have been wrestling with this crap for nearly 9 years
>need top surgery really bad

Is there any way to deliberately get myself an illness that'd require masectomy for a treatment? Cancer is a hit-and-miss, there is no breast cancer in my family line at all.

Would a sufficiently severe infection work? If I cut my tits and let the wound get inflamed?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well, good luck then. I'm not in your body so I wouldn't know.
I'm going to try getting them infected.
Wow. I'm in Australia, and thought you Europeans had it good.

You would have to seriously fuck yourself up to force them to give you a double mastectomy.

Don't do anything dangerous, anon. It might be better to save up for a cosmetically appealing result, even if that does mean short term suffering.

If you get an infection the doctors will take the least amount of tissue they can, despite your wishes (My friend's a nurse, and has had to deal with some insane mtfs)
Any tissue I get rid of is a victory in my book.
European healthcare is a joke and your doctors barely have the education a PA in the states gets.

The euro system is unsustainable. Hopefully when it goes bankrupt they'll finally adopt American standards and American ideas about patient autonomy.

File: jckst.jpg (28 KB, 358x300)
28 KB
Gay cis men, would you date a transman?
112 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: image.jpg (124 KB, 745x418)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Because that pic you posted is ugly trendscum and Marshall is trutrans
id fuck you silly
both holes, and in the ear
File: 1474840818344.png (1.42 MB, 768x1024)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
the reason that you hate me so much is what? come on, spit it out.
If they were masculine, yeah. I'm not a real sexual person to begin with, so I could probably get over it. I'd prefer post-op, though, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker.

File: image.jpg (143 KB, 750x408)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Why are ftms so against pregnancy?

Don't you realize your ability to get pregnant is one of your only assets?
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: image.jpg (165 KB, 687x1150)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>transbians are men
I might as well start referring to all gay and bisexual ftms as women if that's your logic.
overpopulation is a myth.
>The reason that they're FtM is that they despise their inherent feminity.

>You CAN'T be a mother and a man at the same time.

people can do whatever they want, mate. If someone wants to do it, I doubt they really care about losing your respect.

Also I'm assuming most FtM don't want to get pregnant because of body disphoria.
>Also I'm assuming most FtM don't want to get pregnant because of body disphoria.

This anon gets it. My transbro was so relieved after he got his hysto.

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