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File: 1517598645635.jpg (22 KB, 403x268)
22 KB
/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Future aspirations edition

What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself years from now? When do you think you'll reach crazy cat lady status?

REMINDER: We have a constant influx of trolls here. Do not reply to them, they're here for the (you)s. Sage, report, call the cops.

Discord: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Recent news:
>femme art hoe lesbians a best
>maple syrup on baguette
>weed talk
>Swedish gay puns (?)
>fluffy croissants
>disrespecting and abusive families

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Marry me supes
More Janelle and Tessa Mae, they're my favorite lesbian couple atm
File: JessicaLauren.jpg (110 KB, 1080x1193)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Show me what you can do with that tongue bb and I'll consider it

File: images (56).jpg (12 KB, 192x263)
12 KB
Let me ask a question of you girls since you love politics so much...

Even if you believe Christianity is a farce? Do you think that if you read the Bible daily and lived like a Christian that you would be a better person?

If yes - than why not become a Christian if it means you will be a better person.

If no - why would living a godly lifestyle make you a worse person?
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File: 1531196947095.gif (114 KB, 170x170)
114 KB
114 KB GIF
Sure but it's like how every vegetarian claims that their diet is healthier than the average diet.

The average diet is shit. Doesn't mean just because your diet is better than it that your diet is optimal. Same with the Bible. Every benefit it gives can be distilled and understood. Prayer is just a mixture of meditation and giving thanks, both have proven benefits with or without the inclusion of god. The only real thing I think Christianity can give me that a lack of Christianity can't is the sense of community. Which honestly seems like more of a criticism of modern people and less an appraisal of the church.
I live in the Bible belt so I'm around Christians alot. I have a few friends that are very Church going and a few that are very good examples. However I'm also in the presence of many who use the faith and word in the wrong ways. I strive by the treak anyone the way the treat me and show kindness to anyone stranger, friend, or foe. I will admit alot of Christianity has rubbed off on my but it would be very diffcult with my knowledge to set among those who claim I'm living not by the book and there doing the same just a different sin. I would like to talk to an open minded Christian if they would be open minded to talk to me. I'm serious if you would like to.
Living a godly lifestyle isnt worse. It's just that living a godly one isnt necessary to be a good person.
That really depends on the god
Really doesnt

As far as I can tell, there's absolutely no good and affordable options for permanent hair removal.
Professional treatment with professional equipment costs too much, and at-home units are too weak and short-lived (merely damage follicles, meaning repeated treatment is needed to keep regrowth slow, which guarantees eventual burnout).
So, I want to make my own which shouldn't cost too much as I have a 3D printer and the only expensive thing is high powered lasers, but I have a lot of questions.
>How does laser wattage rating work for non-continuous use? I've seen units claim 1000+W lasers, and considering how large mere 40W lasers tubes are I figure that it can't have a laser truly 25+ times more powerful than a 40W machining laser and 1000W is just a brief-fire rating. Does this mean I can buy a below-100W laser and fire it at many hundreds of watts as long as it's brief?
>Can multiple laser tubes be used, to either increase the lifetime of the tubes or expand the area of effect?
>Does the laser need to be fired precisely? Like, is the idea to destroy all follicles in a wide circle, or to have the beam converge on just one follicle with computer-assisted targeting?
>What lensing is done to the laser to make it a force of hair destruction instead of a scar-maker? I figure that the basic way it works is the beam is spread then reconverges below the skin, but specific details are important.
>Professional laser hair removers always look like vacuum cleaners. Is the tube optical fibre? How does it not melt/burn over time when it repeatedly has a powerful laser entering it?
Can't you just get like, 10 magnifying glasses and a laser pointer.
Not a physicist but laser hair removal works based on the heat absorbtion properties of melanin. Your dark hairs absorb the radiation more than light skin and heat up, cauterizing just the folicle. There is a different method that i dont understand for removing pale hairs.

File: tggflagpanic.png (24 KB, 212x120)
24 KB
old trans girl general discord server
come be friends and hang out and talk about things!
feel free to be yourself here!

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What if i'm a nice chaser ;.;
i was banned fron there a year ago after being bullied, no thanks
sorry, no
this is a girls only server
Most of the members abandoned OP server because OP was annoying. They created an exact duplicate where she isn't the admin
What if i'm an Egg?

File: smoking.jpg (65 KB, 500x755)
65 KB
old thread: >>10689539
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its not even fine in that case when they literally only have two modes; being an ultra fem mean girls fag and trying way too hard to be a bro
your dad is gay
File: Dmk8dGZU8AAg1fS.png (592 KB, 500x740)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Where's the koisheep poster
Banned probably

File: 1527507371553.png (216 KB, 1094x969)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Is this the most accurate classification transgendereds so far?!
I'm cluster B, and I'm proud to be depicted as an angry 40 year old man with mid-life crisis! What are you, /tttt/, cluster A or cluster B?
Remember, both clusters are valid and only transphobes say that transwomen can't all be separated into two categories with no overlap between them!
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File: nvr.jpg (49 KB, 769x428)
49 KB
Cluster B's should become the boyfriends of Cluster A's supporting them through there transition and living vicariously through them like failed fathers do through there sons. It's not the best life they could have had, but it's the best life they still can have. Finding happiness through someone elses happiness. It's kind of beautiful. The final Trans sacrifice that needs to be made before everything is normalized, A noble, non-hon death.
I'm halfway between can I transition?
No, if you claim to be in-between, you're cluster B. Find yourself a cluster A gf.
But I want a bf dammit.
Nobody will ever love you, faggot.

File: 1537264789363.webm (1.43 MB, 540x960)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB WEBM
What does /LGBT/ think about the increase of crossdressing cis straight males with gf's? Are zoomer just more ahead of the times than us? WebM very related.
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>tfw no gf who wants to help make me cute
>I am not autogynephilic
[further explanation needed]
Why is “I am not autogynephilic” so hard to understand? It means I am not sexually aroused by the thought of myself as a woman, nor did I get aroused the very few times I wore some female garments.
>hurr durr AGP = transvestism
t. AGP hon tripfag openly posting AGP in an AGP thread right now
I did not imply transvestism and autogynephilia are the same thing.

>openly posting AGP in an AGP thread right now
It does not mean I am autogynephilic. The original animation of the girl with the red coat jumping caught my attention because I like coats and I wanted to share some content.

File: ndZPFi1r74e1qo1_500.jpg (52 KB, 465x700)
52 KB
/chasergen/ is a thread where GAMP cis males can interact with their gynomorph darlings and freely discuss the adventures of chasing and being chased. Dating advice, relationship stories, friendly bantz, anything goes

WELCOME: CHADsers, straight trans women
NOT WELCOME: transbians, dykes, hons, faggets, pedos

Previous thread >>10687932
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>I didn't cheat on this bf guise
you deserve to be alone
what percent of people actually find women and men in this thread
Paying someone to give me a blowjob
Ick. Transbians are fine but transbian chasers are disgusting af. If there's any category that deserves to be misgendered it's you.
I didn't cheat on my current bf but his dick is smaller than mine and he's not rough enough in bed

File: 1537340031051.png (126 KB, 1280x988)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
What is a good argument against people saying trans surgery is only cosmetic? A lot of insurances don't want to pay since it's only cosmetic according to them
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>In the US preexisting conditions are not supposed to be an issue any more because of the ACA.
Which is unjust and corrupt.

>After disfiguring accidents,
Looking like a man/woman isn't a disfiguring accident.

>Maybe the closest example would be if a woman who had bad PCOS as a teen and masculinized as a result would be able to get facial surgery paid for.
>If yes
Emphasis on "If"
In the future I hope we can simulate gender dysphoria etc like we can share each others pain to fully grasp what it means to suffer
>Emphasis on "If"
It would be extremely unlikely. Even getting hair removal covered in PCOS cases is unlikely based on a quick search.
I would say that getting insurance to pay for FFS would be going beyond what I'd expect insurance to cover based on analogies.
I would expect coverage for SRS though.
File: 1534604117691.jpg (26 KB, 500x500)
26 KB
You can, but it takes a lot of work:
She's a reporter who over 18 months presented male socially then wrote a book about it. She gave herself dysphoria and ended up in a psych ward - and wrote a book about that too.
She's kind of butch so she was able to pull it off.
File: mial-2016-0021_abb_005.jpg (2.09 MB, 1180x1351)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
The best argument is that it is a cure for a mental illness.

Lmao it's this a joke?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
if you unlock all the gay you can start a new game while being straight and gay at the same time
hey gaymers who wants to play together!!
honestly i love people calling me gay, i just get annoyed when they call me straight
even then i don't think i'm experiencing 'erasure'
File: ChloeGetsMad.jpg (843 KB, 1920x1280)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
I hate it.
Gays and heteros call me gay all the time if I'm dating a guy and I'm like, um, no.
I'm bi.
Why is that so hard to grasp? Are you just mentally challenged?
Dating another guy is gay, anon.

File: Capture.jpg (104 KB, 967x806)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
he's doing that Sesame Street voice again

189 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
She was talking about things for which, realistically, there are no facts of the matter. Asking what gender truly means is silly when gender is academic terminology only made distinct from sex in the last century or so (aka at this point gender is still a word that is defined for use as an analytic tool, not a layman's term with some mystifying popular understanding that is difficult to understand).

Whether terms apply to you based on personal experience or by public recognition is explored pretty well in Wittgenstein, but here Contrapoints was just making a bunch of claims. Probably 80% of the video was arthouse editing, self deprecation, and self righteous wankery.
File: Stop+Making+Street.jpg (353 KB, 2000x1500)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
no, trannies are having difficulty being accepted because the passing ones are invisible so only the freaks are visible.
this is exacerbated by the fact that most trannies are self-loathing homophobes so they hide their true selves and also by the fact that they are mostly transbians (transwomen attracted to women) so they don't really qualify as "gay" to most people, they just seem like pervy old men.
finally, many trannies are mentally ill and because of this, they act insane which makes society think that transness is a subset of mental-illness.
also, there has never really been a trans rights movement.
sure, a few trannies have hopped on the gay pride bandwagon, but most of them hate gays and lack pride in their deviation from the norm and so they haven't pushed for widespread recognition or change to repressive laws.

hontrapoints exemplifies many of these traits.

she/he has waffled about being trans even though she has had facial surgery (at least) to try and look more female and tries to speak with in a female voice range.

she votes for politicians who are actively against trans rights (why? too much /pol/?) and she bloviates about stupid things like color theory.

also, she has a drinking problem and isn't attractive, so making her the face of the trans movement is not going to end well.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Huh. I have a very similar outfit. My black choker is at the boyfriend's house, though. So I guess Contra shops at Joe Fresh??? [spoiler]If I, a woman (female) cosplay a woman (male) and bug her at VidCon is that cultural appropriation?
I always saw that as very deliberate satire on her part. Wouldn't be the first time she deliberately made a Silence of the Lambs joke. She's pretty self aware and self parodying.

Forgot the pic, lol
shut up you are talking about my mom.

File: 1537330741994.gif (1.43 MB, 684x683)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
Post AGP fuel

Can be images like gif related or comfy feels like wearing tights over freshly shaven legs~
11 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, I'm AGP.
File: 1523184061897.jpg (133 KB, 850x877)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
My favorite tbhon.
File: 1528224125512.png (464 KB, 693x1000)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
Weird how AGP works differently. I'm neither aroused nor dysphoric from that pic.
Thanks for answering.

This short comic too may work: https://e-hentai.org/g/1000754/b709d69ff8/
So you do know a thing or two about AGP. Creep.

Serious question. How many of you are actually okay with your dick/vag or flat chest/boobies? I honestly can’t stomach the thought of NOT getting srs. Do you just eventually accept that your private areas will always be apart of you no matter what? Or do you learn to take pride in them or something corny? Or do you just not have an issue with that body part compared to other parts?
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1483249800248.gif (989 KB, 500x282)
989 KB
989 KB GIF
>tfw you gave me your email the other day but I still haven't brought myself to make contact
Thank you, but I just don't really feel comfortable or safe using email (or other messaging).
i dont mind having a girldick. to me, being trans is about expressing myself authentically. genital dysphoria is there but not a big deal.
By clinics do you mean 3rd world shitholes in Brazil? That's how you get AIDS, skin eating bacteria, and horrible infections.
Search for “laser eye lightening”. I can not vouch for any of these service, nor for laser eye lightening in general because I have not researched it enough.
I thought you said you extensively reasearched all of this and planned to do it on yourself

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 210x230)
5 KB
Explain why non-binary and queer people is not a meme

t. a so called "MtF HRT" femboy
5 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 692829.jpg (8 KB, 270x150)
8 KB
How could something this hot be a meme?!
Lol impossible, there are 2 real genders and trans. In the case of trans call them the sex they look like. That's it in my opinion meme genders are just that, memes.
Okay so I'm non-binary and I get this question all the time, obviously. It's a pretty simple concept to understand, but unfortunately there's no proof for it. Well, no more/less proof than there is for any other label, anyway.

Gender is a spectrum, with male at one end and female at the other. Everything in the middle of that spectrum we call "non-binary". So in my mind, there are not two genders, but three - Male, female and non-binary (often called genderqueer, nowadays). Obviously there are lots of different ways to be non-binary, but in my opinion, every different crazy label you get is just a different way of interpreting that one gender - non-binary.

Basically you can believe me or not believe me, and if you choose not to believe me then the conversation ends here, really. I mean, I believe other people about their gender identities - I believe you OP, for instance. It just makes sense to believe people when they tell you about their own experiences with their own gender identity.
Ok I can understand and respect that fairly easily, but what gets me is the typical meme NB thats basically feminine, female clothing, makeup, then they cut their hair short and then get upset when you say she/her
Trans is not a gender.

File: 1491968518724.jpg (181 KB, 628x707)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
So who diagnosed you with gender dysphoria?
And when?
most of the people here self diagnose and get the drugs from the internet
Isn't that an irresponsible and childish behavior?
me (now my psychiatrist and endo did an official diagnosis)
when I was 11~12.

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