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File: image.png (185 KB, 300x301)
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185 KB PNG
Why are gays so racist?

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I'm not here to shill for Black Lives Matter or whatever, my point was more that the general narrative surrounding Orlando was that it targeted latinos (there was an interview with some guy, google it) and like the Black Lives Matters protesters in Toronto, the point of saying those things at the vigil was "hey lgbt people, non-white lgbt people have issues with racism and not enough attention is paid to us". Everyone keeps acting like a bunch of straight black people is hijacking lgbt events.
Because he was probabl
File: 1375851723848.jpg (34 KB, 473x499)
34 KB
>I'm not here to shill for Black Lives Matter
>some interview with some guy
nice source

Making something that's focused around sexuality more focused on race just defeats the purpose. Maybe gay people should start going to BLM events and start saying shit about how trans black women get murdered in ghettos. You don't just hijack other minorities' events. And it seems like BLM only ever hijacks gay shit, never anything else.
File: black satan.jpg (26 KB, 630x354)
26 KB
Satanic Trips have awakened The Black Satan

Prepare your anus boyo

>tfw no qt trap to MAGA and shitpost on /k/ with
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I'll shoot guns with you all day but if you think I'm voting for Donald "Fascist with a Tiny Penis" Trump you can go get the hell out chaser scum.
>wanting the muslims to kill the gays
I get that you might just be forced to transition but still, what did the gays do to you?
Are you feeling the Johnson, I was but then I saw that he was ok with TPP and I was like WTF!?
There seems to be a few of us on here, where is everyone from? Any matches must go shooting and cuddle afterwards
Bonus points if you take pics and post them on /k/
Upstate Jew York here, nogunz

File: 1469384408177.png (149 KB, 505x1035)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
our boi chris-chan or "christine" weston chandler just fucked up his own body
>"my labia started splitting open, and I found the initial hole and blood the next morning"
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Webm is not of chris and have been around before the unclit saga
Think what you will, it's no skin off my back. I just can't help but watch in horror as this man destroys himself.
File: american proofster.png (20 KB, 555x555)
20 KB
I'm sorry but I must demand proofs.
if you're such a new fag lurk more
also the guy in the webm is hairier, has no nail polish and his hole is where his dick should be. Chris still has his duck-pickle
said video is older than your 4chan-career

File: image.jpg (94 KB, 612x612)
94 KB
Last thread: >>6550996
Let's talk butts. Post good butts. Post your opinion on your own butt.

>don't tripfag
>don't respond to shitposters
>post bara dudes


www.tinychat com/mascgen

> /fit/ sticky

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: image.jpg (71 KB, 551x720)
71 KB
File: image.jpg (381 KB, 1774x1168)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Oh, Tim Kaine used to be a qt

What does this have to do with butts?
Has potential/10
He's cute

File: hqdefault[2].jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
They are on it and have had many calls regarding the un-cunt/clit 2.0/sonic labia.
god bless
Was happy to hear from the detective that they have had MANY calls.
Wait, why did you call the cops? What did she do wrong?

Pass gen thread. I'll start friends.
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oh, if your hairline is masc then keep the bangs then

idk maybe straighten it a bit, can't really comment on hair since my own hair is p shit
Nice goatee, bro
File: 1407880413235.jpg (41 KB, 500x500)
41 KB
Do I pass, bois?
File: image.jpg (40 KB, 634x626)
40 KB
>>6637647 (you)
>>6636532 (you)
>>6636547 (you)
I love those! more please

File: image.png (258 KB, 750x1334)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Any new Grindr stories or screen caps to kek at?

Old thread:

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File: 1390540526496.jpg (32 KB, 322x300)
32 KB
I want to kiss a boy!
File: 1442290986849.png (110 KB, 203x235)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>tfw you think you have been cutting but at the same weight
>Tfw have been cutting for three years
>Tfw never going to make it because bulking turned me from spooly skelly to big guy who loves eating

Kill me. Im making sure im losing weight. I thought I lost twenty pounds I haven't lost shit..,
You'll get germs. Enough germs to catch pneumonia is what I hear. Then after you they they'll never phone-ya', too.
File: 1439322984257.gif (1020 KB, 500x330)
1020 KB
1020 KB GIF
Can I kiss you?
Why do autists think that using 100 words to say what 2 words could say means they're better at arguing?

File: 003.png (912 KB, 1280x720)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
I feel like I'm the only trans here that is actually happy about being born as a guy and slowly transition into a trap rather than just being born a girl.

Even in the worst moments of my dysphoria where I just didn't know what to do when looking at the mirror, I wished to look like a girl or just die, I just never ever wished about being born a girl.

Other people feel like this here? Does this even have a definition?

Maybe is because it's a rare combo of feeling like a girl inside but at the same time loving my dick too damn much?
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File: kjuhorse.jpg (113 KB, 993x586)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What is gender dysphoria? Don't make me get off my horse and smack you.
Why doesn't the horse have slanty eyes too?
>the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex.

That can present as a variety of symptoms, which may or may NOT apply to hating your penis. Retard, checkm8.
Because the beast is blinded by my glory.
File: images (4).jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
A condition, that's a nice way to put it if you avoid the truth. It's called a mental illness. Why would any sane person love being mentally ill?

Just stopping by to let you faggots know that because you all decided to be sluts and make a relationship literally impossible, I've decided to vote Republican and support anti-gay legislation wherever and whenever possible.
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Well it's gonna take a while before it's a problem for jewish America.

>This old fucking lie
I've met tons of straight, attractive couples who've been together for years and never cheated. I've never even seen one fag couple that lasted as long, let alone was monogamous.

Fags lie: Fags die.
File: images (2).jpg (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
Fags are mentally ill so their marriage is worthless. They need to stop pretending to be normal.
File: this-is-bait.jpg (14 KB, 255x255)
14 KB
Remember, guys, don't try to convince him he's wrong. He's just here to rant.
>Well it's gonna take a while before it's a problem for jewish America.
this delusion
Remember, guys, you're all worthless whores.
>Nu-uh! That's just a vocal minority! Most gay men are pure, virtuous souls
>Now look at my penis! Isn't it cute tee-hee??

Well let's hope you're right. I would love to see America under sharia. Would serve you faggots right.

File: 1468641721591.png (311 KB, 1100x1100)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
>be femboy
>going to community college
>pretty empty this time of day
>heading upstairs to the library until next class
>walking down a pretty desolate hall
>hear two hispanic guys walk up the stairs behind me talking
>"nice ass,babe!"
>look back, have no idea why
>friend starts laughing
>guy having an identity crisis
>"yo I ain't gay"
>"whatever you say, bro"
>friend continues to walk off
>I'm laughing nervously at this point, about to continue on my way
>"something funny, faggot"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
ever since then we grew to be good friends
I've thanked him for that day many times, but I don't think words will ever be enough.
I don't know why he chose to help me that day,or to show so much kindness outside of fighting off my assailant.
I know it's a cliche, but I love him. I am in love with my straight friend. Sometimes I wonder if he can tell and thinks I am pathetic,I don't think he would though,that's not like him.
File: kim-jong.jpg (24 KB, 948x711)
24 KB
>Not stabbing the shitskin in the gut then stabbing yourself in the shoulder and telling the cops that he assaulted you
>not at least doing some damage to the other guy
learn to fight, you pussy
y dont u transition 4 him?
I've never been in a fight before
and he was pretty strong
I'll probably go down the root of half the femboys here.
I've thought about seeing if he possibly has an bi tendencies when we are drunk, but I am too afraid to ruin our friendship and lose him forever

File: lgbrit.png (904 KB, 675x900)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
/lgbrit/: No opressor janny edition.

Previous: >>6541832
Our friends over at /int/: >>>/int/62305987
Our friends over at /gaygen/: >>6583116
196 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Glitch in the matrix, lad.
the matrix will never glitch and switch you into being a girl
*does a cheeky thread bump*
Ah yes, much better.
Feel like my tastes are too boring and vanilla for most gay guys. :(
what are your tastes?

I need people to come to Norwich to increase my odds of finding someone nice

File: mckinnon.gif (1.71 MB, 480x352)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
Cis Lesbian General: Based Kate Worship thread

A friendly thread for us to gather and help each other fall in love with Kate.

Add these to your filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
And keep updating your filters with every thread. Some advice to keep this general decent: Recognize the ability to hide posts that are attention-seeking. Avoid discussions of feminism, questions of gender, or other topics more suited for your tumblr. This thread is intended for AFAB lesbians to discuss and congregate on 4chan's /lgbt/ board. Therefore please respect /lgbt/ board rules, and 4chan global rules.

To join the Skype email: lesgen.lgbt@gmail.com
To join Discord look here: http://pastebin.com/U9Jy56dJ

Let's leave the S-level posters behind:
230 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: kim-jong.jpg (24 KB, 948x711)
24 KB
That's because some strange adult was talking to her children you creep.
File: images (4).jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
Did i stutter? Bisexuality is a thing, it's called being a sexual deviant.
>call yourself a lesbian
>use a dildo
>use a strapon
>date women who dress and behave like men
Sleep beside me, be my body pillow.

That is true.

Oh well, her kids were really gross.

Like I'm not sure how old they were but they had like food on their faces and smelled pretty rank even from like 15 feet away.
They are children and can't help themselves. You are an adult that behaves like a child.

I wonder if these pokemen are a part of the western brainwashing plan or a population control plan.

File: image.jpg (98 KB, 340x314)
98 KB
>being gay isn't a choice
>I'm forced to dress like a girl
>I'm bi only on Fridays
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

You guys are fucked
>implying you don't have your own fucked fantasies
File: NOW-THIS-I-CAN-FAP-TO.jpg (21 KB, 431x352)
21 KB
Your (lesbian) parents have discovered that you are disrespectful to women, so naturally they force you to shave all your body hair and then wear bright red/violet lipstick, daisy dukes and a feminist T-shirt while still looking like the naughty young boy you are, and then parade you in front of other people, especially cute girls. At first they threaten you to walk to the store for them to buy more makeup or else they'll send you to school dressed like this, but later they send you to school like that regardless.
Of course, you're also equipped with a tiny camera and headpiece so they can constantly make sure you're reapplying your lipstick at school, as well as give you orders in general.
They are female supremacist that want to cut up all males. You can only be spared that if you transition succesfully. (spoiler alert: you will get SRS anyway)
reminds me of a story where the boy gets adopted by his lesbian aunt and her partner and they feminize him.

my version would be he gets caught masturbating to his step-sister's panties and gets told "if you like panties so much wear them" and it spirals from there.

File: 1226196997210.jpg (1.33 MB, 2560x1600)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Totes gay edition

• Informed Consent Providers:
https://itmb.co/r1uo5 (PDF)
• Makeup Tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K/
• MTF Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/36HC6ZmT (embed)
• Size charts: Just google women's size chart
• Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge (embed)
• Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff: http://pastebin.com/CyW1dXV8 (embed)
• Useful links about/for transgender people: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV (embed)
• Transgender FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8QbKyShU (embed)
• Am I trans/trans help threads archive: http://pastebin.com/CPzj0xv9 (embed)
• Basic Trans Information: http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/conway/TS/TS.html

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
282 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have a bit of trouble with sleeves since I have a deep chest and long arms, but other than that, everything fits and I don't have trouble finding stuff I like since my sizes are in the normal range for women, including for shoes. So, can't really help. Can you afford bespoke stuff?
I can't afford bespoke stuff, but depending on the material I can probably make stuff. It'd just be nice to be able to get stuff off the shelf instead of custom everything.
Keep trying stuff (like, physically), i'm sure you'll find out what works for you.

Also layering. Some stuff look bad on me if alone (cause shoulders, or whatever), but with a plaid shirt/zipped hoodie/... it's fine.

What exactly makes it not fit ?

Also here is cute pic.
I guess just some funky torso dimensions. If it fits my shoulders, it's usually too long in the sleeves and body. If it fits my waist it's too loose in the chest. If it's the right length for my torso every part of it is too tight.
Short of intentionally loose t shirts and intentionally loose skirts, it's hard finding something in my size. I guess I just fall into enough odd ranges to have things be really hard.
Hell, even my wrap skirts (one size fits all) are loose if I tie them properly, I have to change the tie to snug them up enough. It's just... bleh.
File: 1465072119684.png (726 KB, 791x644)
726 KB
726 KB PNG
now throw your sheets in the dryer, remake your bed and cuddle up in it. it's so soft and nice.


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