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File: HON-plant-300.jpg (12 KB, 300x172)
12 KB
People won't invest in honcoin since there are younger trannies with less incentive to repress. Sell honcoin now
Here at /tttt/ we are hard at work producing quality hons. Despite a decline in aged-egg raw material, our sophisticated meme techniques allow us to produce the same sad hons you know and loathe.

>that moment when you realize blaire looks even more feminine WITHOUT makeup than she does with it, unlike the average 4chan tranny

take note, hons
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Blaire got that PS2 cutscene fade
Her boobs are soo fucking fake tho.
>no makeup
also the only reason she seems so passable and good looking is because of camera angles and lighting. Catch her in other contexts and you realise she has massive linebacker shoulders and her face is far from perfect.
Why are people saying shes wearing no makeup in the left photo, shes obviously wearing foundation and concealer lol, possibly penciled her eyebrows a little too

File: tv wedding.jpg (1.3 MB, 2048x1664)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
don't be shy, silly! And try to guess the sexuality of the others anons

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File: 1500356068037.jpg (384 KB, 1200x1000)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
>all these frogposters

File: 1512876117611.jpg (33 KB, 540x540)
33 KB
Gay cis

File: maxresdefault.jpg (140 KB, 1920x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
argonath edition
before: >>9278736
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me too...
Check the bf bargain bin at your local outlet.
File: 1495746608186.gif (396 KB, 500x609)
396 KB
396 KB GIF

How do you guys feel about the other gay boards on 4chan? (/hm/, /cm/, /y/)
there aren't any qt redhead twinks in it
just uggo gingers

ah go on

good for the source thread I guess
basically the same board and I don't really care for either

File: hakkoda-snowmonster_01.jpg (223 KB, 1500x998)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Buried in Snow Edition.

Intended to be a no-trips allowed version of /mtfg/.
This is to keep the drama low, and let anonymous people be heard, as well as to avoid the erp/rp that goes on.

It's open for everyone, just behave.

>No trips (or names)
>No avatar fagging
>No erp/rp-ing
>No calling out on trips (or names)
>No "pre-everything" "evaluate me" pics (don't respond to them)
>No chasers

Anthropometric data: http://anthro.cs.uni-freiburg.de/#colx=100&coly=124

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I fucking hate myself in photos, mirror is "eh maaaaaayyyyyybe in 3 years of HRT and if you're very careful on hair and makeup and styling and [...]"
this exactly
photos im "jesus is that me or kylo ren with no mask"
mirrors im "that lesbian needs to lay off the crystal meth"
mirrors are a more accurate representation of how other people perceive you but judging your own looks is always unreliable even without dysphoria making it even worse. only good way to tell is get a few good irl friends that will fucking roast ur ass if u tell them to.
>a few good irl friends that will fucking roast ur ass if u tell them to.
That's actually the plan. I'm heading back home for a bit, and I have a long, long-time friend there that I know I can trust to be honest and I'm just gonna ask them. My own opinion on the subject seems to fluctuate way too wildly to be worth anything.
Is there anywhere to read someone's progression on HRT in detail, specifically about breast growth?
I just want to see if the things I'm feeling are typical.
It's different for everyone
look at general stats and hope for the best
your genes r important too

How can I tell if I’m actually gay or if just viscerally despise women?
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>I'm gay, boogerlord.
Makes it even worse. You get nothing out of the deal. lol
Because he's male, dumb dumb.

I agree with him and I'm a tranny.
So women have to make huge contributions to society to not be considered chattel, and OP can just stay home playing with his fupa and drinking juice. But because he's dude, it doesn't matter how much of a drain on society he becomes. Seems legit.
This may surprise you but I was brought into this world by a woman. So yeah, I got something out of it. Also I have a bomb-ass grandma who I respect because she's dead-ass cooler than anyone in this thread, even me.
So go eat a basket of dog anus, Garfield.
>viscerally despise women?
What are these?
There's no difference.

Elliot Rodgers was a closeted QT femboy who needed a daddy bf

File: uglybetty.jpg (51 KB, 1024x768)
51 KB

She continued: “I always feel like if I don’t look a certain way, if boys don’t think I’m ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ then I've failed and it doesn't even matter if I am a doctor or writer, I'll still feel like nothing...successful women are only considered a success if they are successful AND hot, and I worry constantly that I won't be. What if my boobs don't grow? What if I don't have the perfect body? What if my hips don't widen and give me a little waist? If none of that happens I feel like [sic] there's no point in doing anything because I'll just be the 'fat ugly girl' regardless of whether I do become a doctor or not.”
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It's funny, I never genuinely thought I was attractive, but after beginning transition and everything, when I look at old pictures of myself I can see I was cute. It's like looking at a separate person, though

>tfw think my past self was cute

That obvious huh
now amplify that 10x for transgirls because they are not female to begin with and struggle to pass at all, nevermind being attractive or 'hot'

>when you feel like there's no point in doing anything because you never be even an 'ugly girl'
I feel that way. It's so stupid and I know it, too. Like, I shouldn't care if people think I'm cute, I should just be happy with myself. But it's impossible to not care.

Well, transgirls feel bad for also being ugly as girls, because being masculine makes girls ugly. And like the letter says, part of the concern is that this girl wants boys to notice her and feel some attraction towards her, and that's exactly what a lot of mtfs feel (sample size is me). Being seen as a dude by straight guys sucks when I want them to lust after me the same way they lust after girls, and the reason they don't is because I'm not attractive as a woman.

There's a difference between lowering your standards and being some gross dude's weekend bangbuddy. You'd think the ugly ones would be able to commit, but nooooo.

File: Blanchard2.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
Prove pic wrong

Protip: You can't.
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I'm about to leave this site again, but can answer one more question, small brain.
It's called a Kafka trap people, for fuck's sake.

Also Blanchard is right. Watch the video if you really give a fuck. Follow his Twitter, he links to Trans-related articles all the time about Trans psychology.


Psych is changing all the time as a field and no one's saying this is final, but what it is saying is that this theory ACTUALLY DOES explain A LOT of trans psychology as it is understood right now. If you want to change shit, then by all means read Blanchard's shit and debunk it. Standing on the sidelines will not change the psychological field. Don't misunderstand - the psych field doesn't change you personally, but when you go toodling off to get medical care or something and the Doc diagnoses you AGP or HSTS because it's become the consensus, maybe then you learn to accept it.
Androphilic tranners stereotypically pretend to be submissive even when they aren't so they still stick to the narrative.
>but when you go toodling off to get medical care or something and the Doc diagnoses you AGP or HSTS because it's become the consensus,
This doesn't happen, sadly.

File: 1500756520621.png (450 KB, 787x768)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
>I bet every guy wants to be a girl, that's completely normal!
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Do y'all end up being women because you enjoy activities that are gendered because of labor division when women were home-makers?
You're AGP. You probably can't get off without imagining being a girl and likely enjoy crossdressing. You're trans.
Who's trutrans again?
This was actually really helpful and gave me a lot to think about. Thank you.
Depends who you ask. But if their answer isn't AGPs, they're wrong.

File: me in the middle.jpg (48 KB, 919x585)
48 KB
How do I make this situation a reality?
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File: sad frog.jpg (15 KB, 417x426)
15 KB
>tfw FFS will never work on my face because my midface is too long and dudely
Way better.
But i like hons =/
abused as a child much?
File: angry frog.jpg (13 KB, 223x165)
13 KB
but i will never look like this reeeee

How come cis lesbians rarely pass?
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Wah wah wah, dose ebil sexist standewds.
This board is so insufferable, is everyone hear a complete relativist who denies some pretty objective truths about masculinity and femininity?
Not everyone, just the feminists. You can't make a place for LGBT people without them attaching themselves like parasites.
it's obvious she was born female, even with the jaw and short hair

this is what separates trannies from cissies, no mtf would pass without heavy makeup and long hair.
ITT: people who don't understand how sexual orientation works
post more of her
i need it for science

File: DO0JWT5VAAEvwC3.jpg (57 KB, 1200x675)
57 KB
>"It looks like a girl.."
>Teenagers chasing after you screaming "Hey what are you???"
>People giving you long and weird stares
>People aggressively calling you sir, bro, man after accidentally saying ma'am or miss at first
>Kids asking their parents what you are

I thought failing boy mode was supposed to feel nice...

Instead it's soul crushing and I want to die even more
81 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
I live in the US and don't pass yet everyone genders me female and lets me use the bathroom. Never once been harassed either. Stares happen, but you get used to them after a while.
>I don't pass
>People gender me female
I got misgendered by a little boy because I have long hair. I'm not trans or intentionally fem either.

Cool story, amirite?
they mean hugbox
I don't pass since I have a huge adam's apple, yet the rest of me including voice works. Most people realize right away I'm trans even from a distance, but I guess my voice and mannerisms pass well enough? idk I live in the most liberal city in the country so that probably helps.

File: dKL9w5r (1).jpg (516 KB, 1280x1707)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
I am a cis male and I want to experiment with a mtf trans girl. where do i find one and how do i approach them? are they easy to get? pref one with a small qt penis that can't get hard.
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>Omg, stop trans shaming my community!!!
>Omg, look how skinny zir is! Zur needs to eat more!!!

Are all trannies this fucking stupid? Shaming for being a deceptive degenerate = wrong. Shaming for having a healthy body size = empowering?

Ridiculous. Thank got I'm just a fag, and not waist deep in this gender/sexuality idiocy...
someone be my bf pls i'm so lonely and just want someone to care about.
hi anon
kik : aeroaeko
are u retarded

t. other gay
i don't use kik, do you have a discord or steam? :x

File: CwWJWxhXUAAxaWz.jpg (139 KB, 650x712)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Anon's dogs edition. Cats already had their turn, now show your doggos.

Previous thread: >>9227740

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks haha

Yeah, probably shouldn't make a habit out of drinking to the point of stumbling around dizzy and vomiting lol. Just very tempting to considering how dramatically it changes my sociability.
I also have facial hair (wispy, but visible if I don't shave) but my doc said I didn't have PCOS...otherwise I do empathize with your plight. I think it's better to shave until on T, at least for me it looks like the pathetic kind of facial hair a 14 year old boy grows.

>god I wish that were me
Happy for you, anon.
Thanks, man. If anything though, it proves that that can be anyone. If even I can end up socializing with and befriending strangers, then you sure as hell can too. Your day will definitely come, anon.
Shave when you don't have any hair you touch often (I assume you touch your face often) it's much easier to also stop picking, I'm considered cured from trich but I still can't resist the delicious chin hair if I forget to shave for a few days
+ If you pluck you might develop fucked up hair, I have half a mustache and tons of white hairs (my hair is black and facial hair was also black originally)

I had trich since 10, not sure when I started growing facial hair I think about 13 and only stopped pulling it at 25 or 24

If you don't want to look like you have it you'll need to wear makeup but you'll be surprised how much passes for blackheads or weird skin color if people don't expect you to have facial hair

File: 1510628230574.jpg (51 KB, 480x478)
51 KB
I'm 20 right now there's always been times in my life where I have wanted to be a female but I find something to occupy my mind so I don't think about it (usually pot, movies, and books) but it just keeps coming back and I just feel like coming out would change how people look at me and just change my life completely... I told my sister once and she just made fun of me for a while... I'm scared and am looking for any advice you can give
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You sound trans
This board is toxic as a social space but has good technical information, see /HRTgen/ for info on legally and safely acquiring hormone therapy and what that stuff does etc., and see the OP post of /mtfg/ for links to various tutorials for voice training etc.
It's gonna be an existential mindfuck for quite a while but if you hold on tight and have decent genetics you can come out the other end a lot better off
Ive thought that for a while Im just scared that this will drastically change my life and i already live a mundane life with few friends and only one family member i can still talk to and feel like they will abandon me if i tell them about this
It's hard but there's a lot of good people out there to make friends with, dysphoria is only gonna get worse with age, you're worth acting to protect over the possibility that people might turn out to be petty
Ive tried reaching out to support groups but i get in this mind set that my body has already be hit with puberty and just think "im not going to be able to pass might as well try to put on a and carry on with life" and i end up just ditching the support groups
ive never met a trans person that was mentally stable. go work on that and just be a twink

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