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File: 1498367057792.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
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114 KB JPG
Is it worth getting on HRT even if you probably wont pass? Will it make me feel any better?
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Drag queen street whore here I come, lol
Yeah I have. I buy like androg stuff like oversized sweaters and skinny jeans.
Pills going to wreck benis
Well make up your fucking mind. I'm not going to tell you whether you're trans. Only you can actually make the final call based on the evidence you have been provided.
I'm unironically holding out for some technological revolution. Cybernetics are my best hope.

Just gotta 1) get filthy rich and 2) not kill myself for, what, 20 years? Easy :`)

No way tbqh

File: template.png (15 KB, 838x774)
15 KB
"Could i pass?" thread

If you're pre-hrt, repressing, starting hrt, or just
want opinions about your face/body features, you're welcome here.

No extreme hugboxing, learn to receive criticism, and also to do constructive criticism.
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File: 20170624_150627.jpg (953 KB, 2560x1440)
953 KB
953 KB JPG
23, repressed AGP
recently broke up with long term gf who made me feel alright being a guy and now not sure what to do with myself
File: 199IlXDApp0.jpg (163 KB, 720x1280)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Sory for
this world doesn't need another transbian
All these faggots will do an hero with 40 years or before that age
File: to7y.png (175 KB, 368x649)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Whaddaya think?

I'm gay but I have a heterosexual fetish
I don't see women as partners or lovable, only as sexual objects
Anyone can relate?
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>of being a manly man with a woman
When you enjoy this thought, what's more important, the feeling like a manly man yourself, or the woman you're with?

What do you masturbate to?
It's more important the woman I jerk to the woman
>i'm gay but i have a heterosexual fetish
So is this how they say bisexual in special snowflake?
I'm not a special snowflake I'm just bisex, it's a matter of preference I don't feel like I want to love a girl

File: 1456093797370.jpg (10 KB, 229x220)
10 KB
Daily reminder that bisexuality isnt real and is the first ever tumblr meme sexuality.

Daily reminder that if you are a bisexual femboi you are actually a failed straight male using men to validate your insanity.

Daily reminder that you WILL in fact go back to women at some point or some other failed male tranny/femboi (same thing really)

Reminder that you are all killing yourselves testing out pills that couldnt cure cancer and NEGATIVE side effects were boob growth etc

Daily reminder that you are all using your bodies as guinea pigs to look like a freak of nature

Reminder that after 25 you will look like a used tampon thats been reused over and over and your skin is wrinkly amd not your chasers which are failed straights and pedophiles will want you

Reminder that your only hobby is dressing like a faggot online amd wavimg your tranny cock for any sort of validation since your parents never loved any of you...
>women at some point or some other failed male tranny/femboi (same thing really)
>other failed male tranny/femboi (same thing really)
So you admit I am a woman!
seek sunlight

File: 2017-06-21-12-57-15.jpg (707 KB, 1200x1200)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
Why do bitter hons want to ruin young men's lives?
They are clearly not happy themselves, yet they pressure other guys into transition, while saying that it's the best thing ever.
Don't you feel guilty for pushing young guys down this slippery slope of self-destruction?
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hear those estradiol and cyproterone pills can help
Transition has no proven benefits long-term, and to bitterhons I'm still waiting on a citation that isn't very low or low evidence.

The cause of AGP/Trans/Dysphoria is not known. But it's very unlikely to be transgender=intersex, because of not only the massive amount of conflicting studies, but also the narrative pushing it.

Don't take HRT. There are other alternatives. Don't believe bitterhons!
I agree. Trap yourself, anon.
Oh look, it's the sissyfication spammer.

File: love.png (231 KB, 600x338)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
We have been best friends for 13 years, things were great, everything was just the way it should e. we would stay up on skype till 5am playing vidya games and having fun then last year he got a girlfriend and stopped spending time with me.

i felt replaced and abandon, and thought that if i were a girl he never would have left me :(

I tol;d my friends i am trans and he has been very accepting. i have been on hormones for ten months now, and i keep sending him lewd messages and pics in snap chat.

He stopped talking to me about 3 moths ago, then recently he messaged me on snap-chat saying that he is sorry for ignoring me, and that he has been fantasizing about seeing me naked and fondling me. He is scared because he has a girlfriend.

I know we are meant to be together! i love him! and now i know he wants me, i love hormones so much for giving me bobies that he wants to fondle T_T but i am so socialy autistic... how do i get him to cudle me?

I just want to feel him hold me more than anything, its unbearable. should i suck his dick? or just give him a hand job while he fondles me?

how do i get him to my house? he lives with his girlfriend and i need to make him not be worried about her finding out

please help... this is true love T_T
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Fuck me I'm in the exact same situation. I would honestly let my friend rail me god I would probably cum just from putting his dick in my mouth :(

I would honest love to cuddle with him and his gf too

I'm sure nothing will ever happen though
>I would honest love to cuddle with him and his gf too
M8...you just sound desperate
They're both amazing m8y, it's a difficult situation to summarize well

I'm bi and I think into polyamory like I want to be with a guy and a girl and they seem so perfect
Get out!
Very AGP, wanting a guy to be meta-attracted to and a girl to project onto.

File: IMG_3134.jpg (53 KB, 533x531)
53 KB
>What is a femboy?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are gay.
>Are femboys trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
>Can I be a femboy?
It's possible. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
>Should I go on HRT?
You'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man. There's more info in the pastebin.
>Is liking femboys considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.
Begin cute anime boy dump.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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they are mutally exclusive. unless you want to try and be a chubby femboy. muscles are angular which is not feminine
I'm tall and skinny, though, so the muscles are subtle and not unsightly.
It's just what I've built working in a warehouse, lifting and dragging heavy stuff all day.
It takes years to really build decent amount of muscle
I told her i was in a relationship to respect my body cause she said she liked me

We ended up cuddling after hanging out she kissed me asked if im comfortable. I said no. She kept going. I said no multiple other times. Ended up doing a lot of stuff to me like taking my limp hands and putting them on her breast succ...

I was unbelievably horny and scared the whole time and her goal is to replace my gf

I know i have to cut contact bleh...
File: 1472692273257.png (19 KB, 426x364)
19 KB
There is absolutely nothing wrong with rape

File: ffs.png (171 KB, 1218x760)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Post all FFS topics, queries, questions and related material in this thread.

>What is FFS
lmao like you dont know
>How much does FFS cost?
>good surgeons?
Facial team, deschampes-braly, (((spiegal)))
>How can i afford it?

seriously though, requesting an anon from a thread a few weeks back who discussed maxillofacial surgery as well as CVV rotation - please come to this thread anon
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zygoma possibly, jaw contouring

korea does really good jaw work, look at idclinic or whatever the fuck its called
Never heard of it before, but looked into it a little and it probably is actually what I need. Thanks.
Is Zukowski really that good for forehead? All I need done is forehead, brow and maybe my hairline lowered. Do you think getting all that done with Zukowski would be ok?
What if you have a shitty hairline? I feel like my face isn't actually that long but if I measure like this I have almost an 8" face. I think if I got my hairline lowered it might be fine.
lmao youre better off going to facial team who will do all of those three in one package as forehead reconstruction for 4.5k euros

hairline can be lowered via either a scalp advancement or transplants (even if youre not bald)

with the scalp advancement typically a scar is made in a pattern that mimics the hairline right below the hairline itself and then the scalp is stretched forward as so to lower the hairline then sewed up, nowadays this procedure is fairly good and scars are minimal as hair actually grows through the scar itself and masks it.

Hairl transplants are also used to lower the hairline and are a scar free method, (except for a small scar at the back of the head which is covered by hair). A new hairline is drawn in marker and then hair transplants are used to create a new, thick, natural looking hairline. After that the hair grows as normal and voila.

File: Trans Help General.png (208 KB, 694x907)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
This is the Trans Help General thread. We'll try to help you here with everything related to being transgender.
This includes questioning, appearance, daily trans problems, medical info, general info and other interesting stuff to name a few.

MTF, FTM and questioning people are all welcome here to help eachother and discuss possible solutions.

You can also share your transgender related stories here. Just came out? Or you just need to get something off your chest?
Maybe something wonderful happened today! We'll be glad to hear it, it's always good to know we're not going through this alone.

Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff: http://pastebin.com/CyW1dXV8
Lots of useful links about/for transgender people: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV
Transgender FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8QbKyShU
Am i trans/ trans help threads archive:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I have a job, moving out isn't an option for now.

Sure, I'm more concerned with the physical changes though. And if I'm "out" to others outside the house they'll hear about it eventually.
The only physical change they'll notice are breasts, you can hide them by slouching or binding them.
A very helpful post for transgender women:

You are delusional. The reality is that you are male.
I'm not sure if it's just being drunk but I've been hit by the hardest wave of dissatisfaction of my male body that I've ever felt. I don't know if this is dysphoria, but I hate what I'm seeing so much that it is scary. Even just seeing my hands type this feels awful.

Whats the deal with behavioral and transvestic AGP?

Is it inherently different from Anatomic, Functional and Interpersonal AGP? Like, should it belong in a different typology?

I say this for 2 reasons: it's less likely for these types to transition and their object seems to be far more cultural than it is biological, meaning it may be a biproduct of today's society on the individual and not genetic.

Any thoughts on this?
behavioural and interpersonal a*p are so strongly intertwined that interpersonal wasn't defined as a subtype until 2013, and all a*p subtypes correlate strongly enough with each other that even people who primarily identify as transvestites routinely end up with some kind of dysphoria
I had purely tranvestic and "sissy" (dont like this word but it most accurately describes a fetish for cucks and dicks thicker than mine) AGP

After developing dysphoria and transitioning I have purely anatomic dysphoria
The types of AGP are just descriptions of different parts of AGP, because AGP is varied. They aren't fundamentally different etiologies like AGP and HSTS.

You could break AGP down further if you wanted, anatomic into parts of the anatomy, physiological into physiological functions, transvestic into different clothes, behavioral into behaviors, etc.

File: me browsing the chans.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB WEBM
Gay General. Webm edition.
Last: >>8475020.
Discord: https://discord.gg/UZpcDkR.
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i think gayhoopla is the only site that does size difference porn that isn't also age difference
Who wants to read yaoi with me?
Either side of my self-service checkout were two really hot, 6'5, fit, muscle with a bit of fat, young, pink Brit biceps, really just one of the most hnnng lads I've ever seen. I've never seen porn with anyone that hot. AAHHHHHHHH

File: FS-Mag1.png (185 KB, 300x301)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>But with the nationwide support came pushback and criticism. Hikes said that the "vast majority" of critics are gay white men, a sector of the LGBT community that doesn't necessarily understand the issues that LGBT people of color might face.

White Trans are next
File: homosexualmap.png (224 KB, 1190x860)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxOju_ugh2Q watch now
No surprise there. SJWs are mostly man-hating feminazis.

Only MtFs, though. They hate men, not women.
>Only MtFs, though. They hate men, not women.
Hahahaha, just wait.

They've already started turning on white women, why not trans white women. Especially in countries like the US where white people are starting to become a minority (as in 50% of newborns being non-white), you can exclude white people and still have a sizable movement, this wasn't possible in the past.

Soo yeah, especially if HRT and surgery makes large strides in the next few decades and Trans Women pass very very well, yeah they'll be excluded too

Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the Pastebin, but don't be lazy Anon, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

If you're not sure if a comic belongs here because maybe it's not LGBT enough, post updates anyway. We won't know about it if no one posts it!
If you see something wrong in the Pastebin, tell us about it and the Anon will (eventually) fix it. Just keep reminding him.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1:25 timestamp
Dancing on Embers

File: general lee.png (628 KB, 693x1089)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
Long Exposure

the page before: http://longexposurecomic.com/post/162212912998/first-page-tapastic-art-tumblr-twitter
the page after: http://longexposurecomic.com/post/162213057988/cliff-thats-not-the-saying-thanks-for-reading
Heavy Horns

Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Getting Serious Edition

On a scale of 1 (stay at home and only daydream) to 10 (will literally move mountains), how serious are you about getting a gf? Or if you have a girl, how serious are you about making it work?

How's your weekend going?

Hide, report, ignore bait.
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Parlez-vous francais? https://discord.gg/3Ry8yaE

Last thread:
>/clg/ prefers answering bonus questions about music, games and dating red flags
>Long-haired anons put their hair up
>Anons are thirsty but still have standards (kinda)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: IKillGays.jpg (38 KB, 580x435)
38 KB
>tfw there's no seductive milfs on 4chan
Yes, there are...
Oh, sorry. Somehow I didn't notice your question. Anyways, my point is, I love unknown authors with unknown manga. Sorta. It's very interesting. Of course, there are tryhards and unfinished series, still, the feel when you find a good one is fantastic. Also, intimate, in a way.

File: IKillGays.jpg (38 KB, 580x435)
38 KB
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxOju_ugh2Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxOju_ugh2Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxOju_ugh2Q
You ever smelled straight man poo before? I love the smell.

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