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File: QzTTI1d.jpg (28 KB, 539x566)
28 KB
I FINALLY GET IT!!! There isn't a single actual trans person on here. Just TERFs LARPing as trans people to annoy others with their insufferable made up bullshit to breed new TERFs. I can't believe I was actually scared to join a trans support group IRL because of the crazy shit that gets posted on here like skull hon, tongue hon & profile hon. But to my surprise I only found actual normal people in the group! So since you TERFs got found out now I'd suggest you leave this board forever so that the few gays, lesbians and the occasional real tranny can post a little in peace. Goodbye and fuck you people for deceiving me to a point of almost despising my own kind.
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Speak for yourself I'm 26, huge and doomed
that's exactly what the memes want you to think.
[spoiler]I recently decided to transition despite of the fact I'm doomed because doing something beats giving up any day[/spoiler]

[spoiler]still doomed tho[/spoiler]
transitioning takes time and effort so there's no way of knowing how it will end if you only started recently. keep at it and i promise you will be pleasantly surprised eventually.
I appreciate the sentiment and don't intend to give up but some people just don't have the right genetics or are too far gone.

File: nicolewew6.jpg (78 KB, 640x640)
78 KB
Gay guy here

I hate trannies I hate trannies more than I hate flamboyant gay guys.
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Thanks for being a good person Anon.
>respect my right to not respect your rights

Respectability politics are a joke

Makes me more comfortable to call gay people faggots and keep them out of my businesses so let's go back to those days too.
As long as you don't physically harm me, go nuts. Free speech is a cherished part of our culture.
The only two times homosexuality was mentioned in my schoolbooks with a respectful tone, it was the mentioning of that band of gay warriors in Greece that had to wade waist deep through the blood of all of the straights they killed, such proficient killers of straights were they, and native American shamans that would attack any hostile tribes that tried to rape the local women.

My schoolbooks didn't have anything nice to say about polite hairdressers.

hrt gave me magic powers
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I had these powers before hrt does that mean I'm TruTrans™?
File: 1479162574238.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
I want that.....
increased empathy? please give it to me
I had them too but like barely and I couldn’t access them like I can now.
Can I be a magical girl like pic related? Please, I will sell you my soul and serve as your witch hunting servant.
Yes because I can trade yours for mine and get mine back.

Transwomen are the slutiest people. HIV rates don't lie.
Neglected to post the gay male rate...oh anon

File: 20180318_082948.png (1.4 MB, 1440x1945)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
And with just one image, /lgb/ was BTFO'd...
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"Transgendered" seems to be a label up for grabs for anyone who wants it, dysphoria or not. You must have dysphoria to be transsexual though.
Does the word transsexual even get used anymore? I thought the whole point of switching it out for gender is that sex is too closely related to primary sex characteristics and chromosomes so "gender" is supposed to map to just individual identity or something like that?
I think anybody who transitions could be considered trans, so if for some (retarded) reason you transition without dysphoria you would be trans without dysphoria.

>tfw can't come out of the closet
>tfw no one will date me because of it
I'm sorry lads. I wish I were stronger.
AGP here, can confirm. Transition is a meme and only weak and dumb ones fall for it.
who's the one on the bottom right

That image is TERF levels of retarded.

File: Kinsey-Male.jpg (18 KB, 256x388)
18 KB
>> 1948: The kinsey report came out and found out that 37% of men had had a homosexual experience at least once.

>> 2015: Similar study performed, the same number is less than 3%.

What happened guys?
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How are homosexual experiences defined?
My guess is porn. Why try some gay shit IRL when you can just occasionally jerk it to gay porn every once and a while without anyone ever knowing.
No parades and shit meant that being gay wasnt in the public consiousness. Literally, noone was riding your dick about being gay all the time like they do now

before WW2, gay shit was done flippantly, and no one really cared as long as you had a wife and kids still

it was only with the growth of the psychological field that people became more conscious of their strange behaviors as deviant

I reading how gay sex is reported to be quite common in North Korea for example, as they have been sheltered from popular culture for so long, that they just have no idea that its even weird.
Kinsey may have faked his results. More than one third of men openly admitting to having experienced such a thing seems highly unlikely to me, especially for that year.

File: 1513481191100.jpg (665 KB, 1024x768)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
Whenever homophobes or transphobes say some shit about how they just don't want to hear us talking about it and the problem they have is apparently that we're campaigning for rights, it's eerily reminiscent of stuff like the civil rights movement and the women's rights movement. "Shut up black people and women, know your place, stop trying to have rights." And the phobes lost that battle because they were morally in the wrong so what makes them think they can possibly win this one?
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Still being fought, but some are closer to being won than others.
Gay and trans people already have all of the same rights as straight cis people.
File: 1507753245516.jpg (78 KB, 633x758)
78 KB
I laugh at normies that channel their insecurities and general anger through abusing trannies. I'm armed and I will fight back.
Fucking cretins. I'm a mentally ill man, but I do whatever the fuck I want with my shitty male body and if you're against that, you have problems of your own. I'll cut my dick off if I so well please.

I don't associate with those """pride""" events, but any normie trying to tell me what to do can fuck right off. I don't need special treatment and I won't force anyone to call me anything, but meds and surgeries are my own fucking business.

Ok so I am mtf, currently transitioning over a year on hrt and presenting feminine 24/7.

Im wondering if I can use a small tight chastity cage for daily use as a form of tucking.

The device im considering is a clear holy trainer v3 with small tube and 40mm ring measurements are not in question.

But im considering if this will be a waste of money if it fails at the purpose I need it for.

I dont care about taking it off every day in the shower and the Intention is not sexual.

To discreetly tuck the genital and be unnoticable through a pair of just panties and leggings.

If anyone has experience with chastity cages, and wearing one long term what do you know? Can you help me?

File: 1436468780685.png (343 KB, 671x1047)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Are most MtFs doomed to eternal loneliness and those already completing life objectives but starving for human warmth should give up on this? How do you deal with loneliness?

The only person i talk to, besides my parents (which are suspecting of me after i started hrt in secret) is an online friend which i play games with. The rest of my ""friends"" were drunk and mean assholes that wouldn't accept me. I'm ok with this plus the superficial social interactions i get in college, but i crave for intimacy and it hurts sometimes. Being a boymode MtF, which probably won't pass, i guess it's kinda impossible to find a relationship with anyone at all. I wish i could forget this but hobbies and escapisms aren't really working. Not even fantasizing and crying for hours either.
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UK/Ireland? I'll hang out with you.
Yeah, long distance does suck even if it's only friendship and nothing too serious, can't disagree with that. I live in IL, you probably aren't even close though.
Or you know, get to know someone and form a bond. It's not easy being trans, but make an effort to go find someone, like me. I'll give you the intimacy.
feeling pretty lonely myself rn. join me? https://discord.gg/J7njqb
I am literally a perfect bf but you don't want me

I make that heart melt and that ass bleed, but you would rather fingerbang alone

File: qaf.jpg (32 KB, 486x447)
32 KB
Is this the most badass way of coming out in the history of anything?

Aiden Gillen is a god tier actor and hot af
tfw no cia bf
>arse bandit

>yfw you also lift those shirts
Too verbose
Is he actually gay?

...The Golden, Love Is Over, Freckle Bitch, Mythril, Lenticular Steelbook, Dangereous Wad Was Edition

Last time, on /acegen/
> Consensus reached: Bearding is not an option
> Bemoaning the lack of activity
> Namefag shows up, reminds the gen that pills exist to cure being Ace, yet is kinda fine with those who like being Ace.
> Low quality trolling
> Dech misunderstands what a reply to the OP is referring to. Sorry Zimbabwean Ace!
> Thread got pushed off by a tranner thread

Discussion topics:
> Do we belong amongst the LGBTQIBBQ community?
> If not, then where?
> If you were given the choice to basically retcon the past so that you were not Ace and never had been, would you?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Yeah so... You guys are the opposite of a sexuality. Notice how it's /lgbtttt/ there's no A. Pills will literally fix your broken sex drive.
No you can't enjoy sex and be ace. That's like being gay but fucking only girls.

I don't see it as my Von Neumann drive being broken. I see it as my design document showing that one is not needed, thus the resources that would be used ensuring that said VN Drive doesn't take over my CPU cycles can be directed towards more useful endeavors.

It's not a case of "not enjoying sex" but rather "not feeling the primal need to reproduce". I've said before that even if I wasn't Ace, I'd probably be Vocel.

Pills guided me into this path. Pills keep me focused. I consider having the ability to focus a fair trade for whatever stunted urge to merge I may possess.

I didn't want to spread my genes anyway. Much rather spread my memes.

File: IMG_3798.jpg (285 KB, 1242x1149)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
hi, bored and slightly more suicidal mtf on a Monday night
looking for anyone or anything to talk to https://discord.gg/J7njqb

File: liberwofesson.jpg (98 KB, 1024x683)
98 KB
Hi from the corner of my crush's office. She and her husband are asleep, How are things? Late-night Drunk thread?
File: clocked.jpg (62 KB, 600x457)
62 KB
Anyone down to meme?
I want that dog to fuck me
I hear an alarm! So do i pretend im sleeping or just hide. Please help!
File: cow.jpg (50 KB, 592x515)
50 KB
Really terrified here, i am far more clockable in the morning when the husband is getting up for work than the late night party thanks for letting me crash here.

What do i do?
File: Pic2.png (1.87 MB, 852x1024)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG

File: 1519939902543s.jpg (18 KB, 250x250)
18 KB
What age did you start repressing?
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>Explain it makes me feel good then.
Let's do logic practice.

No Y are A.
All A are X.
Anon is A.

Is anon Y or X?
It can't be true anon, it just can't.
I've memed myself, it just can't be true.
I know girls suck at math but just try doing the logic for me anon.
Unironically 4. I didn't know what trannies were but I knew very well wanting to be a girl was really bad so I started repressing.
>cold, tired and fed up
Today is going to suck, already slipped on ice.

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