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File: CwWJWxhXUAAxaWz.jpg (139 KB, 650x712)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Anon's dogs edition. Cats already had their turn, now show your doggos.

Previous thread: >>9227740

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:

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You're an AAP. This is AAP dysphoria.
What is that? I googled AAP dysphoria and found just links to stuff about kids with dysphoria
It's the FTM equivalent of AGP.
But AGP is bs?

File: Blanchard2.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
Prove pic wrong

Protip: You can't.
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>direct misquotes you can read for yourself
No, no, no, yes but not’ married (-3), no, yes (-5), no, yes (-1), no, yes but not before I was 20 (-1), no, no, and I neverget read so no (-1). So -11 total. I think Blanchards typology is bull
>"it was hons that did it, not use pedophile cis, I swear!"
this desu
most autists don't even really mean "sex" in a strict biological sense beyond middle-school drop-out level "muh chromezones", they're using the vague trait-cluster groupings we all do.

What happened to /AGP/ gen? I wanted to ask some questions about it..
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(agp gen was never about blanchardianism and largely rejected it. AGP =\= Blanchard's typology)
>and largely rejected it.
Autogynephilia is a normal phenomenon. The term has been coopted by hateful fucks though. Female embodiment fantasies is much more descriptive (since it also includes all the non-sexual stuff) and has the serious advantage of not actually having been tainted by bigots.
go make fef general - agpgen without the science or terfs
/agpg/ never really talked about Blanchard but had no disagreements with him either.

File: 1513475460743.jpg (2.33 MB, 3264x2448)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
borger girl
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where are you from? cute toot
Pls no bully Robin
She's cute and the nicest poster on this board.
ITT post rare robins
File: Sad-Trooper.jpg (43 KB, 301x289)
43 KB
>tfw you'll never come home from a hard day at work to find Robin making delicious burgers for the two of you
>Ywn go out and get a burger with Robin
Hurts just a little bit.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 266x190)
9 KB
I am only able to feel depressed, fear or being emotionless. I think the years of dysphoria and male socialization have led to me being unable to express myself, what to do?
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I uhhhh could tell ya, but you wouldn't like it any way I say it
let me guess, an hero?
File: 41QKz5uS0ZL.jpg (27 KB, 500x435)
27 KB
I'm listening..
I know that exact feel OP. I don't know what to tell you.
When you say emotionless, do you mean no emotion at all or feeling numb or hollow? If it's the latter, I know how you feel as that's what I experienced since my teens.

File: benjamingerretz01.jpg (180 KB, 960x670)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Is anyone else still in the closet becuse of the LGBT community and the mornic political ideas/the idea of more than 2 genders that comes from the LGBT community? I really don't want to be a part of that. I really dont want to face the wrath of identity politics that says I need to be a socialist marxist that belives that there are more than 2 genders simply beucse I'm gay... (and I'm from Sweden so it's 100x worse than the USA LGBT community).
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BS! Trannies are hated now a days for more for being seen as being SJW's than as degenerates, atleast in the developed non-nigger areas of a city.

I mean regardless, 95% of the population isnt interested in a tranny, but before outside of the odd nigger/psycho, youd just get told to fuck off and get lost(especially if it was before putting the other guy in a situation where he was on edge. Something that trannies actively seek out now, by refusing to disclose their crossdressing up till and beyond sex) But now that most people know that the majority of trans will try to fucking RUIN their lives with social media or angry SJW mobs for not giving them the dick, they are more inclined to be violent. As they should, for getting cornered into such a scenario.

Trannies never would get my sexual attention before, but now i would activly avoid them because of how entitled and arrogant they act. You dont need to look hard to see some pretty famous feminists and SJW journalists who argue that straight cis men are REQUIRED to give trannies sexual attention. That if they dont fuck them, they are bigots. These same people used to be the ones who argued that a persons sexual agency is that of their own and now beholden to anyone else... That all flew out the window recently since they enacted the progressive stack.... Where white women are required to be polite and generous to black men. Where trans women get all the straight dick they want or they get to call the guy a shitlord. Where pajeet is allowed to come into the country and demand we cover the women in garbage bags...

This is the world trannies has brought us into, and to have them then whine about the obvious kick-back is hilarious.
you know dont have to join the SJW mob if you come out

more so there are enough conservative gays since lefties are batshit insane and openly man-hating
>You dont need to look hard to see some pretty famous feminists and SJW journalists who argue that straight cis men are REQUIRED to give trannies sexual attention. That if they dont fuck them, they are bigots.
I'd need to see this. I believe you're massively misstating their case, with a good helping of a /pol/ spin on the side.
I think the only people who'd even give it a second thought in the first place are those who'd claim it's bigoted to not fuck them

Ie; a ridiculously small minority.

It's common enough to be featured on fox news. And I'm sure you'll scoff at that source, but it does not change the fact that zannia Jones(the same tranny cunt who argued Isis isn't homophobic and throwing gays off buildings... How's that progressive stack working for ya?) Gets a lot of SJW support and features on left wing blogs and news media.

File: dupa.jpg (18 KB, 294x224)
18 KB
What are they?
derma rolling

i stopped showering more than once or twice a week. working well so far. use nioxin when i do.

File: thisisfine.jpg (118 KB, 521x591)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
So /tttt/ how do i repress harder
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He said he was feeling apathetic since he was 10. So you actually believe that the reason for his apathy is that he knew he was trans when he was 10 and repressed for 8 years? No fucking way.
File: 1512866517975.png (563 KB, 887x901)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
I just started dressing in dad fashion and embracing a lot of the masculine things that I'm into. I'm honestly pretty content rn and people call me "cute grandpa" but I still sometimes get impulses to return to trap-mode, and I sometimes get jealous when I see cute girls, and I'm always scared that all my feelings will come back full-force and I'm going to be unhappy agin.
Did the same thing. At first I was pretty unhappy that mens clothing is made to make your shoulder look as huge as possible but then I realized that when people see me they will just see some random guy who they can ignore and not a dude in female clothing who they can make fun of and abuse in public. I think this is a life I can handle.
I need that too. I just had confirmed my inherent hon tier look. I feel, I should just give up. I am too old anyway. I just need way to work again and perhaps, be able to find gf again. I am fat and chainsmoking, I just need old me to return, functional straight guy, who would just rather be a girl.
Fuck OP
Flora turn the damn fire off

File: 022_1381025173612.png (253 KB, 500x750)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Hai, I had my first anal DP today and noticed some blood coming out of my behind after it. My partners noted that it wasn't strange, but I got spooked anyway. What should I do about it? And how can I prevent it next time?
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two dicks at once? do you want fissures? because that's how you get fissures?
Probably not enough lube. Or you were scared too much.
What's the image source?
Blood. The perfect lube.

File: IMG_0059.png (391 KB, 540x404)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
>tfw wear my emotions on my sleeves
>tfw in a constant state of extreme discomfort from dysphoria
>tfw try to hide it but constantly look like I'm in hell and people see it in my eyes
>tfw I'm that tranny
Now, tell them all to go fuck themselves very loudly and join me on the next level.

/gender euphoria/ thread: post euphoric experiences you have had since being a different gender, and don’t say put-downs to eachother
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I'm madly attracted to boys now and it's way more awesome than before hrt when I was a low sex drive homo
Oof I feel that. I didn’t notice how hot guys really can be until after hrt. Guess it was more shit I was repressing, oh well, I’m a bishit now
probably because you don't pass :-o
>been on cypro a month and a half, e 3 weeks
>nipples started to hurt a couple days ago
>have been shopping for girl clothes and makeup

>go all out girlmode first time
>shave as close as possible, put on bb cream, 2 layers liquid foundation, powder foundation, then blush
>put on first wig I just got in the mail and scarf
>take some pictures of myself
>shocked by 2 things:
>1. I actually kinda pass
>2. I look A LOT like my mom, almost exactly alike in some pictures
Cool bro

File: 308530948.png (58 KB, 1229x1160)
58 KB
Confess your fetishes and sins my child. Everything will be forgiven.
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Nope, I'd totally bottom for a dog... Or I think I would. I get the feeling id wuss out at the planning stage tho.
File: 1503653855889.jpg (642 KB, 1550x2300)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
>mind break
>getting kidnapped and raped
>getting chained, tied up, deprived of senses
>being forcefully pinned down
>being someone's slave
>feeling pain, getting chocked, etc
>always pretend to be an innocent prude
>rp way too much on this board
>accidentally stole a pen from my classmate
>>I lie to myself every day about being trans
I think you're a giant faggot. That's it, I'm clean.
I'll confess, only one of those is untrue. The game now? Guessing which one.

File: soldiervsmccree.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Whos the better overwatch husbando?
24 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
solid taste
fantastic taste
taste so impeccably divine you could name a chocolate brand after it
she could probably turn me into a girl ;_;
Reinhardt, but I'm afraid he'd try to make me join a Nazi cult or something so I think I'mma say Clint 76wood. Raynor McCree isn't bad, but...c'mon, it's Raynor. I can't get past that.

Winston's got the hottest voice, though. Doomfist for honorable mention.

>t. new mei player
File: Mcnuggy.jpg (14 KB, 320x180)
14 KB
>Overwatch Main
Cis Male
>Cis male

File: 1489616476138.jpg (222 KB, 717x1038)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>got memed into HRT because of its supposed "psychological effects"
>5 months in
>dysphoria got 10x worse, I actually started caring about being remotely manly
>lost interest in all my old hobbies for no apparent reason, the only thing I can think about now is transitioning
>I literally became the worst kind of tranny whose entire identity is based on being a tranny
Back before I could do all sorts of (mostly nerdy) stuff - I could play vidya for an entire day, I was interested in game industry and discussed it almost every day, I was interested in computer hardware, I could read about Star Wars extended univers for hours, I could have meaningful political discussions (no, not on /pol/), I could support a meaningful conversation on a large variety of topics.
Now? I just don't care. It all seems dumb and not even remotely exciting, and I just told all my friends to stop these discussing things with me. I became a hollow shell of a person, a mere shadow of my old self. All I can think about are transitioning (and getting depressed about it) and romantic fantasies.
What's wrong with me? If pills gave me the opposite effect (I don't feel less depressed at all), then perhaps I should stop taking them? Maybe I'm not even trans after all? And even if I am, what's the point of torturing myself like this?
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
not a given, here everyone is on prodynova and get proper levels even on 4
again, needs testing
This is an issue for me too, although it's presenting itself as a giant boost in my sex drive.

I haven't started my hrt yet, and am just starting exercises and basic hrt pairing supplements. Any advice for my kinda case? Just prepping, for the most part.
>This is an issue for me too
>I haven't started my hrt yet
I don't get regular doses of estrogen because I don't have money, and my insurance wouldn't cover it. I am taking oral progesterone and female hormone blends in small doses.

So no, I haven't officially started my treatment.
I'm just a sexually frustrated sub atm.
I relate. Seriously dangerous stuff. Take a step back from the whole I want to be the cutest, should be the cutest, why am I not the cutest. Stop trying. Boymode, don't even think about the transition process, save for taking your pills.
If your environment let you have this privilege, because no gatekeeping to do or bunch of retards to avoid, enjoy it and go back to normal life until the day you fail boymode on the regular.

>be ftm
>in-closet-buddy has been shyly coming onto me for weeks. Total bro.
>he backs off whenever he realizes he's doing it too much. Tries to play it off as joke
>told him recently that I am ftm.
>rattled his world, he wouldn't believe me. I put his hand on my crotch.(we are obliterated, btw)
>believes me now, obv, but ever since he has been 100% coming onto me
>can't tell if I just confused the fuck out of his in-the-closet brain, or if he is genuinely into me. Don't really want to be a sexcapade, but I will probably bite anyway.
>also don't want to be used as a "well it's not gay" excuse in his head, but that's probably a given.
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Fascinating. Thank you. I have a more specific question next.

I've been sitting on this idea that the way men and women interact varies enough from each other to produce distinctly different 'cultures of friendship' among the sexes.

This mount sound too stereotyping to be accurate. And I do not exactly have any hard data to prove or disprove the idea.

So, moving to the idea; Women I speak with appear much more prone to have a 'fall-out' with any one of their friends that results in them no longer speaking with each other. Where men seem more likely to forgive and forget.

I analysed the phenomenon, and came to the conclusion that it seemed to be a matter of being nice versus being honest. In that women seem to hold friendships in a way of two individuals being nice to each other. Where male friendships appear to be more about two individuals being honest with each other (which is a condition you then see resurfacing in female 'best friendships').

Additionally, a typically female characteristic seem to be that two friends compliment each other often. Which again, is not the case at all in male friendships.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Id say you're fairly on the money with this observation. At least in my experience. Not at all saying that there aren't people that stray from this.
I've really only ran in male friend groups, much less drama that way, which I like because I'm a chill dude. If you get in an argument or fight, someone either comes out on top or there is a resolution... whereas what I've noticed with females(and honestly a lot of gay men), there is just this air of everlasting cattiness, or friendships ending for the stupidest things. I feel they are more likely to beat around the bush eith passive aggressiveness than actually confront an issue.
In my main friendgroup, (I work in film, so most of my friends are straight crew bros, including my in-closet-bud), we more than not are always busting each others balls. It's our main source of communication, not to say we aren't friendly about it.
Okay. Right. Thanks again for indulging me. I'm just a straight guy that's looking to understand the human condition, and your specific story / circumstance piqued the interest.

I think you should just decide if you like and trust your friend enough in a way that would warrant a lasting relationship.

You should probably find out if that excuse you mentioned in the original post is actually going on or not. Given the importance of communication in any successful relationship, you should voice this concern without being too judgmental about it.

If he turns out to be very confused, talking with him about it would probably help tremendously.

Good luck either which way, you strange man.
Talking about it with him would definitely be leaps and bounds.

And no worries! I find the subject interesting myself and would rather answer questions than have people draw their own conclusions.
Thanks for chatting!

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