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Old thread >>9694119

Do you play any dating sims, /gaygen/? I am patiently waiting for Camp Buddy.

My newest husbando, Ren Hana, is from from a dating sim: the "Boyfriend to Death" series. As you can see, he is very cute. Please say something nice about him!

Join our cute Discord server: discord.gg/3NrSCsk
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yeah, probably
the guy lets me shoot straight down his throat, too

psst [spoiler] it's not real [/spoiler]

>tfw me and bf both have similar vidya interests

If only he could get vermintide 2 sooner, would be really fun to play together

File: kirk1.jpg (37 KB, 500x375)
37 KB
>tfw nothing cures hornyness like having sex with a stranger

I need to move so I can find a decent bf
everyone around here is so... ugh...

What is it like to have a strong bf who rapes and pounds you into oblivion and makes you scream for mercy but then cuddles you gently afterward?
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You see the cuddling part is hard to find
Post your Discord and we might find out.
File deleted.
It is heaven.
I'm not ugly or autistic and I have a great job and a nice truck and apartment so I don't know the answer.
I suppose it is yes, you can find a bf but you may have to lower your standards or else try and improve yourself so that you are worthy of someone nicer.
Most people like to cuddle but are too shy to suggest it and may feel awkward if it is your first sexual encounter together.
You need to date a few weeks before you can introduce cuddling into the mix without seeming like a needy psychopath.
This. Intimacy takes time, and going all out on the first day is a major red flag. I say this as a highly emotional person who gets attached quite easily. Slow your roll.

File: 1480525355082.png (35 KB, 365x367)
35 KB
>Be trans girl
>HRT too mainstream
>Brainswap with trans male
Well if you follow the "gendered brain theory" then a brain swap with another person may actually be better for you than HRT

The problems would lie primarily with reconnecting everything. I'd say that there's probably a clever neurosurgeon here who could give their input, but hey, this is 4chan's LGBT board
i don't want your ugly hon body though
Terrible idea, head transplants have been done and the brain always rejects the body. Imagine being trans and feeling like you don't belong in your body but couple of million times worse. Terrible times
with me you would be getting a 6'3'' chad body. Just need the tits removed.
i don't know if any trans guy would want my 5'5 ugly body.

no one wants meee

How come no ome wants tall skinny twinks
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I'm a relatively attractive 6'2 otter. Lonely times get to me since there's no attractive gay men near ne
Can I come live with you?
No that's gay. Jk where you from?

File: 1506708334635.jpg (16 KB, 286x380)
16 KB
Why do I find the idea of "fucking the boy out of me" so hot? T-that's pretty normal for mtfs, r-right?!
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seconding >>9707974... this is too hot
Wish I could take all you sissies and show you what it means to be a woman.
...how do you plan on doing that...?
I see it mentally more like,
"Make me your girl/bitch/woman"
Very fond of the idea.
These kind of threads always provide keks-a-million with the occasional shameful chub.

File: dying.jpg (12 KB, 349x196)
12 KB
>tfw old women keep hitting on me, calling me a handsome young man
>tfw 3 years HRT
>tfw estrogen made me even more handsome
I hate being a young adonis mangod twinkchad
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I had a dream where I was the girl me getting fucked by the boy me. Weird shit.

pics or it didnt happen
Maybe if you weren’t boymoding dumbass
Same, when Im in boymode now the gays and some women basicly drool on themselves around me. Girl mode I look like a disgusting freak. If not for the dysphoria I would just call it a win and boymode forever.
>put gun in mouth everyday
>od attempts
>get on mones
>begins vampire ascension
>ageless 22 year old chad vampire


File: A.png (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Hey I always had this fantasy of being fucked by a shemale even if I'm straight guy the problem is I don't know how to find one
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>wants dick in his ass

File: AlKKehO.jpg (99 KB, 960x1280)
99 KB
If you are an heterosexual man and want to be penetrated look into pegging.

You can find a girlfriend who likes that or hire a prostitute. Ask for a strapless strapon if you like the aesthetics of her having a penis.
File: magnets-550x327.jpg (41 KB, 550x327)
41 KB
>strapless strapon
how does that work?
its in her thigh gap
File: strapless_strap_on05.jpg (28 KB, 500x333)
28 KB
No, it has a bulb that goes in the vagina. Some have an additional bulb that goes in the anus.

According to this page <https://www.tantusinc.com/blogs/sexed/33853700-the-truth-about-strapless-strap-ons-ruby-ryder> most women need a ring strap to hold it in place. Still, a “strapless” dildo like this with a strap is different from a conventional strap on, where the woman's vagina is uninvolved.

File: tran club.jpg (561 KB, 2133x3200)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
What does /lgbt/ think of katiecharm?
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Use distilled water. It's cheap.
You are right. That is a good option too.
thank you for reminding me i could be a millionaire too ;_;

File: DY252mXX0AE6R9h.jpg (21 KB, 348x426)
21 KB
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Labour Party? Bunch of women having Labour pains at the same time or what?
No seriously can someone confirm this for me?
This isn't coherent to me at all what is she saying
>But Rowling isn't a leftist at all,
From what I recall from her tweets she is
>Being either wing
Fuck off underage
>Leftism only counts when you're a commie
Leftism encompasses a lot of the deconstructive social politics that these globalist, corporate dickriders exploit. Some appeal to tradition and others appeal to the antithesis to cover all bases. Ideally people would just call these folk neolibs and neocons rather than straight make it left vs. right.

how do I get my AGP back after a psychotic break?
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how'd you break?
an acid trip and then a load of ketamine to try and escape the despair which unsurprisingly made the depersonalisation much worse
shit. i had one little weedy boi and now i'm convinced that you are me just talking to myself. i never had acid or ketamine but it seems plausible even though it sounds stupid (not really). the upside is is the dysphoria is replaced by paranoia. downside is is that every police siren sounds like it is coming to get me, and also that no mental health professional will ever take me seriously regarding being trans because i am already crazy

>>9708225 me again. also can you describe your symptoms? i can't see hallucinations clearly. ex: a box or papers will look like a person from the corner of my eye, but when i look back at it, the box is a box. i still freak out because the image of the person is still in my head. also auditory illusions seem to mask themselves in actual sounds. ex: i heard a toaster ding in my house but it was just my mom making toast. it's really strange. i can't pinpoint an audible. i may not have them. they must be very subtle.the delusions feel very real i think but my anxiousness amplifies them. i can convince myself that they are stupid but i always have a second thought consisteing of something like "you're never right so what you are thinking is probably true", giving the delusion power. of course i don't know. and adimiting that i do not know makes me panicky. i've been like this for a whole month and the depersonalization that started it lasted for a month before this.

last thing, i think your agp will show back up on its own. maybe the drugs you did will wear off or possibly the meds the doctor gave you are messing with your arousal?

i really do wish i can smoke weed again more than anything. it was closest feeling i ever had to "love" or "happiness". since i can't transition due to being a hon
I experienced similar hallucinations to you in my early stages of psych use especially with the delusion paranoia but I kind of got used to that state of being constantly on edge thinking that I'd come face to face with some unknown horror at any time
eventually the more I tripped, I got comfortable with the entities so to speak and used them for creative inspiration

as for the dp/dr it was so sudden, almost instantaneously. I couldn't talk, I couldn't recall my identity, it felt like I had broken into my own house and body.
I didn't recognise anyone I knew, not even my own mother. seeing people like this was disorientating. imagine seeing the human race for the first time with no reference points at all. for months after my mind felt like it had shut down and I couldn't shake the feeling that I'm stuck in limbo. even now it's hard to visualise anything which sucks especially because I used to analyse abstract theories visually.

File: BEzBCbH.jpg (174 KB, 1600x1950)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Hi everyone can someone explain the whole 76 genders thing to me or if I'm in the wrong place let me know haha. No explains it to me without calling me ignorant or something, so please don't lay into me also haha.
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I love massive dicks!
So he sexually harassed you and you're still upset about it?
Not really just think he's a dick for constantly bringing it up. Don't think it's sexual harassment or was it?
I'm gonna have to go now anyway
It's stupid shit made-up by some dumb teenagers on Tumblr to make themselves feel special. Nonbinary is a fucking meme.

Bi fag here.
Monogamously married to a gay fag.
Hang out with a bunch of other fags.
Generally we can relate on faggy things like coming out, acceptance, and sexuality.
Have had a few tranny friends.
Botched some friendships because I didn't understand their tranny ways.
Worst thing I did, apparently, was offer to dress in drag the first time my friend went out in women's clothing so she wouldn't feel that she was alone.
Lezzies, Gays, and Bi fags are all relatable since they all are just faggots.
Trannies aren't really faggots, though. Their gender identity isn't directly related to the issue of sexuality, but is often just a byproduct of their identity.
I'm happy to lend my support, but maybe transgender people would best be served in their own community that can focus on their own issues and more directly talk about them without having to piggyback the rest of the LGBT community's points.
I sometimes feel they get lumped in because of the arguments that misrepresent both tranny and fag issues, i.e. you can pray the gay away, and you're just going through a tranny phase.
What do you think /lgbt/?
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honestly if a guy was to offer help when i was dressing (clearly, i'm stealthing atm) as a girl publicly for the first time, i'd prefer it if he pretended to be my boyfriend...
Never said you had to. I'm just saying that you may not be getting accurately represented irl by presenting yourself as a part of lgbt. The lgb part has a set of issues that trannies do not, and likewise. It would make more sense for trannies to accept the support of fags, but not directly identify as fags, unless they are homosexual transgenders. That is, we fags are glad to help, since we have our own issues and have made a lot of progress, but we cannot directly relate because you have issues we haven't had first hand.
Yeah, yeah, I know bi's have it so great cuz they have to be openly gay.

But I was still turned down by the chaplain of my national guard unit when I asked him to perform the ceremony, almost didn't get a cake for the wedding because the person doing it was almost guilted out of it by the church, my mother in law refused to show up to the wedding because she doesn't want to recognize our marriage as legitimate, and we used to never mention having a partner in interviews and show up separately when we first looked at apartments because discriminating in housing is still legal in our state, so tell me I don't get the problems that the community faces.

And I can see that part. I feel that's more reason why the lgb side should lend support to them rather than lump them in as their own.
That'd be fair, but she already kinda had an arrangement with that with a guy. He was kind of open to dating her when she was first transitioning, so they just kind of hung around each other a lot and flirted. Plus, I was in a relationship at the time, so all the couple-like things people do in public like hold hands, hug, and smooch would have just felt wrong to me. Good input, though. I'll pass the word along about that idea to anyone thinking about how to handle transitioning in public for the first time.
Yeah, but some people feel it brings more attention to themselves, I've learned. She was very passable for just starting her transition, but I had a lot of things I would have to cover, and very limited resources to do so with. In retrospect, it would not have been the comforting exercise in friendship that I envisioned it to be, but rather one very large collection of blemishes that would highlight any of hers.

File: images.duckduckgo.png (13 KB, 500x444)
13 KB

So this book, not very well known, presents a theory that HIV is basically a genocide-o-matic that was tested on gay men during the Hepatitis B vaccine trials. Anyone ever thought about this? Because I sure as hell have.
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I am pretty that the AIDs epidemic is 100% the same kind of dynamic that happened with the CIA crack epidemic at the same time.

File: images.duckduckgo.jpg (83 KB, 737x353)
83 KB
im not an anti vaxxer, but I guess You could call me one in this specific case.
>get thousands of gay men to sign up for vaccine tests in SF, LA, NY
>exclude straight men, make sure its promiscuous gay men, non monogamous is even better
>Aids suddenly skyrockets in these three cities
>total coincidence.png
wouldn't be the most fucked up thing the american government did
Oh shit, hey /x/! Nice of you to drop by!

File: 108269216.jpg (19 KB, 612x406)
19 KB
Why do some black men turn gay in prison?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
can't resist the white bp
You're right that they don't "turn" gay in prison, but you failed to mention that some men performing homosexual acts in prison may not actually be gay, but are rather "gay for the stay." That is, they are only engaging in the activity to scratch an itch. However, because of this, some men do come out in prison because they find it pleasurable.
if you are imprison for what will amount to nearly if not a lifetime that the only way you would be getting sexual gratification ever again. Its far more prevalent in that population of prisoners and not say someone who is doing a couple years.
I think rape can affect one's orientation, though I think that a lot of people whose orientations are affected wind up not wanting sex with people who are the same gender as their rapist.
Because they have to repress it at home and now they don't give a shit. Blacks really hate gays

t. knower

File: sheilajeffreysyoutube.jpg (32 KB, 1045x769)
32 KB
Things are moving in a bad direction for trans people in the UK. Parliament hosted an event this week sponsored by David Davies MP where TERF academics called trans women "parasites" and said that it is fundamental to womens' liberation to intentfully misgender all trans women.

>Sheila Jeffreys, an Australian feminist academic and former professor of political science at the University of Melbourne, told an audience at the House of Commons on Wednesday that trans women “parasitically occupy” women’s bodies, Pink News reported.

>“When men claim to be women…and parasitically occupy the bodies of the oppressed, they speak for the oppressed,” she said while giving a presentation titled “Transgenderism and the Assault on Feminism.”

>Speakers allegedly wrongly criticized reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, by suggesting women would be prevented from having privacy in spaces such as public bathrooms. However, the rights of trans people are enshrined in the Equality Act 2010, not the Gender Recognition Act. Proposed amendments to that bill would in fact scrap a psychiatric assessment needed for trans people to apply for new birth certificates.

These chucklefucks already derailed the attempt to reform the GRA back in January a week before it was due to pass into law and now they're pushing the assault against us in the media harder than ever. There's an anti-trans story in The Times practically every day now. What material action can we take against this?

107 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>you should join the party that wants to disregard the brexit vote completely!
>the party of smug middle-class false superiority!
yeah, no.
this was great. Trannies blown out/butthurt for miles. They autistically tried screaming that Davies didn't like the gays and the radfems laughed in their faces, like, no shit, but at least he wants to let us speak our minds.

meanwhile UK trannies are stuck holding the bag as crazy dudes that mug old women while screaming MUH PRESSIONS.

Lesbians 1
Trannies -14
>Taking pride in being an actual Uncle Tom
So what if the master beats me? He beats the other slaves worse!
Why would someone against feminazis join such a sexist party?
go punch another old lady, bro. so revolutionary, abusing women.

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