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File: IMG_0110.png (655 KB, 1136x640)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
> we need to make a petition to turn Johns character into a trans person
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First name Johns last name Character. He's the hero of the popular TV show Johns Character's TV Show.
it's not /tv/ if you didn't realize it yet
What's wrong, don't you support the idea?
I'm not OP but I feel like transing random characters instead of introducing a thoughtfully done trans character here or there is a bad way to go about things. Trying to pressure a big corporation in this fashion is pretty silly.
Alright then, just in case - it's John Boyega playing Finn in Star Wars VII. How would you not know that is beyond me.

>Laverne Cox stormtrooper

File: the doll.png (251 KB, 900x1200)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
What am I supposed to say to people who say I'm not a "real" lesbian because I'm dating a trans girl?
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"Fuck off, idiot."
i was going to say that i didn't mean to reply, but actually this works too
Hey Milo. How are your book sales going?
Well they're right

File: Traging.png (253 KB, 500x500)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>be me, a 5'11 boymodding twinkhon heighton
>go outside
>some 5'3 femlet accidentally steps on my Chuck Taylors™, women's size 11
>"Oops sorry hon, didn't notice ya there!"
What the fuck, bro? I threateningly tower over everyone and everything, how can people NOT notice a big lanklet like me?

File: 1518802684466.png (1.03 MB, 750x733)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
If you are legitimately trans, get as far from this site as possible. These people are crazy, their advice is dangerous, and every single one of these crazy fucks is going to run themselves into the ground pursuing their delusions because society is too pussy to tell people when enough is enough...

It sickens me to think that this place might be someone who is struggling's first experience with trans issues...
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I quit 4chan for a while and then a friend introduced me to 8ch, I lurked /tech/ and then started posting on /cuteboys/. I don't really know why, I just thought 4chan was cancer at the time.

Probably would've transitioned earlier if I wasn't such an idiot and thought femboys were the ideal..
I've seen a lot of helpful people give thoughtful, compassionate advice on here.

But you're mostly correct. Most users didn't bother to research practically anything and will recommend extreme measures while also telling you not to bother consulting a professional.

Ultimately, when you discuss these issues on an anonymous website, despite the obvious benefits, you are taking a risk that the person you're speaking with is misinformed/insane.

There's also these lovely shitposts >>9679620
Most of the replies in this thread only serve to validate my reasoning that this place is full of dangerously neglectful idiots...
where should i go instead
File: 1521235003669.webm (1.98 MB, 854x478)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB WEBM
to an early grave

File: lupin.png (130 KB, 486x750)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Anyone here have any nice stories about what people have said or done for them when they found out you were trans? Could be strangers, friends, family, SOs, whatever.
>no replies
This is a land of misery.
I don't think it's that much of a thing, desu. People rarely come out in an atmosphere that warrants a party - usually it's a lot of anxiety followed by a disaster or some neutral, not really accepting response.

There's more good feels coming from being trans, than from others reacting to it, imho

How do transgirls have sex with cis girls if our peepees don’t work?
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whats with this myth lately
>she has a straw
>the other girls don't
agp are significantly smarter than the most of the population and especially than cis girls
nah, using your dick is more of an hsts thing.
Not wanting to use it because of dysphoria is pretty agp, since only agp's have body dysphoria.
Geez, why do agp's like you cut down other agp's???
What the fuck does using a straw have to do with being AGP?

File deleted.
>When you make your trans GF gurgle and choke on your cock and you can hear her former man voice come out for a brief second
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Surgery is always a risk so i wouldnt do it. Also you'll save money
> When you caress your GF's cheek, and her stubble grinds against your hand.
My sides
this was supposed to be about slipups that turn you on, anon...

File: Surgeon_and_nurse.png (116 KB, 444x250)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
one day you'll jerk off and realize you fucked up; only instead of covered in makeup your face is covered in plastic surgery scars and you have tits strapped to your chest
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Same when I play with my neovagina. Only been 12 weeks and my orgasms are incredible.
>How will I jerk off without balls? :thinking:
The same way you do it with balls
I've heard that most folks can't even get it up anymore.
In stunning contrast to my sexuality before transition, I feel whole and at peace after orgasm, rather than afraid, disgusted and ashamed.

Nice try though memelord

Is it possible to get a guy who will succ my girl pickle and will also be a supportive bf? Or are all chasers just after the dicc and then immediately leave? I just want a supportive relationship with a handsome man who will also play with my pickle. All the guys I’ve met so far just want me to fuck their nasty beta hairy shitty holes :(
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>new gf

Did you leave your old gf or did she leave you?
as long as you're a nice person and we have things in common to do/talk about I'd pump and stay (given you're passable)
but I wouldn't let you top me or suck you off, the farthest I'll go is reacharound/handjob
He killed her.
>Is it possible to get a guy who will succ my girl pickle and will also be a supportive bf?

Yes. My bf is that. He's not a chaser because he was never interested in the pickle but I wanted to try it once. It's really nice desu.
Holy shit it's that Rubin Report guy.

File: a2tdwMw.jpg (96 KB, 856x1158)
96 KB
why are you all so against the sissy subculture? what is wrong with identifying as an ultra fem and submissive being?
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Society hates weakness. Submission is weakness.
High intelligence is actually correlated with sexual deviance, so geniuses are more likely to be into sissy shit than your average guy.
File: 1512441408063.png (18 KB, 452x363)
18 KB
ITT: roasties
All the sissies/cds are ugly and look like men in pink/blonde wigs and dresses. Even the young ones. It’s gross.
Most sissies don't look anything like this, that's the problem. Most look like Stefonknee, it's a veritable house of horrors.

Why do the cis moms on Reddit I hang out with always go into my history and make personal attacks? Lol idc
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
get out
why do you think your past is irrelevant or has no bearing on... ohhhh.. wait.. I know why. kek

how bout you just stop being an annoying bitch, if you can't take what you dish out?
is that too difficult for you?
I wasn’t dishing out shit I was stating my opinion of what I saw, I have not seen that stuff before
>opinion of what I saw
you basically said "What you are doing is disgusting, why are you a drug addict?" and "Your behavior is unacceptable to me, just stop being a drug addict."
that's not an opinion, that's a rude as fuck question filled to the brim with judgement. and then a rude and condescending as fuck statement, also filled to the brim with judgement.

I know you really want to be a victim, but you're just an annoying bitch.
>but you’re just an annoying bitch

File: immareelboi.png (302 KB, 560x420)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
>be self made manly man
>go to queer support group
>AFAB welcome
>no cis men

Yeah I get you. I'm SJW as fuck but it bothers me too. It's like they want to turn queer support groups into generalized oppression support groups. Putting an emphasis on one's birth sex in the context of trans people is fucked up.
File: 977929.jpg (87 KB, 800x570)
87 KB
Sounds like an easy place to get laid if you lift
Membership to these groups is based on perceived social hierarchy. Anyone who is too high above them is perceived as a threat and entry is forbidden EXCEPT when they get a self-loathing member who is prepared to grovel and apologise for existing (eg numales). Anyone who is too far below them is considered a degenerate/troll and is also unwelcome (eg otherkin).

Cis + male puts you waaaaaaaaaaay up there. Other ways you can end up making yourself unwelcome despite being part of an accepted group:
>being well adjusted, such as by having a good job you enjoy, a stable and comfortable living situation etc. ("why are you even here? this group is for people who need support!" = "stop making me feel inferior by comparison")
>having a happy, stable relationship
>being happy/content in general (ie not frothing at the mouth or depressed)
>passing/being attractive

tl;dr queer support groups are pretty much loser circlejerks and cis men are seen as natural winners who make them feel bad about themselves by comparison
Female Privilege.

File: 1492163473841.jpg (53 KB, 594x530)
53 KB
Is becoming a femboy a viable alternative to being a hon? I won't be able to pass as a girl, but I look young and (supposedly) "cute" enough, so I think I can pull off being a femboy. My tits have barely grown too, so it shouldn't be a problem too.
Social dysphoria is still gonna be horrible, but it's still better than nothing, right?
55 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do you people recognize each other?
>Some really remote irrelevant country.
Moldova? Georgia? Armenia?
When you're here all day everyday you end up recognizing frequent posters
Filename + writing style. There was a person who posted that pic quite often, hence the question.

File: 1520463148568.gif (2 MB, 427x240)
2 MB
Trans-exclusionary radical feminist general

ITT we discuss
>internalized mysogony
>peak trans moments
>how to deal with MITs and FITs

Today's topic: gun control
116 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1518145701681.png (793 KB, 2000x2000)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
>since power in the hands of women doesn't actually help anyone
Disagree, it's a solid method of reducing male domination in certain areas. There's a reason why anarcha feminism has a foothold in Syria and why they're blasting the heck out of ISIS.

>Liberal feminist are delusional
Oh most definitely

>Radical feminist are double delusional.
Not at all, power structures are constantly in flux and the current state of affairs is untenable. 5 men control as much wealth as half the global population. This cannot sustain itself for much longer, especially with so much technology being hostile to it. The internet helps dissolve cultural borders, automation reduces the need for manual labor, modern agricultural practices can feed the globe, etc. There's a reason why the big conservative bucks these days are spent trying to dismantle education and voting.

>TERF are the only one with a realistic achievable goal
I hate to disagree again but i disagree again. It's a pretty silly position and it keeps getting them purged from organizations with power. The British Labor Party for instance is dumping TERFs. Any possible TERF legislative victories (KEK) are unlikely to last.

>Too bad its useless and mean-spirited.
>The British Labor Party for instance is dumping TERFs.
Yet welcoming other misandrists.
Actually reminds me of some terf thing of them making a meat-pie with chopped up trannies.
But I guess when they promote violence against trannies it's le ebin cute bravery.
*enraged response pretending to fall for the bait for an opportunity to shit on trannies further*

Are there any guys in the media who have openy dated trans grills? Post them!
Keanu Reeves
The ancient aliens guy who's name i can't type without looking it up

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