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File: 1481209358409.png (603 KB, 886x1425)
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Why should sexual orientation/gender identity be protected classes?
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>having morals
lmao'lng at ur life
Moral codes are good Anon. They help craft society into the form you desire for it to take. Just recognize that they're man-made.
Spooks are not by themselves bad if they can be made to serve a purpose that aligns with your own.
>Cool, so you're an actual nazi. The fuckwits and their ideology did not exist for very long by the time they rose to power. By similar reasoning materialists following through on their beliefs is moral in your view.
nazis were basically anti-semitic socialists which one can trace way back before than them, there were people like Georges Sorel whom for example inspired Mussolini, other than this one of the earliest parties which can be considered fascist is Action Française which arose to the public attention by the implication of their leader Charles Maurras in the whole Dreyfus Affair, so basically fascism per se was created by Mussolini and his black shirts but there are plenty of other movements which are basically fascism and which date more or less of the same time where marxism arose in popularity, so your statement is pretty ignorant
>nazis were basically anti-semitic socialists
AKA socialists.
Everything's inspired by something else Anon. Their ideology was still new, hence why it received its own name. Either way arguing that it was actually somewhat older is incoherent: was it immoral at the point of conception, and became moral later on because it grew old enough?

File: jenny.jpg (25 KB, 415x416)
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Would you rather be a rich hon or a homeless poor passer, /tttt/?
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looks like a pass to me just old & ugly desu
passer no matter what. money can't buy me happiness the same way passing can
It's true

T. former homeless non-passer-but- considered-attractive
Can I be a middle class twinkhon?
Oh horse poster

File: 1508531551317.png (534 KB, 1424x1862)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
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>I only see trans people that don't pass
Huh, maybe passing is like where people can't tell or some shit
Please, don't pretend for one fucking second that trans that pass wouldn't be in either porn or posting their shit in tumblr, reddit, or here like the attention whores they are. I swear, you fucks always go "HURR DURR YOU DON'T SEE THEM BECAUSE THEY PASS" but there are two things that are the same in all of you: Degeneracy and the need for attention.
>i only see the part of the population that tries to be seen
blew my fucking mind, dude.
And that's unfortunate. Would be great if every tranny looked liked mellisa bonekinha, or Miran, or Fabiana spears, or Yasmin lee, or deliats and etc.
You sound like a ghetto coon who wants whites to pay for reparations.
It works both ways.

how feminine do you like your males, /lgbt/?
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What anime is this??
File: bjByfsU.jpg (145 KB, 700x600)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Like totsuka
the continued organized bara shitposting campaign has turned me against mascfags tbqh

that shit is 100% coordinated, someone's forcing the meme and they need to get cancer
If you're a real gay, you'll eat this cockroach. Big crunchy cockroach. I love eating cockroaches, that's how gay I am. Eat it. Eat the FUCKING roach
>shoves Tagame print into your face until it's crinkled up and ruined, won't stop shoving
that's a girl

File: IMG_2110.jpg (458 KB, 666x1000)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
/lgbt/ pls halp me.

I dunno about life. I'm like twink/bi/crossdresser (I have very fem body and am small and stuff) I really like elves, but people who dress up as elves always do it wrong and it looks wired. Link is awsome I love him and want his outfit! Though maybe toned down a bit! I really want to live/work around other pretty/ pixie like people like me (I'm more like a pixie and I actually once had a guy at work ask me if I was a pixie or something cuz of how I look/act and he was trying to insult me but I just got happy cuz I WANT to be like that and he was this ugly pig like guy and his gf started getting a crush on me but she was like a fat little pig person too so I didn't cuck him because A. It's degenerate and gross to have sex with strangers! And B. They were the perfect gross pig person couple they even looked kinda similar and if I gave her pixie chillun it would ruin their gross pig thing and make hybrid pixie pigs which is horrible!). I'm really disgusted by "hon" type people it's just not my thing they aren't pretty. They're weird and ugly, and guys with muscles don't matter because you can just shoot people now so all the aggressive masculinity seems pointless now I mean I'm sometimes forcefull cuz I hunt (with bow) and I'm also a top (mostly :P), but a lot of "manliness" seems like this stupid and pontles pig headed War face mentality that seems pointless cuz war is sad and no one likes it and also guns.

I just wish everyone was twink-like idrk it sounds stupid to me when I type all this out but it bothers me really badly that there's no place in the world where people can dress nicly and behave nicely and live each other in a not obnoxious/ugly way.

I wanna live in a village of bi twinks/ bi girls where we all take care of our pixie chilluns and dress like the kokiri in Zelda. It's prolly a really niche thing. I'll be really unhappy all my life if I never live like that though Wut do?

Also yeah I know I'm retarded...


>autophilia Translate Button
a love of one's own self; self-love, narcissism

Yeah I'm over 100% guilty of this. But I don't care other people are so ugly and aggressive and stupid and mean
and judgemental and dismissive?
(I'm not bitter and sad, why would I b-)

Anyway, people make little communes for like minded weirdos all the time. If you live in a bigger city it probably wouldn't even be that hard for you to find others like you, and then you can all collaborate on how exactly you're going to live together and pretend ugly people don't exist, or whatever it is that's your goal here.

Also holy shit, I just realized that from a certain point of view, your rant could almost be racist. Omg that's hilarious. Hooooly fuck, pig people, oh god my sides why
File: 1508371272141.gif (2.99 MB, 252x263)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF

File: 9.png (1.48 MB, 924x1002)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
What's her name again?
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>a lot of the trans community on social media...is heavily geared towards cafab people
Trans women are everywhere online, to the point where trans men are practically invisible
her names biscuit bumber lmao
The queen of all Transbians
Transmen are invisible the same way that men are invisible. Noone really likes men.

File: guts.jpg (17 KB, 184x184)
17 KB
I didn't think I was gay until now, how gay am I?
Did you say no homo afterwards?
Did you touch balls?
I really love sucking dick, but I'm not gay. You don't have to be gay to enjoy yourself anon.
Kinsey 6.9
Do you still like girls? That is the important question. You can like both you know...


Trump trannies: how does it feel to know that no one on the side you've chosen likes you? Are you finally going to kill yourselves yet?
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>>We're going to see trans cheerleaders, we're going to see more trans in sports, and they're going to self destruct from the inside out.
>This is not an unreasonable projection. Trannies are shoving their dicks down everyone's throat, up to a point where even cheerleaders will be trannies
trannies being allowed to have jobs and be in public is LITTERALLY the same as RAPING my throat with a big cock but the triggered oversensetive liberals wont let us put a stop to it!!!!
Rather not be yet another 3rd gender in subhuman Multikulti's alphabet soup (meanwhile just women are privileged enough to exclude anyone...) z.B. rad fem openly hostile towards Euro men but what if... I mean female votes mainstreamed fascism less than 100 years ago but what if... trans-inclusive fascist feminist anyone?
File: 1487826151986.gif (3.88 MB, 344x203)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB GIF
tfw I want to join my uni's cheerleading team. I'm taking a year out to transition, but even then i'll be year 3 out of 4. Oh also presuming I even remotely pass.
Where can I find all the pictures? I would love to make her my fuckdoll.
I hope you do it. Make the most of the chance even if it's not four years. Apply even if you don't pass.

File: crossfit is gay.jpg (92 KB, 1080x1036)
92 KB
Emergency Beef Edition

Hide, Report and Filter bait

Discord: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Filter: https://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE

Recent News:
>If it has one third of your daily calorie requirement it is a meal regardless of it's state of matter
>how gay can you make Halloween?
>Mommy issues intensify
>tfw your first time will never be inna woods
>Anons directly inject caffeine
>sims live in cozy bunker

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I can't believe I forgot to greentext the recent news. I feel shame unknowable.
And where is nearby? How much of a discount for a cis female with average looks, but super shy and socially autistic?
File: 1442177678577.gif (875 KB, 500x281)
875 KB
875 KB GIF
I responded in the new thread
i'll fuck you for free if you really want to lose you v-card

File: seapunk kek.jpg (88 KB, 620x620)
88 KB
this is my first time talking about this in an actual lgbt comunity so i beg your pardon is something i say sound bad or whatever

just had a some lgbt association in my school who were talking about gay problems and they gave us a questionnaire wich asked our opinions about gay prides.
I'll be honest saying that i wrote I'm against those because i feel like they showcase homosexuality just like a lot of major stereotypes does and ultimately give use a narrow and stereotipycal view of homesexuals in general.
is that wrong or does it make it sense to you all?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yah I mostly agree. I mean, Pride as representation is/was important, but the co-opting is not being done in the names of helping, it's being done in the name of commercialism and attempting to silence the zeitgeist (give a little to prevent a lot).

"Dunno what dem fags is complainin' bout, either its them or the carpetmunchers or the pansies, who even knows the difference anymore, but they all got their little parades so what the hell else they got to complain about?" - quite typical in Flyoverland

t. Flyoverlander
Prides are fucking awful for transgenders. There is literally more representation for bdsm at prides then us. At folsom this year atleast we had the womyns area which was surprising absent of hons. At sf pride there was a latino gay men stage like wtf. Such bullshit honestly I'm just gonna hang at asia sf on pride everywere else is cancer.
pride's fucking weird lol. would never go to it. I have all the rights I want, and as people become more accustomed to gay people things'll be alg. it's probably more damaging than helpful at this point. you even hear of gay/bi people saying or posting shit like "I think i'm gay/bi but I'm not a flamer so am I really?", thinking you have to act like a weirdo to be gay
Isn’t folsom traditionally a bdsm fest tho

File: 1507848578293.jpg (421 KB, 700x944)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
I've seen a lot of sh*t on this board and this thread is.

Gender dysphoria. The most ambiguous thing ever. Never properly defined, with ramifications over the whole medical field. We have at best theories on why it appears, which I'll discuss later. But I try to make a bit of sense of all of this.

First of all, I am MtF, and this view relate from my one, and all the intelligence gathered from others suffering gender dysphoria at various degrees and standard people.

Here are the result of my brainfart:
Gender dysphoria have two forms: social dysphoria and physical dysphoria. An extreme example of the first alone is a chad boy wanting to be called princess all the time but don't care about his physique (girl bodies can be of all sort, right) and the latter extreme is a femboy undergoing HRT/SRS/FFS to look more feminine but insist to be call mister.
Those two forms are separate, meaning that you need two scales, or a 2D map to represent where you belong, rather than a line (1D). This means that you can suffer from one alone or the two, and at varying degrees.
I have no idea of what the underlying causes could be, but I think it is linked to two different systems: the neurological and the endocrine ones. Social dysphoria resides in the first while body dysphoria on the last, for the following reasons:
-social one is about your place, your role in your group, if you feel you don't belong to your assigned role, you'll experience dysphoria (like taking an assassin as a tank in a traditional fantasy RPG) and suffer from it to a certain extent.
-the body one is about to want the physical traits of the other sex. It usually appears at teen age or later, while your body is rushed by hormones. It basically expect the wrong ones, and thus a strong link to the endocrine system.
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File: 1507824144255.jpg (213 KB, 1434x363)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Please enjoy my reheated pasta.
HSTS have social dysphoria and that psychologically leads to secondary physical dysphoria. The origin is indeed a result of not feeling they belong to their assigned role.

AGP have social and/or physical dysphoria depending on the AGP types they have. But the cause isn't endocrine.

I like the theory that it has to do with herd mentality. Most trans-people, above all else, want desperately to be recognized as the gender they feel they are.

It makes sense that males and females would have brains that crave recognition and acceptance of their gender. It's an evolutionary tactic designed to promote a sort of "gender caste system" in which males and females each take on their own unique role in the herd. This helps humans, as well as several other species, maintain a cohesive social environment that's ideal for child-rearing.

If you mess with this drive to fulfill the brain's perceived gender role, it can cause an individual to feel dejected, worthless, and apathetic. This has been shown to be the case for primates as well. For some this lack of recognition can lead to a hatred of the physical and/or social characteristics which they feel are keeping them from being recognized and accepted in their gender role.

Trans people are just fulfilling what they perceive to be the requirements to be recognized as their true gender.
that's a lot of text guys

what about a guy who likes being feminine and just wishes his jaw and hands were smaller? wtf is that?

File: 1477295008028.jpg (31 KB, 346x540)
31 KB
I'm scared of taking hormones because I heard trans people seem to age faster after taking them. Is that true or does it make one look younger?
33 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
It will most likely make you look younger, but it's different for everyone of course. Most bad-looking trans started way too late, so HRT barely did anything in that regard.
Stay healthy, don't smoke, don't get over- or underweight - the rest is genetics.
>puberty has done its damage
Testosterone poisons you for life. Just wait until you get your male pattern baldness.
>b-but I'll be a hon
Maybe. And every day you wait you will be a even bigger hon.
If you don't want that, start now with what little time you still got.
How do I know if I have the right genes to not look like a walking butthole?
Get on HRT and see what happens.

File: trans.png (45 KB, 450x284)
45 KB

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