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What's the most AGP game that I can low key play without fear of my gf finding out im trans? (Games like Nier)
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>be cute, submissive high school girl
>teased often but pretty well respected
>hot dominant gf
>hot men try to rape you
Unironically Life is Strange
The Masculine Mystique. If your girlfriend catches you just say you're doing your taxes.
Well, it's good. but it's actual porn
It's mushroom shaped so that it will displace any sperm already in the vaginal cavity

How do people become hons?
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I'm a queer guy in my 30's with a psychology/social work background and here is my take:

A high number of members of the transgender MtF community who transition later in life (30's and 40's) are doing so as an outlet to try to fix the loneliness and isolation that they feel as a male in their mid-life. These men often are married with children and when they reach their late 30's and 40's and are in the second half of their lives, they have a crisis of self. They see that their kids are happy with their youth and their wives likely have numerous close friends. They on the other hand usually have no close guy friends at this point and the thought of gaining some youth back by going through HRT becomes a driving force that they believe can help them reinvent themselves.

The guy pictured is the worst case scenario for these individuals. Often it is not nearly that bad, however there is a high strain on families when someone transitions at a later age.

These people also usually have stagnant lives at this point and the idea of transitioning being a lengthy process can give these people something to look forward to. Oh I can look forward to body hair loss, possibly more hair on my head, breast development, higher pitch voice, etc.

People have to have something to accomplish in their lives and this fills that void for these middle aged men who feel that they are stagnating.

It also provides a social group that they can now belong to.
It really can and I fear it's occuring with me. Spiro in truth is a shit tier AA in many ways, it is however decently safe and does work decently in a fair percentage of people. There are however a lot of people that take months to ahieve (or worse, never do) female T levels on Spiro. Current accepted alternatives seem to be bica, cypro, or gnrh agonista. That or the no AA route if you're on injections.
It’s a symptom of dehydration which spiro causes. Drink lots of water
So does that only happen while being dehydrated?
I'm not going to google Stephonknee's Fetlife account again.

File: 1517374016679.jpg (32 KB, 810x798)
32 KB
Is there anything worse than late-onset dysphoria?

I'm going in to my mid 20s now and it wasn't long ago at all that I was a normal, happy straight boy. Now I'm just being tortured by these constant obsessive thoughts, and the fact that had this shit started sooner my chances of passing would be much higher.
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I dunno, it all feels really forced and unnatural. Maybe feeling that way means I'm not trans.
>Maybe feeling that way means I'm not trans.
No such luck, it's just how you handle relationships with others and relating to the world around you.
I dunno, there are a million other things that tell me I'm not really trans.
>Is there anything worse than late-onset dysphoria?
not being agp
How bad is your dysphoria if you don't mind me asking? I'm fairly certain a lot of guys love low dose T "Bois" if you will. Totally understand if that makes you dysphoric though. I understand what it's like to have a completely fucked up self that inspires gross levels of dysphoria.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
This night will be the first time I go to a gay night club. Any tips or advice you've got to tell me?
Don't do it.
Bring lube.
Relax, make sure you keep an eye on your drink at all times, talk to the bartender if you are feeling nervous, and if you are not feeling it you can always return another day. I wouldn't fuck anyone your first time or go home with anyone.

Do any other anons here have trauma/PTSD?

Been through every kind of abuse here. I don’t know how to stop the constant intrusive memories/flashbacks. They’re painful and embarrassing and affect my life on a daily basis. Does it ever really get better? Can you ever move on/heal/forget about what happened?

It feels like my life won’t ever be normal & I live life on guard now, suspicious & cautious of everyone and I can’t get close to anyone.
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i guess i'm lucky.

nothing like that happened to me when i was a boy. good luck guys
>I have a question for you all and I hope you don't take this the wrong way because it's meant with respect, when you hear people talk about their experiences do you minimize or exaggerating them based on how you feel they compare to your own experiences?
I try to steer into the pain, think accurately, and figure out exactly what it is that bothers me about something.

For example, the closest thing that I ever experienced to sexual assault was my father taking out his foot fetish on me when I was a little child. He would go crazy about wanting to smell my feet at the end of the day. I must have been no older than 6 or 7. That is really ICKY, but it didn't really leave me traumatized, and it gave me a lot of information about how he works, which I use to cope with him when I see him.

Another common one is regret over not transitioning earlier. There is no "solution" to that besides getting over it. We do not have time travel or anything. So I try to figure out how I am going to get over it. Because I know the alternative, staying shut-in, moping about it, and wasting away, is useless.
Yes. I was raped in highschool. I'm supremely confident & have a 4.0 in college, but it hasn't stopped some jerk from saying I shouldn't be in college because she saw me have a flashback.
>when you hear people talk about their experiences do you minimize or exaggerating them based on how you feel they compare to your own experiences?
I'm the abusive relationship anon.

I have a hard time seeing what happened to me as being as severe as it really was, desu. It's kind of a PTSD thing, people with it often try to minimize their trauma. I think it's an avoidance sort of thing - you try to get away from your trauma by trying to deny it was so bad.

I was actually extremely lucky to not die many different times, during those years. Chokings, near drownings, I had guns pointed at me many times, knives held to me, I'd be covered in bruises all the time. Daily beating, daily sexual assault. Fight/flight/fawn/submit did nothing towards the end, I'd still get hurt regardless of what I did, and it got so bad that my mind broke from reality to escape it. When I talk about the extent of what went on, in more detail, I have a hard time not thinking to myself "you're being overdramatic" even though it did happen.

I read other PTSD people's accounts sometimes and go "oh holy fuck" over how bad it is what happened to them, but I don't really think poorly on someone who has had only 'lesser' traumas.

I had some childhood trauma go on, but it didn't give me PTSD and it was actually pretty weak compared to what happened to me as an adult - I pretty much dismiss that all the time even though what happened to me was super illegal, and my shitty childhood likely set me up to wind up with abusers as an adult.

Trauma is just trauma, bad shit is just bad shit. Just because someone had worse bad shit happen to them, doesn't mean the bad shit that happened to you wasn't bad. You can always find someone who has it worse off than you, so there's no point discounting yourself just because you did.

it's just fear, though. animals feel that. a dog feels that. i'm not a dog, motherfucker

File: DPoK5wNVQAA77ah.jpg (34 KB, 526x316)
34 KB
This is probably the best response to transphobia I've ever seen.

Post others if you've got 'em.
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Not even going to read this post.
Not an argument.
Not going to read this one either.
Do you eat eggs you fucking retard? Yes? Then shut the fuck up about "but muh fetuses."
You are not trans if you think it's in any way comparable to pedophilia or a history of sexual assault. Larping faggot.

File: GD5EwdU3_400x400.jpg (9 KB, 256x256)
9 KB
I was talking to a girl today and she was hitting on me and I was kinda oblivious and letting it happen. She was really pretty and then at the end of the conversation nearly, she was like "Oh, you're gay" even though I didn't say anything..

I just feel bad about being gay. I keep getting attention from women and feel like this is what I should have. I feel humiliated from her even saying the "oh you're gay"

why do i feel so fucking empty from being gay
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Cause you have the social skills of a brick apparently. How the fuck do you not notice someone hitting on you.

Idk i didnt think she was
File: henry-cavill-500x639.jpg (50 KB, 500x639)
50 KB
This is now a Henry Cavill fan thread.
Make love to me, Daddy!
Windows is 'naturally programmed' to function correctly, too.

I'll trust that hasn't been your actual experience.
Happened a lot before breaking my egg.
I even had a really cute short hotel clerk spend an hour talking to me waiting for her bus. She kept pushing things and saying she likes taller, stronger men and I could tell she was teasing me to take the initiative. But I didnt feel like it. I felt regret and a sense of inner freedom at the same time. Like this is me. This is my life and Im doing what i want to.

Real shit

File: flat,800x800,075,t.u3.jpg (42 KB, 800x800)
42 KB
How can someone with bad genetics not be an ugly freak hon? Is reroll the only option?
You player took the hon disadvantage in return for a massive amount of points. Find out what they've spent those points on. You're probably a minmaxed motherfucker.
Life isn't balanced. Just look at africa.
Life's balanced. Africa just needs to git gud.
hi tierzoo

TFW no matter how well you pass, you'll never be able to get pregnant and participate in the miracle of life
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>implying prebubescent girls are not women because they don't have their period nor can get pregnant
You're retarded.

Also, women always have their period, unless they were born with an obscure unheard of genetic disorder that somehow erased their ovaries.
The abscence of period is a thing, but it never is a permanent immuable issue; https://www.healthline.com/health/menstruation-absent#getting-help

what's your point?
I literally don't want to get pregnant and even before I realized I was trans I felt disturbed by pregnancy. It just seems so hard on the woman. It moves her internal organs around! It can displace bones! Why would you do that to someone you love!?

Abolish pregnancy tbqh men are war criminals
>It just seems so hard on the woman
You can blame Eve for eating the fruit, dumb roastie literally doomed humankind
They're not women, they're girls.
Precision is important in debate.

>believing in the cuck manual
Are you 12?
>believing that transvestite dudes can be considered women
Are you insane?

No one actually cares about gender as social construct, right? Don't you all just want to be biological women when it comes down to it, so you try for being perceived as one as the next best thing?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Right? Seeing shit like that drives me crazy. It’s almost as if the question has haunted the greatest minds of the species since we first became self aware.
What did xir mean by this?
my dysphoria is completely about my body.

the body determines how you are viewed socially too.

social dysphoria makes no sense to me. I will do any hobby or interest I think is cool, it doesn't matter if its feminine or masculine.

but my body is what causes me pain and if the body is right then all social interactions are correct too.
God is dead

File: tfw.png (583 KB, 1440x900)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
tfw your bf is fucking you but you're gassy and have to fart and so your gas all comes spilling out during sex and the whole room smells like shit
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File: 123456789987543212345.jpg (140 KB, 718x958)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>implying anyone would want to shake your hand

Nice projecting, but I've been dating the person I'll have kids with for years now.
Anyways, I hope you change your effed up lifestyle, turn away from your sexual deviances and find Jesus. You're not irredeemable yet
File: jesus.jpg (116 KB, 1004x1238)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>tfw no kinky jesus bf
File: 1511451718402.gif (1.02 MB, 480x360)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
Butts are cute. Prostates can be stimulated to the point of multiple orgasms. Friction in one's dick is enjoyable. What is the mystery here. It's not even an exclusively gay thing because even straight people like ass.

File: IMG_2562.jpg (51 KB, 374x347)
51 KB
Why do I like it when people say I'm a transgirl in denial
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You lost me
I think what happened was some chick met "Rob" at a party and he asked for her number. She gave him a random fake one which turned out to be mine.
If that's true you're sitting on a goldmine.
Romance blockbuster in the making.
I was 16 at the time. Also I don't like boys.
I like it. The MC can have amnesia so he doesn't remember whether or not he met a Rob last night. He's surprised that Rob is calling him sweetie, but he meets up with him and tries to look pretty.

File: DYhSRRJVAAAkbae.jpg large.jpg (201 KB, 1291x1080)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
The tumblr/twitter dogma on the term "trap" is that it is a slur because it originates from and refers to the idea that trans women entrap men into having sex with them / being attracted to them. They tend to not even acknowledge that its typical usage is in referring to anime femboys instead of real people.

A) Is this true? If not, what is the history of the term?

B) Are there any recorded instances of it being unironically used to refer to real people (either individually or as a group) with a tone that makes it clear that it's intended as an expression of hate (not e.g. the "trap mode aesthetics" image or whatever)
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
not a slur but still shouldn’t be used. it implies trans women ‘trap’ men into having sex with them & it perpetuates transphobia.
it’s not the worst but i don’t think we should use it.
>it implies trans women ‘trap’ men into having sex with them & it perpetuates transphobia
Traps aren't trans women tho. They still ID as male
tranny meme has taken over the world so people just assume they just lump them up w traps, who are guys that pass as girls
>it implies trans women ‘trap’ men into having sex with them
but it doesn't. the whole point of this thread is to figure out why people think this.
not *normie* normie, i meant like twitter/tumblr/forums.

File: 1520767958282.jpg (474 KB, 750x993)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
I recently started a test that gave strange results. I am on hrt, .25mg cypro, 2mg E, and I decided to try rising the dose of E to 3mg.
And shit happened.
My hips began to be so sore that I were practically locked into my bed to reduce pain as much as possible. It continued until I gone back to 2mg E, where everything returned to normal after a few days. I then tried going back to 3, and it appeared back.
As I am supposed to go for 4mg if E in 3 weeks, this will be something for sure.
What is happening here?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
my hips have grown a bunch on hrt, but i've never had pain
3mg daily or 3mg twice a day? If daily that’s a fairly low dose, but of course levels matter more. I think this is a pretty common phenomenon however. I experienced it too and based on my measurements over time i think it’s hip growth. It might also be pelvic tilt but i have no idea how that works
It is 3mg daily.
And it is very unlikely to be pelvic tilt as I alway had it, even before hrt.
Oh, and my levels are, for 2mg E

.25 micrograms per liter of T, which is a tenth of male level and half of maximum cis girl level

150pmol/l of E, with a female range of 200-400 pmol/l.

Raising at 3 mg of E raises my level at an estimated level of 220-230 pmol/l
I'm 25 and my hips always hurt... I'm trying to figure out whether this is due to growth or whether I'm just more inclined to have hip pain DUE to my skeleton being too small in the hips.

>all these times, and there all you, but which time do you really want to be? Get fucked up and find out which you is the REAL you, go on, all these little dreams you got, all this rebellion, all this crazy shit you got and saying and shit

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