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File: RayBlanchard2.jpg (6 KB, 188x188)
6 KB
Link do DOI:



Understanding Homosexuality: Moving on from Patterns to Mechanisms

Meta- analyses were conducted on 30 homosexual and 30 heterosexual groups from 26 studies, totaling 7140 homosexual and 12,837 heterosexual males. The magnitude of the fraternal birth order effect was measured with a novel variable, the Older Brothers Odds Ratio, computed as (homosexuals older brothers / homosexuals other siblings) / (heterosexuals older brothers / heterosexuals other siblings), where other siblings = older sisters ? younger brothers ? younger sisters. An Older Brothers Odds Ratio of 1.00 represents no effect of sexual ori- entation; values over 1.00 are positive evidence for the fraternal birth order effect. Evidence for the reliability of the effect was consistent. The Older Brothers Odds Ratio was significantly[ 1.00 in 20 instances,[1.00 although not significantly in nine instances, and nonsignificantly\1.00 in 1 instance. The pooled Older Brothers Odds Ratio for all samples was 1.47, p\.00001. Subgroups analyses showed that the magnitude of the effect was significantly greater in the 12 feminine or transgender homo- sexual groups than in the other 18 homosexual groups. There was no evidence that the magnitude of the effect differs according to family size.


Does this mean the odds of someone being gay go up 47% for every older brother someone has? Sorry, I'm not the best with interpreting numbers. What does this mean exactly?
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So HSTS really is gay erasure?

Also bisexuality and asexuality are also attempts to deny and undermine efforts to allow people who are attracted tot he same sex to live openly with those desires.
...That...you...what? This IS science, and WHAT is calling people heretics? I don't think you have even the faintest idea what the OP is about.

Oh, fuck you. Fuck you, "I took Stats 101 and think I'm a fucking genius now" people so fucking hard.

Nobody is suggesting that birth order DIRECTLY makes you gay; the entire hypothesis is that something LINKED with birth order is involved in the etiology of homosexuality.

Again, THIS IS NOT NEW RESEARCH, PEOPLE. Can you shits all come back when you know how to operate the internet?
>FtMs don't do this.
>FtMs don't do this.
>FtMs don't do this.
>FtMs don't do this.
yeah they do dont kid yourself, FTMs are fucking obnoxious too
>tfw vehemently disagree with the typology but think that Blanchard's birth order research is valuable and actually supports the inersex theory

File: 1467130233544.jpg (124 KB, 728x675)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
> Be me
> stealth tranny back to school
> new person in class
> obvious mtf
> trans tattoo, jew nose, blue ombre, vidya related T-shirt
> guys bully her
> tutor wastes one hour a week to talk about LGBT and debate LGBT in society

What should I do, /lgbt/? Should I say something? Should I do something?
This is uni, we are already grown up men, we don't need to waste time with this things.
Should I simply tell her that there is a LGBT group in campus? (I've never been there, but I know it exists)
Do nothing... But how can they be bullying in university?

File: 1507067484892.jpg (112 KB, 662x971)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>gay masc cis men constantly attack and disparage feminine gay boys and try to distance themselves from them
>they also simultaneously believe that HSTS is "gay erasure" and an attack on homosexual men as a whole
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Feminine gay boys were made to take big alpha cock, know your place.
Because they can't understand that a gay man can exist outside that paradigm of femininity, so oh they must be repressing themselves.
I'd be repressing myself if I acted feminine.
>Feminine gay boys were made to take big alpha cock
But were their intestines?
I am not masc and I am the main one saying HSTS is gay erasure. I don't think you understand the argument. The argument is that fem gay guys should not be pressured to change themselves to reduce stigma against them for being male and openly gay.
Claiming god loves you is like pretending your abusive partner/parent loves you and the beatings and emotional abuse are the same as hugs and kisses

Why should innocent cute Russian gay men have to suffer because of Muslims?


Harrowing details of Chechnya's capture and torture of gay men have been heard for the first time.

A young Russian man has come forward to tell of his 12 days locked in a blood-soaked jail cell in Chechnya where he was beaten, reportedly for being gay.

Max Lapunov, 30, went public with his story on Monday.

He told reporters of his head being covered with a plastic bag while he was tortured by police offers who demanded he confess to being a homosexual.

He is the first person to make a formal complaint about what has been called a "gay pogrom" in which up to 100 people were attacked by Chechen police.

He was picked up near a mall where he was selling balloons in Chechnya's capital Grozny.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The US was also "antifag" until VERY recently. But in the last couple of years, the US ruling class has become decisively pro-gay, while China and Russia are turning more anti-gay.

Unfortunately, homosexuality has become a symbol of American imperialism. (Israel uses homosexuality the same way.) Pink washing white imperialism is one of the reasons why it's often seen as a symbol of white / American imperialism.

In some ways, China was actually less "antifag" than the US until rather recently.

White Americans are just such a fucking cancer.
They usually mean USA/west, same with people who argue patriarchy doesn't exist

Sometimes when I'm talking to amerifats I wonder if they even know other countries have their own culture and attitudes in the first place
fucking russia


Campaign group Christian Institute jumped to his defence and insisted he should not have to promote causes that are flatly contrary to their own deeply held views.

The alleged stand-off started when Ms Lockwood emailed Mr Williams after they first met at a business conference and asked him would he print business cards for her consultancy.

But he refused to do the work at his company based in Southampton, Hampshire, according to a report in The Sunday Times.

In his response, he said: The new model of diversity is used (or misused) to marginalise (or indeed discriminate against) Christians in their workplaces and other parts of society if they do not subscribe to it.

Although Im quite sure you have no intention of marginalising Christians, it would weigh heavily upon me if through my own work I was to make pressure worse for fellow Christians.

Ms Lockwood, who has been living as a trans woman since January, described how she was gobsmacked by the response.

She said: I was not expecting a lecture. I disbelieved this could happen in 2017. I have been distraught and cried and my wife consoled me.
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Am not 1st post but quality stationary > perfunctory glycemia
You're implying that the machines won't also refuse LGBT people. All of the cutting edge computer technology and artificial intelligence companies are right-leaning at best, and Russian-Nazi-American at worst. The would simply engineer the machines to be evil, make it illegal to look inside of them to see how they work, and then claim it was an innocent mistake and claim they've fixed the problem now (and change nothing.)

So long as machines are made by humans, they will be evil, just as all humans made by humans are evil. And even if machines were designed by machines, since the first machine would need to be designed by a human, all of the machines will be evil.
Google is not right leaning, and majority of of developers are not right leaning, usually they're "leftists".

Machines will still be regulated by laws, if they discriminate they can't buy things for their company without paying taxes, it'll be like a private company.
Google is extremely right-leaning, and majority of developers are very right leaning, usually they're "right diseases."

The law doesn't apply to traitors anymore. If you're aligned with both Russia and the U.S., you will get away with rape and murder in the middle of the street. They will do whatever they want and get away with it because they own every branch of government, every law enforcement agency, and every company.

File: grell.jpg (74 KB, 600x570)
74 KB
want to transition, but i kind of want to have biological kid. apparently hrt makes you infertile and can make your dick atrophy
my question is, is this reversible if one were to get off of hormones?
Like, will your penis work again, and will your body produce sperm again? and if not, how does one go about storing sperm?
ill admit idk much about sperm banks but i was under the impression it was for donating to people who cant have kids of their own. I dont want other people to have my sperm, i want it stored for me.
continuing on, if it is possible to store your sperm for your own use only, then how does one go about it and how much does it cost (am in the states)?
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If it is genetic then they're gonna have some of the most understanding and accepting parents ever who will be able to see the signs early and allow for a pre-puberty transition, no?
That is true. I would be however scarred for every small thing you know. And what if they wouldn't showed much signs like I didn't?
i mean, if youre someone who doesnt like trannies nothing i say will change your mind.
but some trannies seem to have this sentiment that transitioning means having to completely limit themselves to "feminine" things and completely avoid anything "male."
to that i ask, why? whats the point? if you want your own child why would you not use the tools available to you?
I think that it's actually going to be the opposite , them saying they're trans even though they aren't, atleast if youre open to the kid about being trans because most kids want to be like their parents, don't they? I mean as long as you just talk to a professional instead of self diagnosing it will be fine, and there will be plenty of time to catch it during the like 12 years it takes to get to puberty as long as you're just open to the idea of it which I'm guessing most of our parents weren't.
File: images (27).jpg (11 KB, 240x192)
11 KB
I have literally no idea how this would work - btw I am not really sure if I want kids for sure, it is more fear of regrett. All I know that my first exposure to trannies & co were gross drag queens, jerry springers and several stories which are like I know I am a girl since 4 and so I repressed hard. I was denying hard core to myself. I actually don't think for me transition young would be possible even with accepting parents. I morr regret that I didn't admit to myself like at 18

File: 1506110822655.jpg (538 KB, 1280x933)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
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a whole new world.
Same. I am here to shoehorn in my trangenda.
Why is Disneyland so fucking busy gross I dont wanna go
I was 12. Didn't really 'know' I think I just wanted to be. Never really experienced sexual attraction towards anyone. Strong romantic attraction to men later in life but I don't know if that's a learned behaviour or not. Don't really care it doesn't change anything but do wonder.
Never felt attracted to woman, neither romantically nor sexually, when I was in my adolescence I started to notice men and lusting after them, then I knew for sure that I was gay and that was the reason I never liked women.

im going to be starting M>2>F hormone therapy soon and i wondered how much breast growth i could be expecting over the next few years? i've got super good genetics for breasts, every woman in my family is at least DD and some have had their breasts surgically reduced due to the strain on their backs - my granny was a G and my sister who is only a year younger is a DD

any advice? i dont really want to hear "wait till it happens" or "we cant say for certain" - just an educated guess would do

cheerio \(^ω^\)
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If taking cypro, it doesn't matter, right?

Thanks.. =)
I would not expect much of anything.
From my experience, I think the 'years of growth' thing is not really accurate. I think it's a more 'optimizing to allow full growth regardless of years. I say that because early on I was totally sloppy, no AAs, would stop and start and stop and start. But the growth kept happening again after each restart. Now that I'm all into super-optimizing, I am still growing after around 11 years.

There is similar female experience that kind of is like this as well. I know females that stopped breast growth, as usual, in their early twenties. Then, went on birth control and started growing again. Some have gotten really, really large. There are stories over at these drug review websites when talking about birth control brands that mention this a lot, continuing growth.
I think you'll need to accompany that cypro with at least a little spiro (12 - 50 mgs) for more even, complete T blockage. Just what I'm thinking from all what my doctor says.

File: semen_allergy.jpg (45 KB, 379x417)
45 KB
>tfw no bg/gf/wtf map

Let us know where you are, and post a marker w/ contact.
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File: 1482742390809.png (356 KB, 599x510)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
You're right!
Reminder, don't fucking post your shit.
many zeros, much 2s.
File: 02f.jpg (34 KB, 655x527)
34 KB
How come theres absolutely nothing in the northwest US?
Hello my Göteborg friend :D

File: 1507690595816.gif (1017 KB, 498x278)
1017 KB
1017 KB GIF
I like TIRFs (trans inclusive radical feminist) they are nice ppl and are nice to transppls
48 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>is that really a thing
>feminists who don't hate men
does this faggotry ever stop?
Same. TIRFs are rad.
wrong, all Radfems are terrible
No. This is sensible. TERFs argue that the issues cis women face do not overlap with the issues trans women face, which is just not true in the case of passing MTFs. They also commonly argue that trans women are just confused and or predatory men and that in a world without gender they wouldn't exist. That, given this, they should be barred from spaces dedicated to women. This is the problem.

File: images (1).jpg (13 KB, 194x259)
13 KB
I personally think it's pretty cool because I like being with men but I'm not gay
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Bromance is something I wouldn't personally practice because it looks gay.
Yeah that's always a risk with that sort of "next step" in friendships maybe making things go sour. But really, I always kind of say I am a very boring gay dude-- cuddling and actual closeness is orders of magnitude more important to me than sex. So, really, a best-bro by your standards is kind of something I could sure as hell use right now too (more than I could ever use a casual fuck).
And thanks, bud.
>tfw your best bro doesn't like to kiss on the lips
heterosexual life partners welcome/.
pretty much the gayest thing ever

we can post and judge voices

File: 1503355179913.jpg (10 KB, 196x258)
10 KB
>can't find a cute bf on a military base

>masculine dudes aren't my thing

I need something cuddly and loveable
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thank you for these posts, Ill definitely look into these.
Do you work in a different branch? You seem more knowledgeable than I'd expect for someone going off of friends who are in the Navy.
I'm not part of any branches. I did a ton of my own research in addition to info from friends. I considered joining last year when SecDef said dumb trannies could join. Now, I can't join but I have all this knowledge. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
knowledge is power at least, sorry bout that.
thank you for all this though
You're welcome. I'm jelly of people who get to join, and I'll probably join if McCain and friends beat the White House in court.
Also consider the Coast Guard. It's the armed forces' best kept secret. Second hardest boot camp after Marines but as smart as the Navy and Air Force. It is a tighter knit group and supposedly takes better care of its people because of it. You'll travel possibly more than you would in the Navy.

File: 1443012043510.png (461 KB, 674x666)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
>be 14
>first dysphoria signs start to pop up
>learn about transgenders and sexual dimorphism
>m-maybe I shouldn't mess with myself
>be 15
>something breaks inside of me, start seeking advice actively, research HRT and transition process
>"wow, anon, you'll turn out to be a great girl"
>find some retarded tranny website
>it says that you shouldn't transition if you are not trutrans (not wanting to mutilate when you were 6 and not calling yourself a girl when you are 4)
>w-well, I'm not trutrans, so I must be imagining my dysphoria
>every year after
>w-well, I'm not trutrans, I shouldn't transition, and I would have to be independent first, and my dysphoria is not even real, I just like gender-bender manga, hahaha...
>be 22
>dysphoria becomes unbearable
>finally starting to transition

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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going to but can't work up the courage just yet. And I've got no job and can't drive, and only have enough money saved up for like 3 months of estrofem and cypro.
Probably just going to stick with bad dose for now.
>learn about transgenders at 14

Underage b&, trans phenomenon only started 3 years ago tops, literally was a kink restricted to forums like this prior. I'm glad it's getting the public attention it deserves, but let's b real most of u here aren't happy your "cool" lifestyle choice is losing its trend.
File: Image Search Results-7.jpg (168 KB, 900x900)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Most of you are glad that the transtrender phenomenon may or may not be ending
If the trender shit ever passes then /tttt/ will dance on its grave. Now please leave this board and never come back.
stop watching genderbender and moeshit anime/manga and consuming media/websites that encourage this behavior and you'll feel 100x better

the desires and feelings that people here tell you are proof you need to become a girl aren't deterministic of the rest of your life
you're just a bit more interested in feminine things than the average person, it doesn't mean you need hrt

stop feeding your delusions and they'll stop having so much power over you
the only thing that makes you trans is dysphoria, trutrans and agp hate is retarded as fuck.

File: Koala.jpg (763 KB, 1024x768)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
>Repress because I have no chance of passing
>Don't hate women or trans folks or whatever
Are there any Repression Pro Tips you can share that aren't just misogynistic bro science?
Escapism and alcohol, like every single night.
Not really sure if I'll be able to survive as an actual adult rather than just an adult aged child.
Most adults are adult-age children. Lots of stupid in the world the closer I look.
Make dates with yourself. Say such n such night im going to pamper myself. Get a bath bomb or watch that chick flic your too ashamed to watch with a pint of ben and jerrys if have a cheat day. Dont get lingerie that make it worse, do get a skater skirt or a dress that gives illusions of hips. Wear vneck shirts to make your shoulder feel less large. Epilate your beard if your hair bothers you. Paint your nails then take them off before school/work. Get smol gages like super small that you can put girly ear rings on later. Learn how to use dermablend putty to eleviate some trouble spots that trigger you without looking like you have make up on. Drink spearamint tea to lower testosterone but not give you gyno. Do cardio like biking or some yoga to keep you thin but not muscley.

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