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File: unnamed (2).jpg (29 KB, 384x384)
29 KB
I'm failing to see the reason to live in boymode. I'm 7months hrt and i dont pass the slightest. And life's being harsh.
Everywhere i go people keep staring at the freak i am, can't play that i'm a metalhead anymore, at least not to people that don't know me (like randoms in the street). And i have to go out everyday.

>What have you done to pass?
Skincare, dressing andro/feminine, voice training in progress (was very deep but managed to make it sound andro, a bit fem range), hair(shitty,but my hairdresser managed to make it look less shitty in a feminine cut. And i look better with a ponytail anyway), plucking brows and letting nails grow a bit. My levels are ok.

If i don't pass without it there's no point. Wouldn't want someone to wake up at morning and see the ugly manface i've been hiding

Hobbies and passions feel like chores, and college a meaningless stress. Don't come with the "you just need someone to make you feel special" bullshit because to 90% of people, appearance is the most important thing, and i look like nothing (or, as a very weird boy). I don't believe luck can bring someone irl. Even online, a person falls in love with my personality then things die when they see what's there.

What's the point?
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Even if i don't look disfigured, i'm inbetween (on the boy side) and don't pass. Social interactions are weird sometimes too, due to my appearance.

I know people are honest here but i already have real life feedback...

>Just keep boymoding until you consistently start failing, it will happen.
It will? Altrough i heard many cases like yours so maybe that's more common than i thought.

But how did you even endure those two years?

>It always is.
I'm not whining, i know how life is harsh and needs to be endured (went through the stress of work, going through college now etc). But dysphoria and unpassability got their specific points.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
even being a feminine boy feels better than being a regular boy, i just dont have the nerve to go outside as a hon, but i do have the nerve to go out as a femboy
Just post it so we can give advice on what you're doing wrong, use unsee
File: anony1S.jpg (283 KB, 900x1055)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
>If i don't pass without it there's no point. Wouldn't want someone to wake up at morning and see the ugly manface i've been hiding
That happens all the time with girls, and you aren't in a position to be picky about shit like that. You aren't cis, you have to put effort and deal with the negatives.

File: IMG_20180621_054844.jpg (33 KB, 632x612)
33 KB
>feminine facial features
>slim body type
>not horrendously tall
>man shoulders
>unpassable voice
should I just end it now
No 3/5 ain't bad
Get yeson voice surgery

Went from very distinctly male to never been misgendered without much else but a bit of their voice training
The only defects you have in that list aren't incredibly important anyway. A voice can be trained(no matter how deep), and your shoulders can be obscured by different types of clothing, or you could gain weight to make your shoulders more proportional to the rest of your body.

>Be me, prone to nostalgia
>Think of those who are enjoying their summer while I sit indoors, not making memories and allowing the most enjoyable part of my life fade into the oblivion of human history.
>Want to be an author, but realize that beautiful literature is based on experience.
>Think about the past 200 years of American culture and all the young love and memories made between adolescents in the southern United States.
>Imagine a beautiful county fair in Georgia during the 1940s
>create an imaginary relationship between two young boys who have nothing but time to waste living in a dream-like state of childhood.
>Think about how this probably did happen somewhere at some point.
>Think about how an old man in his 90s with dementia is probably thinking about these memories right now
>Like me, he's alone with his thoughts, knowing that the current world has no interest in his life and all of his love that he shared with a boy in southeast Georgia that summer in 1944.
tj;dr: depressed and alone during summer
>tfw way too drunk to have a good response to this but it really resonated with me
>tfw will never have anything to fondly remember
maybe i should go to th fair by myself

that would be better than nothing right. or would daydreamign feel less lonely and hollow in the end
Feels so bad, man. I wish my life was like a novel.
I'm at the beach. My sleep is all fucked but I am on the east coast and sunrise is in a few hours and I am going to walk the block and a half from this rental house to watch it.

Every heard about a book called Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys? Not /lgbt/ per se but it is a warm and humorous portrayal of boys growing up in the 1960s-1970s I think in the Deep South. Was made into a movie in the early 2000s.
OP here, I will check it out! thank you!
Like I'm a neet and I still do outdoors stuff, go to movies and restaurants, biking, and the farmers market by myself. If you spend all your time indoors, even if you are fairly poor, that's mostly up to you.

File: 015_1488252185.jpg (269 KB, 1061x1600)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
I'll never actually be a real woman, nor will I have the socialization or upbringing required that I missed out on.

Why even continue on?
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that stuff sucks. that wasn't ever fun, not will it ever be fun.
The first mtf I knew was intersex. She found out when her menstrual blood built up inside her. This actually caused me to repress more as for some retarded reason I thought all ttsns people were intersex and that I was just crazy.
>_Real_ intersex
You're literally wrong.
Intersex is more than just people who produce both sperm and ova. There is a pretty broad range of intersex conditions, and a lot of them, as well as other factors, can cause someone to be sterile from birth and unable to produce gametes at all.
External genitalia don't guarantee anything about gamete production.
With AMABs in particular you often don't know whether someone has always been sterile or not, though you can usually rule out production of ova pretty definitively. With AFABs menstruation is a strong indicator of ovulation.
Like many people who frequent this site, you seem overly concerned with reproduction. That's not the most important thing in terms of how people function in life most of the time. Even for medical purposes you have to take more factors into account. For an AMAB who's had SRS and has been on estradiol for years it makes more sense medically to treat that person as female as a baseline. I mean if such a person were wheeled into an emergency room and you had no clue as to that person's medical history, you'd want to treat that person as female.
Getting too fixated on gamete sex can lead to dysfunctional decision making.
Because it's a comic.

File: YWhDW0P_d.jpg (33 KB, 476x454)
33 KB
Hi freinds!

Any other adult entertainment sites I can apply to other than grooby? They turned me down recently :( but I'd still like to break into the adult film industry!

File: FB_IMG_1528728994324.jpg (29 KB, 750x421)
29 KB
im losing my virginity next week to another virgin. what do i need to know before i fuck his ass?
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I think coconut oil is good, I'm not 100% sure though. Never had bumsex tbhon.
okay well thanks anyway for all the help :)
Coconut oil melts condoms, go to the store and buy some real lube.
remember, anon, hiv is forever
If you want to rawdog it, make absolutely sure that he cleaned himself inside and out. Ask him to use an enema devise. You can most likely find one at your local pharmacy store, such as CVS. If he can't get one, buy one for him, trust me, it will be worth it. both of you take a quick shower beforehand, so that there is no unintended BO or anything. Keep a towel close by during sex. You can also most likely find lube at your local pharmacy. If you feel awkward about going to checkout with lube and an enima devise, get over it, the checkout clerk is someone who you don't know and you likely won't ever see again, and if you really do care, they will probably just find it mildly amusing at the most.

Do cis guys pee when they poop?
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Would you date a straight man because he has sexual attraction and would still treat you like a guy?
His attraction probably wouldnt last after a few months on testosterone, so no.
Well How aboot those that didn’t plan on taking T
Double duty. It happens.
>not taking T

I think you mean women, anon

>tfw no FtM boyfriend
What the fuck why do I want one
Because they're hot, I want one too
h-hi :)
I’d date you if you’re ok with me topping
How does topping without a weiner work
you buy a weiner. And just like a GMO corncob, it's much bigger than an organic one

File: AnnieClark.jpg (79 KB, 968x968)
79 KB
What does /lgbt/ think of Annie Clark? Is she an icon in the community?

She's fierce af
No, her music is overrated and she's weird and annoying as a person
Didn't she cheat on cara?
So trash

File: nosuch.png (7 KB, 386x362)
7 KB
What defines gender? What defines being a "woman?" Is it biological sex? No. Is it feminine traits? What is "feminine?" Is it pink? Is it long hair? Is it a high voice? Is it being passive? Is it playing with dolls? None of these are inherently "feminine", that is sexist. Therefore nothing can be called "feminine." Therefore any definition of "woman" or "man" aside from biological sex is inherently sexist and simply a cultural stereotype. Therefore there is no such thing as gender, as it cannot be defined. It simply does not exist. Therefore there is no such thing as "transgender" since there is nothing to transition between. There is only biological sex, and that is not possible to transition between yet, therefore it is only a science fiction concept. Hormone levels vary between individuals, and it is true there is a trend for biological males to have higher levels of testosterone, for instance, but this also does not define sex nor "gender." This entire culture (and every other culture that has "gender roles") is based on utter nonsense, this culture is simply based on inverting nonsensical roles that don't mean anything in the first place. The end.
63 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You get it, except that John Money’s proposed concept of “gender” (the one you refer to) is more properly called pseudoscience, not science fiction. In few words, the problem with Money’s “gender” concept is that any statement about it is unfalsifiable. The scientific counterpart is the concept of transSEXualism which is based on (biological) sex. I wrote a longer essay about that in the URL in the image (you have to type the address manually; this is to bypass the “spam” filter that blocks links to other imageboards). I would appreciate if you comment there.
Sacré bleu!
OP here, I am reading this whole post. I will check back here later.
I could explain to you why you are wrong and how it exists but I am not in the fucking mood for explaining in long detail right now!
Sex characteristics are biological .the fact that some people have abnormal sex characteristics dose not change the majority. You don't like it and stupid professor's have told you there is no normal but there just wrong.

>tfw this weirdo with 5 o'clock shadow and bald head passes better than me

Anyone else feel jealous/annoyed when you see "accidental passers"?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, you're just a hon so your argument is invalid.
It’s feminine eye shape. Very rare on mtfs. But almost all ftm have it.
What makes an eye shape feminine?
I don’t know it’s complex facial elements with all those muscles and edges. But it always strikes first.

I have masculine eyes for example already had ffs but you can always tell by my eyes that I was bor a boy which sucks.
twinks after they turn 20

File: 73647265.jpg (79 KB, 602x720)
79 KB
Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Cuties Edition

Tell us about the qt(s) in your life. Do you have a crush on someone? Have a co-worker or classmate you've been longingly staring at whilst planning out the names for your cats in your head? Have you mysteriously overcome tfw no gf and actually acquired one? Or are you a wizard and/or cat lady already?

We've had an influx of trolls lately. Do not reply to bait. If they say something infuriating about lesbians or they say they're a bishit or a male (inc. tranners) do not reply. They're here for (you)s.

Discord: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Recent News:
>you did (not) miss out on Highschool romance
>anon hiring body guards now
>Nazi briefly returns
>work is still hard

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1504006139494.png (264 KB, 574x600)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
If you're into Australia/ns, does it make you a kangarooboo?
File: 1518541606686.gif (3.94 MB, 360x202)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB GIF
>I just want someone to hold me so I can sleep through an entire night
Why can't you sleep properly without someone hodling you throughout the night? Are you broken, anon?

>I never offered my hand
But you offered the rest of your body. I think that other anon might be lonely, so I forgive you. You can hold her hand. I won't get jelly.
>W-What's that supposed to mean?
It means to look away when I flirt with other anons. Just close your eyes, Germanony. Pretend nothing is happening.
How are things with your semi and leaf?
>tfw no one to hold me though the night.
File: 1522937250252.png (1.88 MB, 1024x1366)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
>You can hold her hand. I won't get jelly.
O-Okay. I'll do it only if her bread is good.

>It means to look away when I flirt with other anons.
Are you secretly into one of the other anons, Ohayonony?

>How are things with your semi and leaf?
Things with my Leaf are as usual. She got a new job recently and seems to enjoy herself at the place, so I'm happy for her. We've both been quite busy though so we hadn't had much time to see each other.
My Semi is still with her gf and still complaining about her daily. Even the gf herself said that she thinks I'd be a better one, and my Semi's brother doesn't understand why she choose her either. He believes they'll split up before the end of next year, and then it'll be my time to shine.
I also told her about a new qt I've added to my harem, and naturally, she exhibited jealousy and keeps asking me about her and whether we're dating now.
>even blatant flirtation on my part is interpreted as cheeky banter or something.

She should unironically try the gorilla clit line then.

File: 1457935211703.png (602 KB, 963x720)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
Does anyone know of any therapists (or equivalent) who can write letters for srs and generally do so without much hassle? Preferable someone who does remote sessions.

I think everyone should be able to get their surgeries on an informed consent basis so I'd prefer not to have to dance around like a monkey for some idiot cishet psych major if I can avoid it
Usually for SRS they don't do much. Cause you're already on hrt for like years anyway. They just want to make sure you're not going to kill yourself and that you're mentally stable.

File: navy destroyer.jpg (429 KB, 1200x1680)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
>tfw you hear a vidbrater in the next rack over but remember you are still in male berthing
>wake up, consider life
>Have to go to male showers
>walk from shower to rack with towel covering girl body
>no one even tries to peak because Im a disgusting tranner
>foreign port in the med, drink myself stupid by 1000 (am for you civvies)
>everyone else going to fan room to bone
>cry self to sleep in rack.
why even live /tttt?
153 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll be off soon, so when she comes online, you can do the same two-step process to let her know about the service if you want
>though i'm not sure why you would want to.
oh you
hoping you get a loving SO to disabuse you of that self-deprecation
do you have BDD?
you pass pretty well in this photo, and are a qt too
I have nothing against jannu, but she looks like a 12-year old babushka (male) and you're much prettier in my opinion

File: doge smile.jpg (30 KB, 342x401)
30 KB
>tfw I'm writing up an affidavit for my trans GF to sign promising she'll never get an SRS while we're together and there's nothing /tttt/ can do about it
you are a homosexual
>Babby's first run-in with sworn statements
You may want to seek legal advice, fren :^)
Have fun with your worthless piece of paper.

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