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File: Tomoko_Kuroki_1.png (593 KB, 1024x565)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
Is repressing doable? I want to be female, but I don't want to derail my career, friendships, family relationships, etc. to do it.

Will it just come out later and make me fall apart in my 50s?
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Repression isn't worth it. Take your chance and give it a shot before giving up.
some people are justgenetivcally barellchested
plus maybe do a lot of activity that develops lungs and ribcage in teen years

but becoming a shunned hon is even less worth it, not everyone has a chance to transition
That's right, transition is hard and definitely not for everyone. That being said, if you don't you WILL regret not at least trying. Trust me.
Take hrt and just keep your transness in the back of your head. If you ever decide to transition, you'll already be on t/e and have a good head start. God bless the people who transition in their 50s but they never pass.
Repression will make a bad situation worse. At worst, those kids that don't think they have a chance should be put on hrt, not socially transition and hope that is enough.

old >>10717870
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why are you posting this at the end of a thread again?
I thought I still had a few posts, was gonna ask who the guy was, pretty cute. I'd fuck him if he kept his appearance from the left.
no idea
looks cute in both but he'd have to lose the choker and the ugly glasses
Glasses are ok imo.
they look a bit granny-ish to me

Stop being racist
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This is a hilarious PR stunt to try and dodge the kind of racism grindr itself has been tacitly encouraging for a decade.

As expected of a shady surveillance capitalism startup that harvests kompromat on closeted gay men for state actors whomstever is slightly smarter than their security guy.

I can't stand gay men anyways, I became a trap and went on tinder and I get way more chad dick now than when I engaged with sketchy fags on grindr.
Yes it is, and this is proof that racism isn't wrong.
File: 1423597300573.png (12 KB, 316x270)
12 KB
>be transbian
>say i don't want tranny chasers in my profile
>just looking for trans qts
>assblasted nog gets mad and calls me a hypocrite because I'm "a tranny chaser too"
>call him a nigger faggot and tell him to gtfo
>he says he's going to expose me to his 15k followers
>says he's gonna get me fired

Joke's on him, I'm a NEET

All bs aside, black people are super whiny. He called me a "bitch nigga" after I asked him why he was so mad I said "don't call me a nigger, you nigger". Then he got all whiny and butthurt, resorting to empty threats and racial epithets.
And they say there are no HSTS on /lgbt/.

I met this person (trans girl) in march. We had a date, i thought it went fine, she didnt like it that much. Told me that there was another guy she liked. I was very sad because i had liked her very much.

I kept in contact with her for maybe a month after this. She said that her boyfriend wasn't very happy about her still talking to me and that she thinks it is bullshit that he demands this of her. I said that it was a very reasonable thing to ask and that I would feel exactly the same way if i were in his position. I never called or texted her again after that.

In july she calls me, complains about boyfriend, says maybe he cheats on her with his personal trainer or something. They eventually break up, we talk more and more. In the month of august/september she starts visiting me every weekend (we cuddle and get physical sometimes)

Today, we were watching a movie and she was texting with someone, quite frequently. I asked who that was, apparently it's the previous boyfriend. I ask about what, she says he wants to hang out. I ask if she will. she says yes. She asks if that makes me uncomfortable, I say yes. After that, without much more talking we separate for the week.

I am attaching the text messages that followed.

How do you people think I should feel about this. To me, hanging out with previous boy/girlfriend is unacceptable; but being the pathetic loser that I am, i think ill try and see if i can live with it.

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I wouldn't want to be someone's experiment, though I think I was and it sucked.
I think it's safe to move on and feel as if you dodged a bullet. WTH that's not how you respond to someone who has feeling's for you either let them know you don't have them or you do it's that simple
whats her name

a name tells you a lot about a person
Super red flag. She diesnt know what she wants abd is destroying rekationships over shit she doesnt even know what she wants. Being together is kiving a life of being cheated and disappointed. You will never be enough for her, she will never stay unless you enjoy being a cuck that watches her fuck other people.
>You will never be enough for her, she will never stay unless you enjoy being a cuck that watches her fuck other people.
this seems true

File: r2.jpg (354 KB, 490x640)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>The number of adolescents referred to specialized gender identity clinics for gender dysphoria appears to be increasing and there also appears to be a corresponding shift in the sex ratio, from one favoring natal males to one favoring natal females
>Sociological and sociocultural explanations are offered to account for this recent inversion in the sex ratio of adolescents with gender dysphoria
What kind of sociocultural reasons can we conjecture that explain this shift in gender ratio? I cannot think of anything that satisfactorily explains that first mostly boys transition and later, mostly girls, except female conformism? I must be missing soemthing here.
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ha ha, jokes on them
>I must be missing soemthing here.
More people are being made aware of the idea that one can be trans.
AAPs stay girls unless it's super easy and acceptable to transition. As it becomes easier and more acceptable, they choose it.

AGPs transition only if they're the minority with great dysphoria. That minority are desperate not to stay as boys, but the majority are shamed into hiding their trans feelings.

tl;dr gender roles and gendered personality traits
Gender non-conformity has been less punished in girls and women than boys and men for a fairly long time, which has potentially made it easier for transgender men to cope with (perhaps unidentified) dysphoria through non-conformity with their assigned sex.

Trans men have also largely been fairly invisible - trans women had (negative) fictional portrayals, whereas trans men essentially had none. This is only recently changing due to the recent spotlight on trans people as a wedge issue.

Ultimately, if this is all correct, we've had trans men unaware of the concept of trans men able to mitigate the worst of their dysphoria through less stigmatised exploration of masculine expression and presentation. If I didn't know being trans was a thing, I'd probably just think I wanted to be feminine and had insane levels of depression surrounding that.

With the modern awareness of trans men, these people are now able to more easily identify themselves as trans and transition. Meanwhile, since gender non-conformity in boys and men is discouraged, trans women have a harder time expressing their gender-related feelings, and may feel greater pressure to repress them entirely.

File: Dr_Bank.jpg (334 KB, 1243x1090)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
I am having surgery with Dr Bank at the Suporn clinic in two weeks. Ask me anything.
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I'm actually significantly less troubled by the difficulty of having SRS and the possible complications occurring, than the fact that having kids the ordinary way isn't yet possible.

>Danielle Foxx
>not unusual

Her labia minora look like scrotum skin.
That's likely what it is.
>Labia Minora (Outer Surface) - From penile skin or scrotal skin ( as available ) with intact sensory nerves and vessels

May or may not be the case.

Either way I would be happy with that aesthetic.

File: 1.jpg (673 KB, 2560x1600)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Hi /lgbt/ I just want to thank you frens for being there for me when I needed it and for being your brutally honest selfs. When I came here I was super depressed and did not fit into my local LGBT community. Still am depressed cause all my friends are online, but now I have a reason to wake up everyday. So thanks plz never change.

But why don't we take a break from trashing hons and share what music you listen to? Is it stereotypically gay?
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yung bae, carpenter brut, starcadian, macross 82-89, power glove, modjo, shiro schwarz, home, flamingosis, desired, maitro, crazy p, night tempo & foster the people

tl;dr: no
It's wheel of fortune to what I listen to. Trap, Country, Alternative, and anything that sounds awesome.
Thanks anon. Maybe my hair isn't as hopeless as I thought it was.
I feel like ABBA is one of those bands that everyone loves but they don't always admit it.
File: 1536995027861.png (546 KB, 800x600)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
>Disco Polo
>Folk Hip Hop
is it gay or white trash?
File: jannu.gif (313 KB, 549x598)
313 KB
313 KB GIF
really girly EDM for the most part. male vocalists are 99% thrown in the bin.


File: 4602-.jpg (233 KB, 1000x941)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I cogitated for the last 10 days 20h/days, gathered infos all over the web, introspected my whole life, listened and read non-stop day and night. After staring at the computer screen barely moving for 3 hours and 30 minutes I came to the conclusion that during all this time, for all my life, I had the brain of a female in my male body.

I just had to share it,

thanks you
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I already said that in another thread, but PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP. You're not thinking straight. You might not realize it, but if you don't sleep, your brain IS confused. I understand this whole situation is new for you, I was in your shoes not so long ago, but you need to relax and put these thoughts to the side for now. You have to force yourself to take a step back, take a rest for a week of two, and when you'll be in a more stable state, you'll be able to think about it much more lucidly.
I'm not that sleep deprived fren. I only went 48h without sleep once. im serious btw i sleep like 4-5 hours every day its more than enough for my brain to be functional. To be its pretty much a done deal im less anxious now that ive made my peace with it. all im waiting for is my hoe of therapist to see me and confirm it so i can move forward
great op. now go, and be proud.
File: cow.gif (1.17 MB, 480x311)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
I just went to sleep some more and woke up and I almost had a panic attack when I woke up. I bought things for anxiety while i wait for therapy.

Shouldn't have slept :3

Another Trans - Feminism controversy

It’s a shame to see the left infight over this; conservatives like myself are keeping our heads down and staying clear.
177 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but yes, there are awards for men. Just as there are awards for white people, albeit subcategories of white people like Polish or Irish people. I know. I received them.
Name one award for men only.
>Making an argument that is easily turned around is why we MUST make that argument!
Either you dont understand how reversing messages works, or you can't read and thought I was defending Patriarchy.

At either rate, it's sufficient to demonstrate that you're really not worth bothering with.
>Having my medical autonomy threatened? Transwomen will never fucking understand that terror. There is someone in this thread right now saying that women should lose the right to abortion because this one TERF on Twitter triggered them. How could transwomen understand that?
>Likewise, I have little insight on the problems of HRT accessibility for example. I'm not bitter for stating facts.
how can a cis woman preach to trannies on medical autonomy?
Jesus. Would respect her if she dressed like a business woman instead of a thirteen year old girl.
ikr. And "Pips"? wtf.
It's hard to see anything other than a fetish going on.

File: DnM4TzdVAAAR55j.jpg (140 KB, 1200x900)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
ITT: weird shit you did when you were younger

>be 9

>brother is 6 or 7

>play smash bros with my brother

>always play as samus

>have him refer to me as mommy

>literally do this four hours

What the fuck. I've just remembered this for the first time in like 10 years but it seemed perfectly normal at the time.
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretending to be a girl as a kid has nothing to do with being a transsexual.
For a few years I was straight-up sadistic to my younger brother. never REALLY hurt him or beat him up, but just a bunch of little tortures and pain games that would later come up again in my life as fetish play.

So far I'm the only gay one, but I'd be surprised if I didn't leave him with a complex of some kind. I apologized profusely when I grew out of it, he's forgiven me and we're close now. but fuck, I was a little monster.
Maybe not always, but OP ended up on this board, so...
OP is here for reasons that he has not divulged.
ya it's cuz I'm a tranner. I also came out when I was 14 if that means anything

File: 1519201483239.png (895 KB, 850x599)
895 KB
895 KB PNG
Is programming a good job for a permaboymodding twinkhon?
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I took the day off. Son we really need to talk about this little crossdressing hobby of yours. It's not right. And these video games? When are you going to get a real job?
The only good job for HSTS is sex work.
It is _the_ stereotypical job for a twinkhon or a gynephilic MTF. Do you plan to be freelancer or employee?
>gynephilic MTF
>Do you plan to be freelancer or employee?
I'd prefer to be employee, but I have social anxiety so idk.

Yeah apparently so. If only I could get enough money for school

File: 1531419526735.jpg (133 KB, 950x1037)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I was meant to be daddy's special little tranner!
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You can see Jonas's facial planes starting to expand.
You're like 2 hours away, that's actually not bad
It's not fair life is so much easier for an HSTS
the virgin tranner vs. the chad hon

Peak of human evolution
29 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I prefer untucked anyway...
>Peak of human evolution
that's not just untucked, that's commando
my friend wants me to ask you for the source. thanks.
I prefer permanently tucked.

File: 19.png (42 KB, 300x300)
42 KB
16cm penor
95 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well depends on what you want. If you want guys who are not interested in your dick, then the smaller the better. Makes it easier to ignore.
I don't use my dick so idc really I just wasn't sure if that was big or small by MtF standards
Well I dunno about MtF standards, as I'm just an ordinary guy. I guess its ok, not too big so I could probably ignore it just fine. Quite a bit smaller than my own dick as well, it'd be really weird/gross if my gf had a bigger dick. Well, this is just my opinion anyway.
cant believe ppl in this thread are proud because their penis shrunk

this whole board is mental illness
you should all kys
Have some empathy anon, we can't all just be born with a small penis like you.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
Where do bisexual trans women fit in Blanchard's typology? It seems at first glance not to account for the possibility.
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>It this, blanchard don't think Bi males (remenber that for him mtf are males) exist, despite all studies saying Bi males exist.
That's wrong, Bailey and a bisexual organization did research that shows a small number of bisexual AMABs exist. But most are either androphilic or gynephilic (which will include mtfs). In theory maybe these trubi AMABs could be AGP too, but most probably a "trubi" mtf is just a regular AGP whose meta-attraction is powerful.
honey, Memechard thinks only heterosexuality exists: bi & gays are just deviants
>And Don't say meta attraction, Bi males exist, Bi female exist, why bi mtf would not exist?
Why would a bi male transition if she isn't HSTS or AGP?
gender dysphoria lol
Let me rephrase.

Why would a bi male be dysphoric if she isn't HSTS or AGP?

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