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Why is it that every guy who tries to have a relationship with me a fucking dominant? I’ve seen from other transgirls on here and literally everywhere that almost all the men they attract are submissive and they hate it, but my life sharply says otherwise. Every guy that’s approached me be it online always reveals they’ve got some bdsm kink where they have a submissive girl they wanna put collars on and whip, which is literally the opposite of what I want. I just want a cute bearded submissive guy I can assfuck daily, but I’m surrounded by dom guys who ultimately all end up disappointed when I tell them I’m not down to sub. And the very very few sub guys I find only want to have sex and nothing more, but the doms want relationships. Maybe it’s the energy I put off, but why is it that every other transgirls is surrounded by submissive but I literally get approached by none?
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>since I wasn’t 17
what did she mean by this?
* since
Spelling mistake probably ment was
My life is better now yes. I'd be lying if I said it didn't fuck me up for a while. Was 21 before I was able to be comfortable with the fact that I'm Bi. Kinda suspect that I might be trans. Having to figure yourself out at when your past 20 sucks.
Not yet!

I'll probably get one soon though >:)

File: 1uKnXow.jpg (167 KB, 1600x1200)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I'm seeing a girl who is bisexual, has LGBTQ friends, but is repulsed by gay and bisexual men.

Why is this?
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well as long as gay males continues to be misogynistic dummies who still embrace patriarchal values this shit won't be solved...
>more likely to reproduce (40% of men don't reproduce, vs 10% for women)
Source on this? Find it hard to believe almost half of all men don't have children. And even if it's true, what are the chances it's due to personal choice or infertility rather than being denied reproduction?
>more likely to live to old age, higher life expectancy
>less likely to die of cancer
Biology is a privilege now?
>less likely to be victim of cheating
According to statistics men are more likely to cheat than women.
>can take own kids out in public without police getting called for thinking they are pedophiles
This sounds like an exaggeration.
>less likely to be raped in prison
I'm pretty sure that's because it's much harder for women to rape other women.

I more or less agree with the others you listed though.
try disagreeing with her, she will fucking hate your guts
>Biology is a privilege now?
Women complain about the wage gap which is due to their biology (the risk of getting pregnant). So yes, it seems like biology is a privilege now.
>According to statistics men are more likely to cheat than women.

*men who voluntarily admit to cheating or got caught


>I'm pretty sure that's because it's much harder for women to rape other women.

Are you sure about that? Lesbians abuse the fuck out of each other a little forceful fisting isnt out of the question

File: 12.png (268 KB, 779x295)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
I used to be a twink but i got fat. can i still transition or is it over for me? should i lose weight first? please help. i wasn't able to stop myself from gainig weight due to dysphoria.
No. Do not lose weight yet, start HRT asap. If you lose weight it will remove the facial fat from your face and you will look even more masculine for a while. It's better to start skinny but it's not worth delaying HRT ever. Also pic is what happened to me between 18 and 19. I regret everything and want to die now.

File: gbe5ap2qt2c11.jpg (15 KB, 1024x573)
15 KB
>Give me your hons,

>Your gaydens,

>Your closeted twinkhons yearning to breathe free

>The wretched refuse of your teeming shore

>Send these, the unloved, disowned to me

>I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

What would happen if all of the tranners in america moved to one state? We would be the majority, free hormones for everyone, breeders will be deported.

The only question is which state to take

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Why would the cis give us a homeland?
>literally naming it zionism
Daily reminder kikes are not welcome on 4chan
>hasn't heard of moot
>tfw it's been so long I literally can't tell if this is ironic anymore

File: r016m6mpusry.jpg (34 KB, 1080x1072)
34 KB
>Jealous of the clothes that girls got to wear in elementary
>Consciously repressed in fourth grade, had OCD compulsions about gender non conformity (constantly rubbed my face and hands to make sure that no makeup or nail polish magically appeared on them)
>Traumatic experience of forced crossdressing in school play
>Got super into religion to try to suppress my desires
>Puberty hit, more interested in being my crushes than being with them
>Nervous breakdown
>On SSRIs for all of puberty
>Bullied for being effeminate, tried to hang out with girls, they didn't like me
>Zero libido, AGP thoughts mostly went away with a few exceptions
>Didn't even masterbate until I was 19

>A couple of normal years
>Started making friends again

>Depression hit again

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yes its dysphoria. I'm the same as you, I can't look at myself. Just feeling the presence of my body makes me feel like death. I took the suppression route
There is no more advice for us to give based on your information. I had asked some questions, but you did not reply. Just take HRT if you actually want to have a feminine body. Boymode if you do not want to socially transition.
HRT isn't a universal panacea that turns frogs into princesses.
But then your own experience will have told you that by now.
Perhaps you're still in denial.
>HRT isn't a universal panacea that turns frogs into princesses.
Not what I said. I said feminine, not female. Having a feminine body is not sufficient for passing; it has to be female.
>HRT isn't a universal panacea that turns frogs into princesses.
Maybe, but it does turn them gay.

Will feederism be the next step in LGBT?
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>Alissa Violet
is she using twitter bots (and are twitter bots a thing?) or something? Every single tweet she has, no matter how banal or retarded or "funny", has like 20,000 to 30,000 likes and some of them have over 40,000. Wtf? Most celebrities don't get those numbers.
I don't know what half of that means, go ask /fit/

Yes, but any decent feeder is going to break your will before you can cut. Hell, that's the specific fetish of half of them.
Feederism is bullshit and really bad for your health but having a little beer belly’s cute in a way idk why
why do i have this damn fetish. take it back.

File: Flamenco_Girl.png (238 KB, 433x338)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Okay, so I've done a lot of thinking and agonizing over this and I finally realize and accept that I'm trans.

What the fuck do I do next? How the hell do i get myself on hormones? I have no clue what the official channels for this are and I want a professional's help instead of self medicating on sketchy online pills and fucking myself up.
/hrtgen/ can get you squared away either DIYing or official routes
I checked there but it just seemed to me to be all DIY stuff
Inhousepharmacy if you want to DIY

Planned Parenthood if you'd like to see a Dr. as it is informed consent

It's pretty easy desu senpai
follow up I don't recomend the patches unless you're rich enough to treat them as daily's. I'm not and the glue is shit.

Pills are incredibly inconvenient I'd avoid them.

Injections are what most people favor but I'm scared of needles

Gels is what I'm gonna ask for next time. Absorbed through skin like patches just apply twice a day apparently. I hear they're very effective, convenient, and quick drying. Sounds great.

Oh one last thing I highly suggest you doing a bit of it DIY. Get cyproterone and don't take spiro. Spiro will put you in diapers and is way more expensive. Cypro is super effective, much more effective, and you can ratchet down the dose as a result. Now I take just a quarter pill making it incredibly cost efficient. It has a gorrilion hour half life so you can take the damn things whenever.

File: IMG_20181012_104616.jpg (207 KB, 858x1355)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
I am seriously in love with this group of artist. I played their music when I came out of the closet. The song i played is called girls. Oh i also played this https://youtu.be/1fJr-G6Cbs0
My parents are cool with my sexuality. Just wanted to share this because they deserve the world and helping me with their music. Like i would not be here if not for them. I have been hesitant to come out as gay, but then they dropped this song and theyvalso have a black girl as a meme in asia which is crazy cuz kpop would not. Exaggeration but ugh. Anyway i love and respect them for that song. Like i dedass played this while giving a speech about gbtq+ lololol
File: IMG_-o7amk1.jpg (112 KB, 768x768)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
To keep thread going
I'll explain who they are lol
Black member Saarah
Short blond haired member NADIA
Girl withthe ponytail Mizuki
I came out on my bday
We were in the livingroom, enjoying music when i decided to do it. They weren't shocked cuz they expected it.

So I just started HRT on the 18nth and I am attracted to women, however, every single woman I share loads of chemistry with are bull dykes. so I have told myself if I become a passing trans women which is possible because I am already androgynous as fuck, Will not inform future lesbian partners of me being a biological man... I haven't seen any stories or confessions from others who "trap" Lesbians. I think most people who meet just assume what you are by looks iv never met a person once and asked them if they were a girl or a boy so you could use that as an excuse for "deception" For my plan I hope to find a woman who is a proclaimed lesbian or maybe just a girl who's into chicks with dicks not telling them of myself being an actual trans for maybe a few years to make the person as attached as possible to reduce the likely hood of rejection after investing so much time in me.
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just tell them out of convenience for both parties. dont be a retard.
>Like, there is more to it just for this being a thread's sake it is sort of hard to drop a life's story like that XD
Sorry. I find your style of writing hard to understand. Do you mean that you want me to elaborate my history, or the contrary, that I am digressing?

>I just wish I had someone to kind of join me on the journey.
Well, at least online you can find people like yourself. You found me, for instance.
sorry, I just mean this thread is temporary so... I really don't want to talk about growing up with dysphoria at least here and you aren't wrong I just wish I knew someone here in person >_<
I understand.

Can anyone relate to this? I think I’m trans because I’m feeling both physical and social dysphoria almost all of the time and have progressively broken down into a non-functioning fuck up in the last couple of years.

The wierd thing is though I still have male sexual desires and have still had some sex during this time. Despite my
body feeling like shit this seems to lessen during intimacy. I’m not forcing this, or self inserting as the girl or anything. I genuinely enjoy sex in the male role.

It’s bizarre, I can have good sex with a girl but I feel like a dysphoric mess just walking around with one in the day and trying to hold it together. I recently lost a casual girlfriend because I spent more than 24 hours with her and couldn’t contain my mental breakdown. It was pretty pathetic.

Wtf is this? I can barely find this narrative anywhere. Most people seem to be able to keep things together in normal life but get insanely dysphoric if they have to perform sex. It’s like the opposite of AGP or something.
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I’m reluctant to give up though I’d be a guaranteed hon. If I could just take molly and lick pussy forever I wouldn’t need transition. Not really feesible though.
>I feel like a guy normally but a girl in the bedroom.
Isn't that like 90% of ftms
File: Alexandr Shtraukh 2.jpg (105 KB, 667x1000)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Probably trans but still with male sexuality?
>The wierd thing is though I still have male sexual desires
I do not see the contradiction here. You do not need to be gay (androphilic) to be trans and I argue that it does not make sense, because they prefer the male body, yet they have dysphoria for having a male body; it is inconsistent for them. I can relate superficially with your situation in that I have always been exclusively gynephilic, but not beyond that. I am celibate by choice. Also I only have physical dysphoria, not social dysphoria.

>Wtf is this? I can barely find this narrative anywhere.
Does it matter? I say no. What matters is that you have dysphoria. So what are you waiting for? Take your girl pills. The more time you let pass, the more you will masculinize and the less chances at passing. You can transition and continue having PIV sex. You can be a woman in the streets and a man in the sheets.
I might have an overly cynical take on dating prospects as a tran. But I really find it hard to believe that there are many cis girls who want to be dicked by a trans girl.
>I might have an overly cynical take on dating prospects as a tran. But I really find it hard to believe that there are many cis girls who want to be dicked by a trans girl.
Basing myself on what people post in this board, there are more cis girls who want to be dicked by a trans girl than there are non-chaser men who want to be with a trans girl. That is where the common “prision transbian” history comes from.

Of course, dating would be easier if you stay a cis man. The upside is that, although your dating pool is smaller, you are literally special for being a trans girl, so you may form a stronger bond. Also, if you date lesbians they have the reputation of being very clingly, which ordinary straight girls into cis men rarely are. If your social dysphoria allows for it, then you can date bisexual and straight girl.

File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
anyone know where I can find more music like this? i don't like the weird and creepy hypno files that are everywhere

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File: Christine Chandler.jpg (29 KB, 350x350)
29 KB
There's lots of great binaural beats available to feminize you in a multitude of ways. I suggest looking into them, they've worked fabulously for the creator of Sonichu, Christine Weston Chandler, if you've heard of her?
...Amusingly, ChrisChan used Mind Power. I found the video with his comments on it one day before they were later removed.

I have way too much free time on my hands.
what kind of problems?

Very nice, but do you have something that's a bit more pleasurable to listen to, something musical, preferably upbeat
For a moment I thought that was actually Chris Chan posting.
Fuck I'm dumb
>Very nice, but do you have something that's a bit more pleasurable to listen to, something musical, preferably upbeat
You might try Glow Soul Subliminals if you like R&B, but I generally avoid the music ones so that's prolly my only recommend there.

Addiction and intense nightmares were the most common complaint, especially the nightmares. Others reported sudden inability to focus, sudden lack of interest in life/depression, and so on.

File: download (1).png (6 KB, 226x223)
6 KB
It's funny how people expect that FTM transgenders will be more feminine than cis women when it's usually that they're more masculine. I thought about this when I saw a discussion where people were implying that FTMs have "more feminine taste in music" than women do, but it is true that they suspect it in some other areas as well. Why is that? Does the same happen for MTFs (assumed to be more masculine than cis men)?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Taking a while to answer, mate.
Anyways I cannot take this sort of criticism seriously. It seems like from the moment I admit to being transgender, people imagine that I am more feminine than I actually am and scrutinize me for it, judging me using confirmation bias and even made-up ideas about gender that wouldn't apply to normal (cisgender) people.
I know that I have masculine hobbies and a masculine trade, that I transitioned early, and that I pass as a man 100% of the time.
Feminine FTMs and masculine MTFs are trenders as far as I'm concerned. And even feminine gay males aren't actually gay and do it as a sort of expression of their straight AGP.
>Feminine FTMs and masculine MTFs are trenders as far as I'm concerned.
You're an AAP so you can't talk.
I'm sure I was just trying to be trendy when I knew I was a boy as a homeschooled 8 year old.
>Does the same happen for MTFs (assumed to be more masculine than cis men)?
Where do you think the butthurt rapist stereotype comes from?

File: sad.png (578 KB, 600x525)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
Hello, I haven't used this site in a long time so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong. I'm sad and want friends on discord so I'm not lonely all the time.

Please post your discord names and interests. Hoping people can make friends this way.

I like RPGs, D&D, 100% Orange Juice, indie music, FPS, visual novels, philosophy, guro, and post civilization themes.
>posting contact info here
but why?
Malgebourghe #4348.
History, politics, writing, languages, pets, no sleep podcast, pubg, rpgs, cyoa, broomball and Frappacino.
I'm in the closet I don't want my guildies to make fun of me

If you're a twink, an andro guy or just a bit fem come hang out and chat.

Every other similarly themed thread has inevitably degenerated into trans & hrtshit - Thiis thread is for da bois

Discuss that andro life, skincare, grooming, fashion, guys, make-up, working out and getting hot.
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>ywn fuck a bear in the ass while he calls you daddy
>while he calls you daddy
no thanks
those aren't twinks.
sorry you don't know what words mean.
I'll be glad if this general was a bigger thing because femgen is tranny shit and gaygen is filled with insecure faggots who think they have to like manly men otherwise they arent fully gay

>want a bodybuilder stud bf that towers over me by at least a foot
>am like 175 cm

what do i do /lgbt/
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Move to ex-Yugoslavia, average height of a guy under ~30 is over 2 meters here, it's kind of crazy. I'm 180 cm and almost every guy I see is taller than me and new generations are getting even taller. Like I saw a bunch of high schoolers the other day and they were literally 220-230 cm, I am not short and I was barely up their chest.

Countries are fucked up and poor and political class is basically feudal but man guys here are insanely tall.
>pol is a containment board.
Pol is freedom of discourse homo fag.

you're obviously a woman
File: autism~01.jpg (36 KB, 500x255)
36 KB
what is it called now

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