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File: silo.gif (1022 KB, 250x265)
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1022 KB GIF
Whenever I tuck, I feel like my balls come untucked too easily. It's hard to explain but they kinda go right under the pubic mound, right? More or less the only place they CAN go. But even with a gaffe, they only stay in if I'm very careful about my movement. It's also very hard to get tucked in the first place; nothing keeps my balls in place once they are in (what I think is) the right place, so it's like race to secure the gaffe before they slip out.

Is there some key thing I'm missing? Any general advice for closing off their escape? What should I be doing with my scrotum when I tuck?

File: 1515534379266.jpg (61 KB, 499x750)
61 KB
I feel so lonely all the time, especially at night. I've realised that noone really wants to be with me. Sure, I can go to parties with my straight "friends" but pretty much only if I invite myself; noone ever invites me to do stuff with them. And with the few gay guys I know it's so awkward, there's this weird kind of sexual tension but not really... I don't know how to explain it, but it sort of feels like they constantly misinterpret my friendly interactions with them as flirtation. And when I go on dating sites or Grindr, most people don't answer my messages and those who do are generally only interested in fucking me once and then acting as if I don't exist.

What the fuck am I supposed to do? I can't keep living like this.
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File: 1527111430529.png (72 KB, 250x250)
72 KB
>Everyone goes through this.
I don't go through this.
File: 1531601893913.jpg (171 KB, 1080x1349)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>What is it that you want?
A friend or boyfriend.

>Is it because you're a contrarian who is always depressed?
>Emo is no longer sexy, so maybe try something different.
I'm neither a contrarian nor an emo. I'm just bad at socializing, ugly and constantly exhausted.

>What's wrong with your gay friends? Why do you immediately count them out as romantic prospects?
You're pointing out the exact issue I have with gay friends. There always has to be this romantic/sexual undertone where you constantly wonder whether it would be a good idea to kiss or fuck, and that ends up wuining the friendship because it ends up being filled with sexual tension.

>How often have you invited them to hang out or do other stuff?
Lots of times.
File: 1531028041342.jpg (121 KB, 500x743)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I know
But I've only got the one gay friend and I'm not interested in him like that
And I'm not in the position to host stuff nor have I been invited
They've all got their own stuff going on and I don't want to bother them
>bad at socializing, ugly and constantly exhausted
translation: depression

do you live in northern europe or canada?
File: 1530946525978.jpg (109 KB, 736x1104)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Yeah, the former. I've suffered from depression in the past, and trust me, I'm not currently depressed. I am however still bulimic.

File: FB_IMG_1531606258926.jpg (52 KB, 720x727)
52 KB
on the internet im an unapologetic dyke, but irl i have amounts of internalized homophobia. how to be 100% fine with being a non-straight folk? is that even possible? or am i gonna always feel weird about going out with a chick?
Isn't it natural to feel weird about it? Homosexuality isn't natural.
Just do it more. And stop listening to "queers", they'll just tell you to become a man.
This. It helps to push outside your comfort zone, you'll get more confidence pretty quickly.
>Homosexuality isn't natural.
[citation missing]
>or am i gonna always feel weird about going out with a chick?
There's no magic fix that will instantly make it not feel weird, but if you push through the weird feeling and do it anyway then you'll start getting used to it and it won't feel so weird.

File: ryan greensling.jpg (103 KB, 1280x851)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
ryan greensling edition

Resources you may need:

idk everything is the same

•ignorr luf, dont reply to him/it
•dont post your dick•

Old thread:>>10266237
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i dont want to put ice on it

you better cos the longer i live the more i'm gonna kick your dumb ass

asterisk nuzzles and huggs asterisk

idk, like, discord drama is not really my forte.
i'm more about flipping tables and screaming, followed by subtle emotional manipulation that leaves everyone feeling bad in the end, including myself.
in what way am I being a pretentious dick to everyone? because I'm being mean to Lulu because Lulu is constantly mean to everyone?

it disheartens me a bit to think this might be the same anon who posted the message I took to heart several days ago, I hope this is someone different
>i just want trans girl friends
and they just want cis boy friends

File: Screenshot (15).png (338 KB, 1920x1080)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
New Discord Server in need of Staff

File: eugh.png (275 KB, 281x426)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Has there been any good LGBT movies made? like, at all? The only ones I've seen are about dumb shit like 'I must hide myself or I will be a true disgrace to all mankind, boohoo pity me.' If you got any actual good movies with lgbt themes, post them here.
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And they're generally just as shit.
If there's anything sort of remotely redeeming about these movies is that they at best tend to be a bit more in line with the actual experiences of gay people watching, unless of course they lived in some superficial liberal hugbox.
Ironically it usually turns ou to be the heterosexuals in said hugbox who are the intended target audience.
why are you trying to evaluate everything through a hetero lens? what would you consider a better gay movie then? did you have a tortured and tragic coming out story? if so, id say the vast majority of lgbt film topics cover your situation, and not so many cover mine.

it's almost like you reject the film for being too easy to digest by the mainstream, as if the more niche story it tells the better. i related to it, i loved it, why can't you just accept that not everyone had a tortured existence/coming out experience

>What's next, Lando being pansexual was actually a good thing?
>Meaningless queer superheroes being anything more than cheap marketing?
no, i hate pandering bullshit like that. love simon didn't feel like that at all, it felt genuine to me
>why are you trying to evaluate everything through a hetero lens?
The same reason movies like Black Panther give far more valuable insight when evaluated through a white lens. It filters out unimportant distractions like "black pride" or "it gets better" or even marketing talk about diversity and representation, and instead lays bare what truly goes into such a movie.

>did you have a tortured and tragic coming out story?
Not at all.
But it did feel like an obligation.
As if being gay means owing these people a coming out story, because they've been good people.

>i related to it, i loved it
Because you live in the most superficial place in the US. Obviously it flows well with you because it's been tailored for exactly the kind of people that surrounded you your entire life.
Which brings us to the next point.
>love simon didn't feel like that at all, it felt genuine to me
It didn't feel that way to you because it wasn't pandering to you in the first place.
It was pandering to the people around you, those who were oh so overjoyed when you finally came out ready to live your life in the open, patting themselves on the back for being such wonderful allies, such brave defenders of the less fortunate, such dashing and valiant pioneers in progress and social equality.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>And they're generally just as shit.
90% of everything is shit. You are basically categorizing everything that doesn't fir your narrow-definition of gay entertaining as shit.
Moonlight was the worst. Sooooo fucking boring.
How can u make a film in Miami so bland.

File: conformity.jpg (39 KB, 480x360)
39 KB
Is it a negative aspect for gay men and lesbians?
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Heteronormativity is what keeps sociaties going. So it's good for everybody. Though, it doesn't mean that there isn't room for others.
Give me an example of heteronormativity.
I mean I kinda want to know what it means without having to rely on subversive QIAAP++ "information" outlets to form an opinion.
dude, men wear pink shrits all the time, nobody cares or thinks its weird

do you live under a rock reading tumblr all day?
Nobody here actually uses Tumblr.

File: wwww.jpg (100 KB, 827x1087)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
How do traps feel about a life of domestic servitude in exchange for shelter and provision? I could really use someone to clean my house, wash my dishes, and do my laundry (and slurp my peener), and I was thinking of going the trap servant route.
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I don't know why you're complaining about feminists when you want men to be indentured servants too.
File: 1531541941931.png (8 KB, 213x237)
8 KB
Ah, I see we are in the same situation. At least the bastard will eat stir fried anything.
I believe in child support but only if paternity is proven. Alimony on the other hand is some serious bullshit that needs to get abolished.

It dates back to medieval Europe and the Roman era before the Church stepped in to enforce religious formalities. The British Empire abolished it in the 18th century but it didn't include the colonies, so Canada and the U.S. still had common law floating around. Most states have since abolished it, some never accepted it to begin with.
>I believe in child support but only if paternity is proven.
It's wrong for a woman to financially rape just any old man she has sex with, but if she empties out his condom to get pregnant then it's fine, got it.
I don't only like feminine characteristics but I primarily like feminine characteristics and I also primarily like women.
I'm safe.
Noted. I'd be okay with that until I get a gf I guess, but really my main interest is home economics and the sexual aspect is secondary and even optional.
That would be a hurdle - but imagining my wife and my qt trap fighting over my attention sounds really nice...
I should have never watched that first anime.
I can cook a bit but I have no will at all to do dishes until they get completely disgusting, so I barely cook to avoid that. I've been keeping the house relatively tidy other than the clean laundry pile on my bedroom floor though.
This isn't an advertisement anyway, but as long as you're skinny and well-groomed, I'd probably be able to deal with it, bonerwise.
You could literally just hire a maid couldn't you?

how about a thread for gender questioning anons? People who feel uncomfortable with their body/identity but aren't sure if they want to fully transition.

I didn't feel any dysphoria as a child/teen but it started a few years ago (when I was 20-21), sometimes really intensely. I hate the way my body looks but I don't know what would help, if anything. I don't wanna start something irreversible if it turns out I'm not really trans.
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
if it scares the shit out of you it's probably some wacky sort of OCD
Problem is with OCD, is that the intrusions will do anything to convince you, even warp your memories to suit their argument
Consider posting on an OCD forum rather than 4chan tbqh, the people there will be more helpful
>tfw started transitioning almost a year ago and I'm worried that maybe it was trans ocd the whole time
Oh no

people with trans OCD don't want to be trans. The idea of switching genders fills them revulsion, disgust, and suicidal thoughts. If you are on HRT here is close to zero chance it's OCD.
Oh really? Well I like being on hrt so I guess I don't really fit that category lol
>The idea of switching genders fills them revulsion, disgust, and suicidal thoughts.

That's half true. In my case the thought of switching genders didn't bring me any negative emotions, it was the obsessive thoughts that brought all the suffering.

Like now that I'm no longer OCD (for now), the idea of switching genders is like a fun mental game. But when I had trans OCD, it wouldn't disgust me but would trigger a cascade of obsessive thinking and self-doubt which would cause a sense of dread and push me further to the anxiety edge. I couldn't even look in the mirror some days, out of a fear that the obsessive thoughts would be triggered. Key to note that I didn't avoid mirrors because of dysphoria, because I had no dysphoria. I was afraid I'd get intrusive thoughts like "you feel stressed right now because you'd rather see a woman in the reflection" etc, which would then trigger a bunch of anxiety symptoms like raised body temp, feelings of dread, tremors etc and become a cycle of "feel stressed -> get obsessive thoughts -> feel more stressed -> get more stronger thoughts...".

I eventually learnt that the thoughts would go away, or at least be a lot more manageable, when I calmed down. I learnt the problem was my anxiety, and that the actual contents of the obsessive thoughts didn't matter that much, and I ought to stop living in fear of the thoughts and the anxiety they brought.

sounds like you may have some sort of reverse trans OCD lol

File: haraway.jpg (187 KB, 960x696)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
So, I just started on HRT about a week ago, and I've noticed smoking weed feels a lot nicer.
Anybody else noticed this?
Is it more likely to just be a psychosomatic projection of the elevated sense of wellbeing experienced for getting to this stage?

File: 12.jpg (27 KB, 640x360)
27 KB
He has pride

File: 71wZ-XAmqPL._UY395_.jpg (24 KB, 395x395)
24 KB
Do transgirls carry purses? It occurs to me that there's not a whole lot of discussion about this matter.
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have you ever visited /fa/
Obviously not, as I am not gay.
That actually is really cool, I like the colors.
>on /lgbt/
>not gay
it's shiny gray until sun or bright light hits it. pictures don't do it justice, I get sooo many compliments

File: 1522071654195.jpg (121 KB, 514x719)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Because soon she will be your gf

File: 65mE5ga.jpg (219 KB, 1944x1296)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
How do you vet someone before an anonymous hookup?

I'm not too worried about being robbed or beat up or some shit, but that is not beyond the realm of possibility.

I'm also wondering about another thing: I want to avoid hooking up with someone I actually know, even barely. Any tips on non-invasive ways of doing that? Easiest would be one trusting the other and sending an identifiable picture before meeting up, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of keeping this thing on the down low.
Please no bully.
look at other social media of theirs

like facebook or instagram

How many genders are there?
(imo 2)
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
There are 2817327381371 genders, get over it bigots.
op here
can confirm as a trans person we are all annoying little faggots
There are the same number of genders as I have chromosomes, 364
Friendly reminder that there is no such thing as gender, so the answer is zero.
>tfw I actually got it
I fucking hate this autism of mine.

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