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File: LGBT.jpg (749 KB, 3698x2080)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
Hey /lgbt/ I've decided I am going to become a woman.

What should I tell my therapist?

I want to go for the full deal, bottom surgery, hrt, etc

Any tips will be appreciated.
What you should tell your therapist depends on how old you are, anon.
I'm 27

dude, don't get the bottom surgery. Do your research.

File: jenny.jpg (25 KB, 415x416)
25 KB
Would you rather be a rich hon or a homeless poor passer, /tttt/?
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Homeless and poor, but passing. It wouldn't be much of a thing for me as a passing female to be able to get myself out of the situation I'm in.
rich hon - end up spending all your money trying to pass and in the end you still wont be able to change your height.
homeless poor passer - some rich chaser will pick you up
fuck it make me rich
Im already poor and never passing
ugly unpassing late transitioner. go to literally any trans subreddit for countless examples.
rich cis girl here, can confirm

i'll always be ugly and no amount of surgery can change that. i'd trade my wealth to be beautiful

File: 1494362345623.png (347 KB, 1126x646)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
I've been on hrt for 4 months and now I have like no interest in videogames anymore, I tried to play some stuff I used to like but I just can't focus on it, it's too hard. I watched my played hours for the past two weeks on steam sink to zero. I can't even top the scoreboard in my favorite fps now, I just really like browsing sites and looking at art and blogs now. Is change in interests like this common for mtf/ftm on hormones?
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I used to use it as a coping mechanism but ever since I started the titty skittles I only really became interested in playing games with my friends, on my own I feel so disinterested. I bought guild wars and overwatch to play with my girlfriend and I usually play Rimworld with the boyf after making us as characters. I don't know I kinda don't care anymore unless it's a shared activity.
>on skittles
fuck off transbian
Die poly scum
but it means she's not a transbian!
File: AWAKEN.jpg (20 KB, 467x361)
20 KB

So one of my friends was talking about a girl that hates him because of a social media post, goes a little like this:

>"You know that video of a little boy putting on makeup and it's like 'wyd if you see your son doing this?'?"
>"Well I quoted the tweet saying 'disown him' and now she thinks I'm homophobic"
>"ha ha"
>"Are you homophobic though?"
>"Nah, I just don't fuck with them"
>mfw he doesn't know what homophobic means
>mfw I jack off thinking about him often

Guess the closet is still the best place for me

File: JFlhOoW_d.jpg (28 KB, 585x607)
28 KB
What is a good first dildo for a masochist?
what the fuck ryan, are you buying dildos now?

File: thinking animoo.png (358 KB, 720x546)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Why are HSTS so passable compared to us gross manly AGP fake-trans late mansitioners? What's their secret? And how can I steal that secret to use to attract straight men and have lots of pseudo-bi/meta-attraction sex with them?
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Just psychically send your masculine bone structure to them.
Sorry but I am a straight man who just happens to take hormones and have sex with men, brah.

What is this modified from?
But straight men don't like manbones. They like dainty fragile 3'6 HSTS early transitioners with narrow shoulders, wide hips and big butts, who compared to late mansitioners feel/look/smell like real women.
I read it on Dr. Rod Fleming's blog.
"Vote early, vote often" referring to voter fraud in Northern Ireland.

>when you realize you’re within driving distance of samantha
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where does samantha live?
Hey thanks, I'm getting excited to start pratciing when I get my own space. What's your name by the way?
why delet wrong thread?
>What's your name by the way?
Add me on discord or something robin S A M A N T H A#6169
My discord name isn't robin, but sent.

File: chromosome.jpg (34 KB, 326x246)
34 KB
We gays need our own board. Preferable red but no porn but I'd take a blue board as well.

What would be the best way to communicate to 4chan that we gays want our own board?

Also I figured /cis/ would be a natural name but any other suggestions?
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I am ok with people doing it I'm not ok with forcing others to agree with i.
So... You are okay with it?
Not with laws that jail people for not using the right pronouns.
Finally got down that rabbit hole. I agree with you, by the way.
File: 6JAHEOT.jpg (329 KB, 1000x922)
329 KB
329 KB JPG

NC Values Coalition – a pro-family group – issued a warning to citizens in the Tar Heel State that Christians and other business owners with family values are essentially being forced to choose between living by the convictions of their faith or losing government contracts with Cooper’s new executive order.

“Bathroom privacy and safety are sacrificed under Roy Cooper's bathroom plan, which is more akin to Harvey Weinstein's bathroom plan,” an NCVC press release reads. “Anyone who has or seeks a government contract with the state or receive government benefits – like churches and religious organizations – will have to adopt internal operating policies that favor and give preference to people who are gay, lesbian or transgender.”

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File: JumanaNargawala.jpg (36 KB, 634x824)
36 KB
What a hon.
American doctors get exemptions to mutilate males.
I'm Jewish and I'd be fine with not allowing either. I don't think religions justify harm to self or other.

File: Zinnia.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Any idea whether Zinnia Jones generally answers emails?
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>She does a ton of good work.
she doesn't.
She basically worships Hillary

Because female candidate?
I always find it funny how i'm a pro trump repressor transbian meanwhile all these plebbit trannies are hillary/bernie fanatics.

File: download.jpg (16 KB, 225x225)
16 KB
Is vaporwave "gay"? A friend mentioned that vaporwave is part of the lgbt community or whatever. I don't know much about vaporwave or gay culture, but I don't see a connection. Then they text all of their friends and most didn't know what vaporwave was and only one said a lot of the people who started vaporwave were gay. I still don't understand.
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Your friend is an idiot an you should stop talking to him
Seriously why would you even talk to someone this stupid.
no, but fashwave is.

Fash means 'fashionable'. What else would gay men listen to?
>bait set, now to wait for /pol/...
95% if vaporwave is made by Ramona Andra Xavier, a transgender woman who creates it under 50+ aliases. You probably know her as Macintosh Plus and Vektroid, but she's literally everyone else, too.
Is queen more gay or more rock and roll?

File: maxresdefaultt.jpg (101 KB, 1440x900)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
The reason why Blachard's typology makes sense is because our bodies are made to attract other people. We have sexual cues and characteristics that we flaunt everyday.

So it would make sense that there is a distinction between homosexual transsexuals and heterosexual transsexuals who will end up being attracted to themselves becoming the opposite gender (AGP). Why HSTS tend to transition earlier than AGPs.
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So you don't consider his birth order effect legitimate?

Is your issue with the 5 traits he specified, that you don't think they vary between natal oriented homosexual vs heterosexual transsexuals, for is it simply the wording?

He is a highly cited researcher, sorry Julia Serano.
Also, that simply isn't true. We have recent surveys on trannies like:


This has 30k respondents, all trans. The problem is they pollute the data. You should be able to ask people if they prefer to have sex with men or women without needing categories like bisexual or queer that don't give researchers valuable information when searching for estimations of orientation in a generalized context. Most people prefer either men or women to a greater degree, few are equally predisposed and that matters.

And queer is language pollution that conveys 0 useful information. It went from a slur to an obstruction to open sexual identity.
>every study I dislike is wrong because it uses words I dislike and trannies are bad >:(

The autism of cara in action.
Dodging the question.

That's bisexual, sometimes they called themselves pansexual.

File: JamesParker.jpg (112 KB, 1189x668)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Can we counter the narrative of ex-gays by providing examples of bisexuals and homosexual transsexuals who came to realize they were gay men, not straight women, or straight men?

Anyone here previously identify as a bisexual man or a straight trans woman but now identifies as a gay man?


In his speeches Parker shares his story about happily living as a gay man, and being a prominent LGBTI activist in his native England, but after embracing religion he turned away from the ‘gay lifestyle’, married a woman and started a family.

“Few people realise that a significant percentage of Australia’s ‘out and proud’ gay men and women are quietly voting No.

“These true-blue Australians see that at its core this ballot is not about love, equality or discrimination but about every Australian’s present and future freedoms, especially those of children, safeguarded for us in bygone years through the untimely deaths of ANZACs.” Parker said.

Parker says many LGBTI Australians are strongly opposed to changing the marriage laws, but fear sharing their views because they’ll be “bashed”. The activist says lots of LGBTI people have joined the ‘No’ campaign and been embraced.

“Gay men and women engaged in the No campaign report finding a welcome, belonging and respect that they have searched for and never quite found within the LGBTI community.” Parker said.
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because there is literally nothing wrong with being an effeminate male or a masculine female. Transgender people have a high suicide rate and it's not because of discrimination, it's because of the mental issues that come from convincing yourself that you're in the wrong body and idolizing a goal that is physically impossible. They should not be encouraged nor enabled.
I don't know how the fuck you got added to a movement about sexuality let alone why people just went with it and treat them like it's the same thing
>and it's not because of discrimination,
[citation needed]

You want trannies to suicide and it's sad the only guilt you'll feel if you vote for that is for voting against gay marriage and not the trans lives you want to ruin.
ive always considered myself straight leaning bi (well since puberty started at least) but red pills and stacies have made me feel much gayer
female form still is what is most attractive to me but the abstract concept of women is repulsive

tl;dr 9gag turned me gay
>You want trannies to suicide
absurd absolute tell for cognitive dissonance

File: 1508469149428.jpg (117 KB, 564x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I used to feel really guilty and terrible and full of shame about being agp...but objectively this is just stupid. I never chose to be this way, and I spent all of my teenage years wishing it was gone so I could be normal

now I've been on hrt for a year and I'm starting to wonder if being AMAB agp is actually more enjoyable (for me) than being a cis girl would be
my body turns me on so much and I love looking in the mirror. I honestly think I'm so fucking cute and I just love it
I also love love love sucking dick and anal sex, and I find and a lot of joy and attraction in men

is agp unironically the patrician sexuality?
obviously some stuff sucks about being trans that I wouldn't have to deal wondering if I wonder it has cis...but I'm starting to think it might be worth it
I really am starting to wonder if I'm actually blessed to be born this way
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It makes some sense when you put it that way.

All I know is getting dolled up and posing in front of the mirror for no reason at all is one of the best things to do with my time.
Are you turned on/attracted to yourself when you doll yourself up?
AGP is faketrans lol, if you're AGP then you're a cis guy with a fetish and you are NOT. TRANS.

Only HSTS people are actually trans
I've spent hours crying about how manly my face and body are
you can experience both agp and dysphoria

File: Cap.png (961 KB, 888x833)
961 KB
961 KB PNG
Now I know that I'll never pass or will be an uggo girl at best.

Is there even any point in living, knowing that you will inevitably fail? Answer me honestly, /tttt/.
71 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>being awake at 9:38am
What the fuck is wrong with you
>I even could probably be attractive as a guy. Too fucking bad I don't want to be one.

Lol, fucking this. I was a very late bloomer in the looks department. I know what it's like to live life as an unattractive person, and it's fucking miserable as shit. Then I became an attractive male, and saw that life could very easily be way better. Unfortunately, becoming more attractive as a male is probably what gave me the clarity to realise my intense gender dysorphia. So now, I'm utterlly miserable as a male, but don't want to transition because I know how miserable life is as an ugly person (and I would definitely be an ugly girl).

Not really sure if there is a valid solution other than suicide.
An ugly girl is still a girl, Anon. Don't repeat your mistake.
You seem like a very decent person, but, with all due respect, do you actually know any young females? Because I know that a statistically significant portion of the females I know, given the choice between living the rest of their life as an attractive male or a fuck ugly girl, would probably choose to be males. Physical appearance is, for the most part, an inseparable component of female identity. Most of the average-ugly girls I know would be far, far happier if they were attractive, and they all deal with their own issues of body dysmorphia. Swapping gender dysmorphia for body dysmorphia isn't necessarily an improvement.

You've also got to bear in mind that transitioning is in itself traumatic, even if you end up as a passable, attractive female. You still have to deal with residue male characteristics and stigma from those who know you weren't born as a female. Imagine piling the body dysmorphia experienced by ugly cis females on top of that, and not having the uplifting virtue of good looks that attractive cis females have to counteract it.

Plus, if you actually have ambitious career/life aspirations, they can be seriously hindered by being a passable transperson. If you're not a passable transperson, you can pretty much wave goodbye to the prospect of excelling in life.
>Because I know that a statistically significant portion of the females I know, given the choice between living the rest of their life as an attractive male or a fuck ugly girl, would probably choose to be males
I'm sorry but I sincerely doubt that.
You have to face a whole lot of trials as a trans person, especially an ugly one. Problems, however, can be solved. Challenges can be overcome. It is not easy. It is certainly not easy or pleasant, but it is possible. You can't let the magnitude of the task before you kill you. You must strive. Beat the odds. Overcome.

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