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File: 01b.jpg (58 KB, 371x557)
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>There are infinite genders, gender exists on a spectrum
>There are only two genders
Both wrong.
There is only one gender, the male gender. Women are property and do not count as human.
Enslave me daddy
Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah, there's a tranny behind me, come and hill him
OH yiss my humble servant *turns tyranny into a giantess*. She is all hillified, enjoy.
Fuck you autocorrect
Can we sell ftms?

File: LesbianWedding.jpg (218 KB, 854x854)
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218 KB JPG
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File: 1516366967084.gif (1.23 MB, 280x280)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
bimbo/10 would lesbowith.

>inb4 autismos call me bislut and start reeeeeeing.
i like u anon
Sorry sis, a hottie like that has gotta be hsts.
his over-exaggerated reactions always crack me up
but why is this obvious gayboi fucking trannors?

File: CFdbgKTUMAE43F1.jpg (82 KB, 600x800)
82 KB
Is masturbating a generator of testosterone?
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Does Ralo give you titties?
Does ralo make you grow titties?
No, it's a SERM that is supposed to prevent breast growth and negative side effects that would occur while just taking an AA. It's supposed to act like estrogen in some ways, but it's debated exactly what feminizing effects it has.
Soy milk is still better than regular milk if you wanna have clearer skin, less oil, etc. Hormones aside.
drink almond milk tho soy milk especially on hrt is awful

File: Contrapoints.jpg (555 KB, 2048x1536)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
Australia legalized same-sex marriages in December, and on January 9, 2018, same-sex couples began getting married across the country. But there’s still one glaring issue with the law that makes marriage for transgender people significantly more difficult—if they want to legally change their sex, they have to get a divorce.

Australians can only legally change their sex on their birth certificate if they meet four qualifications: their original birth certificate is registered, they’re over 18 years old or their parents agree, they have had sex reassignment surgery, and they are not currently married.

This law was established to prevent same-sex marriages, which were illegal in Australia before 2018. So, if a man and woman were legally married and one of them underwent a sex change, they wouldn't be legally married in the country anymore. But the Australian law still stands, even though same-sex marriage is legalized.


File: IMG_1026.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Srs patients, did you notice an increase in sexual sensitivity post op or is that mostly reddit and susans hon stories?
Everyone makes it out that they're clitoris was 4 times more sensitive than before but I find it hard to believe that it's just more sensitive, other than maybe circumcised people losing the keratin layer.
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i’m as masculine looking as her :( t. cis girl
You aren't
File: maxresdefault.jpg (153 KB, 1920x1080)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
there's plenty of cis girls with masculine bone structure or bony faces. aunt petunia for one.
sarah jessica parker. tory spelling. and that's the better looking ones.

Among women who aren't famous there are those who can work it, but there's a whole bunch more who are just very unfortunate looking. Then there's those whose faces are feminine but they're built like a fridge.
who did she marry? shrek?
i definitely knew some cis girls in middle/high school with that straight eyebrow look

File: lebC4TS.jpg (51 KB, 1280x720)
51 KB
I am a bit of a hairless twink, shave my legs, but I present and act straight. My parents also keep asking when ill get a girlfriend.
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I'm a twink and would stab my mom in the eye for a hug from someone like you
Not really, but i'm not deformedly ugly. Maybe i just don't look like a threat and people don't care about my (obviously faggy) appearance, despite being in a conservative place? Idk anymore.

I think this has less to do with you being short/cute and more to do with how frequently people show up in the emergency room because they shoved something up their ass.
Thank you! Trimmed leg hair looks so much better than unkept
maybe people aren't actively looking to beat up fags and you just like the victim culture?

File: Skankman3.jpg (54 KB, 439x479)
54 KB
Son, we are all going to die sometime. Do something other than spreading hate, surely your mom didnt raise you to be hateful.
t. hsts
Just the autistic trannies plz
why did you post a turtle jerking off?

> be trans
> go on chatville
> go to TS-room
> see crossdresser stripping
> cd is enjoying some attention
> know that you're prettier and sexier
> decide to go on cam but dont strip as much
> realize guys love cone titties and hips
> cd loses all her viewers
> room gets fuller, most guys watching you
> be happy at first
> be sorry for crossdresser
> realize being objectified is no reason for feeling self-conscious
> feel like a pathetic bitch
> yay...
Ahh at least you’re well aware how sad and pathetic that is :)

Hi. I'm writing a story that's in first person and my main character is AGP.
Could you tell me your first "Crossdressing" story?
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Does any other garment or style of bra or anything else stand out in a similar way?
>sister's underwear on the floor
>walk around with them on beneath my pants
>don't know why but it makes me really happy
>end up doing this a lot with different kinds of clothes
>never masturbate but try to make myself as feminine as possible
>self hatred ensues
>even though i didn't think i was gay i'd have dreams about a giant hairy man taking me away from my family and making me his boywife
>wetdreams on nights like those because didn't fap till I was 17

I used to think I was a rare case but I hear this experience is typical agp adolescence.
My pajamas was wet so my gf gave me her yoga pants to sleep.
I was aroused by that feeling so I went to the bathroom to see myself in the mirror. To see my ass in the mirror
> be me, 12 yo
> some kind of halloween party
> somehow I was the one to wear girls clothes
> schoolmate girls gave me an skirt and a t-shirt
> I wear them, was afraid a wild bonner appears
> I needed boobs, someone gave me a pair of socks
> a girl helped me to put them in the correct boob place
> I think I wore a wig too
File: p92953_p_v8_aa.jpg (525 KB, 960x1440)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
it's already been done

File: 1399860251099.jpg (400 KB, 1024x1024)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
I am a cis girl. I am in love with a trans girl. She says that she is only into men.

Is there any possible way to convince her to try dating me?
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you should not try to force people to love you. You will find someone eventually, not everything is always meant to be.

Well, I'm a trans girl who is in love with a cis girl, but she thinks I'm only into men (probably) and I'm scared to tell her otherwise in case of rejection.

Your crush might feel the same way.
submit to the same guy she submits to
you can live together and maybe she'll even have sex with you for his enjoyment
Right now I'm wondering why girls like you are so hard to find.

But there is literally no reason to date a woman unless you cannot find a man of suitable quality. Is there anything that a cis woman can provide that a good man can't provide better or which isn't outweighed by a benefit unique to being with a good man? I look at porn of two cis lesbians, imagining I'm one or the other, and I think, "Fucking boring. Where's the dick?" I would never have SRS if I settled for a cis woman. That two vagina-havers can have sex is the most pity-driven lie ever told. They're just playing with each other. It's like hop skotch or jump rope. It's not sex. Watching two cis lesbians "have sex" is like watching clap-happy Barney when you know there are Westworlds and Riverdales out there. "Holy shit, quit this kiddie crap and get out of my face." And a relationship like >>9463950 would just be obnoxious too. Why would I want to be cared for by a woman? That's like using eyeliner as foundation. That doesn't fucking work. I would rather care for her or have an equal relationship.

Get in here and witness this epic KNOCKOUT!
100% they're going through a manic phase. Hope they're alright.
subbed for qt
s u b d

File: tenor[1].gif (770 KB, 498x484)
770 KB
770 KB GIF
>tfw I'm so submissive I willingly became a vassal in Stellaris to please my hivemind daddy
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This this this. The only thing I can think of is there is one bit in that Pony Island game where an AI or something tells you to say "yes master" to it, and it caught me really off guard and was consequently way hotter than it should have been. Oh, I used to play HellMOO when I was a teenager, and wew I guess that game would definitely count, though I don't know if people even still play it anymore.
Totally violates the consent piece of things, but enjoy.
Super Deepthroat?

Obligatory breadcrumbs for those who enjoy text-based degradation/submission

i'll pass

File: koń kura.gif (176 KB, 250x271)
176 KB
176 KB GIF
/lgbt/ how do you feel about never having your own children? Bisexuals not allowed because you can.

I'm gay male in early 30 and I could afford them, I'm taking care of my siblings' kids from time to time but I wish I had my own. Biology is a bitch. Is getting a dog an option?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Actually considering that.
I can't really describe it but I want something """"mine"""". I sound awfully selfish right now but there is some kind of a bond between biological parents and kids. You can take care and love adopted kids but deep down you know they aren't yours. Trust me, I know it. My friend's wife miscarried, they filled up for adoption. They are very happy with their kid but they're scared too. They must tell him he's adopted someday.
I think the norm for gays is to have 2 kids, (or 4 if you are rich and want a lot of kids), 1 from each partner, via surrogacy, with the same egg if possible so the kids are actually half siblings. That would be ideal. If you could get eggs from your bf/husband's female relatives, that would be even more ideal. I'm a NEET and can't afford surrogacy, but that's the dream. Any richfags wanna marry me so I can help raise their kids?
Get a surrogate that looks similar to your bf or husband if you have one. (similar as in eye color, eyes, maybe something like that) then you basically have your own kid. or adoption, but yeah you said you didn't like that. but we are all gonna be dead one day anyway and some kids have no parents so I think I'm just gonna adopt if my parental feelings don't get the better of me.
I probably will have my own kids. I seem to recall my partner not finding it weird to use sperm from their family, and I kept my options open pregnancy-wise despite being FTM.

I have 5 adopted siblings of another race. My parents' favorite son and daughter being two of them. Adoption might not be for you, but it's definitely just as deep a bond as bio kids, if not more.

File: bigkorv.jpg (78 KB, 980x551)
78 KB
Hello i am also the big gaey :o

> gatekeeping delayed to basically next january
> no money to get diy
> my cute/feminine clock is ticking before T ruins me
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check your economic privilege, qualified jobs here pay ~3/hr
supermarket less than 2/hr
I don't know anything about being a europoor. Are you living with your parents? Are they paying for your appointments/legal meds or is that all covered by socialized insurance or something? Can you abuse EU laws to move somewhere else to get a simple job?
You don't even need a job just something that will give you a quick cash boost.
Do you get paid for blood maybe?
Don't worry, as long as you get on E by age 15 or so the damage won't be super high, assuming your on AAs that is
Nope and nope
I'm already older than that, but puberty doesn't really strike my family has until 21-22

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