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I hate feeling and being weak. I used to be strong but hrt changes all this and now I can't even do a handstand without landing on my face ;_;. I don't even have the drive to do most things that I like doing anymore and I think hrt has made me more dumber and oblivious to a lot of things that should be so obvious, all I do is browse this board and put most of my effort into my appearance and just pretty much waste away. I hate having gender dysphoria. Any other trans girls feel the same way or similar maybe?
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That's just something that comes with being a mom, don't worry anon
On the flip side, I've been on hrt for 2 years now and still have big arms. How the fuck do I get rid of this mass? I'm still stronger than most of my male friends. Maybe if I go full anorexia mode?
It could have to do with your levels and body type
Probably body type bc my T levels are even lower than they should be for a cis woman. I feel like full on anorexia mode will help with changing my body type tho
sorry but that sounds adorably retarded

File: IMG_1365.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2208)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
They don't even have dicks
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Awh, leave them alone anon :( but it is kinda weird to me a trans man would be a bottom lmao
It's weird to me that they specified vers...

Like, what, are they counting strapons as topping now?
What does "tribes" mean?
Why would they not be allowed if mtf are allowed
File: 1491303083423.jpg (84 KB, 772x514)
84 KB
I kind of want to see the fallout from that and the face of /pol/ when it is happening.

File: RUPAULS-DRAG-RACE.jpg (277 KB, 2000x1000)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
What does /lgbt/ think of RuPaul's Drag Race?
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i'd fuck bianca out of drag
just sayan
The one who said she was acting like angry black woman was Asia
he look ugly out of drag
only milk looks good
File: fame.jpg (85 KB, 736x685)
85 KB
>only milk looks good

rupaul is a transphobe and i am trans

still watch the show though, love the looks.

File: 1528997173598.jpg (28 KB, 517x592)
28 KB
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They don't have to be criminals to be hated. If the stereotypical black person was still loud, obnoxious, rude, blared rap music, without the violence, they still are bringing a bad stereotype to blacks. This is why some black men go over the top. It's not a crime to prancing around like a retard with a bra and short shorts, it's also not a crime for me to recognize that as ridiculous and embarrassing behavior.
go over the top to act "white" *. It's why theres so many black cops who treat black suspects worse than white cops do.
Asians don't have to "act white" to be accepted
Niggers literally just have to stop committing crime and maybe read a fucking book, but doing that is considered "acting white"
Asians are accepted because the majority of them are the top tier of the genetic pool in Asia, and thus had the economic means to come to the west to succeed even further. Even then, there are tons of asians who bitch about not being accepted. Look up "angryasianman" or go to /r/AsianMasculinity .
Who started it anon so that I can punish them

I find her entertaining occasionally but she's also partly responsible for the popularity of the cringey """"skeptic"""" community. And apparently she's "bi"..
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I remember her justifying what she did to some girl she bullied, made me dislike her instantly desu
butthurt sjw contrapoints fangirl detected
There goes my dreams of fucking shoe. I thought she might actually be one of those bisexuals who actually is bisexual.
nah, I think she's just dumb and doesn't have many genuine opinions of her own. she flip-flops according to whatever she thinks will make the most people like her
Armoured skeptic still wants threesomes even though shoe clearly isn't into it so you could be the awkward third persona getting stuffed by skeptic chose and drenched in Stacey0nhead fake ass bitch pussy juices just DM Pregory

File: 1521641740302.jpg (18 KB, 280x354)
18 KB
How do become trap?
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There is no much to tell about hair style. You just use a female hair style (by “female” I mean obviously that they are customarily associated with women; although such association has no biological basis). Personally my favorite style is as in this photo >>10100653 : Long hair, straight, unadorned or with a tail (like this picture). Both examples are Russian MTFs.

Also, if you want to look feminine or like a woman, seriously consider taking HRT. Even if you pass currently, you will masculinity. You can take HRT and continue presenting as male if you wish; although breast growth is a possible problem.
That is a reverse-trap.
Shut up, you bitter hon. You can get close with the right canvas.
Its a fictional character that no one can completely emulate not even actual girls.
Yes, but you can still get close in some cases.

File: 1523999555931.jpg (158 KB, 960x1200)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Let's come up with a new diagnostic criteria for being transgender. One that any medical practitioner can diagnose, with the treatment being immediate HRT. If you fail to get this diagnosis, then you will not be allowed HRT, and of course DIY is banned.

So what should the symptoms be?
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Even cis-women have a digit ratio less than 1 on average.
>Which is a big reason why we know jack shit about detransitioners.
We know quite a bit about detransitioners, actually. Like that the vast majority of them detransition for social reasons (parents, coworkers, treatment by strangers) rather than a lack of dysphoria, and that a majority of them end up retransitioning years down the line.
Don't make Zucker out to be more important than he is.
>So what should the symptoms be?
>work against wpath guidelines
>pathologize gnc behavior
>gravitate towards a socialization theory, despite brain structure differences being found
how could he get fired?!?!?
also, i love the one-man work group desu.

File: 0mf7dEf.jpg (966 KB, 2083x2778)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
>90% of the population is bisexual. The remaining 10% are seen as sexist, similar to how people who refuse to date a particular race are seen as racist.
>Scientists prove that gender dysphoria doesn't exist, and those who claimed to have gender dysphoria were actually just easily influenced people.
>Transition is seen as a cosmetic procedure and is widely accepted. 5-10% of people transition at some point in their lives.
>Everyone realizes that nonbinary people really were just attention-seekers.
>Asexuals are still seen as incel-tier losers.
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>The year is 2070
>Famines, water shortages, flooding of arable land near coasts
>New illlnesses plaguing humanity
>Oil gone, now just coal and nuclear
>Mad Maxing it out in the wilderness
>A few civilizations, incredibly tightly controlled to keep resources safe
>One cot is used by three people sleeping in shifts
>Your utility is only as important as the calories you help produce for society
>Everyone too goddamn tired to have sex and most are on anti-libidinals to keep procreation down
>Hair dye doesn't produce calories, so everyone just has a normal hair color
>People whining about dysphoria, orientation are killed out of hand because they are whining instead of growing wheat
>Humanity survives with memories of the hard times
>Remembers always that transtrenders were useless wastes of skin
>European Unions becomes the caliphate
>all lgbt people are thrown off roofs
>USA become Grande Mexico
>all lgbt people are beheaded
>Canada and Australia become part of China
>all lgbt people are executed for "dissidence"
>LGBT Predictions for the Year 2070
Most of you will be dead even though you're all relatively young people due to how shitty your life choices were (specially OP) due to being a fat slob NEET who eats tendies all day.
>Religion is finally fucking dead
you wish, old religions might die, but the desire to believe in a higher intelligence seems to stem from biological impulses
File: ANNO_2070.jpg (296 KB, 1064x1500)
296 KB
296 KB JPG

How did you come up with your trans name thread?

For me it's Chihiro. Was going for a spirited away type thing. You know the whole going to another world thing. I think it's cute. My friends call me chii or Sen for short.
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Christina sounds better desu
I find it really cute when a girl shortens her name to Chris, but that's much more common as a male name so I think it wouldn't work very well for a trans girl unfortunately. Unless she was already going by Chris in which case it's easy for everyone.
I made a nonbinary name from an anagram of my birth name. It's exactly as autistic as I'm making it sound.
You made it up? Like the character in Baldur's Gate?
Apparently so!

File: 1529144661582.jpg (79 KB, 980x490)
79 KB
Is there any hope for me or any trans women? I've been wanting to transition for a year, but I'm so scared of just being a hon. I don't wanna be trans. I wanna be a girl. I wanna be all cute and shit.

This is not want I want to be.
you already know if you will pass or not

There is literally no difference between a post op trans woman and a cis woman, minus the fact they can’t get pregnant. Why is this board so against SRS? It saves so many trannies from killing them selves. The whole dickgirl fantasy expires like milk.
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I’m not trans lmao
File: jqpn7gzceldy.jpg (29 KB, 300x300)
29 KB
Seriously, do you really believe what you're posting?
File: IMG_3071.png (58 KB, 645x729)
58 KB
imagine being this retarded. at least you tried anon.
I'm getting SRS just because so many situations are too uncomfortable without a vagina. And I've seen that people are willing to shove their faces into really gross-looking vaginas, so I don't think I'll be clocked unless the scars are too prominent. And really, I mostly need a vagina so that if someone gropes me or grinds on me, or wants to see me naked, there's no issue.

File: perfectblue1-1440x811.jpg (321 KB, 1440x811)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
>be me
>(((boymode))) tranny
>have to take plane
>go to Starbucks
>"hello ma'am"
>okay sure not surprising really
>but then go to plane door
>get passport checked
>the girl reads my name, i answer in male voice
>she then, looking at my name "good trip sir"
>puts her head up
>"sorry, ma'am"
>i just go take my plane and shrug my shoulders
anyone got airport stories? no katie charm pls
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>good to know, it would've been worse if even pictures triggered it
>ideally, you'd want trusted friends to help you out here - starting with the most innocent stuff, getting you acclimatized to that, then the slightly more risky jokes or whatever
>that's for exposing yourself to those situations as is
>another angle is you can try to somehow boost your self-confidence in that regard - maybe self-defense classes might help (but the simulated scenarios in those could be a trigger OTOH, so tread lightly)
it might be good to get rid of the triggers really desu, self-defence would be a great thing probably in the future when i'm more confident in myself
don't really have trusted friends nearby though :'
or rather i have one but he's not very violent at all lol

>possible that it happened on account of both of us being anon, but if my useless memory isn't too wrong, I only remember knowingly writing to you, uh, 1 or 2 times about brows glasses and shit, and this thread
correct me if I'm wrong, of course
i count at least 3 others in my head but my memory is quite shit

>yeah it's nice, threads don't get killed off too quickly so longer convos can happen without tripfaggotry

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>hey, that's nice
>skirts instead of dresses as a first step, perhaps? makes the best use of those assets you're happy about, and you can wear top stuff that goes well with the parts that concern you
well can't have everything bad :o
i want a cute frilly dress so much! like a black or rather dark grey one to go with my other streetwear attire (streetwear is the best for my andromode really)
i do have dresses tho, they don't fit that badly, but fuck if i am confident enough to wear them

>how about your mom, similar figures or?
kinda better but still complicated sometimes, but eh, it is what it is. can't complain compared to most ppl already
I'd say three years mostly
Five years to be relatively set
But subtle changes never totally stop.
I think one should wait at least two years to get FFS to give hrt some time to work.
>that's just the best! it's like you corrupt their brain, so they'll think of the pun by association, and then you look at them knowingly :o
yep, don't even have to say a word to get the effect

>so who gives a fuck
yep, that's the better perspective

>yeah i know exactly what you mean, drugs are """bad""" for most people, but for anxious and depressed people, they can help go through tough times. G.od save weed
depends on the people tho, turned out to be horrible anxiety-wise for me, but that's a known effect for 10-20% of the smokers

>>the therapy stuff, however, some parts of it can be done without the official guys
>>even during official therapy, usually there will be homework to be done
>yeah, it might be worth it paying for it, but still, money :x
Yeah, if you've got the time and motivation, you can do the free* option and look up some of the stuff by yourself

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>takes a lot of tricks to work around my brain's inability to do that, tbhonky
>>for food, calorie counting is an option, but has its downsides and risks too
>my trick is to, well, embrace it: i suck at moderating, but i'm way better than most peopl at the extremes, so fasts & not buying high-calorie food + calorie-counting works
yep, that's the stuff

>>well, you could use those only as a way to meet potential friends, and avoid the hugbox stuff as much as possible, but that may be tricky
>don't really want 40yo hon friends tho lol
ah, good point
though I'd hope it's not only those in the groups? then again, the more passing girls probably prefer to stealth it up and have little to do with the groups

>>skirts instead of dresses as a first step, perhaps? makes the best use of those assets you're happy about, and you can wear top stuff that goes well with the parts that concern you

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: MyLife.png (34 KB, 1578x1102)
34 KB
I've had very few people (male or female) ever show romantic/sexual interest in me. How common is this?

Asking because I'm 24 and I've only had 4 people (2 guys, 2 girls) show interest in me and I'm not sure if that's a bad sign and that I might be ugly.

Male btw.
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I take it you're a small, feminine, cute little thing?
I‘m kinda tall (1,78m) and was very androgynous before HRT. Not sure if I’m cute or pretty.
>I don't feel like I have that "aura".
For me it kind of shimmers through I think, people often assumed I’m gay or feminine or something. I don’t even have that stereotypical gay voice so I don’t know where their assumptions came from.
Ah, well I can't say I'm andro. More like the feminine side of masculine. I'm 185cms and while I have a narrow body and some pretty features I have a wide face and gorilla arms that make everything look out of place.
I dunno it happens sometimes i'm a 33 y/o straight male(AGP repressor) and never had a gf and very little sex. Women tend to act friendly but I can't tell if they're interested in me or not.
Seems to me that's normal, most people are friendly with me but I think if you're friendly to them then they're inclined to reciprocate.
It means your an incel

Fellas, can I still be a gold star gay if I date a trans woman with a penis?
You can't be a goldstar gay if you fuck a FtM in his mangina either btw.
literally kill yourself

File: DfpR0UnVQAE6TUp.jpg orig.jpg (147 KB, 1016x1417)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Stuff the trans activists do that helps no one:
>Helping trenders appropriate trans
>Trying to force hons into cis women's spaces
>Enabling and complimenting hons
>Fight 'truscum' and 'transmedicalists'
>Say HRT is optional
>Say passing is optional

Things trans activists don't do that would actually be helpful:
>Shun trenders and hons that make life harder for trans people
>Encourage trans people to use the bathrooms and changing rooms that they pass for
>Give trans people harsh critiques so they can either pass or boymode
>Fight for HRT, both DIY sites like QHI or Cypro prescriptions in the USA
>Make sure people know that the only cure for trans is immediate HRT
>Educate trans people that the end goal is to pass

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
137 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
The prize is getting extra attention and (You)s.
File: image_1.jpg (412 KB, 599x846)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
what I need to actually shave my legs now?
Or is it "so *you have*"?
>Trans sex workers are murdered by the johns and pimps because that's a standard risk when you become a prostitute, whether you're a female, a male or trans.
It's a lot easier to get away with murdering trans women though, because the trans panic defense is still a thing in 49 out of 50 states. I think that's what the other anon was getting at.
The people I mentioned are a tiny fraction compared to transsexual people and do not care about “gender identity” moreover, it is far from a “““trend”””. You seem to be confusing us with the people who choose idiotic “genders” and base their life around Money’s pseudo-scientific proposed redefinition of “gender”, enhanced with even more crap.

Note the difference: The people you refer to as trenders are all about the concept of gender, while me and like people do not care about this absurd concept.

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