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>just shave your head, dude
>just become a girl, sweetie, HRT cures minor hair loss
Who do I listen to?
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>now that I'm on fin that's less of a thought.
the fact it's still a thought when the hair sitch is taken care of is kind of telling
sounds like you want the femboy hrt regimen where you don't grow boobs if you're seriously that wrorried
your looks are gonna get worse in your 20s, a lot worse
Eh, maybe. I figure I can just live as a tranny and pine for straight dudes for now, see how that goes for me. If i miss the gay/boy life I can always detrans later, it's as easy as saying "guys I was confused I just wanted to be pretty for boys" and throwing away some meds.
well I hope your balls work afterwards
Why would you consider the former then?
I tried a buzz once actually. Hated it. I couldn't even see myself in the mirror. I'd rather be a woman with hair than a bald man.

File: images.duckduckgo.jpg (35 KB, 300x360)
35 KB
Is it even worth getting a boyfriend? Won't it inevitably end in an awful breakup just be one more emotional scar until suicide?
Why would I even wanna make myself that happy if I know its probably gonna end?
I need help, /lgbt/..
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>t. Rick and Morty fan
lmao, I pity you..
No, it's not worth you getting a bf. You'll only burden him with your emotional problems.
You'll get over it man, I got over a hard break up recently too! Don't lose hope not everyone is a cunt.
Tbh this, focus on yourself and your own happiness for a bit you sound lost.

File: 1520949600296.jpg (215 KB, 1200x1582)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
why blanchardist are skeptics of male bisexuality went J. Michael Bailey already have 2 studies saying male bisexuality exist?

and if cis males and cis females can be bi then tru bi MtF exist, independently if they are AGP with non-meta-attraction or a third category separated from AGP and HSTS.

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I know it might be hard for a mere monosexual such as you to understand, but I'll attempt to explain. They simply have hsts, AND agp.
They want to hold hands and cuddle and have sex with men not just because it validates their gender, but ALSO because they're physically attracted to them.
But they are ALSO attracted to women, so when they look like one, not only does it help them attract straight men (which are more common and less disease ridden than gay men), but they also get to be attracted by themselves just like a real autogynephile. And since they're attracted to women they can also behave like a transbian, just like a normal agp would.
Truly, trubi trans are the most trutrans of all the transgendereds; indeed, they have twice the motivationings of a monosexual transgendered!
t. trubi trutrans trumasterrace
>conspiracy theorying
The only alternative is that he can't even design and interpret his own studies which is less probable than Bailey acting under bias against bis
Mind you I'm not saying that he consciously sat down and thought "oh shit bis clearly exist but I'm gonna fool people into thinking they don't to fuel my evil erasionist agenda", just that he believes they don't and it has an impact on him such as making him dismiss things that contradict his worldview. This happens in psychological studies regularly, people get results they didn't expect, get confused and go write the actual paper and are like "the limitations uhhh the patients are lying cunts maybe"

The Kaine post is a different anon

>but he also worked in two studies that basically say bi males exist, 2011 and 2018
Yeah I noticed OP linked the studies, my point was Bailey has a much longer history of claiming they don't (backed by studies you wouldn't know contradict him if you read only the abstract when reading the full thing wasn't possible for most people before scihub), so of course blanchard followers aren't gonna suddenly change their mind
>They never make any sense in practice.
[citation needed]
Blanchardism is dumb

File: 1508597521938.jpg (359 KB, 1100x1575)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
So apparently I won't be able to move from my parents for at least 2 years. I'm a boymodding mtf, not out to anyone in my family.
I'll have to live 2 (maybe more) years in a permanent boymode - something that is just one step above repression. I'm not sure I can take it anymore. I'm not sure it's worth living like this. I'll be lucky if I last another year without killing myself. I'll live with a constant fear of being discovered and my social dysphoria will eat me up inside.
What do I even do in this situation?
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You'd be able to transition and not kill yourself. Pretty big difference.

Is somebody just gonna give you an apartment in two years?
>You'd be able to transition and not kill yourself. Pretty big difference.
I'm boymodding on HRT already, so there won't be any difference.
>Is somebody just gonna give you an apartment in two years?
Yes, my family.
Wait, so why do you want to kill yourself?
Because I'll have to boymode for 2-3 years and won't be able to transition socially during that time. My parents will never accept me.
It sounds to me like you're choosing not to so you don't have to get a job.

What were the signs that Harry Styles was bisexual? I always thought he was straight af.
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Epic roast!
everyone is bi
get over it
yeah no, no one cares.
bet you most guys are bi but society represses them

File: 100t.jpg (64 KB, 600x471)
64 KB
tfw no trans gf to watch classic 80s anime with. End my life fampai
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drop your discord or a throwaway email, i'll be your bf.
I'm the OP btw
Fuck. I’ll give it a chance
What do you even do when watching a show or movie with someone else? I just stay silent. It’s not like video games where banter can happen due to the competitive/co-operative nature
You cuddle of course! :3

File: BurninSherman.jpg (82 KB, 597x699)
82 KB
>tfw I constantly go between fantasizing about leading an army across the southern US and burning everything in my path, and fantasizing about being a cute girl

How do I know which one is right?
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>hates blacks and thinks they should be slaves
>fights a war to supposedly free blacks from slavery
Doesn't seem a bit hypothetical? That is unless the civil war wasn't about slavery.
I mean I can at the very least appreciate that he knew that niggers are annoying as shit and are a pain in the ass to work with.
To be fair, white people can be pretty annoying to work with.
>That is unless the civil war wasn't about slavery.
It was about slavery, but the original intent of the war was not to free the slaves.
Also, the word you're looking for is hypocritical.
>I can at the very least appreciate that he knew that niggers are annoying as shit and are a pain in the ass to work with.
Yes they are.

Figured I should ask your advice about the matter:
>Be me
>Been talking to that MtF recently
>Cute, fun, intelligent etc
>Lowkey develop a crush on her
>Kinda want to hook up with
>One issue: I've never been with a person who has a dick before, and IDK if I'll be sexually attracted to her and what not

If anything does happen, how do I explain I might stop in the middle if I'm not into it without making her feel dysphoria about her dick?

File: women_only_1500.png (1.62 MB, 1500x3174)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
vent all your frustration here.
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i am curious as to how far you'd follow this logic. what if it were something objectively terrible like if cis women had their fingers fall off during menopause? would a trans person need to desire that to be a tru-trans non-perv? note I am not comparing this to the current situation, just interested if your ideology here would extend to that hypothetical
>no winning
Again, if you read this thread, you'd see where this was discussed between some other "TERF" anons and more intellectually honest, nonstrawmanny transfolks.

>fingers fall off
Never said one needs to desire pain.
well it need not be painful necessarily (i am assuming you're talking about physical pain?). say the body did it in such a way that there is no pain. would it then be necessary to desire
but also so if typical cis womanhood involves pain then it's not necessary to desire that specific type of pain as an mtf in order to have pure/non-perv motivations or whatever you're trying to accuse them of not having?
not like cis women can't take estrogen supplements too, they simply don't want it
There was a big dropoff in use after the Women's Health Initiative came out in 2002. If it weren't for cancer fears use would be a lot higher.
>Between 2001 and 2003, the number of visits with menopausal hormone prescriptions fell from 26.5 million to 16.9 million.
>Annual hormone therapy prescriptions increased from 58 million in 1995 to 90 million in 1999, representing approximately 15 million women per year, then remained stable through June 2002.
>If prescription rates observed through July 2003 remain stable, a decline to 57 million prescriptions for 2003, similar to the rate in 1995, is projected.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20406789 (Dutch study)
>HRT prescription decreased considerably: from 37% in all women who present with menopausal symptoms at the GP 2002 to 14% in 2003 and 4% in 2004.

Has anyone else with AGP been able to jack off to normie PiV stuff while on Ritalin? It makes me not feel like I have to transition either. The catch is that it’s temporary. I am willing to participate in research. This is not a drill.
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>handle a speed dick
You still have agp after a year on HRT?
Yeah, what is that?
Found it
Have you experienced what I'm talking about?

File: doki.png (87 KB, 267x254)
87 KB
hey trans folk. how did you get/come up with you name?
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That's a part of the brain!
>my Dad's name was Dane.
What's her new name?
i just kinda picked a name that just sounded right, "robin" then i added a "y" to make it more feminine and two "n's" to make it more pretentious to get "robynn"
it's stuff like this that makes me question whether I'm trans. dude blloodborne!!! epic
File: lol.jpg (90 KB, 800x775)
90 KB

File: zak.jpg (611 KB, 2048x1536)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
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Ironically a feminist society is what allows violent transbian sjws.

wait wait wait. You think I'm a terf because I realize that women are generally treated worse than men by society and I'm being flippant to people that are holding that belief?

How...does your brain work? I'm genuinely curious, it's the only reason I'm bothering to reply to this at this point. Do you need help?
File: Pic4.png (73 KB, 957x1024)
73 KB

The opposite belief, excuse me for my typo.

Pic related
32 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
By definition, you don't.
If I gave you my discord you’d be sorely disappointed but you’d have the advantage of never wanting to pursue another trans woman again
Stop it with the self-pity, just accept someone wanting you
I'm sure you're a lovely girl. I've talked with a number of legit crazies before who were trans. I haven't given up on them.
I need sleep but: winona#5951

>come out as trans three weeks ago
>still pre-hrt, pre-everything
>parents very upset by this, fuck them though
>grandpa dies a week ago
>terrified of going to funeral without passing
>/tttt/ insists that it's fine and that I'm a beautiful woman who will look amazing
>don't own any formal women clothes since I've only been doing this for three weeks
>go to funeral wearing blue blouse, black skirt, leggings, high heels
>no one wants to talk to me at the wake
>cousins and uncles all giving me dirty looks or laughing at me
>parents barely talk to me on the drive there and back
>tried putting on my girl voice and using my girl name, but failed again and again

I've never been more embarrassed in my entire fucking life. I honestly feel like I ruined the entire event and made a tragedy somehow worse. I fucking hate all of you for convincing me to do this.
71 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Blame cishets on the outside trying to make it so humans don't have rights, not trans people for taking advantage of the oppurtunity to see to their needs once they're locked away.
>prisons based on punishment rather than rehabilitation

No thank you.
>you shouldn't be in an objectively better healthcare situation if you're IN JAIL
that's why ant 1st world country except usa and most of the second world countries and even some third world countries have free healthcare
Look commie, we don't all have to be against liberty just because we transition, the outside works just fine (you can't have a right to a provided service or a technological achievement btw, only things which would still apply in the pre agricultural paleolithic can be considered rights)

Manning should not have had any opportunity to take advantage of, that's all
>rrreeeeee, give me free skittles, my smelly NEET ass demands handouts
parasites kys, you give all of us a bad name

Combination of lavendar and tea tree oil is shown to have estrogenic and anti androgenic properties.


Is this the real deal or just another snake oil?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
hey I'm sure it could help combined with my bica and prog
you are not nearly as receptive to extremely minor amounts of hormones as a young child.
Even if it's not real both of those things smell pretty good so I'm a buy a moisturizer with them in it.
drink spearmint tea instead
I was actually going to make this thread earlier but didn't.

This whole thing kinda makes me lol because I'm an MtF, and I've been using lavender oil on myself for a long time. I just apply it to my wrists and the sides of my neck.

I got it from a chiropractor for stress relief, and honestly I keep using it because I just like the smell, and the strength of the smell helps distract me from my own thoughts, when I'm getting anxious or I'm not feeling very present.

I was using it for things totally unrelated to my gender dysphoria, it's just kind of funny to read about it having those properties.

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