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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but ideally those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

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Recommended Literature

File: bad bbok.jpg (24 KB, 298x499)
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I read it because it's considered part of the dystopian trilogy (1994, Brave new world, 451).

Personally I thought it was terrible. Lame concept, bland characters, social commentary as subtle as a brick through a glass window. Felt like it was just jerking itself of over how great books are.
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the robot dog was cool
I unironically agree with the OP. The rest of the trilogy is shit too though.
If you hated it so much, then why didn't you burn it?
Waiting on a movie adaptation that can properly depict it
there is no phenomenal self, Marx, Kant and Descartes should be burned and banned, all political and economic philosophy based on the idea of actors or agents must be uprooted, extirpated and the proliferating forces snuffed out and permanently subdued by a stronger model, one based in flux. burning books is good

File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
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having a penis
uh good prose
You know that a character's well written when grown men start asking themselves stupid questions like "How many children did Lady Macbeth have?"
when he suffers terribly, is rescued by his friends, and then he betrays them to a horde of demons for the opportunity to become a demigod.

File: 1530710615286.jpg (51 KB, 633x640)
51 KB
Hello /lit/ amazon just gave me a $20 gift card so I am rich enough to buy a book. I quit reading when I was 16 years old because of school (back in 2010). Please give me some recommendations.
I want an interesting page turner, genre doesn't matter as long as its not feminine bs. Basically your favorite interesting book.
idk man read starship troopers I guess

File: Dark_sun_logo.png (150 KB, 501x199)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
What is the best novel set in Dark Sun D&D setting?
Or what is the best intro novel?

What do you think of him?
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you have to change your life, critique of cynical reason, spheres, world interior of capital, basically everything you can get your hands on

you don't have to choose between han and sloterdijk either
Bc they r both garbage?
File: 81qzQjETWJL.jpg (416 KB, 1710x2560)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
this one is what i recommend
all of his books are like 100-150 pages, really? Is there any larger collection?
Spheres trilogy (2500+ pages)

File: Hamlet.jpg (2.65 MB, 1783x2539)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
So I'm going to get into Shakespeare. Where should I start?
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Hold mund.
>Writing in swedish on a english board
when you used the word cuck it made me think that you are intelligent and it made me think you are cool:)
Everyone fucking dies
maybe you should start reading shakespeare for maximum cuckold exposure

File: jR1prPo.jpg (60 KB, 800x600)
60 KB
You've made me neurotic as fuck, /lit/. In the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about this stupid NPC meme.

It seems I am constantly doing the same things, at the same time, without fail. And the scary part is that I am seemingly unable to break this dumb routine (it consists in the simplest tasks: sleeping, eating, browsing the internet, going to courses on graduate school) as every time I try to do something difference I feel extremely compelled to just forget this outlier behavior and go back to my ways. I make plans and don't follow through, but my routine keeps getting more and more rigid. I don't wash my car or visit relatives. Reading books feels like some chore, an obligation to be fulfilled rather than a true heart's desire. I also constantly bump on other people and hit tables, beds, walls with my feet and often send itens flying on the air (I break lots of plates and glasses due to this). There is very little reasoning going on in my mind: I am unable to create causal chains of actions towards an objective. My movement is very peculiar and deliberate, as if I'm walking like a real life QWOP character.

I've come to realize that I'm as close as possible to an Oblivion NPC powered by Radiant AI. What are books about such pathetic characters? Stoner? Notes from the Underground?
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>tfw want to play videogames but can't because ill get addicted again

>tfw want to like videogames but it’s too much of a sustained effort compared to refreshing 4chan
>tweeting about retarded /pol/ memes
Of course communism would be pissed off. Their whole philosophy is "revolution of the NPCs". NPCs never revolt unless ordered to do so by PCs.
File: 1515205126423.png (14 KB, 647x740)
14 KB
>graduate school

File: dom.jpg (206 KB, 853x1280)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
any books about/featuring dominatrixes?
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Rousseau's Confessions has some hot spanking scenes. Venus in Furs, Gravitys Rainbow. Very hard to find it done right, same as in mainstream films it never feels authentic
the french film maîtresse has some authentic scenes of bdsm, but again the main plot revolves around a guy just not understanding why she's like this...
Why do we have these reddit tier threads still when the summer fags have gone?
Does well written erotica exist? I mean, it has to, right?
Or does the role the writing as sex toy diminish the possibility of writing for the sake of writing?
Coldness and Cruelty and some other Deleuze's works. Basically the point of his body of work is that making dominatrix castrate and peg you means becoming a body without organs (and that's a good thing).

File: adriana.jpg (431 KB, 1060x663)
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431 KB JPG
>When life deals us cards make everything taste like it is salt. Then you come through like the sweetener you are. To bring the bitter taste to a halt

what did she mean by this?
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I feel like I'm being brainwashed into worshipping jezebels listening to this album. geez maybe the media conspirators are on to something
>life sucks
>but you don't suck
>so you can make life not suck
>Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltiness, with which will you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another. Mark 9:50

Huh, when you turn Jezebels upside-down they turn into biblical scholars.
this is also the case with google translate
>>When life deals us cards make everything taste like it is salt. Then you come through like the sweetener you are. To bring the bitter taste to a halt

this is actually a good line of poetry.

File: 47358215.jpg (403 KB, 700x933)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
which books should i dual wield in public to get some pussy?
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File: 615v1ufKiYL.jpg (79 KB, 667x1000)
79 KB
Gravity's Rainbow audiobook playing on my phone + Weiseburger's Companion in left hand + Zak Smith illustrations in right hand
Holy fuck this guy is a legend.

The Bertrand next to Hegel is a nice touch. Is this art?

To answer, Sacred Hoops and Starting Strength.
how he turn the pages
his mental powers allow him to do that without physical touch.

File: 76652-004-60D7B595.jpg (25 KB, 345x450)
25 KB
What is /lit/'s thoughts on Edgar Allan Poe? Are his work good or are they just edgy?
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It's good stuff.
One of the greatest aesthetes of the 19th century
Many argue and make fun of his poetry, also, they consider his writings something you overcome after 21. Is that the case or just pseud-op?

File: 1526881147860.jpg (132 KB, 1200x889)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
An article on the extreme leftism of people involved in universitys' first year experience programmes.


>“This is the story of how despite all that privilege and opportunity, America made me loathe my black self, my brown skin,” she tells the audience. It’s not clear why one semiliterate teenage bigot should represent America, but Lythcott-Haims quickly segues into denunciations of the police, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and whites in general, to repeated applause from the (mostly white) audience. She explains why she has left a wide margin on each page of the book (“As a black woman I do not have access to the full page”) and reads a passage: “You think your whiteness makes you better than the rest of us. You make us your scapegoat. Your excuse for your violent rage.”

>This audience knows that racism is the all-consuming topic in higher education. It has been the most popular theme for common-read books for the last three years, according to the National Association of Scholars (NAS), which has tracked these programs across the country for the past decade. The latest report by the NAS, a group dedicated to reviving traditional liberal arts education (and a haven for nonprogressives in academia), analyzes some 350 schools’ common-read books and finds a “continuing obsession with race” as well as an “infantilization of students.” The three most frequently assigned books are by Coates, Bryan Stevenson, and Wes Moore, all dealing with America’s mistreatment of African-Americans. The rest of the top ten books almost all deal either with African-Americans or another social-justice identity group, whether it’s women, immigrants, Muslims, Latin-Americans, or Asian-Americans.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Jordan Peterson is the author for late teens/early twenty-somethings who, despite having been in the 'gifted and talented' program in their youth, have had their years of coasting along academically rudely interrupted by finally coming face to face with the real world and realising they're not so smart after all.

I'm willing to bet my reputation on this anonymous imageboard that there is a huge positive correlation between people who are convinced that all colleges/universities are marxist brainwashing camps, and with people who applied and were rejected by those same institutions.
I think the complaint is against reputable institutions, not your no-name shit hole
This even effected my high school - and I imagine other high schools. In elementary school we read a book about a white boy who shockingly was willing to share a candy bar with a black boy. In high school we read a book about a black ragtime pianist who "preferred the black notes", and we read "To Kill A Mockingbird", which was about a heroic white man defending an accused black rapist in court and enduring abuse from the evil bigots. I'm sure there were more I'm forgetting. One day a white boy in my class put his hand up and just asked "why are all the books we read about black people!?". The class and the teacher laughed but there was no answer. I thought he was just being semi-racist at the time (is there something wrong with reading books about black people????) but now that I understand, that memory has a lot more significance to me.
like and share! This MUST be heard!
Also, it seems like most of what we read with white people was about degenerates - Of Mice and Men, Hamlet, 1984.

File: mask of dimitrios.jpg (7 KB, 192x293)
7 KB
What are you favourite adventure/spy/detective books?

I read this piece of crap and I know there is better out there
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I really like Raymond Chandler. Hard boiled detective fiction is a really great genre in general honestly
Adventure: Papillon by Henri Cherriere and The invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy-Casares.

Spy/Detective: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. Like the previous poster mentioned, Chandler is great if you like old-school detective stuff.

Mason & Dixon, Robinson Crusoe, that Fawcett Atlantis book, Lord of the Rings, Black Company


Not sure I've ever read a good spy book


just the classics
File: 9780241338063.jpg (1.68 MB, 1526x2341)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Your Face Tomorrow by Javier Marias

What went wrong with goodreads reviews? I have to scroll half a page before finding one that doesn’t look like this, with all the meaningless preamble and gifs and random bullshit.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
So, why would you reach this conclusion, anon?
File: goodreads userbase.png (135 KB, 331x272)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
File: Pulitzer when.jpg (148 KB, 848x984)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
File: Pulitzer when 2.png (48 KB, 744x331)
48 KB
fuck w*men

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