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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but ideally those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

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File: arararar.jpg (86 KB, 677x571)
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>"Manchester students deface poem by 'racist' Kipling"

>"student leaders erased the work, replacing it with a piece by Maya Angelou in a bid to reverse "black and brown voices" being written out of history."

>"Riddi Viswanathan, student union diversity officer, said elected members representing students felt Kipling was "not in line with our values", singling out his poem The White Man's Burden"

>"Sara Khan, liberation and access officer at the union, wrote on Facebook that Kipling's "racist" work supported the role of the British Empire and Angelou's poem was chosen as a "reclamation of history by those who have been oppressed by the likes of Kipling for so many centuries"."


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I mean, it's Kipling, who gives a shit? It's not like they burned his books either, it's just some shitty public display thing.
"If" is a banger t b h
I hope they come for you and nobody even bats an eye. You're just some retarded faggot so I don't even have to say it.
>deface poem
Wut. They just painted over a wall. Media sensationalism really is the devil.

File: Materials.jpg (969 KB, 1562x2560)
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969 KB JPG
Is this a good book to give to someone who loves reading fairy stories and all the fantastical stuff? They're an adult, 24 years old.

What do you think of it?
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What's wrong anon? bad day? Wanna talk?
Ah, the Fedoracles of Narnia.
I love that like, Pullman introduces Angels in the third book during a campfire of exposition with some witches and then one witch just hop on his broom and meets this mystical and incredibly rare and powerful creature in the air. Just like that. All in one chapter.
The first book was passable, maybe a little better than HP books, but after that is asspull after asspull

Wasn't there a whole plot where a guy has to assassinate a woman and then AFTER the main plot is over and this assassination is finally taking place, a literal Deus Ex Machina stumble upon the killer and kills him?
>a literal Deus Ex Machina stumble upon the killer and kills him?
Yes. What a pointless side plot that was. The widowing gay angel accidentally snaps his neck before fading away into nothingness
It's Paradise Lost for children

File: 1528322309194.jpg (387 KB, 700x934)
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387 KB JPG
>What's your major?
>Do you enjoy it?
>Wish you chose something else, if so what?
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currently deciding between philosophy or econ major, any tips on how to make the right choice?

Yes, but I have no idea what. I don't enjoy anything. Maybe a trade would be a better option.
>"self taught" programmers are always shit and I can always tell in an interview that they're missing significant parts of their knowledge

That's a shame. I've known plenty of competent programming autodidacts. It's a risk, and I agree that forgoing a structured learning environment in favour of it is for most people a bad idea, but it's more than possible to self-teach programming if you go about it the right way, that is to practice regularly, not fall into complacency, challenge yourself consistently, not try to learn too much at once, and get out into the world to make connections. University forces you to do all of this, and if you self-teach, you'll be leaving yourself not to the mercy of your professors, but your own will to learn, which can wane if you don't maintain a good study schedule.
Electrical Engineering
I guess not. Almost went to an Ivy League school for literature. Was bummed I couldn't afford it for at the time but at this point I'm glad I didn't go.

File: sucy 4.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
ITT: /lit/erary confessions thread.

Confess your sins, it's not like you're going anywhere else.
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I kind of agree with you but that black anon 100% knew what he was doing by showing his hand, most likely it wasn’t even his picture and he was just trolling.
That's certainly cute, and I was surprised that someone can sustain that level of prose for so long, but I had enough of it after so much.
You just become too cynical, because there is plenty of fedora typing and vapid humor, and soon you just become towards Book what's pynchon to history and ww2.
Fair enough. No harm in taking a break to refresh yourself with something more accessible though. GR took me about 2-3 months to finish, it's definitely time consuming but it did feel very satisfying and there were plenty of passages I would consider my favourite out of everything I've read, even if the book does become crude at times.

Always loved the part with Slothrop trying british sweets for the first time and feeling absolutely disgusted. It's very funny as Pynchon begins teasing with traditional British sweets that are real (I'm British and a lot of us have a nostalgic fondness for cola cubes, chocolate limes, lemon sherberts, etc - different forms of boiled sweets) but gradually makes more absurd sweets up that probably sound just as absurd as the genuine ones.
I like the Harry Potter books and re-reading them injects me with childhood nostalgia almost instantly. Also still enjoy playing The Philosopher's Stone on PC.

What's some essential atheist-to-christian literature?
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Pulled that out of your ass hole, eh? robes and other rather drafty attire have been worn by men throughout all of human history. They are easier to manufacture and also let your nuts breathe.
File: 1462400926750.png (52 KB, 700x419)
52 KB
>male behaviour
>Harris is more dangerous, though. He seems to have a lack of compassion
Harris endorses anything that reduces human suffering
Then he should stop talking and spare humanity the suffering of hearing the sound of his voice.
Call to prayer sounds good though. I might get annoyed at the repetition, but I suspect it would just fade into the background.

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I didn't actually kill the person though and earlier you said that the actual violence was what mattered, so
That seems pretty dumb. I think it's good to show how equality of outcome might not always be what we should expect or want but that just means that we have to be more thoughtful about our claims regarding desired outcomes, it doesn't mean that claims about equality of outcome "go too far."
>earlier you said that the actual violence was what mattered
Just made a video explaining everything wrong with Peterson's idea of Darwinian truth.

can't place your accent, scot, irish or some weird yank accent?

File: 4234324324324.jpg (254 KB, 1600x1067)
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254 KB JPG
What's your best argument against hedonism?
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Pain and pleasure are both navigational devices for the plane of existence. They are useless without higher mental processes, such as reasoning and foresight, to regulate them. That's the best I got (don't really have enough of a neuroscience background to get too sciencey).
Masturbation, sex and over eating are all just as damning acts of hedonism as drugs. I'd argue they are worse if reinforced.
In fact, motivation to use ethanol is linked to past sexual experience. I would extrapolate that to cannabis to.
Fundamentally the root of all hedonism is that desire for a quick hit of pleasure. Just because it isn't some synthetic ligand that you ingest, doesn't mean its harmless. Take the above example of the increasing masturbatory frequency. It's more than just the time wasted on these activities. It's what they do to our thoughts, foals, aspiration and our very life.
I've seen hedonists who have never touched drugs and ascetics who have.
Doesn't really feel good for long, usually goes too far and become destructive and addictive, unsustainable economically and ecologically, doesn't bring any lasting contentment, makes people lazy and complacent.
Not having to worry about next month's finances removes one large cause of stress.
i stayed in school, studied hard, and now ive got a bunch of debt and a desk job. if i had partied i would have had some fun memories at least

File: 20150755a1262b9519e.jpg (69 KB, 800x600)
69 KB
Falling for It Edition
>how many sffg memes did you fall for?
>what was the last meme you fell for?
>how do you counter memes after you fell for them?



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Pushing Ice translated as The Ice of Stars

Now that's nice.
sci fi with academy arc plz
Why do the wolfe fags try so hard to convince you to read their book of choice when you already said you don't want to?
>Natalie Portman
>super attractive
Sorry to burst your bubble anon, but a lot of men outside of 4chan.org thanks she's attractive along with a lot of other actresses.

File: 1496358055604.jpg (47 KB, 479x591)
47 KB
What are some good books about protagonist suffering from existential hollowness and emptiness in life due to his bourgeois lifestyle?
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i know stoner doesnt fit but im going to say it anyways
American Psycho
It's shit.
The Fall by Camus, The Indifferents by Moravia

kino novels

Who's his /lit/ equivalent?
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Paulaniuk or Ellis
Dan Brown
Unfair. Nolan is middlebrow, not airport trash
Making Dunning-Kruger blockbusters for normies to feel smart that inevitably fall apart in the third act? That's a bit too specific anon
Dare I say Dickens?

I really liked ”Crime and Punishment” but I just can’t get through this. 40 pages in and this haphazard meandering monologue never ends. Is it worth it to get to the second part?
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this anon knows, op is a major faggot and should kys asap.
Yes, it's worth it. Notes from Underground's first half is a meandering and contradictory mess because the Underground Man - our narrator - is a mess. He's an arrogant, misanthropic, egotistical useless fool who believes his own word to be gospel, despite his constant contradictions and frequently speaking just for the sake of speaking and offering little insight himself.

The second half is when the narrative comes in and it's the strongest part of the book, but the first half does a good job of contextualising his madness, his ego and absurdity.
That’s good to hear and it makes sense. Just finished the first part, while it was a little more coherent towards the end I think you may be correct. Thanks for the answer.
No worries, dude. I felt quite frustrated with the first part the first time I had read it and I was worried as - since it was my first Dostoevsky - I wondered if all of his writings might be garbled rantings.

The great thing about the second half of the book is that his rantings do persist but it's clearer that they were always just contradictory and conflicting thoughts, his own internal debates (not unlike what Raskolnikov goes through in Crime & Punishment). When you finish the second half of Notes from Underground it'll probably help you to appreciate the first half a lot more. Hope you enjoy it, pal.
Anglo beasts will never understand Dosto

Best living philosopher?

Badiou? Zizek? Agamben? Sloterdijk? Peterson?
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St. Nick landogini
File: 1527203418965.jpg (21 KB, 460x276)
21 KB
Actually Galkovsky

peter singer

Give me a Shakespeare monologue and I will read it out for your pleasure
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he was playing king lear...
File: henry v.jpg (133 KB, 393x463)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
If you actually listen to old men they don't actually talk like stereotypes of old men
do the ghost in hamlet
To be honest mate it wasn't a full characterisation I just went for a voice

how do they even know each other
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Musk is a fan of Lin's poetry
i mean trip you goofball
bro he literally just made paypal and has coasted off that for decades
where is the genius
>In October 2014, Lin was accused by E. R. Kennedy of having statutorily raped Kennedy in 2006, when Kennedy was 16 and Lin was 22. Kennedy, a trans man, also accused Lin of instances of emotional abuse, and claimed that Lin based passages in Richard Yates on personal email correspondence between the two.

>Lin posted a statement on Facebook addressing Kennedy's accusations. He agreed that he had sex with Kennedy, with whom he was in a long-term relationship, but said that it was "not statutory rape, let alone rape" (as the website Jezebel had originally reported before correcting the article), and said he had Kennedy's permission to use their correspondence.

What the actual fuck?
>Kennedy was 16 and Lin was 22
>He agreed that he had sex with Kennedy
How did he get away with this?

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