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Who's your favorite female character and why?
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ur mum cuz ger vagina is gret
File: alice.jpg (134 KB, 489x696)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Imogen from Cymbeline is pretty nice.

Beatrice is pretty good coz it's not every dead girlfriend who will go to all that trouble to save your soul from everlasting torment.

I always loved Alice from Alice in Wonderland but that's mainly because of Tenniel's illustrations

Everyone likes Elizabeth Bennett but you would strangle her in about two days if you actually had to live with her

Emma Woodhouse for me coz she is SO selfish and stupid and arrogant and yet with all that she's just a honey :)
Raskolnikov's sister was best girl
That's fucked if your talking about the book the Marquis de Sade wrote.
Ursula from 100 years of solitude. Goes blind decades before dying (at 120 years) and nobody notices it.

File: 1007293.jpg (28 KB, 321x475)
28 KB
Books that drastically shifted your perspective, goals, or even your entire way of living.
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In his days a huge amount of the population was racist.
Were they all permavirgins?
In his days, young white men didn't spend all their time glued to computers.
Ah yes the socially healthy Wilhelm Reich

>He wrote that he would follow his mother when she went to the tutor's bedroom at night, feeling ashamed and jealous, and wondering if they would kill him if they found out that he knew. He briefly thought of forcing her to have sex with him, on pain of threatening to tell his father. In the end, he did tell his father, and after a protracted period of beatings, his mother committed suicide in 1910, for which Reich blamed himself.
So they were in fact not 'like that'?

File: writersrage.jpg (237 KB, 1600x1067)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Come up with a setting that excites me like the fantasy of my youth
>Realize the story I want to tell is too long for a single book
>Decide to make it a series to ease the workload and prevent being too long in book 1
>Finish drafts, book 1 outline polished
>Vocabulary is shit but I love it anyway
>Starting over as other drafts were inconsistent due to evolving ideas
>Get 2k words in
>Writer's block
>Barely able to touch it
>Already had motivation problems due to depression
>Previous drafts basically useless as they're mere bits and pieces of the polished story
I'm starting an outline now instead of a whole new draft so I have something to reference while writing
Looking for motivation tips, mostly.
Also looking for resources I can use to improve my vocabulary and presentation.
I'm really passionate about my work but so many things are psyching me out.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I'm starting an outline now instead of a whole new draft so I have something to reference while writing
Ok good way to start.
>Looking for motivation tips, mostly.
It's your life.
>Also looking for resources I can use to improve my vocabulary and presentation.
Read harder books.
>I'm really passionate about my work but so many things are psyching me out.
>I haven't had anything I was this passionate about pursuing before and I don't want to fuck this up.
>Any thoughts?
If you're passionate enough about it, you'll overcome.
>I heard that some background noise can help but this is my first time really getting into writing.
Experiment and find out.
>I always had an interest in writing but never thought I could accomplish anything with it.
>Now that I have something to call my own, I'm terrified of not being skilled enough or that it ends up fading into obscurity no matter what I do.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anon, are you me?
We are one.
Seriously though, it's such a pain because I can see this being huge.
I keep telling myself "If Twilight can make it big, so can my story."
Not a romance story but it's still a huge boost in confidence.
It only gets me so far though.
Just remember, that the first thing you write will be crap.

So will the second thing, the third thing, the fourth, and the fifth.

The sixth will be passable.

The tenth will be readable.
So the important thing early on is just to write A LOT OF WORDS.

Doesn't matter if they're crap, coz hey, guess what, they will be.

Just think of it as being 200,000 words of crap you have to get out of your system before you really start WRITING.

Now maybe you are really attached to your current idea and you don't want to "waste it" on your practice books that you will have to throw away.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks dude. That actually really helps.
I've written a lot for it already.
Absolutely love the story and have fun writing it.
Just getting bad writers block and anxiety.

File: 1516075852015.png (121 KB, 283x283)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.
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I like this, would read.
Man, thanks for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time. Yeah, I just sat down and tried to imagine my ex calling me to ask about the novel I was working on. The last thing she said to me was that she'd like to read it (four-ish months ago). Upon re-reading... I definitely rushed it. I think it's bad from the opening few lines. I think my issue for the last year has been transcribing dialogue exactly the way I think it would be said, instead of trying to construct dialogue that appears genuine but really does serve a purpose with each line.

It's not from anything specific. I don't really know why I posted it in hindsight. I'm working on two screenplays, which once I've finished with the first pass of edits I'll gladly post here.
I'm trying to write a critique of modern politics.

My argument is that we follow utopic ideologies that were pretty much defined in the XIX century, they were Classical Liberalism, which evolved into our Market-Democracies systems, and Marxist class-struggle. These were applied in different countries during the XX century with varying degrees of success, however they showed that they couldn't bring into the world what they imagined (state-less liberal society or a free Marxist civilization). They also didn't receive that many reforms after the XX regarding their understanding of the world, the latest I could think of was during the 1970's by Chicago economists, and while (self proclaimed) Marxist academics had brilliant thinkers, like Deleuze, they mostly made critiques and pointed out the faults, but couldn't add more vitality to what was said by Marx. In the end while they weren't failures on themselves, they could hardly fix the issues and most countries opt for a more 'centrist' system in order to get by (Welfare State or Perestroika Policies).

The issue is that the old grand-narratives can't fix the new issues of the world they created, for example identity politics (while something I don't agree per-se, I recognize that it's an issue for many), environment degradation, rapid advancement of technology of the everyday life, mass immigration, etc... Capitalism has had the tools to integrate the problems, but clearly it always charges the externalities into whichever State/Region is the 'prole', so it just puts it under the rug away from the eyes of the first world.

If the old ideologies can't fix the issues of nowadays then we have a problem and I can think of four alternatives to this: We reform our ideologies entirely somehow; We make a synthesis of these extremes creating a perpetual 'centrist' system (even taking shades of Fascism into it); We humans can't think outside the narrative of collective/individual so we will perpetually move between them; Capitalism will dominate and move into a new stage of humanity (like Land proposes).

I don't know, I don't have a lot of formal education, so I think someone must have written a book or something about it. What you guys think?
>protagonist goes around telling elaborate lies about themselves and their past
>suddenly their estranged sister appears
>protagonist forced to face their actual past
If you really want to understand modern politics read all the threads on the political asylum section of this forum: mpcdot.com
if you don't read this forum you don't want to learn, you won't require college education if you follow this and read James Burnham, and Jacques Ellul among others.

File: 2w2ghbry428z.jpg (81 KB, 960x960)
81 KB
What's the literary equivalent of Chris-Chan's comics and Sharknado?
I mean, something so bad that is good.
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Paul Dano

That tries to be bad. You can't try to be "so bad it's good".
>saying to one of the people who brought up "my immortal" that they're wrong while telling the person replying to him about "my immortal" that they're close
>What's the literary equivalent of Chris-Chan's comics
Chris-Chan's comics.
What has Chris Chan been up to lately? Did his mom die yet?

Apart from the Stranger. What else of his is good?
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you need to have autism like mersault to understand
It's not all that profound an insight. The absurd nature of reality should be apparent to anyone paying enough attention, so it is much more interesting as a how did we get here and where do we go
That said, their ideas of subjective meaning and so on only read that way because they've really found their way into the zeitgeist in the past half century
Fuck a maybe, The Fall is his best
File: 1516734609550.jpg (52 KB, 615x580)
52 KB


and his novellas are leaps and bounds ahead of his attempts at straight phil

hey /lit/, all cards on the table I hadn't read a book in over five years
but I randomly read the first page of pic related and ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting

can anyone recommend me any other similar books? not necessarily in subject, but just the way the story flows so seamlessly

if that makes any sense to anyone
This was what got me back into reading like 5 years ago and I've been reading everyday since. It's one of my favorites so I'm really biased but I think it's one of those books that keeps you turning the page.
the bible
File: Rye_catcher.jpg (70 KB, 223x351)
70 KB
Unironically this
File: 1432475026395.jpg (884 KB, 1032x2451)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
great, you may go on

File: tenor.gif (902 KB, 498x374)
902 KB
902 KB GIF
Any worthwhile literature about a guy loving a women but plotting to fuck other chicks?

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being. That is literally the plot of the novel.
>a women
>The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Milan Kundera, if you're wondering about the author.

A streetcar named desire

Anna Karenina

20000 leagues under the sea

File: 41i0mDQuOpL.jpg (32 KB, 322x499)
32 KB
the deep shit that people DONT want to hear about
The story of Yakub
just wikipedia'd it.
So is this how some woke black people talk about jew NWO? or is it for dumbies too to blame all white people?
Behold a Pale Horse

File: 001 (2).jpg (794 KB, 971x883)
794 KB
794 KB JPG
>Yeats asked what the dusty Mr Chips of the old school would do if Catullus walked his way

What would you do if Catullus walked your way?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

We wuz poets 'n shit. Hail /lit/ descendants of the builders of civilization
>reeeeee sex
I still don't understand how the fuck can manage westerners not to give a shit about the most brutal of murders but as soon we read about sex we start reeeing

The carnal is a lot closer to home these days.
embarrassing post desu
Bu-but it IS enormously amusing.

File: fire.jpg (22 KB, 640x360)
22 KB
Will it be remembered as the most notable political book of the 2010s? How much of it is bullshit? Surely Trump and his team can't be this retarded can they?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>believing the novel written on the much maligned republican administration by a Hollywood insider, USA today contributor and self-labeled democrat
It will be at most a sidenote. Depending on how the Mueller investigation goes that's going to be the defining political moment of the decade and completely overshadow the book. And I think people will focus on the journalistic investigations around the White House more than this book as well. But who knows.
He was actually way more balanced than the initial press made out, he portrayed the media coverage of Trump in a very negative light, as well as generally helping the reader understand the siege mentality inside the white house and the opposition seen on all sides.
No. It will not be remembered at all.
I believe it was important in shifting the narrative towards the more likely scenario that the administration is just incompetent rather than evil or colluding

File: despair.jpg (174 KB, 550x413)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
What is the saddest, most sorrowful, weeping-and-gnashing-of-teeth, most tragic tragedy that you know?
59 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>doesn't have highschool-level education
>looks down on Wikipedia
I have a high school education and I look down on Wikipedia because literally anyone with an email address can edit articles.
File: 1516334489541.gif (412 KB, 480x360)
412 KB
412 KB GIF
Europe since 1942
Seven against Thebes. Even more when you see it as the end of the story of Oedipus.

File: BKTG06027.jpg (85 KB, 361x600)
85 KB
Can someone explain the last chapter to me?
24 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Re-read the series friend.

Also, being a married 29-year-old man with two white sons and having a woman-hating, sour grapes permavirgin with an internet addiciton call me a faggot soyboy is quite amusing, go on.
File: 1491956259932.jpg (428 KB, 689x1117)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
Everything he did was a means to an end
>>10575949 This was the goal and plan for the Golden Path, so Humanity was so spread out that nothing could bring them to extinction.
File: 1515700044711.jpg (1.1 MB, 2074x2246)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
>The conflict between humanity's stated desire for peace and their actual need for volatility was the strong central theme of the entire Dune series, explored in every book after the first.

keep your heads down in the spice riots soy boys, wouldn't want something to happen to you ;^)
i have a signed copy and would feel bad about doing anything to it. i have tons of shitty books on the shelves though

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 196x258)
8 KB
I was waiting at KFC for my friend and my companion wanted to discuss thebest poet with me. He said "arthur rambo is the best poet", the guy what sang about the boat. I said "no".

And you???
anybody that what sends some cookies down a laundry line is writin some poesy, I tell ya.
>I could have killed 'em all.
>I could've killed you.
>In town you're the law, out here it's me.
>Don't push it!
>Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe.
>Let it go. Let it go!

Your friend is correct; no other writer, before or since, can match R's psychological insight and rhetorical intensity.
He couldn't even get a job parking cars.

File: 1516733783373.jpg (2.32 MB, 3008x3416)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
What did the philosopher Jordan Peterson mean by this?
Seriously guys, wtf did he mean by this?

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