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File: Noam_chomsky_cropped.jpg (8 KB, 187x217)
8 KB
hy is he hated by this board so intensely?

He has contributed more so than anyone else to modern linguistics as well as being an integral voice against American imperialism post-WWII.

Maybe his anarcho-syndicalism is a bit off base but he defends it coherently enough to move on from.

He seems to be one of the more emotionally stable intellectuals we have so why the hate?
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the concept that humans develop grammar and linguistic structure, even outside the structure of existing language, is pretty impressive to me. He tore the behavioralists a new one in those days. Might have been the beginning of his contrarian nature as figure.
>an integral voice against American imperialism post-WWII.
The Pax Americana is one of the greatest blessings of the modern age. Whole generations have grown up safe and secure under the umbrella of American military supremacy. Why would we want to get rid of it? Every possible alternative is much worse
>b-but muh empires are bad
It’s not natural for so many people to have lived in uninterrupted peace for two hundred years, and during the peak of technolgical advancement. Comfort breeds decadence and complacency, and it looks like most Americans don’t mind their government is running amok in a frenzied effort to preemptively abrogate the possibility of any break in the growth of the prosperity of the wealthy, or the Jews, or whoever you think calls the shots, because they have been sedated.
Sounds better than global war. If there is to be a supreme hegemon, and it's best there is to avoid war, I'd rather it was America than China or India or Russia etc.
Besides, consumer capitalism is fun

File: Letter.png (92 KB, 1129x637)
92 KB
Did people actually used to write their correspondence like this, or is it just a literary device?

File: 51ns9ucD5qL._AA300_.jpg (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
Why didn't you tell me about this guy? He is literally /ourguy/

>went to Vassar and then Colubmia
>struggling writer
>brutal with women
>reads books on social psych and turns himself into chad through sheer force of will
>kind of a pseud but that just makes him more endearing/relatable

Also read this passage
>One of the girls yelled something. There was silence, then whispering. I sat in the bathtub panicking, worried they wouldn't even come in. What a dumb thing to say. The only thing more embarrassing would be if they actually came in, and saw me sitting here naked with my dick floating in the water like a lily pad. I thought of my favorite line from Ulysses, when sexually frustrated Leopold Bloom imagines his impotent manhood in the bathwater and calls it the limp father of thousands. And then I thought, if I was smart enough to quote James Joyce in the bathtub, why did I feel so stupid in front of these girls?

I read this expecting some tips for when I go to bars with friends, but instead got an oddly relatable journey about a surprisingly /lit/ guy. Not sure how to process this.
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File: 6235524.jpg (62 KB, 306x552)
62 KB
>Charges $4000 for his DVD set
>400 men actually buy it

A ham sandwich is more well read than 80% of this board, but I take your point. I will give it a try.
what a fucking piss fart of thread.
Didn't he write a book in the last few years about how the pua shit ruined his life?
>if you’re just an honest guy who doesn’t try hard girls will find that way more endearing
If you have no assertiveness at all you won't get anywhere

File: Picture10_2.jpg (18 KB, 451x428)
18 KB
Are there any books with confirmed retards as the protagonist?
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can't believe no one said Flowers for Algernon.
Crime and Punishment
>dude I'm entitled to murder certain people because I'm smart or chosen or something lol
inb4 flowers of algernon
>plants for albertron

File: 1527125849394.png (228 KB, 358x408)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
I typed over 6k words in 5 hours. Is that an acceptable writing speed?
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>500 word
I banged out 600 in an hour and turned in that first draft for 100%
Post it and we'll tell you.
No it's not acceptable, simply because I, a stranger on the internet, said so
What is acceptable is what works for you, anon. But remember - consistency beats out short, sporadic, unfocused bursts every time. Try limiting yourself to nailing 1500-2000 words of good prose, and forcing yourself not to write any more - leave the keyboard hot, not cold.

If you can do that consistently for a week or two, let yourself do a bit more. Find your limit. Learn how your creativity works and what your work ethic is.
It took Joyce, what, 7 or 8 years to hammer out Ulysses. That's about 18 words an hour. So. There's that.

File: download (7).jpg (5 KB, 190x265)
5 KB
HOLY SHIT ive been reading the book of disquiet and it is literally fucking me like like if I had a diary desu it would be this goddamn. I also got a collection of Pessoa's poems and these Alberto Caeiro poems are fucking lit check this shit out
My gaze is clear like a sunflower.
It is my custom to walk the roads
Looking right and left
And sometimes looking behind me,
And what I see at each moment
Is what I never saw before,
And I’m very good at noticing things.
I’m capable of feeling the same wonder
A newborn child would feel
If he noticed that he’d really and truly been born.
I feel at each moment that I’ve just been born
Into a completely new world . . .

I believe in the world as in a daisy,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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someone who types the way you do is not anywhere near pessoa or his heteronym's frame of mind
That's just my heteronym talking chap, his name is Tyrone.
I could translate it but how many people would be willing to read it? Yeah, that's probably why it hasn't been translated yet
Why wouldn't they? He's Portugal's national poet, and his book has become a word-of-mouth bestseller in various European countries.

File: download (5).jpg (6 KB, 267x189)
6 KB
imagine not reading zhuangzi lol i bet you are all sadcunts learn The Way my nigs. fucking butterflies and shit.

File: glaeserphoto5.jpg (868 KB, 1280x1920)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
I have a problem /lit/.

I can't read anything in silence, I always need something playing in the background. I'm pretty sure I have ADHD, am I fucking over my reading comprehension by doing this?
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File: a4087775263_10.jpg (117 KB, 800x800)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

what is the album cover
looks like a rock with a protruding unlit match
Nice trips, and have you listened to his latest? It's great
I didn't even know he had released something new, thanks, I'll have a listen.

disenfranchised men turning to the orthodox church in their lowest, darkest hours is just a meme, right?
also books about this issue please
Sure thing.
It seems this is a meme spreading across the Anglo countries.
Because they're raised by protestant parents, they want to swing to the complete opposite, which is Orthodoxy.
Thankfully, if you're on christchan, you'll see many of these guys come back to the Catholic Church after a few months once they do their research.
Why do they go back to Catholic?

File: 9780143133148.jpg (55 KB, 299x450)
55 KB
Was he right /lit/ ?
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then don't pay for it you brainlet
>It doesn’t give good advice
give an example of a bad piece of advice it gives then
>or bring up anything new
so it's good as a first self help book then?
>and it’s not written well.
disagree I found it very easy and fun to read
It's a shame that all the new cover art has cigarettes on it. I understand that Tom really hates cigarettes.

>I cannot fucking stand the smell of cigarettes. I didn't always feel this way. I use to think they were dark and aromatic. Now I think they smell like rotting flesh mixed with smoldering dog excrement. A grey cloud of smoke just wafted into my bedroom. There were four puppets standing on the sidewalk outside of my window, smoking like something out of a twisted sideshow model train table. What the fuck are they doing out there at three in the morning? Maybe something I can summon the police about? And perhaps the hand of death may fall from the sky and detain them to death? I can dream. I must move to a place where the bedroom window doesn't face the street. I can somewhat handle it if it's outside, but if I can smell it inside my bedroom ... and my sense of smell is really good now ... I start to have stomach cramps.
thanks dad

Just go straight to the source and read Cioran and Schopenhauer. All Ligotti does is curate other authors.
>skipping Kant
Unforgivable and detestable
Don't be spooked by this guy. Do you have some kind of debilitating disease? Are you really depressed?

File: 30659.jpg (95 KB, 309x475)
95 KB
So do I live according to Reason or Nature?
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I read a book on the teachings of Epictetus and found that to be way better (The Art of Living I think it was called)
every time i see this cover i think someone is posting about memoirs of hadrian and i get really excited
but it never is
it's always aurelius and his dopey meditations
read memoirs of hadrian instead
Nature isn’t just chaos and reason is definitely not just order
There is room for both and the only thing that’s worthwhile and meaningful is honesty
It's literally his diary desu. It wasn't meant to be read by others for some deeper meaning, it's just him psyching himself up in the morning.
That's not how I experienced it. Likely because I found I already had mostly stoic values to begin with.

>Writes a whole novel making fun of Robert Frost
>His own poetry is absolute shit-tier, seems like he didn't even try as a poet
What did he mean by this?
Which novel was that?
As someone unfamiliar with Frost, I have to ask, why does he seem to be such a meme? It seems like every time he's mentioned it's in the form of mockery.
Because he's so big. He's one of the few poets who is known and read by general readers and a lot of people love him. So that's bound to attract a response from the people who don't get it.
Reading Nabokov is like reading some kind of kid prodigy - very clever, but there are certain limits to what a 12 year old can do (especially in literature)

File: wojak.jpg (53 KB, 1600x900)
53 KB
Is there any point in attending university, especially if you are okay being poor?
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Do the most practical degree of all like me anon, "Digital Music and Sound Art"
a moment of silence for the fallen among us
All you get from attending university is a paper where it says that you're proficient at some shit. If you're serious at studying you can do it at home by yourself.
haha nice one
kek hope all get well for you
how does one find employment that is sufficient but doesn't drive one to suicide?

File: 123.jpg (23 KB, 450x437)
23 KB
Can someone recommend a good book that deals with this topic and how to deprogram it.
you just posted it. Read his case histories.
Pretty sure Freud talks about them in one of his books.
No, but most non-Freudian explanations basically boil down to "just avoid it whenever you can and eventually it will grow weaker and easier to suppress". There, I saved you the entire non-Freudian history of the humanities and psychology to date.

For the Freudian version, let's talk about your childhood for 10 years maybe you'll find that one moment you kept your feces in while looking at your mother's feet as she undressed and for some reason this fixes your problem.

Granted, the Lacanian version is a bit more complex, but it still boils down to "just accept you'll never be fulfilled (by your fetish in this case) and maybe you'll be a bit happier bro". Again, countless hours saved.
>deprogram it
Why on earth would you want to do that
Stop watching porn.

Reminder that there is no such thing as a classic. There are only outdated books that no longer connect with modern readers.
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File: 457457.jpg (84 KB, 524x760)
84 KB
if you're unhistorically minded and not at home in a mid-sixteenth-century english castle, or a late-eighteenth-century dublin thieves' kitchen you won't be able to connect with the 'classics'. likewise if you're not a scientist you'll probably find an important scientific treatise obscure.
Literary piety is vile, if that's what you mean
>being this unfunny

I appreciate the defense of the classics but if you do it like this you just prove OPs point
File: 3.jpg (2.02 MB, 1280x1920)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
we posting kiddyass now?

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