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File: Calibre.jpg (243 KB, 1024x683)
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243 KB JPG
Anyone have any experience/knowledge how to do this, or any explanations as to how it works? I tried to do it with a pdf of man's search for meaning, and all the text ended up being unbearably small on my kindle. I've got a kobo glo as well, I want to throw a pdf of the hobbit on, I just don't want everything to be fucked up.

Is there a way to get these downloaded pdf's of books to be reformatted so they appear as other E-books on my devices?
First question: do you understand the difference between "scanned" and "searchable" PDFs?
What are you even trying to do? You explain technical things like an old person.

File: wojak-vidya-burned-out.png (908 KB, 1167x758)
908 KB
908 KB PNG
Anyone keep a journal/diary? What do you write in it?
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File: DSC00882.jpg (257 KB, 943x629)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I've developed an unhealthy habit of writing in a journal as a way of emotionally venting when things are troubling me, because I realize that nobody really wants to hear that shit from me, and its a way of physically getting the thoughts outside of my head so I can sleep.

The only time I really enjoy my journal is during the summers when I'm not in university and get togo back to my dream job, where I get to travel a lot, live outside, go on actual adventures where I meet interesting people and actually do something goddamn useful with myself. Those writings about life are actually somewhat interesting.

Pic related. I get to work here sometimes.
i write down my thoughts about things that i'm reading. sometimes i out together little aphorisms
how is that an unhealthy habit
Just whatever is on my mind
Usually every night, but I don't freak out if I miss a day or more.
I find it helps me be more coherent in my feelings and helps me analyze myself better. Like writing down my thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc, helps me solidify what those actually are instead of just saying them if I think of them during conversation
If that makes sense

File: 1540166263342.jpg (45 KB, 441x630)
45 KB
What are some books that accurately portray the feeling of falling in love?
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Family Happiness by Tolstoy
Tonio Kroger and Death in Venice by Thomas Mann
who is this semen demon?
Swann in Love does this really well, I think it's the best depiction I've seen in any novel. It's not all nice and perfect, but it's very believable and incredibly beautifully written as expected from Proust.
How do you associate schizophrenia with lovesickness? Wouldn't this be normal? I still have incredibly strong feelings for women I loved a decade ago, even though they fucked me over, and I'm now in a much better relationship, as far as I can tell this is the norm.
Not taking a dig, just curious.

File: prisonmike.jpg (101 KB, 1440x1440)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
any books that can be classified as cringe comedy? like the literature equivalent of The Office or Nathan for you
Don Quixote
Notes from Underground

File: stormofsteel.jpg (20 KB, 293x474)
20 KB
What are some books that are life-affirming? Specifically, what books help encourage the sense of wonder in exploring and appreciating all things, and what are books that encourage the will to survive against all odds?

I realized that my life-denying cynicism is making me miserable. I don't pursue lofty goals because of the fears of struggling in the dark with only my wits to guide me. I haven't been curious about uncovering the beauty in all things, small and large. I've become easily manipulated because I cannot trust other people, even when they deserve it, and I fail to recognize their virtues because I'm not open to seeing them. I'm not suicidal, but if I were to get hit by a car tomorrow and couldn't walk anymore, I probably would kill myself.

I felt that Storm of Steel was helpful, and I wouldn't mind more books in that direction, but I need other books that focus more on the "sense of wonder / curiosity" theme and don't take place in a bleak, violent setting.

Religious books are welcome, but they would be secondary to secular books because I would want to focus on building character independently first. Middlebrow tier novels or higher minimum please.
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let it go
I will once I find one more book to fill in the missing themes that I'm looking to explore.
get this man the book so this thread can die

thoughts on him?
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the exotic race is known as the polish, and unfortunately they are not extinct at all
Pretty good. He's very clear and has a witty sense of humor in his writing. He's really good at creating interesting characters and you don't need a dictionary beside you while you're reading.

Just writes fun, entertaining books. Don't expect anything super deep from him.
File: noreallyfuckyou.jpg (8 KB, 263x192)
8 KB
Will do cockbreath
>146 books/stories
>1 good ending
I always thought he was a bit mediocre. Then I read the Dark Tower series. Highly recommend.

File: DVuHC9vVQAEVmea.jpg (165 KB, 1200x901)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Have any of you ever sperged out in class as if you were having a conversation with someone on here? Has your professor ever said something absurdly wrong? What happened
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My metaphysics professor introduced himself as a white cisgender heterosexual male...
It's condescending. Do you really think whatever dribble you post is worth a tripcode? Trips are to identify people posting art or doing something that requires unique identification (and your posts certainly aren't art and they're definitely not unique). Anyways people reading this should filter you for being a total fag.
I haven't encountered something as horrible as that, but if I did I'm unsure I would be able to stop myself from laughing
>Classroom Cringe Anonymous 10/19/18(Fri)13:42:37 No.119
My literature professor at a shit juco said Camus advocated suicide.
God, I wish I could throatfuck this whore. Just imagine putting her head on the side of a bed and mercilessly fucking raw her throat while she gags and her own saliva runs down her face, until you finally can't hold it any longer and unload a huge amount of manly, warm semen in her esophagus. Just imagine it.

File: apuchampagne.png (355 KB, 754x1158)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
What's the worst book you've ever read and what exactly did you not like about it?
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I read Pet Sematary in high school. I was glad when I finished but didn't really regret reading it. I could take it or leave it.
File: 438.jpg (202 KB, 1024x970)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
orange man bad
File: 1539676384300.png (183 KB, 628x356)
183 KB
183 KB PNG

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The only reason anyone hates on this man is for one reason and one reason alone: pussy

He was ugly as fuck but got a lot of it, this is a perfect example of how never to listen to women about anything. Just don’t do it. Don’t forget that they all stay with bad or “abusive” men because those are the ones they like. This dude beat his girl on camera and she just sat there. Not only is he epic in life but his books and poetry really cut out all the bullshit.
I just realized it's not pronounced "boo-kow-ned-skee" but "boo-kohnd-skee"
OR how about you just fuck off back to Tumblr?
What sort of poofter actually runs from rain?

"EEEEK water!" - nobody

People will avoid the rain but nobody actually starts running in terror when the rain comes down. Garbage.
I do

Philosophy is more fundamental than science. You can be human and not be a scientist, which is subdivided into specialized fields of study (physics, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, and so on), but there is no such thing as an a-philosophical human in the sense that people have ideas about the nature of existence (metaphysics), the nature and means of knowledge (epistemology), a code of values to guide your choices and actions (ethics), the nature and purpose of government (politics), and the nature and purpose of art (aesthetics). Most people get their ideas about these five subdivisions of philosophy second-hand, from the culture into which they are born, grow up, and become educated in, but you will not find a person who doesn't have some idea or opinion about these topics, even if their idea is that it is all subjective nonsense detached from reality. Since Aristotle (the father of logic and the scientific method) discovered the science and method of reason, that method was complete, at least deduction was complete. He didn't fully develop induction, which was advanced further by Francis Bacon ("Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.") and John Stuart Mill, who had bad/incorrect ideas about ethics and politics, but had good ideas about induction. With Objectivism, specifically Rand's theory of concept formation, and solution to the so-called "Problem of Universals", a more thorough understanding of induction became possible, further advanced and developed by Leonard Peikoff, her intellectual heir, with the help of physicist Dave Harriman (The Logical Leap).
I recommend you read Peikoff's book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand and then Atlas Shrugged to see the principles applied by characters in a novel (how they work in real life). After that Philosophy: Who Needs It (general introduction to philosophy), Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology (Rand's theory of concepts), The Virtue of Selfishness (Ethics), Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (Politics), and The Romantic Manifesto (Aesthetics). This integrated view of existence and set of principles, the purpose of which is to guide human thought and action, is the philosophy of Objectivism. Its identity and purpose becomes known by study, which you dear reader may simply not be inclined to do. Perfectly understandable. But if my assertion is correct; that Rand's philosophic system constitutes the first successfully formulated metaphilosophy, maybe deeper readings will lead you to conclude (as I have) that this fantastic bitch is the coolest cat in phil. Or further cement that other maymay that my like are cultists/dogmatists/ideologues/ect. Fuck you too skipper.

So million dollar question: are the things meme'd here (and elsewhere) about Rand true or is it more that r/philosophy has a large presence here and wants discussion of the woman and her system curtailed in all possible ways since outright banning of her isn't viable here like it is on their censored shitholes.
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Which is why everyone in her circle felt alright listening to Mozart right?
I don't know how you are supposed to separate his personality from his crimes. He was a psychopath with no empathy for others, a trait which caused other people great suffering.
For rhetorical purposes clearly.
Arguably Rand's success disproves ideas of capitalistic merit.
>claim to follow reason and self interest
>are in a cult
What did Randroids mean by this?

File: 1536672768946.png (26 KB, 949x647)
26 KB
My professor is presenting my class with anti-enlightenment bullshit. What books should I recommend my classmates to prevent them from becoming brainlets at the hands of the american education system?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
lmao, enlightenment is garbage though, so kudos to your prof.
Either your professor is not doing this thing or you don't understand the meanings of these words. I presume the latter.
Specifically what?
>anti-enlightenment bullshit
Sounds like a good class.
File: Joseph Maistre2.jpg (59 KB, 606x600)
59 KB
OP, would you consider yourself "right-wing"?

If so, did you know that being against the Enlightenment is actually an extremely right-wing position?

File: lsat.png (15 KB, 180x180)
15 KB
anyone else studying for the LSAT right now?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1540059634065.jpg (23 KB, 500x375)
23 KB
>law school
I take mine in November
>I take mine in November
What's your GPA and where are you planning on going to school?

My wife works and makes a lot and I just want to be a prosecutor so I think it's worth the investment
Currently at Brown, studying English. Is a law degree/career different if you come from an 'elite' university (pardon my douchebaginess)? Would it be possible to do law to sustain a literary lifestyle on the side? I dread the idea of coming out of college and being forced to work as a copy editor on some shit hipster lit mag or something... was it the antifragile guy who said 'good' writers shouldn't make writing their job? either way please redpill me on law school. I figure that if I want to pursue that path I should start studying early (I'm a sophomore atm so I still have a way to go)
>Would it be possible to do law to sustain a literary lifestyle on the side?
Fucking kek

File: 41cExKtiPEL_960x.jpg (26 KB, 375x500)
26 KB
Books that can actually change the whole trajectory of your life
File: holy bible.jpg (109 KB, 985x1050)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
File: 7405.jpg (76 KB, 781x782)
76 KB
File: FinnegansWake.jpg (55 KB, 400x611)
55 KB
I am being entirely sincere.
Are you sure it's not the mountains of Gnostic literature required to understand it you read beforehand?

When did it become cool to hate realism?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Please be specific, I assume you’re talking about literature but do you could mean the art world or even just a realist perspective.

I’d say around 2012 when it also became cool for dudes to cut their dicks off.
>please be specific

This is a literature board, moron.
I think of philsophical realism
File: realisms.png (117 KB, 743x692)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Which realism are you talking about? Is it any of these?
File: 1539715999542.jpg (42 KB, 489x504)
42 KB
doggo realism

Chart thread?
Love these things
181 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
Did you miss the "Against Intellectual Property" title in the ethics section?
pretty great, imo.
File: pantheon-cover.jpg (54 KB, 479x750)
54 KB
Does anyone know of any essential or beginner Brazilian literature? I'm trying to into Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks
File: i-pan-tadeusz.jpg (64 KB, 450x644)
64 KB
Any Polish charts?
Ayn Rand used to be banned on lit

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