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File: img000198.jpg (585 KB, 1824x1300)
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What's a good book to help someone who is indecisive, risk-averse, cowardly, and without ambition?
Books can't help with that anon
A month in a bootcamp?

"What I talk about when I talk about running" may be worth a shot.

>underrated theme from previous thread, cont'd
Favourite character edition
>Who are your top 3 characters and why?
>What makes a good character in your eyes?



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>Overlook Press
>Bakker's latest book full of overlooked typos

I think George is going for an instrumentality ending but I think that's what The Children/The Others are trying to do, either preserve their culture through immortality or gain an unstoppable army and get revenge on the humans and first men ancestors for how they were treated. The Drowned God ritual probably has some connection to The Children and makes it easier for them to gain a host for a soul trapped in a Weirdwood.
>Who are your top 3 characters and why?

'Dandelion' from Witcher series, since he is the rare kind of sidekick that is not actually a total derp.

'Lopin' from 'Letopisy Vukogvazdské družiny' ... I highly doubt anyone here would know him, ... but if you do I'm pretty sure he is on your list. His inner growth throughout the story is magnificent and his punchlines are just awesome.

If Lovecraft counts as a sci-fi or fantasy than Nyarlathotep is my last pick. Mysterious, majestic and unpredictable. That's the spice.

>What makes a good character in your eyes?

The ability to surprise/astonish me.
File: darksouls.jpg (45 KB, 600x600)
45 KB
Can anyone rec books like Dark Souls/Bloodborne? not saying this as a vidya fag. There's just something very serene about a protagonists that hardly say anything braving apocalyptic lands and slaying monsters ten times their size. Also lore that isn't fully explained and very mysterious so that the reader draws his own conclusions and doesn't get fed information.
File: new-sun.jpg (432 KB, 1308x1010)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Book of the New Sun
Pedro Paramo
The Night Land, a Story Retold

File: feast day of st. luke.jpg (228 KB, 1024x1095)
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228 KB JPG
Be nice — or else.

Previous thread: >>10145867

Today's Reading:

Wolfsheim's Pastebin:

Today is St. Luke the Evangelist's feast day.
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Gilson's Thomism - Introduction etc.
Are you a native English-speaker ?

Gabriel Marcel may interest you if you want Catholic existentialism.

I doubt that MacIntyre is the best Catholic philosopher since Aquinas.
Pascal is better. Vico is better. (time gap) Gilson is better. Koninck is better. Pieper is better. Molnar is better. Marcel de Corte is better.
I imagine much my trouble with it comes from my own paranoia and slight hypochondria. The fear that someday, the slim chance I'll get ALS occurs and I know that I'd rather just hasten the inevitable instead of end up this slowly dying husk who can't feed himself. It doesn't sound dignified to me.

I pray that the Lord has mercy on such people who ask for euthanasia.
I feel bad for all non Catholics. It must suck burning in hell for eternity.

>the best Catholic philosopher since Aquinas desu
>Not Simone Weil
Stop this meme.
She's not Catholic.
She didn't converted.
She was a Marcionist (rejected the Ancient Testament), i.e. a heretic.

File: kazuo.jpg (25 KB, 380x630)
25 KB
>he hasn't read the complete works of kazuo ishiguro

stop being a pleb, anon.
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I read a hundred pages of The Buried Giant before saying 'fuck this I'm out'.
Never Let Me Go was fucking awful. does he have anything actually good?
He just won the noble prize
No, that was Murakami.

>tfw I like fascism

Books for this feel?
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>likes fascism
>doesn't like eternal struggle and conflict
File: Fascisme.jpg (602 KB, 2054x1847)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
File: 1490091380752.png (149 KB, 599x419)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
My diary desu
>actually being retarded enough to identify yourself with a political ideology

File: 243685.jpg (34 KB, 304x475)
34 KB
What is the best, most coprehensive, non-biased book about the history of philosophical thought (up to the present day)?

I would like to go through a juicy recap first before delving into specific eras and particular works.

I've seen pic-related suggested a few times, but have read criticism that it is biased, lacking and has significant omissions.
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thanks, will look into it.

any other suggestions? i'd like to pool a few ideas, read some reviews and then make a decision ideally.
Alan Ryan's "On Politics", if you're interested in political philosophy. Don't get paperback it has a really tiny area but then really fucking thicc.
Will Durant’s The Story Of Philosophy
I'm mostly looking for a general overview of how the "western" thought progressed chronologically with key authors and their ideas summed up or similar. Still, thanks for the suggestion.

So far I have enjoyed what I've seen from Kenny's Brief History of Western Philosophy, I have also seen A New History of Western Philosophy by him, but I'm not sure which would be more applicable yet. My feeling is the Brief History seems to fit more what I'm looking for but going through the table of contents it seems like it finishes at Wittgenstein and has nothing from the French guys (not that I care much about them, but that would be a slight downside)

Will check it out.
Forgot to mention, Copleston's A History of Philosophy looks intriguing so far, too. But I'm not sure how I'm going to afford a 11 volume collection kek.

File: p23_Griffiths.jpg (47 KB, 550x330)
47 KB
>le when ever SOMETHING big and juicy is going down my writing becomes ultra fucking vague man
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Garbage cop out.
>replying to my dumbpost when the guy above me called you out properly

lmao try call of the wild instead of gaddis
I will take no cop out . Cops are ESSENTIAL to my posts,
It's an underrated willis movie desu
you faggots are unbelievable, if you were given a pot of gold, you'd complain about the materials used to make the pot.

File: 1496862516045.png (522 KB, 500x492)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
what do you think of the marquis de sade?
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I've seen worse on .onion sites.

so does this mean Peter Sotos is going to be regarded as a mildly important literary figure in 200 years?
He also used the sentence "My prick is beshitted" to describe dirty anal.
no because peter sotos is tame as fuck compared to de sade

File: Objectivist1.jpg (966 KB, 1990x2922)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
>If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders - What would you tell him

Well, what would you say?
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thx mang
probably complain about his cis-male priviledge
>Haha DYEL
>world on his shoulders

He holds up the heavens you faggot
*Atlas starts holding up your girl by her ass cheeks* What do you do?

File: 1490782833520.jpg (27 KB, 305x475)
27 KB
what are the best little known or unappreciated books in your opinion.
Guy at work tossed me one of his books about a year ago, fabulous but quick (not the pictured, don't recollect the title).
Contribution: Randall Jarrell's Pictures from an Institution, and of course Fred Exley's A Fan's Notes.
Why oh why isn't Exley a superstar here at /lit/? Don't get it.
Ancient history a paraphase by McElroy
Vurt by Jeff noon
Every man dies alone by fallada
A fans notes by exley
The origin of the brunists by coover
Miss Macintosh my darling by young
Witz by Cohen
The NIX by hill
The instructions by levin
The making of Americans by Stein
i have read the instructions i will try these other ones

Are there books about death row inmates and workers? the topic is oddly intruiging
Helen Prejean
For fiction, The Green Mile would be the obv. answer.
This looks exactly like the room in which our med school practical exams take place, down to the position of the windows. Except with fewer restraints on the bed.

What book has impacted your life the most?
Pic related for me.
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calm down pickle rick
File: steppenwolf.jpg (720 KB, 700x1102)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
>start reading
>"man I really identify with this Harry"
>he reads Treatise on the Steppenwolf and gets called out on all his shit
I read Dune when I was 15. That shit changes you at that age.
File: sT Teresa 2.jpg (20 KB, 394x327)
20 KB
Infinite Jest
>helped me look at the way myself and others might go about in having destructive behaviors often and solely due to idiosyncratic behaviors
Confessions of a Mask
>made me more conscious of the way most people secretly are more deliberate in projecting a certain image of themselves - not in a sociopathic way but in more emotional and mental reassuring way
The death of Ricardo Reis
>the novel is set in my home city of Lisbon in 1936 and completely chaged the way I look and walk the same streets
Tropic of Cancer
>Didn't really have that much influence on me as the rest but made me have a more relaxed outlook on life in general and made me also realize that not all lost generation bohemians are pseudo-intelectual con artists spewing drunk nonsense

anyone here in an MFA program or have completed one? What are your thoughts on it?
File: 1507784322780.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1079)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
ye i was in the creative writing program @ Emory.

Ask me anyhting
do you feel like you became a better writer after going through the program? How close to standard was the piece you submitted when you applied (relative to what you would call standard mfa fiction)? What kind of jobs to mfa students typically get afterward? What do you do now?

File: endofhistorymyeye.jpg (261 KB, 1200x1200)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Is political science bullshit?
Given that all political behaviour is just human behaviour, how does poli sci add anything worthwhile to psychology, economics, and maybe sociology, without simply introducing another layer of bullshit abstractions? pic related
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's not. The world burns without it beneath the hooves of mongols and arabs without it.
Ok, but doesn't reducing poli sci to e.g. psych serve to concretize/degeneralize rather than abstract? So that instead of talking about relatively abstract notions like zeitgeists and ideologies, or even "government", we're talking about individual humans and the motivations that drive a human being?
Here's the thing I'm struggling with. the whole point of a branch of science is to make testable predictions about how some aspect of the world works. Constructs&theories that don't have much explanatory power end up dying. And I think that the types of events we classify as political definitely merit explanation and understanding, so I'm not skeptical about the utility of a political science.

However, all the political/IR theory I've ever read (and maybe this shit is now outdated) basically describes political events (e.g. changes in fiscal policy, foreign invasions) using some framework that basically ascribes unrealistic, lofty ideals to the people making such decisions. left-vs-right is simply an argument about which of these ideals is "better". Events are almost always in a post-hoc manner to be consistent with the particular theoretical bias of the author. And worse, I don't think I've ever come across a theory that is specified rigorously enough to be able to be proven wrong. Unlike theories that are published in any minimally legitimate psych (or biology or chemistry etc.) journal. If myself and the people I'm arguing with can't ever be objectively proven wrong, what are we engaging in if not a never ending circle jerk? I think poli sci should be held to a different standard than e.g. lit crit.

I've read research on policy analysis that is clearly objectively minded, and I admit to being ignorant of the cutting edge of IR theories, so can you point me in some direction (preferably current journal articles) that addresses these issues?
Does a person by himself behave the same way as a person and another? No. Now 2 others? The dynamic changes and changes as you go up.
anyone who thinks political science is an "objective" science is a retard
that doesn't even slightly suggest that it's not useful though
File: Girls.png (490 KB, 449x401)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
Is OP bullshit?

File: 2017-10-18 13.32.07.png (447 KB, 689x801)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
A fucking 11yo boy recriated IJ with lego figures while you guys played viedeogames and browsed on /lit/.

17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
A silly plot device DFW invented to stave off the suicide of his biography's protagonist.
I refuse to believe an 11 year old read IJ
Because you are of below average intelligence.
old fashioned sincerity on our side of modernism

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