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Just ordered this. Has anyone else read it? The idea of a translation that puts pure accuracy above any other quality really interests me
Here's the article that made me buy, if anyone's curious:
File: 1518244646498s.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
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schizophrenic /x/ bollocks
I thought that the point of the meme was that people are more interested in modern Christian literature instead of reading the bible, which shows a waning interest in the central texts and an increased interest in diversification into new translations, and modern Christian literature in general

Want to read beat/early 60s literature/poetry along the lines of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Kesey, Thompson etc.

Is there a list anywhere of who and what to read in what order?
Start with the Process by Brion Gyson, who kicked off the whole hash smoking gay drifter archetype. I'm assuming you've read On the Road or Dharma Bums. I'd suggest the Ticket That Exploded, Trout Fishing in America and and Sometimes A Great Notion.
>mfw I thought I was Harding, but I was actually Billy Bibbit
why? shit is garbage

I've only read a handful of books from the era and feel like it's a pretty big hole in my cultural reference.

File: 20180221_213843.jpg (3.34 MB, 4032x3024)
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3.34 MB JPG
What do you use for a bookmark, /lit/?
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bookmarks are for plebs, i cover every word in each line with a black marker as i read
how come latin americans are into literature and read so much more than north americans or at least seem to? they are extremely over-represented here. latin america might low-key be earth's most /lit/ place
File: 1518001432747.jpg (107 KB, 640x350)
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Pokemon cards that match the color of the book cover
no money for tvs
I just read chapter by chapter, if I can't remember the contents of a page I'm better off rereading it anyway.

File: BlueHead.png (10 KB, 500x500)
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Write what's on your mind
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I've started watching the filmographies of the greatest directors of all time. Recently watched 2 of Tarkovsky's. The most recent one "The Mirror" had a lot of poetry in it written by the director's dad, and it got me thinking again about what bothers me. I suck at poetry. I read the words fine, but I don't understand the direction it takes most of the time, or what it means overall. It really makes me feel like an autistic robot. How do I get better at it?
a hat!
Fuck I wonder if I posted this while blackout
File: FreeMacAndCheese.png (36 KB, 875x556)
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I recently got rejected for a grad program with the implication that if I worked on a few things I can get in after a year or two. This means I have to move back into my parent's house this fall after graduation. Not sure what I think about this. I feel like a bum.

Also, considering dating someone, but wondering if its too late since I will be leaving uni soon. Long distance would be a bad idea, wouldn't it? Should I accept it wouldn't work out?

I can't help you with poetry, but what movies/directors have you been watching?

File: 1519463530849.jpg (34 KB, 600x429)
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Qt youtuber called alfsvoid
You say shit about Faulkner again and I will fucking kill you.
Don’t school shooters just kill themselves, why the fuck would they care? I guess you would want to shoot up your own school, otherwise what is the point?
But what about extreme black market cases? Making guns slightly harder to get than pets only keeps guns out of the hands of responsible Americans who have been banned from gyms.

Stop being such a crankyfag, Ugandan knuckles is hilarious.

What was his problem
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I've never fucked a Jesuit. Do you speak from experience?
He is a fraud phylosopher
read wittgenstein
and the reason we have peterpeson fucks all over the world thinking they are doing "science"
File: titanic.png (352 KB, 398x399)
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352 KB PNG

Red Book yourself before you wreck yourself
Thomas Mann? He's an okay chap, don't really think he has any problems

File: file.png (154 KB, 339x422)
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154 KB PNG
Thought about reading LOTR. Is the pic related a good edition? If not, which one should I buy?
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I have this. Probably the best edition you can buy. Unfortunately, the spin is pretty loose.
>Unfortunately, the spin is pretty loose.
well, surely it can't be the best edition then?
In terms of looks and content? I believe so. 50th Anniversary means it comes with the final text revision. Each subsequent edition has it but they all look awful compared to this one. I know the 60th editions have the extra artwork but I don’t care much for them. >>10751573 this collection of hardcovers along with the companion text are nice but cost like $250 by now.
You're thinking of Harry Potter.
LotR wasn't even written for children

File: IMG_2049.png (124 KB, 600x900)
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124 KB PNG
Are there any short quotes which are profound but not pretentious?
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"I have big hands.... and eh... Other things." - Donald Trump

- Some greek guy
A fist in one bird is worth two in its bush
"one in the tush is worth two in the bush"
probably the best length/profoundness ratio out of any qoute ever

>there are people on here who spend their whole lives reading fiction instead of philosophy
How can they possibly live such a meaningless existence?
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>actually reading
embarassing Tbh
If reading fiction is meaningless so is all of philosophy
i unironically enjoy reading Kant. I have mental problems and he calms me down and makes me feel not crazy, like everything can be put into a system and be made clear.
>can't even comprehend someone wanting to read in order to better themselves
>can't even see the objective use in literature
If you read to better yourself, then why do you post on 4chan?

what are you currently reading
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Short story is it?
the recognitions, about a quarter through
thoughts so far:
- I side with Wyatt about everything which is probably bad. Esther is chill tho, really well written, I like her a lot
- Gaddis' handling of time/pacing is insanely good, he knows what to focus on for how long and when to jump forward in time
- the transitional sections are excellent, bouncing from person to person / conversation to conversation to give an idea of the city's culture. brilliant
- some of the philosophical/more complicated writing goes over my head, oh well guess I'm a brainlet
- fuck Otto

I recently finished the mysterious flame of queen loana, do reccomend
divine comedy
Bloody Chamber, A levels. Also the Nibelungenlied, then I will go back to reading War and Peace.

File: alexandre_dumas-_0.jpg (200 KB, 817x1227)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Why do you hate him?
His writing is bloated and contrived as if he were trying to impress his peers or construct a doorstop with ink.

File: 1518988018485.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
>the books main character doesn't die at the end
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>main characters narrates the story and implies in his last sentence he will kill himself
File: feels.jpg (172 KB, 633x758)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>books main character is a metaphor for civilization and humanities' progress as a whole, and is being tutored by the author to advise you how to efficiently rear/tutor a child.

Every time this happens I chuck the fucking book out of the window. There are like fifteen books outside my window on the ground, needless to say.
File: retard.jpg (35 KB, 600x400)
35 KB
>the books' main character exists
File: alfsvoid11.jpg (28 KB, 366x362)
28 KB
>you are the main character and the novel is told in the 2nd person
File: a1dZXzD_700b.jpg (33 KB, 480x360)
33 KB
>main character isnt named

File: dfa.jpg (469 KB, 1424x1480)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Which three novels changed your life the most?

Hardmode: no
>Brothers K
>Meme trilogy
u can if u rly wanna tho
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art of happiness
>Ready Player One
>Rupi Kaur collected poems
>Mein Kampf
>Infinite Jest
>Tropic of Cancer
Denial of Death
Crime & Punishment
Paradise Lost

File: 1503637978328.jpg (14 KB, 267x400)
14 KB
What the fuck was he talking about when he was going on about mathematical identities? Sounded like some pseud shit to me.
So nobody on /lit/ has read My Confession? I'm not surprised.
Nobody at all?
I've read it and yeah I didn't have fucking clue what all that shit was about, I just kind of glazed over it because I hate learning things desu

File: freud.png (100 KB, 348x399)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
What did Freud think of Schizophrenia (or Jung and possibly Lacan if they adressed it) and why do I feel that this is very lazy reading into it?
>Freud thought that Schizophrenia was a form of attachment disorder and stated that schizophrenia develops when a child did not successfully develop an attachment” with the parent of the opposite sex. Freud considered that infantis born into a state of mutual adaptation with the mother (Cohen, 2007). As described by Freud disordered family patterns (schizophrenogenic mothers) are the cause of Schizophrenia. From the late 1940s to the early 1970s, the concept of the “Schizophrenogenic mother” was popular in the psychiatric literature. Research later confirmed that the mother who could cause schizophrenia in her offspring did not exist (Neill, 1990).

What did he mean by this?
Freud and Jung both saw it as a compensatory neurosis as opposed to a purely genetic phenomenon as is the general consensus today. Where they differed is that Freud -as with all his theories- believed the trigger was psychosexual in nature whereas Jung saw other possibilities.

I haven't read it but Jung's book on schizophrenia is what destroyed his and Freud's friendship so it may be worth a read.

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