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File: schrodinger cat RAW.jpg (163 KB, 935x1210)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
I'm kind of pissed off that the one volume edition of both Schrodinger's Cat and The Illuminatus! Trilogy have whole chapters and portions of the original books excised in the one volume editions. Really wish someone would have told me that. Then I would bought each novel that comprises the trilogy separately. Let this thread be a forewarning to anyone who plans on buying these books authored/co-authored by Robert Anton Wilson. I repeat, do not buy the single volume (omnibus) editions. Portions of the novels have been excised. Buy instead each novel of the trilogies separately!
nothing of value is missing, I assure you
Ok, but after I read this omnibus edition I'm going to get my hands on the individual novels to see the differences.
which bits specifically?

i remember getting hold of a text file by RAW called "the sexual magicians" and thinking "... hang on.. i've read this before..."

large chunks of it ended up reworked into various chapters of the Schrodinger's Cat books.

it's starting to look like they were never solid, finalized entities.. they're almost as liquid as the dozens of different versions of Burroughs' "Word".
It's on two wiki pages but it doesn't say anything except "The one-volume edition currently in print is significantly shorter than the original three-volume edition. This is not a difference in print size or removal of redundant "recaps"; it is missing a noticeable amount of material, including many entire chapters." From what I was able to quickly gather it was the publisher Dell who made the decision to cut out certain parts of the originals for the one volume edition.

File: derrida.jpg (51 KB, 292x383)
51 KB
>I am addressing myself here to God, the only one I take as a witness, without yet knowing what these sublime words mean, and this grammar, and to, and witness, and god, and take, take God, and not only do I pray, as I have never stopped doing all my life, and pray to him, but I take him here and take him as my witness, I give myself what he gives me, i.e. the i.e. to take the time to take God as a witness

File: 1516080417060.png (295 KB, 419x419)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.
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File: Tapicute.jpg (310 KB, 1368x1026)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Continuation of >>10541821

Group of friends in a Midwest town suffering a slow and derelict death face a monster driving them to suicide by robbing them of their memory and identity

>With regards to building this story
In your opinion, what would be the critical mass of the group of friends?
That is what is the best number of character to embody the archetypes of the American society?

The goal is to build a relation between any reader and the character that most fit them, all of this while not suffering from over-complexity and lack of character development.

At the moment, I think the number is six.
I've had this idea for a series of short stories in a wonderland kind of surreal setting. The short stories would all be tied by by exploring different aspects and effects of the internet. An example:
>mc goes to a school
>there are no teachers, no need because the students "teach each other"
>students are expected to ask and answer questions
>if you answer wrong your slapped, told the "right" answer, and asked the question again
>if the class can choose to send you to detention
>it's a room with a textbook with "all the knowledge you will ever need to know"
>way out of the school is opening the doors that look externally locked and guarded and just walking out

All I really need now is an overarching story/plot I can shove in because I love it when things interconnect.
Don't aim for archetypes, just concentrate on having a few characters you're capable of writing well. You're sinking into that reddit writer's trap of thinking you can write a good story around a didactic framework. Maybe some people can but most people fail this way. Just write a good story using whatever works best, then later you can analyse your own writing and tweak it to be whatever you want. But starting off with archetypes is likely to make it feel totally empty and soulless, like people who are trying to use the hero's journey as a template.
I hate this image. What the fuck is that thing? I hate it.

File: 111773864386.jpg (335 KB, 1341x641)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>literally starts his book by talking about upvotes
There are people who pay for this
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I wrote a negative review of a book on amazon and the author (Mary Beard) personally responded """rebuking""" what I'd said

I hope it isn't her who runs the account because that would be damn embarrassing
Is It OK To Be a Luddite?
Link to your review, I'm interested
I'm OK and you're OK anon.

File: download.jpg (13 KB, 244x207)
13 KB
I'm looking for recommendations of books to learn german on my own. I'm planning on using duolingo and enrolling in classes later on, although i couldn't this semester.
Duo is great for getting in the mindset, but put the time in to learn the grammar. You'll thank yourself later when you're not a mess at speaking.

As far as book recommendations go, find some children's books at first. There's no shame in starting there. Once you make some steps forward in comprehension, finding a popular book like the Bible that's printed in parallel in English/German.

It really depends on your own learning style. There's no reason to spend money on programs or textbooks when there's such a wealth of knowledge available for free. One exception is if you do have the time and money for a structured course, and if you can use that as a way to motivate you to learn and do well.

Can literature and philosophy help me into a mature responsible adult? How do I stop being a manchild? It's getting pretty pathetic im 28 years old

is anyone here a responsible adult or are most of you manchildren as well. pic unrelated
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28 year old manchildren do
fucking kek
idk, but Sartre's Being and Nothingness had a pretty big impact on my worldview, moreso than anything else I've read by far.
This may work for some, but other peoples feelings may even get stronger if they choose the way of quarantine, a friend of mine basically needed like 7 months to get over a girl because he somehow managed to increasingly add positive things about her in his mind and ended up with a completely different, perfect version of her. If that's the case, I would try to look out for another person who may fill that void she left, but you have to let it happen.

Man, I wish I could experience that unmatched joy followed by bittersweet pain at some point in my life, but I can't seem to fall in love at all and I'm 23. It feels like I only got a demo version of feelings, I never really got over the point of sympathy regarding my opinion of other people. Whatever, cry me a river, right?
I don't want to create a separate thread so ill just ask here
what books advocate for the responsible, mature, ethical lifestyle? stuff like "crato" or "either/or" - part 2
preferably novels

Why have I literally never seen this on /lit/? It's extremely lucid and beautifully written commentary on everything from Ulysses to Woolf and basically founded comp lit departments everwhere.

Can we have an Auerbach thread? Or does no one actually read literary criticism here?
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It's the Proustian work of a dispossessed German man mournfully written in Istanbul while ww2 was going on. A kind of love letter to Western culture, which he felt was in the process of ending. More a work of appreciation, a work of 'notice the details,' than of criticism per se. That said, I really enjoyed reading it. Heavy on extracts.
pretty self-evident
>writes about mimesis without successfully using it himself
He means the Odyssey to Woolf. OP is retarded.

100x this. Secular poet of the modern world is the best work of criticism that I've ever read.

Yep I'm a dumbass.


Yeah, I'm interested in the work as a piece of art as well as criticism. One of the really remarkable things is how he imitates the styles of whomever he's writing about as he's doing it. Like you basically get Lit-Crit as Stream of Consciousness in some parts of the Woolf chapter:

>Books-it is ages sinceshe has had time to read books, even the books which have been dedicated·to her (here the lighthouse flashes in for a second, as a place where one can't send such erudite volumes as some of those lying
about the room). Then the house again: if the family would only be a little more careful.

etc. etc.

There's also the imitation of Shylock's voice in the Shakespeare chapter, which isn't at all surprising given his position as a Jewish exile.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Im searching for various forms of genres of horror.
Lately it seems like the only thing to “scare” me is the anxiety of horror games cause I don’t want to get jumped by some face yelling boo or whatever.
Iv read Lovecraft a bit but his stuff is more interesting than scary.
So what books could potentially give me the spooks?
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Apparently I coped and pushed it so deep away I forgot all about it. Damn, this may have shook me more than anything I've read. Am I a turbopleb?
My experience was similar, only it got shoved away by creepier images like jeff the killers face
The story is garbage but that face was....eugh
Though it did make me realize its distorted humans which got me
Explains why i lived the Dead Space Necromorphs so much
Ah, well shit
I think you've omitted some words from your post that would have it make sense grammatically. Your writing is difficult to read. Geez I thought this was the literature board.
I think you're just stupid. It reads fine.

File: 1515445471844.jpg (18 KB, 451x451)
18 KB
What's the politest way possible to tell someone "suck my cock"?
"Please suck my cock"

If time doth allow, might I offer the proposition of sucking your own cock, per chance?

File: au4yoiA.jpg (59 KB, 520x759)
59 KB
Hi guys, i would like to read some book about PTSD or soldiers who try to cope with their life after they are sent home from the war. Could you help me out?
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File: 1514625633051.png (15 KB, 200x200)
15 KB
Affect. My bad.
Tribe by Sebastian Junger. It's nonfiction but incredibly insightful on the modern reintegration of soldiers into society.
The Soldier's Return by Melvyn Bragg, about soldiers after the First World War. Also First Blood by David Morrell, the novel the "Rambo" movie was based on. It is very different and much better than the movie that has come to be a synonym for mindless violence. Other than that try asking
>Other than that try asking

... try asking /k/ I meant to say.
Preparation for the next life

File: 51M2zppamsL[1].jpg (47 KB, 329x500)
47 KB
holy fuck
this has got to be the greatest book ever written
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good post
File: _20160228_125006.jpg (24 KB, 297x241)
24 KB
You haven't read it, my guy
Who tf dat

Which one is more accurate? Which is the better book in general?
Im going with Brave New World, pic basically explains why
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Brave New World for the West
Nineteen Eighty-Four for the rest
1984 for the communist regimes and nations.

BNW for the capitalistic and western(ized) nations.
Huxley, Orwell was a moron and hated every government. A borderline conspiracy theorist.
t. communist

Orwell was one of the few socialists who wasn't fucking retarded.
File: laughing.jpg (19 KB, 413x395)
19 KB
>no argument

File: 51H2WZitH0L.jpg (41 KB, 333x500)
41 KB
How are they going to depict half the shit in this book. I feel like however they make this movie it's not going to please people who read the book.
not read it, but curious as to what makes it unfilmable? Do you just mean visually or is it a issue with story structure?
Judging from the trailer they're doing it like Alien mixed with 2001. A lot's going to be lost in translation but that's how it is with most sci-fi adaptations.
I think I read somewhere that it was made as to not be a trilogy, so it's probably different from the book. But if it makes bank they'll continue it anyway.
File: 1512194632709.jpg (11 KB, 345x333)
11 KB

What, they're making a movie? The 2nd and 3rd books were meh, but Annihilation was fucking incredible. Super mysterious, tense and very clever. I have very fond memories of that book. I can't wait to see how they'll fucking ruin it in an adaptation.

File: disorganizedbooks3.jpg (2.75 MB, 3000x4000)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
what's the /lit/ stance on Great Books?
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Volume 1: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.150395

Volume 2 and 3: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.547448 https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.460726

Vol 1 lays out function, vol 2-3 are the index and the rest are reference material. They were meant to be used as study material. Modern version would be web based version, kind of like wiki for ideas, with links to classics.
>open video
>"Jordan Peterson"
maybe not
Pretty good, I own and have read the whole set.
This. Those fucking Jews flew too close to the sun buy crowding the spine with a brand advertisement rather than accentuating the actual contents of the book, letting the whole aesthetic appeal (the only appeal) of the series go to shit. Not only do they look bad, but it makes it difficult to organize and find the volume you're looking for, completely defeating the purpose of labeling the spine. 0/10.
I know an accomplished professor who has these strewn about his house in disarray. I once picked on of them up and read it. It was good, but that is the extent of my experience with them.

File: shit.png (109 KB, 191x293)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
This book just got delivered today and it is THE WORST and most factually inaccurate book about Dahmer I have ever read. The amount of conjecture and mischaracterisation is astounding. From the first chapter I knew it was going to be a shitshow. Even the name is retarded and insensitive, referring to Dahmer as a "hungry cannibal". The last 50 pages is just few chapters from some other shit book this cunt wrote. In total there is roughly 100 pages of Dahmer stuff and it's all terrible. Ryan Becker should kill himself.
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one of the most infamous serial killers to ever live. I've read nearly every book about him
>I've read nearly every book about him
Rank all of them from best to worst.
1. The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer
2. A Father's Story (written by his father Lionel)
3. Jeffrey Dahmer by Joel Norris
4. Milwaukee Massacre
5. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Those are the top 5 I can think of
maybe get into some carl panzram to cheer you up

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