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File: 788681._SY540_.jpg (16 KB, 404x540)
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How beneficial is reading books ( fiction specifically ) ?
are we just wasting time, should i see books as something beneficial ? or just an other hobbie just like playing Soccer or Chess ?
what is the limit ?
is reading 30 mins of fiction a day more than enough ?
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Most fiction is pointless
books always transform us and leave traces of themselves in our real selves

yeah it sort of is

it's just having a conversation. all art is a conversation with the artist.
No limit so long as you get out and do shit too. No minimum either.
File: 012.jpg (1011 KB, 1600x1259)
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1011 KB JPG
1488 in every post so far. This thread is now officially blessed by the ghost of the good F├╝hrer
File: rp.jpg (26 KB, 245x390)
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ty che, blyad?

File: mawulisa.jpg (90 KB, 440x429)
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Any good book about general history of Africa?
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Silly point. It takes great ingenuity to afflict great atrocities like European people have done. Africans are much more violent and animalistic; ceteris paribus, could you image the untold horrors they would unleash if they had the ability to create WMDs etc? Of course this is pure fantasy; their unruliness feeds into both their violent tendencies and their inability to perfect war and domination.
lmao this reminds me of all those random African twitter accounts who tweet incoherently at politicans, whose bios always big them up as Entrepreneurs, Marketing Executives, all-around Go Getters. You see this delusion too in Western blacks...the "grind" talk, the king/queen flattery bestowed upon anyone who managed to get a token job at a big company and brags about it on social media, ultimately only serving the company's corporate image....you people sicken me, truly.
*clicks at you*
Lookie here, a real Noam Chomsky!
No. Australian Aboriginals are.
You seem to point to ideas, trade, and inventions coming from nowhere. As if establishing a city in a certain spot simply means trade would appear there.

File: Open Society.jpg (29 KB, 329x499)
29 KB
Seems like its pretty important to the current nationalism vs globalism divide
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his critique of historicism is spot on. He convinced me on the poverty of platonism, but I didn't know enough Hegel to know whether or not it was accurate. But calling him a brainlet is pretty retarded. Maybe he just doesnt sniff enough and make excessive comparisons to pop culture for /lit/ to enjoy

that and the civilizing process by elias.
popper is what you get if you upload the collective consciousness of reddit into an android. utter brainletdom
but are you absolutely positivism

File: 268zj7.jpg (26 KB, 645x729)
26 KB
Is quality of writing important for fantasy or should I say fuck this shit and publish my shitty book about africans doing magic and shit in wakanda?
It should be simple, not too overly elaborate (lest you fall into the same trap as GRRM), distinct enough not to be a pastiche of another author's style.

File: 1514447693228.jpg (53 KB, 786x618)
53 KB
Books to help me get through opiate withdrawal without bitching out and getting high again?
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I dunno man shrooms are pretty dope
ITT degenerates
thanks mom
this is the best answer. it's hard to do it alone. having someone around that has been there before is a lot of help. they know what to do and how to do it.
tl; clean and sober for 10 years now.
if you're still around, try this.
it's free.

hi /lit/

are any of you well-versed in plays? I have a little theatre troupe of four folks - two men and two women - and we are looking to put on a really good play... The obvious ones that come to mind are Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and God of Carnage, but we are certainly not old enough for the former are very likely not old enough for the latter

We are all in our 20s, for the record

Can y'all think of anything?
/lit/ is too spergy for drama

Favourite Heaney poem?
For me its 'Sweeney Astray'
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File: 1507672183427.jpg (5 KB, 211x239)
5 KB
>a four foot box. a foot for every year

Woah, damn. Thats powerful. Imagine that, kids die somethimes
File: 1526484024295.jpg (6 KB, 234x216)
6 KB
>Seamus Heaney? I studied him for the junior cert, he's great!
By all means write about kids dying but don't be such a pisspoor sentimentalist. Yeats and Joyce would laugh at this melodrama
it was the death of his young brother, surely the drama is justified
Nah sorry. Show some fucking decorum instead of making soppy puns
A foot for every year. That's not real emotion that's opportunistic heartstring dragging for his own little gains and whistles. What a scumbag

File: R14kkDj.png (25 KB, 650x522)
25 KB
how hard is to write and publish a light novel if you're not japanese?
it's pretty much impossible
why not just write your book in your native language and try getting it published like that?
there's not market for animu trash outside japan.

File: pepeniet.png (24 KB, 300x250)
24 KB
>It's like... society, man: the philosophy.

Decadence and nihilism are problems, not solutions, products of the industrial revolution. N advocates perspectivism, but rejects a Christian perspective outright. His slave morality is a definition born out of misunderstanding, and is prejudiced by his own irrational anti-religious bias; I can't blame him for that, Protestant institutions of his day were a source of great miseducation. Still, being ignorant of theology, anthropology, and the psychological demand for the mystical, Nietzsche declares God is dead.

Why is this proto-fedora still taken seriously?
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>Why is this proto-fedora still taken seriously?
Because there are people who have read him and who know when retards like you are dealing with pathetically construed strawmen.
Dude there were and they are increasing a shitton of atheists
File: 1531933155592.jpg (33 KB, 720x720)
33 KB

Yep, this goes in my "Christians call everything they don't like childish because of some childish Bible verse they found profound" collection.
Hes right though. Also vidya is fine as long as you treat it like any other hobby and subject it to the higher virtues/things in life.

t. Catholic
Nietzsche predicts the industrial condition of the common man: a creature of energy more succinctly and subliminally yoked to a machine through the discipline of the desiring will than when he is shackled and thus incentivized to kill his masters. If this retarded thread had actually read Nietzsche, then it would have understood will-abnegating morality is a product of a system of mass-control more adequately-suited to mobilizing groups than violent subjugation. Industrialiazation is an epistemological product of technological rationalization, and with the industrial rationalization of society came the efficient passification of hu-man through a managerial liberalism born out of the lie that humanism foretells the ascendance of all.

File: jean--luc-godard.jpg (194 KB, 1118x1553)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Suggest some good books on filmmaking.
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Master GODard
MacKendricks On Film-making is a must read.
Anybody read some Rosenbaum books ?!
Reading this right now.
Wish he was just a little bit clearer with what he means specifically when he discusses "reality" "realism" etc.

>Bookend the Sokal affair and science wars by being former semiotics and political science students getting nonsensical papers published in peer-reviewed physics journals

Nothing personal, kid.
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Good debunking of the whole 'The Sokal Affair killed philosophy' argument
very telling of you that you equate philosophy with postmodernism
>Cuck Philosophy
>trying to own the term "cuck"

The video was decent, however no one claims "The Sokal Affair killed philosophy." The argument from STEM academics, as well as positivists or even basic-bitch conservatives, is that appealing to certain sensibilities is sufficient to garner praise and acclaim for a work otherwise without merit, this fact revealing the intellectual bankruptcy of the modern left.
Yea thats a mistake on my part; but contemporary philosophy is focused on Post-Modernism and such.
That fag actually got his paper turned down three times on count of its bad writing and philosophical incongruities, but he insisted so much the journal ended up publishing it anyway as the only article by a natural scientist in a science wars issue.

He probably still pats himself on the back for pulling off this bullshit.

File: IMG_20180707_150903.jpg (150 KB, 1278x1600)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Any books on how to stop worrying too much about physical appearance?
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When will these people understand? You worry about it for a valid reason!
Yes, but there has to be a point where worrying about it can become unhealthy. The very act of worrying about it can come across in public and make you appear like a social misfit, or it can simply hamper your quality of life.
Sun and Steel could be helpful or incredibly damaging to OP depending on where his dislike of his appearance stems from. If he's a man who feels unattractive because of his frailty it'll do him good, if he isn't a he the book won't change a thing, and if his hatred of his body stems from dysmorphia he'll likely end up on steroids
self-concsciousness is healthy, but only to a point. Given that OP made this thread i think it's safe to say that he's fixated on his appearance to an unhealthy degree.

File: 1519171607897.png (1.58 MB, 2000x7594)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Help me /lit/, I've read the chart a hundred times already and I still can't decide if I should buy Ciardi or Mandelbaum. I generally favor Ciardi's translation over Mandelbaum's but I also respect the literal translation of the latter. Which one do you have, what made you choose?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
They're pretty good, I would say "adequate".

You should be very careful about wanting to read "exhaustive" or "authoritative" notes. The Paradiso is ridiculously dense symbolically. Exhaustive commentary is tedious and at the very least you're going to be reading several lines of commentary for every line of Dante's. Ciardi's notes already verge into that territory for Paradiso and they aren't even particularly detailed.

You should also ask yourself if you really want/need to be spoonfed every last detail the first time through if you're choosing an edition based on exhaustive notes & commentary.
Based on these and pretty much the entire thread, I think I'll go with Ciardi for my first thorough reading of the Divine Comedy; he seems to me like an ideal mix between Pope's and Fagles's translation of Homer, both of which I like for different reasons. Thank you kind anons!
This is one of the most helpful things to come out of /lit/. TY based Dante bro.
Thats hysterical, OP. Been there. Tried to go through it in the middle of a used bookstore in Portland. Just went with Mandelbaulm. But now my problem is needing to read through key texts that came before so it sits in a fucking bin preying on my mind.
>mfw I bought the Ciardi version 10 years ago by accident
>turns out it's a based version
>mfw I have no face

File: ts eliot.jpg (7 KB, 193x262)
7 KB
he's fucking boring
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Wrong. You're boring. Zing bitch.
he looks like hed be the grandpa you dont like, the one that gives you nasty ass sweets and smells bad, youd have to sit on his knee as a wee laddy because your parents make you ("you dont want to upset your uncle tom do you anon"), and theyd be too bony and youd be uncomfortable, and hed read you that gay cat story again even tho all you want to do is set stuff on fire in the kitchen sink like your cool grandpa lets you do
Holyfuck, no recovering from this

File: meditation.jpg (221 KB, 1200x726)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Is Brahman the Tao?
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Monism's monism.
There's nothing wrong with Alan Watts as a gateway to this kind of stuff. As long as you don't dwell on him for too long.
theres a lot of illustrated didactic short books introducing taoism, and they usually focus on that. just type daoism or taoism in libgen or google and youll find some.
after that you might wanna try some scholar works like:
>asceticism in early taoist religion - eskildsen
>taoist meditation - robinet
sounds interesting, thanks for the reference.

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