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What are some good books to change me from a beta failure to an alpha sex god?
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Why don't you just B URSELF?
Starting Strength
The Illiad
History of the Peloponessian War
The Intelligent Investor
Starting strength
Atlas Shrugged
A world undone
Sex at dawn
Y: The last man
File: man.jpg (19 KB, 260x260)
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File: 20180221_213843.jpg (3.34 MB, 4032x3024)
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What do you use for a bookmark, /lit/?
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Why bother about remembering a particular number all day and riffling through the pages when you can just stuff a piece of paper in the book?
>writing in the margins is okay but folding the corner isn't
I use Paris metro tickets and secretly hope somebody will ask me about them
Nobody has
>Those words
At least in Mexico's case, it is mostly on Spanish language patriotism, especially Spanish majors in Mexico.

File: 1502004844911.jpg (511 KB, 1978x2560)
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This is the most garbage thing I've ever read. Why are economists so clearly biased towards capitalism?
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>Innovation halts
so you admit that we're always going to be struggling to survive? dead weight is dead weight, no use keeping it around, much less subsidizing it.
You are also assuming this automated fruit-picker wasn't created to be scalable. That isn't beyond the realm of possibility.
>we suddenly have more real estate for absolutely no reason
>which seems to imply that just because there is demand for something, I would naturally agree that helping you produce it is a good thing. I'll admit that in my mind I changed what you really said to something like "if there is a demand for something, that something is good for society."
There are 3 implications, tho. I think what I get from your help is good. You think what you get from helping me is good. The guy that gets the stuff we produce together thinks it's good. Are these people all of society? No, but they are part of it. They can be a pretty big chunk of it, really. And what these people think is good for themselves, I'd say, is a good metric for what is good for society. The only one? No, I'd like to hear to medics, climate scientists, fish stocks conservationists, etc... and have these guys help regulating markets and state services (like vaccination). But I want individual choices to matter. Why would individuals make up a society that hinders them more than it helps them to reach their own goals?

File: Stuff_cc9399_6422411.jpg (155 KB, 1200x1584)
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I'm almost done my first year at university in a biomedical/computer science program.
I've realized I still love computer science, but the biology part was pressured onto me by my parents.
I love literature and would idealy want to do comp sci/ english as an area of study (even though they aren't complimentary).
Should I try and switch? Or should I just stay on the path to make money?
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read the element by ken robinson
then decide
digital humanities bruh
better to get a comfy job and make free time for your passions than to financially tie yourself to your passions

early retirement my nigga
Stemfags will never be /lit/
You must be:
Anything else is pleb tier.
Fucking this. It's huge.

File: leonardo-da-vinci.jpg (45 KB, 350x392)
45 KB
Are there any books on Leonardo Da Vinci, his work, his thought process and stuff like that actually worth reading?
Leonardo’s beard is god-tier.
All of Charles Nicholl's books are worth reading, including his book on LD- Flights of the Mind.
Leonardo DaVinci and a memory of his childhood by Freud.
he probably paid the painter to draw it so
I enjoyed his book.

File: Duna Read Expected Got.png (229 KB, 1193x471)
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229 KB PNG
I see none of those here
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File: notesforlit.jpg (189 KB, 2016x778)
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189 KB JPG
I felt more like this desu

File: sorcerers house.png (1.47 MB, 2220x856)
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1.47 MB PNG
>but YUK
ah yes the pynchon crowd i see

It's literally impossible to be a good writer and not know grammar.
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Fuck off Cormac
Ewww, anon!
lol no, me and pretty much every Irish person don't have a clue how English grammar works, we just go by sound and are considered to be the best speakers and writers of the language
Mark Twain, James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon...
The list goes on...
Joyce and Beckett knew their grammar though

File: unnamed-2.jpg (127 KB, 800x600)
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What's the best english translation of the Upanishads?
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You don't need science to figure out philosophy, psychology, and history.
intertextual references, idiomaticisms, and historicism, just like how there are an ever decreasing number of people who can understand classical chinese
>he doesn’t know
It shows how much of a poor understanding you have if you actually believe we are more “advanced” than ancient civilisations. We are far less knowledgeable about the true nature of reality than them, by a very big margin. If you believe the “linear progressive” model of history you are objectively an absolutely pleb.
Why? Can you explain your claims?

I've read pic related and found it helpful, however i've also heard that the quality varies a lot based on the philosopher (the Plato one is supposed to be terrible). What are your general thoughts on the Companions? I've also been thinking about picking up the St Augustine and St Aquinas companions, has anyone here read them?
I like them
It depends on the essay writers but as a collection of secondary essays it is great
I have the Spinoza one but I've never heard if it's supposed to be good or not

File: images(5).jpg (5 KB, 280x180)
5 KB
Help a pseudo-brainlet engineer out /lit/. In Dostoyevsky's 'Brothers Karamozov', chapter 8 Over the Brandy, Fyódor refers to "Bare-footed girls"; what does he mean by this?
>inb4 Google
I tried, couldn't find anything.
Girls without shoes?
probably a russian word for peasant girls akin to red-neck
usually hypenated phrases in translation are concepts unique to the language that cant really be translated
File: 1511224110038.jpg (43 KB, 600x611)
43 KB

File: cursive-handwriting.jpg (220 KB, 1200x771)
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220 KB JPG
How do you write, /lit/? Post an example and tell others if there are changes that need to be made
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>>10747858 Yes definitely
>>10747861 Absolutely true
>>10747870 Probably relevant to a thread
>a cri-fleek of pure steezin'
neat handwriting too
File: image.jpg (1.25 MB, 2592x1936)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Here goes.
That whole entire left margin on the righthand page is wasted space. Highly inefficient writing. Do you hate trees or something?

File: download.png (7 KB, 268x188)
7 KB
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What's the point of these threads and why are they becoming so recurrent on /lit/?
>asperger's syndrome
trends and tropes and literary devices in literature and how they tick people off after seeing them several times

File: 1518523500534.png (175 KB, 287x298)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Any recommendations?

File: Raven.jpg (66 KB, 445x500)
66 KB
I've been doing well reading prose but I'd like to get into poetry as well.
I can speak fluently both Spanish and English, and I've already read Cervantes, Edgar Allan Poe, Becquer and Shakespeare. Which other poets and poems should I not miss if I want to consider myself a man of culture?
Coleridge and Milton; Paradise Lost is alwaya a must for reading Anglo poetry.
Maybe read Dryden and Alexander Pope if you want to go deeper; those four should give you a great range of styles.
Wyatt, Sidney, Marlowe, Herrick, Herbert, Donne, Jonson, and Marvell.
Miguel Hernández and César Vallejo.
I've been on a Byron kick. His longer works (e.g. childe harolde, don juan) i find hard to engage with. Try some of these

>super famous but basically a folk song he re-worked. not my fav

>grim proto scifi story where the sun goes out and it just gets bleaker from there. he just had a rough break-up and couldn't hang

>also super famous, and short enough to memorize

>a poem he wrote to a woman after he scared her by shooting in her general direction (he hadn't seen her) while drunk playing with guns. sorta amazing today, shows what an operator he was that after almost killing a lady he still tries to make a move. would be a dick move if she hadn't reportedly been cool with it.

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John Donne for sure

What other book achieves such a natural conversational style? Anything written by DFW is a meme answer.

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