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File: IMG_0209.jpg (204 KB, 720x960)
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Just read my first Hemingway. Why is it that /lit/ looks down on writers like Orwell for being entry level and "high school reading list -tier", but idolize Hemingway despite him being entirely as accessible as Orwell, if not more?
Anyway, my favorite passage was that of Cohn being compared to a steer. Degrading man to that of what is in essence a cuckold is timeless. Masculinity is inherent even outside of social measures and this novel depicts it so well - it applies even in today's climate where many will denounce masculinity simply to fit in with the current zeitgeist.
The most memorable element was that of the telegram: Jake is constantly in contact with people across the globe, which is entirely reminiscent of the internet and other technologies today. Society as a whole has devolved despite being technologically advanced.
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kek! hilarious
hahaha, well done. you have beautifully btfo of that anon
You're posting pictures of yourself to strangers online and then you reply to your own comment twice >>10389455 >>10389467

Nobody gives a fuck how many balls you squeeze. Please stop I'm getting second hand embarrassment on behalf of your estranged father
not even him, but simmer down babes

File: DKW9Pf2XoAAJ5wE.jpg (96 KB, 736x1103)
96 KB
Who is the Travis Scott of literature?
I kinda like him unironically so im not sure what you're getting at
Has any author created a work that captures the complete lack of meaning of the life of a modern 20 something that isn't from the POV of some rich ivy league cocksucker.
Fucking who?
Leo Tolstoy

File: download (8).jpg (9 KB, 268x188)
9 KB
What are some great books on how to git gud at chess, I am just a beginner but books for experts are also appreciated

My 60 memorable games by Bobby Fischer
The Life and games of Mikhail Tal by Mikhail Tal

But you'll also want these:
The Luzhin Defense by Nabokov
The Chess Story by Zweig

And for good measure:
The history of Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
>how to git gud at chess

Chesstempo.com, GM Daniel Kings Youtube channel and chessgames.com and that is all you need. You don't need books.

Seriously. Try to get to a 1900 - 2000 rating for standard mode on CT and watch Daniel Kings videos. Study Grandmaster games on CG and try to understand them with what you learned from CT and King. It may take several years but this will get you over 2000 elo. After that you may spend some money on further training, books, personal trainers, etc.

I'm rated 2100 on lichess for chess960 (which is quite inflated compared to standard ratings) and I beat chess masters on a regular basis. I've never read a chess book, never went to a chess club, never participated in a chess tournament, never had a chess coach. The only chess book I'd maybe read is Tals book about his life. Chess books are quite boring.

Oh, and don't play bullet chess.
*deflated, not inflated

What's /Lit/ currently reading also what's your thoughts in this? Huge fan if the film.
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It's pretty funny but the over the top edginess can get a little grating. Bateman's obsession with appearance is something that you may find worth exploring. Pretty good if you're 16 and want to Get Into reading desu.

A Prayer For Owen Meanie is the plan.
The hardest fits of uncontrollable laughter I've ever had were while reading this book. Everything he does is so autistic but self-serious, and the way he describes everything else with exaggerated disgust except trivial shit like bottled water or his clothes. I don't really like BEE's other books but he nailed a monotonous and dry tone with this one that works perfectly.
There was one scene where his date offered to pay for their lunch, and he described how he would break into convulsions if he had to keep looking at her. I laughed so hard at that and the scene where he inexplicably starts referring to himself in the third person that I actually vomited.
this book is all about being hit over the head with mundane, banal shit that disarms you, makes you feel like you know what's on the next page, but then it hits you with "I started shoveling sand into my mouth and howling at the moon/I pretended to be a doctor so no one would save the child/I put a rat in her vagina and preserved her friends head in my freezer for a month." It is so effective, and often hilarious.
The film would have been better if it had cast the actor used on the cover of the book and it had been made in 1974 with an early 70's aesthetic than if it were made in 2000 with a wannabe 80's aesthetic. No one here is going to understand what I mean, but I'm right and BEE is a hack who didn't even understand what he was trying to write.
>inb4 the book is set in the 80's
I know exactly what I fucking said, retard.
What scene stuck in your head?
My is the homeless.

What are the best Goosebumps books?
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'How I learned to fly' taught me to defer my gratification and be a passive entity in this world.
Correct answer.
File: jim carrey the mask.jpg (142 KB, 590x787)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
I had like 30 goosebumps books, I never read a single one.
>not just looking at the covers of Anamorphs books
t. brainlets

File: 1490662738222.jpg (259 KB, 1300x755)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I want to read some sci-fi or cyberpunk that's actually good, what should I go for? Was thinking of gettin Dicked because Valis looks interesting. My favorite books are Paradise Lost and Ada/Ardor if it helps. The ssfg looks like it's about to die so apologies
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Book of the Long Sun by Gene Wolfe
engine summer by john crowley is the greatest sci fi novel ever and is super underrated.
if you think Valis is cyberpunk, you are going to be bitterly disappointed.

>Book of the Long Sun by Gene Wolfe

no, OP said cyberpunk, not crypto-fantasy.

>A Canticle for Liebowitz

jesus h fuck, do none of you know what cyberpunk is? OP: just read Gibson's original Sprawl Trilogy - Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive. that should get you a decent grounding in it.
>do none of you know what cyberpunk is?

OP said he wanted sci-fi or cyberpunk. Those books are sci-fi.
File: 1512533473430.png (1.88 MB, 1500x1200)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
If you're wanting the Dick I wouldn't start with VALIS. It's awesome but 1) semi-autobiographical therefore you get more out of it when you know PKD better and 2) it's more theological than sci-fi.

I'd recommend starting with Ubik or Three Stigmata. Both excellent, harrowing and very weird. And far more sci-fi elements than VALIS.

File: logo.gif (2 KB, 200x200)
2 KB
More books like Lolita?
File: 50.jpg (90 KB, 768x1194)
90 KB

File: john-green.png (2.52 MB, 2800x1622)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
Now that the dust has settled, was there anything in his new book as brilliant as the Hurricane Monologue?
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His new book looks actually pretty decent. He might have been playing the long con.
isn't he the guy who does those wacky history videos?
I thought Sam Harris was a chef?
Turtles all the way down- IT'S A COOKBOOK!
Why did I read this in MC Ride's voice?

File: 54TDBt.jpg (599 KB, 1680x1216)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
Why is there an apostrophe before bus here? 'Bus it says
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but it clearly means bus, not book
It's called a contraction. Bing it.
In my language it's called "autobus". So maybe it's a contraction of that word, or maybe of "trolleybus". It would be useful if we knew when and where this advertisement was used
Obviously this.
>The Chad thinker and the virgin moderate thinker

File: 1480372384815.jpg (149 KB, 700x700)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
I LITERALLY sent my novel to ALL literary agencies in America. I sent over 80 query letters.

6 months later and everyone who bothered to answer said 'No'.

Are there any books about failing your childhood dreams?
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Was getting caught part of your plan?
>tfw pleasantly surprised
I actually enjoyed that, although I'd want to read it again to actually understand most of it. It's good enough that I'm inclined to google it to see if you've stolen it from somewhere. If not, though, I'd follow anon's advice about trying to get short fiction published.

It's also true that there are very very few readers of new literary fiction, so I wouldn't take publishers' rejections as evidence of badness so much as unsellability. You could also try to get an agent.
Oh, damn, it was too good to be true. Oh well, makes the rampant /pol/iticization of this thread easier to bear.
How did you like the book? I've read all of Schwartz, he reminds me McElroy in the way the sentences connect together, or in the ways they don't.
Haven't read him sorry dude, I just copied+pasted a snippet in sleuth work. But I'm intrigued now, I'll check him out

What the fuck was his problem /lit/ ?
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The most terrible misanthrope is born from brilliant empathy.
And then to top it all off, Jews
No I ruined it... trying to turn an idea of interest into a truism, a dogma. Word nausea.
Relax, I liked it
File: gibbons.jpg (192 KB, 1200x799)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Thanks anon

File: stanford.png (8 KB, 184x275)
8 KB
Hey guys.

I recently got accepted into Stanford (Early Decision), which I guess validates for me a lot of what I’ve worked for and thought over the past 18 years of my life. Given this, I think it’s not at all unreasonable of me to be promoted to moderate this board. Not only do I have external accreditation (Rising Freshman at Stanford University, ranked as the #4 school by the US News, which puts me as the most educated person on this website), I also have been an avid reader for the past 2 years of my life. I routinely devour books, dozens of pages at a time, and average reading 10 books a year. I’ve always suspected that I’m a deeply original thinker, and some (though not all) of my teachers have agreed. I received an A- in my IB Theory of Knowledge course (for those of you who are unaware, it’s kind of like an “end game” philosophy course that synthesizes and distills the entirety of Western Thought into a single course) for my paper on social media (Towards A New Mass Culture: Facebook and Snapchat as Education) that showed how Plato’s Republic and Paine’s Common Sense kind of “predicted” the modern world so to speak, and how Facebook and Snapchat and other social media platforms are integral towards how people learn and mature today.

Beyond my intellectual credentials, I have a demonstrated track record of excellence through leading my school's various organizations, acting as, over the past four years:
-Vice President of the Student Body
-Assistant Captain of the Soccer team
-Associate Principal Second Violin in the Junior Varsity Orchestra
-President of the Esports Club

I have some really good ideas on how to improve this board and you guys should definitely give me a chance.

Thank you!
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You'll always go to the Harvard of the west.
File: IMG_1017.jpg (72 KB, 750x750)
72 KB
Hey /lit/, Henry here. I've noticed that there exists a stigma around honest self-appraisal around these parts. I see no reason why I should deny that I, for example, am not only exceptionally intelligent, and moreso than the majority of humankind, but I'm also one of the greatest living writers, and all at the tender age of 19 years old. It sounds awful—but hear me out, gentle reader! We all acknowledge the supreme importance of truth and honesty. Have you read Pascal? Don't worry if you haven't, I quote the only passage we need (I assume many of my readers have no French, so I give a translation):
"Thus, when they discover only the imperfections and vices which we really have, it is plain they do us no wrong, since it is not they who cause them; they rather do us good, since they help us to free ourselves from an evil, namely, the ignorance of these imperfections. We ought not to be angry at their knowing our faults and despising us; it is but right that they should know us for what we are, and should despise us, if we are contemptible."

Now follow the train of reasoning: we owe it to others to be honest about our comparative vices and virtues. If another man is contemptible, it is a moral duty to say so. What difference is there in saying that I am less contemptible? None can deny that each statement offends for the same reason. We owe it as humanists (I do not say Christians, as I see no truth in that myth) to be honest about each other and ourselves, and to overcome the self-imposed deafness which will not hear anything which injures our pride.

What excuse is then left to hate the man who claims a degree of brilliance? First, be honest with yourself—is your hatred not mixed with vanity? Do you not resent the notion that another might be more intelligent than you? Is this about me, or about yourself?

Would that all my critics were so honest and curious. Indeed if they would confront the source of their discomfort—that knowledge that they are rather imperfect themselves—they might even profit by the thought! So little can my honest 'egotism' harm them, it is even likely to give them occasion for self-improvement.

I will, of course, receive criticism gracefully. Yet I think it not impudent if I should often disagree with my critics, given that I can speak from much more experience of myself.
This copypasta is so good
... the sad part though is that there are so many students like OP matriculating to these hyper-elite schools.
you guys are such fart sniffing fuckwits “secret club” my ass, a jerk circle for bugs

File: George_R_R_Martin.jpg (155 KB, 1500x1000)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
He literally just took Dune and put it in middle earth, its not like he did anything original
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but LotR and Dune don't have tax policies, OP.
Neither does ASoIaF. Saying the word tax doesn't make a tax policy, and mentioning money doesn't make an economy. I've seen someone do a break down of the values of the coins used in the novels. The economy makes zero sense. Which is why I hate the tax quote, it only shows him to be a hypocrite in addition to a terrible writer.
>I've seen someone do a break down of the values of the coins used in the novels
i was just memeing before, but can I get a link to this?
HE's most likely referring to the rewards won by tourneys

File: 1492830279400.png (46 KB, 671x673)
46 KB
What books should I read to help get over my social anxiety and to stop being a spineless indolent coward?

pic mostly unrelated
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>You ever done LSD my man?
no sir

same. why the fuck is that the case
As with anything else, social ability takes practice in order to hone. It too, like any other skill, can diminish with time spent unpracticed, so it pays to begin a regular social activity, even a minor one. After all: how can you know what to talk about in conversation if you never have enough conversation to hear anything interesting said?
> Medidations
> The Dhammapada
> The Upanishads
> Mere Christianity
> The Screwtape Letters

Even if you're atheist you can still learn a lot from religious philosophy on how to live a healthy spiritual life which in turn will help your social anxiety and personal growth. These are all basic as fuck but it's a good intro.
On The Road did it for me. It developed a desire for new experiences and meeting new people which overpowered my fear of interaction.
y'all didn't pick the same that i would, but religious texts is the way to go. Specifically Nahj al-Balagha for tryin to embrace death in a positive way

File: PRAISETHERAZE.jpg (657 KB, 2560x1600)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
From the seeds of chaos
new flowers grow
A new world beautiful and vibrant
it's long imprisoned colors
flash freely amongst the debris

I worship thee
oh my lord of promordial darkness
bring in new light
that it may illuminate the failings
of the old and frail

Out with the old
in with the new

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
fuck off.
I'm not ready and neither are you.
i feel as though i am already dead
>asking a god of darkness to bring light
What did he mean by that?

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