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What poems should I read to get into poetry? I can’t apprectaite them or at least the ones I’ve read. What are some of your favorite poems or authors.
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Anyone here read the Norton Poetry Anthology? Thinking of picking it up (I'm new to actually reading poetry but I know a surprising amount about poetic form).
Can a good anon post a mega.nz with some poetry anthologies. I remember searching for the Harold Bloom one and I couldn't find it. Or any good recommended anthology.
Get an anthology to fall in love with poetry, then get an "introduction to poetry" academic book to find out how little you know. It has been quite the experience for me. Don't give up anon it is a worthwhile interest; it just takes a bit of effort.
Yes I own the Norton anthology. It's a good anthology, but its possible you should look into hardcover. I've abused mine pretty bad, but also it being paperback means I have fewer qualms about righting directly in the book, which I like to do.
For some reason the only poem I really LOVE, is the Love Song by J Alfred Prufrock. That poem really just speaks to me in a way no other poem has

File: memeawd.jpg (357 KB, 1650x2538)
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357 KB JPG
>page 600
>literally the least interesting thing i've ever read

Does it get better? I started this after having read V which i actually liked, but this is pretty much V, just longer, less interesting characters, slower moving and with less action, and worst of all, written with really ugly language.

The only thing cool is the time travel memes, the cult meme as well as the anarchism meme, but if i need 50 page sections of some morons introspection between every short chapter where stuff actually happens i really dont think its worth it. I honestly only picked this up because airships and time travel have a really cool aesthetic, but of the 600 pages i've read so far mabye 20 or 30 have been dovoted to that.
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So does it get better or am i not getting it?
Le dog captain
nah i love pynchon but this book sucks
>Isnt GR just tons of hardcore porn and stuff?

File: download (1).jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
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File: 0449021661.jpg (38 KB, 289x487)
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Why can’t I appreciate poetry?

I can’t really see the importance of conveying a point in an abstract way. I don’t like poetry.
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Plath isn't the best from what I've seen, which is only a couple poems. But they left a bad taste in my mouth, with the over enjambment and the shocking material. Robert Frost is a hood modern poet which seems to resonate with non-poetry people. I'm a big fan if Emily Dickenson but her poems take a lot of time to appreciate so it may feel a but weird at first. If you can get past the language barrier and some strange syntax, you could try some John Donne. His "songs and sonnets" are a lot of fun.
I prefer rhyme, but certain works benefit by not rhyming, such as epics, plays, or more serious/authentic sounding poems.
I think the modern reaction against rhyme has been its historical misuse. Rhyme, in my opinion, flourishes in more rhetorical works, which is ironic since rhyme is culturally viewed as a more playful act.
poetry is just for normies who wants to be writers but don't want to put any effort in actually writing
What's the point of novels? Just write an essay on the same themes.

File: Martini Lute.jpg (1.81 MB, 1500x1100)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
>In short, God cannot be God unless He first becomes a devil. We cannot go to heaven unless we first go to hell. We cannot become God's children until we first become the children of the devil. All that God speaks and does the devil has to speak and do first.... The godless do not go to hell without first having gone to heaven. They do not become the devil's children until they have first been the children of God.
WA 31, 249-250

>To summarize, the devil does not become and is not a devil without first having been God.... For what the devil speaks and does must first have been said and done by God.
WA 31, 250-251

>Because God achieves and causes all in everything He necessarily also acts in Satan and in the godless wicked."
WA 18, 691

This is how Luther tries to rationalize God creating man who has no free will, who was doomed to do evil—implying God Himself is vain and evil for creating evil. This is the logic of theological determinism and total depravity.

The only reason Luther condemns the Catholic Church is because if man is totally depraved, then anything that the Church does is evil. But Luther didn't want to reach the logical conclusion of his statements; faith and baptism would be in vain and would've been an evil act, given our depravity.

Protestant theology literally disgusts me.
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>when light is the accidental cause of darkness
>when good is the accidental cause of evil
>when evil has no formal or final cause
>when evil is a privation of something
>when God allows free will
Stern but fair. Even if God doesn't exist, it makes sense if you step back and consider this as a valid solution.
What are you referring to at a valid solution? And solution what?

And thanks for understanding
>turbo brainlet

A Catholic, apparently.

File: aristotle.jpg (534 KB, 925x1076)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
>My diary, desu.
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to fuck
It was the fuckin’ kids, animals and dead people all along
>"If you tell me how you get your importance, I'll tell you what you are. This determines your character."
fuck cultists

File: taleb1.jpg (298 KB, 1356x1198)
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298 KB JPG
Stop being fragile.
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Taleb speaks briefly in the book about how a lot of things make him cry. I'm fairly sure his point is either that it's fine to feel briefly, but use one's resolve to learn from the episode instead of plunging into doubt and self-pity. Or that art is cathartic thus allowing for the purging of one's emotions. Or probably, you know, both.
File: 1403156794425.png (224 KB, 699x854)
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224 KB PNG
easy being ANTIFRAGILE when you're VOLKISCH
/biz/ is filled with bitcoin shit, anyway can you sign up online for TD?
File: 1536868267263.jpg (97 KB, 915x513)
97 KB
>Avoids the path of degeneracy that killed the fallen Zyzz
It's still too soon for me, bros...
is the box set worth purchase

File: IMG_0546.jpg (190 KB, 947x708)
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190 KB JPG
Who is the Neymar Jr. of literature?
File: 911.jpg (385 KB, 969x1263)
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385 KB JPG
Ruben Dario, very famous when he was alive but no one gives a shit about him except in his own country.
File: Vacheron.jpg (87 KB, 655x369)
87 KB
This guy

Watched pic related yesterday, reminded me of my cozy Medieval and Renaissance lit. class I took at uni. I don’t want to commit fully to T.H. White’s book or some tome like Le Morte D’Arthur, but I do want to read a few shorter or excerpted texts to get back into the medeival aesthetic. Any recommendations?
Well Beowulf is short but that’s more cozy early medieval mead halls than knightly courts. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight might be what you’re after.
File: percevalpic3.jpg (84 KB, 800x450)
84 KB
It takes the aesthetic in pretty much the opposite direction, but Eric Rohmer's Perceval is comfy medieval kino and a really faithful adaptation of Chretien de Troyes' Tale of the Grail to the point that the poem is read almost line by line by the characters and features a lute playing chorus

>don quicks-oat
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File: 1534046727489.jpg (18 KB, 434x366)
18 KB
>Al-burT Came-us
go - eth

File: Comb22092018054151.jpg (157 KB, 843x621)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Which is better? Which would you rather have children reading?
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the hobbit, and then lord of the rings
False dichotomy. I don't have children.
File: rgnjngsbjfr.jpg (443 KB, 1800x2550)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
i read both as a child
i dont think reading either would really have any adverse effects
i'd keep my kids away from shit like this though, idk why so many people think it's okay to air their fetishes for all to see, let alone try and sell them to children
File: 51EU5MU1ekL.jpg (60 KB, 415x500)
60 KB

I started with Nietzsche and now I can't seem to get into any other philosophy as I feel like he really nailed it.

What would you recommend someone who really liked Nietzsche to read
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Presocratic philosophy is some of the most simple shot ever once u get an understanding of the context of the ideas, u r literally just a brainlet, Heraclitus and Nietzsche basically have the exact same philosophy
Would 8bhave to read Zarathustra first?
you would enjoy Kierkegaard more
Ok, I'll do that too
I wouldn't know since I'm still reading through.
Every consensus I've come to about that book in particularly with others is that it should be read after read after Beyond Good and Evil it's less
than his earlier ones, similar concepts but worth reading if you're still interested.

Is it nessecary being able to speak in the language of the authour to be able to experience the full poetic output of his work, or are transulations good enough?
The full poetic output? Yes, I reckon, but a skilled translator (who'd also have to be a skilled poet on his own!) could relay the original writer's message with good enough accuracy for understanding.
A translation may be satisfactory enough, but still it is a different thing.

>good enough accuracy for understanding
Not what poetry is for
All translations are trash.

File: 81nC4nRk4KL.jpg (260 KB, 1399x2130)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
I just graduated college and want to get into reading for "fun" and general knowledge. I majored in engineering so I didn't read much literature. I literally have not read a single book in my adult life for fun other than pic related. What books should I try reading?
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Infinite Jest, Gravity's Rainbow, Ulysses
shiet nigguh good call

Lot 49


I want to gain some knowledge from reading
You gotta start somewhere, I suppose.
You are welcome. I'll be back latter to post more. suggestions.

ITT: Poets whom are also prose masters
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who's on first
File: SS2179871.jpg (124 KB, 824x1200)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Milton and Dryden
I think the prose of Max Resdefault is highly unappreciated
File: Pessoa_chapeu.jpg (11 KB, 220x307)
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