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File: unnamed.jpg (47 KB, 283x498)
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Worth reading?
Yeah. Quick but good read.
the pacing is a bit slow at the beginning, but I would say it's good overall

File: hm.jpg (736 KB, 2274x2560)
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736 KB JPG
*smokes a couple of cigarettes*
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*enables pixie-pussy magnet*
*fucks an ear*
*plays pinball*
*never gets a gf*
*eats some spaghetti*
*pets a cat*
*listens to a jazz record*
*reads the brothers karamazov"
*describes breasts*
*gets stuck down a well*
*writes beautiful literature that i can't get enough of*

>want to be a writer since I have a knack for it and want others to share my stories with
>can only glean entertainment from a select few novels, can't help but find film and animation to be magnitudes more enjoyable than reading
How do you guys deal with this conundrum?
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For fucks sake man, write screenplays. It's kind of a thing.
You probably don't have a very good imagination desu. There's nothing you can do to fix it.
Actually the opposite, my mind is constantly swimming with imagination and many of my favorite books are far fucking out there. Honestly, I just wish more works got to the point sooner with their craziness.
You said yourself that you like a select few novels. It's the same for most, I finish maybe half the novels I pick up. The problem isn't the medium, it's that you're not reading the right books. If a book doesn't grab you, set it aside and keep looking. You'll never be a good writer without reading.

File: yep2.jpg (35 KB, 350x350)
35 KB
Shrek loves to collect them.
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How does sex spread hatred?
You are my new favortie writer. Fuck Proust
That sounds terribly like my life, except I don't even have the discipline for sacrificing everything for a single project, the project is something different every few months and I never finish what I start.
>his favorite writer used to be proust
Recountive story where the narrator (who’s name is the same as the author, audience is supposed to assume that it’s real to start out) analyses the poems of his former friend and reveals that his projection onto them ruined their friendship and is the reason they lost connection/friend stopped writing poems

File: carson-mccullersx750.jpg (114 KB, 750x563)
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114 KB JPG
>I'm putting together a team, you in?
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He was from a time period where men actually wore fedoras, anon.
hello context, my old friend.
Yeah sure.
File: Hitler1.jpg (282 KB, 1365x2048)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Is it time to come out of the woodwork?

How do atheists answer this? And is this what Peterson is talking about when he mentions that atheists have not addressed the fundamental thinkers?
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>How do atheists answer this?
There's nothing in this book about atheism/theism. Tolstoy explains his position on Jesus Christ and pacifism which is pretty far from atheists and christians alike. It probably only relates to very few russian christian splinter groups, and even then his views on Christ was and is shared by practically no one.

The book is mainly about violence/non-violence and the state of political and religious oppression in Russia at the time of writing.

>And is this what Peterson is talking about when he mentions that atheists have not addressed the fundamental thinkers?
I don't what Peterson is on about, but probably not. Tolstoy is not a "fundamental thinker".
>Spiritual beliefs, as well as religion should stay inside of people's minds, and not in temples or public discourse
>religion should stay inside of people's minds, and not in temples or public discourse
>religion not in temples or public discourse
you don't even know what religion means
Today I heard David Bowie singing on the radio. But he's presumably dead. How do the atheists answer that? See, Peterson really knows his stuff.

File: 1529250304916.jpg (341 KB, 1200x1600)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Hyperion has ruined sci-fi for me. Every time I read a good space opera, like Dune or Eisenhorn I keep thinking

>time debt
>time debt
>time debt


It renders the plot useless. One cannot neglect time debt after plowing through Hyperion.
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good read
inability to communicate over long distances. you travel to meet people from a star - when you arrive, they're several generations dead. you go back, your friends have also died in the meanwhile etc etc.
File: 1528324440663.png (488 KB, 600x450)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
dune takes this into account though....

its folding space (wormhole basically) not FTL

there is literally no reason not to like dune as a sci fi fan
Still breaks causality, like any form of FTL.
And time debt pertains specifically to slower than light relativistic travel, not so much to FTL.
The chapter in Fall of Hyperion where all the portals stop working was really good. The office worker trapped at the top of a skyscraper, the family homes suddenly split up across planets, etc. Probably one of the most memorable parts of the series.

Also, the end where the rabbi decides to give his daughter to the Shrike seconds before she becomes unborn is probably the closest a book has come to making me teary eyed.

File: 1512089728772.jpg (72 KB, 972x971)
72 KB
Midsummer is coming up in a week. What books/poetry are you going to read?

Mishima's short story Death in Midsummer is a obvious one.
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Is this a joke about how people are magically put sleep in the story? Tell me it’s a joke anon.
actually based
Rate my stack
>Midsummer is coming up in a week.
>summer actually begins in 4 days
i'm not sure i understand

File: 11335942.png (51 KB, 1080x1080)
51 KB
TLOTIAT and Hypersphere are unironically great books
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lmao fuck "modernism"
reading L'anomie right now
i love all the cumstained books you fags write
i think its great and cant wait for more
What's your favorite part so far?
i first read that as "TOILET"

File: stack.jpg (95 KB, 720x960)
95 KB
rate my stack
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3/10 no Tacitus
File: 1527952939665.jpg (8 KB, 251x201)
8 KB
I copped Plato's complete works at a used bookstore for $15, feels good man
File: Sextus Empiricus.jpg (19 KB, 223x346)
19 KB
I got Symposium and The Republic for $1 each, but they're old Penguin prints from the 60s, and pretty gross. Sides of the pages and the cover are stained
File: Ong.jpg (87 KB, 600x927)
87 KB
Need this before.

File: 1529127736455.jpg (59 KB, 512x512)
59 KB
ill start with obvious ones:
> ij
> gr
> uly
> bm
> lolita
> stoner
> oblomov
> brothers k
> the bible, kjv
> phenom of spirit
> my twisted world
> crit of pure reason
> the ego and its own
> notes from underground

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. Less so for the bell curve, the only issue is that retards take the it as some sort of bible that says 'whites so hansom and smart', when even Murray said it wasn't. However, it's been condemned by association to people like you.
Tell me anon, when you are talking to a female (if ever, and not your mom) do you tell her how she is inferior like a nigger to a white man? Trust me, if you don't it's the way you get laid.
File: 1526172294146.png (180 KB, 352x353)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>dead souls
>moby dick
also We
required reading for all those who browse /lit/


a cautionary tale that may be relevant to more than not, i only hope it isn't too late.

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT (aka I picked a random board, clicked on it and I want to know what it's like)
File: JustaPynchdoesthetrick.png (203 KB, 1293x700)
203 KB
203 KB PNG

File: technohuman.jpg (71 KB, 510x340)
71 KB
Would you please recommend me some good literature on technology, its affects on society, and so forth?

Additional info: Please don't tell me to read the Unabomber...
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You mean jaron
Yeah him. Always find his writings and talks to be pretty interesting.
Fucking bugman piece of shit, you deserve what you get

I’m feeling that genre fiction itch and I want to start reading 40k. I’ve never read or played anything related to the 40k universe. What book should I start with? Are they a series? Are there any so terrible I should avoid?
I suggest reading the Horus Heresy novels (there's a thread about those) they are imo the best Warhammer sci-fi books, otherwise the Soul Drinkers books are amazing and Deamon World was good too, i suggest you ask your local GW store employee, they will help you pick something!
Link the thread?

hi, /lit/

i’ve read a lot of the basics on economics, e.g. wealth of nations. i’m looking to read more into socialism, especially the form of socialism that marx/engels speak of (and criticize) in the communist manifesto.

where do i start? who are the definitive, foundational socialists?
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Spend 10 years reading the Talmud, and all will be made clear. Just don't talk about it, and don't tell anyone I told you.
File: 418XmcpP6AL._SX260_.jpg (16 KB, 260x337)
16 KB
This is all you need my friend, hope it'll be of help
>where do I start
Marx and Engel you fucking brainlet you mentioned them in your post
lol this, the Jews are trying to genocide us through socialism which they invented

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