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File: 1526066194362.jpg (434 KB, 1600x1000)
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Is there a list like this that isn't filled with garbage books?

No, even the /lit/ one is horrendously embarrassing. Bloom's canon is the best you're going to get
you mean "the western canon" by harold bloom? is it any good?
If you want to understand the universe read science books as well. 1st year bio, chem and physics textbooks, along with maths until multivariable calc and linear algebra will give you a better understanding of the world than 90% of the people living in it. Add into that some philosophy, some shakespeare and some of the greeks and romans amongst others and you'll be set

File: meme collage 1.jpg (2.28 MB, 1417x1873)
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NEETS from the underground

It's a mixture of Notes from the underground, fuck quest and Legacy of totalitarianism in a tundra.
Seems good, post it.

This is where literature peaked.
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Minorities can'tve racist, honkey.
I agree dude, well said
This is such a nice edition too
Hmm, some of it is kind of obvious for someone who knows a bit of physics
Dear god what is wrong with you

File: liferuiners.png (976 KB, 1366x787)
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976 KB PNG
Recommend a book my dad will like, as a gift. He's writing a book something roughly about "you niggas ain't real Christians" and likes Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Tolstoy (the kingdom of god is within you). Something more obscure that he can use in his research.
lol, tell him to get laid desu
Sounds like he's into Christian existentialism. Has he read Paul Tillich? If not, 'The Courage to Be' is a possibility.
Set his house on fire.
Thanks this might be a good choice, although it seems more an 'uplifting' thing. I think his interest now is just saying "society is so gay" because I got sent to jail a year ago and now he hates the world because it was for marijuana lol

File: 444491_1_ftc_dp.jpg (22 KB, 432x672)
22 KB
itt: books deemed objectively worse than harry potter by goodreads
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that's like almost every single book ever written, dude. no need to make a thread for that
File: 1522784413448.jpg (427 KB, 989x3344)
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427 KB JPG
>fag Dosto rated higher than Leo "the lion" Tolstoy
Any book people are forced to read in high school won't get above 4. I remember when we had to read it and 90% of the class kept sperging out over how Holden was unlikable and that meant the book was shit.

File: duotrope.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
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Thinking of using duotrope, seems to mostly be small interdependent e-book only publishers. I think that would be fun to do. Writing is a hobby, I have a real 8-5 job. my best case scenario for my writing career would be to make $200 bucks a month. I think it would be fun to write short little novels and put them out online and get a nice little bonus check every month.

anyone ever try to use this site? ever get any results?

File: snowcountry.jpg (24 KB, 326x499)
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I just finished reading Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata and found it highly enjoyable. Kawabata is a master of dialogue and I recommend his writing to anyone who wants to improve their dialogue in their own writing. The theme of coldness seems runs throughout the book and it has a lot of nice symbolism.

Are we even meant to like Shimamura?
File: watatea.png (98 KB, 510x546)
98 KB
Shimumara represents the effeteness of modernity, he's a self-appointed 'expert' on western dance but he's never seen the dances performed himself, all he knows is from newspapers and books.
This contrasts with Komako who has learnt to play the samisen by just pouring over sheet music.

Shimumara is also entirely effete himself, he has no will to properly take control over his own life. It's hard to like him towards the end but it's also hard to totally hate him.

Komako overcompensates hard for Shumumara's passivity and as a consequence comes across as pushy and inappropriate, they're both as bad as each other desu. In my opinion Komako is slightly more relateable.
I just got this book at the library yesterday. If this thread is still up when I finish it, then I'll let you know what I thought of it.
one of the most beautiful last lines in a novel ive ever read

Which "songs" are relevant to the "Nibelung Ethos" in the Poetic Edda?
Which edition is the best in English?
In my translation of the Poetic Edda the "nibelung ethos" as you call it starts with "the first poem of Helgi Hundingsbani" and ends with "Lay of Hamdir."

I would recommend the oxford world classics version translated by Carolyne Larrington; it's better captures the poetic nature of the text than others I've read.

If you want a more streamlined version then just read Volsunga Saga its the same shit as the Nibelugenlied but arguably easier to read.

The only practical difference is that the Nibelungenlied is the Middle High German version of the same story as the former two so the names and places are different, but the story itself is pretty much the same.

File: IHE1urM.jpg (74 KB, 500x500)
74 KB
can i read the book of disquiet in original Portuguese if i speak Spanish

but then i wont have the one with the cool cover
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Apenas brainletos não conseguem ler
Brainletos possuem mais familiaridade com o vernáculo do que um gringo
Yes. It's gonna be bumpy but easy
is it any better reading it in spanish over the english translation?

is it even worth the effort?

>tfw I fill the void of having no social life not friends by reading literature

File: yawinningson.jpg (21 KB, 800x450)
21 KB
>So Anon, how's your novel coming along?
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The real question is how do you answer
>What music do you listen to?

Do I list the genres? My favourite artists? My favourite albums or songs? Do I say what I listen to recently or regularly or what I used to listen to or both? Does music I spent years listening to but no longer listen to count? What about when my music tastes are spread randomly over different genres and times and I can't answer simply?

I usually just say
>A bit of everything ha ha..
but then I get more questions and I get frustrated

Sometimes I just say I don't listen to music so I don't have to have the conversation at all
because we haven't killed them yet.
jesus you over defensive autist. guessing you haven't written a sentence in at least a month

pretty good OP. not as many pages as I'd like today (doesn't most of the day with family cause fathers day), but kept up the momentum.
About 68K words into the first draft of my novel and now I'm thinking that I may need to completely start over again. The characters aren't well defined enough for my liking and I keep going back and forth over whether I want it to be first person or third.

Good news is I'll be starting another novel with Camp NaNoWriMo in July. It's a much simpler novel than the one I've been working on recently and I'm actually planning out the whole story and the characters for once instead of having a basic outline and just going with the flow. It's my first attempt at a more "literary fiction" novel instead of an "entertainment fiction" (What I mean is a novel with some actual deeper meaning and thought put into it.)
>So your son wrote a book
>does it go on a bookshelf
>here it is.
>does it have his name on it?
>right here.
> good
That's the only comment my dad has ever made about my writing.

File: horus.jpg (442 KB, 1400x2258)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Have any of you read these? How many did you read? I have just started book 3 (I think its 3) Galaxy in Flames. I'm really enjoying it read the first two last week couldn't put them down. Prior to reading them i thought it was a trilogy now i know there's like 40 odd books, what order should i read them in ?
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You should really take this to /tg/- some people here might answer, but you'll get far more over there.
>Have any of you read these?
I have
>How many did you read?
About a dozen
>what order should i read them in ?
The thing about Horus Heresy is that after the first three the story branches out to many books, some starting before even the events of the first "Trilogy", some only connecting at later points, and some completely on the side. You can really pick which books after the third you want to read according to what legions or battles you want to read but you should try keeping it in chronological order with the releases or try to find which micro-series of books following their own stories are read so that you can read that bunch of books and then some others. The main story pretty much follows with Flight of the Eisenstein, the ones on Istvaan V (i probably wrote that wrong), and then i think they go straight for Mars if you read just the main plot.
File: 1453921830350.png (197 KB, 533x700)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
release order is probably the best way to read them. You can jump around a bit but you run the risk of being like, "wait, what the fuck is going on with that guy? I thought he was dead?" when he pops up in a book about Ultramarines or whetevr

A thing to keep in mind is that after the first three the story slows down and spreads out a lot. So there will be books that are like, "What's going on with the Dark Angels" and don't have anything to do with Horus, but do eventually lead back into the story like 20 volumes later

There's also two or three books that are just pure filler, don't advance the story, and just kinda suck. Battle for the Abyss, and The Outcast Dead, iirc are pretty egregiously pointless.

But overall it's a good series, and you haven't even read the best ones yet
this are good ways to read the series. You can also read in cronological order and skip the ones that are trash, thats what i do.
what are you gonna do if they release a new book that takes place before ones you've already read?

File: 1526358491811.jpg (3.24 MB, 1578x4350)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
ITT: comfiest books of all time.
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You're fucking retarded, my dude, for not recognizing the obvious tone of a conversation.
Read more fagget
have any conspiracy theories been proven true so far?
No, all those ones weren't conspiracy theories
Thus Spoke Zarathustra is extremely comfy to me. Basically a bunch of short stories which each leave me with a smile on my face and feeling like a cool dude.

File: pepe rothko.png (142 KB, 304x400)
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142 KB PNG
Are Junger's Anarch and Evola's Aristocrat Of The Soul getting at the same idea?
What's the link between frogposting and Evola
No. Anarch is closer to Stirner than anything else. Evola demands connections to all kinds of higher order principles and duties that an anarch is not under any obligation to follow

>the border region isn't cobalt
>including the cartoon hand just in case anons don't get it

You had one job

File: 345465678.jpg (32 KB, 393x500)
32 KB
Hey /lit/ I just read this guy essay but I found it very short, is there any literature somewhat related to what he says?
Looks interesting. Thanks for the introduction.

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