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File: snob.jpg (41 KB, 600x537)
41 KB
Anybody here knows the same feeling?

>I'm a lawyer and a writer. As I am not actually very found of Law - I studied it because I knew writing is not a very safe way to sustain oneself - I decided that maybe I should prepare to become a university literature teacher.
>I've written plays and poems so far, but I cannot earn a living with such works. I decided to start a master's degree in literature, already thinking about becoming a teacher in the future.
>I was excited to start classes. I wanted nothing more than to discuss books, especially the techniques that are used to compose each work; I wnated to see the inward anatomy of the style of great writers (I try to do this by myself, of course, but it would be nice to have other people to share information).
>I was even hoping to learn new techniques about the novel form (I decided to take some time away from the plays and the verses and write a novel - since the form has more readers and critical appreciation/visibility)
>The classes start.
>Turns out that all classes are about theories of language and literature that talk a lot and say nothing.
>Instead of great writers what we moslty read are pseudo-philosophers who would never be able to write even a single literary work of value: Barthes, Saussure, Derrida, Jakobsen.
>Basically the only matters we discuss are things like whether or not language can designate what is real; whether or not the world can be portrayed in books; whether or not mimesis is a conventional falsehood (and even a bourgeois representation of the world), etc, etc.
>All the time I feel I am reading books by people whose souls are just like the guy on the pic.
>All I wanted was to take classes like the ones Nabokov taught.
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Kinda, I’m studying for finance while I actually write my video essay prompts and book on weekends
Where did you study?

I live in a country that is considered third world (and not an english speaking country), so nobody here ever heard about the University I went to.

I am doing my Masters in other university. Both are very good for the standarts of the country, but they are not in the level of the Ivy League or the best British Universities.

On a side note, I have looked up the Harvard department of Literature professors and was not that impressed. I thought they would have major writers teaching there. Yet it is also true that one of the professors (a transvestite, I kid you not) wrote a very good book abot the art of the sonnet in English.

As for the famous Helen Vendler - also a professor in Harvard - I think she sees things in poems that are not there and fail to see the most important things. So I don't know if even Harvard would be that rewarding...people like Nabokov - even when he was plaing the role of teacher - are probably quite rare.
at least your being taught by a goodlooking pedo with a mustache like nick mullen, rather than a creepy pedo like nabokov
Salute to a fellow cumboy

File: leonardo-da-vinci.jpg (45 KB, 350x392)
45 KB
Are there any books on Leonardo Da Vinci, his work, his thought process and stuff like that actually worth reading?
Leonardo’s beard is god-tier.

Why did everyone hype this series? The first book is pretty fucking average. Complete waste of a sci-fi concept for played out, needless character drama that could be done in literally any setting.
never seen it mentioned ever
waste of time vague-scifi horror.
This is your fault for treating a fun pop genre fiction book seriously. Just read it and move on
Fun is a social construct, and frankly a waste of time. Why would anyone [i]want[/i] to have fun, especially with all the possibilities available in this day and age? Take this back to r/books where it belongs
Everyones hyping the movie, the book is just okay.

File: konfucius.jpg (30 KB, 377x398)
30 KB
The Master said, "Oh, Zengzi! My sandal, each fiber steeped in stench!" Zengzi said, “Indeed.”

After the Master had left, his followers asked Zengzi, “What did he mean?” Zengzi said, “The Master's Way is nothing but wetness of sweaty sandals.”

Is this good?
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And you're a loser with no serious job, no family, and no wife.
>Not everyone has the time to study philosophy
True, so no point in half-assing it with something like this. Anthologies are far better; collections of excerpts from first sources with short introductory essays for each.
>Please waste as much time as I have reading overlong philosophical texts
Im only 80 pages in but its good so far. Im using it to pick out the stuff im interested in and then get primary sources for those.

Terry Pinkard's new Phenomenology of Spirit translation has been released.

Any of you got it?
Worth the price tag?
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That was the WIP.
what's the difference? it's not like you are going to read the whole phenomenology either way
>what's the difference?
Thats what I'm asking too.
>>10750807 (OP)
People say it's not much different to what was already out with the Pinkard pdf online in terms of style.

As far as superior, since I know German for fuck all, those that I know who do and are Hegel experts have expressed the opinion that they think this is not much of an improvement other than 'fixing' Miller's inconsistent term translations. According to one professor they think the new translation sacrifices literary speculative form for technical term correctness, both of which exist in the original version. So basically: Miller = more geared towards conveying speculative content; Pinkard = more geared towards conveying term cosistency. I look at both translations when I read, and I have personally noticed places where the phrasing in both radically opens up certain insights.
There are PDF's floating around of an earlier draft

File: downloadfile.jpg (60 KB, 632x961)
60 KB
Hi guys. I've been stuck in my village for the last two years, without internet.
I'm can't find the download link for pic related anywhere (I'm searching with one eye because don't want to accidentally read spoilers haha)

Could you please link me the pdf so i can catch up with all you guys.
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friendly reminder that every single page from TWOW released so far has been material cut from ADWD, and there is no evidence that GRRM (writer) wrote a single page since 2011
Hard days of manchildren.
File: the grrm.jpg (29 KB, 619x386)
29 KB
/tv/ said that he's rewriting his manuscripts to be more in line with the show

please tell me this isn't true
still terrified that wolfe will die before finishing the latro series
considering the ratio of bad reviews of GOT to original plot points used in the show used is pretty much 1:1, I really doubt it.

File: dickens.jpg (5 KB, 195x258)
5 KB
I hear banal criticisms of Dickens all the time. Do you know of any good critical pieces that are in favor of him? Preferably by another writer of fiction.
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>I hear banal criticisms of Dickens all the time.
Let me hit you with the most important one: he's boring as shit to read.
Look for GK Chersterton on Dickens
You have to learn to read his books at a brisk clip. For this to be possible, you first need to improve your vocabulary.
Only if you're brain dead.
Orwell has a good critical essay on Dickens. I will vouch for it.

File: marx_freud_nietzsche.jpg (109 KB, 960x525)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Name a more iconic trio

I'll wait
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This is really cool, thanks anon
It's a bummer he got completely ignored by contemporary philosophers.

Stirner himself and Laskas interpretations were life changing for me. There is some real merit in Der Einzige und sein Eigentum, too bad it got memed so hard.

If you understand German, buy his books.
File: lit.png (562 KB, 988x500)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
File: AbXd3FLEKHE[1].jpg (150 KB, 1200x822)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>i haven't read any of these people but i'll pretend that i have on the internet

File: TP_Characters.jpg (182 KB, 960x636)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Recommend me books that have JRPG feeling.
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No it doesn't.
Why would you want a book with a jrpg feeling? Why don't you just play a jrpg?
I’ve played all of them. All decent okay.

File: Photo.jpg (55 KB, 483x483)
55 KB
hey /lit/ in the need of some interesting halo books and scifi novels worth reading. ive read ghosts of onyx, most of the foundation series (didn't really like them, 4.5/10) so some other recommendations would be nice. books with good world building, extensive lore, etc. any suggestions are greatly appreciated

File: thomas-pynchon[1].jpg (85 KB, 620x410)
85 KB
>Original trilogy
Impeccable, unique and beloved classics we all loved as children. Return to time and time again, always taking away something new. Quotable lines, memorable scenes, and authentic sense of beauty and excitement

- Crying of Lot 49
- V.
- Gravity's Rainbow

>Prequel trilogy
rich and compelling technical effects and expanded backstory (sometimes too expanded). In many respects even more ambitious than original trilogy; in others, the emotion and sense of wonder is severely lacking

- Slow Learner
- Vineland
- Mason & Dixon

>Disney Presents the Sequel Trilogy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Definitely agree on the Original trilogy. Think V is kind of overrated, but I read GR first and might just need to give it another shot.

Slow learner was just forgettable, the Pynchon style doesn't translate to short stories, Pynchon characterizes almost entirely through incident, and you just can't have enough in a short story. Reading Mason and Dixon now and enjoying it, but not with the burning intensity when I read Lot 49 and GR (his best work and what he will be know for).
Of the sequel trilogy only read Inherent vice and it was godawful, like someone else pretending to be Pynchon. I see why people meme about him being dead, since let's be honest, P's style is pretty easy to imitate, especially if you've been smoking that reefer.
His essays, reviews, and introductions are the spin-offs
Slow learner doesn't fit, prequels should be:

ITT: Post books that are incredibly underrated in your opinion.

Pic related:
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File: flynn.jpg (23 KB, 202x303)
23 KB
men of wealth by john t. flynn sketches history of capitalism since renaissance via profiles of a salient oligarch of each epoch. never seen it mentioned on lit although he's a top writer.
Was talking about his book Propaganda, faggot
thinking back, that is true it is from a documentary but that same pattern is present in his writings as well

>someone complaining about "college pseuds" but apparently continuing to post among them.
I stand by that. Way back when we I did those readings and watched that documentary in cass the subsection of the students that bought into his arguments could easily be filtered into such a category and perhaps the category of flakes
Not him, but https://archive.org/details/Propaganda_201512
What is it really about?

File: cursive-handwriting.jpg (220 KB, 1200x771)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
How do you write, /lit/? Post an example and tell others if there are changes that need to be made
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File: 2018-02-24 12.25.27.jpg (376 KB, 1088x624)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Just delete my writing implements
>No pic
Just autism.
>>10747858 Yes definitely
>>10747861 Absolutely true
>>10747870 Probably relevant to a thread
>a cri-fleek of pure steezin'
neat handwriting too

What will the first Martian novelists be like?
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File: 1516311934687.jpg (344 KB, 1172x1646)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
>tfw your rocket launches a big last fart of Carbon Monoxide on envirocucks as you flee the surly bounds of Earth
Probably a lot of Earth nostalgia, ironically enough. Maybe some stuff about large bodies of water.
>Karl Mars - Alien Nation on Mars
File: mome8_marx.jpg (55 KB, 475x422)
55 KB
Marsism is real

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