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File: Catch_Em.png (1.06 MB, 1104x620)
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I wanna be like Orr. What self-help books or philosophy would you recommend to me?
I thought there would be more to Orr. The chestnuts are just a layer to hide a really complex character.
Pretend to be an idiot so you can do whatever you want under the radar

File: adobe-pdf-icon.png (7 KB, 250x250)
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Anyone here able to read on their computer? Or is having a web browser one click away always too distracting.
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Don't be a luddite. You can read, search, bookmark and listen to epubs in Microsoft Edge.
Use a phone with f.lux or an equivalent. The book fills up the whole screen so there are no distractions and novels don't look that intimidating in bite-size pieces. I'm sure my retention is pretty good, too.
Since this is /lit/, shake the spear
go buy a kindle you poor
Less aesthetic, blue screen light has a negative impact on dopamine levels and disrupts sleep cycles I think. That said I find internetz super useful for finding poetry and readings of it

File: 1508078046539.jpg (264 KB, 720x540)
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Why are reddit's philosophy boards so terrible?

Where else can I talk about philosophy stuff (besides >lesswrong)
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Off topic but how did this mascot become a meme here? Is it because he looks like Ignatius?
Because 1 guy won't stop posting him and that 1 guy also happens to make a lot of low quality threads
You could try r/slatestarcodex, it's LW-lite minus a lot of the autism.

r/philosophy is terrible, as all default subs are
r/badphilosophy is also terrible, since unlike the other (mostly good) badX subs they don't require any explanation of why the post is wrong so it devolves into circlejerks and argument by assertion.
r/askphilosophy is OK because although they are sometimes wrong they at least explain their arguments.
Redditors leave now
File: IMG_2525.png (4 KB, 229x220)
4 KB

Are you lost?

File: iamlegend.jpg (75 KB, 948x1524)
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What scary books are you guys reading this October boyos?
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I was surprised at how shit it was.

Shame that Sphere did their own print of Vol 4-6. It's fucking garbage in almost every aspect.

He's one of those people who works best when doing short stories.
File: 51D0P6GEPZL.jpg (36 KB, 319x475)
36 KB
Wasn't planning on doing any spoopy reading for the season, but now that I'm thinking about it, I might go back and read the Deptford Mice trilogy to see how it holds up. I wonder if all the war crimes, cannibalism, and horrible mouse deaths are still as potent as they were when I was young.
I'm relatively new here, but got the memes down for the most part and I'm legitimately surprised how many /lit/ users are fans of horror novels. I thought this board would shit on them but this is a pleasant surprise.
I did not expect this to be as weird as it is

time moving so fast it makes the sun moving across the sky looking like a vibrating harp string is cool as fuck
yeah that one is a capital W weird, i really liked the siege sequences and the once on the weird beach

File: your birthday cake.jpg (317 KB, 944x1000)
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317 KB JPG
I'm a chem major and have little experience writing. Though back in highschool I was top of the class in AP Lang and Lit. I've taken one English class (Rhetoric & Grammar) in college and it's fucking garbage compared to the class I took in highschool. Literally pure politics, barely any writing.

I've always wanted to write a book for the longest time. Problem is that as soon as I open up Word I lose all motivation. I also lack discipline. How do I discipline myself to write every day?
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Kind of unrelated, but how someone can actually start to write? I never wrote stuff other than essays and lectures. But i do have a story or two i would love to put on paper.
>Push for 300 words/day at you first week, then ramp it up to 400 and then to 500 minimum.
>i would love to put on paper.
put on paper
wait for a week and read it
write again
wait for a month and read it
write again
wait for a year and read it
write again
share your work with others and make them comment on it; edit.
if you feel it's done; it's done.
I see, could be a problem to share it around if people know that you dont have any kind of literature degree, here the thing is pretty academic.
you have more than a year to make a friend or two that won't care what degree you have. good luck.

File: emma.jpg (523 KB, 1642x1493)
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523 KB JPG
>mfw I like pop culture

Books for this feel?
Fuck off
Stop posting this ugly toad woman please
Ready player one
Sick of this.

File: Never Let Me Go.jpg (36 KB, 324x499)
36 KB
What do /lit/ think of this?
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Middling Ishiguro. The characters ultimately lack any agency and gumption.

For good Ishiguro, read "Remains of the Day," "An Artist of the Floating World," or "The Unconsoled."
>Ishiguro is a nobel prize winner
next it will be Margaret fucking Atwood
Not as good as The Unconsoled, which is his best.
I’ve only read remains of the day
That was the point though. The way you described the characters also seems applicable to Remains of the Day, so not sure why one is higher than the other.
it's a really good intro to ishiguro that has strong immediate emotional impact, but doens't hold up to retrospection because of it's overreliance on melodrama
however it provides a good jumping off point to read his better works, like the remains of the day, the buried giant, and eventually, when you're ready for it, the unconsoled

File: 1507867758835.png (70 KB, 645x729)
70 KB
The only major that interests me is Language and Literature. I enjoy reading and writing poetry in my spare time, and I suck a bag of dicks when it comes to anything but things like that. Am I the ultimate brainlet?

Annyone else here hate audiobooks? I think they cheapen books. Seriously, they're not fucking lectures, they're books. If you can't run your eyes over the words then don't read them. They're meant to be read in your inner voice (if you're a lowly subvocalizer) and not in some other guy's voice. That changes the text and the meaning.

Also fuck those who say "listening" to a book is equivalent to reading it. It isn't, and it'll never be. I don't have a problem with E-Readers either but if the screen is smaller than a paperback then you shouldn't read the """"""""""""""""""""""book"""""""""""""""""""""".
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No one gives a fuck. Fuck off.
reading aloud > subvocalization > speed reading

if you read more poetry, you'd understand
Gave up tv long ago, it's passive entertainment while cleaning or travelling. Listen to medium tier stuff, read top tier stuff. How else could one finish 160 titles a year?
If I'm too busy to be able to actively read, I'm too busy to actively listen. I will miss details. Audiobooks are for lazy people.

Granted I have an artist friend who listens to them when he works, and I can understand that. And as a consequence of his career he is more of a visual person and probably doesn't read much, but I just can't imagine going through a book like that.

If you listened to an audiobook you can't say you "read" it.
>How else could one finish 160 titles a year?
why would you anyway?


Why is the person who solves the riddle of the Sphinx the same person who kills his dad and has sex with his mom, I’m havung trouble seeing other angles for this I can’t seem to escape the no control over our humanity aspect , he was the savior but also the destroyer basic human nature but what else I need help lit, for the first time I’m stuck in a box.
I think the play shows the blindness of man and the desperate insecurity of the human condition. In a sense every man must grope in the dark as Oedipus did. We all live in a world of appearances which hide who knows what dreadful reality.
But it's also about human greatness. The strength to pursue the truth no matter what the personal cost. Strength to accept and endure the truth when you find it.
>This horror is mine, and none but I is strong enough to bear it.
Oedipus accepts responsibility for his actions, even the most horrible and even if his intentions were innocent.

Ancient Greeks didn't have the same distinction between determinism and free will that we have today. They believed they had parts of their life appointed by fate but their actions were still their own.
you might be a clever motherfucker but you still might fuck up and bone ur mom or some shit
>Why is the person who solves the riddle of the Sphinx the same person who kills his dad and has sex with his mom
The play would be pretty boring if that wasn't the case
I don't think the riddle solving and the act of incest and killing are related.
Oedipus is shown to be courageous when he challenges the sphinx, and intelligent when he solves the riddle. However, it's these same traits that cause his downfall in the investigation of the corruption in his city. He's told at the start that it might be a better idea to investigate the matter secretly instead of publicly, but he declines, because he's courageous and confident, not the type to hide what he's doing when he believes he's doing the right thing. The exposure of himself as the source of the city's corruption was something he could never predict, despite how intelligent he was, because he was certain that he was good, because he was confident in himself.

File: conspiracy_web_2.jpg (20 KB, 333x500)
20 KB
What now ?
Should I go for Cioran ? Which one of his books ?
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>rating The Seer higher than To Be Kind
get the fuck out
I was genuinely writing out a list for you, you dumb cunt
glad you saved me my time
Well, thanks for checking in. Start with my recommendations and pick out others that Ligotti mentions.

Gotta disagree with you on Swans, though, at least with the live renditions of their work(s in progress). I've seen them during every tour since they got back together, and although I miss Thor, I can't say things are rehashed but rather re-tuned and refined toward different goals. I love 'em.
There's also philosopher John Gray. He also discusses economics and politics with pessimism.
Then there's Philip Mainlander if you know German, and David Benatar.
it's literally numale core senpai.
To be honest, I'm probably biased towards The Seer because it was an new effort resulting from a new iteration. As someone who has listened to them due to pure luck since I was young it felt groundbreaking.
I expected it to be shit, was listening to some Harold Budd, fell asleep and then woke up on the peak of Lunacy.
To Be Kind also has that experimental rock wankery based on post punk and nu wave that is not that unique compared to the neofolky semi- Angels of Light vibe that The Seer has.
I have no comment regarding live renditions.
Thank you kindly.

John Gray's writing is worse than Ligotti's and Cioran's combined. It sounds rickety, almost like Engrish.

seems reasonable?
>gets the synapses firing
fuck, i hate this trend to analyze every event/concept by the foucaultian optic of discourse. go fuck yourself and your "genealogy".

If you're autistic maybe
The memes write themselves

File: IMG_20171019_213424.jpg (212 KB, 1280x960)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
This is the first and last time I'll ever visit this board because I don't want to ruin what seems like a cozy board but I need some help with a sort of short story or even poem. It would be about how I have become isolated to everything in society and no longer want any part of it, maybe how if I'm stuck where I am for too long I'll go insane. I want to be away from everyone and everything, I want to live in the mountains. Idk, this thread will probably be deleted shortly after I post it though.
File: file.png (45 KB, 1200x1200)
45 KB
What exactly do you want?
Words of inspiration?
Not inspiration, something kinda sad
my diary desu
I think I found out what I have

Alexithymia - inability to describe emotions verbally

File: 1508425757869.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1210)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Post your top 5 american authors
I'll start
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Someone's getting laid tonight
Bradbury (he's American right?)
And that's about it
>Ray Bradbury
>Thomas Jefferson
>Robert E. Howard
>So far, I'm enjoying Dune, so Frank Herbert
Mark Twain is a great choice.
poet- dickinson, whitman, ashbery, ammons, stevens
writer- h. adams, melville, r.h. dana, a.j. liebling, loren eisley

File: delet.png (2 KB, 320x184)
2 KB
Ok so here is the deal. Im extremely terrified by the thought of dying. It gives me really bad anxiety and panic attacks. But I dont even necessarily love life, to be honest sometimes its boring and rather useless. I wish I was never born because of the fact that my consciousness will be deleted. Can someone recommend me good literature about these feelings and how to overcome them?
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Nurture your mind with beautiful and interesting thoughts and soon your fear will vanish.
>my consciousness will be deleted
Philosophy of Mind: A Beginner's Guide by Edward Feser and the related additional reading.

Fine for even a brainlet.
File: legit.png (175 KB, 350x350)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Make the leap to faith, son
File: camus_4.jpg (214 KB, 1920x1080)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Embrace the absurd with Camus.

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