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We make cool predictions of what Pynchon's next tome will be about.
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>it was the saudis
>it was the saudis
>with US gov. blessings

Jews are the shadow government of the US.
Okay pol
There's a fucking owl on top of the AC, are we being trolled?

Laughably fake.

File: 1532163183145.jpg (322 KB, 1280x960)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
>take classic novel
>slap an fgo servant on it

What is your opinion on Type Moon?
I love those small flipbook novels, too bad I read everything digitally.
>>take classic novel
>>slap an fgo servant on it
Capitalist exploitation, but at least they get a classic novel physically in exchange. One could even say it's a nice gesture.
It's good if it gets people reading classic novels, even if it's only in service of an anime show.
I liked Tsukihime and Melty Blood.

File: Shakespeare.jpg (2.56 MB, 1943x2489)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
I'm in awe every time when I read him, no author, no book, no picture or movie, no song or piece of music, no man, dead or alive, nothing in this world has changed me more than his plays and sonnets. I have a Wordsworth Complete works, no explication, no footnotes, just pure text. And just started reading.
I will only read him, my admiration for him humbles me. There is no point in fooling myself. There is none that is worth reading after him, even if it's Homer, Dante, the Bible, the Greeks, the Romans, modernists, etc. None in my eyes even touches him.
I have a library, but I will sell everything or donate, his works are the only one that I need, I started to memorize passages, even if I don't necessarily want that. His words burn in my mind. Hypnotize me.
Probably will stop visiting lit, just like I will stop reading fiction, or criticism or philosophy, I found what I was searching. I know what is beautiful. I know exactly what I want to do with my life. To discover this at 20 years is a blessing. So many questions that I have about life, answered by him so eloquently and with such wit.
I wanted to write this and post this here, somehow closing a chapter. What I have written here is true, not shitposting.
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Why all the fedora trappings?
Good thread boys. been on since 12 am and this hoedown redeemed every hour
Every famous writer ever can be boiled down to a gimmick. It's just incredibly weak reading on your part.
"Yeah, sure, I mean, if you spend all day shuffling words around, you can make anything sound bad, Morty." — Rick Sanchez

File: meme.png (197 KB, 500x689)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
How long would it take to learn ancient greek well enough to read writers of the time? Which classics are the easiest to read, and which are the hardest?
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about two months if you sleep half the time and study the other half
what if i study 2 hours a week but am 140 IQ
why study greek instead of sanskrit?
Of the Socratic death-memes I've seen, this one is relatively good.

How long does it take a university student to learn Attic Greek? I guess a student would study Greek roughly 8-10 hrs/week, which is about the same as your recommendation.
then about six

File: 1507620128786.jpg (305 KB, 580x731)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
is this a good summery?
I always found plato dumb but was told I was not reading him right.
File: 1265.jpg (49 KB, 433x309)
49 KB
>then Kant said reason is a faggot

File: vdhw46y.jpg (169 KB, 650x874)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
/ourguy/ is leaving the Atlantic.

Where the fuck am I supposed to get my African-American literary-kino now?
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italians have always and will always be white
dramatic columnists are pathetic creatures

words have no value anymore, piss off ya twat
Not familiar with his writing that much, but I'm inclined to agree with Cornell West (a black american writer) that he appears to be a neoliberal shill rather than a true radical

>The disagreement between Coates and me is clear: any analysis or vision of our world that omits the centrality of Wall Street power, US military policies, and the complex dynamics of class, gender, and sexuality in black America is too narrow and dangerously misleading. So it is with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ worldview.

>Coates rightly highlights the vicious legacy of white supremacy – past and present. He sees it everywhere and ever reminds us of its plundering effects. Unfortunately, he hardly keeps track of our fightback, and never connects this ugly legacy to the predatory capitalist practices, imperial policies (of war, occupation, detention, assassination) or the black elite’s refusal to confront poverty, patriarchy or transphobia.

>In short, Coates fetishizes white supremacy. He makes it almighty, magical and unremovable. What concerns me is his narrative of “defiance”. For Coates, defiance is narrowly aesthetic – a personal commitment to writing with no connection to collective action. It generates crocodile tears of neoliberals who have no intention of sharing power or giving up privilege.
You obviously don't know anything about the slave trade or plantation style slavery, the economy of the southern US, the Mississippian cultures and landscape encountered by early American settlers. You know literally nothing, stop trying to use that to push your racist bullshit.
Shadilay, which one of these is you https://youtu.be/JQzYl8fXzqE
Starts at 12:30

File: poetrybitch.jpg (209 KB, 1500x1000)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
are there any good spoken word poets? I've been trying to get into it but literally all I can find is epic "phones are bad" or "i am depressed" poems
Neal Brennan's 3 Mics was p dope.
Saul Williams is a shaman.

File: 1-Luzifer.jpg (55 KB, 567x600)
55 KB
In Carr's 'What is History' he refers to how the poet Virgil came to heralded as a "...quasi-Christian prophet". I've never heard of this before does anyone know anything about this?
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Supposedly its from Theodor Haecker's book "Virgil: The Father of the West". I read somewhere that the book is somewhat along those lines
Vergil was very highly regarded in medieval Europe, and his Aeneid was often interpreted through Christian lens. So, Aeneas was seen as a Christ-like figure that went through various trials and tribulations to found Rome, the city that was (and still is) the center of European Christianity and the country that affirmed and spread the religion over the continent.

Also, this (a reflection of christianization of Roman writers - the same treatment was given to Ovid, though I don't know how any specific interpretations of him went).
Rabelais made fun of these readings in his intro to Gargantua and Pantagruel, iirc.
OP here thanks for all these tips. >>11495406
its seems pretty incredible that Ovid became incorporated into Christian culture thanks to his erotic poems and pretty sordid history of adultery. Are there any good sources on this?
Bump for interest

last thread is now archived. I'm willing to do a crit-for-crit if anyone wants to take a stab at any of these pieces off my site:

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My mother's firm brown arm
Tentative and slow, set
A rustic kennel on the rug
With a red scarf hung over its door
Like a rose petal over a beehive’s mouth

Inquisitive, a pink nose slithers near
Sniffing the changed air
The molested air, drizzled with immigrant smells

The white fuzz attached to the nose
Halts at the crate's curtain;
His fine whiskers meditating

Our anxious human eyes gleaming above

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
any germans here?
The tiredness relaxes me
My feet scout for the rejuvenating sand

The quiet paradise of cool water expands
Like a great net thrown over a hidden kingdom

The slender music of smoke
From burning wood
Is twirled by a cunning ghost hand

I am drunk with the performance
I could drop into the lake
>Pinkwetha had been surprised when Sam and Sut Seng came to him that morning with an entire branch of bananas, flower and all, and a stack of yellow mangoes. And then Zaw had joined in, massaging his shoulder muscles as he ate the fruit out of the others hands. He could tell from their taste that the bananas had been cut the night before but they were still deliciously chewy and the mangoes were a type he had never tasted before, a treat in itself, and so sweet he sucked the skins clean. He hadn’t noticed at the time that with each mouthful Sam and Sut Seng had taken a step back and he had stepped forward led by his greed for the next bite, Zaw alongside, patting and rubbing him in encouragement. It wasn’t until the two men in front climbed up a short bamboo fence that he realised they had led him into a pen. He turned his head to ask Zaw for help but Zaw had gone and when he tried to walk back he found that a gate had been shut on him and he was pinned in like the stone in the centre of an unripe mango. Betrayal clouded the air like thick pollen as more familiar faces appeared around the pen with apologies falling from their mouths but an unmistakeable mirth in their eyes. And then came the ultimate indignation. He had grown up in a camp where all his aunties and uncles had carried the men to and from the forest to collect fallen trees, but he had still not been prepared for the sheer humiliation of a man sitting on his back for the first time. To make things worse it had been Tam La, who he had known since they were both children, who made the first attempt to ride him. Pinkwetha had bucked and writhed in a fury, kicking his hind legs up but Tam La seemed to fly up into the sky each time he did it. Being penned so tightly he could not look up but in front of him he saw a group of men tugging a rope that went up into the trees and realised that Tam La was on the other end of the rope and they were lifting him up to safety each time he kicked. His anger built up into a storm and he smashed the fence with his head. He had no space to charge but he bent his neck down and butted the sides of the pen. Over and over again. And then a stick of bamboo, thinner than the rest, cracked. Now the smirks on the mens’ faces were beginning to sink. He battered the fence again and again and then dug his tusks into the gaps, twisting his head to crush the now weakened sticks. Eventually the entire front side smashed outwards and he came charging out. The men ran to cower in their huts, all except Tam La who had been left dangling in the air above the pen, with a pathetic pleading expression on his face even though he was too high to reach. Pinkwetha ran towards the forest into the forest, roaring like strangled thunder.

Is this any good as an introductory text to greek mythology? How does it compare next to edith hamiltons “Mythology”?

File: See The Love.jpg (30 KB, 400x300)
30 KB
O LIFE divine! to sit before
Thee while thy liquid laughter flows
Melodious, and to listen close
To rippling notes from Love's full score.
O music of thy lovely speech !
My rapid heart beats fast and high.
My tongue-tied soul can only sigh.
And strive for words it cannot reach.
O sudden subtly-running fire !
My ears with dinning ringing sing.
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"Life is like a river,it is flowing continuously then it will clean and fresh.if it's stop at any point then it will dry after sometime and useless for others somepeople fill it with mud and finish it's presence"
The ocean has water for miles and miles.

All traveling.


Beautifully and in tune with each other.

But was it always this way.

When things are great we tend to forget when they were bad.

When we were just starting out.

When we were just a mere pond or river.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Two lines wasn’t enough, but two lines was all it took

Sad when I’m up, but alert when I’m down

Happiness with you-apathy without

Two lines was all it took

And two lines was all I had

Two lines is what you gave me

But you never told me it would be this bad

You took the most important thing from me, which was the most important thing to you

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I wish I could slap her and then cum on her face and then kiss her and say that I love her
good post

You post a book and a name.

If someone posts your name, you read that book.

Go, Andrew
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It kind of is. Two female muslim demons, a wandering jewew, a gypsy king and lots of other stuff. Absolutely great novel.
File: 1512145424623.jpg (47 KB, 320x499)
47 KB
can someone pop some italian mafioso names, i want something assigned to me

Also, have fun Leon
File: 1531893606175.jpg (2 KB, 200x211)
2 KB
I feel a meme is about to be born.
File: KAFKA.jpg (8 KB, 190x295)
8 KB

File: lovecraft.jpg (64 KB, 450x595)
64 KB
I have a lot of Lovecraft's work. Are there any specific stories or sections that you'd recommend, /lit/?
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Also this if you want a good writer's insight on Lovecraft.
>not a single mention of At the Mountains of Madness
>It is like proto-scifi stuff
You know people were already writing sci-fi back then, right?
Cool Air is a good read.

On the Creation of Niggers is good for a laugh. I ruined Lovecraft for someone by showing them that.

20 year old boomer here. I heard you guys have a problem with my taste in literature?

Come at me desus, I'll take a stand on the works that REALLY matter.
>20 year old boomer here. I heard you guys have a problem with my taste in literature?
>Come at me desus, I'll take a stand on the works that REALLY matter.
Exactly, works like moby-dick, Blood Meridian, Suttree, Butchers Crossing, Heart of Darkness, the list could go on..
my man

File: 1504449735212.png (50 KB, 645x729)
50 KB
>death of the author
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>implying the essay 'death of the author' means what you think it means
Barthes is actually saying the authors intention is the single most important thing when interpreting a text and no other interpretations should be considered
Can't access it.
t. has never read the barthes essay in question
the actual state of /lit/,
wow this is embarrasing
Get it through Sci-Hub (the .tw one).

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