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File: descartes.jpg (151 KB, 817x1000)
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Dear Atheists:

If God doesn't exist, how come I know he exists?

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What the fuck us truth? Until you can answer that question, all of philosophy is moot.
Truth means correspondence with the fact (which is a complex unity with relations) with wich we are acquinted with.
this is one of the most obtuse definitions i have ever read
when you say truth is correspondence with the fact one is acquainted with, what is the thing to which the fact corresponds to?
That argument actually makes sense through some epistemologies (e.g. Plato's) tho.
Still not defined. Fuck off, STEMsperg.

File: stephen king.jpg (56 KB, 886x504)
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So far I've read The Shining, Salem's Lot and It, and they were all great reads despite the last 150 pages of It. Why is he considered a meme author?
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>I can guarantee you can find at least one of his books almost anywhere that sells them. His literary empire is self-sustaining at this point.
Only because of his adaptations
the first 4 you mean
I have to admit that I liked the Dark Tower ending and wouldn't have changed it. But yes, the series got away from King, especially the Wizard of Oz and self-insertion bits.

I remember reading something where King said he'd like to rewrite the series and omit the inclusion of himself among other things, but probably won't because of lack of time or energy.
Doing coke in the 80s is like smoking cigarettes in the 90s or doing adderall in the 2010s.
Twitter CAN ban Trump, but not without pissing off a significant portion of their user base, stocks taking a nose dive.

Whether professing theism or not,
whether claiming religion or not.

You can still be a good person in the eyes of a Divine Judge- despite people saying you are bad.
And be still a bad person in the eyes of Divine Judge, despite people saying you are good.

All seeing eye, knows your heart. So at the end of the day something something inner peace, something something conscious and conviction

The bible confirms that, too. Romans 2:15 * For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:

James 2:19 *
Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

Matthew 7:21 *

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John 14:6
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

File: It_cover.jpg (30 KB, 302x442)
30 KB
Why did Stephen King include an underage gangbang in It?
he is probably a pedophile
i always wondered how people missed a very basic concept in that part. none of the boys save for ben have reached puberty. it's not that ben is packin' the hung dung donkey meat, it's that he's the only one matured sexually. notice how the other boys 'finish' without any real result, and it's not till ben there is any mention of an orgasm from anyone.
I always wondered how people don't find the torture murders of children to be offensive, but a cosmic ritual involving sex is verboten.

It's fiction, who cares.
File: 1478992084982.jpg (67 KB, 980x551)
67 KB
>[virtue signals internally]
He was doing lots of coke while writing IT.

File: 608924_e590.jpg (70 KB, 750x422)
70 KB
So I'm considering doing a creative writing course in school.
Have any of you done such a course? Share your experience
Took one in highschool. I did alright. Teacher was nice and showed some of my stuff to scholarships.
Screenwriting is a lot of fun and a great challenge. Even if you don't want to make movies it helps you hone your edge when it comes to making language as descriptive as possible because you have to be so concise in order to save page space.
I took one before I even cared about literature or knew anything about it. I was just a freshman history major trying to improve my prose. So my experience then is completely different than if I took one now. It was pretty interesting though. Sometimes it's good to get a good kick in the ass to start writing, which a class will obviously do. It's also nice because 1. you'll get used to people reading your garbage and 2. you'll force yourself to not write garbage so you're not laughed at or embarrassed.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
>What is morality? It is not the following of enjoined rules of conduct. It is not a question of standing above temptations, or of conquering hate, anger, greed, lust and violence.
Questioning your actions before and after creates the moral problem. What is responsible for this situation is the faculty of distinguishing between right and wrong and influencing your actions accordingly.Life is action. Unquestioned action is morality. Questioning your actions is destroying the expression of life. A person who lets life act in its own way without the protective movement of thought has no self to defend. What need will he have to lie or cheat or pretend or to commit any other act which his society considers immoral?-UG

well /lit/?
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>he thinks utterances perlocutionary effects in virtue of their semantic contents, and aren't just physical tools producing physiological effects on the mind and body
>he thinks persuasion results from thought and not habituation

fucking wew
incorrect; there are plenty are people who acknowledge that adultery, murder, and theft are evil and yet do not "actually feel obliged" to avoid committing them.
those that do consider these things evil do feel a motivating force or obligation to avoid doing them, which they have to overcome. even if they do end up doing them, there was resistance, and afterwards they stand to feel guilty. there are people that have no misgivings about things like murder or theft, but i would say those people don't truly find these things evil, they only accept ane analytical definition. this type of moral condemnation is no condemnation at all.
I'd say he's correct, if crude, in typical UG fashion.

>Seeing through the illusion of one's existence entails seeing through the illusion of mental constructs like "morality" or even "society".
That does not invalidate discussing things.

And it's not like them being "mental constructs" means they don't exist and you won't have to deal with them.

Sounds like a degenerate.

File: main_900.jpg (138 KB, 900x606)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Are there any good books about the discovery of ancient cities, tombs etc.?
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the source by michener
Invisible cities by calvino
There's also a bit of this in The Shadow Out of Time
And of course At the Mountains of Madness.
I remember reading this as a 16 year old and nearly shitting myself. Too spooky.

File: WzWwljg.jpg (609 KB, 2150x2498)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
Will physical books have any value in the future or are we heading for a crash?
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Where are your slip cases, anon?

*emps u*

I think I might try selling bound paper with attractive covers though
esoteric books will always demand a price your pleb shit how ever will be worth nothing

File: F-451.png (3 KB, 104x160)
3 KB
What did you guys think of this?
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I think it becomes clearer as you gain more knowledge of historical context.
Enjoyed reading it in highschool while my classmates did not. This seemed to be the case of just about everything we read, since I went to school with a bunch of rednecks who were borderline illiterate.
Schools love dystopian novels because the themes are super easy for kids to analyze
I don't like dystopian novels or books that are too overtly political. That being said, I had to read it in school and it was decent.
overall good book

Why are they not considered literature?
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File: script03-sm.jpg (386 KB, 1600x1383)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
A Moore script book would probably be great, actually, he gives excessive description of everything with little jokes/asides that only appear in the "stage directions" as it were.
I suppose something like that would be an exception.
Because literature has a maximum limit of eight pictures per book that can directly affect the plot. This is the industry standard. Nine pictures which affect the plot is a graphic novel and goes to another department. The counter is then allowed to heap on lots more pictures, but is regulated to how many words are being used to affect plot. The balancer then comes along and makes sure that no highbrow elements have been added into the GN. This person is also the same that looks over the typography of the novels to make sure no ideograms exist that may affect the work. Usually with a ruler, the text is also measured to see if the current of words are not building up in certain paragraphs, or flowing in some zany right to left or up and down manner. Not that this would affect much, but one reading of say a masterwork of Hegel's and you'll notice his intended paragraph structure is sacred - which is why we have balancers in the first place.
the comic book section of my local book store gets larger every year

there's no longer a specific crime fiction section it was taken over by comics
This is such a mess of categories holy shit.

Your post didn't even make me exhale through my nose.

File: unclesam.png (572 KB, 890x1186)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
I want more of you to write for the warhammer 40k franchise.

File: 6482902.jpg (27 KB, 261x400)
27 KB
So I know you have to read Anti-Oedipus before Nick Land, but what do you read before Deleuze and Guattari? Just the basics of Freud?
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I'm pretty sure posts like these is precisely the reason some analytics look at continental phil as arrogant obfuscatory bullshit and many continentals look down on pomo French phil as autofellatory pseud nonsense. Despook yourself at once.
File: asdasdasdasdasdasd.png (468 KB, 683x476)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
Freud and Marx
>to be fair, you need to have a very high iq to understand Anti-Oedipus

(someone finish this for me)

File: images-13.jpg (9 KB, 181x279)
9 KB
oh man, this is uh, not going too swell. after two days i'm only forty pages in. i have zero comprehension of that chapter with his father pretending to be a shrink was meant to be about, was it funny? was there some deeper meaning about the family dynamic? i read the words but the meaning just glossed over me. if i didn't want so badly to hold that imaginary participation trophy earned from finishing this monstrosity i'd surely stop now and read ringworld or life of pi instead.
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There's a neat pun in that Himself/Hal section - on dictionary editions and 7-up

The only pun i remember from my 1(one) reading
The entire first 300 pages are better on a third reading

not even kidding

on page 400~500 it becomes really fucking great OP.
Is Pale King as good as Ij?
most people say its better than IJ

Looking for Audiobook of
The Satanic Verses
In German !!!

Hat jemand das Hörbuch von Salman Rushdie ?
It's on Audible. Also stop using translations, dumb nigger.
i don't want to pay for it as you can guess
i just did the trial thing....
is this shit only possible on my smartphone ???
how do i listen to my free audiobook on my pc ??

File: sex mission.webm (1.28 MB, 544x400)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB WEBM
Ok, you'll hate me but do you know some good books with a matriarchal society?
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File: estro.png (886 KB, 787x589)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
t. mummykins
Enjoy not going anywhere in life.
Nobody goes anywhere anyway, we all die.
>It's also important to note that any matriarchal society wouldnt progress past the stone age. As in, as soon as you introduce agriculture, metallurgy, and other technological advancements, matriarchal societies break down or transition into patriarchies.

Watch that edge

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