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File: artwork-1530186836376-846.jpg (478 KB, 1920x1080)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Books like notes from the underground? Preferably with a redemptive ending.

I'm an underground man but I feel like im on the cusp of making it out, I need an extra bit of motivation though

Also underground man thread I guess
>spent an hour fantasising in total darkness about living a normal life with a girl I haven't spoken a word to

File: 1536356270703.jpg (247 KB, 1400x700)
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247 KB JPG
/lit/ please explain your shit taste in literature.
/lit/ is pretty decent, besides the fags who read Pahlaniuk or Murakami

File: bernhard.jpg (96 KB, 500x500)
96 KB
Thomas Bernhard thread
Anyone read any Rainald Goetz? I'm going to get Insane..

File: Atlas-Shrugged.jpg (422 KB, 1400x2139)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
What's the socialist equivalent of Atlas Shrugged?
I'm curious too.
Is there a book in which a "philosopher" proves their Socialist ideas with their own fictional story?

File: Martini Lute.jpg (1.81 MB, 1500x1100)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
>In short, God cannot be God unless He first becomes a devil. We cannot go to heaven unless we first go to hell. We cannot become God's children until we first become the children of the devil. All that God speaks and does the devil has to speak and do first.... The godless do not go to hell without first having gone to heaven. They do not become the devil's children until they have first been the children of God.
WA 31, 249-250

>To summarize, the devil does not become and is not a devil without first having been God.... For what the devil speaks and does must first have been said and done by God.
WA 31, 250-251

>Because God achieves and causes all in everything He necessarily also acts in Satan and in the godless wicked."
WA 18, 691

This is how Luther tries to rationalize God creating man who has no free will, who was doomed to do evil—implying God Himself is vain and evil for creating evil. This is the logic of theological determinism and total depravity.

The only reason Luther condemns the Catholic Church is because if man is totally depraved, then anything that the Church does is evil. But Luther didn't want to reach the logical conclusion of his statements; faith and baptism would be in vain and would've been an evil act, given our depravity.

Protestant theology literally disgusts me.
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File: Psalm19.jpg (218 KB, 640x512)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
I'll ask Job and I'll ask a mirror
I don't understand your initial rewording.
>(Faith without works) is dead.
A dead faith is one without good works.
If one does no good works, then one's faith is necessarily dead.
If one's faith is not dead, then one necessarily does good works.
This will be my favorite pasta now.
They are both in the bible.
>If one's faith is not dead, then one necessarily does good works.
Firstly, the example of someone presuming God's mercy is a counterexample, if you were to use this in a hypothetical syllogism.

Secondly, see James 2:22
>faith was brought to completion by the works.
Faith was completed by works. This shows that works are of the antecedent and faith is the consequent.
>If one has good works, then one has a living(fulfilled) faith.
>If one has a dead faith, then one does not have good works.
Which is what I translated from:
>Faith without works is dead.

File: image.jpg (45 KB, 1000x667)
45 KB
What books would anton chigurh read /lit/?
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I always pictured chigurh as a man with Very greasy shits. Like exceptionally greasy. Probably has never been constipated a day in his life.
Idk, probably something about metaphysics and (lack of) free will or some shit.
He's kind of the Howard Roark of contract killers, maybe some of Rand's theories? Nietzsche, should he have a touch of the romantic in him? More likely he would read fatalistic, disparaging critiques of the human condition alleviated with practical wisdom, La Rochefoucauld, Schopenhauer, Marcus Aurelius, though I honestly don't see him reading much of anything not related to whatever business is demanding his immediate attention such as phone bills, flight schedules, road signs.
They were hyped to all hell when I was in middle/high school. are they any good, or straight up teen trash?
some of the worst stuff i've ever read, don't bother

File: zibal.jpg (182 KB, 600x800)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Meme or not?
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Stop regurgitating this shitty meme.
If this is anything to go by seems pretty based desu
File: alessandro-manzoni-orig.jpg (629 KB, 1000x1368)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Stop reading our literature

As a white male is there even a point in entering the CBC short story contest? They clearly have a diversity mandate.
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Ondaatje won this prize, it’s not so bad.
It certainly reads like something written by a teenager, so I guess it gets points for authenticity.

What's stopping you from submitting work as a female pseudonym?
It is so bad, all 3 contests (poetry, fiction, non fiction). Just as bad in Québec, where they have a distinct french competition.
Sounds like your typical FOTM netflix teen drama. Embarrassing.

>most honest Christian writer
>all that matters is our own subjective belief
>Ethics and empiricism don't matter at all
>"Lol, just be schizophrenic"

Why do we read him anymore?
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What a stretch.
File: 1514832712337.gif (2.92 MB, 500x606)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB GIF
This guy is always a treat whenever you find him in the thread
File: index.jpg (5 KB, 224x224)
5 KB
Do you realize that quote is a translation?

File: Oswald Spengler.jpg (11 KB, 265x363)
11 KB
Why has he been mostly forgotten outside far right circles?
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how is any of this modern ethnography even remotely relevant to spengler's work

>comparing cultures and civilizations to organisms is reductive and lazy.

what did you mean by Greek antiquity? If you mean 4th and 5th century BC then that was a golden age, a time of youthful cultural flourishin

militant anti-grand narrative post modernist retards are the next iteration of the militant fedora atheists. they just entered university and finished anthropology 101 and are on here regurgitating said and foucault because they think they are somehow enlightened now by rejecting everything

this. dumb ethnography poster should go back to working on his phd in intra-tribal cuckholdry
>Yes but he also went full retard and said that "socialism would prove him wrong and end the spenglerian life-cycle of civilizations"

That's just a flaw of Adorno. He makes great criticisms but then has to resort to utopianism to prevent himself from going insane.
Imagine thinking that typing up a brief bibliography and linking to it in another thread makes your opinions worthwhile
>comparing cultures and civilizations to organisms is reductive and lazy.
It's not reductive unless you have a limited view on either of the comparisons. Memes themselves live like organisms. In fact, I'd go on to say that life itself is nearly Universal.
you clearly didnt understand the book, he addresses the fact that Europe has been 'declining' in a sense since the 17th century, it is a multifaceted phenomenon with different 'peaks' of expression, much like counterpoint actually.

File: flat,800x800,070,f.jpg (49 KB, 800x800)
49 KB
Did anyone else goof compared to their potential?

>did really well at school, perfect grades, enjoyed my maths and science courses; started reading books for enjoyment at 17, so in retrospect I was at my peak intellectual growth rate relative to my age
>went to nearest university instead of most prestigious one I could have entered (level of uni could have been much worse, but still nowhere near my potential)
>did STEM degree I found boring as fuck (put no thought in to my subject choice)
>ugly nofriends loser all through university; was insanely unhappy while surrounded by attractive normies in their primes
>initially continued doing really well at university despite lacking interest in all courses but motivation eventually went off a cliff
>realised mid-way through my degree that university prestige matters a lot for jobs and also correlates with course difficulty, so even if I got good grades it wouldn't mean much
>my final few years were characterised by less than zero effort and huge amounts of procrastination as I did the absolute bare minimum and horrible work; it was also tough to emotionally come to terms with how much of an ugly loser I was all through university and how the "best period of my life" was ending;
>found r9k and then the incel-blackpill mid-way through uni, which gave me a powerful framework for my utter social failure which hasn't been refuted (if I had ever had a social life at uni, or attention from women ever, that is the point at which I would have stopped being a cringey "nice guy", as a reference point)
>regretted not doing Maths or Physics; the academic level of some of my university courses was pathetic and lowered my motivation further; in the UK you have zero course choice and your maths / physics courses are tarded up by becoming "Diff. Eq. for Biologists" and so on
>final few years also had me failing huge amounts of internship and then graduate job interviews due to at first awful, then merely below average, social skills
>failed huge amounts of interviews with financial companies (to be in Canary Wharf or the City of London on one day, and then my dull, grey, shitty small town uni the next was crushing)
>ironically, I failed the few interviews I had for jobs related to my subject probably even worse, because they wanted nothing but social skills
>realised that normies go through life in normie filled institutions while being judged by normies based on normieness and I will probably never be successful; in all of my jobs I become the ugly loser autist nobody talks to within one day

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's a pretty vapid and shitty life my man
Nah im right were I probably should of ended up. I completely goofed off in hs, didnt want to go to community college because I just saw it as high school part two, did some manual labor and now am a paralegal and I definitely dont want to go to law school or any shit like that. Probably on the slow path to a noose tbqh.
File: cat1.jpg (43 KB, 493x449)
43 KB
honestly, do janitors even care? must you thrice-summon them like bloody mary?
infinitely-regressed sub-man epsilon detected. sex is vapid and the post-orgasmic moment reaffirms it every time. it is your bodies's way of saying, "the deed is done, the coitus concluded, the labor belabored---now quench your soul." and eppys such as yourself, believing themselves quenched, venture no further to the slaking of the mind
Shit could have gone better for me that's for sure. It's hard to be independent. My parents are uneducated salt of the earth types and school councilors are a joke. Nobody could help me or understand me.

So I had to make life-defining decisions at 16,17,18 years old with no guidance at all. Did I fuck up despite being smart? Of course. Did those fuck ups have a disproportionate impact on my life prospects because of the absurd leverage society induces those few years of life to have? Yes. But I'm still kicking.

It took my the better part of my twenties to straighten things out, and even now, i'm still not where I want to be exactly.

Having educated upper middle class parents or higher is the single most important advantage in life and can do the work of 40 iq points

File: bpsdv6gv49tz.jpg (27 KB, 750x364)
27 KB
Post a piece of art.

Get book recommendations similar to the art you posted.
226 replies and 115 images omitted. Click here to view.
The dude that painted that wrote (2) books about the battles between heaven and hell, the paintings are his interpretation of hell and its inhabitants; Read God's Demon if you're interested.

Normal Catholic aesthetic is eerie enough.
Omon Ra
No longer Human

File: power of myth.jpg (128 KB, 585x778)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
I'm tired of seeing Campbell's monomyth everywhere.
What are some good or interesting narratives/story structures/monomyths that aren't done or influenced by Joseph Campbell?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
yes on Sorel and Rank, skip Frazer

My fav. ethnography is Vincent Crapanzano's "Tuhami: Portrait of a Moroccan".

Robert Segal, "The Myth-Ritualist Theory of Religion"
Maya Deren, "The Divine Horseman Ritual"
Claude Lévi-Strauss, "Myth and Meaning"
— "The Structural Study of Myth"
— "The Sorcerer and His Magic"
Radcliffe-Brown, "Taboo"
Monica Wilson, "Nyakusa Ritual"
E. Durkheim, "Social as Sacred"
Sherry Ortner, "God's Bodies, God's Food"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
bumping shamelessly so the op will see a post i put like 30 minutes into making before thread gets buried
OP here. Got it, and saved. Thanks!
>Implying modern scholarship doesn’t still treat non-Western subjectivity as an inherently chaotic and provincial worldview contrasted with Western cosmopolitan universalism
>Implying ‘monomyth’ is a synonym for Spengler’s concept of the destiny of civilizations
I have no respect for you anthropology pseuds

File: IMG_20180814_220317.png (1.76 MB, 728x2680)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
How would you rank the books in each category in terms of difficulty? Could someone who's read Lolita, Dubliners and Ficciones read IJ or BM or COL49 with little to no issues?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Could someone who's read Lolita, Dubliners and Ficciones read IJ or BM or COL49 with little to no issues?
That will depend on your cognitive ability. Intelligence is hereditary (so you can't get smarter, being well read means nothing) and correlates with creativity, artistic intuition and reading comprehension, all important traits when it comes to reading the great works of literature. Thus, we can speculate the books you should read based on your IQ:

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands, Petersburg, Finnegans Wake, The Council of Mycenae, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
Death of Virgil, The Odyssey (in greek), John The Posthumous, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Pale Fire
Complete Works of Shakespeare, Ficciones, The Illiad (Pope's translation), Faust, Bible (KJV)
Anna Karenina, Moby Dick, Great Expectations, Madame Bovary
Lolita, T.S Eliot selected poems, The Elementary Particles
Blood Meridian, Infinite Jest, Crying of Lot 49, Ulysses

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think it's just there because of the length and second epilogue
gibberish: Paradiso, by Lezama Lima. Larva, by Julian Rios. The Golden Fish, by Gamaliel Churata.
Nice shitpost
Underestimating Faust.

Okay this shit fuckin slaps

Gravity’s Rainbow can’t possibly be better
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It starts in Chicago, there's a large section in California (wild west era) and some scenes in New York. But mostly it takes place in Europe, Russia, Tibet and somewhere not on any map.

I liked it a lot, it's not as frantic as GR but it's feels almost like a literary version of a TinTin comic (especially two certain characters) it's really comfy
File: 1537420650058.gif (693 KB, 500x380)
693 KB
693 KB GIF
>be me
>bought ATD the day it was released
>thought it was trash
i think it's trash
The part about 9-11 is some of Pynchon’s best in my opinion. The whole book feels vitriolic, which I get some people might not like. It’s deeply personal, I think, which is what makes his curmudgeonly writing in AtD feel very poignant. Here’s a man at 71,then, seeing his hopes in GR, Vineland, and especially Lot 49–whose well-known ending aposiopesis asks America itself which track it will take—who sees his hopes dashed with the endless war on terror and the intensification of the corporatocracy’s grasp on politics and the average person. I think Against the Day is the new great American novel for the 21stC.

Everyday I look forward to his Civil War book. I hope he lives long enough. It will be the culmination of his oeuvre’s themes.
File: readexpectedgot_atd.png (1.91 MB, 2016x778)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
It’s got goofs and gaffs, for ex there’s a dog that reads books in the first few pages lmao

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