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What's /Lit/ currently reading also what's your thoughts in this? Huge fan if the film.
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Just finished To Kill A Micking Bird. I'm not American so it was never part of my curriculum.

Let's just say I cannot believe that this is considered a modern classic. It's not well written, the characters are flat and one dimensional (and mostly unbelievable), it's poorly structured and paced, and there is absolutely no subtlety. The white people are mostly dumb, evil, aggressive, alcoholic, inbred, and incestuous. And they also have red necks. This is literally described. However the Negroes are all noble people, wise, hygienic, gentle and serene.

Then you have the 6 year old narrator, who sounds pretty much like a 45 year old single woman, her white knight father who's not even one dimensional, he's zero dimensional, and le deus ex machina, Boo Redditley. It's just all god-awful.

I'm just stumped that people love the book. Maybe they just saw the movie (which was pretty good) and pretend to have read it. Or that they're giving the concept of the book five stars, you know, black and white people should be treated equally. Because on its own, the book's barely average.
God damn, I should proof-read my posts.
>The white people are mostly dumb, evil, aggressive, alcoholic, inbred, and incestuous
this was the south around the time the book is set. I don't think people love this book for its prose, it is beloved probably for its plot and moral above anything.
But that's precisely the thing. The whole book makes you look forward to the next murder scene even more each time because what is in between these scenes, his life, is so fucking inane and pointless.
(I mean, it's still boring, but it's got a reason for it).
That was the entire point. Originally, to Kill a Mockingbird was just a short bit in a novel ultimately centering on a young girl seeing everything in an incredibly simplistic way; when she returns home a number of years later she is faced with the fact that reality is far more complex and the simple caricatures that her younger self created to understand the world are inadequate; her beliefs about many things (from the relationship between the Blacks and the Whites of her home town to her conceptions of justice to what kind of man her father is) are challenged.

Then the publisher said Harper Lee should expand on the youth part, make it into its own book, and then publish the second half later. The second half would then be lost and would only return a number of years later.

Why are penguin classics editions of literary works looked down upon?
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File: IMG_20171212_065342.jpg (1.23 MB, 4160x3120)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
They are? I don't see why, I think they look very neat and attractive.
Until you start reading them. Penguin classics are akin to Jordans. They're disposable shoes (books) made for 4-5 uses.
>gravity's rainbow is a circus.

not surprised at all someone fucked up the spelling or grammar.

rainbow color version FTW
File: 1507707496223.png (1.4 MB, 756x1008)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG

File: 1490662738222.jpg (259 KB, 1300x755)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I want to read some sci-fi or cyberpunk that's actually good, what should I go for? Was thinking of gettin Dicked because Valis looks interesting. My favorite books are Paradise Lost and Ada/Ardor if it helps. The ssfg looks like it's about to die so apologies
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>do none of you know what cyberpunk is?

OP said he wanted sci-fi or cyberpunk. Those books are sci-fi.
File: 1512533473430.png (1.88 MB, 1500x1200)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
If you're wanting the Dick I wouldn't start with VALIS. It's awesome but 1) semi-autobiographical therefore you get more out of it when you know PKD better and 2) it's more theological than sci-fi.

I'd recommend starting with Ubik or Three Stigmata. Both excellent, harrowing and very weird. And far more sci-fi elements than VALIS.
Not op but i recently read Neuromancer and it felt like a disaster. The cyber elements where so forced and poorly described that ruined immersion to me. Not sure if it was translation (spanish) or the way Gibson writes. I really hope its the first.
Any experiences?
This is what the OP wrote, brainlet

>I want to read some sci-fi or cyberpunk

sci-fi OR cyberpunk.

Got it?
Idoru was better.

Don't bother with Spook Country either. Pretentious drivel.

Can someone recommend me books that successfully manage to show violence and action in a way similiar to the visceral experience movies, games and to a certain degree even music are able to? I want to write violent stories of my own but I dont know how to do it and need inspiration.
Blood Meridian

For example, McCarthy describes thedecapitation of a man as "two slender [ropes of dark bloodrising]like snakes from the stump of his neck and arched hissing into the fire".
Wow McCarty sucks
Sounds good, will check it out. Thanks
It's like he never watched decapitation videos on the internet before he wrote that.

File: 1497537904129.jpg (34 KB, 317x499)
34 KB
whats so good about it?
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Calm down, burrito man
We all emulate what we read to a degree.
Midget-minded Americans pls go
>whats so good about it?
The proof is in the pudding.
>“Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.”
It's /lit/ as fuck, bro.

Do you agree?
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Virginia Woolf is unironically better than the majority of male writers and one of the best authors to write in English
Yes, she got her money from idiots. Good job at spelling it out, anon.

If there's pressure on you to publish, you'll push out mediocre work at a fast pace so you can pay the rent (see: King, Rowling). This is why most literary giants either had other jobs which supported their writing (Joyce, Kafka, Salinger) or had enough money in the bank and/or patronage not to worry about finances (Shakespeare, Byron, Shelley). Even Melville and Fitzgerald, who originally wrote to pay the bills, only produced their magnum opuses after they'd married into wealth. Historically, the canon favors authors who weren't "career" authors (i.e. didn't financially sink or swim based on the volume of their output).

The "room of one's own" point is a little more subtle, but it basically means you need a workspace where you won't be interrupted while you hone your craft. Most women in Woolf's day lacked this, and, as more and more women have started living alone and having careers, more and more women have become serious contenders for canonization.

So, yes, she's right.
19th century art is the century of dandys spending daddy's money
yes, which is why i believe women should have neither money nor rooms of their own

File: Jacques-Prevert.jpg (10 KB, 247x300)
10 KB
Common guys let's face it.
With rap music existing, why are they still poets writing, what is the point ?
Rap has just more possibilities to explore. It just seems to me like writing poetry doesn't make anymore sense today.
Why do anything anymore?
Rap music = poetry*
"Bust a nut in you but I want my seed to die, 'cause you not my wife, just a sweet disguise"
Inertia, self-satisfied mediocrity and permissive parenting have ushered me into a space where my immediate social circle is comprised of people who unironically think this. It's tough out there for a pseud.

Foucault once wrote "Marxism exists in nineteenth-century thought as a fish exists in water; that is, it ceases to breathe anywhere else."

What did he mean by that and which philosophy would be more suited for the 21st century?
>dude death of metanarratives
This sums it up.
>would be more suited for the 21st century
post-modernism and syncretic indigenous naturalism
>which philosophy would be more suited for the 21st century?
a reversion to Athenian democracy

I'm not kidding.
But... but muh postmodern neo-marxists....

File: zizek.jpg (28 KB, 354x486)
28 KB
Can I take him seriously about Marxism and leftist thinking? Or is he just a meme and I should look up for more serious marxist philosophers like Istvan Meszaros?
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Don't take him seriously. The dude is seriously messed up with women, said some abhorrent stuff about migrants, and literally supported donald trump in the election. I'd say he's past his used by date,
don't forget "translated doujinshi"
Inviting this man to your weekend drunkathon is a must.

I'd kill to spend a night with drunk zizek at the pub.

File: death-of-socrates-A.jpg (61 KB, 334x192)
61 KB
Which works of Plato are worth reading besides Republic, Symposium, and the dialogs concerning Socrates' trial and death (Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo)?

I know all western philosophy is the footnotes of Plato, but how much of his stuff should I be familiar with?
Meno, Phaedrus, Timaeus
Parmenides is a must, it heavily influenced Spinoza, off the top of my head

Theaetetus, Sophist, and Statesman are good

Charmides, Laches, and Lysis are great discussions on virtues

Meno is necessary to really understand Plato's overarching philosophy, also mentioned by Leibniz in passing

The influence of Gorgias and Protagoras can be seen in later Christianity and Stoicism

Pretty much all of them are worth reading. I first just read Plato's "essentials" like you, and went forward with more contemporary philosophy. I gotta say that I always go back to Plato, and that it doesn't get better than him

File: George_R_R_Martin.jpg (155 KB, 1500x1000)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
He literally just took Dune and put it in middle earth, its not like he did anything original
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>I've seen someone do a break down of the values of the coins used in the novels
i was just memeing before, but can I get a link to this?
HE's most likely referring to the rewards won by tourneys
Being realistic or cynical means you're a neckbeard loser now?
Now and forever
If you want realistic go outside you fucking nerd

File: how to draw animey.jpg (145 KB, 500x375)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Review other people's work
Read your own aloud before posting
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Sirens can’t flood ear canals
rather they titter near the lobe
and gnaw at the loose drapings
‘Get off your ass’ they say.

You’d do well to torch the bloody place
and plug into the static
but the sirens would still peck if from a distance.
‘Attend attend!’ ‘Away away!’
Such is the wicked day –
you self-employed dust mite collector
bound to make a killing!

How to escape?
You know full well

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: image.jpg (186 KB, 640x760)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Part 1 of a two-part spookarama
File: image.jpg (156 KB, 640x737)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Spookily ambiguous. Some good writing.
I felt the "womb of god" line was a little cliche-ominous, but maybe it has significance.
>make a few changes before posting
>add a bunch of mistakes

File: 1503025979140.jpg (147 KB, 750x748)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
What is your career, /lit/? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it?

pic unrelated
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t. Hasn't read Plato in Greek and makes false equivalences to modern english vocabulary
File: 1450167014711.jpg (3 KB, 104x125)
3 KB
>are you aware of the research on the hereditary nature of the behavioral traits associated with sexual violence?

Only vaguely. Want to point me in the right direction before I just Google it?

>how does that affect your dealings with the offenders?

My attitude towards them generally swings back and forth from strong compassion to hatred. People have all sorts of inclinations towards all sorts of behavior. Even so, my experience with these kids is that they lack moral foundation. I've been trying to teach them about morality and ethics, it's hard though because the ones that get caught are usually significantly below average intelligence. Combine that with a generally low threshold for stress, low conscientiousness, and parents who baby them (almost all of my clients have no father figure) and you get an individual who is pretty highly resistant to learning. I think I get through to them a little.

>are you aware many of them are being sexually abused in prisons and jails by members of the corrections department, leo’s and other prisoners/patients?

Yeah, I had a client who experienced that. What a surprise that people get sexually abused when you make a bunch of sex offenders live in close quarters. Also mental health work isn't funded well, and the individuals who work in the field tend not to know about basic principles of resource management even if they are well funded. We're understaffed a significant portion of the time. The other thing is that nobody wants to work with these kids because who wants to get spat on and called a nigger for 6 hours? The other week this kid was yelling ""[my name] is a nigger" out the window for like an hour. Then he spat on me six times, once directly into my ear, before the only way I could think of to enforce a boundary with him was to spit on him. This triggered a pretty long spit war. A lot of people quit over stuff like that. What ends up happening is that the company has to lower their standards for qualified individuals because they're desperate for workers. I mean, I got hired lacking some of the fundamental qualifications (didn't have a car or license).

>are you aware many of them are pathological liars and also cowards?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What's the basis of your interest?
I work in IT.
Like fixing shit.
Hate the people.
I'm a history teacher
I love being a prick to kids
It's all around ok, but I don't see myself doing the same thing my whole life

File: IMG_5384.jpg (89 KB, 1280x827)
89 KB
So, how often do you read? Monthly? Weekly? Daily?
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Chainsmoking on uppers is so good.
Every day. If I don't I feel really empty headed and terrible about myself. I read mainly to keep myself sharp, it hardly matters what it is I read, but reading NYT articles does not count. I need to read something consistently for at least an hour or I don't get the desired effect.
Hitting the juul on uppers is fantastic. Caffeine and nicotine pair together so well.
Please don't do meth. I am scared for you anon. I don't want you to wake up one morning with a brain full of cobwebs.
There are few books I can read on weed. Anything by Bolano is amazing to read while stoned. I like to think he was stoned during the whole process of writing his novels. I seriously doubt this about 2666 though, as he was in ill health and nearing death, so I'm sure smoking a joint was the last thing on his mind.
Same here anon. Quitting weed has helped me to do so much more than any adderall has in my life.
I try to read at least 10 pages a day of whatever I'm reading since I'm a braindead retard that can't read fast. Usually life is the only thing stopping me.

File: ck.jpg (212 KB, 576x709)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I don't need literature. Just don't need it. I can entertain myself. I can form ethical value systems myself. I can humor myself. I can lie in bed by myself and imagine things which are intriguing and profound. I can engage myself by just closing my eyes and floating through my thoughts everyday, watching my inner landscape, free to play or observe it.

What are the use of books to someone like me? I can literally live the rest of my life in silence, living an ethically flawless life by simply contemplating my internal world. Why should I 'strive' for more, or bother with art when there's nothing that I desire or seek?

>inb4 what about food

After my parents die and there is no one else to supply me with material resources amymore I will simply lie there until my body fails me through dehydration and starvation.
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I'm not OP
what do you think he would even take pics of, his cum wall?
Oh, well this image forum is the only web site I visit but I don't intend to use computers now that I'm done with literature.

Never masturbated before
>I can form ethical value systems myself
Then perhaps you might want to publish your ideas to become the single greatest philosopher in the history of the world. Or perhaps your value system is wrong.
This is called sloth.
Descartes stopped reading at a youngish age. Decided to use his wits and experience in stead.

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