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File: 1467950462233.jpg (36 KB, 371x410)
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Why are anglos so retarded?
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Nobody who pronounces 'oe' properly does it that harshly. Either they butcher it and say 'goat-tay' or do it well enough


That's not true, I pronounce them:

uhhhh... how do you pronounce boethius

What are the essential Anslem and Aquinas that is a quick read?
Anselm's Proslogion and Responsio are good.
File: 1499372200859.jpg (50 KB, 604x451)
50 KB

"How to elevate Aristotle above faith and box Christ into pagan philosophy"
by Aquinas is a good starting point.

As for Anslem, try "Against the Chads: A Response to the heresy of Abelard and his Chadism"

File: 1508293914701.gif (884 KB, 250x171)
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884 KB GIF
who are some of the best French authors from during the revolution?

File: fagles_box.png (196 KB, 1103x447)
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196 KB PNG
Is it worth it /lit/?
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Show me some examples about how Lattimore is better than Fagles. For first time reading.
>not getting the Fitzgerald translations in nice hardcovers from Everyman

It's like you haven't researched the merits of the various translations
Fucking this.
I'm waiting for them to start throwing Dante in as well.
Be aware you're getting those awful deckled edge versions, where the page edges are uneven and torn up. You can buy the books individually in the normal, black Penguin Classics covers with normal page edges. Just go to Penguin's website and find them. It's a pain in the ass to look for them on Amazon.
godly quads of truth

Can we get a horror thread?

> What are you reading?
> Who are your favourite writers?
> What new novelists and books have you discovered?
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Very good. In a unique, particularly weird way.
>this dude might be all style and no substance
Unfortunately in The Divinity Student that's the case, I don't think it's his strongest work.
File: Horror.jpg (335 KB, 1378x1438)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
What would you add to this?

Machen, Clark Ashton Smith & R.E. Howard are some i can think of.
Jesus christ get a fucking job, I can smell the cheeto dust and cumrags from here
The Best Horror of the Year: Volume 1 edited by Ellen Datlow. Or any of her horror anthologies. She has a knack for finding the best horror short stories.

File: mcvuvu.jpg (200 KB, 900x900)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Who is the best Writefu and why is it Vivien Reis?
I like her videos but her actual writing is garbage.
I wanted to post about her here but I knew /lit/ would corrupt her beautiful soul.

Her videos are pretty garbage too but I still somehow enjoyed listening to all of them in the background.

File: Royal Assassin.jpg (47 KB, 304x499)
47 KB
I loved the first book, and I did enjoy this one as well, but the ending put everything into focus, and it pissed me off.
Spoilers below.
Judging from the first two Elderlings books, or Farseer Trilogy books, Robin Hobb's greatest strengths are characters, world building, and prose. Telling a story that isn't forced, however, is where she definitely dropped the ball in Royal.
TL;DR: First book ends on with a plot to usurp the throne thwarted. Second book ends with another plot for the same goal working because nobody decided to do anything about the traitor they all knew existed.

If having a bastard son was enough to force Chivalry into abdicating and removing himself and Patience from the public eye, how are we supposed to accept that the worst son Shrewd has ever had, Regal, is above as much as a fine for:

1. Lying to the king and court about the political climate in the Mountain Kingdom
2. Setting up his nephew Fitz to either be assassinated/executed for doing what he advised, or to assassinate a friendly prince.
3. Flirting with his Verity, his brother's fiance. (Reminder that Verity is the heir and that woman would be the future queen)
4. Trying even harder to set up his nephew again for the exact same shit, this time accomplishing two of his goals, disgracing his nephew, and poisoning his would-be brother-in-law.
5. Then, pulling an improvised hitman scheme on the stablemaster, which hospitalizes him for at least a week.
6. Attempting to DROWN Fitz, his nephew, HIMSELF.
7. Conspiring to have Verity, his brother, assassinated on the same day.

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>So, is it worth reading the third book?

Yes, absolutely
Why tho? Does it fix the problems I mentioned, like having a forced premise? Come on, let's get some real discussion going here.
On a side note: I'm convinced that GRRM is a paid shill for book reviews. He said the exact same thing about some random scifi book. The creepy old hack.
Another thing: I noticed between the two books a considerable increase in the number of fighting female characters.
You might have a point.
I can't shake the feeling I'm the only one who read this book. Who visited the website today, at least.

what is the best short horror story collection in your opinion?
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>married to same woman for more than 45 years
>has children
>net worth of several hundred million dollars
Nah m8, you the cuck.
>he unironically read Stephen King
>he thinks Stephen King is "good" literature
Hola reddit
>people can only like one author
>people should be judged by every author they enjoy

I guess you didn't grow up in an educated and prosperous household where everyone read copiously, and therefore think reading is a novel sign of intelligence that differentiates you from everyone else. I don't see reading as an ostentatious pursuit in the name of virtue signalling or some other superficial and jejune exercise. Perhaps you lack self-confidence and self-awareness?

Just try to push your boundaries and don't wind yourself up too tight. You are still young and there is much room for growth and improvement, just be open and don't worry so much about how you might be perceived.
I grew up in an educated household and was from a young age given real literature to read, not Stephen King dreck. And given your reply, I'm guessing I really hit a nerve, didn't I?
He probably only reads SK, so when people call him out for his cancer-tier taste, he uses ''le taste is subjective'' escapism instead of facing the truth

File: download (5).jpg (8 KB, 169x299)
8 KB
Just finished it, was great. Are Frankl's other books good?
Not sure about his other books, but this book is one of my favorites. It really helped me through some tough times in my life.
>muh holocaust
he doesn't have any other books; they're all the same book

>Novel starts out with a partial cliche beginning due to the MC circumstance.
>Realize it will never be picked up by a publisher due to the Cliche
>Start to rewrite the beginning so it won't be a cliche.
>Months pass me by as I struggle to find a non-cliche opening that is the crux of the MC problem
>keep deluding myself that I will find it soon enough.

How do I kill myself /lit/? I want this feeling of emptiness inside me to end.
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what are you even doing here
go away
This is 4chan what were you expecting?
Have you tried sleeping pills
File: 1507139355035.png (146 KB, 357x378)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
What was the cliche?

Did you like it?
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Is The Secret History better?
I pretty much felt the same way, but would add that the descriptions of the workshop and furniture with Hobie were great. That part of the book happened to coincide with my visit to the Art Institute of Chicago, so I felt like I was looking at the art and furniture in a more appreciative way; like I was connecting to the people that make a craft their livelihood and life's work. I also didn't enjoy the philosophizing toward the end, but did enjoy the blunt and realistic ending to the love story, though maybe unhappy endings are cliche.
File: 1507827154053.png (105 KB, 512x512)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
your gf has shit taste lad

File: Untitled.png (30 KB, 1152x648)
30 KB
i want to know the history of the world.
Over the world, can anyone tell me a good book that covers world history in great detail?

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t. toastie roastie
ill have you know that i just believe in equality unlike you. You nerd. Why is it that men have to pay the bill?
Why is it the social norm?
Why must I do something based on my genitals?

oh but if i said women are only on this earth to cook and clean i am a sexist?
But if I say that I want to split the bill with this whore im trying to fuck i am a dumb person, and i am uneducated?

Oh yea FEMANON spotted,

i'm too drunk for this many layers of cross dressing, can we be nudist vegetarians next week?
in my defense telling the difference between women and mens clothes is hard.

So i just stopped giving a fuck. I would fuck all ya mommas wearing ya sisters jeans
and yes I am very much more confident over a keyboard. I'll kiss ya on your dick

File: Vladimir_Nabokov_1973.jpg (432 KB, 671x1024)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Nabokov on Don Quixote: A cruel and crude old book.

Why, why did he not like Cervantes?
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Simon Leys says that it was because he was offended on behalf of Quixote because of all the indignities that Cervantes made him suffer.
The only thing I read there is uma delicia, go eat some sopa de macaco, you monkey.
He did not "have" to write them in any language, you retard, the man loved English and dedicated his life to mastering it, and he succeeded.
Don Quijote is the best book ever written and Nabokov is an overrated memewriter.

File: 192773-004-71245A89.jpg (96 KB, 550x442)
96 KB
What are some good books on the Flagellants and self-mortification in general? Please no sensationalist memes like Dan Brown.
I too am curious about this.
The Pursuit of the Millenium has some chapters on them.

They're mentioned briefly in The Name of the Rose
How about Fifty Shades of Gross, OP?
There's a book called "The Mystic Mind: The Psychology of Medieval Mystic and Ascetics" that might be right up your alley. It should be available at Library Genesis.

File: kobo_glo_hd_pocket.jpg (2.39 MB, 3200x2368)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
My Kobo Glo HD comes in the mail today. What's the first thing I should do with it?
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I just got done figuring out how to add my Kindle books and convert them in calibre. It's not too hard.
Download an older version of the Kindle Windows application. Download your cloud books. Download Calibre, download the DRM removal plugin (do a Google search), download any related Kindle plugins in Calibre's plugin menu, import your Kindle books, convert them. Done.
Not tied down to Amazon store, can read just about any damn format imaginable.
>Not tied down to Amazon store, can read just about any damn format imaginable.
You can just convert any ebook using calibre. Is there any advantage to using the other formats?
Oh and if syncs with Pocket so you can quickly read articles you save. I'm looking forward to using that.
The tradeoff is you can't send books to your Kobo via email like Kindle can. You have to sideload them.
I guess just one less step of having to convert ebooks that you pirate.
>respect intellectual property
Sorry but I trademarked that phrase. You owe me money.

post your bank account and routing number and i'll send it to you

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