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File: reading challenge.png (20 KB, 347x340)
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>pic related
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File: Capture.png (73 KB, 287x177)
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None. Reading is for faggots.
File: download.jpg (21 KB, 192x256)
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lol, I crave attention and approval from strangers on a tawainese backgammon board, kill me with adoration.

I almost got there this year, and even though I didn't I'm going to double down on my current goal and shoot for the stars; im gonna give it 110% to show you guys what an intellectual heavy weight I really am.
In the words of the late great philosopher and theologian of our time, "BELIEVE IT!"
File: 1500374808676.jpg (334 KB, 1161x869)
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The best in this thread tbqh

File: IMG_1359.png (106 KB, 1334x750)
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thats it im never coming here again
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File: IMG_1093.jpg (109 KB, 562x800)
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i'm obviously not leaving; if i could i would
Great, you're already there, congratz
Where did that ladie's boobies go
ne t'inquiète même pas, fraté
>Putting the French tradition in the same league wit the English, Russian, and German ones.

I get you, OP.

what does /lit/ think?
always wondered about this
Overrated. No mention of the fact people simply don't like living beside niggers

File: DCN3ieOWsAE0JPz.png (73 KB, 550x301)
73 KB
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Please help me understand why anon
Participle is the tiny little words that are fillers, like this that like see can it, etc. Right? I am wrong aren't I? Deadly wrong. Fuck. I am stupid. I was thinking all the conjunctions were participles for some reason. Anyways, distillation was the point I was trying to make.
Well, I appreciate the anons who tried to explain to me about using participles in rhymes. I think I might benefit more hearing how I did directly though so I'm just going to relink to my poem if either of you wants to take a look at it and help me out >>10403858
I'm getting pretty interested in poetry and I think having an idea of what craftsmanship I should work on would help me explore the medium.
'you met me at my worst' is what you told me
But I, knowing misery, imagined you like winter;
May be cold, mournful, distant, unhappy,
But you kept me warm, covered with forgetful snow
Fair man, could you critique it so I could possibly improve? Free game to rip into them anyone

Will Poetry ever be relevant again? What's the next step for Aesthetics?
Relevant to what or whom?
Bob Dylan ushered in the era of written poetry being obsolete. It's a shame most song writers aren't very capable though

File: JE.jpg (3 KB, 193x261)
3 KB
I'm rather new to /lit/ and only lurked here for a few weeks every now and than. I want to read most important philosophers and am in need for some sort of guide to guide me on my path. I know that I have to start with the philosophers of ancient times, currently on my list there's: Plato, Aristotle, Zeno, Epicurus and Aurelius (maybe Anaximander and Pythagoras too). But where should I go after I've read those? Are medieval philosophers/writers like Thomas Aquinas worth spending my time on or should I just skip the entire medieval period and go straight to the 'Enlightenment'? Also which philosophers are a must read? I plan to end my /lit/ journey with Evola and other western esoterics and traditionalists. Also, I have plenty of time to read so I can and want to go beyond just the main works of some philosophers.
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Evola got you covered here, mate.
Forgot link
Muh /pol/ boogeyman reee. Why can I smell the yank from your post
Read guenon before evola. If you have to read anything traditionalist, read 'introduction to the study of the hindu doctrines'. It's basically an introduction to traditionalism
I can smell the skinny, whiney little yank urbanite from here.

File: bible.jpg (55 KB, 1280x799)
55 KB
Which books do I read for my first read-through of this?
the bible is where you start
My advice, the essentials for a first reading
Genesis -> Exodus -> Samuel I&II -> Matthew -> John -> Revelations -> Paul's Epistles

Not to question the importance of the other books, simply this will give you a stable foundation for studying them.
File: DJIPDd7UMAAgHmv.jpg (97 KB, 1200x758)
97 KB
Reading the Bible in different orders will give you different things out of it, so it's really a question of what do you want to get out of this.

Personally, I read it in order (while skipping over the genealogical sections and a few of the minor prophets) and I gave me a lot insight into how the bible is a meta-textual document and what that means exactly, along with the messages you regularly get out of the Bible.

If you're gonna do it that way it's important to also understand that the Bible is a series of texts that also document the evolution of morality and how it's a work of collective psychological projection.

Here's a OT lecture series from Yale's youtube account that I like quite a bit. Obviously this is just 1 perspective of many on the Bible so take it with a grain of salt.
Ha I was just watching the lecture the other day. I've just been reading the bible online to keep up.

>Marshall McLuhan’s marginalia in his copy of Finnegans Wake

Smart people write in their books
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>People who can afford more than one copy of a book write in their book
File: 193757358.jpg (137 KB, 1024x768)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
It's not DFW's and it's a fucking Robert Mitchum autobiography

stop falling for this. DFW is far too pea-brained for Joyce
Well that blew me the fuck out then I guess

Peddle your conspiracy theories elsewhere brain man.

File: jamesdeansmokin.jpg (106 KB, 500x346)
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106 KB JPG
Is smoking the single most rebellious act a human can commit?
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Being traditional in a world fthat revolves around degeneracy (i.e. things like smoking) is
Who gives a fuck about rebelling?
How is being traditional rebellious?

Rebels (like me)
>How is being traditional rebellious?
Being a degenerate in a traditional world meant being rebellious in the past

Why would you even ask why being traditional in a degenerate world isn't?

File: bloom.jpg (104 KB, 2000x1000)
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104 KB JPG
I got deferred for my single choice early application to Yale. Is it over for my literary dreams?
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Real education comes from adapting to disappointment.
why the fuck did you just apply to one school dumbass. that's the real question here. do you know how much of a crapshoot college admissions is even for highly qualified people? maybe you would have got into any number of other equal or almost-equal schools, and unlike Yale, most of them would have been in towns where you're not likely to get mugged or die just walking down the street.
how will opee ever recover
He isn't very good, tho.
class of 2015 AMA. there’s a slim chance you get in regular decision. Yale’s English dept is good but pic related doesn’t really teach anymore and is practically dead

self-righteous garbage. life is unfair, so what?
I read it, was looking forward it alot, but ended up disappointed with it. The suicide attempt wasn't written out at all. There was one good part which hit my feels, but thats about it. But, i still dont regret reading it. Since i love these kind of books, and its short.

Was he a genius? Why did he kill himself?
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No u
Are you implying that the huskers aren't high culture?
Tim Krieder is the poster boy for 2000s cringe
He was not a genius and that is why he killed himself.
Just finished 'The Suffering Channel'.
I really enjoyed all the poo poo bits.
Any other DFW short stories in a similar vein?

File: pondering.jpg (146 KB, 729x649)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Are visual novels a giant waste of time that should be used on real books?
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Fata Morgana. Very very good.
File: vfvfvfvfvf.jpg (276 KB, 1366x768)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>he does not appreciate the specific commentary that nazis were never going to be Overman, just birthing a few of them would abuse it for their own fill

Oooooooh! Beatoricheee!
most of them yes

If you are a good Leftist and you want to know why your ideas are not popular, this is the book for you. You don't have to worry that perhaps your ideas are wrong, or your values are not shared by the larger public. Just blame it on the media.

The main reason I do not like this book is precisely the above. It leads serious people who want to reform society into circling their wagons, talking only to each other, and ignoring the importance of speaking to the people as a whole.

The second reason I do not like this book is that I think the major argument is false, and the authors have made a poor case of marshaling the evidence for their model's being superior to other models. Indeed, they present no other models.

Here is another model: the commercial media consist of firms in competition with one another for audience. The firms that best give people what they want will succeed and the others will fail. Capitalist owners are profit-oriented and hire managers, journalists, commentators and others who maximize their firm's profits by giving people what they want. Of course, some people just want to hear stuff that confirms the political prejudices. But others base their opinions on the facts, and this part of the clientele of the media are broad enough that the observed level of delivery of factual information obtains.
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>vene. type health care
The US is one of the only industrial first world countries that doesn't have some type of nationalized healthcare.
This is so disingenuous I'm not even sure why I'm responding
>poverty social systems
You're aware that governments aren't just sitting around performing alchemy correct?
>the commercial media consist of firms in competition with one another for audience. The firms that best give people what they want will succeed and the others will fail.

braindead lolbertarian detected
No I'm insinuating Marxists a priori assume that propaganda distorts what should be the "true" opinions of people robbing from them the agency to have their own opinions outside Marxist thought.
There is no room for disagreement to a Marxist. You either accept the need for Communism or you are mindcontrolled
Who is a marxist anymore other than Zizek?
>Marxists a priori assume that propaganda distorts what should be the "true" opinions of people
Almost all Government's, Businesses, , Orators, Religions ect. do this
If you want to argue for something, you should probably insist people who disagree with you don't have the whole picture

File: imokaywiththis.png (18 KB, 379x214)
18 KB
>tfw submitted some short stories to multiple journals today, and also started a new essay

Are you being productive this weekend, writers of /lit/?
I wrote 1,700 words yesterday and have written 0 today
Today I wrote nothing.
My nigga

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