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Open Thread



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Pursue the dao erry day
The Dark Elf Trilogy
>shades children
damn that takes me back
I'd really like to read more vigilante shit since GB. I really wish I could discuss manga/manhua ITT
If people can get away with discussing webtrash, you might be able to get away with talking about the LN

Has anyone here actually read his books?
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Just because you are an exception anecdotally, doesn't invalid the general wisdom.

>You are wrong because anecdote

I expected better from you /lit/. Then again, I don't expect better from the kind of drooling retard that has read Stephanie Meyer's fanfic.
File: 1529257793239.jpg (369 KB, 1125x643)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Read Looking for Alaska in middle school. Hated it then, but didn't know why. Flipped through it again recently, realized that his voice is incredibly inflexible. He has no sense of humor, no comedic timing, no real instinct for camaraderie or love. His narrators are joyless and grating; his love interests are monotone wish-fulfillment; his attempts at tragedy lack any attempt at subtlety or nuance. He can't carry a theme, or flesh out a character, or say anything new or worthy of note. His work is an amalgamation of clichés, a pale imitation of Salinger and Wallace without their soft touches, eyes for detail, and depth of understanding. John Green mistakes gloss for depth, and complaining for suffering. He is Stephanie Meyer without the sex appeal.
>seeking bad books to criticize

Read good books critically. Don't waste your time on bad ones.
How can you know what's good without experience the bad?

File: 1531691572919.jpg (73 KB, 1012x1012)
73 KB
>Finnegans Wake
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>FINNA get WOKE by Jamal "Lil Yeezy" Joyce
File: 1490888674710.jpg (9 KB, 244x200)
9 KB
>Finnegans Wake
File: 1528344713093-b.jpg (252 KB, 500x500)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Finniggas boutta gonna dab onna WOKE
brave and powerful

File: sucy 4.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
ITT: /lit/erary confessions thread.

Confess your sins, it's not like you're going anywhere else.
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Please stop
I dig tsunderes but not sure about tomboys, would probably friendzone
This. I used to talk to my lecturers about literature which was fun but since graduating I can only talk lit here and goodreads.
Literally why though
Russia confirmed for pleb central , novochok me, bitch

Back in the day art mattered. It was about skill. You would become an apprentice, practice for years, and eventually become a master of the craft. That’s how we got realism. Eventually people got bored with it, artists and fans alike realized there needed to be a change. Hats can only slant sideways or backwards or duck-billed forwards for so long before a few feel they need to stand out. So we got shit like pollock. It went from trying to impress others to realizing nothing mattered and trying to impress yourself. Other focused to self-focused. Suddenly artists were basically flinging shit at canvasas, the only purpose being the money they would get while they laughed and watched the pseuds give their interpretations. Even Warhol was like this. What books are like this? What books are ultimately garbage and artist centered?
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idk what you're talking about both those paintings are based
Yeah, they really trigger them postmodern libtards haha
Lot more to it than that, OP.

Read this series if you want to know how the art world got to where it is now:




File: kwsc.png (35 KB, 615x94)
35 KB
not surprising someone like him has no taste really
File: 1532198557795.jpg (417 KB, 910x1280)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
looks like something made for erotic pulp

File: 2eeqx0.jpg (70 KB, 455x405)
70 KB
How do I get into anarcho primitivism?
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Against the Grain by James C. Scott
Yeah, it’s not that you’re completely wrong, but I have no idea what the hell you were thinking saying the Midwest wasn’t suitable for agriculture.
And given your hostile tone I feel it’s only appropriate to say you’re fucking retarded for saying that. Fuck you.
This a great recommendation. It's made me reconsider anarchy as something present all along history and not as some edgy, purely utopian concept. Granted, anarchy here is rather meant in the sense of "not-state" (absence of taxes, bureaucratic hierarchy), not as an absence of the rule by a leader of a tribe or a family.
Very carefully OP, very carefully.
Looks interesting. Thanks.

Who are some authors that can explain to me what the heck is going on in the world right now and why things are so crazy?
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How are things crazy?
>Middle school teacher secretly ran a white supremacy podcast
>"""white supremacy"""
Away with you, merchant.

Nothing is more or less crazy than anything else.
James Scott's Seeing Like a State and Weapons of the Weak (the sense of the destruction of local and traditional values as they're replaced with an enlightenment rational structure that sometimes makes matters worse, and how the phenomena of "voting against one's interests" is sometimes a means of keeping elites responsible), Karl Polyani's The Great Transformation (why it seems like poverty is on the rise and getting worse at the same time that economic estimates seem to show that wealth should be greater across the board), Eric Holder's The True Believer (how mass movements work, and why it seems they keep proposing totally unachievable goals), and Christopher Lasch's The Culture of Narcissism (the reduction of life to identities without relation to action, how that seems to relate to increased modern tendencies to support taylorisms of various forms).

There's a great series of essays about those books at https://samzdat.com/the-uruk-series/.

lets settle this once and for all; is this a good book and there is no g*d or is this a bad book and there is a God?
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Dawkins is an idiot. He thinks that because he studied Biology, he can argue on philosophical topics.
.What matters is the belief that 'God exists so we must do x'. Believing in God alone means nothing.
So we must treat our fellow man (and perhaps all living things) according to how He would desire of us
>He thinks that because he studied Biology, he can argue on philosophical topics.
Ironically this argument sums up most adherents of scientism.

Almost the entire transhumanism community are basically CS majors that believe they have enough knowledge to argue biology because it's a "soft" science.
The problem with adherents of scientism is that they are not willing to admit that they are adherents of scientism. They try to ideologically argue that they are simply right and that philosophy is either redundant or that arguments have no value because they haven't seen God in a lab.

File: Hitler.jpg (132 KB, 500x700)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Give me the rundown on Hitler. Why does he still trigger people so much? Genuine question.
Also, what are some works I should read if I wish to try and hear the Nazi's side of the story?

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Saged and reported
Fuck off sensitive bitch
>Give me the rundown on Hitler. Why does he still trigger people so much?

Well, yeah, but it was fate if you're a fan of determinism I suppose

File: powerful woman.jpg (94 KB, 1097x539)
94 KB
Does she have a point?
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This is a woman squabbling with women issue.
Men dont give a rats ass about Lauren Groff. Or her kids.
>hurrr how dare you ask me a question men and women are equal in every way!!!
what a dumb cunt, should stick to raising more kids if she is non jewish white, otherwise she should run her car into a lake
Pretty much any interview with a male author who supports a family. It's a cliché question and I'm tired of reading it.

File: 2018-07-16 17.36.26.png (284 KB, 537x560)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>begin reading Lolita
>start trying to determine if little girls are nynphets or not
i guess this is how it starts huh

Also, how do I hide my erections when reading this book in public?
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Not quite ephebephilia, but daily reminder that Aristotle thought the ideal age for marriage is 35 for men and 18 for women. And he's objectively right.
So why is your image of a 28 year old jewess?
here is an objective ranking of sexual hangups, perversions, kinks, fetishes and disorders

Ironic Homsexuality>Hetero Ass Play>Cuckoldry>heterosex>OTPHS>Orgies>Rape stuff>>>>>>unironic Homosexuality>Bestiality>>>>>>>>>footfaggotry
Funnily enough homos are the worst for this sort of thing. Milo got canned for revealing too many unpleasant truths about what actually goes on in the gay scene. They want that shit kept strictly on the down-low, so the straights don't get freaked out and start wanting to make it all illegal again. Any faganon knows exactly what I'm talking about
What's happening on the gay scene?

File: IMG_20180721_195432.jpg (3.19 MB, 3120x4160)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
Currently at a book shop.
Recommend some stuff.
Already buying the one showed in pic, The Trial by Kafka.
We're against Jews here
I Recommend you go back to your own fucking country and use your money to help us pay for the Wall
>buying old ass books you can thrift for 50 cents or check out from the liberry

What am I in for?
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>pro Nazi agitprop
they're anti glorification/mythologization of the allies
Most people liked the Soviet Union
I forgot to mention that because Snorri is the only source if Norse mythology and fundamentally paganism, which Hitler and the German nationalists considered to be the real German religion, Snorri's mention of Troy as the real city of Asgard has helped create the myth that Troy is really a Germanic city.

Jorge Luis Borges is the greatest writer to come out of Latin America. Period.
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File: borges.jpg (27 KB, 400x289)
27 KB
The Gospel According to Mark is pretty damn good.
File: la creatura.jpg (68 KB, 668x508)
68 KB
>he is incomparably inferior to the full blooded -1% anglo man!!!

Seriously why you mutts keep posting this shit?
The whole board is laughing at you creaturas
File: images (20).jpg (22 KB, 347x423)
22 KB
>forgetting about the whole continent's Joyce
Is she actually good ? Story of my Teeth was pretty average stuff.
Go to bed, Mosley

File: 4chan.org.jpg (143 KB, 1280x1024)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Explain 4chan's sense of humor.
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Rogan (default)
Rogan (alpha brain: enabled)
Saying the most outrageous thing you can for (you)s
Did a math/physics PhD at Harvard, guaranteed 150+

Taught at Harvard, 130-140 range

Harvard law school, oy vey, prob 140 range
I know loads of people from university who would break the IQ test criteria but would have problems boiling an egg or driving a car.

surely you must have come across geniuses that are lacking in many basic areas?
These people are decidedly not though. They're articulate and successful in their fields. A lot of people try to downplay their achievements for some retarded reason when literally anyone can google search and see they're wrong.

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