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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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File: aykwamayn.jpg (12 KB, 318x159)
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So, if Superman's thing is hope, Batman's thing is justice, and Green Lantern's thing is willpower, what is Aquaman's thing?
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File: Aquaman has an army.jpg (239 KB, 906x735)
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239 KB JPG
Wonder Woman is submission
File: bravo, aquaman.png (241 KB, 720x540)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Being king of the ocean
Greed he owns 75% of the world

File: 001.png (1.27 MB, 800x1200)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Sup /co/mrades.
Seeing as nobody is bothering, I thought I'd storytime part one of the new ATLA trilogy.
This is Smoke and Shadow, mostly set concurrently with The Rift, the last trilogy, it's about what happened in the Fire Nation during that time.
Zuko's still struggling with leadership and Ozai loyalists aren't making things easy for him. Mai and Ty Lee are reunited in a matter of national security and Ursa has to deal with returning to the Palace and Kiyi rejecting her.

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Based on that terrible Painted Lady episode, I'd say he really upped production on war machines and especially blimps for the final push for global dominance.
Considering that Aang is his best friend and also this world's Jesus its understandible.
File: 073.png (2.41 MB, 1365x2048)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG

Better question. Why does Zuko have that shit hung up in his home?
You deposed that guy and you hate his guts, take down his obscenely massive vanity posters.

Azula got the crazy from Ursa
Russians have monuments to both Lenin and the Czar

The continuing adventures of Darth Vader
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File: Lando (2015) 005-003.jpg (1.86 MB, 1988x3056)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Man has just learned that he fucked up and has been lead around and lied to for the last few decades and he's pissed and now has murder on his mind.
File: VaderDatAss.jpg (209 KB, 912x958)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
File: Lando (2015) 005-004.jpg (1.97 MB, 1988x3056)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Evil Indiana Jones.

Let's do this.
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>Did they intentionally change Cass's eyes from brown to blue?

No. I imagine they just cocked up
>Of course, how else will she fit in with Bruce's mini clones of himself?
I wish the secret were the possibility that Dick, Jason, Tim, and Cassandra were really just Bruce clones.
I'd prefer that to child soldier stuff tbh
Who? Damian and Tim?
>Damian gets salty that they're all technically more related to Bruce than him
I almost want this
Tim and Barbara, probably.

File: moana.jpg (571 KB, 800x600)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
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Theres a terrible trend among people to think that being a bitch/asshole is admirable if you use said shitiness to improve your station in life
I was having a shit day.
Bless you anons for the well needed keks.
>Moana's eyes are smaller, more almond-shaped
>Head is more football-shaped
>Nose is flatter and broader
>Lips are wider and thicker
>Eyebrows thicker
Moana is the name of thenmost famous italian pornstar from the 90s, I expect they'll change her name here.
File: 3a0.gif (262 KB, 250x250)
262 KB
262 KB GIF
>Dad is going to die / something tragic / fight
>sends Moana off on her strong womyn adventure

File: HeCantDoItAlone.jpg (110 KB, 847x605)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Some of you nerfherders are alright.

Don't come to the Death Star tomorrow - Edition

>OP Links Pastebin: (Copypaste Links For New Threads From Here)

>Frequently Asked Questions:

>New Star Wars: Rebels (Season 2) Trailer:

>Star Wars: Smugglers Run: (Animated Short)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 143606668004.png (498 KB, 798x920)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
>it's 2015 and people are still citing legends material in their youtube videos
You're directing an episode of Rebels. You can do anything in the episode as long as it doesn't contradict the rest of existing canon. No porn. What's the episode about?
File: GrumpyPepe.jpg (14 KB, 251x242)
14 KB
>XxMandalorianAssassinxX087: When is Starkiller going to be in Rebels?
Every fucking video
Ezra being a curios kid, tries to fore-connect with another sentient. That sentient? Sabine.
I'm tired.

Who are the most prominent female superheroes that didn't originate as part of a team(e.g. X-Men) or weren't directly derived from a male hero(Supergirl, Captain Marvel, etc.)?
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I don't think she originated with the Outsiders
Squirrel Girl debuted solo and later went on to join the Great Lakes Avengers.
I don't get it. What does that imply? Superpowers? The fact that she debuted as a villain? Both would mean that Hawkeye isn't a superhero either.

She was specifically created as a NON derivative character, so the superhero name can have its own copyright.
Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld?

File: 00a.jpg (1.77 MB, 1988x3056)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
Lets have a contest, a Contest of Champions.
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Really? That's an actual fucking law? I underestimated how xenophobic Japan really is.
please keep this cancer away from a good storytime
He's also Silver Age -inspired. They probably bullshitted their way to victory by shoving pennies in their ears or something.
It's like 50 posts away from the storytime.
Since when was Wakfu "cancer"?
And in any case, the storytime's over.

File: Wallpaper.png (824 KB, 1024x577)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
ITT: Unnecessary reboots.

Pic related.
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File: legend-korra.jpg (69 KB, 770x506)
69 KB
>Whose the girl on the left
>Oh her? Her name is wasted potential

>And the girl in the middle
>They call her Avatar bitch
Animated was the perfect reboot, Prime did feel unnecessary after that especially since apart from a few fun Decepticons it was a rather weak show
>live action actors don't have prosthetic forehead extensions
Shit show
That's not a reboot.
reboot? isn't it a sequel?

File: 1444200464-092.jpg (155 KB, 298x850)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
New Let's Speak English.
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They had it coming!
>rite of passage
I get the idea, but some rites of passages need to be done away with.
Don't they just challenge each other to Agni-kais?
>American anons not understanding customs and symbolic gestures

Yeah go to a Muslim country and show people the bottom of your feet. Maybe throw your shoe around. That'll work out swell.
The point I'm making is that it's not like some Japanese businessman is going to stride across the restaurant, slap your rice dish to the floor, and curse you unto the seventh generation for DARING to jab your chopsticks into your rice like that, because unless a) lol Japanese confronting someone in public and b) you're not dining with the Emperor at a state banquet or something

File: Siege (2015) 004-000.jpg (1.24 MB, 1988x3056)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Last issue of Siege, GET IN HERE!
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Everything that happened more than 8 years ago is a memory fabricated by Doom, so this is the first time the wall was actually breached.
Doom can still fix it. Whether he actually notices before he can no longer fix it right on the other hand is the issue.
this "art" makes my eyes bleed
Gillen's actually pretty good when he's not desperately trying to seem young and hip

File: 1444238706909.png (1.14 MB, 800x1280)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Rose's constitution Edition

Old Thread:>>76441404

>When it Rains Download Link:

>HQ DL Links for Season 1 and 2:

>Guide to the Crystal Gems Download

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I actually hope that'll be near the end of the series, or right before Rose's keikaku is revealed.
File: image.jpg (136 KB, 1280x881)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>I’ll be at NYCC this weekend to represent Steven, and also to sing “Everything Stays,” a song I wrote for the Adventure Time mini-series “Stakes”

>Hope to see you there!
File: 1443909456560.png (686 KB, 1280x989)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
I like Bioncles I like gems
File: opals got dsl.png (380 KB, 1538x1375)
380 KB
380 KB PNG

File: based ewing.png (3.69 MB, 2160x821)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
So is Based Ewing the New Golden Guy at Marvel?

Please Tell me based Ewing gets to be the next 'Architect" Marvel is basically all out of a listers and I would killt o see his idea of an event comic.
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>It feeds into certain narratives about Muslims and Britain. Nevermind the fact that Faiza was born in the UK and completely westernized.
I'm not following
So what? What is this, IsraelChan?
Read the Daily Mail and you'll see.
Loki AoA is the only above average book Ewing has ever made
Crisis of CQC Bro's

Will it be great? Will it be shit? Let's see.
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what, no Magik? No Enchantress? they should at least show up at the bar.

an (underage?) demon and evil
read the first ongoing and the master of the mystic arts ongoing
Have Strange and Magik interacted ever since she beat the fuck out of him in AvX?
I think Magik implied a Strange is training her, but I can't recall if it was a future or past one.

We're approaching the 30th anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie.

Would you like it if they gave it a theatrical re-release, with things like:

-cleaning the original reel
-going through and fixing all of the mistakes and goofs like miscolored characters and character appearing who shouldn't be, as well as adding the missing fifth Dinobot
-adding the scenes that were storyboarded but not used, like Unicron killing Shockwave, the Decepticons dogpiling Optimus before he faces Megatron, etc
-adding new scenes that are from the comic book adaptation, such as the pages showing Omega Supreme, Bruticus, Menasor, Superion, and Defensor fighting at the Ark and a little more of the Cassettes fighting in the comm tower
60 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's basically every 80's sci-fi movie cliche thrown together in one movie. Somehow it still works.
>After so many episodes with laser blasts just knocking transformers off their feet and onto their backs, why is suddenly every shot fired a lethal one now?

I always assumed it was due to the scarcity of usable energon.
What do you think Unicron asteroids are?
shut your whore mouth, everyone knows that everything is better as a gigantihuge robot
your parents have failed you

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