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File: image.jpg (900 KB, 1234x1224)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
How are the northern Cali anons doing? Hope everyone is okay
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>he's not wearing pants.
A lot of people didn't have pants left, my place burned down at the beginning of summer, thankful I was lucky enough to not have been caught up in any of the other fires that are currently burning
File: headphones.png (187 KB, 400x750)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>tfw it's finally NorCal's turn
>tfw SoCal will probably ignite soon
We just a bad wildfire last year though? Right now it's pretty much contained, at least around Sonoma, I'm upset that it put my pull list a week behind, last time this happened my LCS lost a bunch of comics for a good month or so
Damn mexican drug cartels.

File: CTj9lgZUEAEAn3r.jpg (118 KB, 1200x675)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
What would the cast of Loud House be doing 10 years later?
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Being molested by Chris Savino
Raising their daughter/nieces.
File: 1501214690151.gif (685 KB, 400x225)
685 KB
685 KB GIF
Having good character design
I´m sure Leni will become a sucefull escort
Which ones?

File: 1507720513012.jpg (185 KB, 566x800)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Would you watch her Twitch streams, /co/?
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Good stuff doodleanon.
File: paranormal gaz.jpg (3.77 MB, 2220x2933)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
I've been stuck on that AU paranormal-obsessed Gaz from the previous Gaz thread, so I doodled some stuff.
>physical drawing medium
I like it
keep up the good work
File: IMG_3533.gif (1.91 MB, 256x192)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Only if shes like the "nerf this" twitch artist
File: 1500526467789.png (335 KB, 1280x941)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
>those eyes

File: 1.gif (21 KB, 800x253)
21 KB
Ill dump 12 images to get the ball rolling
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File: 9.gif (42 KB, 600x200)
42 KB
wattersons pretty based
File: 10.gif (17 KB, 600x189)
17 KB
File: 11.gif (25 KB, 800x254)
25 KB
File: 12.gif (52 KB, 640x202)
52 KB

Truly visionary. Bill was ahead of his time.

File: wWe1aOM.jpg (139 KB, 670x432)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
It seems we've had an influx of asshurt redditors who seem to be in shambles because this board doesn't circlejerk and upvote themselves about their favorite shitty shows(mainly Rick and Morty and Steven Universe) so they call any and all criticism of the show 'anon being a contrarian faggot"(note: faggot is the redditor's favorite insult)

How do we get rid of them?
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Now you are getting it
Oooh the asshurt, I struck a nerve reddit?
File: 1507346608431.png (327 KB, 480x480)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
South Park Shipping threads are asscancer and we need to send them to /trash/. It reeks of /co/mblr.
What the fuck did you expect to happen if you make a thread going nobody agrees with anybody? That people would agree with you?
File: 1445789706784.jpg (9 KB, 184x184)
9 KB
>Hollywood celebrities

>We promise no more Tommy pandering
>We will now pander to Green Ranger
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I don't recall LG suggesting anything different. Deviot's line about knowing them could have meant anything.
I haven't watched Lost Galaxy in years, but all of the other weapons Deviot used/designed ran off of something else's life force... it just seemed to fit that he was their creator, and that's what fans have ran with ever since. Obviously, the idea that the Psycho Rangers have been around for untold years, being rented out to various evil overlords, is more interesting than them just being built by fucking Quantrons off-screen right before their first televised appearance. Now you can have fun shit like a hitherto-unseen Psycho Green attacking Earth in the 60s.
Already a better anniversary gift than the Legend War.
I wonder what his monster form will be

File: TF2 2017.png (142 KB, 383x220)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Do you think the long awaited issue #7 will be released tomorrow as part of the final day of Jungle Inferno?

File: issue 7 still happening.jpg (72 KB, 576x1024)
72 KB
So we know the final issue of the TF2 comic is still being worked on according to its writer Jay Pinkerton back in June, but Valve might shit it up and we could find ourselves in another Epistle 3 scenario.

File: 20171018_172825.jpg (3.7 MB, 4250x2391)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB JPG
Post your recent purchases.

This is the best $142 I've ever spent.
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File: 20171018_173730.jpg (3.7 MB, 4250x2391)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB JPG
These cards are made out of a nicely thick material and are glossy. Like giant fancy playing cards.
File: 20171018_173814.jpg (3.66 MB, 4250x2391)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB JPG
Not posting another pic of the set of 6 postcard sized ones. They're kind of grainy feeling and are okay I guess, but these are just gorgeous.
I noticed a lot of Ennis Punisher MAX hardcover volumes being listed for sale on eBay and I wondered why that might be. A visit to Amazon revealed the reason.


So glad this is being reprinted in the omnibus format with the larger page size and also glad that I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on the hardcovers from second-hand sellers.
It's damn fucking expensive tho.
File: 20171013_033142.jpg (1.83 MB, 3264x1836)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
Good stuff

File: cinemarobert.jpg (126 KB, 637x834)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Is he right? Do we really need flaws on minority /co/ characters? Does it defeat the point all of those anti-diversity people are bringing up, about minority characters being coddled, by Marvel mostly?
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What a fucking cuck.
Bob doesn't read comics. He only picked Kamala because she's the popular minority hero and just assumed she was flawless.
Did people point this out to him on Twitter?

Not through laws, but by using media as their platform to organize protests and publically shame various companies for producing/releasing content that "objectifies, trivializes and offends women, trans people, PoC, various minorities etc.". And since these companies try to look as best as possible in the eyes of the media and public, they will often bow down to the complainers' whims and demands by censoring or outright removing "problematic" content.

It's basically censorship through bullying.
Example: the X-Men Apocalypse billboard.

File: castlevania.jpg (226 KB, 4222x1513)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Are there any other shows that tackle religious themes in a sort of "more thoughtful" and exciting way similar to Castlevania? Of course anime recommendations are just as welcome.
The only /co/-related one that comes to my mind is Spawn: TAS, and Hellsing / Hellsing Ultimate in terms of anime.

Spoilers ahead

Also, general Castlevania thread.
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follow Dracula around instead of (((Trevor))) Belmont
No, it was clearly a filler plot to establish the tone of the series to executives with a more intrigue driven arc than just "kill all the monsters until you get to Dracula". They haven't even reached the castle yet, the first 'season' was just a pilot. Shallow slapdash plot just to tick all the boxes necessary to get greenlit
Yeah, actually including Castlevania in the show named "Castlevania" (i know that's coming next season ;) )
honestly I don't know what to believe online anymore. We are in the age of social justice and high stupidity. Donald Trump is President, Donald Trump is president
stay on topic or fuck off

File: Spoiler Image (1.01 MB, 988x1500)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
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Is this by Hudlin? Because he writes pretty much everyone who isn't black as racist.

Cringe. That line is so out of character for Doom. This is a guy who has wielded the powers of The Beyonder. This is a guy who has fought Celestials. He wouldn’t waste a nanosecond thinking about this shit. Who wrote this trash?
File: nighthawk.jpg (163 KB, 500x770)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Nighthawk is the best racist hero in comics. It only works cause he's black, a Native American would probably work too, and he's so blatant and unforgiving about it that it's great
Just because Doom is above all does not mean he is above recognizing facts. That a horse and a cheetah are both inferior to Doom does not mean he assumes the latter isn't faster than the former. It's perfectly in character for Doom
So Black Panther is now just WE WUZ KANGSing shit up?

File: batman-wonder_woman.jpg (68 KB, 290x373)
68 KB
I'm 29 years old and read comic books since I started reading.
But in all those years, I haven't read a single female hero/villain/character that was interesting enough to keep reading. Almost every one seems to be eyecandy and nothing more.
Recommend me some, co/.
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Gwenpool isn't even good looking.


29 years reading and still on one side of the, very entry level, mainstream comics war?
Forgive me If I stop believing you from this point onward.

Also, try reading something else aside from cape comics, you might find something actually worth the read.
Y the last man, Azzarello wonder wolas, fables
>Azzarello wonder
+1 for this
Not as pathethic as Supefags bringing this up out of nowhere while trying to play it cool.
OP. if anyone here says to read Slott's She-Hulk tell them to fuck off and don't read it.

File: coolest shades.jpg (96 KB, 952x1091)
96 KB
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i honestly think the whole reason they brought in stein's daughter being pregnant is so they can pull some time bullshit and have his grandchild be the new half
They need to be just slightly bigger
But based nonetheless
Been waiting for this since day one. Love those stupid glasses. Put a warning stripes on Weather Wizard and I'm all set.
Who cares? He's still practically nonexistent, as well as The Rogues, on The Flash
File: file.png (1.61 MB, 1922x1078)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Sloppy seconds

File: 114711_CN_GL.jpg (46 KB, 464x600)
46 KB
Why are Green Lanterns in many form of media show as being slow, when they can travel from Earth to far off worlds in mere minutes? Why do all the speed feats go to Superman and Flash?

Pic very unrelated, but the only thing I have on my cell atm.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>only thing I have on my cell atm.
Shit posting on the go!
>the ring does the traveling automatically by mapping out a course ahead
Yep, that is shown multiple times in Johns' run.
Fights between Lanterns or Lanterns vs whoever else are usually medium- to short-range. They were surprised as fuck to get snipered by that one yellow lantern (forgot his name) and only John Stowart was on par with him in terms of range and accuracy.
I think that yellow lantern sat on an asteroid or even another planet when he did it, they were totally surprised.
File: machinehead.gif (2.51 MB, 533x300)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
Diddn't Hal in the newest issue reach a speedforce speedster and just went speedforce singularity by wanting it?
(Though why did he needed to travel in a construct that threatend to break instead of just flying without it?)
they can not fight at super speed at flash/superman level.
They can travel fast like superman or flash (like a space ship) but can not effectively move at super speed in combat.
They may enhance their speed but they are also limited to the speed their brains can process that enhanced movement.
>They may enhance their speed but they are also limited to the speed their brains can process that enhanced movement.
I think this is an important point. The ring can make them go ridiculously fast, but since it still relies on the wearer for most functions, a normal mind simply can't keep up with its max speed without tapping into the Speedforce.

Which is why, as >>96131524 mentions, they let the ring handle long-distance traveling. It's simple enough that the ring can handle it with minimal input from the wearer, and it doesn't require split-second reactions. So they can just put that shit on autopilot and go as fast as they want to go.

In a complex situation like a fight, where fast reactions and judgement calls matter a lot, the ring relies heavily on the wearer so it can't really push beyond a speed the wearer's mind can keep up with.

Hard mode : no animals or furries
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File: Spoiler Image (266 KB, 640x480)
266 KB
266 KB GIF
Wrong pic, Anon.

Don't fall for the fur.
File: 1504891704339.jpg (59 KB, 694x858)
59 KB
>that gif
Hot either way desu
yeah she counts. She becomes a human.

I tried to kiss a nightlight once

I wouldn't recommend it

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