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So, is Jack Jack Attack canon or not? Considering that Jack Jack laser vision is green now instead of purple
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Seeing as it's literally anything, it's the pet to Deus ex Machina anything out of the writers ass.
Franklin Richards light.
>Jack Jack soon reaches Omega Level
>His rebellious teenage years are him becoming a supervillain
>The rest of the family fights him but they set aside their conflict for Christmas and Thanksgiving

Would be kino honestly
edna said it was normal for babies to have multiple superpowers, but jack jack is excessive by baby standards
Let's hope they ditch super-sneezes. What a dump concept.

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Wonder if enter even knows what thickline even is
Yeah, if the kids has the responsibility and the Adults have the fun, you'd think they would spend most of their time drinking alcohol and having fun... unless if alcohol is banned in that world, and if that's the case, then I'd REALLY expect the adults to rise up against the kids
what the heck is this supposed to convey
He more or less ignored all the hard questions during the stream or answered them with "uhh maybe"

If anything, e-fame is a hard burden because you get tons of sycophants that validate every stupid thing you say and can drown out any criticism.
She honestly seems to be as autistic as Enter, so him talking over her isn't a big deal:
>"went to an art school" but she draws a on subpar 4chan drawfag level.
>unironically thinks Enter is qualified for this project because he has seen a lot of cartoons.
>doesn't understand the issues with the concept and the crowdfunding campaign any more than Enter does.

File: a-ha-take-on-me.jpg (173 KB, 612x380)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Did they ever explain how they made this?
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>this was one of the first things that had inspired me to start drawing and learn animation
At least she doesn't read capeshit.
I wish I lived in milkworld.
Stay on These Roads is better than both

File: 1484347828544.png (298 KB, 597x474)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
This show has way too many bare feet in it, I swear.
File: 122question.jpg (83 KB, 1200x675)
83 KB
and why do you point out that?
Well, they do.

File: p1.jpg (358 KB, 1200x1826)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Well /co/ I finally fucking found it thanks to absolutely none of you casual fucks. I finally found it after doing a bit of Cerebus rereading and I'm gonna share it with you because it will be cathartic. I fully expect this thread to be a shitshow based on the content of the comic, though keep in mind it was written in the early 90s. Enjoy, this is Colin Upton's Chris.
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He does it in a douchebag way though. It's easy to ask someone to leave like a civilized human being. He does it in a way to embarrass her and get some vindication on her friends. He's not right in doing that even if overall it is better for his life.

It's cathartic for him. It's not nice, but it's human, and while he was in a relationship (such as it was) with this woman, he felt dehumanized due to her invalidating his individuality over assigning him a group identity.
>girlfriend constantly belittles you and blames you for things you've never done
>Her friends are literally man-haters and she takes their side more often than her boyfriend's
>Dude finally flips out when he gets tired of being put down and dishes out the same verbal abuse he's been receiving for God knows how long.
Chris was completely justified in breaking up with her and yelling at her friends even if it was overly aggressive. They were a bunch of cunts that refused to see him as a person.
File: dogcore.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
What I find interesting is that Susan doesn't really say anything wrong until after Chris makes an off color joke at the diner, the same goes for Nicci, who really just jokes around (she's the one who really emphasises "lighten up dude", don't take it so seriously). Kellee is really the one who spurs antagonism and initially takes things too far, to the point where even Susan tells her to shut up at the end. Even after the cafe scene where Kellee flips out, Susan expresses worry for Chris's over sensitivity, his need to conform to others and to be accepted into a group. Chris is taking these criticisms to the point that it's preventing basic social interaction with women, and Susan rightfully thinks that he might just need a more diverse and accepting friend group.

She wants Chris to be an authentic individual, and does seem to genuinely support his photography despite Kellee's criticism. Like Chris, I don't think she can be blamed for getting defensive in the cafe. She doesn't take it nearly as far as Chris does though. What people are missing itt, is that Chris's transformation at the end is ultimately reactionary, and doesn't actually make him evolve; note that he still needs that confirmation from his new girlfriend that he's Chris, rather than knowing it or acknowledging his sole personhood on his own. While it seems like a triumph, it's really just a variation of his college state: he's still just as sensitive to the opinions of others as before, and can't yet be an authentic self.

Really good comic OP, thanks for posting it.
In fact at the cafe she tries to get them to stop albeit weakly. It's actually never explicity said whether they're dating or fucking too which I think is interesting. When he says he thought it would be the worst thing in the world for him to approach women, she doesn't say something like "you're attractive, I think you're a good lover" she says "wow it sounds like you've got a lot to work out, have you considered joining a men's group?".
when I first read this years ago I distinctly remembered them not being a couple, and now I'm really not sure.

File: 1528906442699.png (38 KB, 885x657)
38 KB
What do you think about Dana Terrace?
What do you think about the Owl House?
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And deduce the quality and storytelling based on two still-frames!
Is that Kali F? The one who was cool with her BF being into CP?
I don't think most of us hate it. My hunch is that it may be very good. However we have next to no facts on it, so we use this thread as a excuse to gossip about Dana. She happens to be an awful person with awful opinions, although she is a good artist and I assume won't let her politics leak into her show too bad.
I want to know this as well

Name a bigger hack in webcomics.
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Tess Stone.
How do you steal "skeleton guy" form anyone? Pretty sure that idea is free for the taking at this point.
He's some bent clown dick with a vendetta, googling JN Wiedle plagiarism yields absolutely nothing of relevance.
It's somewhat telling that undertale is remember for "skeletons named after fonts" when that was just a reference to helvetica

Andrew's good when he actually does shit, it's just Act 6 of Homestuck is pretty much entirely ghost-written and ghost-drawn with little to no guidance.

File: MarvelFrozen.jpg (113 KB, 1296x780)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Super Bowl XLI was the first football game Captain America saw after being defrosted.
>tfw Earth-616 is only four years behind Earth-MCU
Thing that keeps messing with me is that, the first Superbowl took place something like twelve years after Cap was frozen.
I haven't read much Avengers but the Big 3 feels forced. What do you think?
Is Punisher still a Vietnam vet?
It's 75% forced. There's some truth to the idea that those three specifically have been used as the most popular characters in some line-ups, and they all have some claim to being important to the genesis of the Avengers (even if Cap wasn't there for the first three issues).

But basically since Avengers #16, the book was in no way about popular characters or powerhouses anymore. It was about a specific cast that had ties to this team and relationships with the other members; it wasn't a Justice League style collection of the big guns. And many fan-favorite runs only featured one or two or none of these characters for a long stretch of time. Roger Stern's Avengers had none of the "Big Three" on the main Avengers line-up for long stretches of time. And even when one or two of them is on the team, the three of them are rarely all on the team at the same time.
Moreover, when the book became more of a soap opera about the lives of the specific team characters instead of a marquee line-up of popular heroes, the stories by and large revolved around all of the heroes who didn't have their own solo books and their own individual set of drama and romance. So Cap, Tony, and Thor are generally less important to the Avengers formula than the ongoing drama about all the other B-list heroes.

They're still all inextricably tied to the Avengers brand and the Avengers side of the Marvel U, and it isn't like this is the first time they've introduced the idea of the three of them being something like DC's Trinity; Bendis already did that in Avengers Prime. Still, it doesn't exactly hold up as a one-to-one substitute.
For a long time Avengers seemed like the place to put a bunch of characters who didn't have their on ongoing along with two or three classic members

>Comic has "Which one is the true MC" doppelganger moment
>Never actually directly says which one was the true MC
So has the author ever confirmed if it were Solid or Liquid that was the original?
I think that arc was abandoned.

How would you have improved this show?

>Cut out the cheesy lingo
>More episodes centered around the Nomicon
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File: Viceroy13.jpg (716 KB, 1920x1080)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
Ladybug could use a Viceroy.
Ladybug feels too animu too
File: ....................gif (2.57 MB, 264x240)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB GIF
>show randy with two moms(cuz i that thought)
-Expand the protagonist cast beyond Randy and Howard.
-More villains not affiliated with either McFist or the Sorcerer (like Catfish and the Detention Robot)
More scar stuff

How many non-FF characters in the Marvel Universe wear costumes made of unstable molecules?

Kaine did during his Scarlet Spider series. Tried to burn it too but the costume wouldn't let him be hardcore.
I assume most. The FF has had good relations with all the big name teams. And, ya know, it's an easy go to excuse for any outlandish costume that needs to function along with a wide range of powers.
So, is It Wolverine’s costume unstable molecules too? Is that the canon explanation as to why it looks different from the one he wore in his first appearance with the Hulk?

File: 87349637.jpg (504 KB, 966x953)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
I've been finally meaning to read this is it worth it?

is it really some batshit insane magnum opus that transcends the medium or is it over rated garbage
147 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Very cool. These must be very treasured by you
File: regency-garden.jpg (186 KB, 940x639)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
The backgrounds are absolutely breathtaking. I met Gerhard at a convention last year and he talked about how he would actually plan out the entire layout of a town, the streets, the buildings, totally map it all out and have stuff drawn before they even got there in the story. So everything remained consistent and made sense. That is insane.
I really think Modern comics should go to a layout/figure artist with a separate background artist.

I can remember seeing these in the store and thinking "Hey, neat" then opening one up and realizing "Holy. Living. Fuck." So yeah.

Plus I find Cerebus is something I keep wandering back to. There's something about an ambitious failure as opposed to an ordinary success.

Because in the terms Sim first declared for it, Cerebus is a failure. He decided it would run for 300 issues after reading the 300th issue of (IIRC) The Amazing Spiderman; and thinking that it wasn't any kind of coherent story. He wanted to do 300 issues that would cover the entire life of a single character and he'd die in the last issue.

Now, the overall story of Cerebus doesn't make sense as a story or as a life. Sim failed in his ambition for it. But still; Sim and Gerhard saw it through, and what the failure to meet a ludicrously high standard, left behind? Well,
for all it's flaws, for all that's wrong with it, there's probably never going to be anything quite like this comic ever again.
>"Well all right, but don't give him the good China"
I feel like this has actually probably been said in some Real Housewives/Kardashians/Super Sweet 16 kind of setting.

Apparently, there is some hype over this character called Omnipotenist that may or may not be a link to the Fantastic Four. Thing is, I don’t even read Moon Girl, but I hate not knowing these things. Is this a character I should keep track of or is it a forgettable notion?
This character is stupid. How the fuck can you give such a name to a character.
And Galactus needing Moon Girl's help? That's retarded.
Marvel is shit.
This. Marvel is finished.

File: IMG_0279.jpg (24 KB, 302x167)
24 KB
Did we get swimsuits in this show?
I'm not even going to bother asking how anyone is supposed to know what this is, I'm just going to call you dumb. Probably underage, too.
I think it's Winx club?

File: WildGrinders2-1.jpg (3.26 MB, 2871x3000)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
The Nutshack if it was kid friendly
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Where the fuck is Goggles?
>Cartoon is made by Rob
>No character based on Big
They really did hate each other, didn't they
There was for the initial DVD pilot and toyline
This is a really dated show as it premiered in 2012, yet it looks like it's aesthetic looks it's from the early to mid-2000s.

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