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There's some more information about green lantern earth one, along with some preview pages.
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At least rip off something good then.
I'm not gonna argue with you since you clearly don't like it and anything I say won't change your mind but I liked the whole Killer clown thing, obviously fiction is different from real life so a psychopath acting as an "enforcer" of the mob while unrealistic is still under the norms of comics.
>Serial killers certainly don't have a "theme"

Isn't that the whole point of being a serial killer though? Doing something that connects you to multiple murders? Not trying to be cheeky, genuinely curious.
>obviously fiction is different from real life so a psychopath acting as an "enforcer" of the mob while unrealistic is still under the norms of comics
I was replying to that guy who said the whole birthday boy was realistic and gritty. It was his argument, not mine. My argument is that Batman Earth One is just grimdark crap out of the 90s with better art.
No, it's simlpy commiting multiple murders. Of course, a serial killer is likely to have a modus operandi, just like everyone else does have a way to do things, but they're not themed like "Birthday Boy". They tend to be shit like the method of picking victims, murdering them or dispose of the bodies (or all three of them). 99% of them aren't colorful at all but actually very banal and boring people, which is why they manage to kill a bunch before they're caught. They're usually completely unremarkable until it's found out that they killed people.

And just to be clear, I was only bringing this up because that other guy made the argument for it being realistic. I don't care about comics being unrealistic or colorful, I care about them being lazy and shallow, like that Batman comic.

Fat Albert, there's something I have to talk to you about.
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Hey hey hey it's Lincoln Clay.
>There was someone on Christmas day that wanted to see a live action fay albert movie in the theater
Yeah, Shout Factory just released the series on DVD
$100 is a bit steep.
>I don't see a lion. I see two gorillas in a moose costume
God, this one always gets me.

How does it feel to know this character is gone for good?
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Feels pretty weird considering she's not.

When characters like Von fucking Schlemmer and Breezie the Bonerbait show up after over 20 years, all bets are off. Even if its not a big role, she'll show up again eventually. As always, the only characters who are ever dead forever are the ones Sega doesn't own.
Who the fuck cares.
I mean. That would be great if it was true.
File: Sally_Acorn.png (412 KB, 604x1047)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
She's been gone since Archie made her start wearing clothes.
Additional: I'm still surprised how many people still give a shit about a character that was added in a single cartoon and a comicbook that was more or less forced to keep her on because it was made during that cartoon's run, and outlasted it, and had to awkwardly jigger her in with the characters that made her redudant overall.

This woman is going to be the biggest meme /co/ has seen in months.

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File: 1507805076887.jpg (39 KB, 640x737)
39 KB
While reading this thread, i wonder if the svtfoe is the most fucked up fandom of /co/


but you guys are cool so i guess it's fine.
This thread has taken a strange turn, and I don't like it.
File: images (3).jpg (28 KB, 512x288)
28 KB
don't worry mate, im sure your new house is an oportunuty to met interesting people and we apreciate you, like star says "i think that strangers are just friends you haven't met"
File: Spoiler Image (160 KB, 500x552)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
I want to, but I don't exactly have the money at the moment.
well, we still haven't made an artist lead to the suicide because of a ship yet
cute & perfect to complete it

>Oliver tries to balance being the mayor, Green Arrow and a father to William. Anatoly returns to Star City with a deadly agenda
My bad on being early
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File: Fkebo4FzcJg.jpg (224 KB, 745x1000)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>She is also getting fatty.
She is awesome. You're just fucking jealous.

Dude, I'm not complaining, I fucking LOVE meat on my girls. That little fat is delicious to hold, and the belly moving up and down when riding is HEAVEN.

I'm really happy we are living on the THICC age; many people are rediscovering how beautiful that kind of body is. I like that Amell is also into it, even with all his fit.
>Dude, I'm not complaining
Okay then.
The Tuesday thread died with no webms from Flash or Legends, and Legends had Stein as a clown!
Legends is still the best show on CW. What a ride that show is.

File: Skyler-Page-post.jpg (397 KB, 620x930)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
In the wake of Chris Savino's allegations, I've started wondering how Page has been doing.

Could he work in the industry again or has he been completely blacklisted?
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/ourguys/ are too busy boinking eachother to care about these tumblr goblins.
I mean, how is it not horrible? If someone clearly not in their right mind acting like a total lunatic starting coping a feel it wouldn't be a little unnerving to you? I don't blame the girl involved for being startled, she's still a victim just like Skyler is a victim of mental illness. Hell, the woman involved even replied to this post and was sympathetic to what he was going through.

My issues with this whole situation are always going to be the "friend" who decided to make the girl's story public while she was working with HR and CN because there were many reports made about Skyler's worsening condition but others who were nervous by his outbursts at work but they didn't do anything until the dirty laundry was out.
File: 1508460814497.png (122 KB, 286x387)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>Mayne there's hope for Savino.
Savino is fucked for life. Justice was done. don't feel bad for that fucker
That won't stop them...
>it's only happening to up-and-coming white men with creative control over their own properties?
So now you give a fuck about Roiland and Hirsch after months of calling them hacks and wanting them blacklisted?

File: Stress Test 01.png (3.81 MB, 1265x1920)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
Open it up with the mini storytime, "Stress Test."
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I thought iblis being inside of blaze was already canon

Only in Sonic '06. And as evident, SEGA has been trying to bury and forget that game for 11 years now.
I thought that was only at the end, when they had to seal Iblis in something. I forget how that actually went.
>keep putting levels from it in anniversary games
>trying to bury and forget
She sealed Ibilis inside of her then died. But Ibilis is only canon to 06', which the series and Blaze's backstory ignore.
Don't forget 06' was made to reboot the franchise. It's the things from 06' that stayed (Silver, Crisis City in Generations, etc.) that fuck with canon.

File: IMG_2314.jpg (32 KB, 480x640)
32 KB
And you shove them up your ass you tumor-nosed fuck.
File: chowder2.jpg (24 KB, 338x400)
24 KB
File: shnitzel.gif (1.18 MB, 320x238)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF

File: raganarokar.jpg (105 KB, 600x464)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
In thor #293 Odin's eye reveals that the current asgard is only 2000 years old and that ragnorak comes in cycles.

Yet in Thor #294 his sons from the previous cycle create the river rhine by throwing his hammer onto a continent that would one day "be Europe."

Then Vili, Ve, Balder etc all use Odin's spear and fuse into the Odin we all know now. This Odin recreates all the asgardians, elves, giants etc and shunts them onto their respective realms. The asgardians he knows have never heard of Asgard and this Odin rebuilds the new Asgard and tells them "their history." How they created man and how they were thousands of years old etc.

Then in Thor #349 he has a flashback on how he was younger and how his brothers vili and ve sacrificed their lives stall surtur. Their combined powers created the odin power we know and today.

Now with current things like Remender and Aaron writing, thor existed way longer than 2000 years in the past and odin existed like 10 billions years in the past. Whats the true canon?
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When he said that in the old books he meant the shape of humanity to come and their culture.

This new book suggest the entire realm (Earth too), even space that existed before Earth.

I wouldn't bother with old lore anymore.
Wasn't there even a comic where it said that forging Mjolnir caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
Yeah Thor lore is all over the fucking place. It's anyone's game for any given story it seems.
>being this autistic
its not a /co/ thread without autism

File: Ben_Tennyson_23.png (145 KB, 277x513)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Talk about Ben 10 in all forms.
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And you can blame Alien Force and Ultimate Alien for that.
Is Sari an easter egg in all of action mans cartoons now?

Though it was REALLY obvious with Azmuth, as I think he changed VAs in every single series he appeared in, as opposed to Ben and Co who at least had the excuse of aging up, and who used the same VAs for their younger selves appearances
Watch T.G.I.S. its the episode with the crossover.
File: Sari.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
DJW sneaks her in where ever he can.

File: file.png (250 KB, 444x507)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
What do you guys think the heroes and the staff of the Watch Tower commonly talked about?
Conversations ranging from "Which Justice Leaguer would you fuck" to "Is Batman/The Question secretly watching us right now?"

File: maxresdefault.jpg (170 KB, 1920x1080)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>Bucky, since you were mind controlled by Nazi scientists at the time you killed my parents, I acknowledge that you aren't responsible for their deaths
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I will give this scene some credit, although I'm not a big fan of the MCU.

Tony who has been the biggest advocate for a control in place for the Avengers to not allow them to simply impose their will in situations based only on their feelings and philosophies contrasts with him at that moment doing exactly the same type of scenario he was trying to stop.

This both highlights Tony as a hypocrite and from a certain point of view also validates his belief that the Avengers need oversight.

At the very least the scene confirms that Tony Stark, if no one else, needs oversight. This can be further extrapolated to the entire Avengers team depending on your perspective.

Sorry if this point has been discussed to death, I don't usually enter these types of threads.
But Bucky himself say he still did it. The deed was done, and two people were killed. If I hit and killed your mom with my car on accident, I will still do time.
If the accident happened because I chose drink, got drunk and killed her, yes. If the accident happened because a giant grabbed my car and threw me on your mom, no. Brainwash is closer to the latter.

If someone bound you and stuck you inside the trunk of a driverless car and programmed the car to hit my mom you wouldn't be athe fault.

A person is the mind, not the body. Therefore any action a body takes is the responsibility of the one controlling it at the time.
Same. "I don't care. He killed my mom."

I get that.

File: shadow boom.png (523 KB, 690x1189)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Will Ow the Edge be in the series finale?
Is it wrong that I actually like him? The game's trash, but I think he's a genuinely cool character.
>The game's trash
Shadow's solo game or Boom?
I was referring to his solo game, but yeah, both.
It's fine to like him, it's worth noting that game was an experiment that failed and doesn't define him as a character. Haters who shit on him and use it as an example seem to forget he wasn't running around with firearms before or after, nor has he really been depicted as overly violent since.

He's mostly just a condescending anti-hero, not as edgy as people claim he is.
Doesn't matter, just be happy that this ass show is finally over.

File: 2591168-x_women.jpg (312 KB, 1224x792)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
who is the best female X-Men character /co/?
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>it's not real time travel

And yet when she scattered the team throughout Asgard they were all able to meet up despite Karma being sent so far back that she was able to lose several hundred pounds. If they were sent into a parallel universe they wouldn't be able to meet up.
What I mean is that it can't change the present. It's explicitly stated that anything other than Doom's unstable time machine or Tempus either works via loop or creates a parallel universe if anything is changed.
That fat fucker I hate him after what he did in Infamous Iron Man.
you're good people sometimes, /co/
File: 1492649087544.gif (448 KB, 500x275)
448 KB
448 KB GIF
Going to bed in the evening and having a woman being the big spoon with her arms wrapped tightly around my waist.
Then waking up in the morning, feeling her still there before rolling over and seeing her smiling as she says "I love you" with complete honesty and sincerity.

File: maus4.jpg (11 KB, 380x284)
11 KB
I can eat a lot of cheese. Which cartoon mouse is my dad?

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