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Because its been awhile. Post those /co/ men you hold dear to your heart.
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Best boy
I deserve to be judged
good taste in FE boys
Midnighter makes me erect

File: scorp.jpg (119 KB, 1397x1216)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
ITT: Villains that are in dire need of a retooling.
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why give the inhumans people to interact with when you can just make a soliloquy on how great kings are.
File: 1341517332588.jpg (393 KB, 1192x896)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>Sony could literally create a whole universe of characters just from Spider-Man comics. The one-and-dones from Web of... is pretty substantial.

Thats pretty much the movie divisions idea already....
>You're an idiot, Herman
They so fucked.
Hes going to be bundled into the movie with one or two other villains and they’ll probably get a few interesting scenes as they ambush Parker but I don’t think they will come up being all stars. Thats if they appear at all.
I should screencap this

New episode were released on the app. Can we talk about them? I really like how they made Woodman cooler
too bad they didn’t use the meme of him not yet at least
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Is this show actually good or all you all being paid to like it
it's no sonic boom but it has things going for it
the pixel art is okay and seems to be improving, the boss designs can range from good to meh
but the music and music direction is godsend for this show
>all you all
lewds of hypno woman when?
So when is best boy, Shadowman set to show up?

Jesus fucking Christ could someone please explain to me how the hell the multi billion dollar franchise that MCU is couldn’t just hire a few nerds that would make sure no one is fucking up the timeline. Seriously I’ve lost all the interest after Civil War where the Vision said that Stark revealed himself as IM in 2008. Oh and there is of course Homecoming happening in 2020 after the infinity war, how are they going to explain that?
I know it’s hard to make sure there aren’t any timeline errors with so many movies but it’s not that fucking hard, let’s just look at Star Wars Extened Universe
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there are no proofs that Iron Man takes place in 2008
Okay bro. So either according to Vision, Civil War takes place in 2018 for no apparent reason or the referential reason for OP's sperg out isn't 'proof' enough.
if they made one mistake in Homecoming what makes you think they wouldn't make another one in Civil War. It's not like marvel is famous for it's coherent timeline.
File: download.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
I thought that someone said that the movies take place in real time. Except Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s why it was weird when Spider-Man messed up the date.

File: Dnx9UAbXsAE4fAO.jpg (172 KB, 886x742)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>comics have always been political.....
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If you support those laws, you are opposed to free speech, full stop.
Then free speech doesn't exist, because there is not a SINGLE country in the world that doesn't make exceptions for calling for violence or slander. That makes free speech about as attainable as fully democratic communism - as a potential theory and nothing more.
>No its fucking not, you debate them, poke holes in their logic shit isn't even hard
Why? What does that accomplish? Even if you convince one person they are wrong (you probably won't) there will always be another one right behind him who learned from your argument and adapted to it. We gain very little by rehashing debates on race and religion that were settled long ago, typically after a great deal of bloodshed. Why are we obligated to engage the irrational ravings of sociopaths and trolls to sustain the just and open society so many already fought and died to build? Freedom may not be free, but when is the price paid in full?
>Then free speech doesn't exist, because there is not a SINGLE country in the world that doesn't make exceptions for calling for violence or slander. That makes free speech about as attainable as fully democratic communism - as a potential theory and nothing more.
Exactly. It's as foolish a dream as communism or laissez faire capitalism or anarchy, and you're as stupid as a communist if you support it.
I don't give a fuck about any of that shit but if any of you French boys tries to start some shit we'll give you a big old American boot up the ass, ok Mr. Osama Bin Napoleon??

File: BMB dance 5.png (262 KB, 660x970)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
post your favorite ship, the one above all
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Garrus is an absolute bro either way. He's loved by pretty much all ME fans.
File: ring6.jpg (224 KB, 714x1000)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
last page

...OK I can get the emotional elements, I understand how the personality can be appealing, but seriously how the fuck is that an attractive look? I just cannot wrap my head around it. Ok tall and broad shouldered, good traits and this I get, but look at that fucking face, its some sort of exoskeleton lizard, if that existed in real life it would look fucking terrifying, they'd be straight up nightmare fuel. I just cannot understand it at all. How, literally how? I can understand a human version, or a near human version, but I just cannot understand how anything could be attracted to that...that THING.

Of course this could be my pathological fear and hatred for reptiles speaking. I've had one to many near death experiences with the scaly fuckers...
File: Spoiler Image (333 KB, 872x1342)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Yeah, it's hard to describe. The first time I saw a picture of a turian, it looked terrifying, but then you get used to it and with the voices and the way they act they start to be attractive. Nihlus was kinda hot, too. Even now, there's sometimes flashes of recognizing just how alien and predatory they look. Which sort of adds to the charm, it's a nice mix of admirable honor, passion and reliability with a thrill of danger, but the "danger" is just looks, hiding a heart of gold and a spine of steel.

>my pathological fear and hatred for reptiles
That could be it? They're sort of bird-reptile-dinosaur-hybrids, so if they ping some sort of fear-hatred reflex you have for reptiles, obviously they'd look more disgusting.

But yeah getting into xeno or monsters or whatever can be a slippery slope. At first, it's recolored humans with funny eyes and ears or something, and then soon you find yourself attracted to clearly inhuman, downright monstrous looks.

File: 250px-Juggernaut2.png (100 KB, 250x303)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>be kid watching X-Men
>first time ever seeing the Juggernaut
>Juggs is wrecking everyone's shit
>military tries to stop him with tanks
>Juggs says, "HURR HURR, sticks and stones can break my bones but tanks can never hurt me."
>never heard the sticks and stones saying before, so I thought Juggs was being literal
>so for months I thought his weakness was being hit with sticks and stones
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Who else thought that Hulk had magnet powers?
I thought his name was "The Juggernaut Bitch", not realizing Bitch was a word and not his last name.
These are almost as good as the one where somebody thought Castle Grayskull was Skeletor’s house, and he wanted to trick He-Man into leaving.
There's a BTAS episode with The Clockwork King where they go that fast
File: 8bc.jpg (25 KB, 200x317)
25 KB
magneto was a villain.

Guys, fucking please, help me.

So there was this cartoon with stars (similar to the pic), and they were like a group of friends doing random shit.
I remember watching it around 5-7 years ago and I really want to fucking find it. I have been searching it for 1 month but I seriously can't.
I'm from Romania, but I'm pretty sure it was streamed in other countries aswell.
It wasn't a very popular cartoon, and I remember you could've only watched late at night. (idk how late i don't remember)
Please, if you have any info, help an anon out. I beg you
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Oh and it was 3D.
(sorry I'm forget a lot of shit)
I have no fucking clue, but have a bump.
/co/ should have a 'forgotten cartoons' thread similarly to how /vr/ does.
I approve that idea, forgotten/vintage toons general would be great and also bring some culture in this board
The WORST part is that I believe I feel like I remember that cartoon. It might've aired in Poland (where I live) at some point. I'm looking, maybe I will find something.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Is it Jarmies?

What’s the big deal? It’s just a penis.
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You’re telling me you don’t toss your clothes off the second you get into your room?
Not my underwear and socks. And he's not even in his room, he's literally outside.
Americans are rather silly when it comes to nudity. Now excuse me while my local government checks this post for racism and sexism and carts me off to jail for offense.
File: laughingstarwizard.jpg (101 KB, 900x675)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
damn near spat my water on the keyboard
More than that, alfred would be the one picking up those strewn clothes. Did he never teach Bruce better f'in manners?

Haven’t we suffered enough?
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>Mixing voice clips is a terrible idea.
I'm just imagining the characters speaking like Chef from South Park. God, that would be awful.
I wouldn't be surprised if in secret they had the VAs read off death scripts in case they die and they can use it as a final episode.
That's actually not a bad idea. I hope they do.
I'd imagine they'd do mixing existing clips for a while until fan outlash, and ratings drop, and then just call it quits for good.
>Mixing voice clips is a terrible idea.
That's effectively what JJ is doing for SW9, should be interesting to see the reaction from normies and critics.

File: 39408.jpg (115 KB, 688x688)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
It is never happening isnt it?
Nope, Batman will never become a construction worker.
File: 1536754072079.jpg (17 KB, 419x380)
17 KB
>we'll never see good boy croc and Alfred banter again
who do I punish for this?
Just wait till 2020

File: cothread template.png (28 KB, 1500x1150)
28 KB
Make your own Superhero/Supervillain!
Roll for a random power.
If your digits ends with an even number, you're a hero.
If your digits end with an odd number, you're a villain.
Try and be respectful and responsible with overpowered rolls, be mindful of others posting and try not to flood the thread with too many of your own characters to let others join in.

Make friends, save/conquer the world, forge alliances and have fun.

Thread Archives:

/co/ Superheroes Booru:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Made this a couple days ago but nobody cared :^(
looks nice anon
File: What did i do.png (6 KB, 168x274)
6 KB
Ai see you speak la 'tongué of love' that's vairy nice, You can call mé red band
>Handshakes the male, you can see weird gloves on her hands
And yur namé eez?..
> out of the corner of her eye, she gazed toward the female her eyes shooting at her
Ai assumé you done 'elpeng oot those people zat waire injured?
I-I'd be glad to follow along, t-this city is pretty cool. T-There are tons of people to m-meet.
L-Like this guy. H-Hows it going... S-Slick?
File: grump.png (64 KB, 322x429)
64 KB
Please, please call me Dr. Sazae. I'm sorry, but I do not believe that I ever caught your name, sir human. What would you prefer I refer to you as?
Indeed I did.
Excuse me, human, is the injured human from earlier in decent shape at the current moment?

File: 1537716673533.jpg (53 KB, 672x363)
53 KB
Best boy and best design confirmed. https://youtu.be/aIqYK8Qajlc
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Word is one is coming. But that was before TLK bombed and everything got reshuffled, so...
s, fuck the dceu
you beat me to it, the shame fucking name too
So whose this, Blaster?
File: 1537740019713.png (488 KB, 1160x1495)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
Starscream's either a massive Chad or a bitch, there's no in-between. He would have taken over the Decepticons in the movie if Megatron didn't get lucky with Unicron popping up.

File: implausibly rich.png (321 KB, 458x489)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Gravity Falls was a comfy show and I liked the followup comic
181 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm still disappointed we never saw the chicken she won later on in Northwest Mansion Mystery. I like to think he became part of the family.
I could actually see Mabel trading out her sweater in high school for a bedazzled, oversized letterman jacket with way, way too many patches ironed on from all the clubs and activities she participated in. She seems like the sort of person who'd be really into school spirit too, so maybe give her a school themed teeshirt under the jacket. Probably also more likely to wear a skirt, but I can also see her doing shorts.
how did you change up Pacifica, cause like 90% of the time when artists try to change up Pacifica's look it ends up being massively inferior to her season 1 outfit, which isn't surprising considering it's basically near perfect already

also agreed that Mabel should wear other styles of sweaters, keyhole sweaters and sleeveless ones feel especially appropriate(hell she could probably rock a sweater vest pretty well in all likelihood)
I'm absolutely on board for this when she's around 15-16, it would be just adorable.

Pacifica is so difficult that I started to blank by the end, the other two I went by what was common in late middle school when I was that age but the problem is that what she wears is the most modern to 2012 out of everybody, so there's no frame of reference.

Decided on a loose boatneck/one-side off shoulder tee/blouse tucked into high waist leggings possibly with one side pulled out a bit, tall boots, maybe a neckwarmer although those are VERY modern, and possibly a dolman cardigan with thick rim sunglasses on her head. I could get up and draw it but eh, maybe later.
Dipper didn't want to break Wendy free because he was actually concerned with her feelings or wellbeing. He was just upset because he wanted to tap that instead. The fact that he tried to ask her out immediately after she breaks up with Robbie is what pushes her over the edge to tears, not the fact that Robbie had lied to her. The fact that he does this and then never learns anything or apologizes for his behavior is pretty damning evidence that he was doing this for incredibly self-serving reasons. That's not even mentioning the fact that he's made several unsuccessful attempts to sabotage their relationship in past episodes with the intent of breaking them up so that he could have Wendy for himself.

It did matter to him that Wendy might have liked Robbie. It never even crossed his mind that she might have been happy in her relationship with him. The only thing that mattered to Dipper was that he wanted Wendy, regardless of whether or not she actually wanted him back.

>I didn’t realize not humiliating one’s friends is suddenly a saintly act now
Given that Dipper couldn't even be bothered to consider her feelings at all, yeah, it is pretty saintly. Wendy was always fairly conscious of Dippers feelings, romantic and otherwise. She revealed a humiliating trait about herself to help him feel more comfortable when his social anxiety was getting the better of him, she constantly stuck up for him in front of her friends and invited him to join them despite the other teenagers being less than thrilled about the idea, and she was always very kind to him while still treating him as an equal.

Bringing up the topic of someone having feelings for you that you don't return is always going to be awkward. It was better than Wendy let him approach the situation on his own terms rather than just bringing it up out of the blue and putting him on the spot when he wasn't ready for it.

Im just gonna be honest I like this show. It really is cute and comfy to watch. It isnt bad at all.

Yes it's not the same as the old versions but that is fine. I liked the old version too but it was getting really stale. And this was a breathe of fresh air.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>best girls Heather ir Lindsey isnt there

Its shit. And Gwen is more 'goth' as a child then a teenager
I love the show dude but don't expect a lot of love here. I mean, I've seen a lot more than I expected but overall there are too many nostalgia-fags for this show to received well here anytime soon.

>Its shit. And Gwen is more 'goth' as a child then a teenager
Dude, you say that like it's a bad thing. Kid Gwen is easily the most popular aspect of the show. Look how many views her video gets compared to every other character's video. No one's half as popular as her. Going by just this metric of course.
Its still pretty stupid that they couldnt write her as an actually goth even tho that was her personality. They didnt get it right til TDRR
The fact we have retards who shit on this kind of shows, shows the state of the autism in this thread.
It just is a sad reminder that CN is shifting their demographics to young young kids, like kindergarteners. No more is the show for all ages or older kids. Nope, babies.

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