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File: Couv_331929.jpg (234 KB, 650x1004)
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234 KB JPG
I'm about to start reading all Hellblazer, what i'm up to?
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This is the coolest comic ever written.
Delano and Ennis have the best runs. From there the quality can vary, but it is fairly consistently good.

Just know that once Peter Milligan takes over, the series will take a sharp downturn in quality that it will never recover from. Then it ends.
why is Milligan so inconsistent with quality?
I don't think he really had any ideas for Constantine. He even wrote him a little weird back when he was doing Shade, the Changing Man

Diggle's run was great, why was it so short?

File: ssc.jpg (65 KB, 628x434)
65 KB
Here is an interview with Christy Marx, co creator of Jem and the Holograms
I think some would find it interesting that she used to make Robin a girl in her Batman comics by drawing over them, and it just goes to show, even little girls could tell Robin was always quite feminine
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That would be lewd
>That bitter feeling when Helena will never be canon
File: pqafkb6d9ba01.jpg (49 KB, 645x729)
49 KB
>you can't project yourself in people with different gender/race etc

where retards like her come from?
If it's a bottomless pit, how is the sign standing?
mm... maybe there's a taper

File: IMG_4418.jpg (153 KB, 640x1038)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>spend money and time on a show
>not even air it on your channel
Nice going, Nick...
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I bet this means the Dan Schneider bomb's going to drop soon
>that 5th dance
Another anime character did that beforehand but their name escapes me.
Only perverts watch anime.
Not him, but the gubmint

It's gotten to the point everyone just votes for more and more gibs and thanks to their rediculously overpaid local politicians (City council members are paid more than members of congress) and bloated benefits package they're trapped in an inescapable death spiral of spending. They try to fix it by increasing taxes even higher but all that does is send businesses to Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas resulting in more lost jobs and revenue
You know, that mixed in with the water wars thing makes me think California's just a couple of years away from becoming detroit: the state

>One will protect you
>The rest will try to kill you
Who do you choose?
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Superman. He's the only one on the list I'd trust to take a walloping from 8 cosmic-tier threats, then get back up and ask for more.
They would fail against these odds though
His plot armor will protect HIM, not you
Congrates you picked the worst choice. RIP

File: 71XMeUz00NL._SL1500_.jpg (171 KB, 1109x1500)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
These are some cute-as-hell comics. They're made to primarily teach foreign kids English in places like South Korea, but I'm sure /co/ can appreciate educational comics.
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They're kind of hard to find and most of the scans that exist are low resolution.
File: vera_head.png (792 KB, 2000x1000)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
>They're made to primarily teach foreign kids English in places like South Korea
I suppose it teaches children English in the same sense those old "See Spot go!" books did. What do you mean, "How?"
Well i got my answer, I was wondering how this method worked

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