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File: thor-sponge-bob.jpg (70 KB, 448x500)
70 KB
The Yuletide?
File: aeN4Qjb_700b (1).jpg (942 KB, 700x6401)
942 KB
942 KB JPG
Definitely Yule- hell, Santa came from Odin

I expect it involves setting fire to a giant straw goat

File: Exterminatrix Gas.jpg (832 KB, 1293x1410)
832 KB
832 KB JPG
America (vol.1, 2017-) is a brave, political comic, tackling complex social issues.
Latinx is a classic case of a white US American demonstrating white US American values.

Trump should have statues of her put up her statue all along the Mexican-American border, with lasers installed in her eyes so that she can remove all the non-Latinx niggers trying to cross from her sight with but a glance.
So is she supposed to be farting, or is this an edit?
It's an edit. I can tell by the pixels and from seeing quite few edits in my day.
wouldn't it be kinda hot if it wasn't one though

dude just look at the picture

you can see its cut & pasted from the exhaust pipe

File: Crumbs3-cr.png (267 KB, 628x502)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Post villains from /co/-related shit that could take on the entirety of the DC Multiverse. I'll start.
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Is that All You Need is Kill?

It absolutely is. I have no idea what that guy is going on about.
The Gentry aren't really a part of the DC multiverse. They're conquerors from somewhere else in the omniverse.
File: Ogdru_Jahad's_prison.png (1.13 MB, 910x1356)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
They never fought though. Liz couldn't hope to scratch Nergal-Jahad even with all the Vril in the world. The most she could do was destroy it's spawn, but that did little to stop the devastation when Nergal could spawn a hundred for every one destroyed. It took a full-blown sacrifice from one of their older members situating himself at the epicenter of it all to even destroy Nergal in the end, and it's been implied that at most, he merely delayed the inevitable.

File: joker_tas_by_lorddaroth.jpg (187 KB, 1360x1024)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
What's the nicest thing Joker has ever done?
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>punching Nazis is controversial now
>the state of politics in 2017
File: Cry.jpg (44 KB, 600x325)
44 KB
He gave us this guy.
Blame the Nazi punchers for calling anyone even slightly right of Marx Nazis.
Except people were saying this when talking about a literal neo-nazi rally


All this year I'll be posting Punisher comics. Most of them will be from the pre-Ennis era, but there will be a few Ennis era ones as well. Expect at least 1 storytime per week.

Yesterday I posted a very high quality team-up between The Punisher and Captain America, with 10/10 art by Klaus Janson and the best writing D.G. Chichester and/or Margaret Clark ever did. Incredibly, it's still up, and you can read it right here: >>97427524

Today we're going to read another three-part Punisher team-up miniseries. This time it's with Wolverine.

Back in the EARLY issues of The Punisher War Journal there was this gang leader named "Damage", who was nearly killed (in an explosion IIRC) and The Kingpin paid to have him put back together Six Million Dollar Man style. Then he was basically never heard from again. At least not in the ongoing monthly series.

But a few years later they FINALLY got around to bringing the character back (I can't even imagine what we were supposed to assume he was doing all that time, seriously he was gone for like HALF A DECADE), this time in a 3 issue miniseries starring The Punisher and Wolverine, entitled "Damaging Evidence".

If you ever wanted to see The Punisher and/or Wolverine fight The Terminator, this is the comic for you.

It's written by Carl Potts, who wrote the early issues of The Punisher War Journal where Damage first appeared. It's drawn by Gary Erskine, who did NOT drawn the Carl Potts issues of The Punisher War Journal, but he does a respectable job here. Plus you get to see Wolverine with THE WORST HAIR EVER, so there's that.

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Heh, a cameo appearance by Kaneda (from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira)
I can never decide if I love or hate Erskine.
This miniseries was... not Erskine's best work
It's nice to see Logan drawn as ugly as he should be
bumping for others

File: IMG_4953.jpg (66 KB, 640x360)
66 KB
There will be a Cowboy Bebop marathon on December 23rd

There will be a Dragonball Super marathon on December 30th

Adult Swim is funding two new 6 episode seasons of FLCL. Set for 2018.

Last weeks numbers were a little weak despite no more Super reruns and starting Black Clover. Though that could be because of poor advertising and everything should be better this week, right? Kind of, the first 90 minutes trended upwards, everything else was normal shit.

10:30 Dragon Ball Super 1111 0.48
11:00 Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters 888 0.38
11:30 Black Clover 733 0.31
12:00a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 628 0.26
12:30a Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 542 0.23
1:00a Hunter X Hunter 521 0.23

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>do we have an English VA for him yet?
Sean Schemmel
Not to mention nobody asked for it to begin with. Has the trailer even been released to the public?
Ugh, I was hoping they'd go for the more interesting fighters if they had to include shit from Super. Nope! Have another Goku, but this time with Vegetto's sword move!
>Has the trailer even been released to the public?
Yeah and at the end it was Akame showcasing a new crew.

File: Returns.jpg (242 KB, 978x412)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Seeing how Christmas takes place during the film, let's discuss Batman Returns.
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You 'murican, brah?
Gotham's Penguin is pretty short at 5'6", plus he does hunch over a lot when walking. It's just not as apparent with him being thin.

He was talking about the Gotham show
>I never get why they feel it necessary to change him so much.

He's a fat guy with a pointy nose and a monocle in a tuxedo who enjoys bird-themed crime, it's pretty obvious to my why that has to be greatly elaborated on.

The seedy underworld boss with some class version that comic readers see as the definitive Penguin didn't come until the 90's.
Quick Batman, grab her!

What does Red Skull do for fun?
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When Nazis argue with muties, nobody wins.
Shitpost on /co/
Loves cooking. Highly skilled with an oven.
Wouldn't the Nazis love Mutants, though?

I imagine if they were common knowledge back then, the Nazis would collect Mutants and keep them in luxurious dormitories and make them impregnate multiple Aryan women, or be knocked up by Aryan men. Then, Hitler could build a legion of Wunderwehrmacht or something, I'm not good at German.
Mutants are developed from a biological glitch like hemophilia or autism, you'd only be playing the luck of the draw if you assimilated them into a breeding program. But even if muties could dependably breed new muties like a normal species, you'd have to sift throw hundreds of unsightly abominations with no valuable combat abilities first before you can luck out on some formidable Omega Level threat. But even then, that's just a whole lot of unchecked power you'd be having a bitch of a time assimilating into an ideology that's as ambitious and subservient to the status quo as Nazism. And they'd be all the more fickle to deal with, since their powers manifest during puberty.

That's not to mention, even FINDING preexisting mutants to breed in the first place would be hell, especially ones with decent abilities worth preserving. And what if they happen to be non-Aryan minorities? How do you breed them and raise their children under the belief that they're the Ubermensch despite being contaminated with an inferior bloodline? That would be such a fucking mess. Honestly, if Hitler really DID have a higher awareness of muties, they might have just been the perfect scapegoat he needed to redeem his ideology in the eyes of history by playing up a "human supremacist" angle or something.

File: on my way to page 10.webm (862 KB, 428x352)
862 KB
Nobody runs like this
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Goddamn, this is what the Superman/Flash fight should have been
That's actually even worse.
no, he's saying that they didn't try to make it look like a normal person running in a normal way
>posts Flash running like this
>"Nobody runs like this"
You can clearly see that he doesn't care about where the lightning is hitting

File: heck_yeah.gif (986 KB, 200x161)
986 KB
986 KB GIF
Are puppet shows cartoons? they are just cgi cartoons with hands instead of computers.
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you got it backwards. CGI is like puppetry/stopmotion.
The same place it falls with animation. If there is a significant animated element you can post it on co
Meant for>>97457641
Assuming it's not an adaption of a comic or cartoon? Probably 4.

File: johnny-test-ss4.png (52 KB, 320x180)
52 KB
It has bad animation and WAY too many whipcracks!
File: really.png (420 KB, 471x663)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
No shit, Sherlock. People's been saying that for years.
What do you think this is, 2013?
Sky's blue. Water's wet.

File: David_Daniel_Sing-Off2.png (2.23 MB, 1878x991)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
the horse movie did
why do you fags keep bringing up that godawful south park ripoff? if you wanna suck up to those cockbites, take it to /trash/ with the rest of the garbage

File: LL_image01.jpg (38 KB, 600x338)
38 KB
Llama Llama. 4x The Mommas.

File: MASK-05_cvr_SUBB.jpg (2.28 MB, 1135x1722)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
What did you guys think of the recent IDW MASK reboot?
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The stones on these pricks.
It was intrinsically wrong headed, forcing diversity into a cast that was already really fucking diverse, to the point where most of the old non-white characters were just erased for race swapped versions of the white characters, which bungled a fairly simple bad guys vs. good guys premise, and which basically nuked a niche franchise's small fanbase.
Can I request a storytime of the 1st number at least? Looks interesting
>The Lost Light finds the dumbass Knights of Cybertron's lost world
>whatta shocker it's fucking Earth

That would have been disappointing to some, I'm sure, but I could see it happening.
Know yourself out, anon.

File: disfinitygauntlet.jpg (77 KB, 1024x527)
77 KB
> Deal will be officially announced as soon as this week
> Comcast is no longer in the picture
> Deal would give Disney control over Fox's tv and movie studio, the majority of the cable networks (excluding Fox News and Sports), National Geographic and international assets
> The murdochs would control 5% of Disney and still own the Broadcast networks as well as Fox News and Fox Sports
> Disney will have a monopoly and we are all fucked.
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not really since you are clearly homosex
well i'm sure you're used to quality porn
Can't believe a thread I made reached bump limit
the free market will fi- AHAHAHA
Given how shit the czars were the USSR was an improvement for the first two generations

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