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green goblin
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File: 10915-26939-0.jpg (33 KB, 320x240)
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File: 1505742563088.png (159 KB, 500x424)
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gwen stacy
Red Beetle
That's not Mary Jane.

>Disney now owns The Book of Life
Get ready for it to be buried way way WAY deep in the Disney Vault. Like as deep in the vault as Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates.
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File: IMG_1189.jpg (87 KB, 405x298)
87 KB
Disney also owns Herman's Head

I just saw coco, is book of life any good?
Kinda sorta. They're credited as co-producers and North American distributors, but it's more of a Studio Canal movie.


Still a beautiful movie
File: xibalba.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
Artistically I think it's got a lot more visually going for it, but the story isnt very good, and it goes back in forth from looking pretty spectacular to looking not so hot.
I also say kinda because they only got the rights after they picked it up at the '99 Cannes Film Festival

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What? No. The wormhole from Lion to Lars just goes to wherever they happen to be. Theoretically if you took a third being to Lars’s location, pinked it, and had Lars crawl into its hair portal, he could travel to Lion’s island and exit through Lion’s mane, leaving the third pinked being behind to be abandoned. No scream portal would be necessary.
Nah, he is a kid without education. Fucker most believe meat comes from a meat tree.
No, that's Jungle Moon.
presumably this only works on fauna. Crying/spitting on flora gives them sentience, like the watermelon Stevens and Pumpkin.

I know they weren't trying to write the biggest wuss in fiction, but that is just sad.

File: buddy.jpg (48 KB, 500x658)
48 KB
Wait are you telling me this nerdy kid became a sociopathic serial killer and arms dealer because his role model just said to buzz off?
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it's almost like nerds hate being told to stop doing something and lack even the basic empathy to understand why it pisses off everyone around them.

The real moral of the movie wasn't about being special or not, it was about how all nerds are horrible assholes who deserve to die. Truly ahead of its time
Or Lucky Luciano is one ridiculous excuse for a moustache away from being literally hitler

Which is the distinction. Buddy didn't have any actual good influence to stop him or guide him. The expectation we have of superheroes is that that's a part of their job, to be a good influence.

Mister Incredible telling some kid to fuck off might be normal for a regular cop or firefighter, but he isn't one of those things, he's a superman, and a superman makes time. Because otherwise his authority ceases to be one of moral superiority or any kind of vested public trust, but SOLELY on his ability to inflict violence, at his own discretion and answering to no one.

I mean it sounds like a nitpick but that's kind of how it goes. For the situation to be as it was Mr. I had to do all that shit with no liability insurance nor any kind of legal people on retainer in the way any kind of larger supergroup would have to have to operate regularly. He had no official position within existing law enforcement or other regulatory bodies. He has no official backing and nor do any of the others.

Their power must therefore either come from public trust, or from the fact that nobody could stop them. And given that Syndrome was at that point a member of the public that he clearly didn't address properly he thus lost that power, and rightly so.
being fair when they have supes be a dick to billy it's usually when they meet for the first time so superman doesn't know he's a kid in an adult's body and just thinks he's some irresponsible douche that's gonna get himself or someone else killed

File: Untitled.png (558 KB, 1415x813)
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558 KB PNG
6 dollars a burger?
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File: IMG_4078.jpg (86 KB, 400x718)
86 KB
I Like em at the end of a stick in a campfire
jfc slater's is fucking terrible. Overpriced shitty burgers, overpriced sides, shitty beer.
Mixing pork with the burger is a terrible fucking idea because you need to either need to know how to actually cook, or the beef will be hella overcooked to make sure the pork is done.
That's why the secret to chorizo burgers is soyrizo
there's a reason why /co/ck/ is a thing anon.
It costs 40 bucks and it tastes like shit.

Here in Tacoland (Mexico), Carls Jr. is considered a luxury and the burgers of a higher quality than other fast food chains. I got dissapointed that it was the shittiest burger I ate when going to the US, considering I also ate McDonalds in my visit
File: 1363117154211.jpg (494 KB, 800x1223)
494 KB
494 KB JPG

Give us a raise, loser!
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What happened to the wave of early 2010's shows about 20 years old something slackers doing teenage shit?

Worsening social American issues have made it too reliable and painful to watch?
The cuck king
I greatly enjoyed the first 2 seasons of RS, like I would put those two seasons specifically near the top of all CN programming, but the show exhausted itself. I stopped watching entirely about the time that movie came out but I was already bored of the series before that point. The show was in a terrible position where it ping ponged between rehashing a stale formula and poorly executed attempts to get away from it and never seemed to find a good answer for how to take a worthwhile 'next step' in what to do with the series.

The show was entirely carried by the unique and endearing relationship that Rigby and Mordecai had which was the locus of show originally until Rigby became a muted dull version of his former self and Mordecai's wheel-spinning relationship drama became the focal point of the show totally ruining the show for me.
What shows were that beside RS and Dan Vs?
There was Clerks. And Mission Hill, kinda.

File: MarcoDiaz.png (669 KB, 1199x495)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
To what extent are they the same person? Do they only have vague recollection of each others' memories or is Marco now a 30-year-old man pretending to be his former teenage self?
I dunno, I just think the writers are winging it @ this point.

I think the official line was Marco only had vague recollections and it didn't have any greater meaning. But then they brought it all back and confirmed Marco did have all the gear and skills and memories and just never used them outside that narrow purview for some reason.
File: 1513315004952.png (610 KB, 1199x495)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
To what extent are they the same person? Do they only have vague recollection of each others' memories or is Marco now a 30-year-old man pretending to be straight?
I prefer him as a teenage trap fuccboi

File: Anastasia.jpg (22 KB, 296x438)
22 KB
I don't care who owns it, this movie still sucks
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To strike fear in the hearts of those who do wrong.
If you edited Rasputin out, nothing would change
The Broadway adaptation removed Rasputin and added the original concept for the film, a communist official who is sent after her. I love In the Dark of the Night but it feels less weird watching a fairy tale story where Anastasia survived and got to live out a new life instead of being brutally murdered when you remove the magic wizard and talking bat.
I mean

there'd still be glowing green bats attacking a train

File: 1512081100271.png (212 KB, 500x668)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Post /co/ characters being the most 80s as possible
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I just installed a carpet on my bathroom floor.
All my animation is outsourced to Japan.
I buy my music... In cassettes!

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robots was trash
Robots isn't a dreamworks movie ? wtf ?????
holy shit you're just awoken some fucking repressed memory buried deep within my mind
>Robots lower than Rio or Horton
>Rio 2 that high

File: 1513138320940.gif (27 KB, 250x206)
27 KB
ITT unmarketable characters
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Dimbulb the Duck
There is some nightmare fuel on this page apart from a couple of cute ideas.
File: 1412017189439.jpg (46 KB, 647x647)
46 KB
KoTH sadly
Never ever will I understand how this got greenlit


>Check twitter
>Page quote is "a friend"
Shit I got it wrong.
File: DVC_ch03_p058[1].png (294 KB, 800x1157)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
Holy shit this is awesome!

File: IMG_0674.jpg (22 KB, 353x206)
22 KB
Which adaptation of A Christmas Carol is the best, /co/, and why is it this one?
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File: 1510848344380.jpg (50 KB, 500x500)
50 KB
This was the first version I ever saw, and it's still one of my favorites.
>mfw watching the graveyard scene as a kid
No one liked the Barbie version?
Only me? Alright.
/co/ has the worst taste.
>>97483122 is the best itt.
Yeah, loved it. It's an amazing compilation.
File: 2134324213.jpg (173 KB, 701x1000)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Plebenians, each and every one of you.

File: Merry XXmas.png (3.59 MB, 3162x3162)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB PNG
What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than by showing our admiration to the women we enjoy watching every year?
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Christ dude
>Pretty sure that's a young boy

>implying that's not a plus on /co/
>Mrs. Clause from FOP
It's criminal how there is lack of her.
Not to mention they redesigned her and santa to the more traditional versions in the Wishmas special.

File: Scrooge McDuck.jpg (37 KB, 516x625)
37 KB
When is #MeToo going to ruin this guy's life?
You're gonna have to explain your normie bullshit if you want us to bite...
File: 1503375385076.png (620 KB, 574x540)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
You know the whole Weinstein thing that's going on. Different celebrities and politicians are getting outed as sexual predators or whatnot.

It's in the news. All the time.
>I need to be spoonfed in the digital age.
Scrooge is too busy with money to waste his time with women
This is a flimsy excuse to justify /pol/ shit on /co/.

"Hurr, what if this cartoon duck _insert hot news story_"

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