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File: 1516234378779.jpg (130 KB, 1000x563)
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plus Patience is cute
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You're not wrong.
There are so many traits there *for* that reaction tho that it feels like a character sheet more than a person IMO.
Venezuela. Kinda weird that Millar didn't have her killing off Maduro.
This is a miniseries, right? Issue 6 the last one?
6 is the last one for Millar and JRjr.
They're handing the reigns over to Steve Niles for the second arc and then who knows?

I guess it's to prove that these series have longevity. I expect The Magic Order to go the same route with a new creative team once Millar and Coipel are done.
That mask looks like a tentacle.

Didn't see a thread so getting the word out:
Still no word of Season 2, but a couple of shorts are out.

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He was a lavender
inspiration or whatever it was is such a bullshit emotion
Shyness originally now inspiration
To be honest I think the first one was better
To be fair, they aren't necessarily "emotions," they're "moods." Not that shyness wouldn't have been a better fit regardless, especially considering the lavender tree's design and Lavender Hemka's reticence.

File: teletoon.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
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what went wrong ?
File: 1527287724683.gif (14 KB, 196x203)
14 KB

File: weekend gaz.gif (1007 KB, 1000x563)
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1007 KB GIF
Time for Gaz.
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That's it, i can't. Does anybody like it? Would you finish this for me?
I actually quite like the hairstyle for both of these.
I do to actually.
Wicked - Popular (15 seconds into the song)
This is the best.

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 310x163)
10 KB
Rank the following from best to worst

>Emperor's New Groove
>Lilo and Stitch
>Chicken Little
>Meet The Robinsons
>Wreck It Ralph

File: IMG_20180620_085715.jpg (163 KB, 782x998)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Why did they include characters like Invader ZIM and Joker in this comic?
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Bruce is a manbaby by design, you dont want him consoling you unless you're a woman, but that's gay.

Batman is as broken as I am so I would console him and he would console me while we cry at the same time.
>it's aimed at not autistic people
>has invader zim, dr. who & steven universe characters in the same panel

are you retarded?
File: 1529343398393.jpg (35 KB, 672x777)
35 KB
The conceit of this comic is true, but the way it's conveyed is so fucking cringe inducing

Not helped by the fact every single one of those is aimed at children and attracts the stupidest and worst kind of people in their respective fanbases

There is nothing worse than a bunch of adults with the mentalities of children obsessing over products made for children, all together in the same area

case and point, this board
i clapped

New Challengers #2 Storytime

Let's get this going...
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And that's it for this month!

See you around!

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Are Simon and Jess fucking yet?
>search her
>one of the first results is her cucking a blind man
Can't say I was expecting that, thanks Anon.
Hal you can't just muscle your way into the spinoff series.
This feels a little OOC for Hal. You would think he would listen to Jess since he was once hunted down for something he was forced to do.

File: wack.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
ITT: repressed childhood memories

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Remember, by voting liberal, you're enabling this kind of behavior.
that show is boring trash
The english version of this is completely lost, right?
Fun fact: In the german dub, Einstone had a saxon accent.

Like this:

It is infamous for being the dialect of the lowest of the lowest white trash hillbilly and desu, it sounds really, really dumb.
America doesn't have a Liberal party, you fucking degenerate.

File: dayworld.webm (1.95 MB, 854x480)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
Did you enjoy Dayworld, a new "Infomercial" from Adult Swim?


File: Untitled.jpg (268 KB, 1920x1080)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
I unironically love the newer seasons of family guy
I never understood the appeal of this show.

It's a show about fat guys making fat jokes about fat women.
t. brainlet

You're telling me no one would have fucked this guy just to save Paris?
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I didn't fuck it up, lol, we just didn't see things the same way.

I'm perfectly happy with my life and where things are. If I meet someone new, great, if not, I'm okay with myself. Things is what some of you incel tards need to figure out.
Wow if only there were a word for being voluntarily celibate...
File: 185px-Hat_wizard[1].png (97 KB, 185x272)
97 KB
>See all the rage in this thread
>tfw approaching wizard status through sheer apathy
Not even aromantic or asexual, despite many thinking otherwise. I simply live my day to day life without really thinking about it despite having a passive interest in both aspects. May get worse as I get older as at 27 I already feel that 20-ish year old women are "too young" to consider and that most women my age and older have likely been around the block too many times, are married, have kids, or have some quality that I'll be able to use to talk myself out of even trying.
At least he's actually had sex and has somw actual first base knowledge on the subject.

Questioning the goat? What's her problem?
Find out next week
So how long is she gonna last Garfielding a comic like this?
awww, Arepo.
goat titties
She's a SPY

File: DfwCQsRU8AAooHR.jpg (69 KB, 750x750)
69 KB
I felt distracted way more than in the first one
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Hipster Pirate Half-Life Cosplayer Markiplier?
File: 91d.png (103 KB, 640x248)
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103 KB PNG
File: c6c.jpg (79 KB, 800x606)
79 KB
File: losing my religion.jpg (72 KB, 725x771)
72 KB
This gif makes me cringe but in a good and bad way. Im not smart enough to bring the words to this emotion

File: team-rocket-s-meowth.png (156 KB, 458x458)
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156 KB PNG

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