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File: image.jpg (170 KB, 1024x615)
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hey /adv/
im not here actively looking for advice, I just need to be heard out

few months ago I bumped into this girls instagram. she lives far away. I had no friends in common I just thought she was beautiful and inspiring. I made a post here and about 30 people said I was creepy and insane. well, I messaged her 2 nights ago. she's really nice and I basically told her how I felt and she didn't get creeped out. I know probably nothing will come from this but I like talking to her so I'm gonna keep talking. Just wanted to let u guys know just in case someone else was in a similar situation as me. U guys did make me feel like a shit creeper but at the core I'm not. I just caught feelings. I'm gonna be following my gut from now on and I suggest u guys do too
you bumped into a instagram?

File: 1469323515100.png (547 KB, 635x640)
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547 KB PNG
Young male with lots of money in north America. Why does it seem like everything is my fault just because I don't put up with shit & get my job done? Hate how you can't brag around poor people or they expect something of you. Like they can smell your money. why does it seem like everything in this life is a scam. Trust is a scary thing. How paranoid do I sound?
Stop hanging out with poor people. There are plenty of middle to high class people you can spend time with, and they won't try to get anything out of you. They're actually much more enjoyable to be with, because they always have the funds to do whatever anyone wants to do. No dead weight poors whining about how they can't go to the bar this weekend because they don't get paid for another week.
What if every in your life is poor?
Then you're not trying hard enough to make new friends.

ITT: Questions that dont need their own thread.

Simple questions that dont need their own thread.
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Hey, going to ask a girl out on a first date, need some ideas for stuff to do. Or should I stick with dinner?
Depends on what's near you man. I prefer taking girls to do something fun or different. Try mini golf or going to some caves or something.
Ugh. Go to the boys ask girls thread and read the op post
girl here. if i ask my older friend if it is ok to talk to my older coworkers of the opposite sex on facebook (no flirting), would she think of me as stupid?
Why do you need permission?

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

File: image.jpg (70 KB, 640x565)
70 KB
So...what do men want?
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Empty balls, full stomach
That's literally all it takes to keep your man happy and women even manage to fuck that up
Literally the same applies for women
Cider, tools staying where I left them, time to whack one off occasionally without being bothered.
File: hacked maslow_0.png (80 KB, 320x240)
80 KB
A small girl, with a nice body and a cute face. She dresses modestly and is introverted, but not socially incompetent. She doesn't always wear makeup or perfume, she's just hygienic and reasonably well kept.

She has a decent earning career in mind and can look after herself.

She is generally reserved in public, but shows intense sexual desire in private. She is willing to try anything in bed once, and had some weird kinks of her own.

File: male-female-symbols[2].jpg (102 KB, 600x399)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Before you post a question, check here to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>Is my body part big/small enough?
>Am I short/tall enough?
>Would you date a virgin?
><random insecurity>
Some do, some don't. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?

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Weird, google never made me put in a number lol. I already get 4000 spam calls a day, I never connect my phone number to anything online anymore.
Lol ok. It's not the topic of the thread I understand, just explaining yo.
File: hanging-strange-fruit.jpg (20 KB, 267x327)
20 KB
good explenation

kys degeneraete
too spooky delete pls
You can't stop the skeleton uprising anon.
To anyone:

How do you defend yourself from rape?

File: image.jpg (47 KB, 626x356)
47 KB
I posted a few months ago, scoured the Internet and talked to a few people about me being jealous of my gf doing kissing/sex/love scenes with another guy.
I've tried most of what I can find to cope with it but I still think about it daily and it still upsets me. I don't want to restrict her in following her dreams so I figure the best thing is to break up with her right? The whole acting thing is just a possibility at the moment so I don't want to jump the gun and regret it later on, if waiting to see if it actually happens is the better option then how should I deal with the constant negative thoughts and feelings or is the only way to just tough it out till the moment comes?
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Break up with that slut. You're a pathetic fucking cuck.
it's not the kissing and love scenes you have to worry about OP. Those have people all around managing and filming and retake after retake. The relationship killer the the intense amount of time spent on set and the socializing expected with or without you in tow. That is where crushes breed and where opportunities are taken, not on screen or set
Your gf is an actress, right? Let's say that she had to play a killer and you watched her shoot or stab someone in the play or film? Would that make you afraid that she might kill you in your sleep, or would you understand that she was just play-acting?

Trust me, a male actor. Kissing scenes or even simulated sex scenes are no more meaningful than a pretend murder scene - even lee, in fact, because you are so embarrassed about being with someone you barely know and so concerned about hitting the right spot for the camera to see you, and so aware of the other actors or stage crew and the audience, that the absolutely last thing on your mind is sex.
er, even less
You all day this and I think it's really idiotic, if she's pretending to kill someone I know she isn't but if she's acting a kiss scene she actually is kissing the person
See the difference? I don't care if she's not into it I care that she's kissing another dude

File: image.jpg (95 KB, 887x591)
95 KB
Not sure what board this would belong on, but...

1) There are more single men than single women.

2) Men must approach women.

Doesn't seem very efficient.

Any insights on this?
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How is that inefficient? Women are in demand, men have to prove themselves.

love as it is currently designed is not meant to be 'efficient'. efficiency is the mindset of partnering up for strictly business reasons.

most women (or rather, people) don't want to date for efficiency reasons. they want to find a true connection.

emotion is not efficient.

because it means that i have to actually be desirable or something thats not fair :(
File: lgbtflag_2873116b.jpg (55 KB, 620x387)
55 KB
You know the answer...
I never understood this logic. If a girl is dating then obviously there's a man dating said girl as well.

Not including homosexual relationships of course.

File: image.jpg (277 KB, 1920x1080)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
I feel like there is no test of masculinity anymore. No right of passage. I have a penis and attracted to women. Is that the deepest extent of masculinity?

Like what does it even mean to be a man? I have asked many people my age and no one has a profound answer. Now I know why rites of passage were a thing in the past.

What is masculinity? Is learned or ingrained?
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It doesn't matter. Worry about something else.

the rites of passage are a thing of the past becuase they were shown to be irrelevant. a rite of passage often ended with the man walking away wondering if the test was worth it, seemingly too easy, still feleing exactly the same way they did the previous day when they were still 'a boy'.

the idea is that a rite of passage proves that you have already become a man, but as beings who live in the moment we only appreciate whats in front of us. and passing a test feels hollow when you walk out feeling the same.

take any 'birthday' episode of television where a character doesn't feel any better now that they are thirteen. they still feel like a kid.

masculinity, like growing, is an ongoing experience. having a single objective test of masculinity is dumb because each culture had very different tests and ideas of what masculinity it.

we live in an age where we can define ourselves, but you are asking for something to live up to.

perhaps the only way to ever have been a real man is to do what you want in the most noble way you can imagine.
it feels like you're putting too much importance to it. it's not like it's some secret club with a rite of passage or something. Not only it's something that varies for every culture, it's more like, a personal thing. To me, for example, self confidence is a sign of masculinity, but that doesn't mean a woman with self confidence is unattractive

Are you a man? Then stop caring about what other people define as "manly", otherwise you're just a weakling trying to fit in
Masculinity is getting big and never eating women out
Eating women out gives you throat cancer.

File: 1463155087009.png (617 KB, 814x767)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
Can I truthfully describe myself as straight if I fap to porn of traps? I don't want my gf to know I do it, but I also don't want to lie and say I'm straight if this is a gay activity.

Should I just dodge questions like those when they come up behind a veneer of being "open-minded" while committing to nothing?
It all depends on why, really.
Do you masturbate to the thought of being the trap? Or imagining yourself as a woman?
Do you masturbate to the thought of just fucking a trap? Or sucking a trap off? Or being fucked by a trap?

Depending on what you do, is how gay/bi you really are.

I think you worry too much about labels themselves.

the biggest question you have to ask yourself is: does it matter?

porn and reality are two different things. I am a gay man, who tells people im straight. in gay sex i tend to be a dom top who likes young muscular dudes, but in porn im wildly different.

i fap to gangbangs, dad/son, sometimes traps, sometimes even straight porn.

no one needs to know about this. im not particularly ashamed, but why do they need to know?

on that note, why do my friends need to know my sexuality at all? until I meet a guy worth showing to my friends, is there any reason for them to know I am gay? any at all? none i can think of. so i just stay in the closet and plan to come out if i ever meet a guy worth wifing.

you are definitely somewhere on the kinsey scale. most are. but until it is an active part of your lifestyle does it really matter?
Why would you call yourself bi/gay if you have no interest in actually dating or having sex with men? If its just a fantasy then you shouldn't take it anymore seriously than killing a pedestrian in gta.

File: 1459192516800.png (521 KB, 800x559)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Ok /adv/ I now find myself in a very odd position. Let me rewind to a month ago. The girl I was seeing at the time and i had a rocky relationship full of ups and downs. Needless to say it was difficult and quite stressful but I do really care about her. So we decide to stop talking due to the volatility of the relationship and she couldn't come to terms with the fact she had feelings for me. She self-destruced and pushed me away.

A week later I go on holiday and i meet a girl in Amsterdam. We hit it off and we exchanged numbers. I talked to her for a few weeks and everything is going good. Coincidentally we are both planning to move to the same city and she asked If would be interested in rooming with her. That very night girl number one hits me up and begs for forgiveness. Says she made a huge mistake and wants to try and make it work.

I don't know what to do. Now I feel like I have to make a decision?? Do I try and make it work with girl one and still live with girl two? Has anyone had experience living with the opposite sex?? And would my unclear situation cause issues with both of them. I'm not planning to sleep with girl two if we room but she's hot and if something happened i don't know if I would stop myself. Please help /adv/
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Supp op, I've been in your shoes before. Many times too. ALWAYS go for girl no 2. You will regret if you didn't. Trust me on this timw. Thing wont probably work out long with girl no 1 based on my experience.
Can you elaborate further??
You're trying to choose between two women and you come for advice to a board full of dweebs who have never spoken to a real live girl in their lives.
Fair point.
My roommate is a friend that's a girl next year in college but I'm asking out a girl in the Fall. Think it will be a big problem if she's not the jealous type?

File: image.jpg (83 KB, 443x868)
83 KB
I am pale as fuck and people keep picking on me for it. Is it true if I get more sun that my melanin will increase and I will be able to tan faster every summer and I'll be more tan naturally?
>people keep making fun of me for it

Try hitting them.
Who the fuck cares if people pick on you for it. Grow up for once and move past it. This isn't high school.

File: meaningless period.jpg (321 KB, 1200x1454)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Any self defense weapons that are legal for someone weak who can't use a gun? I've had some bad encounters, I am thinking of carrying a button that, when pressed, alerts the police to my area but that doesn't help me immediately.
Taser? Pepper spray? A knife?
This or
>pepper spray
If it's easier to carry
Knives are the worst if you're already weak. They will be used against you.

Get bear mace.
I am incapable of winning a fight with the average person and I bleieve a taser is very temporary. I'll try pepper spray.
This is exactly what I worry about, why I am reluctant to carry anything. Bear mace is probably illegal but pepper spray is the least temporary.

File: image.jpg (58 KB, 461x573)
58 KB
What the fuck? Is it normal for the top of your head to be shaped like pic related? I just discovered the phenomenon of "peanut heads" and realized I have this too. What the hell causes this? I looked up pictures and it's always black people with this head shape. Was i dropped on my head when I was a baby? Is it genetic? Do I have some negro ancestry or something? I'm kind of scared that this might effect my brain too. Jesus Christ it would explain a lot of this was some sort of birth defect. Anyone know? Should I tell my doctor about this?
File: image.jpg (45 KB, 600x600)
45 KB
Another picture for reference. Again, it's all black people too.
it's just a dent.
In the womb your skull comes together in 2 pieces. You'll be fine, there was probably just some proto-construction lag
ahahaha lol

File: fry.jpg (50 KB, 500x375)
50 KB
Hey guys,
How to i get back with my ex girlfriend?
I'ts been 2 months now since we broke up.
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man I understand, but i'm really really fucked up, I'm living a hurricane of bad emotions, i drink and smoke too much, i've already lost most of the hopes of becoming a nice guy with a respectable job, smile on my face who loves life and all the theatre, man i'm not that guy.

I don't know what that is, would you like to tell me something more about it?
If it's something even remotely close to those seduction rules books and all that shit, man i really don't care.

I just wnat to get back with her, or at least keep in contact with her somehow.
Any other suggestions?
I really need this
Get yourself another girl.

After that, either you'll not want to get back with her, or you'll have a new relationship you like better.

Any case, moving on shows value. As long as you keep yourself attached to strong feelings towards her without taking action, you'll continue to feel pain.

My tip is to move on. If your next step is going back with her, she will eventually appear, you will find the strength to do whatever...

But... I mean... maybe you just need to get laid.
This, learned this the hard way
I don't know guys...everything sounds like shit, sad. I'm screwing up my summer.

File: image.png (37 KB, 460x459)
37 KB
Lay it on me.
104 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.

I will never forget those nights spent with you, each moment was very unique. I find it sad that all you wanted was a summer fling with nothing more. As i got to know you better, i developed feelings for you and i didnt want to lose you. I understand that you were put off by this and that you dont want to see me again. I hope you had as much of a good time as i did.

Ii dont care that you got sick

I dont want you to feel like you were I burden

I want you to know that I did enjoy coming over to visit, even in the hospital, and I never thought any less of you

I dont care that you passed away 4 days before my birthday, and didnt get to see my college graduation

I just want you to know that I miss you and im going to make you proud

I love you pepere and I think about you all the time
I didnt mean to quote you, sorry
I miss your lips over mine, they are perfect lips and none will ever compare to yours, I miss how you would sweetly suck on my bottom lip after a kiss
I wish we could go back to the times when it felt like we couldn't possibly get any closer, I'd pull your body tightly into mine, feel every part of you against me, look into your eyes and say how I love you
I miss those moments when you'd open your eyes and give me those looks as I was doing things to you, they were filled with such passion and love and it made me feel like nothing ever has before
I miss how we'd have fun, we'd laugh even in our most intimate times, we truly didn't care about anything in those moments except for each other
The last kiss we shared, I could taste the tears on your lips, I don't know why we kissed, I said I loved you and you said it back, but why? I can't believe you meant it because if you did you wouldn't have been breaking my heart.
I don't know what you're doing with that new guy you've been hanging around with, if he's just a friend or not, but just know, he will never provide those moments I provided for you
And now I have to go see you, I have to act like I'm not broken, I don't know if I want to keep my distance and act like acquaintances, or talk about how I'm feeling.
I'm sorry, I love you

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