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File: IMG-20180506-WA0000.jpg (111 KB, 777x1600)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Guys, i've got my marketing exam tasking me to make a video advert for fucking tap water. It's been 4 days and i still got zero ideas. ANYONE PLS! :'(

I had an idea to compare bottled water to tap water, but the teachers roasted me saying it wasn't what was asked. Aarrrrrrrrggh
remember a time when a commercial actually made you look up something, or even went to a store for it.

mimic it.

I honestly feel like killing myself please help
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>doctors eventually diagnose me with some fucked up shot then what was the point
... odds are it's curable or at least manageable?

Honestly my money's on hypochondriasis though.
How could all this shit be in my head I probably had a stroke from stress because my fucking eye lid dropped but my insurance is shit
I'm telling you I'm fucked and that's not even half of it
>because my fucking eye lid dropped
At worst you have bell's palsy. You didn't have a stroke. More than likely it's entirely within your head and there's nothing wrong with your eyelid.
I have headaches on one side only and the docs all notice it but ignore it because their fucks
You also mentioned a neck issue. You probably have referred pain from a trigger point in your trapezius muscles. There's no reason to believe those would be related to a stroke or any other intracranial abnormality or derangement.

File: gioyc.jpg (54 KB, 500x409)
54 KB
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You're not autistic
>worrying about boyfriends fried seeing ur texts
>caring what others think

Real bad argument with my girl. She's the more dominant one in bed and acts like it with day to day life if she's not having a depression episode (bipolar). Well, she thinks she is anyways but it's way more so 50/50 with that. She probably thinks I'm being stupid and it really seems she's being dismissive of my feelings and what I have to say. Since we haven't talk in a few days it's hard to say for sure, but she probably thinks I'd also get over it and come crawling back.

Yet I have no plans on doing so. What I had to say was valid and I believe what I feel was just as valid as well. That most other people would of told her to fuck off, but I actually listened and tried to see her point of view and was even accepting of it (although I told her I'd need time to totally feel okay with it). 'fraid I won't say what it's about since it's personal (yeah I know it's 4chan, I know it seems stupid) but it is fairly big.

My only real worry is balancing the time needed for getting over and argument and at least starting to talk again with sticking with what I believe and not letting her walk over me. I haven't reached out for the past 3 days and she hasn't as well, it's not full on no contact because I would answer my phone if she called or texted. But if I called or texted it'd feel like she's walking over me and at this point I really don't know what to say that wouldn't cause a super awkward mood for the both of us.
I don't know man, it's not like I feel much different compared to other people, but considering the situations I have found myself in pretty much my entire life it might be plausible.

Even if I'm not, I never got to learn to be like everyone else and the world doesn't give a shit if you fall behind.
Never, never EVER buy a MacBook Air. I'm thankfully only borrowing one, but when I cleaned the keyboard, and the entire thing died. By design, it overheats, it's slow, and the fan is noisy as hell. And now the simple task of wiping down the keyboard somehow caused a short for the power button. Fuck Apple, fuck MacBooks, but ESPECIALLY fucking fuck MacBook Airs.

File: 518718610_069dfb0966_b.jpg (342 KB, 671x1024)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
I've been on escitalopram (SSRI) for over 6 months now and while it has helped greatly with anxiety and most symptoms of depression, every week there will be one or two days where I feel just as bad as before, if not worse.
It acts like a dam of sorts, catching all the shittiness until it breaks. So now instead of feeling bad all the time, I get 5 normal days and 2 awful days.
I still prefer this to the way I was before but I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this.
Yeah. Same ssri here. I have good days and bad days. But overall, I think I'm making progress. It's different for everybody I guess, but I would much rather cope with the medication than wothout it. Try to keep the dosage constant day-to-day. If you feel you need to try a different ssri, see your doc.
My psychiatrist wants to put me on escitalopram sometime too. Did you experience any sexual disfunction or make you feel tired?
I've been on citalopram, it stopped me from cumming, used to treat premature ejaculation apparently, doctor never mentioned it.
Couldn't cum from sex and wanking was a death grip 20 minute furious cap episode.
Had to go cold turkey and it was awful.
I supplement now with daily sunlight and vitamin d3 and don't feel depressed much anymore, if ever.
Beware that shit.
Talk to your doc OP. You may need a dose adjustment.

It's super important that you relay stuff like this (and side effects) to your doc. It's why people like >>19597877 go on the internet and spew anti-psychiatry anti-pharmacological horseshit; they never actually worked with their psychiatrist.
Lol get fucked, Im just sharing what that particular pill did to my sex life and something that helped more than the pills. More social interaction also helped as well.
Expensive pills < natural remedy. Hell you can combine sun friends and pills all together for max benefits if you want.

File: 1526224973625.png (1.37 MB, 1197x1433)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
I love my boyfriend very much. Recently we had serious talk about our future. It involved marraige and family. I was so happy that I knew I would be ready to give him my virginity soon. A week ago after a date he forcrd himself on me. I told him that he just needed to wait a bit longer. I wasn't ready at the time. He wouldnt stop and I stopped resisting and let him have his way with me. I don't know what to feel. He is still sweet and loving as before. I planned to give myself to him but not at that time. Is it rape if you were planning to have sex with them anyway?
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Yeah, his view on the world is obviously messed up
>something that size enter me.
So, he's bigger than your finger...I'm guessing he doesn't have much girth then? It should have hurt at least when he first pushed into you
But that's not possible! 4chan told me that not having sex until marriage guarantees the happiest possible relationship!
How long have you been dating?
Rape accusations are kind of a hot topic right now, people like to play devil's advocate with these type of situations a lot more than, say, you accusing someone of theft...it's indicative of some hidden bias but honestly it doesn't matter because these people will never find their way into the court room

Either way, yes he raped you. It's possible to have something stolen and you to not call the police. Likewise, it is possible that you are raped but don't feel a strong desire to punish him. Then don't. However, you would be a fool because you're letting someone with absolutely no regard for another person get away with no consequences.

If I were in your position, I would not follow up with police simply out of my history with him, but I would definitely break up and mention how disrespectful, dangerous, and criminal his actions were. In some way, he needs to learn that stuff is not okay

File: 815UdPA5xfL._SL1500_.jpg (167 KB, 1500x1001)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Maybe I'm a total sperglord autist or something. But I find most people today can't hold their own in a conversation. I haven't yet met anyone, even in academia that can present their stance and viewpoints in such a way that could lead into a really fruitful and engaging conversation. It usually leads to something like

>hey what do you think of the new Battlefield: V game and how feminism has seem to leech into video games and society today?
video games are bad for you and make people fat
>wait, not all video games are bad and have been proven to be beneficial to people and allow socializing for people otherwise would have problems doing so. I think as educated individuals, we should be able to hold a conversation about this...
>I'm not saying that, I'm saying why can't we just have a topic of discussion as adults without-

Maybe its women in general, or people in general, maybe it's me being totally autistic. But have you ever had the feeling there's really only a few people today that can present what they have learned from life or education in general and have a good conversation? I like 4chan for this reason because its a place where people like us can just talk without fear of reprisal due to the anonymity.

Maybe it's the difference between normies and people like me
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What makes you think you are intelligent? What do you have to show for it? What have you accomplished so far in your life with your intelligence?
I chose it because BF:V just came out with a new trailer and my friends were irate about the cover featuring a female. It led to a discussion about feminism in general and feminism in video games. I'm not trying to assume anything otherwise :V

I swear I'm not trying to be a pretentious tool at all haha and I'm sorry if I come across as such. I don't purposefully hijack conversations at all- quite the contrary, I try my best to be respectful and listen to people's opinions and thoughts.

I just feel I lack that kind of socializing in my life. Deep, meaningful conversations with vibrant individuals where we can share ideas and thoughts about the world in the few years we have existed in this reality. I wish we, as individuals today wouldn't hold such introspection with disgust. I struggle with finding meaning in my life every single day and those small talk with other existing human beings can make my whole week because I am satiated with the fact that we aren't alone at all in this universe.
The more general problem is that your example of a subject of "intellectual discourse" is a mainstream video game.

You're not just pretentious, you're just as stupid as the people you're shitting on.
File: 1451233968993.jpg (20 KB, 380x355)
20 KB
That's not it, I don't have a problem making friends and shooting the breeze. I just feel everyday conversations lack that love, that intimacy in getting to know a different soul in favor of more lackluster, even nonsensical small-talk. But I don't wish to be spouting-off wannabe intellectual talk either, just more profound meaning in life.

I don't think I am. I mean in a way that we should have more introspective conversation in our daily lives and daily socializing with other people instead of just talking about obscenities or garbage topics. More meaningful conversation.
File: 1526900634614.jpg (8 KB, 249x202)
8 KB
>I just feel everyday conversations lack that love, that intimacy in getting to know a different soul in favor of more lackluster, even nonsensical small-talk. But I don't wish to be spouting-off wannabe intellectual talk either, just more profound meaning in life.
See pic related.
Also you have to be at least 18 to post here.

File: male-female.png (40 KB, 464x300)
40 KB
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I tried being attractive but girls still don't go out with me? Do I just give off a serial killer vibe? I'm assuming that must be what it is.
Try being likable too.
jokes' on you
i'm a scumbag who has a girlfriend but still fantasizes about other women
TIL from Facey-B that Co-worker A's cat passed away and I'm not sure if Co-worker B knows about it yet because B says she deleted her fb a year ago.
How should I word a text message asking B to say nice things to A?
I mostly want B to think I'm a nice guy without doing anything.

Also, recommendations on iOS9 app/tweak to automagically send a txt at 8AM when I'm still shitposting on 4chan at 2AM with no signs of stopping
I am trying but apparently I don't know what likable is.

Is it just expected now all men are addicted to porn? My boyfriend of 3 weeks just told me, very causally, oh yeah i watch porn everyday like no big deal. do I just accept this as normal? It doesn’t shock me a whole lot but it is a little disturbing. How do I confront him about it, what do
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There is a whole movement pressuring men to drop porn, forgot the name.

So yeah, we all watch it, not everyone watches it every day but you shouldn't be surprised if he does it, however it's so common that nobody knows what the effects of it could be but most people seem to agree that it's unhealthy and we should quit it.

Basically is not your business but you should be aware that porn adiction might be a big deal and we have yet to know what the effects of it are.
>Is it just expected now all men are addicted to porn?
Consider yourself lucky if he can still get a boner without watching you get fucked by a horse.
Men can't as easily get laud compared to women, so yeah it's normal.

You know what my gf did so I don't watch it anymore and don't even have the slightest interest in it now?
She fucks me. A lot.
you're acting like he's the only one partaking in a billion dollar industry, fuck off
It's pretty much what NoFappers believe

Not saying everyone has to quit porn and masturbating, some people handle it fine. But as a person who has erection issues and a diminished sex drive from years of watching fetish porn and beating it too hard every day, I can attest that porn is extremely addictive and dangerous for some people

File: 20180513_003529.jpg (889 KB, 2560x1440)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
a girl I don't really talk to asked me to "chill out with her". She said it could be with her and she could invite another guy we both know if I wanted to. "whatever you feel comfortable with"

I said yeah and we set the day about two weeks ago for this friday but didn't make any concrete plans.

I dont know what to make of this or if i should be contacting her to figure out plans or what. I'm kinda shy and I don't like going out anyways and I think she could just tell this and pities me or something.

What should I do? Just wait for her to tell me?
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Who the hell knows. Ask her if you're still on for Friday before speculating any more.

Honestly it's better if you don't bring the other guy. Get you some one-on-one time. Accepting the "you can bring another friend if you want" was extremely stupid.

I didn't tell her to bring the other guy she suggested it and I just said yeah we can hang out. desu I WOULD feel more comfortable if he came. Hanging out 1 on 1 with a girl who I don't even know that well kind of makes me uncomfortable, I'm not even sure why she decided to talk to me, I'm not very friendly
>I didn't tell her to bring the other guy she suggested it and I just said yeah we can hang out.
You left the decision of bringing the other guy to her, which was dumb.
>Hanging out 1 on 1 with a girl who I don't even know that well kind of makes me uncomfortable
... what the fuck man. You've got a girl asking you out on a date and you're being like this.

Take a chance and get to know her. That's what casual dating is for.
She never said it was a date she just said she wanted to chill and said I could bring my friend.

Maybe I'm retarded but that seems just like she is trying to be nice to me not go on a date. I've never been on a date though
Sweetie, first dates generally aren't referred to as a "date". Usually it's called "hanging out" or "meeting up".

Also, at this point, I'm gonna go ahead and say that you have to be at least 18 to post here.

File: 1520283356313.jpg (112 KB, 800x541)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Is it possible to only take labs for a year? I need to make myself employable so I'm going to take hard labs in subjects I haven't even studied . Can I do this
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Bad idea, if you have no background in the field you'll have a much harder time passing and all the effort will be for naught
So I should give up my dream
The lab course itself isn't enough to learn how to get by in the lb? There are readings and labbooks
Internships, mate.
Taking extra labs doesn't make you more employable... get the degree and get experience

File: 123.jpg (40 KB, 576x1024)
40 KB
My girls mom hates my guts,
her dad doesnt even give a shit
girl has diabetes, she says she hates it, she didnt choose it, and no shes not fat.. her pancreas is like dead or something
Girls ex forced her into giving him head and handjobs, from that point on she was scared of sex and thinks its more sacred than anything...
I try my best to comfort her and tell her that her health is her top priority.. she knows i care about her and dont care about her mom hating me because at the end of the night, im here for her
I feel like i dont have anyone to talk to about this kind of stuff..
tell your girl to go vegan my dude. why does her mum hate you? are you a NEET?

File: edwxi.jpg (24 KB, 620x425)
24 KB
I guess I could use some advice. Obviously.
>me, remember when Bill Clinton took second term
>took a 19 year old out on a date
>lots of fun, we both enjoyed it, lunch and avengers, good time
>laughed and talked a shitton
>she legit wants another date
>I genuinely like her but feel a little weird?
Is it just the age thing /adv/? I really do enjoy her and want to hang out with her more.
Is your main issue here the age gap?
Pretty much ya
Society has determined that 18 years old is an acceptable age for a girl to have sex. If they thought otherwise, it would be different.
How hot is this girl on a scale of 1-10, with a 9 being impregnate ASAP and a 5 being would only date if she had a perfect personality
I get that but it still feels.... off.

She's a solid 7 at least in my book. An argue could be made for 8

File: alcohol-death-1.jpg (49 KB, 518x473)
49 KB
Alright, so I don't wish for death upon my father, but I seriously think he's gonna die or something. He's almost in his 50's and he's been drinking since the age of 16. Earlier this year in February, he landed in the hospital. It's never happened before but the doctors said it was alcohol poisoning. They said absolutely NO MORE alcohol. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. My brother just told me that our dad has been acting strange (brother lives with dad; divorced parents). We suspect alcohol...I feel like my dad is trying to kill himself. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? What do?
Ha, I literally just made an OP about my father dying a couple weeks ago.

Don't have any advice for you man, just try to spend time with him and let him know you love him
If You truly think your dad is tying to kill himself, then you should talk to your dad and tell him that you're concered.

From there, if his response is good, then try to help your dad cope with not drinking. But if It's bad, there's nothing you can really do but hope that your dad comes to his senses.
>Cool british dude responding in long vocaroos
Where have you been during all my time on /adv/

File: 1524939052523.jpg (76 KB, 806x735)
76 KB
>22 year old man
>Hit the earth in the worst way possible even though I live in USA
>Would be better off as a blade of grass
>No job I like, No friends I care about, and No girlfriend because I'm not attracted to the women around me

I'm trying to not commit suicide, but I don't think my parents are going to help me get to where I belong, and I'm too weak a person because there's nothing binding me to this earth.

I'm so tired of playing video games, listening to music, and playing with myself, but there's nothing I can possibly do to change this other than leave my parent's house, and I don't think I will ever be ready to do that.

I'm tired of this earth.
I'm tired of life itself.
I'm not even depressed, but I'd rather be a dead body than go through another day of this shit.
35 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

most people don't like their job. thats why companies pay people to do it. Expecting it to not be that way in your life is dumb when you haven't done any hard work or sacrifice to make it that way in your life.

As far as the other stuff, you having health means you did not hit the earth in the worst way possible. I'm not telling you to forget about your problems, but you seem precariously close to being very ungrateful and resentful, despite how bad your life actually isn't right now. Because it could be alot worse, and it wouldn't have anything to do with your weak race based identity, or your feelings of insignificance...

you need to correctly define your current situation. You're 22 years old and an adult in the eyes of the law. You say your parents aren't helping you get to where you belong, but that assumes that you(or them) know where you belong and are aiming for it, or have discussed it with eachother. I don't think you do based on your bemoaning, but maybe you do and can tell us where you think you belong?
What race are you?

There's a 50% DNA gap between me and my mother racially, and there's a 30% DNA gap between me and my dad (who I've bonded with more)

Being a different race from your parents is destructive toward love.

Steve Pladl fucked his daughter because his daughter didn't look like him.

File: Me2.jpg (204 KB, 812x593)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I belong in Puerto Rico with my race.
I tried so hard to make real relationships in school, and they all failed and crashed and or burned.

Living in the USA will only grant me the life of Chris Harper-Mercer and Elliot Rodger. A life where I work for no reason other than to suffer, go home to nothing, and get up and do it again.

It's so far away from where I'm at.
My dad laughs at me and acts like I'm a fucking idiot, and he refuses to help me. He just wants me to stay and make him more money.

I have no connection with my mother.

I know I'm ungrateful, but what tears up my organs is seeing poor people from my highschool have what I have once they start working.

My graced life I was born with is worth nothing now. Anyone my age could have a gaming PC and a roof over their head if they have a job.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Well I have always been told I am Puerto Rican, Irish, and Italian. I am not sure if there is anything else.
There might be a biological chasm between you and your mother, but it could also be that you've just got different minds, but I don't see how this could corrode love.

My mother looks black, and I don't.

You should see about getting a 23andMe if you're ever curious. It helped me piece together a lot of things in my life. I realized why I attacked my mother when I was 14.

How do I actually connect with my dad? He pretty much stepped out of my life when I was 10 years old. But came back around when I was 26 (28 now), but has been causing me nothing but depression but shitting all over me because I can't do this or that but he was never there to teach me. He always makes fun of me also for being a NEET and not having my driver's license. Also calls me the wife of my relationship as I spend time cleaning up the house, doing yard work, etc while my girlfriend is at work. He doesn't even truly know who his son is and frankly I don't know what to think of him trying to be interested in me. He also barely ever calls me and I have to call him. I've tried so damn hard to stay in contact with him out of fear he'll just stop having anything to do with me all over again then I'll find out that he died. He's the last parent I have left. He literally came back into my life after losing my mom. I probably would have given up by now if that wasn't the case and my mom was still here.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Well, guess what, we aren't born with a parenting manual in our heads
neither are parents who arent complete shit like ops. ditch the loser op
Lmao, so he ditched you for a good 16 years, then he comes back only to shit on your life as if he was entitled to say shit?

Maybe your life is not ideal, but your dad should be going out of his way to bond with you and make up for the lost time; not the opposite.
But no, instead he just shits on you. He's is a fucking idiot.

If all he can do when reuniting with the son he abandoned, is to belittle him, he doesn't deserve any sympathy.
So unless you watched too many Disney movies and developed daddy issues, you will be better off without someone like him.
You even have a loving and supporting gf, and I'm sure your mom made a real effort to raise you on her own, so appreciate those in your life who are actually there for you.
I love how all the internet tough guys come out of the woodwork whenever some relative is doing something hurtful. Yeah man, just cut ties with everyone in your family who doesn't treat you exactly how you want to be treated! Fuck them! You don't owe them anything, especially after [stupid thing they did over a decade ago]!
That kind of loyalty would be worth a damn if the dad bothered to be around and raise him. Or at the very least, support him after the fact.

The dad sounds like a real piece of shit, and just because he jizzed on OPs mom, that doesn't mean he deserves to be loved after what he did.
>Yeah man, just cut ties with everyone in your family who doesn't treat you exactly how you want to be treated! Fuck them! You don't owe them anything, especially after [stupid thing they did over a decade ago]!
you do realize mocking people only works when what theyre doing doesnt make any fucking sense right?

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