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Before you post a question, check here to see if it's already been answered
Keep your questions short for more answers.
And please no derailing arguments.


>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>Is my body part big/small enough?
>Am I short/tall enough?
>Would you date a virgin?
><random insecurity>
Some do, some don't. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever. It takes hard work, time, and effort.

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If you do a good job you can. Servers practically make their own paychecks. It depends on how good of a waiter you are. If you are friendly, and continuously check up on your customers and make sure everything goes great for them. They will give you good tips
Even if you could travel five times a year, that's not that much if it's the only thing that makes your life meaningful. Do some soul searching about what you need - hobbies, romance, different or more different kinds of friends, a more challenging career or education, spirituality, whatever. You are in charge of arranging your life so that you derive satisfaction from it.
Do bitches dig ditches?

Yes you read that right

>do some soul searching

I've been doing that the past 3 years.

I don't want romance. I can't get a career that I really want because I'm not smart enough. I don't know how I'm suppose to make new friends. Traveling twice a year is all I have
Then what about hobbies? You can learn how to make new friends, if you already have some it is doubtful that none of them could possibly take you along to a new social event or circle.

I get that it's no walk in the park. But you have to understand that it's either a matter of investing in trying it anyway, or settling for your life as it is now. You cannot expect to openly drag yourself through the days and simultaneously not get any comments.

File: 1357128930031.jpg (83 KB, 446x594)
83 KB
>childhood best friend
>comes out the closet after hs
>tell him i cant support or be his friend anymore
>break contact and apparently after I did so did a lot of our mutual friends
>move back home 4 years later after college
>apparently friend became suicidal and found comfort in drugs
>currently under tight surveillance
>His parents asked me to visit him
What should I do. I mean I feel bad that hes in that state and want to help. But I already broke off our friendship and said I wouldnt support him anymore. And even if I did go see him Im not sure what I would say since we went our separate ways. Like I have a strong memory of my childhood friend and Id jump at the chance to help, but I know that my childhood friend is just a memory.
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Nobody on 4chan is a national socialist freak besides some of /pol/. Even /b/ and /r9k/ are usually just being satirically, ironic, but most commonly fishing for shock value. Everyone here besides the trolls and the odd hyper conservative will tell you you're a piece of shit biggot. You're not going to get genuine advice just because of how douchey and unfair you seem to the average person. (Yes most people are fine with gay people now, cry about it). I would recommend a more conservative place like stormfront
>everyone on 4chan agrees with me or they are trolling
Thats a really pathetic mindset. Ive been on this chinese cartoon board since I was well underaged. If you think the world is fine with homosexuality you truly are a sheltered little child. Youll grow up though when you leave your bubble.

Your constant use of the word butthurt has convinced me that this is a bait thread. Enjoy your bites OP.
>his butt is hurt because he was called out for being butthurt
Ignore your stay on 4chan. Fucking newfag.
File: hmm.png (973 KB, 732x912)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
I heard 4chan had turned into tumblr, it's still weird to see it with my own two eyes.

I started 2 years ago at age 20 my self improvement journey. I got pretty much everything

>/fit/ like an athlete
>excellent hygiene
>nice haircut
>got a car
>I am /fa/
>few cool hobbies
>cool career
>starting to have a social life
>ditched vidya and low value friends
>more accustomed to social "dynamics" i.e beta behaviors, being needy...

But the problem is that I still have a hard time being an awesome catch for women. I always feel inferior and not good enough. I can get numbers quite easily but I can never make it past the first week, no matter the approach (friendly, more agressive, laid back...). Also, I rarely watch movies/tv shows, listen to music and travel so that really makes it harder to connect with people

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>How to approach them?
try killing yourself
You could start by not being a guy who's not pretentious and an asshole, and then start doing things that other people actually do so you can relate to them.

File: image.jpg (28 KB, 461x294)
28 KB
Honest question here, but how can girls claim to be lonely when online dating exists?

For example, Match.com, one of the two big "serious" dating sites, reports that the average female account receives 25 messages A DAY. If you left it up for a week you'd have 175 messages waiting for you. Are you really saying out of 175 guys there's not a single one you're interested in?

It just seems like such an obvious thing.
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You assume that the 175 guys are all very different.

I invite any fucker who thinks it's amazingly funny to make a fake female profile on a dating site and base loneliness or some shit on messages being sent to actually chat to those 175 guys.

Out of them, 50 will be deadbeat fathers and ex-cons. You know, the male equivalent of single mother.

Some 30 will be decades older than your profile age who think that men age like wine and that is somehow supposed to mean something.

Some 20 will, within the first 10 lines of the messaging, send you an unsolicited dick pic.

Some 20 will, upon having seen your reply, ghost you because that's the only validation they wanted.

Now you have a pick of 30 different losers who are hopefully not reverse catfish chatbots, drug sellers, scientologists, any number of other weird shit.
I'm none of those things, and I'm not ugly and rarely does a girl ever reply, even if matched.

Explain that you stupid bitch.
>Explain that you stupid bitch.
You're an asshole who hates women because he can't get one. Explained.
When did I say I hate women? I just called you a stupid bitch, I call guys stupid bitches too.
I'm not the girl who posted >>17182229. Even if you don't hate women like you claim (yeah right), you come across as hating women.

I do not believe in psychics.

My father told me a while ago before he use to have his PTSD from the Gulf war that he was able to make predictions of things accurately.

I have been able to do this for a while I just thought it was just picking out patterns. Whenever something important will happen to me or those around me I will have a dream about it the day before. When my cousins baby was born the day before I had a dream that she was going to have the same medical conditions as me ( my cousin and I are not blood related at all and we live in different places) I did not tell her but I told my parents and sure enough the baby ended up having the same rare medical conditions as me and it weirded me out; it also weirded my parents out. I find the more relaxed I am the more often I have these weird dreams. I am an extremely sensitive person, I especially feel people emotions around me like daggers, could it just be that I am so use to boring everyday life that I am able to pick out patterns even more now because of how sensitive I am?
It's more likely you were just lucky/were willing to assign "I had this weird feeling" to any event that fits and then just backed it up in your head to the point you've convinced yourself you're clairvoyant

But by all means: go produce some hard data proving your claims and change the world forever and mock nationally the nitwit who replied to your bait on a Cantonese Dressing-room discussion sit.
I have no need to be a "psychic" as stated I do not believe in that.
I thought I ask because I am curious as to why my brain does this. I think it may be because I am overly sensitive to people emotions and when I dream I play out everything in my mind then remember what I thought made most sense. I think my father was an active dreamer or something and it was just passed down to me. I do not know because I have no background in this matter I did not take any courses on psychology or anything to do with dreams.
I used to be able to do it quite often untiI began taking medication. I still can feel others emotions as if they are my own. You are an empath. I would dream about the next day and the exact thing would happen even down to the words people spoke. I always know when someone has died the night before it happens. Who knows but don't think too hard about it. Honestly I've never been able to find a good scientific explaination for it if that's what you are looking for! On the other hand you could try to sharpen your skills. Good luck.

Found out GF had an "ex" who abused her and forced her into a relationship, while beating her and cheating on her, before they were even 18.

His family is very rich and has political influence, to the point where they can bail him out of trouble- when he beat her up and she went to the police, the case simply went nowhere, and similarly, when he beat a guy up at school with a chair, his dad talked to the principal and the whole deal was forgotten.

Eventually she blocked him and they went to different unis, but recently, he has began contacting her saying happy birthday, merry christmas etc, and even tried to hack her social media accounts

Literally what is a way to fight against this? I do not that crazy cunt to see me as competition and threaten me or my family. What can be done? Create a media outrage about his elite family so that their reputation crashes? Or report him to the anti-rape / abuse centre of his university?
Some states have strict cyber bullying/stalking laws these days and their police department websites have forms and information on what to do, what types of things to save for evidence, etc. Recommend looking into that first. From your post it seems you're very angry and looking for revenge, I would refrain from that and make sure everything you do is legal, especially since it seems he has power and influence.
you cannot undo what your gf chose to do in the past. she stayed with him and if she wanted to punish him only she can. I understand your fear though. She may go back to him.

File: 1455109680703.png (683 KB, 1600x1065)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
I know this question seems a little bit stupid since nobody can precisely tell me what should i like to study but hear me out. To keep it brief, i have to go to uni next year(im 18 dont worry) and my parents are basically forcing me to chose something to study. I have no idea whatsoever what i wanna do with my life and except for math and programming im pretty much medicore at everthing.What should i go for considering that im super lazy and i dont really wanna spend my whole time there studying but also has some decent job prospects just so my parents won't complain about my choice?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

>what should i go for considering im super lazy

community college. maybe just entry level wage cuck work if you're super lazy.
I live in eastern Europe, there's no such thing as community college here

yeah then id just probably just go work at maccas or something.

you're too lazy to pass college so at least this way you dont have the college debt that comes with your failures.
yeah, you're right maybe I should do some shit jobs till I finally decied what I want to do but there's no way I could probably bring this up to my parents since they think very highly of myself and wish I could become a doctor or some shit that pays good

im being facetious OP.

the point im making is that if you consider yourself lazy you need to work harder. you should not be asking 'WHATS THE BEST OPTION FOR SOMEONE WHO IS LAZY'

this is why people hate millenials. they believe we all have this attitude. dont want to be lazy. dont aspire to be lazy.

lazy implies you could work but choose not to. so why would you openly ask anyone 'WHATS THE BEST CHOICE FOR SOMEONE WHO JUST DOESNT WANT TO PUT IN ANY EFFORT?'

thats the most fat american millenial tumblr thing i have ever heard.

>last year work as an undergrad research assistant in a lab with a professor
>professor tries to sleep with me, acts really inappropriately
>this escalates right when professor leaves for yearlong trip overseas
>after he leaves, I file a sexual harassment claim with university, but I don't think they will get much done since our uni has a bad rep for dealing with sexual harassment
>professor is back in town
>i'm finishing uni in december
>professor has started to show up outside of my apartment
>he stands and waits around several times a week every week at the door of the complex
>one time he knocked on my door; I looked through the peephole and did not let him in and he left

What do I do? I am really scared of him. He knows I filed the harassment claim against him. Do I contact the university? Or the police? I don't want him to lose his job, I want him to stop showing up outside of my apartment.
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One thing NOT to use as a weapon: your keys. They're more dangerous to you than to your opponent. There IS a safe way to use keys as weapons, but it's not the way instinct tells you to, and instinct is all you can rely on in a fight.

What everyone wants to do with keys is stick them between their fingers like Wolverine-claws. This looks very intimidating, but if you actually try to use them in a fight. you're fucked. The sides of your fingers can't exert enough pressure to keep the keys from being driven back into the soft parts of your hands. You end up getting hurt way worse than your opponent does, and worse, you get hurt in ways that damage your ability to fight even if you drop the keys afterward.

Please, don't make Wolverine-claws with your keys. Psych someone out if you must, but drop them the momemt things look like they're turning south.
>Women can't fight.
Want to know how I know you've never fought a woman?

>If a woman intends to defend herself from a male attacker she needs an actual weapon: A gun, or at worst taser/pepperspray.
Those things are great if you have them, but you have to use what you have at hand. I said flat-out that the ten-dollar punch should only be used if you've got nothing else. But it's something you CAN have when you've got nothing else, and that makes it useful.

Just fucking fuck him already , maybe you will get better grades after it
Not really; I own three you could consider "combat ready" but two of those are actually utility full-tangs with the third being a survival knife for my get-home bag ( which is a bag one keeps in the trunk of their car or someone else's car on long trips outside the city to ensure they can get home ( mine has a poncho, a high-vis vest, some fire starters and tinder, the knife and I'm working on some signaling items ).

I'd say I'm more into flashlights; the one tool I believe everybody should carry. If you've not seen the video I posted earlier try seeing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-geqU_ZRdxc

A-men. You get him fired and you protect yourself and others. It goes toward "social responsibility" as seen above. If the University fails to fire him you could always sue them and put his being fired into the settlement. I'm sorry this is happening to you, anon.

I disagree with that for only one reason: If you are to the point where you need to use your keys as a weapon you've clearly run out of options meaning a fight has been going on for a while or you were caught opening something without checking the area around you. The best way to use your keys is in a force-multiplier grip ( the back of the keys resting in/against your palm, the keys themselves sticking out between middle/ring fingers ) with a strike to the adam's apple. You might penetrate a small bit but the pain is typically enough to stagger most assailants allowing you to run for help.
Hi everyone, OP here with a last update. The professor was arrested this morning, but it was my neighbor who made the call. He came around 7am and tried to pick my lock, I need to get it replaced now because it's pretty banged up. I stayed up the whole night and fell asleep around 5am, so I was out cold when this happened, but he couldn't open the door because it was propped up by a chair, so he rung the doorbell several times and stood by the door in the hallway where you couldn't see him through the peephole.
My darling neighbors have work in the morning at 9, but they stayed to make sure I was ok. He was still standing there at 8:30 when they left to go to work. They walked by him, went outside, and called the cops immediately. Management locked the doors from the outside and the cops arrested him. The cops found a small vial of something on his person, unlabeled, looked like something you'd find in a lab. So, for now I am safe. Hopefully, he also loses his job over this.

Looks like I won't be needing this advice immediately, anymore! But it's really good to keep in mind, thank you!

File: 1464203044935.png (139 KB, 538x1181)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
I don't understand what this girl is saying, specifically the line "...when you don't allow them to substitute enforcing bigotry for actual insight..."
She's saying that the artist is unable to make a cartoon that is inoffensive, noting that he isnt creative enough to. I think it's bullshit tobh, but whatever it's tumblr.
that line really confuses me for some reason. Maybe it was intended to?
>when you don't allow them to substitute [enforcing bigotry] for [actual insight]
>when you don't allow them to substitute [cliche jokes which enforce bigotry] for [insightful and nonoffensive jokes]

hope this helps
Oh, ok. There we go, that makes more sense. Thanks.
You're welcome, anon. FYI the original sentence was phrased poorly - there's no shame in struggling to understand what the author was getting at.

Regardless of how much my ego tries to fight it, It seems obvious to me now that Free Will does not really exist.

Many of the greatest scientists and philosophers are either determinists or compatabilists, compatabilism being the idea that free will and determinism are compatible.

We are free in the sense that there's no restraint on our decision making, but our will is pre-determined based on genetics and past experiences which will formulate our decisions in all circumstances.

We have no control over any of our actions. We simply have the illusion of control.

Everything that drives us to make decisions is determined meaning our actions are already determined.

It's kind of been bugging me.

How do I accept this move on? I know that the self doesn't exist and I can't personally decide to accept this, and the only thing that will grant me acceptance is enlightenment and something to set my mind at ease.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Even if free will does not exist (I do not think it does), we are too retarded to understand our own brains and the lack of free will. So why not accept things the way you feel, as if we have free will?

You should read some of Derk Pereboom's stuff. He is a determinist but he paints the lack of free will in a very positive light. Basically, with no free will there can be no true evil, only the conditions that drive people to do evil. If you change those conditions it is possible to achieve a better world. It is an optimistic and naive view, but it counterbalances the "free will is false and nothing matters now" idea.

>Read "De servo Arbitrio/ The bondage of the will".
>Read "The Bondage and Liberation of the Will"
>Realize that an (partially) unfree will is actually better for us than a totally free one, which would force us to fight against mauvaise foi.
>Be happy.

There you go, Anon.
>We are free in the sense that there's no restraint on our decision making, but our will is pre-determined based on genetics and past experiences which will formulate our decisions in all circumstances.
>We have no control over any of our actions.

Not necessarily/ only as long as you do not reflect upon that.

If you once in a while force urself to go against what your instinct "wants" you basically trcik the system.
As a physicist not at all. Since Im educated enough to know that determinism is blatantly false.
Hell its impossible to even predict where an electron will be in the next moment. Theres a shit ton of room for freewill but it depends on how you define free will.
Please dont fall into that pop science trap. It triggers me so much,
File: 1458697831713.png (1.07 MB, 880x920)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
A lot of people these days seem to think that "nothing matters" because free will does not exist. But that is a false conclusion. There is no way to logically conclude that from that premise. It's an emotional reaction, not a logical one.

Your brain is being tricked when it hears it "can't decide" or that it "isn't in control". Of course it can decide, it does it all the time and you are very much capable of survival and reproduction (We have a sense of "us" which does not really exist. What exists is our brain). You are having an unwarranted emotional reaction. For a dumb example, you see someone spill a red slushy everywhere and from a distance it seems to your emotional center that they were attacked and blood has splattered everywhere, so you get scared and ready to defend yourself, but your intellect can comprehend the fact that it was a harmless occurrence and that your emotions are unwarranted.

Emotions are deeply wired automatic systems, but you can use your intellect to try to soothe them.

File: 1450112075338.jpg (334 KB, 1000x800)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Girl is 20, I'm 22.

So I met this girl. She asked me to have sex with her. We had FWB for about a week, then things got serious. We spent a ton of time together, started dating, and then she admitted she was in love with me.

It turns into the most genuine and caring relationship I've ever had. We never argued or even came into conflict, everything was fair.

Then we got separated. She's living in another country. We had plans to move together and get married after college. We were apart for about four months.

Then I found out in the worst way possible she was sleeping around. I sent her the proof, and she started lying and twisting things. While I didn't get angry, I made it very clear how upset I was. Her apologizes felt hollow, and it sounded like she was more upset about getting caught than anything.

I broke up with her because I felt like she didn't care. She went to bed in the middle of a conversation where I was telling her how we could fix things. I was so upset that I broke up with her. She felt like a completely different person.

I asked if we could get back together two weeks afterwards. She told me things couldn't work with the distance. Later she promised she would see me again "one day".

It's been a few months. I messaged her to check in with her. Things were calm, but then I poured by heart out on her. I told her all I wanted was for her to care and love me. I got a little unpleasant by telling her that her actions "made me suffer so much" and that "she probably won't meet someone who cares like I do".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you I was just about to type this, no girl worth keeping starts with FWB
Maybe you're right, but it's really tough for me to express how perfect she was. She was always doing things for me, always showing that she cared. I've never seen someone act so warm and comforting.

I've never met a girl like that. It's hard to explain.
We are in a same positions with you, OP.
She was so warm with me and i did my best with her. We ended up after two years because i found that she was sleeping around.
She said that reason is not me, it was something with her and now im trying to calm down because i believe that she just start acting like a whore... After all we had together.
At least that feel of being clean help me in a way, but thats not enough, how can im be sure that it wouldn't happen next time?
Im feel shit, OP, any thoughts you can provide about it?
Jesus, did we date the same girl or something?

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that it was her fault, not mine. And that I was always fair to her. Sounds like you are in the same exact boat as me.

I don't want to blame others girls before getting to know them. But it definitely can't hurt to have a talk with the next girl about things that are clearly okay and not okay in the relationship to set clear boundaries. That is my plan.
Dude, my main thought is "I did it well, she doesn't". We should move forward, we should get that shit out of our life, even if it was the best times.

She is beatufil, i felt myself so comfortable with her, but now she is different and we should accept it. The fact that im a clearly honest man healing my soul, making me feel as a decent person and giving confidence of being cool.

Forget about her, OP. I know is hard, but please be strong to find a decent person just like you.

Best way to make money illegaly?
Drugs, prostitution, selling guns, smuggling, etc.
drugs > if in UK and growing (police only care for dealers, make sure they aren't rats tho)
drugs > if in US, expect rambo cops to attempt to run after you for the shittiest extract of stuff.

selling guns > Easy to do, possible?

smuggling > Dont know if you want to shove stuff up your ass, or run between mexico etc.

prostitute > You're better than that, have other people do it for you.

Bitcoin mining >

>Be IT at company.
>Have access to servers etc.
>Run Bitcoin mine.
>Illegal profit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rob a bank
create a hobo fighting ring
ultimate bum shock fights

Hey /adv/ I just got my SAT scores and I made a 920. Is that good enough or should I retake it? I'll admit I didn't study at all, only 20 mins on some math that I didn't even get questions on. Would appreciate any input.
You should move to a country with a decent education system and do A Levels or a Baccalaureate like the rest of civilisation
But this is the best country in the world.
I actually snorted
Retake it.

File: 1461198612363.gif (814 KB, 500x281)
814 KB
814 KB GIF
Im trying to do so, but its so hard. I see happy couples and, despite me knowing i can't have that, i still yearn for it. What do?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Just keep on saying it like a mantra till the pain stops. Find a new angle from which to approach it that hurts -- like "I will never have children" -- and repeat. Carry on until there's nothing left to feel pain over.

You may end up depressed as fuck, though. I did, but it also worked.
one thing
i don't smoke, drink, be promiscious, or race mix, how am i a degenerate?
what do you do to get over it?

generally by who will turn you down. i mean girls can stil lturnj you down if they are your league or lower. but you can tell if you are attractive.

just dont be that guy who says

hot chicks dont want a guy who insists on a hot guy.,

>on a hot girl*

Freudian slip, or typo? you be the judge.
distract myself with memes and friends

and late at night desperately wish for death

Is it possible to win back an old girlfriend you broke up with 8 years ago, and is now in a serious relationship? She contacted me to meet up 2 years ago but changed her mind then met her new boyfriend. Pic not related.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I know your all correct, yet the surge of emotion has driven me to 4chan.
I suppose it is a lifetime ago. Ive gone from stoner to police officer and shes a tattoo artist covered head to toe in tattoos she never had before.
I don't think it would hurt to just talk to her and catch up. It would probably help you to stop idealizing her. But I would nip all expectations of getting back together in the bud first.
anything is possible, but why would you?
True. I could try to meet up. But yeah, if i cant work my way back into her life, y wud i. Maybe i was hoping for 4chan success stories.

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