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Is it really unacceptable to be socially withdrawn, or am I just conditioning myself to be irrationally afraid of people? How is it possible for me to understand this and still not get over it?
See a therapist.
None of the ones my insurance covers are taking new patients, and I'm not too keen on the idea anyway. And what's the point of promoting them here?
It's totally fine to be socially withdrawn. What difference does it make?
Go outside. Get a retail or hospitality job. Join a club. Talk to cashiers. Just force yourself to talk to people. If you don't talk to people for long enough, you'll end up socially retarded.
>And what's the point of promoting them here?
Vain hope of shitty pointless threads like this one disappearing from /adv/ as people go out and change their lives rather than rotting here

>Guys I am unsatisfied with my life here are no details and a vague sense of unease, surely some stock internet phrases from Anon will aid me

Really nigga, these threads are just masturbatory wank to get (you)s. They're a waste of my time, your time, and hiroshimoots server load.

File: ATOGA 1661534882.jpg (30 KB, 449x381)
30 KB
ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

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I don't know. It surely doesn't feel like it. I mean, I'm never going to get married or have kids, that's something i set my mind to when I was 12 years old. So, why should I even get a relationship? The one time I tried to let things naturally happen without trying I got crushed. I don't want that again. And sex? People always say "pussy is pussy" and "go fuck some girl and you'll feel better". That didn't help me at all.
Are those tits natty?
You can't have her. She's mine.

If this guy can get a supermodel wet and horny on TV, than you can do anything

Start at 3:10

yeah it seems like your perspective is warped, you're getting bad advice, and you're kicking your own ass

my recommendation is to stop that, but it's not so easy, especially if you can't see through the forest.

maybe become less content. I think the only way to break out of this haze of low tier people, depressive worldview, and low self esteem is to get so uncomfortable with it that you won't tolerate it anymore, and break out of it like a glass window.

feeling defeated since 12 and not getting laid for 5 years is extraordinary though...I wish you the best, and I'm pretty sure you need to become so uncomfortable with the depressive live that you snap yourself out of it.

File: 1491950146165.jpg (61 KB, 960x930)
61 KB
I have a dilemma, Mac vs PC.

Long story short, I've been a /g/entleman for many years now, the internet and PC gayming is my main hobby.

However, I've noticed my body getting worse over the years. My social skills have deteriorated, and I find myself becoming more and more "weird." I've noticed the "normal" people use iPhones and Macs at my college. They use them purely for work and media consumption.......no gayming, no shitposing on Asian basket weaving forums such as this place. And they sure as shit don't fuck around in the deepweb or fap to weird ass porn and wank to dank maymays and frogs.

My question. Should I switch to Apple shit so I will be more driven to fit in and be normal? I miss being social, I miss being fit and working out. I think maybe I'm going to end up being a hermit because if this "4chan lifestyle" I've adopted. I know it sounds D's crazy to place all this lifestyle choice on the use of Apple products, but it's the one thing I've noticed again and again. It won't fucking leave me alone.

I know spending my time in front of a computer all day brushing shoulders with the worst people in the internet is unhealthy, but I can't fucking stop.

Wat do?
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i have an iphone and macbook air. and i stay at home even more
it doesn't help u become a normal. in fact ppl think im rich now
im inheriting a mac and I'm scared to sell it for a pc cause then I will be playing the elder scrolls in class
I'll probably end up installing it with some winewrapper software
This one of my ideas about switching back to Apple shit. They suck so bad for gaming, that I won't even bother trying to play gaymes on it, so I'll spend more time being outside, working out, and being social with family and friends. Gayming truly is bad for people. We weren't made to sit around d doing nothing and get fat and antisocial. FUCK
Dora 2 runs on OSX. You're fucked mate

How do I stop being insecure about being a virgin?
If you live in NYC I can fix that problem for you.
Not op but I'm out in long island. Help me out anon

File: 1495504336580.jpg (241 KB, 749x873)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Mine was awkward and abrupt.

File: dude_weed.png (2.89 MB, 1440x1908)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
Just found out that my younger and older brother both sell weed. Should I tell the police, because my parents ignore it or don't want to listen to me and I want them both to stop. I don't want to talk to them since I hate them both and don't like confrontation
Don't be a faggot and tattle tale. Word will get out and no one would trust you. Nobody likes a rat.
Why would you be a snitch for?
It's not your choice just because you don't like it. Put it back and shut up unless you want people throwing your things out every time they don't like it.
No, but they can't continue this thing. The younger got kicked out of school and now hangs around selling weed and the older one will probably loose his job of they find out. And my parents, said in their house they won't accept that kind of shit. They have to stop this fucking shit. One of them got beat up by another dealer and there are always strangers coming to our home because those two stupid fuckers sell it here. They even put it in our letter box so the people can come and take it and pay him later. And the older one broke his phone and now his customers phone us on our home phone. the younger one is 17 and the older one is 25 and it is my business when they start selling that shit in our home. My parents are on holidays and now these two subhumans have the weed in places where eveyone can see it and the whole house smells like shit, because of that stuff.Maybe I should really call the police on them, I don't care if I got called a snitch. Letting them ruin their lives isn't any better.

File: FB_IMG_1495713407295.jpg (39 KB, 686x553)
39 KB
Best tips to handle anxiety/panic attacks when alone and have no one to reach out or am inept to.

Just had a tad small anxiety attack and feel like shit no knowing what to do. Home alone and everyone I talk to is asleep.

What do in these sorts of conundrums. :')

have to break up with gf. and it's not a good reason.

shes balding and I find it repulsive. that's it. she lost a lot of hair in the last 2 years and it kills my boner. Should I make something else up or should I be an asshole and break it to her straight?
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It clearly wasn't much of a relationship, so you leaving would be doing both of you guys a favor. God, what if it was cancer?
>not putting a paper bag over her head
God damn.
>shes balding and I find it repulsive. that's it. she lost a lot of hair in the last 2 years and it kills my boner.
Say this to her. She will probably break up with you.
Tell her to wear a wig because you have a hair fetish.
r u oldfag? that gif is proper old

File: 1458908252931.jpg (68 KB, 576x1024)
68 KB
does your gf or bf make you horny?

Ive been with my gf for 1,5 year and I literally have to force myself to have sex with her most of the time. I feel like Im tired of her. I mean I still like her and dont want to break up or something but I would rather fuck any other even much uglier girl than her. I kinda feel like she is my sister or something. Even when I feel horny, I look at her and I feel almost zero sexual attraction towards her anymore.

she is not a 10/10 but definitely not ugly or disgusting. Very slightly chubby but in a sexy way (pic related is what her body looks like)

I dont even know what kinda advice Im looking for. I guess Im trying to find out if the problem is in me or somewhere else.
Does anybody else feel like this? Tired of fucking the same person all the time?

We have sex maybe once per week now and even that is mostly because she is just too horny and she basically kinda rapes me.
How often do you guys have sex in a long term relationships?
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Just by slutty stuff for her to wear for you around the house when you two are alone.
you mean your MEMbrain!?
>this is her body looks like

nigga you gay. Get in there and eat that asshole like a starving man on a thanksgiving dinner
Another guy here. Can confirm. They flip out if you even so much hint that they are getting fat. Should we just be okay with that shit? Just lay of the junk food you fat bitch.
>my gf has a bit of a belly
>is aware of her weight
>is okay with me talking about it
>both working to help her diet and start a workout regiment
>already seeing progress

Feels good man. Most women are shit tier at staying in shape though

File: 1494123259977.jpg (130 KB, 600x800)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>Him, "City is boring, wish you were here."
>Her, "Ugh wish I was too Miss You :((, what have you been up to."

Then they chat back a forth for a bit about his work with my GF saying how his probably the best/smartest person there.

They will be back at school together come August.
A little. But if this was a female friend you wouldn't think twice. Don't go jumping the gun, some people are just really affectionate with their friends over text.

Nothing here one wouldn't say to a friend. But why are you reading her texts? You one of those paranoidly jealous nutjobs? If so, I'm sure you'll find a reason to be concerned, no matter what we say.
Need more context
Yes, you should worry.
Talk to her about it and than talk to him.

File: IMG_1980.JPG.jpg (509 KB, 1200x900)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
What's the best way to treat the burning sensation after eating a pepper?
From what i heard milk.
I never tried it because i hate milk.
Drinking milk or eating bread.

Or be a man and learn to enjoy it.

File: Born To Feel.jpg (40 KB, 500x632)
40 KB
I'm not autistic. I'm social, I'm interesting as I have an array of different hobbies, I'm not a douche.
I think i'm a decent person overall. However, I seem to not fit in anywhere. I feel too different in every social circle. Though I do get along with many different people.
It might be because I'm quite of a mix culture-wise, but I'm not even race-mixed.

Moreover, it feels that I won't ever be able to find a woman just because I'm different and that doesn't usually attract.

It feels useless to live a life where you feel like you don't belong anywhere.

File: 1495425025766.png (20 KB, 804x516)
20 KB
One of my longest friends threw himself off a bridge last night an hour after I saw him and I couldn't care less. He's alive, but in the hospital.

How do I feign empathy for the situation? We all knew he had suicidal thoughts, but he's ignored all support, all advice, and all the help any of us could muster for the last few years. I'm genuinely at a loss as to how be a good fried, here. I'm close with his family, so I don't want them to know I'm a callous husk, ether.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Being a callous husk is underrated. Ignore the whiny feels>reals fags ITT. If you gave advice and companionship for 10 years and he ignored it, I don't know what the fuck these niggas expect you to do. You aren't a psychiatrist and nobody can 'fix' other people.

Contrary to what hollywood says, people with depression aren't fixed by friends and good times (if at all, Robin Williams still an hero'd after all), they're fixed by removing toxic influences and medication, and it seems like your friend hasn't done either.

He swum in toxic waste and it made him sick, and he kept diving back in against your advice. You can like the guy, but whatever man. You can't save him from himself.
You are in a difficult situation because ultimately, as you have learned, you cannot change people and you cannot help people who do not want to be helped. Your friend obviously needs professional help and you're not a professional. It's frustrating and exhausting dealing with these people. Obviously this is someone you care about or you wouldn't have stuck by him for 10 years. I suggest you try to get some professional help to deal with this and to learn some coping skills as well. This is whether or not you continue to try to help him. It's a lot to deal with either way. Best of luck man and I hope things work out.
There's an idea. How many times you think he volunteered to talk about MY problems?

I'm sorry I'm not weeping on the ground, guys, but I'm not exactly the poster child for emotional availability already. I'm trying to be there for him, but I'm sure as fuck not gonna coddle him more. It didn't do much for him so far.
He inherited $100k two years ago, I helped him find an affordable home that he could buy outright, helped find a psychiatrist, and offered to help him invest the rest in a business plan.

He spent every penny on eighths of dabs that he picked up every day.
>all these faggots saying he's a shitty friend
fuck off cunts, you obviously don't know any hopeless people that were offered literally everything

File: pBK9mog6BlER.jpg (932 KB, 1080x1101)
932 KB
932 KB JPG
Some guy got my nudes. He claims to have gotten them from my ex bf. This was years ago. My face is in the pictures and I'm a YouTube actress now. Will people find out about them? He is blackmailing me to give him money or else he will send them to all my family and friends. He contacted me through a phone number. He said he will know If I tell the police. Can the police really help? What do I do? Please help
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As someone who has been blackmailed before. Paying is the worst thing you can do. If you pay up you are pretty much fucked. The blackmailer will keep asking for money or worse.
This, own that shit. Ruin his life. Your family knows you have a body under your clothes, let them know you have a brain too.
Instantly go to the Police.

If they still end up getting circulated make a vlog about it, maybe try to get some media platform to report on it.

Even if the nudes get leaked the PR from this could be huge desu

Come on now
Caving into someones demands because they hold something over your head is for weak people.

> He said he will know If I tell the police.
LOL, and you believe anything a fucking stranger who's trying to blackmail you says?

Go to your lawyer, and if that's not an option go to the police. They may not be able to help you, but they will be able to give you advice.

File: size0.jpg (33 KB, 640x430)
33 KB
Hey guys, I got accepted into some pretty decent schools and I still haven't made up my mind about where to go. I'm deciding between the United States Military Academy (West Point) and the University of Virginia. Personally I'm not that interested in the Army, I could tolerate it but I wouldn't be that happy. The good part about West Point is that it's completely free, I get a B.S., I get paid a little to go there, and I'm guaranteed a job. I would much rather go to University of Virginia because my quality of life would be better and I would be able to get a job doing something I actually want to do. I have no money and I don't qualify for financial aid, my parents are willing to take out loans for me, but I'd hate to put that on them when I have a golden ticket for a free education. If I do decide to go to UVA, I'm looking at a scholarship with the DoD where I could get almost all of my college paid for, but it's not a guaranteed thing. What would you do in my situation?
West Point. No question. The school is incredibly selective, and between that an being a veteran OFFICIER you'd be very well set up for job searching after your commitment.

I must ask, if you aren't enthused about WP, why did you apply at all?
I applied to the other academies because I was actually interested in Navy/Air Force, I figured might as well go Army as well. I didn't actually think I would get in because my application wasn't very good compared to the other two. I know the choice is fucking obvious to most people, but when I think about going there and giving up the experience of a normal college, I just get depressed. I'd hate to show up to West Point, quit, and then having to settle for a community college.
OP here. I realize now that posting this was pointless, this board is for advice and anyone with a fucking brain would tell me to go to West Point. I guess ultimately it is my decision and that I'll have to pick one of them, I just feel so conflicted.
Well look at it this way, West point is "free" in that there's no tuition. But you pay in other ways. How many years of service are you forced to do afterwards? You say you don't like the army, would you be prepared to live an army lifestyle at school for four years of getting up at 0500 for PT every morning, standing in formation for hours, having to keep your room emaculate, etc. And then you'll be an officer stuck in a job you legally are not allowed to quit.

Yes it's prestigious, and good experience, but is it right for you?

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