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File: 138683662.jpg (55 KB, 540x405)
55 KB
I'm only 4'11 and strangers think I'm 12. I need advice on looking my actual age, 19.

People say that men don't care about height like women do but that's not completely true. Am I destined to only attract men with pedophilic leanings? Guys my age don't even bother with me because they probably think I'm too young, or maybe I'm just ugly.
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This is some biased fucking shit right here
File: veronicalake1.jpg (46 KB, 480x549)
46 KB
This looks like a problem to you?
File: 936full-veronica-lake.jpg (88 KB, 702x862)
88 KB
I need to think about this.
I'm deeply concerned.
File: veronica-lake-pose.jpg (301 KB, 900x1145)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
And sad.

File: IMG_0217.png (457 KB, 750x1334)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Hey /adv/

This thread is for giving Tinder advice and ask questions.

I have been with 66 women from Tinder, and only 5 times i havent had sex within 2 dates. At this time i nearly perfected my approach so ask me anything.

Post profile tips, pic tips, date tips, openings etc.
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There's ladies in these pictures right?
No there are no females in any of the pictures. Pictures i had that got me fewer matches (i still had the 2 originals i go with now):

>Picture with really cute dog
>Picture with no shirt
>Picture flexing (/fit/)
>Picture of car, older classic Mercedes
>Picture in said car
>Picture with best female friend
Also to this post>>18643266

Many girls commented that ''do you really think that dog pic works'' and stuff like that so yeah...
Hmm, well I suppose you don't need women to get women after all.

I look good in a suit, thank god, so I'll set to work on getting some passable pictures of me doing things.

Cheers, my man.
you are probably a windowlicker retard who looks great, you could say you shit your pants for fun and still get laid

File: male-female.png (40 KB, 464x300)
40 KB
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

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You're not that ugly m8, I would buy appliances off you.
Honestly I come on here for amusement. I try and nothing comes of it and it sucks, yeah. We all die alone, though.
Been single for six years, loneliness is an old friend and the only actual relationship I've had was highly abusive and toxic.
File: 4551.jpg (20 KB, 211x226)
20 KB
What has you so angry? Sounds to me like you have some serious personal issues going on if you get this mad over a thread like this

You sound like the kind of guy who would beat his wife for forgetting to buy beer.

Why is it embarrassing? But flirting can be anything really, as long as it makes the conversation with your romantic/sexual interest more exciting and interesting to them, so that they'll want to speak to you again. That can be done by simply paying them more attention than normal (looking at them a lot, smiling at them a lot, laughing at their stories), complements, gentle teasing or physical touching, whatever really. It just has to be different somehow, so that they'll seek your company again to see if it's always like that. Formal will get you nowhere with that, so time to get over the embarrassment.

File: IMG_0592.jpg (20 KB, 268x335)
20 KB
How do I get a better personality? Apparently nobody likes mine so where can I get a new one?
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Figure out what's wrong with the one you have first, and try to improve on that in a small way day by day. There are hundreds of thousands of books on self-improvement and/or self-acceptance.

A psychologist or a shrink can also help you with this.
Couple things that have helped me with this problem

>Don't expect anything from anyone, like friendship or even for people to like you
>Focus on listening and responding over sharing
>have a simple opinion or feeling on everything as life goes by. Things like "that guy was cool" or "that dog was cute", or even "that guy was a dick and I'm gonna punt his dog"
>he doesn't alter his personality to be more pleasing to whoever he is currently interacting with
What makes a personality superior to other?

File: IMG_0602.png (426 B, 225x225)
426 B
426 B PNG
Help me out here

So my (26 m) slut of an ex gf (22 f) we were together 17 up to late July this year when she kinda thought it was a good idea to just fuck me over and run away.

She tried calling the cops on me because we were fighting in the car, she was planning this whole thing after the argument where it turned physical. I was driving she tried to grab my arm so I swung and left a bump on her forehead. Long story short. We both have anger issues. She's very manipulative though. She has very little regard for my feelings unless she gets what she wants. She can be sympathetic but the exact opposite depending on how fucked up she wants to be on any given day.

I've tried dealing with her so many times, and honestly I still do and I don't know why. It's clear she's probably betrayed me multiple times now in our relationship. She's done this 3 times before where she ran away, was with friends, then came back. I'm not a huge priority to her. Even though she's done that whole " I love you you're my first one and only" speech many times a night. We'd have regular sex, a lot of sex, but I never could trust her for some reason. And I'd like to think I'm not crazy for being that way. In the times she been away she went to clubs, party's, whatever just being reckless to spite me or maybe she is a hoe. I don't know. All I know is I feel a lot of rage and unanswered questions that I'll never get out of her.

She still talks to me but keeps things at a minimum. She's pretty much stringing me along st this point and I feel like a fool. She has run the gamut of disrespect on me and at this point I want some due diligence. I'm fed up.
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You sound like you only see what you want to see. Not saying she is innocent but stop pretending nothing is your fault. You both sound like you have severe mental problems.
Cut your losses. Get help with anger issues. Living well is the best revenge.
First time she ran away was last year in august. It was a big fight. I pushed her to the ground. She started crying. She just straight ran out the apartment and into the street. She ended up at friends the next day. The found her somehow. I pretty much tried to be nice and met her come get her stuff. She was being a bitch the whole time. Her friends encouraged her. The few days she contacted saying she misses me and shit. We ended up talking and then back together. Things seemed to be okay. Few months went by then in October we got in another fight. She ran away at work this time with her rave friends. Basically out of the blue I was supposed to pick her up. 2 weeks go by then we start talking again and we got back together. But I told her I couldn't trust her as easily. That I did some stuff kissing a girl while she was away. She freaked but stuck with me. Then in November she lied to me about baby sitting one night, ended up going to some rave with her rave group. Completely felt betrayed after that. That was the worst desu. I caught her there leaving and she couldn't even look at me. Amazingly enough, she came back again in December. From there on we were together until July this year. It tried to break it off in April. She was at work and I told her I was done. She freaked and tried to break into my house. I gave her permission to leave but she said she was sorry for being a bitch and stuff. Ended up staying together. After this and up until our last fight, she was being really different like nice and spoiling me. Trying to win me over I guess. It didn't make me happy though. We still fought.
Nobody cares about your blog m8
A lot of it is my fault I'll admit. I didn't have to hit her. I could've cut her out of my life instead of yelling and forcing her to do what I said at times. It was ugly. She liked me I think. I was the kinda guy she saw herself having a life with. The only thing that got in the way was our egos and these fights we'd have constantly. If I fucked up, she's got all the power. When I stopped she would start. It's be a cycle of us just trying to have the upper hand. She'd have to one up me each time I did something wrong. It was toxic.

File: 14941211123427.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
How to get motivated, /adv/ ? it seems i cant be productive in these last 3 months.


Is it legal to use a P.O. box as the address the put on your drivers' license? Like if you simply put down the address of the post office and #, would that work? As in they won't look it up to check, and mailing it to that address instead of "PO BOX #" will work?

Reason is so people don't see where I live every time I get carded or they have to see ID to verify a credit card.
I'm pretty sure they'd just reject your application if you didn't put an actual residential address.

File: Get_it_off_your_chest.jpg (23 KB, 500x440)
23 KB
Write letters, vent, ask for advice, confess your deepest, darkest sins. Let it out
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Have a well day
seeing butterflies signify anything, oh well.
I miss so many people. What is the best way to get in touch with someone I haven't talked to in 5-7 years? Damn they probably don't even remember me.
Love is a lie
It's good to be prepared
Do something but Dont spam.
New love is amazing
All of this is new to me, I'm lost. I know there is something special between us but I don't know how to deal with it. I know we barely know each other but this is not how I feel. Are you mad at me ?
I am sick of everything. Probably going to kill myself soon. The last time I talked to someone was probably 2 years ago.
A guy who I used to be best friends with is sending me some messages talking about how he wants to meet up, that I am driving myself crazy, and he is most likely right.
I spend my time alone just looking at the news and getting mad about the obvious media manipulation. I have no faith into anything, everything is going to shit. Everyone has their head up their own ass, including myself.
I can't be a normie. Even as a kid when other kids were talking about the newest video game, I was only interested in existentialism and politics. I can't work some soul crushing job, hang out with people who talk about sports, marry shoe obsessed woman and make kids trying to convince myself that I'd be a good dad. That's not me.

Due to my wife passing away about 14 months ago, I am now a single father.

Is it too soon to start dating again?

And is it wrong or selfish of me to try and find a "replacement" mother for the child? Sorry if that was the wrong word to use, my English isn't great.

I want to find a woman that I love and loves me, but it's also important to me to find a woman that will want to raise my child with me and love him as her own.
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>When you are dating just avoid comparing the woman or making your deceased a central part of your identity imo. Gotta be about the future.
This. No one can compete with a dead woman. If you feel you are ready to move on, go for it, but remember that moving on means letting go as well.
Maybe I'm not ready then?

I can't stop thinking about my wife. She's in my thoughts 24/7.Is this healthy?
It's normal.
But take the dating thing slowly to start out.
>I can't stop thinking about my wife. She's in my thoughts 24/7.Is this healthy?
Yes, if you are grieving. But not while you are seeing someone else.

Think about it. Even if you meet the perfect woman right now, she will never have a fair chance if she has to compete with your deceased wife.

You need to mourn first, get back up on your feet after, and only then start looking for someone to start a new chapter with. General dating advice always revolves around being happy by yourself in the first place, and this case is no different.
What should I do in the meantime to make sure my son has a maternal presence? Make sure he spends a lot of time with both his grandmothers? Hire a nanny?

File: IMG_5271.jpg (308 KB, 1920x1080)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Is there any truth to the whole alpha/beta thing?

If so, how do I cope with being a beta male or, even better, become an alpha?
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decent replies already.

just think of your situation as a hierarchy in society. you have a place in it, very few people are at the absolute alpha and very few are the absolute omega, and most people are varying degrees of betas.

I don't think of myself as much of a beta until i'm around 2 of my friends I look up to alot as good examples to follow, and when I'm not around them, people tend to ask me shit when they need help or a person with a clue.

basically your answer is become a better individual, on whatever scale you chose, and you will reap benefits
Not really.
These are highly baseline instincts which contrary to what misguided victimised incels parrot here -often which they are completely wrong sboutbin biological terms- do not really manifest in modern civilisation.

Individual choice, individual wants and needs trump cultural desires almost every time. If they didn't people wouldn't marry outside of their religion, and narratives like Romeo and Juliet would not exist, hell even romantic comedies wouldn't exist because comoaignship would be serious business like your taxes.

Every single person is an individual and has individual tastes, we are not killing each other to mate with the richest or most beautiful partner around.
We partner with who is at the same place in life with as at that point of time on agreeable levels.
Love is not collectivism.

t. Anthropologist.
I find that the label is mostly bullshit. Society in general is so large and complex that one person may be excel and be considered "alpha" in one setting but be a "beta" in other settings or flat out ignored.

For example you might have a guy that makes the most money in his group of friends and dominates or livens up the group. But he might be awkward and quiet at a bar where it's just him.

Or for more famous example look at someone like Jeff Bezos. Billionaire, entrepeneur, can literally walk into any building and but it if he wants. You throw him into the middle of a group of male models and he looks like a balding middle aged dad bod creeper who would not fit in.

People who worry about looking alpha are a bunch of internet kids who have no real direction desu. You walk around talking big and buying into every redpill meme and 99% of people will see through that bullshit. It's only on the internet that that cliche even becomes slightly believable.
File: Napoleon.jpg (54 KB, 418x575)
54 KB
You've already received some okey answers, but I'll give you some other toughts.

There was conducted some studies on this back in the 70s which were increadibly flawed, and they laid about the basic fundamentals for what we consider a beta and an alpha male. It was only picked up on by the majority in the 90s, that these studies were flawed. This created the opposite. Anything alpha/beta related is suddenly off the table.

Now, I want you to think back to school. Middle school, high school, anything related to school and social settings in general. Do you remember how 1-5 guys would form a gang called the shit, and how they would suddenly control the social dynamics of the class? Do you remember how they would be on of the schools sports teams, or just play sports in general. Do you see how these people don't end up as bums, but rather becomes the CEO of Citigroup and Bank of America?

Alpha/beta is most definitly real (in my opinion), but it depends on what you load it with. Successful extraordinary people tends to continue being successful & extraordinary, despite also having major failures throughout life. Don't get me wrong, we are biologically very very alike, almost identical in the grand scheme of things, but minor minor differences can have an incredible impact on our behaviour throughout life (von Neumann & Schwarzenegger). We're talking about very small margins here.

Humans are animals. This notion that we're not is very very arrogant. Human social behaviour is almost identical to that of other animals.

I would add that alpha/beta doesn't say anything about whether you're a good or a bad person. Obama, Trump, Putin, Hitler, Washington, etc, they were all alpha.

There are very few ''alphas'', so don't feel bad.
>You throw him into the middle of a group of male models and he looks like a balding middle aged dad bod creeper who would not fit in.
That has literally nothing to do with alpha betaness.

I recommend everyone to watch these (most alpha man in television history despite looking like he does)


Anyone who has followed Letterman's career knows that he was like this when he didn't have a name for himself, too.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Does Subliminal Audio actually do anything? Basically subliminal audio are audio messages played at a very quiet volume that your conscious mind can't really hear.

I've done some research on it and most people say it's placebo effect at best. I ask because there are these cock hero videos that I like made by this guy numberonefan who also does a lot sissy hyno videos that entail subliminal video and audio basically encouraging you to be trans etc which I'm really not into. His non sissy videos are just straight content but my fear is that hes putting subliminal audio under the music because sometimes I thought I heard like a women say "you want to suck cocks" when I turn up the volume and really listen for it but at a normal volume it's too quiet to hear.
Yeah we'd have no world problems at all anon if subliminal messages actually worked.
dude, even if you played a voice saying "you want to suck cocks" in a loop every night as you slept, you're not going to magically wake up gay and want to suck cocks. sexuality isn't like that.
If subliminal messages worked you'd think we could use them to get laid haha.
They've been testing this theory for more than 50 years. These have been some small experiments that suggest that sleep learning - playing something you have to memorize under your pillow all night - can help a little in the memorizing. But studies show that playing things like "You afre strong and confident" does nothing.

They've also tested things like slipping whispered "Buy cookies" into the background music at supermarkets and that has no effect whatever.
Blipverts and subliminal audio has made some great scifi, not so great in real life.
Max Headroom -15 minutes into the future

File: 1479133343644.jpg (45 KB, 570x487)
45 KB
I licked a prostitute and it felt really fucking good. Now i cant stop thinking about it.

What to do?

File: 1348337093479.jpg (11 KB, 214x200)
11 KB
Any straight guys here give themselves a prostate massage while fapping or have a girl do it? Been oddly curious lately to see how much better the orgasm is but im afraid ill feel dirty or not be able to fap normally again and feel dirty all the time.
I did it once watching some video with music, lesbians and swirls.

I started to feel like there was a baloon swelling up inside, the girls on the screen turned into shemales and a warmth spread inside me and I ended up spurting.

It's not as powerful as a male orgasm but it makes you feel nice and femanine and submissive.
god gave you a prostate for a reason use it bitch

File: 1499004639232.jpg (64 KB, 960x960)
64 KB
>be 19, high libido
>gf 20, low libido
>3 year relationship
>Lost virginity to each other at 16 & 17
>Sex was normal and frequent for 1+ year
>Have sex for upwards of an hour, she loved it
>Could make her orgasm very hard and many times
>Eventually friction would be an issue and she had to finish me with a handjob

>Infrequent sex
>Always making excuses
>having sex just to get me off of her back(same frequency as what we normally have)
>She still orgasms regularly and enjoys it afterwards

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Shit, wanted to reply to this one
Friction literally means friction. I would have sex so long that she could no longer take it because of sensitivity or fatigue.

She does not enjoy any form of foreplay, including what I do for her. Ever. When she wants sex, she wants me to stick it right in. To be fair, it's most effective that way, but unfortunately it gets boring. It seems like she just gives me sex now to pacify my needs and only wants it to be over with.

I agree

She's never masturbated past trying it out for a few seconds. She also refuses to partake in rubbing her clitoris during sex and expects me to pit in all the work so that she can focus. I can believe it to an extent, seeing as how it's unnatural to never masturbate.
I'm not gonna pretend like I'm great at putting my points across. The reason I say 3 months is the same reason you said the asexual thing was stinky.

It's always good to be ready to walk away in a pre-marriage relationship. 3 years is a long time and it sounds like her hearts, at the least, not in it like it used to be. This happens. Being ready to wash your hands of a relationship in these situations is negative, true, but I think it's sane advice.

Especially seeing how cut up he is about it all already. I only suggested the 3 month plan so he feels he's got some power in this as, right now, it doesn't seem like that's the case.
Shit. I've known super sexual girls that do not masturbate. However it seems pretty fucked up my dude. Those two "super sexual girls that do not masturbate" had in common that maybe they just wanted to please their companion as if it were their duty? I don't know friendo, I don't know what to say apart from encouraging you to show her some article on the benefits of masturbation and foreplay, I don't foresee it's going to help much but it's the only thing that comes to my mind.
In any case, I think it is o b v i o u s that the main problem at bed is the lack of foreplay. You can't force her on that, though, so I can only come up with educating her by making her read something as I said.

File: canada.png (615 KB, 1858x1078)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
i love her. But she's married. No idea how her marriage is like, but she has no kids. Wat do.
Don't get caught up on her and find your own girl. You can go ahead and keep loving her if you think you can handle it but if you can't and you feel you NEED to have her for yourself then you are fucked and need to cut contact.

Stay away from some other guy's wife and find someone available to love? How is this even a question.
Pursue her if you want her. If her husband can't hold onto his wife, he doesn't deserve her.

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