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File: 6ca.jpg (34 KB, 600x403)
34 KB
Was talking to a girl and I asked her out on a date. She said dating is too much work, and I responded saying "so are relationships, and friendships, and if you cant handle it then I can go." She responded and said "wtff bye". Do you think I was too harsh or is she just a bitch?
you sound really autistic, and she sounds really dumb. i wouldn't worry about this too much– this relationship was doomed from the start
idk you coulda asked like, why, or something

File: 1423150463276.png (242 KB, 518x628)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Dropped out of college and left 3 jobs. wtf is wrong with me?
Some people can just stick with things for years. I can't fucking f
you're what's called a non-sticker
non-stickers tend to not stick
Then how do you explain such a sticky situation?
It sounds like your searching for something specific in life what things make you happy? What are your fears?

File: s.png (36 KB, 500x440)
36 KB
I'm surprised there isn't always a "Say it! Get if off your chest now!" thread on /adv/.
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I wish my family would just accept me for who I am. When I was adopted my name was changed and they gradually began to deny details, unto today when they deny everything. I am scared of going to the doctor or hospital, because I have been abused before whenever they lied about things like my blood type. Sometimes I can elicit snippets of truth from them when they are intoxicated, or I overhear disparagement which contradicts the story they tell to my face. When my adoptive mother asked me if she should use Ancestry.com to check her heritage, because she does not remember- I wondered if she meant tacit ridicule.
I always make the worst decision
I'm an idiot for expecting too much.
Well, messaged a girl this.
"So... How was the first shift with the fire department?"

Now the long wait begins. Lets see, will she reply tonight? Tomorrow? Next Week? who the fuck knows. All I know is that I want to get closer with her.
Thank you. I really needed that even though you're a stranger.
Even in the last time.

File: feat_image001.png (132 KB, 350x210)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Are fraternities often accurately aligned with the gay frat porn videos I watch?
>freshmen sucking dick and doing naked/sexual things in order to be part of a fraternity
Just out of curiousity

File: yeahillpassbro.jpg (10 KB, 238x250)
10 KB
Basically I did not have a terrible childhood. I was usually fed, clothed and housed all the time. At around 10 or 12 my mother decided to get a job. From this point on she kind of ceased to exist as a mother. Always minimum attempts, never really willing to talk after work (note I was entering H.S at this time and you all know how that time of your life is) and generally just useless( ik this sounds harsh but in reality its the truth). I would ask for help or something and it really just wouldent click to her. It was like I was talking to a shell...I remember my room used to be freezing..i mean certifiably so I mentioned it to her to literally have nothing done. Even if I mentioned it to her she would just say that generic " ask what you can do for others and not what they can give you"...sounds peaceful right? Wrong...she would say this but demand things be done for her and btich if they weren't occasionally throwing this exasperated I'm so tired of this all speeches . Mind you I don't live at home now and only visit on holidays when I can muster up the energy to deal with her insufferable personality so none of this matters but before I left I tried to talk to her to be met with jus the same shit. Truth is I want a relationship with my mother but it always seemed she couldn't handle her end of the deal How can I fix this or is it not even worth it?
DESU we never really got along and I never really liked her much...I usually kept it to myself because everyone would bitch at me for expressing myself because "moms feelings" and nobody wants to see me mad at her..which probably made her get away with it for so long.
You are in a position of angst because you are mad at a person for not spending their energy to take care of you directly. Instead, that person chose to spend their energy to take care of you indirectly, by financing a better life for you.

Try to thank her for that and be more appreciative. Your friends bitch because at you because they think you should feel gratitude.
Yes and no. It mostly family and by that I mean direct family, ie father etc etc.I understand the financial part but millions of people still reserve the energy to give a shit. If I bring it up she makes up realities that don't exist about a world where she always was there and none of the things I bring up ever happened. She refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing . I'm in a position of angst because every time I tried to have a functioning relationship I was met with it only being about one person and that was her. I think your post has good intentions and I thank you for your response
>I was met with it only being about one person and that was her.

You feel neglected and think her behavior was abusive. Sorry for not having read that immediately. Thanking her for what little she did still works as a conversation starter.
I suppose. Shouldn't one have to acknowledge that they didn't do though or order to fix stuff?
Sometimes you just have to let go of the past. Forgive her, not for her sake but for your sake. Only then can you begin to rebuild a relationship. And that's exactly what you'll be doing - rebuilding. Fixing implies you want it to go back to the way it was when you were 10-12. Due to a number of factors that frankly isn't possible. She may not be able to have given you the emotional support you needed then, but now that you're not reliant upon her you can create a relationship free of expectations.

Good luck anon.

File: IMG_20161202_161647.jpg (69 KB, 670x670)
69 KB
Okay so like 4 days ago my bf and I had sex but I guess he hurt my cervix bad enough that I bled a whole day and only got mild pain around the abdomen , my question is how long till I can have sex again because I'm wondering maybe it's still tender or in its healing process?
Is this the first time it's happened when you've had sex?
Yes, the only other times I bled was when penetration was dry and it was only slight bleeding
When you say he hurt your cervix, did you feel him "bottoming out" so to speak? Did it hurt while you were having sex or only afterwards? Finally, when you were having sex were you properly lubricated?

File: images.jpg (24 KB, 384x384)
24 KB
So I went out and met a girl from my work, she sits 2 desks down from me and basically this is my first job out of uni and I'm doing my best to be super professional and shit despite my baser nature.

Anyway I ended up making out with this girl like a whole bunch of times.

1. How do I handle this on Monday?
2. Also I kinda like her she was real chill and I kind of want to make that known but also since I work with her I don't wanna come on strong or whatever so like hmmmm
Treat her like any other woman you date if you decide to have a relationship just alert HR or familiarize yourself with company policies

yeah I suppose my main fear here is with rejection anywhere else who cares but if I pursue something and fail here well then we're both aware of the fact then aren't we, it's a cooperative workplace, I mean I suppose if it mattered so much I wouldn't have done it in the first place but well here I am and wanting to continue anyway

So my hippy little sister came back from a yoga retreat and has completely lost her mind, she's been doing LSD and Shrooms, thinks she's reached enlightenment like Buddha, Jesus. She's saying the most insane shit imaginable, like her purpose in life is to protect the water and the babies and guide humanity. She brought a dead fish back from hawii in a water bottle, it's wrapped in wire. Been shoeing us this cult website: humandesign.net

I'm seriously scared right now. what do?
Bro, I've done LSD. My roomate and buddy did LSD. His mom did LSD. Some of my coworkers have done LSD. None of us have made a shift like that. My roomate, who is already spiritual, did not make a shift like that.

Your sister was like this beforehand. She went there looking for this. She used her experience to legitimize her feelings and as a flag to plant as proof of her self-proclaimed success.

Be supportive. Be a good example. Bail her out when she needs you, she's family. But she's also herself.
I knew a girl in H.S that's like this now. Basically use to be normal party drug girl and next thing I knew she moved to the middle of the desert and sells mineral oils.
I've done LSD multiple times too and I can vouch for this. From half-tab "functional" doses where you're just a more empathetic version of yourself to 2 tab doses where I lose all sense of reality and self, nothing would (or should) change your behaviour to a degree like this.

I'm also suspecting she was like this beforehand, but this really just brought it out

File: geralt xD.png (1.48 MB, 1331x935)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
If I shoot myself in the head through my mouth with an AR15 is there any chance I'll live and be a herp derp or vegetable or am I pretty much guaranteed to be dead? I know the round is small but fast so I'm not sure if it might do the trick
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File: 1354005829048.png (119 KB, 269x272)
119 KB
119 KB PNG

Anon, they make medication for that. I take it. I don't like that I have to take it for a decent quality of life, but I do and it works. I'm more or less in the same boat as you. Not a virgin, just got lucky once and haven't been able to repeat the magic since. But all things considered, I'd still say life is worth living.

It's extremely effective but no suicide method is a guarantee.
File: 1475544022965.jpg (74 KB, 526x567)
74 KB

Aim in and slightly up. It'll hit your brain stem and kill you almost instantly. Try using a hollow point if you're worried about lack of damage.

Under the chin is a real good way to fuck it up. In the mouth, aimed at the brain stem is pretty much a guarantee.

Good luck, OP.
I know where you're coming from anon. Let me tell you about a time when I had just got a job as a programmer. I had a two-hour bus ride each way and my own mother wouldn't drive for less than 15 minutes a day to shave off an hour from the total. It got to the point where I would wake up go to work and get back home with only enough time to lay in bed and start the routine the next day. I ended up oversleeping one morning before I had been at that position for three months and my boss pulled me into a one on one to chew me out. I was already so stressed that any frustration I experienced when I was home would send me into an inconsolable rage. I would punch holes in walls and generally destroy my own property. When my boss asked me what was going on I had to flee the room to cry alone in a stairwell. When I finally stopped crying I went for a long walk planning that if I lost the position I would without a doubt jump off a parking garage or stab myself enough to bleed out in a bathtub. I didn't care if I really was successful at that point but I wanted to make an attempt and hope I didn't wake up. I stayed with that company for a year and a half with much worse stress happening than that one time. Honestly, I don't know if I really would have made the attempt like I planned but I'm glad I never had to decide if I was going for the an hero or not. Right now I live with my father rent free and collect unemployment. Would I say my life is 100x better than when I had a good paycheck and my own place and a trap to suck my dick when I commanded it? Yes, it is. You're only 29, man. I'm 21. Do you really believe that I would be prepared to an hero if I was only 8 years older than I am now?
>video games don't give longterm satisfaction or motivation

File: 1470031854658.png (202 KB, 365x363)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
My girlfriend of almost three years broke up with me during the beginning of November, and I seriously just feel so broken and lonely right now. Needless to say that I'm not handling it too well.

I actually thought that she was the one. We talked about children and about our future, and it just made me so happy. She has a date tomorrow night with this handsome man, and the idea of them being together and fucking just drives me fucking insane.

I know what I did wrong, so I won't fuck up with the next woman. But honestly, I don't even feel like dating right now. I just feel empty and sad. No one was more beautiful in my eyes, and I just fucked it up.

How do I even move on? I moved to a new city for her, and I don't really have many other friends. Please help

File: IMG_5006.jpg (591 KB, 1440x1659)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
>be 23, 24 in three months
>kissless virgin, never had a gf

I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I've worked on myself, gotten buff, started dressing well... I tried being more open and outgoing but I'm too scared to make a move on girls that I like and when I get over it and make a laughable attempt, I fail horribly. Been to therapy, but I don't know what's wrong with me. As a tall, semi-goodlooking guy in university it should be easy for me to get a girlfriend or have sex, but I'm a total failure in that regard. Now I'll be 24 in a couple of months and never had any experience with women at all. I see a grim future ahead of me where I will settle for the next best woman at around 40 years old and get divorced quickly after.
Is it even possible to have a fulfilling love life in my situation? I don't know how it all went so wrong but I don't think I can live like this much longer.

File: asdf.jpg (79 KB, 702x628)
79 KB
Me and my ex girl split up almost 2 months ago. She dumped me after acting distant, I didn't know how to handle it so was distant too, but she was under a lot of stress and being bullied in school because people knew about us (She's 16 and I'm 18). Gossip about her dating an older guy, just immature shit like that but she's really sensitive and yeah, but nothing bad actually happened between us.

I was her first serious and longest relationship, her first kiss and I did treat her really good, always done cute things for her and we were very close. Things were calm after break up, until 2 weeks after she got with someone then I got mad (although it was just a rebound, they only lasted 3 days).

Since then we've just argued on/off, so much has been said, very hurtful things from both sides. I'd try and ignore her but she contacts me, sometimes even meeting up but we just argue (as we live like 20 seconds from each other). Me putting myself out there, her pushing me away, saying she don't like me, she's over me. She told her best friend that told me, she said a while back she will regret breaking up with me but feels its best for now. She says she don't want me anymore but why still contact me, why still argue, she tells me to get out of her life, past 2 weeks I done just that but she contacts me again just to argue. Telling me sorry isn't enough (like she wants me to do more?). I told her nothing I do is enough is it, but she dodged the question, saying she isn't in the mood (this was yesterday). I asked her whats up but I already knew, because her sister told me she came home crying because of the bullying, and she told me about it but says she don't wanna talk about it. I just let her know I'm here for you if you wanna talk.

So I've just tried being nice recently, not mentioning anything about relationship. This was out convo today, and for the first time in 2 months she said sorry.
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you faggot
go beat up whoever is bullying her. whether its a girl or guy, who cares, just punch it in the neck. if it's multiple people, hit them with a bat.then after that don't ever talk to her again for more than 30 seconds. no matter what happens, ignore any of her texts and when you see her say hi and always act like you have something else to do even if its just going home and sitting in your room. just say you have to go. be as distant as she was and try to fuck other girls. don't be a faggot
she tells you not to do kisses so you should not talk to her at all. you ever got with a girl you didnt like just because it was convenient then she wont leave you alone afterward, but you dont want to be mean? you are becoming that to her. the longer you leave her alone, the more she'll miss you. ignore her no matter what for at least 5 years. have kids with some other girl and marry her if you really want this chick back.
you're obviously annoying her and you're being too clingy. there is no cure for this when somebody starts to feel this way about you. she obviously liked you once but cant stand you any more. the only thing you can do is walk away
As a 29 year old that was married for 7 year and banged literally dozens of women sonce the divorce (not bragging just giving perspective), this is absolutely true. As an 18 year old, you are awkward and unsure when it comes to how to act and life in general. That's fine, it's completely normal so don't panic about being "weird". You will figure it out as long as you even TRY to learn from your mistakes. You'll fail more than a few times, it's fine, don't panic.

Op I'm sorry. There is nothing anyone will say that will immediately make you feel better. Just know it happens to all men at some point. It's sad really because losing the innocence you felt when in love is part of being a "man". That hardening of your heart and feelings. Finding the next one and knowing that people and love itself can be replaced.

You'll make it. You'll be fine. Love is oxytocin. Just find the next one that releases it for you and there you go! You found love again! Appreciate the fleeting beauty of life and perhaps read about buddhist beliefs? It will give you perspective, I promise. Just don't become judgmental of others.
>You don't friend zone the guy who was your first love and lost your virginity to.
Says who? Yes you can.
Not being clingy at all, if anything she's the clingy one. The point is right she could of told me to f off, get out of her life etc like she's done recently, but after I've just calmed down and started being nice she actually said sorry which is a huge 180 for her recently.

File: 1470680954266.jpg (152 KB, 616x960)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Do women like bald men? What do femanons think of bald guys?
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wigs my dude
>Do women like bald men?

Baldness is a gendered trait.
So, yes, they do- in the same way that they like bearded men.
you're a perfectly normal looking dude. Seems like you'd be cast as a villain in something. I'm into it.
and you call women shallow for preferring men with a full head of hair?

the answer, by the way, is that women (like men) have preferences that differ by the person. some chicks might not date bald men, but there are plenty that will. it's literally that simple.
some skinny dudes let their toilet seat hair grow out and they seem happy enough.

How can a woman please a man in bed?

Am grill, fucked a few times, but never took control in bed because I have no idea what to do to a guy besides make out, moan, suck dick, and either actually orgasm or fake it for him.

Is that all you fucks want? How can a woman make sex better for you?
the easiest way to please a man is sticking a huge dildo up his ass

File: Q-destroy.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x1200)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Dear anons, I'm unable to keep myself in a good posture. I'm starting to feel pain in my back and my spine is starting to get curved. How can I correct this?
You need a better chair and desk.

Renovate the work station, if you can afford it.
Unless your severely crippled you can stand up straight you just choose not to

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