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I was on the bus and it was really crowded, then an old guy started yelling at me while I was on my phone and things got pretty heated. But ever since then, I have this bad feeling I can't shake.
What do I do /adv/?
Pic not related
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Why did he yell at you?

I can imagine being angry at him for yelling, and at myself for not standing up for myself. Let the feeling fester and bother you. This is how we learn. The more it bothers you, the more you will be ready the next time something similar happens.
About not moving to the back
this very much. Bad feelings should not be ignored, they should be learned from.
this guy is probably right, you just wish you had done things differently
You're just /shook/

Happens to everyone

I think you should understand that this is a blue board.

File: ARGENTINA.jpg (117 KB, 700x463)
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117 KB JPG
Am I selfish /adv/?

I'm an immigrant from Argentina, me and my family moved here when I was 15 and I am now 26.

My father moved my mother and brother and myself here from Mar Del Plata, Argentina because if a belief that this country is the only way people can become someone in this life.

I'd agree with him, but ever since I came here at 15, I have never felt like i belonged, I feel like an outsider here. We first lived in Livermore, California for 3 years then my dad moved us to Portland, Oregon where I live now.

I'm about to graduate from PSU very soon and I plan on moving back to Argentina permanently.

I told this to my parents and they became irate. telling me that I was selfish and I was trowing away everything they worked to give me by going back.

honestly, this is the worst part of this, my parents and younger brother. They all act like they are Americans, like this country has accepted them and does not hate them for who they are. Well they do. And it is the same for me.

I have no friends because my English isn't very good when I speak it, and when I lived in livermore I was constantly called a spic by the other kids on the bus because I was still learning English.

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File: portland.jpg (71 KB, 600x348)
71 KB

>No charges have been brought.
You already have your mind made up so why are you even replying?

Just book your ticket and go back, stop making such a big deal about it
only one person answered my fucking question.
ugh, that's right, this is 4chan.
as someone who used to live there argentina is a fucking shithole with no future and you're retarded for wanting to go back there

US is a big place and if you don't like your state you can easily find one with a community that you like better

My father was an argentinian immigrant and when I asked him why he didn't seem to have any friends in europe that were south american too he said : "when immigrating never associate with people that share your culture, it's the best way to fail at everything immigrating is supposed to be about".

Overall you are making a poor life choice but if you'd rather be poor and miserable but have someone to drink mate with knock yourself out pendejo
I feel bad for you anon. You're parents are supposed to be respectable people but life went shit when they arrived in US.

Why didn't he let someone oversee your business there? We have the internet and phones.

File: Capture.png (27 KB, 822x285)
27 KB
I fucked up pretty bad. What do?
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No way to fix that either. Just don't look at her, it's over. It might be awkward but it is what it is. No way around that except by not making eye contact
File: so mad.jpg (68 KB, 700x700)
68 KB
>You got a better chance of the Philadelphia 76ers winning the next NBA title
Kek, pretty much
Could be worse:

Consider yourself lucky and move onto the next one.

File: 1491716594995.jpg (131 KB, 1024x1024)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I'm now 31, I'm increddibly depressed, especially right now.
Where in LA can I meet and date women? Where is a place where they want to be picked up and hit on?
where at in LA OP?? I need a friend...

File: realfit.jpg (115 KB, 1500x900)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
A few years ago I was in a car crash and broke three vertebrae. I am mostly fine now, but I was left partially incontinent as a result and have to wear absorbent underwear now due to occasional leaks. Anyway, a girl I know has shown interest in me, and I really like her, but I am scared of getting intimate with her due to my issue. How should I go about telling her about it?
Look at it this way bro

You have the ultimate wife filter. Any girl who is interested in you and suddenly backs out or changes her mind because of small medical condition completely out of your control is someone you wouldn't want to be with anyway

Just tell her point blank next time your talking. Don't make a huge deal about it but also don't act like it's nothing.

Hey just so you know, and I understand this might sound a little weird, but a couple years back I was involved in an accident and yada yada yada

Just own it
I honestly don't know how to bring it up. It is honestly my biggest secret, but it is not something that comes up in normal conversation. I don't want to make it a big deal, but I also don't want to start making out with her and have her be like WTF.

I got out of a long term relationship about a year and a half ago (who I started dating before it happened), and I have not dated in a year. The last girl I hooked up with felt them through my pants when we were making out after some drinks, before I had a chance to explain about it, and walked off after being like "wtf is that, a fucking diaper". I am a generally good looking guy who seems normal on the outside, but am self conscious about this issue, and don't really know how to approach it as it is not something people know until we become intimate.

File: 1479933043021.jpg (69 KB, 340x372)
69 KB
Gf got mad at me yesterday and called me a nigger in front of her friends. I got annoyed and walked away. She's been flooding me with texts since. I really don't know how to feel, especially since she seems to not feel bad about it at all. I'm only half black, and I'm also not one of those DAS RACIST black guys either. It wasn't really the word itself, but the disrespect she showed towards me for saying that.
So my question is, how am I supposed to feel towards this?
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jesus, I get the attitude issue, I mean you should let that shot go cuz females but when escalated she shouldn't have said that shit.
Haven't had much to cry about for a few months, Trayvon.
>your life doesn't matter
it does tho.
Okay? why would i cry?
>I mean you should let that shot go cuz females
This shit right here is why women think they don't have to answer to anyone.

File: 1426992468517.gif (911 KB, 422x585)
911 KB
911 KB GIF
I'm not in a good spot right now, guys. On top of everything else, I just fucking found bed bugs. I had about 4 years ago, and that time wasn't a particularly great time either. I had lost my job, and was losing my apartment. Treatment of the bugs then didn't do anything, and when I moved out, I left just about everything I owned behind, much of it was sentimental.

I had been paranoid about them ever since because that's what happens. They were gone for years, and now they're back in my new apartment. I'm going to be honest here. I do not have the energy to deal with this shit again. I just don't, and I don't know what to do. I'm honestly thinking about just ending it all.

File: 1435573446731.png (221 KB, 279x375)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
I'm acquainted with an older (12 years, I'm 23) lady who is foreign and isn't fluent in English. Me met via mutual friends and generally only see each other in group settings and I sometimes bump into her in town.

When we've been with each other we've had the opportunity to have decent conversations in semi-privacy and circumstance has allowed for two spur-of-the-moment catch-ups over coffee. Not dates as they weren't prearranged but they felt like it.

Our friends tells me that she often talks about me and seems to be romantically interested. She's been very open with me, doesn't hide the fact that she's lonely and talks about her fears regarding her career (she's overqualified for current position).

She does this thing when conversation pauses whereby she stares quite longingly at me and I do the same thing in response (a bit half-heartedly as I don't want to push it).

I'm concerned that because her English isn't that great and she is from a different continent I may be misinterpreting some signals and if I try to flirt she may misinterpret mine.

I know she likes me. I'm sure she knows I like her (as a friend at least, maybe romantically). Don't know if she is aware I'm aware she is into me.

I really would like to progress the relationship but I'm not sure how. Outright asking for a date seems too risky. I've tried to give the impression I'm available if she ever wants to meet but that may have been lost in translation.

She probably wants me to make the first move but she is quite a sensitive person and I don't want to put her in a awkward position. Also, she's not hiding the fact that she likes me as more than a friend but to what degree I don't know.
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I've been here in this place before
What happened? Did you make a move.

I've got no experience with this. Never had a gf, this is my first 'lead' with a woman.
Ask for a date. There really is no other way.

Just don't 'confess'.

And it's not going to work in the long run. It will end, but that's perfectly okay.

I want to get a tattoo but I have Atopic Dermatitis.
It is localized on the elbows' flexures mostly. Sometimes I have a terrible itch on the neck but nothing hardcore (unlike the joints I never scratched till bleeding, but I scratched enough to make difficult for the beard to grow).
I don't have any allergy to materials in the ink and I was wondering if any of you has tattoos despite this issue.
(I don't want any color on the tattoo, just black)

File: IMG_0043.jpg (11 KB, 227x227)
11 KB
I am a guy and I just don't know how to express heterosexuality. Like what do men do to say to women "hey I am straight and not a murderer or rapist or kidnapper"

I feel very uncomfortable "coming onto" women because it feels kinda rapey.

I also ask for permission a lot out of respect. I will ask "do you want to go out with me?" Or "may I have your cell number?" Mostly because I feel that PUA tip of saying demands rather than asking is weird to me.

If some woman said "we are going out at 10pm" to me in a demanding tone, I would be put off.

Anyway, how does a heterosexual male show to a heterosexual female that he is heterosexual and would like to date her without it seeming creepy?
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You guys have no balls. A guy on the train uses a puppet to get girls numbers and you're saying it's hard. It's really not.

It doesn't matter if it doesn't work "most of the time". You're ranting and thinking too much about something that's basically human fishing. All you need is their attention and a bite, you build from there afterward. With the number, she knows you not only want to, but have the courage to keep up prolonged conversation and aren't worried about perfecting some ultra one liner that killz all da ladeez
I'm not saying that a ultra one liner is better but something to just open a conversation other than "hey are you single" and then leave it at that after you get the number especially when you're in a coffee shop, park or bus where you will stay for a while. Grocery store would be weird as well desu
>. With the number, she knows you not only want to, but have the courage to keep up prolonged conversation

Wait, how does just asking for a number demonstrate one's conversational skills better than asking for a number after or within an actual conversation?

Lol, I just said that what the opening line is isn't the most important thing, and it's all about showing her a bit of your personality and seeing a bit of hers so you know if you're interested in further communication. Where did I say anything about "perfecting the perfect one-liner?" Opening with something funny that isn't a pickup line is a bonus, but I just said that if you can't think of anything clever about your current environment, you don't have to, you can just talk about whatever.

Out of curiosity, how many women's numbers have you gotten?

I no longer feel embarrassed when I get rejected
File: wut.png (90 KB, 154x233)
90 KB
>Telling people to just go up to women and ask for a date with no actual conversation whatsoever
>While criticizing somebody else for giving shit advice

File: Get_c405db_1272309.jpg (23 KB, 500x440)
23 KB
Vent, write letters you will never send, ask for advice. No contact fagging.
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They actually did.
It's kinda why the stereotype of hispanics being caramel colored exists. Not to mention how the sexy ones seem to have pharaoh-like eyes.

Shecanas with Arabian mixed in are some of the best fucks in the world.
I just ordered Etilaam and Etizest. Kind of apprehensive but looking forward to it.
Why is it so expensive to die?

Just burn my corpse in a bonfire or something, I don't care.
This one's nice
File: FB_IMG_1488195694715.jpg (9 KB, 414x414)
9 KB

File: IMG_1569.jpg (212 KB, 960x1280)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Hi guys

I need your advice. I'm planning on finishing my college education this year but I have some factors to consider

* College will need money and this will offset my proposal to my GF
* I'm already a project manager for a company so do i still need the degree?

Any tips / advice appreciated
>College will need money and this will offset my proposal to my GF
Why would your proposal need that much money?
>I'm already a project manager for a company so do i still need the degree?
Well you might as well finish it because otherwise you've wasted a bunch of time and money?
Third world country, rings cost a lot :/
Education before bitches.

You will never know how long you would stay in your company so better get a degree and get an undergrad course after.

If your gf really loves you, then she can wait until the right time, otherwise, she's not worth your time and effort.

Study first, then when you are financially stable then propose. Keep in mind though, that you should not make her wait long enough or your gf might actually leave you.

File: Flying Spburdo =DDD.gif (869 KB, 512x481)
869 KB
869 KB GIF
Hello, /adv/. I'm not a recurrent user of this board, so I don't know what kind of advice you guys are used to give or what issues you are used to hear. Mine is about jobs.

You see, I've been frequenting university for the past 4 years. Barring a pesky administrative issue, right now I could be a certified historian and get a teaching job, or work as a museum curator. You know, that kind of stuff. The problem is that I don't like what I do. I don't like what I study, I have no passion for my research work; I only see that stuff as something to churn out in order to get my shiny piece of paper in the end.
During the past few months I have been thinking about this in a lot of detail and I think that I stopped liking university itself, or the academic environment in general. Maybe I never actually liked it in the first place; what I know is that I utterly stopped giving a fuck about what I do and I hate to put work behind something I don't care about. What I do like enough to make a job of is making things. Building stuff, turning a rough piece of wood into something useful. Another thing I would be able to do is join the military as a professional (country with conscription, I fell in love with that world when I was in the first time).

I think I'll push hard for the last few months and then renounce pursuing an MA and either look for an apprenticeship as a carpenter or join the military full-time. Should I do it or keep grinding with my studies and see where my degree(s?) get me? I'd like to hear some opinions other than my own.

Thanks in advance.

File: 1488151421688.jpg (41 KB, 420x401)
41 KB
>hookup with some slut in 2015
>she gets pregnant
>doesn't know who the father is
>Tells me this one year later (early 2016)
>Wants me to do a dna test, but I'm on the other side of the country.
>Say I'll agree to it when I'm down over the summer to visit my folks
>When I'm down she doesn't want to do it anoymore because her boyfriend's playing the dad role.
>tell her she shouldn't have told me, fucks with me a fuck a bit, but whatever, I'll move on and she'll be fine
>they split up february
>I'm now in a stable relationship with a qt3.14
>Her: "Hey"

What should I do /adv/? I want to duck it and just ignore her. Or perhaps I should just tell her what's going on in my life and that I'm not interested...tell her to ask those other dudes she's fucked to get the test. Because she knows my conscious tells me to the right the thing I feel like I'm beeing exploited a little bit.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I did want to know, however when she told me her boyfriend was playing Dad I forced myself to not give a fuck anymore, which worked.
>If she was promiscuous to the point of not knowing who the father is, she probably has a laundry list of people to get tested
Well that's an assumption. There could be 2 guys, or there could be 20. That's not something OP has told us, and that might not even be something he knows.

Plus, if she's getting back to him about this after all this time, then she's either already gone through the other guys or likely to be persistent.

>Objectively speaking, answering and taking the test is the riskiest possibility.
Maybe, we just don't have enough details to tell.
File: 0006.gif (761 KB, 235x235)
761 KB
761 KB GIF
Shit, that's actually sound advice. Brilliant, Anon.
Wait for the court, later there are 5 different guys paying for a child that´s not even theirs
She was definitely promiscuous, I believe there's four other guys in this mess.

Anon busted the odds and chances of this situation blowing up in my stupid face, which is helpful.

Why do most women like getting their hair pulled, asses spanked, lightly choked, lifted up, earlobes bitten, necks nibbled, and called princess?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You like being lifted up and called princess? lol you homo.

>tfw sub at my core but most womens I've been with were uncomfortable in the dom position so I just have to take on the leading role

who knew sex could be so unfulfilling
A lot of those questions have answers
>tfw literally can't get hard without some sort of power struggle in sex
>either I have to work my ass off or the chick needs to be confident as fuck
>hooked up with a shy 7/10 when I was too tired to be dominant and I got bored of the sex

Never cared for having my hair grabbed in general. Now pinning my arm back and grabbing my neck from behind was ok

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