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>terrible father
>found mentorship through an older brother figure

That's the short of it. Basically everywhere my dad failed me my mentor taught and made up for it.

He's been such a huge influence in my life so naturally I've aspired to be more like him, to the point I wish I were latino like him. Not because I like feel less of a person for my race or anything.

Without really going into the social or political implications is that kind of wishing unhealthy?

For reference I'm white.
How old are you? It seems like you'll grow out it.

It's natural to want to emulate people you look up to. Just don't let yourself turn into Shaun King or something like that
Lucky you, you had someone, my parents didn't want another child so I was locked in a room my entire life. I hate people, I hate having to go out in the World to get supplies...

Good luck to you.

File: 20171021_193208.jpg (1.35 MB, 3264x1836)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
/fit/ here
Today I went to the gym and on my way back I stopped at a (shady) grocery store to buy some food. I found picrelated on the floor near the cash registries, so I assume it fell off some dude's pockets when he grabbed his wallet.
Anyway, this is cocaine, right? I don't drugs so I don't know. It's mostly white powder but I can see bigger "chunks" in there as well.
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3-fpm it's a research chemical
Bath salts do it its fucking great
I've had moon rock as my first experience. I was the most calm and serene I've ever been in my life
Never did it again knowing I'd never get the same effect
Looks like speed to me. Get it tested

File: image.jpg (705 KB, 3264x2448)
705 KB
705 KB JPG
How do you get over someone? I'm in love with this girl, I'm pretty sure she has feelings for me too. But it'll never work out. How can I move on?
>But it'll never work out.
Long distance, for starters. Also she's 16 (I'm 18), and she has highly protective parents. Although it pains me, it's probably more worthwhile to move on.
Long distance, for starters. Also she's 16 (I'm 18), and she has highly protective parents. Although it pains me, it's probably more worthwhile to move on

So a girl I like has blocked me from her story on snapchat. She has liked me in the past and has played hard to get in many ways, but I have always beat her at her own game, but this one has confused me. I confronted her about it but she denies ever blocking me, but a friend of mine who also has her added has said she is posting and I can't see it. I'm trying to figure out whether this is another level of playing hard to get or if she's moved on. Any ideas?
how old are you? have you tried just asking her out instead of playing weird mind games?
I'm 18, she's 17. Our families are close so if things don't work out its causes awkwardness, so that's probably why I'm hesitant.

File: 1.png (291 KB, 691x576)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Like many 4chan users I've resigned myself to dying alone, I realized that I'm a broken person with no redeemable qualities (Trust me I'm not over exaggerating) so my question is how do you deal with the pain of being alone, I'm usually fine but occasionally I see an attractive female and get sad that I can never have her, I tend to masturbate to keep my mind clear but is there a healthier alternative?
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OP here

Some powerful stuff my friend, I feel like I'm close to what your describing, I don't smile anymore I haven't in months, I tend to just...exist my days all tend to blur into one, I look forward to sleep it's the closest I can get to death without opting out
Take some LSD. Best way to die without dying.
>>Ugly (Wouldn't find me attractive)
>>Poor social skills (Speaks for itself)
>>Man child (Still like video games at 20)

I am not good looking
I had and still have poor social skills
I like video game and other bullshit
And yet I'm dating a very attractive and fun girl.

I could do it because I stopped loving my misery and put an end to it
I am not good looking but I practice multiple sports and stopped being self-conscious
I had and still have poor social skills but I always try to meet new people and leave my comfort zone. It oftens backfires. I don't have many friends and it's very stressful but I manage to have a basic social life
I like video game and other bullshit but I don't show that off. I try to find common interests with people. I'm passionnate with what I love and share my enthusiasm in a measured manner
There is no "never" when you're only 20. I was like you at that age and it took me a long time but at 25 I had my first friend, and my first girlfriend. Don't give up

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Lmao dude. Read these books and chill:

>The subtle art of not giving a fuck - Mark Manson.

>How to get a girlfriend - Anonymous.

Both should be on b-ok.

I actually recommend every robot, wizard, neet, numale, virgin, et al. to read these fucking books.

>tl;dr 1: Finding something important and meaningful in your life is the most productive use of your time and energy.

>Life is suffering. But you can choose what to suffer for. The rest can go to fucking hell.

>Also you're probably not destined to greatness, but that's ok because 80% of people is not.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I tried LSD once wasn't that effective saw some cool colors and shapes but that's it. (Only had a low does tho (125ug?)
It's like that song "you can get addicted to a certain kind if sadness", thanks for the advice hopefully over time I can slowly build my way up

File: 1463482907735.jpg (66 KB, 720x960)
66 KB
Sup /adv/,

>Be 23
>8/10 gf
>1 week in
>SUPER strong emotional connection (love?)
>She wants it rough, I like it sensual and romantic
>Try to be rough, cant get it up..
>Go all romantic and cute, last 30 seconds
>After sex she was definitely not fully sexually satisfied

Now its only our first time and I will be playing this as it comes.. let the chips fall were they may however I do want to please her. In my mind I want to dominate/be rough but my dick doesn't work that way right now.. perhaps never?

>Quit weed (2 days ago)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: thelife.png (1.83 MB, 1284x856)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
How do I stop overeating? I'm a shut-in NEET loser on the absolute fringes of society, I hate myself, and food is one of the few pleasures I have left in life. But for years now I've wanted to be less fat.

Anyone have any tips? (no, "eat less" doesn't help)
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It's less about eating less than about eating right. You need to give up on your favorite foods, not cut down on them. You can eat all day long non stop as long as it's all vegetables. Start learning the incredibly complicated world of nutrition, the knowledge will be valuable for the rest of your life. Though I swear to got if you go keto I will sense it and come to your house and kill you.

I'll start you off with some basics, there are 3 basic nutrients, fat carbs and protein, that you need to get in abundance. Eating healthy sources of these is a simple way to be healthy without much thinking.

Complex carbs that are good for you, as oppose to sugar, come from plants. Eat your goddamn vegetables, carrots and potatoes are notable sources of sugar and starch, leafy greens are full of vitamins and minerals. Try to get a variety of colors in your diet as dumb as that sounds.

Healthy fats are omegas. Get these from eggs, milk(despite the great nutritional value, milk has essentially been blamed for cancer, consume at your own risk), avocados, flax seed oil, fish oil.

The deal with protein is you need a complete profile of amino acids, you need all the different proteins. Only sources of all the proteins you need in one food are eggs, milk, and soy. 90% complete proteins are meat and quinoa. Nuts and seeds and certain veggies have sparse amounts of protein. Note that pea protein is only 50% complete.

Good luck anon, let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
Eat less does help. Don't be one of the fat fuckers who just wines at every bit of advice that isn't fairy dust.

I am on a diet plan right now and have dropped 40 pounds. Here is what I do
1. I have an app on my phone that counts calories.
2. I only eat in the number it lets me.
3. If I want to splurge I make sure to hit the gym and adjust my day to have said food.
4. I keep doing it. If I fuck up I do it the next day.
5. I eat healthy foods. You would be surprised how much unfried chicken or fish you can eat for a couple hundred calories. No fast food. No fried shit. Trying to cut out most bread now.
6. I gave up energy drinks and am on my way to quieting soda too.

It is gonna take time to lose the weight. Deal with it and keep puttering along.
eca stack
Drink water
And if you want results, start smoking

File: Snapchat-257830058-1.jpg (362 KB, 1080x914)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Is college a meme? I'm in Ireland so no student debt. Currently studying bioscience but not happy with it. Works I be better off getting a trade?
dont drop out
work on a supervirus that is activated by melanin level
save the world
>attending an IT

What’s the best way to confront someone who has a fake service dog on the bus?
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Everyone wants to be a cop, yet they hate the idea of a police state. (If the guy lies to the bus driver and says it's a service animal, federal law prevents the driver from prying into the man's private medical history...).
t.Mohammed bin-jihad.
File: 1460412722461.gif (2.02 MB, 300x226)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
Mind your own fucking business OP.
First of all not all pitbulls are aggressive nor are they naturally aggressive.
They are usually popular among dumb retards who do not train or socialize them properly and most likely mistreat them.
Any dog in that situation will turn aggressive and lash out., majority of chihuahuas are like that, if they were bigger they would kill more people that anyone.
Secondly, that is not a pitbull
And finally from the pictures you have posted that dog is not a problem.
He is calm, his stance is peaceful and he is just chilling with his owner, he is use to bus travel and strangers.
His owner has him on a short leash and is keeping a firm hold.
An aggressive dog is easy to spot, dogs don't suddenly lash out for no reason they give obvious warning signs.

It is arseholes like that ruin litterly fucking everything!
People are too entitled and whiny in modern times, grow a pair.
call animal control. pit bulls and their owners should both be put down.
If the dog isn't annoying anyone then leave it be.
I thought dogs were allowed on the bus anyway so long as they are well behaved and don't take up their own seat.

Also fuck you OP for taking photos of someone you don't know in public to post on an imageboard for the sole purpose of shaming them.
>>>tumblr is that way

Femanon here, 20. I live in an apartment with my boyfriend while I go to college. I’m horny 99.5% of the time. He satisfies me immensely, but I want to know how I can get him to be rougher with me. He already pulls my hair, chokes me, spanks me, etc. But I want him to be more dominating than that—I want him to call me his bitch, force me onto the floor and shove his dick in my mouth, slam me against the wall and make out with me, stringing a belt around my neck and pulling it to choke me while he’s fucking me, etc. I’ve tried to hint to him that that’s what I want, even told him directly that I want him to call me his bitch when we’re fucking and he said no. Seems like it’s too much outside of his personality. What more can I do?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The fuck is wrong with thots
He doesn't seem like the type to go with namecalling, but just straight up asking him "be rougher with me please~" couldn't hurt.
Sexually abused as children.
Nobody chooses their kinks, don't be mean. I like things a little more rough too but before meeting my boyfriend (and a little after) I was a complete prude and didn't even know about my kinky side. I am certainly not a hoe as I never was in any kind of intimate relationship outside of what I have with my boyfriend whom I have been dating for years
File: 1482226054658.png (1.06 MB, 749x919)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG

>met this awesome guy online 2 years ago
>never thought of trying an ldr but i loved him so much.
>immediately after our relationship starts we start fighting constantly
>Is ashamed of me, sometimes talks about other girl, ignores me when i'm mad at him
>met his friend
>he's extremely nice and caring
>left my bf for him
>realized all i was trying to do was fill that hole my bf left during the relationship
>only realize after 1year of dating the new guy
>left the new guy
I'm a complete piece of shit and i'm glad i'm hurting this way, i hope my ex finds someone better than me. He had his bad moments but he had his good moments as well.
I'll never bother him again, but i wish he knew how sorry i am, not that it matters anyways.
I love him so deeply but i don't deserve him.
I don't know if i'll ever be okay, i just want to know how you move on from someone who you've hur
File: 1496994248659.png (528 KB, 707x541)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
>fighting constantly
lol he's probably isn't hurt that much. I wouldn't if it's just some chick I met online and fucked then passed to my friend

someone post that tweet by Tyler
you know exactly which one I'm talking about

File: 1505478155273.png (1.19 MB, 863x658)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
I don't like having my apartment clean
My apartment was really neat Wich is an odd thing for me and I got really angry at something and trashed it, broke a some stuff and it's now a mess
I like it better like this, clean and organized appart ends are for happy people and I'm not a happy person, it feels like someone else lives here not me
When does a dirty home become a Hazzard? How dirty is ok?
As long as you can find a way to contact a therapist, your house is fine.

File: rlbmzfatja3z.png (28 KB, 429x459)
28 KB
Guys I need help
A qtπ I've been flirting with invited me to carve pumpkins with her and a couple other people.
Problem is I fucking hate carving pumpkins and have litteraly no interesting ideas.
I'm gonna go cos I'll take what I can get but wth do i do without coming off as either a aspie or tard.
>Pic unrelated
Show up late to roast the seeds if you hate carving that much.
Look up cool pumpkins untill you get an inspiration and try to create something. Dont forget its not about the pumpkins its about having fun with her
Well I’m guessing the whole point she invited you to go and meet her friends is to make sure you’re a normal functioning human being. I’d recommend you prepare some topics to talk about such as some video games you’ve been playing, tv shows, your hobbies etc. Also prepare a funny story or two. As long as you can contribute to the conversations and not be socially retarded, you’ll be fine.

Once you’re done pumpkin carving, ask her if she wants to go on a walk to the store quick or something, as long as you can get some alone time with her you’ll be able to flirt with her more and maybe go beyond that. Good luck OP

Is it normal to sit on the phone with a girl for hours and neither of you speak for minutes before one of you starts a conversation that lasts a few minutes before it returns to silence?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1479957457061.gif (831 KB, 271x169)
831 KB
831 KB GIF
>raped as kid
Wowowooowww...hold on there anon.
How old was she when she was raped?
Have you never seen Pulp Fiction? Being able to comfortably enjoy silence with each other without feeling pressured to say things is a good thing. You enjoy eachother's company. If you feel pressured, it's almost like you are performing and aren't really you.
If I have nothing to say to my girlfriend then I just say I can’t be bothered to speak. Quite honestly I hate talking in the phone for ages unless someone has something important to say because I find it quite boring. I just make an excuse or just say I’ll speak to you later. I prefer to watch something together, go somewhere or play video games together.
I do it with my best friend sometimes, I don't with my boyfriend though

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
Need serious /adv/

> moved out to study at college
> met my gf
> two years older, graduated, with a job and a dog
> she wanted to leave her house just to "mature" and get better with her family
> started living together 6 months later
> life is horrible. I'm always crying, feeling atacked by her, I don't have mental stability

When I was single I felt i could do everything, that i was strong. Now I just feel like shit, everyday crying and I can't stand her stuff.
I think I love here, but this life is killing me. In some big discussions I even injuried myself hiting shits.

I don't know what to do. At firs she was the inestable person and I tried to help her. Now I'm playing that rol but she can't stand me too.
Leave her you stupid fuck. AND STOP FUCKING CRYING!
She sounds like a manipulative bitch and you sound like a man child. You need to leave her and also grow up a bit and dont get into another serious relationship until you learn how to have some control over yourself and your woman.

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