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File: 1515668381513.jpg (14 KB, 196x167)
14 KB
What question would you ask a being that literally knew the answer to everything?
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Are they going to murder me?
Well depends, if the all-seeing eye says you have to eat nothing but spinach and broccoli for the rest of your life so you can go to heaven instead of hell, then maybe that's worth knowing.
File: bruno.png (139 KB, 313x315)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
How can I discover the tecnology to travel to other galaxies in a short amount of time (less than 1 year)?
There are many things more important than a cute GF.
If you rated the value of each human being on a scale of 1 to 10, what number would I be?
nvm we are talking again. Thanks OP

tips for anger management? my baseline mood is annoyed/frustrated and i blow up at any inconvenience, mistake, failure, etc. i punch things a lot too, and the only thing that stops me from putting holes in my walls is that at the last second i remember that i rent my apartment. traffic, videogames, unironically spilled milk, all of these things make me fly into a blind rage and i don't know why. is it a self-esteem thing?

i feel like an overly-emotional manchild but therapy has always been trash and useless
>feel like an overly-emotional manchild but therapy has always been trash and useless
Man up and focus that energy into something, anything, productive. It sounds like you've got a lot of adrenaline and there's great ways to use that if you can just learn to focus it. If you can't find anything productive quickly enough, just go for a run. It'll run its course and then you can get on with your day. As long as you're sure to burn it out, it'll be more manageable next time.
I will try. Not sure what to do that's productive though, because I am really bad at making progress at anything and I get mad when I waste my time. Running is good though, thanks
>not sure what to do that's productive
Well there's the usual home maintenance (laundry, dishes, trash, general cleaning, minor repairs, yard stuff). But anything that basically makes you feel tired (such as running) will work.
Irritability is most often a symptom of a bigger problem. I don't feel that we have enough information here but I can tell you that most happy people don't fly off the handle about little things.

Figure out what about your life is making you unhappy and figure out a way to change it.

File: hmm.png (82 KB, 300x300)
82 KB
what does it mean if a girl breaks up with you after a year together in order to "find herself"?
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It means she’s tired of the relationship. Or has so much shit going on in her life at the moment and she just sees you as another liability. Don’t take it too personally.

t. Someone who has used the same excuse before
She wants to find herself impaled on other dick.
incels are out hot for this thread
I'm no incel, but this is a standartphrase for girls that got bored from their life/relationship and want to get wasted.

Don't worry op. If you've found her a year ago you'll find another one. Pls don't get into the incelmania.
yeah shit happens
I had a bad breakup pretty recently and felt really bad / insecure but then it hit me. If one woman wanted to be with me right now in my life that means there's others that do too. But I'm not going to find them being a sap and doing nothing

I feel hair trapped inside my sinuses. What do I do?
Sinuses don't really have the ability to sense that (it's all in your head, hah!). But blow your nose. Or use one of those allergy nose sprays. Or consult a doctor.

File: 1487055778356.png (11 KB, 268x188)
11 KB
How the fuck do I make money at home? I can't go into work tomorrow. I'm honestly on the edge of a mental break down but I'm scared to quit and need the money.
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Not OP, but what resources would you recommend for learning to code by yourself?
This, first you'll need to work in some company, not remotely for sure, but you'll quickly gain experience that'll let you either get a comfy job as a dev (because devs are in demand, companies create good working environment for them), or work remotely/as a freelancer
I started doing video course called Upskill, then I did Free Code Camp, which was great because it actually gave you tasks you needed to do all by yourself. Learned a lot of javascript through that. Then I laided a work where I got opportunity to use quite big API with node.js lib written to use it, and step by step I learnt more and more node.js.
As someone who spent the past 2 years after graduating building a startup with a friend that is now folded, where the hell do you get those remote dev jobs.
Get your shoes on and go to work, sloth.
Go to work bitch.

Should I buy a 12.9 ipad pro now or wait to see if they go on sale for black friday? For context, I want one right fucking now.
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2 items. I've had an ipad since 2014 and it's totally superfluous. My phone does everything it can do and it has none of the functionality of a laptop. With a kindle instead of an ipad you can actually be productive instead of owning a distraction machine of games and porn.
Except you can't use a phone as a drawing board, the screen is too small to comfortably watch anything on for more than a quick clip, and I'd easily argue that the iPad has plenty of functionality and productivity if you buy a keyboard for it. It's also extremely thin.

I'm flying to Hawaii next week and I won't have to bring jack shit besides this to entertain myself, keep in touch with work, or be productive if needed. Try watching your phone for a 7 hour flight without it dying or getting sick of it and just staring at the back of the seat.

Just because you don't go anywhere or do anything doesn't mean there isn't a ton of value in having a do-it-all device that's the size of a magazine.
Did you miss >>20164201 this?

Considering that a new model is going to be released in about a week, why would you buy a 2017 iPad Pro right now? All the dopes who "need" to buy the latest Apple product are going to go do their dopey thing. If you're ok with the 2017 model you'll probably be able to pick up a used one for cheap.

For the price, I'd be more apt to go with a Microsoft Surface Pro. If you don't need the flexibility of a "full" computer and you're happy trapping yourself in the Apple walled garden though, sure, go with an iPad.

>I don't use an ipad, therefore you don't have a use for an ipad.
>I am undisciplined, therefore everyone must be undisciplined.

The world must be an extremely confusing place for you.
>using an ipad as a drawing board
Yikes, there's far superior drawing tech at a cheaper rate than a fucking ipad.

>I'd easily argue that the iPad has plenty of functionality and productivity if you buy a keyboard for it
lmao please tell me you're joking. OP do not listen to this retard, you will be sorely disappointed if you try to use an iPad as a substitute to a laptop. Get an actual computer if you have work to do the iOS UI is a joke for doing any work beyond simple key inputs.

>I'm flying to Hawaii next week
Better get a pair of Quietcomfort 15s, an iPhone X, Smart Tech™ Smart Luggage, and vibrating neck pillow to match.

>Try watching your phone for a 7 hour flight
>I like to watch moobies on da plane because I'm a good boy

>Just because you don't go anywhere or do anything doesn't mean there isn't a ton of value in having a do-it-all device that's the size of a magazine.
I have 10 million airline miles and have lived in 23 states. A smartphone and kindle covers all needs and easily slides in/out of your carryon between renewing your membership to the mile high club. Only a plebian manchild who doesn't have a home theater would drop a grand on a tablet to watch movies on airplanes.
I do use an ipad and it's exclusively to watch porn and play games because my other devices do everything else better.

File: IMG_6110.jpg (147 KB, 500x730)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>hopelessly in love with new girl at work
>qt 3.14, humble, shy and nubile
>get on with her
>she's in a long term relationship

What's my best course of action?
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>mysterious activity on phone during work hours
Who else would it be if not her orbiting work boyfriend who confessed to her?
File: IMG_2797.png (39 KB, 656x755)
39 KB
You're right.
You are legitimately too stupid to pull this off, your posts reek of an unwarranted sense of intellect. You will never accept this because you're emotionally underdeveloped, but I enjoy telling you anyway. You'll be found out and probably forced to leave your job at the very least.

Have fun.
It's not impossible to fuck someone else's girl but it sounds like you're not talking to at least 4 girls at once and your not like "this girl with a boyfriend is on my dick what do" so you're probably missing that high smv energy.

The best course of action here is to court other women, your current machinations are embarrassing at best.
>I can see how doing this is immoral, but if we get together and both have a good time does it really matter?

if I learned that a man sabotaged my current happiness in the hope that it would be "better" in the long run, I would counterpoint that I was already happy and that who I date is not only my fucking business, but my personal choice free from manipulation

and if you succeeded, it would be immoral to then keep that information from her, as a partner deserves a right to know when you're doing shit that would change whether she'd stay with your ass

in other words, stop being a fucking creep

File: Matt-Parziale.jpg (63 KB, 768x543)
63 KB
what qualifications do you need to be a fire fighter?
1. be a good person
2. be chad
Firefighters are overwhelmingly arsonists. Be an arsonist.
Right now i'm debating between fire acadmy or finishing up this teaching degree and doing English. I've always wanted to be a teacher though. I just want the simple life of learning and helping kids

but I got firefighters in my family, so I been thinking about it

File: 1540171382231.jpg (130 KB, 1010x568)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
How do I get a job outside customer service with little to no labor? I've been doing this meme for 8 years and am so tired of it. Monster and Indeed feel like huge scams. What do?
Security. Or do trucking. Most of the or guys don't do much other than drive. Stay with dry van.
Meant otr. Long haul.
Security sounds nice. Would be even better if first shift. Do I just use the typical websites then for applying?

File: bat plan.png (2.51 MB, 1041x1600)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
OK, so person 1 is a friend of person 2 and I actually likes person 2. Problem is, at this momment, person 1 is literally the only person who can help me right now with this and I'm sure that talking to this human being will literally end all my questions about person 2. Problem is, even knowing that person 1 is a good friend to me and really reliable, this can be really risky.
Go on, /adv/riends, tell me what to do even without any context.
File: el bano.jpg (79 KB, 716x768)
79 KB
You need to be 18+ to be on this board. fuck outta here with your high school drama

File: 15402466700271591305705.jpg (2.25 MB, 2448x2448)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Be me
Dont have a lot of friends
The friends i do have are too busy living their own lives or are acting low key fake
Be depressed since 13
Always thought my sadness would eventually go away
Never has
No job
5 k in debt
Cant get a loan
Should i just kms

File: christian family.jpg (420 KB, 950x1457)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Hey /adv/
How can a NEET like me start a trad christian family from scratch?
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I honestly don't know what it is with Indians - why are you so fucking uber-thirsty for the white poontang? Watch Pajeet in a western lap dancing club, his wallet will be raped and he'll fall in love 12 times in an evening.

If I end up in one on a stag party I'm like "bring me a vastly overpriced bottle of whisky please, good, now THOT begone"

Pajeet isn't like a black man willing to take on the big girls, he wants slender 7/10+ only.

Thirsty as fuck and doomed to a lifetime of fap and frustration.
Step one: meet based e-girl
Step two: go on a few dates, fall in love with every aspect of her personality
Step three: have her ghost you
Step four: cry knowing that you have probably peaked your romantic life at 20 and no girl will meet her caliber.
Go to church. Embrace jesus as your savior. Learn a little latin. Join a Christian dating site. Find someone from your denomination. Take the sacrament of matrimony.
damn, look at that hot body. What a demon.

File: mwmWeJry_400x400.jpg (35 KB, 351x351)
35 KB
i'm a 19 male in first year collage but feel stuck in the mindset of a 14 year old where i don't really give a fuck about anything and have been through out high school.
what's wrong with me and when am i supposed to feel like an adult and start giving a shit about school and stuff?
Get a credit card, the adulting should kick in shortly after that one way or another.

File: wkrhp.jpg (179 KB, 1703x1080)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Should I rejoin society? How do I?

I spent the past 3 years in a bubble of lifting, working, smashing sloots on occasion.

I rarely socialize except online with old friends and family. I don't watch any sports. I don't keep up with politics. I don't watch Netflix, any Hollywood media, I don't even play video games.

I live, i work, I feed myself and that's really about it, sort of like prison.

As a result I can barely relate to anyone. I can't even connect with turbo nerds.i have no friends, my parents are almost dead, and I'm pretty fucking alone - the few coworkers I do have make me feel even more isolated.

I post on 4chan and leddit every day and this is my window into the world and other people--not face to face human interaction.

I suffered a lot of trauma-inducing losses in the past couple years also, moving away from my best friends, some friends of mine actually dying including one of my closest ones, and I don't want to connect with anyone because I know it'll just end.

They say life is all about relationships but I just despise the idea of constantly rotating people in and out of my life. I want someone to fucking stay, and if they don't just leave me alone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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An Hero before it gets any worse.
I'm definitely overthinking it because I don't have any experience and am imagining all the ways it could go wrong. What does the second part mean?
I have Aspergers and a fair number of other stuff. Depersonalization for example. I really don't want to make a list. It only reminds me of things I don't want to be reminded about.

But, in short, it fucking sucks. Everything takes more effort. And I keep on having the sensation that I don't exist. It's a terrible thing, to not exist. Your life passes, things break down and you know you could fix things if you could just do something. But you can't, because you don't exist. And no motivation will help. Not hunger, not thirst, not lust, not love, not any of the senses. Inside a part of me is screaming to wake up and do something, anything but I can't.

And I've run out of ways to compensate, to manage. And the only time I feel anything approaching positive is when I dream away. And for a while I truly believe I am someone else, someone happier. but at the end I remember who I am and I crash.

And I tried to remove all bad things from my life. Now, I'm at a fairly good place, physically. I should be happy. But I know they'll come back. And my body is permanently in a state of fight/flight. Every noise makes me startle.

I wish I could live alone. I wish I could lock my house and know that I was alone and no one was near and I would be safe. I don't know if I would be happy, I don't know if I can still be happy. But it's better than this. It's gotto be better than this.
sounds like you want a mommy and daddy who will never leave you.
>I don't wanna interact with people, because some day they'll be gone.
Why do you start eating a slice of cake, if you're going to finish it?

Yeah, this is serious...
As a compsci student there are almost no girls I interact on a daily basis.
I've been told I look pretty handsome and I don't really have any social disabilities.
How can I change my daily routine to find one?
change where you do some things. If there's a lounge or general public loitering spot, do your homework there instead of elsewhere.
>I don't really have any social disabilities
>yet still posting on here
>fucking 4chan

yeah, well, thats the part I laughed most at.
I can just act like an extrovert if I feel like it.
But that gives me a social hangover.

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