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File: how-to-have-pretty-eyes.jpg (625 KB, 2560x1600)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Is it normal for a 35 yr old to have debt?

Someone interested in me recently mentioned being in debt and he doesn't have a home (rents with roomates). Also he hasn't been in school so only has a high school diploma. I'm just wondering how someone would get in debt without these factors. Is this a red flag? Also I'm 25 and I'm finishing up a nursing degree with little debt due to working internships and budgeting well. I'd like kids sometime soon ish but he mentioned not wanting any until 40, would that effect my children's health?
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This is pretty common in the USA. It could be a car loan or something. I don't see it as a red flag unless you go to his place and it's a shithole.
Even students?
debt is the norm
Americans die with debt

it always surprises me that it's the dude with debt though
Dumbass. It's normal for people to have debt. Most people have it under control. Student loans, homeowner mortgage etc all qualify as debt.
The fact that you even have to ask means that you're a total moron.

Have fun

File: 1492921959656.jpg (62 KB, 540x540)
62 KB
Going to be convincted for conspiracy MDMA trafficking soon and I'm unsure whether I will ever get a job with my mechanical engineering degree. My GPA is a 3.3 and I don't have much experience aside from my solidworks certification (have had prison dangling over my head for the last two years of college so I was unsure whether I was even going to graduate let alone take an internship).

Does anyone have any insight on to how I I could help my chances of being employed or should I get a welding certificate/ some trade skill and abandon engineering ?

I did what I did to get myself through school and it's really the only thing ive got going for me right now (family are financial losers).
It is quite possible they won't count it as a felony, did you take a plea bargain?
Why don't you get a welding certificate on top of your engineering degree, get some fabrication experience or whatnot as a welder, and then use that to your advantage. An engineer with actual practical hands-on experience from welding/lathes/milling/whatever is > same engineer without that experience.

The most talented people I know have both theoretical and practical background/experience to some extent. And the smartest one I know among them, is an ex drug user/dealer who now has two degrees and a high-paying job.

Anything is possible as long as you don't limit yourself.

During WW2 there was a guy in the Norwegian resistance by the name of Max Manus. After the war he was approached by several former nazi collaborators who had served their time but couldn't find work anywhere on account of siding with the wrong crowd during the war.

Max had set up an office supplies business after the war, and it was blooming. So you know what he did? He hired his former enemies, they had done their time in prison and that was all he needed to know.

There will always be employers like him willing to give everyone a chance. Even a second chance.
Why do you want to help a world that makes your life hell over basically giving somebody a bottle of vodka and a red bull? Certain rich people can sell drugs in liquor stores, but you are the devil for not giving psychopaths tax dollars to do nothing but add suffering to the world to justify them taking more tax dollars?

Focus on the better reality. People already laid down the groundwork we just need more of the collective consciousness to banish these parasites for good. Chances are you won't even get any charges.
Just apply for jobs and don't mention it unless they ask you about it: in which case tell the truth but say something along the lines of "i was young and stupid xD it's in the past and I've been drug free ever since" blah blah blah you're a college boy you'll figure something out

File: 1495684248184.jpg (81 KB, 960x929)
81 KB
My roommate is in a romantic/sexual relationship with a girl who has blatantly acknowledged that she's in a long-distance relationship with somebody else that isn't open. They try to hide it from me, but they do a miserable job at it. I was cheated on in my last long-term relationship and it drove me to near suicide, and one of the main reasons was because it was able to go on for so long without me being privy to it. Because of my past experiences, I feel a crisis of conscience in allowing this to continue without the victim knowing (or at the very least, the relationship continuing). I want to collect irrefutable proof and present it to the victim.

I actually kind of like my roommate though so I don't really want to nuke my relationship with him over this. I also don't think that there's any way I can pull this off without the 2 of them knowing it was me. I don't really give a shit about the girl though, I have zero concern regarding what happens to her.

Should I try to just nut up and deal with what's happening? Should I collect the proof and then present an ultimatum to the girl so she might be able to have a smoother out with the guy? Feeling kind of between a rock and a hard place here.
Find a way to prove it to the other guy without there being any way that they could know that you were the one who was responsible

File: 7d1.jpg (49 KB, 600x649)
49 KB
hello /adv so mostly i use android based devices and dont have much experience using an ipad and cant find the help i am looking for online . so heres my question i cant find a good free video poker for my ant and uncle to play . i know this is a wierd thing to ask help with but i have tried hundreds of different apps but they all make you pay for credits if any one knows a truly free app please tell me it would make my aunt and uncle so very happy
Good luck with that

They're all pay2play

What do people even do over weekends?

Im an anti-social introvert who doesn't work weekends. All I end up doing is a bit of shopping and chores before going home to watch tv/play games.

I end up feeling bad that my weekends just come and go, but nothing particularly interest me either.
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Meet some friends or friendgroups, spend time with family, work out on saturday, lay in bed if I can. This stuff recharges me
I'm the same as you, but recently started doing a programming course on udemy. I actually really enjoy it and spend a lot of time on that instead.

I think there's something for everyone, just make sure you wait for the sales which happen very often.

I used to go to meetups since I like to just bail or not show up if I wasn't feeling it. Just go to ones where there's so many people, that you dont ruin anything with this behaviour or take up a spot. Can't do that to friends so it's a good option if you like an out.
Hey how would I get into dnd if I know no one who plays it? Always been really interested.
/tg/ has some good threads for info. D&D 5th ed is actually free to get started. There are a ton of resources online.

https://5etools.com/5etools.html This is a good one I use to make characters.

To get into a game, try looking to see if you have a local game store that sells game books, magic the gathering cards, comic books, etc. The kind that sometimes hosts games. You can meet people there.

It's really fun and a good way to socialize if you're introverted. It sometimes attracts people who are accidentally jerks because they don't have good social skills, though.
Roll20 is an excellent resource for online sessions. Look into that and you'll likely find a group.

Ide suggest checking local game or comic stores after that. They likely have sign ups.

Bottom barrel is craigslist. This is where you find some REAL motherfuckers. Don't go to these of you're a woman, but I can't back that up with more than an assumption of the players you'll find.

>go through sisters laundry
>sniff her crusty panties

Am i a sick person?
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Shouldn't her pheromones throw him off?
You’re a disgusting autistic creeper. I dont want to know what goes through your perverted mind before doing shit like this. Reevaluate your life and leave 4chan for a while so you can realize you’re gross. How do you look at her after this?
Nah I did it, but she was my step sister, didn't smell very good as I recall.
File: 1484524420776.jpg (49 KB, 402x604)
49 KB
As his hot sister, don't you realize he can love her as senpai, but still lust after her???
Only if you got a disease from it.

File: jack.jpg (135 KB, 531x573)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How do you properly deal with people whom are rude to you?

I was yard saling and I found this jacket I liked for just a few bucks. but whenever I wear it people aren't pleasant like they usually are. I was at the store and a woman accused me of trying to shoplift. Another person told me no loitering because this isn't the lottery minutes after I was browsing the store. I went to get some Dixie's after and a little girl's mother called me a show off. I didn't think anything of it when I was buying it and I do like wearing it but the negative attention bums me out. I feel like women might be able to relate to this more since they generally have to put up with more criticism than guys over things like this
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I suggest wearing a v neck underneath with your chest hair spilling out for the world to see. Most can't handle the machismo and look away blushing.

>have leather jacket
>people steer clear
Fucking serious?

Why isn't this like, a broadly proclaimed life hack? I need a leather jacket right now.

To OP-- try smiling more and looking more disarming/happy/amiable. I know I personally have some serious resting bitch face.
I went through the same thing at one point
Now I wear leather/edgy clothing all of the time and get complimented on a daily basis despite not being fit, because I stopped giving a fuck

Not even confidence or pride or whatever normie crap people spout, just a complete lack of caring

People will pick up on your attitude and reflect it. Also idk what your hygiene situation is but wash yo ass. A dirty ass will not help the situation
>And fuck other people for judging a book by it's cover,
File: the-walking-dead-negan.jpg (355 KB, 1440x960)
355 KB
355 KB JPG

Bad guys wear that jacket.

File: lonely.jpg (33 KB, 1200x654)
33 KB
I'm authentically lonely, I don't have a single soul in this world. No family, no friends, nothing.

It's a long story how I got to this point, but it's not because I'm mentally and physically deficient, at least not to an extreme.

Any tips on what to do? I'm pretty shy.
Make the conscious decision to change, then take opportunities if they come up. People are fucking awful, and in this psycho run world the worst people climbed to the top of the social ladder in the beginning. Because of this, it's hard to get initiated into anything because people are like ew someone different. Make sure you try not to be too much of a drag though. Give as much as you take so people aren't like ok let's drop them. Life is fucked. I had hundreds of friends at one point, but when all was said and done only two people would actually do something to help. Everyone else I had stuff in common with, but they wouldn't like some of my other friends or I wouldn't like some of theirs or something. Retarded shit now that im thinking back on it.

File: image.jpg (48 KB, 391x391)
48 KB
Hello /adv/ I was wondering how to stop being an anti social fuck.

Long story short
> I think I’m addicted to human contact
> I always need someone to talk to or something to distract me so I can sleep or just not be alone with my thoughts.
> I love helping people when I’m talking to them it makes me feel useful or needed
> it’s nice when I can trust others to help me too
So how to I stop being addicted to contact it’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to sleep without having someone to talk to unless I have a good distraction

File: this-tastes-awful.jpg (89 KB, 866x1300)
89 KB
I know it's against the rules to ask for advice on suicide, but I think this calls for it:

>be me
>fapping for as long as I can remember
>slowly develop kinks over time
>gradually; one after the other
>first it started out with drawn furry porn
>then live action furry porn
>then the hardcore stuff
>then fursuits
>then crotchless fursuits
>then porn with actual animals in it
>then jacking it to animals while wearing a crotchless fursuit
>fast forward to now

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Eat tide pods
This board is not for fun. Go to /r9k/ to post this. It was funny though.
No one is going to give a teen suicide advice at least I’m not also this sounds like a lame reason to suicide

File deleted.
Hey /adv/ i think i mighy have a problem, im an 18 year old female, but i feel like ive never really been attracted to someone. I feel horny and sexual desire, but only at home when im not anxious, is this normal for someone with serious anxiety/mental problems? Will i never love someone?
Just be friends with more people like you, as far as your anxiety issue goes you could get a therapist maybe it would help but it might not
You mean romantically attracted as well?
You're probably just afraid that everyone will hurt you in some way so you're not willing to put yourself out there to be with someone thereby not being attracted to an actual person and you'd be more inclined to fantasize about an unattainable person or character.
So yes, it can be considered normal but it's paranoia if you can't see yourself getting used to someone

File: serveimage.jpg (44 KB, 1600x900)
44 KB
Does anybody else have no friends IRL and almost never goes outside? If so, how do you deal with loneliness?
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Hardcore introvert here. Never get lonely. If I did, a dog would satisfy most of my social needs.
I feel strangely lonely as a high functioning autistic person, why must I feel this way.
How do you go from unstable-introvert to stable?

I don't get lonely at all, but I'm also a pretty angry and bitter person - I want to be one of those calm introverts.
I think the only thing you can do is to find coping mechanisms so you appear as a stable to others. But inside you will still have the same chaos as now.
File: bbywantsnak.jpg (110 KB, 605x807)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I've spent a couple of years building multiple layers of social networks to stave off the crushing loneliness. I keep it well-manicured and cut out anyone who compromises my happiness, regardless of the reason. In other words, my social life is a job, and I treat it as such. It breaks down like this:

>top priority contact
>frequent everyday texting
>make time out of my schedule daily to call with him
>if visits happen, all other social obligations are nulled during that time

IRL friends/acquaintances
>medium to medium low priority contacts
>try and reach out to all of them every week via text and Facebook
>try to hangout at least once a week with at least one of them
>wait for them to reciprocate before hosting the next one

online friends/acquaintances

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: IMG_4295.png (34 KB, 657x657)
34 KB
It's just comfortable to believe that the Christian God is real. It helps me bond with others and belief provides warmth in times of sadness. How can I let go even though I know that Christianity is flawed? It's like I want to be ignorant and not think
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Learn that the great things in america was nowhere near christian. Learn that the worst people you’ve met in your life have been christians.
There most likely isn't a god because the concept was invented by humans.
I can relate to this >>19164221

As someone that just can't quite believe, but really wants to with all my desire I don't know why you wouldn't be happy with this.

I mean, I don't want to be super religious, I don't want it to really change big parts of my life, I just want to believe and feel comfortable.

Can anyone else relate?
There are christian theologians that have said stuff like "if you can comprehend it then it isnt god."

Religions is complex man.
What are the flaws brother? Give me some examples.

So I (female) have only done molly with boyfriends. We have an amazing time which often eventually leads to super hot and passionate sex.
Me, my boyfriend, and his best friend (I am pretty good friends with him too) are planning on doing molly at a concert in May, then splitting a hotel room.
I've never done MDMA with "just friends" and I do have some sexual and emotional attraction to his best friend, but it is contained, since I am very happy in my relationship.
Should I be overly worried about anything happen to cross boundaries or hurt my relationship? Or do you think that my rational brain will still be intact enough to not try to do anything that would be relationship sabotage?
>Should I be overly worried about anything happen to cross boundaries or hurt my relationship?
Yes, you used the word "overly" because you know its more of a concern then normal.

>Or do you think that my rational brain will still be intact enough to not try to do anything that would be relationship sabotage?
I'm not sure its intact right now.

I've done molly with my boyfriend too, so we both know this "plan" isn't the best of ideas.
The fact that you're attracted to him and already concerned about it makes it seem like this isn't a good idea. Maybe don't go to the hotel afterwards with him?

First time I did molly with my boyfriend I was worried I'd say compromising things and it only partially happened (told him I loved him lol). I feel like the effects of MDMA are somewhat unpredictable and emotionally charged.

File: sanrio tote.jpg (149 KB, 1170x600)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Is it safe to throw in a Pokemon Center Mimikyu plushie and a tote bag from sanrio into a washing machine and drier? I got them on a trip visiting my ldr boyfriend, but then I had to return home, and the place I live is so filthy that they got kind of dirty instantly. It makes me so sad, I hate being in such a dirty place, and seeing these nice things being tainted really upsets me.

Don't say just clean up. If this place wasn't totally out of control, I would've done it already. I can't do anything about this mess. I just want my things I got on a trip with the person who matters most to me in the world to be clean ;_; pic related, it's the tote
hand wash the tote in cold water and wash the surface of the plush with a wet cloth and some soap
>Don't say just clean up. If this place wasn't totally out of control, I would've done it already. I can't do anything about this mess.

BullSHIT. I made these types of excuses for years. Get your fucking life together and stop making excuses for yourself. Who cares about your tote, you have more problems on your hands if you've let everything around you turn into disgusting shit.

Grow up.
Thank you.

But I didn't. I came to my dad's house unknowing of the situation. I didn't do any of this. I try my best to keep things around me clean, but my dad and his family just don't give a fuck, to the point they don't have any way to properly bathe and think it's totally okay. Please don't make assumptions about my situation. I'm doing the best that I can.

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