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>tfw you haven't accomplished any of your long-term goals and you're in your late 20s

time for slow death by alcoholism
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Make me
File: 1529213801374.jpg (165 KB, 516x740)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Or you could just keep trying.
Kernel Sanders was a failure almost his whole life, he tried so hard to be successful in so many walks of life untill eventually he gave up and just went back to the one thing he was good at, frying chicken, then, as an elderly man, he finally found his fortune and success.

Never, ever give up. There's just no point.
Didn't he sell the franchise to some company and then get bitter at the inevitable fall in quality?
>Never, ever give up. There's just no point.
But your anecdote explicitly describes the Colonel as trying repeatedly and failing for most of his life, and only after giving up did he find success. Surely the lesson is "give up early to be successful quicker"?

File: 1529259097035.png (314 KB, 1053x1080)
314 KB
314 KB PNG

File: IMG_0933.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG

Hey you guys I am looking for help finding a job on a boat or anything around water.i currently work at a junkyard full time .d kick out of my apartment by my ex and now force to live at my moms like a loser.please help me better myself and get away thanks bros

File: 1517997637736.jpg (92 KB, 1210x960)
92 KB
Turned 21 last month and I'm in the same position I was in when I was 16, worse even. It was my dream to go to college but I fucked that up somehow. I'm talented but have insomnia and some undiagnosed mental disorders, which is a meme term, but I'm definitely past the point where others have gotten clinical diagnoses, for even the most casual forms of depression. Hell I must be practically insane compared to them. Well anyway I've done literally nothing with my life. My talents are music, programming and literature. Good enough with them to perform the functions of a "professional" in any of the three fields. But I'm neurotic or something. It's 5:30AM rn and I haven't slept. I have an internet addiction and a bad case of hyperreality-induced mindfuckery, suffered abuse as a child and still live with my mom, in the same house under the same conditions. I absolutely loathe living but I realize that this is because I am frustrated with myself for not having the wherewithal to live as myself.

What do you think I should do, given these circumstances? For example I could just focus on my inhibitions, maybe try to fix them (can't see a psychiatrist or anything like that, don't want anybody to know I'm crazy). Or I could focus on getting a job, a car, eventually going to college etc, which scares the shit outta me because I will surely fuck that up somehow whether it be going insane from forced involvement in an overwhelming world or by staying up too late and sleeping through lectures, or missing lectures, or deciding to quit altogether like a coward.
What do you think I should do?
Obviously fix your mental health issues

You ain't going anywhere in life with those issues
Pull yourself together and Move Out!

Are you going to use your Mental State of Mind as an Excuse for everything, or are you Sentient enough to know "Yes I Can!"?

This isn't 1973, in this day and age, you need to think for yourself and do everything only for your benefits!

Get a Health Plan, Exercise a Little, Take a Literary Class, Download a Cracked Version of FL Studio and make a few Songs!

We have a saying here that goes: "A Smart Man goes where he's happy, a fool stays where he's needed."

So what are you?
go for the job
The problems are not external. Plenty of people start college at your age or older (at least 25% at most colleges, over 50% at some). Beginning bands are hungry for people who can combine music and programming.

So, as you suspect, the problems lie within you.Why not see a shrink? You don't have to go for years of deep analysis, just help-me-through-this-paralysis guidance.

How do I deal with my fucking PTSD? I start fucking crying every fucking time when I remember that shit, when I drive I see the lead car blowing up and the torned off leg flying, I hear the fucking bullets banging on the side of the car, when I fucking sleep I dream about the RPG rocket that missed me hitting my head and tearing my face apart, I cant fucking rest dor a minute because my mind is always.racing and I always feel the shit heavy weight in my chest
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willing to travel to Switzerland?
Screw your family if they don't want you to get help. Your family should support you getting help for your problems, not holding you back.
You could try lurking rekt threads. Might desensitize you or make it worse idk.
Not the gore that fucked me up, we were on a patrol when an IED blew up under our car, it wasnt big enough to penetrate the floor it only flipped us to the side and when we crawled out and advanced forward a RPG was fired on us and it flew past me, its shrieking sound and the airwave I felt in that moment which causing me my nightmares, I dream about that rocket hitting me in the face and I hear its screaming sound and the sound when bullets hit the sidearmor of the car, its like when hail is hitting the roof but sharper and echoy
You have cte. Get help.

Needed an image.

Strange situation. Hear me out.

I stumbled upon a tiny website offering acceptable rates for articles and a recruitment post directing people there that's received hardly any views (~30). To my knowledge, I may as well have the job already; I definitely know how to write well enough to produce acceptable content there and should have no trouble producing it at an an acceptable rate. On top of that, I could totally use the money.

1. The site admin is a major asshole. Political disagreements aside, he acts in a way that I could absolutely never endorse--heckling people on Twitter and defending thieves among other things.
2. By receiving payment from him, said asshole would know my full name.
3. It's basically a porn site.

On the other hand:
1. I have confirmed with former employees that he actually does pay, and if he doesn't, I can just disappear after one article.
2. All of my work would be under a pseudonym, so nobody would know that I did it.
3. I could technically work around him knowing my name by accepting my pay in crypto, but would need to immediately liquidate it (Not only is the market trash, I need the money ASAP). This seems like a lot of trouble and may cause issues with tax.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's not really an issue. What do you think he's gonna do, blackmail you by saying "I'll tell people you associated with me"? Just say this: "As a matter of public appearance I don't associate my name with any website that is publicly political. I'm willing to take your job on the condition that I'm not credited for the writing." No need to get in a big fight with the dude or whatever just be professional. Chances are no one will even read it if the site is that small, you just don't want to show up in random Google searches.
If you do business with people you know are assholes, you're almost guaranteeing that you are going to have problems.

If that doesn't deter you, why do you care if people know you worked for this guy?

If you're ashamed for people to know what you're doing, or you believe that it will hurt you more than it will help you, don't do it.
Had to sleep. Thanks for the replies.

The site isn't publicly political (except for rare editorials), he is. The site's just sleazy and the reputation I've built for myself off anon is not and I'd like to keep it that way.

I figure there's a chance I could get away with not talking to him outside of the job, in which case we're mostly fine, but it doesn't sit quite well with me that I'm helping an asshole like that further himself.
I've done plenty of weird things under anon before, so I guess this could be absolved by pretending that someone else did it, but I don't know.

I live with my mom. She is obsese and cooks alot, she's always in the kitchen, and I am living with her because I go to school and can't afford rent, food, and all other shit.

I don't have any emotional problems, the only problem I have is that she cooks too much fucking food. I have been on a diet, and I'm doing IF and Keto for the past 2 weeks and I eat at home but I don't eat a lot and I don't eat "three meals a day."

She gets really upset and pressures me to eat more, then she accuses me of lying to her and eating outside instead of eating her food.

I don't know what to do with this woman. She keeps pissing me off but I need to diet. I keep trying to explain it to her but she just won't listen.
uuuh if it's too much of a problem just move out
The worse part is that she'll complain about how obese she is, and then say that "oh it's because I ate so much (homemade) bread today"

she acknowledges that she overeats and that she doesn't really make healthy food but when i try to learn from her mistake she gets upset

File: 1481557294599.jpg (420 KB, 1352x1732)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Some background, I'm a 24 year old working adult with an engineering degree, and I really enjoy my job, have been making good money, and get along well with the people I work with, and have made friends in my local area outside of work as well that I can hang out with regularly.

Regardless of all that though, I've lately just had this general dissatisfaction with how my life is going and want to change something up. I've been thinking of working maybe one more year, then quitting my job and taking a gap year. For some reason, I just really want to spend a year doing more manual labor type stuff in a remote village in the countryside, and have the opportunity to explore the European countryside. I've been doing research and I found there are programs where you can be housed and fed in remote locations in the countryside in exchange for doing farm hand and maintenance type work, which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm just worried I'm a little too old to be thinking of doing something like this at this point. Having just started my professional career, I still have limited work experience as an engineer, and I'm worried that after coming back, I'm going to have a hard time explaining that time off. So I was wondering what other people think about that?

tl;dr want to take a gap year as a working professional adult, worried about what happens after that year is up
self bumping
I'd say do it!
Many of those "programs" are slave labor for illegal immigrants.

Find something physical and "real" to do alongside your professional advancement. For example (and there are others) there are charities in which people volunteer to build houses for the homeless or rehab schools
>Many of those "programs" are slave labor for illegal immigrants.
where have you heard this from? which programs in particular?
>Find something physical and "real" to do alongside your professional advancement. For example (and there are others) there are charities in which people volunteer to build houses for the homeless or rehab schools
that's a good suggestion as well, but I also want to be able to have time to a explore a new area I've never been to before. I would likely have to do that in lieu of professional advancement

File: 1494865780788.jpg (30 KB, 750x573)
30 KB
i was a 27 yo virgin until april. i hired a prostitute and have met with 4 prostitutes so far. i can't cum from sex or bjs. how weird is this? i suspect it's because i masturbate too much, but it's really weird and annoying. also my erection goes away when i'm penetrating the lady. has this happened to someone here

also the obvious answer might be just stop masturbating, but it's really hard, but i think i just have to do it to figure out whether my brain is fucked up because of masturbating every day for 14 years or whether it's something else
there's really nothing you can do besides not masturbate, your dick is used to your hand and your brain is used to porn. you have try not jerking off or watching porn for 2-3 days before having sex.
>you have try not jerking off or watching porn for 2-3 days before having sex.

i did try that, didn't work, i guess i have to try more time. it's really frustrating

File: 1491050872147.jpg (52 KB, 588x894)
52 KB
I treated this girl like shit and she attempted suicide over me. I shrugged it off like it was nothing. We started talking again for a bit but she ignored me for two weeks & I noticed she changed her name on twitter to my old username to piss me off so I confronted her on this and she acted like she got it from this stupid song.

About two months after this I sent her a message 'I need to speak to you' and she's deliberately ignoring me. How can I make things right? Do I acknowledge the pain I've caused and tell her how much I appreciate her and for both of us to quit playing games? I'm realizing how much I genuinely liked her and how good we were.
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Sounds like she wasn't disciplined enough
What's up with this middle school bullshit man? Holy fuck.
She loves the romantic bs the most. That's her type.
what should i do about it?
>what should i do about it?
I already told you what to do about it. Write her a text stating you'd like a chance at making things right. After that, leave it be until she responds.
In what possible universe are you the victim in this?

File: agegap[1].jpg (47 KB, 720x480)
47 KB
>Dating for a month and a half
>me 35
>her (almost) 21
>She hasn't gotten over the age difference

So here's the thing

>Acquaintances for about 2 years
>She actively pursued me
>She thought I was about 25 or so
>She got the balls finally to talk to me
>Invite her to a party
>Tell her my age
>Is in shock
>Still pursues me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Doesn't make any of what I said lose merit, but people use that to be dismissive, if you answer nicely they just ignore it. If you hit a soft spot, it puts pressure on the person to defend themselves. If they do it well I generally retract my approach. If they respond as they did here, it means the assumption actually was right.

In the end, something is really off with op. And it was easy to drag it out of him.
>, I don't view what he said as a "threat to break up," but an honest solution to the problem. If she can't handle it, she can let him know and they can end it. That's a pretty clear option. There's nothing he can do to talk out his age - he can't change his age. He's hoping to solve the constant reminder that she's uncomfortable, or that there is something wrong with their relationship.

Thank you for getting it.

If that makes you feel better.
Keep telling yourself whatever you can to dismiss what I said lol

Actually in a really good relationship, hence I have been coming here hoping to give advice to others while I'm feeling good, and finding this train wreck of a post.

I would like to watch some videos so if you could stop replying without putting some thought into your post first, that'd be great.
Well, again, you learn to be comfortable with things. Or you move away from them. I was really offput by how much my ex used to snack. I could have mentioned it every single day and made her self conscious about it, or learned to get over it as long as she didn't get fat. Her comments are making OP self conscious and uncomfortable, despite her seemingly not wanting to end the relationship on this account.
>give advice
He asks for advice and from the beginning you nag and berate him. Everything you wrote is under the assumption what kind of guy he is, he's an asshole, he doesn't love her etc. I've seen no actual advice from you, just you letting your emotions out

Some background: I've tried to connect with people all my life and even went through a good two year stretch where I was going out to parties and made a lot of "friends". However I was never able to click with a woman and the very few that seemed interested in me, I had no interest in(more on that later). Then finally burnt out after going on so many dates and having girls say "You're too nice" or "you're not my type", I swallowed a tough pill and accepted that being a decent guy wasn't enough. It ate away at my self esteem a lot because I said, "I go to school, I work, I lace my shoes...but I can't get a plain normal everyday girl to roll with me?". I beat myself into shape and got a lot more sexual attention from women when I spoke them instead of the usual conversations. It made me realize how stupid the whole thing was and that for most people, all that mattered was looks.

Jaded I pulled away from my "friends" and went back to my nerdy hobbies/pursuits. One girl in our friends group however continued to hound me and kept trying to get me to come out to parties. This made me feel weird as she had a bf and I felt something was off. Long story short, she dumped him, blew some guy, tried to get with me, I said no, she cried, swore she loved me, I fell for it...asked her for 2 months of true friendship first...we didn't even make it a month before she cheated on me with a tattooed guy from a bar...this hurt as she was my friend before all of this and she was very mean to me after.

I knew dolls existed before all of this. But it always seemed so laughable, but now I don't know anymore. I'm turning 32, never had a gf, been emotionally burnt out over and over again and...just need something. I have no illusions about the doll being more than a cuddle buddy and I'm not looking at sexually charged ones or anything, just something I can hold and sleep with at night. My parents are from Africa, I was raised Catholic and in my head, they're all saying; "you're a failure".
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Looks more like they failed you. Do what makes you happy.
>Is buying a sex doll an admission of failure
Obviously. If you want one just for companionship and not sex, get a pet. Sleeping with a piece of plastic is really damn pathetic. Not to mention that you're not a toddler, so I have no idea why you feel like you need something to cuddle with at night.
I can tell you have a lot of deep seated insecurities. Consider therapy.
Meh, at least I don't need a cuddling session with a sex doll to fall asleep. Unlike our OP.

File: APuh4Sb.png (47 KB, 325x166)
47 KB
Crippling anxiety? Something else?

I can't make myself go to work. I don't dislike my coworkers, the job is very straight forward and low stress. At home I am overwhelmed with procrastinating, regret, loneliness, and I want to do nothing but wait until I get hungry and eat or tired and sleep. I let youtube series go on repeat while I contemplate everything I did wrong.
I obviously need to keep my job, for the income, for surviving.

I might be depressed after all. I'll try to be brief.
Around 2016 I started doing antidepressants. I quit taking them for long periods many times, because I personally felt no difference at the time, or I forgot to take them so I was like whatever.
Last time I quit was about in February this year. I forgot to take them for some days and decided whatever, it's a waste of money and placebo. I don't know if anything would be different today if I had continued, I've convinced myself that I am immune to the effects of both SSRI and painkillers.
But for the last few weeks I've continued to feel worse amd worse and worse and I don't know how to go on living like this.

I still have my SSRIs lying around. Do I take them? Does SSRI make ANY difference to you/someone you know?
in my experience ssri's didnt really work for me.
first few weeks i felt good but it was 100% a placebo.
when they actually kicked in maybe 4 or 5 months in they dulled my brain, i cant remember shit from when i was on them.
my dick just would not work and i lost libido
and i was getting heaps vivid dreams, they felt so real that i would question reality and events/ conversations that never happened.
to top it off my anxity felt like it got worse.
id stay off them dude.

cant help you with your anxiety problems myself because im still struggling, but id stay off the meds

File: 1529229467046981460662.jpg (593 KB, 3264x2448)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
Typical shitty middle school and high school experience.
Get to college
A chance to reinvent myself
New friends
New style (buy nice clothes)
Start therapy and it actually works
Actually genuinely happy for once.
There's a cute guy I see, but I keep telling myself I need to improve before I try to go after him.
6 months and I'm finally ready
He likes me too.
Start dating.
Meet each other's parents.
He graduates college
Get a job 7 hours away
I still try to see him every chance I get.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There is nothing wrong with you except that you made the perfectly normal mistake of putting all your emotional eggs in one basket.

Just as you learned that your school days didn't trap you forever and you could re-invent yourself in college, learn from this experience, re-invent yourself as the successful career woman and move forward.
Thanks, this is actually helpful. :)

okay /adv/ i need help. i met this e-girl in game( yeah i know pathetic) we talked for 2 days or so and got to know her a bit what she is studying n shiz and added her on fb. and turns out she is actually decent looking and lives just a few hrs from my place now i have never done this before but i really want to fuck her. like really fuck her, anyway how to do it? how do i make it to the sexting stage so i dont become friendzoned like prev girls i talked to. please help.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You can tell it's summer
man ive been here for years, stop this nonsense, just because my questions aren't life of death related doesn't mean i don't deserve any help. what is wrong with asking on how to get laid and not be stuck in the "friendzone" i know it doesn't exist, but i dig myself the hole when i clearly dont know how to flirt or show signs of interests.

lol sorry dude, there is no essentially guaranteed course of action that will get you laid with the exceptions of paying a prostitute and raping someone. If you want to go with one of those options, pick the former.

Since all you want is sex, hiring a prostitute would have the advantage of reducing the amount of time you spend on this and possibly save you money as well in terms of travel costs.
i know there isn't a guarantee but alot of my friends seems to have a fair amount of luck with just being fuckbois and getting girls to have sex with them. i know it isnt 100% but is there anything wrong with trying? its not like im asking for something wrong, sex is in our nature..
Reality Check

Have you any reason whatever to think she is attracted to you? AT BEST you might have a budding friendship starting. Aim for that - chat more online, Skype, and then MAYBE consider meeting as friends. Hope for anything more and you're setting yourself up for a big fall and ruining what might be if you take it slow

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