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File: 1510078739001.jpg (904 KB, 1300x1521)
904 KB
904 KB JPG
I know people say you have to meet lots of people to find good people, but I just don't know how people with 1000+ friends on Facebook put up with it. After the 1000th person surely you feel like you're just going through the motions?

I feel like this is why I have no friends I really that much. I never had the time or energy or patience for meeting all these people, 95%+ of which I will barely message again.
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You ONLY meet quality people by NOT having a huge network.. Quality people is subjective and mostly friendship and closeness is built on time and shared experience.

Which is why ive travelled the damn world and met thousands of people and my best friends are still 3 people i met when we were 7 years old...

Having a good High quality friend circle means focusing a lot of energy on like 10 people.

Also those people with a thousand Facebook friends are fake ass bitches who need the world to see how cool they are because no one who knows them up close actually like them at all.
I thought friends were someone you talk to and hang out regularly but my wife tells me you don't need to talk to someone to be friends with someone

I find it very confusing
Remember, Facebook is just a website someone made at one point. A glorified phone book. It's the platform that chose to call the interconnected contacts 'friends', not the users. People are 'friends' for different reasons.

I'm friends with people I haven't even met. In my line of work, having someone's contact details isn't strange, and Facebook has a good messaging- and invite model.
That's called an acquaintance
Lmao @ your life. You travelled the entire world and couldn't find a single person you connected with? Your first statement is total bullshit too. Only by sifting through the mud can you find any diamonds.

File: 1510818761299.jpg (74 KB, 1024x595)
74 KB
REEEEEEE this hemorhhoid won't go away
Fuck man
I've never even had problems like this but a few days ago this thiqq one came out and it wont go away
I can't even wipe properly and I have to wash my fartbox every time I poop it's killinh me
I'm an 18 year old male and I'm not overweight by any means
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Uhm are you sure I can't put some cream or some shit
'Hey doc yeah I have a gigantic fucking hemorhhoid on the side of my asshole'
Legit doctor of medicine here.
An 18 year old having a hemorrhoid aka pile is the least of my worries for weird things to happen during a typical day. You might be embarrassed but to me, that's basic stuff that I couldn't care less about. Try dealing with sick drug addicts who come into our office on a daily basis. Just go see a doctor.
For an American, that'd cost 50,000$
A regular uninsured doctor visit costs around 300 to 400 dollars. Insurance contracts make it lower and also usually just have a co pay. So yeah, it's expensive, but you also have a chance to sign up for insurance and if you are poor (for now) will have your insurance subsidized. Listen I had no parents and was in foster care most of my childhood. I get how shitty being poor is, but I would have loved to have been able to have insurance while getting my doctrine. I was always afraid of having a medical issue before I started my career and people today can get insurance at a rate based on their income. But who cares about that, go to a free clinic op. Most decent sized cities have them, or just buy some prep h.
Fuck it I might go to the doctor if this thing doesn't subside within the next say day or two.
Funnily enough I might be heading to med school in the following year.
Any tips?
And by the way I'm in Eastern EU. I'll be taking a general M.D. course in english at a Bulgarian university.

File: 1512139386454.jpg (69 KB, 600x800)
69 KB
For the first time in my life i am actually trying to get a woman (my wife) pregnant. This month her breasts have been painful and her period is a few days late, but this has happened before and she just ended up getting her period a week or two late. I have been urging her to go see a doctor but she refuses, so there is a week long limbo every few months where we are not sure if she is pregnant or sick.

I am aware that WebMD exists but i would like to hear the experiences of actual women to see if anything like this has happened to them. Web diagnosis tends to talk in broad terms and she wont see a doctor to see what her specific problem might be.
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I'm a married women with three kids.
>I don't live in a country where thats a thing.
Then import a home pregnancy test. I'd assume it's not that expensive and totally discreet. Also op, if her periods are this irregular you shouldn't hesitate to go see the doctor. It's not a good sign in my opinion.
>as is the nature of people getting on the 4chins.
Well if you have a fucked up past like me, you tend to go on the chins for some kind of therapy. Doesn't mean that I am still visiting shit boards like /b or haven't gotten over my past and evolved into a mostly normal human being.
If OP is a poorfag investing in a doctors visite to make sure its nothing health related might be the better option than importig a thing which will show itself with time.

OPs gf should also keep a regular lifestyle (same sleeping patterns, no alcohol (obviously - hopefully) and as good diet as possible). Most irregularities can be prevented easily without medication, especially if money is an issue.

Yeah, me to. It takes a special kind of woman to go on the chins, but that also means they can help each other better than "normie advice" due to knowing a certain kind of struggle.
>I'm a married women with three kids.
And I am also a woman. Just because we are here doesn't mean that we outnumber the men here.

>At least the actual posting ones are at least half female.
I could work with at least half. Definitely not the majority.
>Definitely not the majority
Well, it obviously as well depends on the topic of /adv/. More women will frequent a thread about pregnancy advice than about how to invest in Litecoin. Further it depends on the time (housewife will probably only shitpost in their time zones, which is mostly part of the americas, while the kids and husbandu is away while NEETs and working anons come here in the later hourse).

Actually, someone should make a statistical questionare.

File: 20171122_233005.jpg (2.67 MB, 4128x2322)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
I need bird advice because my cockatiel doesn't like me very much, and I'm trying to get her to enjoy my presence more, but she always bites at me or a stick that I use to try and get her out of her cage, I've had her for like a month now and the only progress I've made is her stepping up without biting the shit out of me. Pls help, pic related is my bird.

File: 1511174965710.jpg (30 KB, 480x477)
30 KB
Am I hopeless? She seemed pretty interested before.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Doesn't mean shit.

If you were done she would ghost you.
It's over
In my experience, rally insecure or shy girls will do this in order to hide their power level and get closer to you. Don't overanalyze everything you send her, and don't overanalyze everything she sends you. You're a fucking man anon, you have a cock and girls love those. You got this.
Nearly everyone here is retarded including you OP

Its totally meaningless my gf calls me dude all the time and I'm pretty sure 5 years in we're good

Its utterly pointless. Youre overthinking it. Maybe she isn't interested maybe she is we don't fucking know
File: image.png (112 KB, 306x248)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I dunno, just ask her, Anon. Stop waiting; that's really not going to do anything.

File: IMG_20171125_030236.jpg (45 KB, 383x384)
45 KB
I am pic related.
I have had a lazy eye since infancy. It is not terrible, but it isn't good either. I will post more pictures of myself, but I don't keep ones where my eyes are not aligned well.

I was prescribed an eyepatch as a child, but I never wore it out of fear that I would have been made fun of. I am now 19/20 and am going to wear one to improve my vision over time. I have had plenty of attractive women interested in me in the past, I also figure that my personality, intelligence, and humor are above average.

That said, I just got out of a 3.5 year relationship and have just entered the dating game again. As such, I wish to improve myself. I act with confidence and don't let my eye get in the way of things, but I would rather have things be fixed.

I have some questions regarding this:

1. Do you feel as though it would make me less or more attractive if I wore an eyepatch.

2. Would you treat me differently on a friend/possible mate/colleague/stranger level?

3. Would you look down on me for this even though I was prescribed it when younger and it would improve my condition.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Question being, would you flirt back with me if you found me attractive? Would it cause you to be artificially nice towards me?

These are not pictures of my eyes going lazy, these are pictures of myself that I like. I have none of my eye going lazy because I don't save them.

Grow and keep stubble if you can grow it while you have your eye patch. If you look a little more gruff, you'll probably have less people think you're just fucking around by wearing an eye patch.
>Question being, would you flirt back with me if you found me attractive? Would it cause you to be artificially nice towards me?
Yeah I would
File: IMG_20170425_210316345.jpg (1.08 MB, 1456x2592)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I am a programmer and sit down most of the day. I wouldn't wear it while doing physically strenuous or dangerous activities such as lifting weights or driving. I close one of my eyes to read and watch things closely in order to cut out interference. It might be surprising to you because you don't know me, but my left eye has been closed for the entire duration of posting and reading this thread.

My facial hair hasn't come in fully yet. I am very slowly gaining more, but I don't suspect that I will be able to grow a beard for a few more years. Everyone in my family can, so I'm not worried. I have always wanted one and will rock that shit when given the opportunity.

If that's the case, want to grab coffee some time? Kidding, obviously.
A eye patch would bring up questions but it would not bother me. It really depends on how much you focus on you're eye or the eye patch, if you're insecure about it that would be a problem.

File: Chaos_eater_swallow.jpg (588 KB, 803x658)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
Once that thing you organized with a new friend has come to an end, what do you do?

I invited a friend from school I don't know all that well to go see a movie, and already I am worried about what to do next. I'd like to hang out more, but I have this anxiety about seeming overly interested, and to add to it I can only think of doing things like going to a bar -stuff I don't normally do anyway.
I don't know how to get to that part of a friendship where just hanging out is okay, asking to do anything just as an understood pretence for being around each other a little longer.

File: 1504560086849.jpg (77 KB, 960x496)
77 KB
After 11years of relationship, my girl and I called it quits.

She was too angry/depressed about her appropriately infuriating and depressing life and as a consequence, I cheated all the damn time to get the attention I wasn't getting at home.

She had no idea as I was very good at not getting caught and honestly, she was on her phone so much that I was able to set up dates in the same room as her. She used her phone as an escape and over time I got fed up with being ignored and cheated.

We broke up in June of this year and I just cant stop wanting what I had.

Se had her reasons for breaking up with me as well, I work in a very tumultuous industry (entertainment) and likewise my paychecks are not consistent but damn it I'm happy every day I work. She also wanted a baby but given her terrible mental health and our financial situation that was just not going to happen. Not soon anyway.

I've started the hunt for what I had, but its just not happening. I can get mindless sex, but at night, or when something we both love comes up, I feel terrible and full of longing.

How do I move on from this? How can I stop crying about how hard it was to watch my best friend turn into such a broken shell?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Any idea where to look? I'm at that point where I see everyone as a better option and am really wearing my heart on my sleeve.

It's really pathetic.
you are a manchild, until you grow up you will fail every single relationship
File: DIg7O5eVAAAI_qj.jpg (37 KB, 600x558)
37 KB
Yeah, I'm a bad person.
For happiness & fulfillment... It seems to be slightly different for everyone, but I always suggest getting outside more, cliché it may be. Into the woods, into the desert, onto a mountain. Get out, away from everyone, everything; spend some time alone. Spend some time listening to the world, not yourself or anyone else. Just be, and you'll begin to flow in the direction you should.
I think I've spent enough time alone though. I became one hell of a hermit during the 11years.

Its not bad advice, but I have already discovered myself, and I love myself. I just want to love another again.

File: 1512721039823.png (275 KB, 503x730)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
How do I convert to Islam? I can't stand being a Christian any more. The faith is weak and there is no sense of true devotion to God.
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Restrain thineself to become apart of the heretics or face divine judgement
basically anon the answer is to make yourself a bomb that looks like a clock and detonate it on yourself. Death to the infidel here, the infidel is you. Exterminate yourself and be at peace with allah.
>How do I convert to Islam?

Wow. I never thought I'd see this on 4chan. This has to be bait.
File: Me101115c.jpg (24 KB, 418x438)
24 KB
>he can't handle the Terry davis pill. God is all you need.
Op, convert to Sikhism. We're all pretty good with the Guru, the faith is strong. We take care of our own, and we take care of the unfortunate. We carry a dagger to protect the weak and ourselves.

Our doors are always open. Come in for langar, a meal that is free to anyone who comes in our temples.

I'm desperate, I need to murder my ego.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Negative thoughts and psychedelics don't mix well.
just microdose and take a walk in a park. no need to do a large amount. the smaller the better imo
Agree with this. Recipe for a bad trip waiting to happen. That being said, boomers are probly the most mild pscyh
I have experience with this, but I'm gonna say it's anecdotal. Never really experienced true ego death but the endorphins released as well as having a different frame of mind to see things in my life from a clearer perspective was a big help. I also experienced a nice afterglow for a few weeks which helped stir my life in the right direction. Make sure to start with lower doses to be more comfortable as an unstable psyche is definitely not good with potent psychedelics. Some good friends in safe comfortable environment where you can chill, maybe listen to music is great. I have found it does "reset" the brain in some ways.
5 grams in the dark just like McKenna said op. You'll be fine.

hey /Adv/ in high school currently, and approaching the end of the semester. its hard to care about anything i learn about and all i really want to do with my life is make vidya games since they helped me get through alot of hard times and they are one of the few things i have a genuine passion for. i've had experience with programs like doombuilder and unity, but i could never get into coding since my parents would never let me take online courses thinking they would steal our credit card information, and my shitty catholic school offers no courses on anything computer related. i've only ever copy pasted scripts i've found online to make a few shitty tetris and snake clones as well as doom maps, but i want to take things further. does anyone have any tips for self teaching coding. i have literally no knowledge
preferred languages would be C, python, C++, or C#
Self taught here. Start off with learning Java (download Eclipse), it's the best language for beginners. Don't jump into graphical stuff right away or be too ambitious. Make a text based adventure game to get a hold of the language. Once you do that, move on to displaying simple shapes/images and moving them around with the arrow keys. Eventually you should be able to create simple platformers/RPGs. After that you can try out different languages, experiment with 3-D engines (although I wouldn't recommend it, but do whatever you want), or use OpenGL to create more powerful games in Java (Minecraft uses this library, it's very nice).

Making games is difficult but rewarding. Good luck to you OP.
Coding isn't something you can really just figure out through experimentation, you'll need some kind of teacher. Fortunately, there are plenty of free online courses you can take (that don't require a credit card) that will help you get the basics. Codecademy will help you learn basic syntax and arguments, and Microsoft has a website that teaches similar stuff. (Virtual Academy or something like that, not sure) Once you get the basics down on the language you're looking at learning, invest in one of those "teach yourself how to code" books, there are tons for varying skill levels. And remember, always always practice. I find syntax slips out of mind really quickly, and I have to relearn a lot every time I sit down to code. Don't let that happen to you. Good luck OP, this is worthwhile.

>No idea why, just really attracted to Asian women.
>Not sure how to get an Asian girlfriend...

Any tips /adv/?

File: rsD5osM.jpg (85 KB, 700x1051)
85 KB
My power went out twice in one day, today, and I think it's because my neighbor is somehow stealing some (unintentionally?). I've always had a ridiculously high energy bill for a place this small- one bedroom townhouse, 665 sq ft and yet I pay $55-$180 depending on the fucking month (less in the winter obviously, in MI, USA). This is more than my Aunt pays for her 2-story house in the same area.

The unit on the left of me remained empty for a while, and my bill seemed suspiciously lower than after my new neighbor moved in. My power went out last night for a second time despite flipping the breakers over and over and barely having ANYTHING plugged in and figured I'd call maintenance tomorrow. Apparently my neighbor called maintenance, because I just got woken up at 1:30am by someone hammering outside on my fuse box and fixed the power (accessible in her fenced in backyard, strangely). We live in an attached-townhouse cooperative, so I never thought it was strange that it was slightly on her side, but our bills and power are supposed to be SEPARATE!

If I call DTE out to my house to do an "energy audit" would they be able to tell if something like this is happening and be able to help me out? I don't really want to talk to my neighbor because she is not all there or I would.

File: 1507582454109.gif (1.79 MB, 273x275)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
Hey /adv/, i don't know how to explain this.

The thing is, i can't enjoy myself knowing other people or aimals are suffering.

I'm not a perfect person as i myself have done many bad things to others, but at the end i always learned my lesson.

Now i'm on a point where i stop myself from enjoying my own archievements or happiness.

For example, today i read about a little doggy who was kidnapped from his long living house and how his owners expressed about it, i couldn't remove it from my head. Or yesterday i read about 3 little girls who were raped and one of them was killed, i can't enjoy my fucking friends, family, girlfriend and my money knowing there is people who are suffering.

I know it's a pathetic and childish thing to think for a 24 years old man but that's how i feel and i just wanted to vent it out.
File: IMG_0883.jpg (34 KB, 900x609)
34 KB
Smoke some weed
I already do that anon, makes it worse actually.

File: crushcrush.jpg (16 KB, 200x198)
16 KB
How do/would you feel if an ugly or fat girl flirted with you?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Flirting is fun in its own right, so not being attracted to them isn't really a big deal.
Personally I think flirting is only fun with attractive people
i will reject a girl if i think she had a lot of flirts and possibly a lot of men before. like for this type of girl flirting with you is easy and they got it really easy.
>your advances.
Mild kek
There's nothing wrong with a scooter.

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