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File: larping.jpg (1.15 MB, 2328x2464)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Constant larping to support the hivemind
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Ops pic is pretty much me maybe not as extreme as after but I've learn a lot about self improvement from this and a lot of other things ( how to be more social, get a good girl friend, get a job, getting fit, not get triggered so much and be more witty, removing toxic people from my life, cleaning up my looks, not be a neet and the list goes on)

To all the anons out that have helped me out thank you I really appreciate it
Honestly I feel this, most newfags who come here get roped into one board and its toxicity usually B, R9k, Pol, ect... But once you explore this place as a whole and get called a faggot and retarted enough times you improve. Eventually you start to see the bullshit in your life the same way you see bullshit on 4chan. You start to grow as a person and probably faster than you would have naturally but that's only if you see the site as a whole.
the word is gestalt u niggers

the aspect of 4chan is built by every individual post on the site but it's greater than the sum of its parts. If you go on 4chan regularly over a long period of time it moves indelibly within you, its nature is always still shaped by forces beyond your control. It's like the plot of afavourite tv show, the interpretation of a spiritual authority, or the record of a favourite sports team

>inb4 fedora
i got nothing against spiritual authorities but theres no doubt that 4chan fills the void left by god's departure in a lot of anons souls

can someone explain the op image i dont get it at all
Maybe the userbase got older and we actually have jobs and gfs now?
4chan does what actual friends do : call you out on your shit. No other internet community comes close to calling you out on your shit as much as this one does. The anonymity here means that you can project all your insecurities freely with no fear of repercussion and the brutal honesty of the posters lets you pinpoin and solve any problem.

In a world filled with hugboxes this place is a godsend.

When I was a teen I thought I could understand.
But now that I’m older (but only 21) I look back on my teenage years and man I was just a baby!
How do grown men look at kids at that age and want them sexually?
Do they not feel creepy for it?
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creepy guys don't have the self awareness or self esteen to own up to their creepy behaviors so they're going to project onto you instead. I mean if this isn't meant to trigger them and is genuine then that's your answer.

if it is a troll then grab some popcorn and enjoy the show
I don't date younger women, i'm 28 and I date older, mid 30's ish.

You're right that is the motivation of some men, but ultimately, younger women puruse older men so... Unless women are going to interrogate their relationship between desire and "mature, older" men, I don't really see how anyone can moan.
>muh shitposts
>muh desperate attempts for attention by annoying others instead of finally killing my self and ending miserable and annoying existence

> the edgy and the furious
> 2fast2edgy
OP, I used to think this way until I hit 26 or so and women started hitting on me more just at the time of my life where I started getting fed up with being around them.

Women pursue older men because they have money, status, nice cars and other things they can show off on snapchat and twitter. Many older men are "into" younger women but you'll find very few older men who have the time or patience for the modern dating scene, especially when young women throw themselves at them already.

TL;DR: Women do the creepy shit because they value money more than self-respect.

I have been dating her since late december last year. We started talking on November and just immediately clicked. We don't have much in common though.

So around chrismas, we werent official yet. We were exclusive to eachother but werent official. Somewere around 21-25th she cheated. She slept with her best friend who lived a row behind her. She sneaked back into her house.

What stings is I was staying up to talk to her. And while she was having sex with him, she would take breaks and would talk to me then, basically talking to me during breaks.

She said she did this because she wasn't serious and was playing around. So fast forward and we made it official on new years. The first few weeks was great. We talked and talked and knew more about eachother. Then, early February she was diagnosed with lupus (SLE, autoimmune disease) and was bleak. She said that she realized that she had feelings for me and she didnt want that. So she went to the same guy, and fucked him.

This was during Valentines. At night ofcourse. What stings is she posted on her instagram "Happy Valentines my love" with a picture of me after coming back home from his place.

Ever since then, every month she'd just tell she wants to break up. I refused and begged her to stay to work this out.

This goes on until about august, when she told me.

Anon, I've never felt so broken in my life. This hurts more than finding out that my dad died and I didn't even know he was dying. I've never felt so dead

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i cheat all the time on my gf
i don't think i'll be stopping soon
i don't know if I CAN stop soon

i don't think your girlfriend will stop
i don't think she loves you
i think you're a giant fag
Good on you OP. I'm glad to be wrong in this situation but the real test hasn't come yet. You're going to miss her, you're going to have second thoughts. Don't listen to these thoughts even if it feels like your whole body is crying out for her. She's your opium and the withdrawals will be severe but once you get on the other side of this you'll see just how bad it was. You'll meet someone one day who will be so down for you you'll wonder why you ever wasted a second on that unstable bitch. Use this single time to get your feeling of power back. Love yourself, take care if yourself, get fit, get rich, read, whatever. Throw your energy into loving you for a while.
Baiil. She dont give af about you
>let’s himself get cheated on twice by an insane bitch

She sounds like the type of person who would contact your family to get in touch with you. I would warn them now while you're still ahead. And if she does do something like this, STAY STRONG. You've done first step, now comes the fallout.
You did good anon, it gets better in time.

File: 10xnci.jpg (88 KB, 1024x904)
88 KB
>Talk to a girl for a while now
>Amazing conversations, lots of stuff in common
>Seriously we like all of the same stuff
>Set up a date
>Go on a date
>During date everything goes amazing
>Lots of touching, lots of personal stuff, everyhting is fucking amazing
>We kiss
>We kiss couple more times, hug a lot etc.
>Dates about to end
>Last hug and kiss
>She leaves
>We talk couple more days
>Suddenly she stops texting me for 4 days
>Send her a message asking how is she.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
either someone died or she has another guy on the side
I had a similar situation where we fucked in the end, tons of kissing, tons of deep eye looks, then come to find out he was going on dates/hooking up with other girls. people arent always how they seem when you dont see them 24/7 they do what benefits them most.

File: someday.jpg (95 KB, 653x490)
95 KB
hey /adv/ anons, i hate myself and i dont know how to fix myself

>short, fat, possibly balding
>never been good at anything in life
>barely any friends, tried to make some but im too annoying to keep them around
>when i keep them around, im quiet, walking on eggshells, actively trying not to be myself, and all kinds of shit
>zero self confidence
>have confidence, but actively avoid being confident just because im an aspie retard who doesnt understand social norms. better to say nothing than say something offensive/cringy
>when i open up to them, i become annoying, clingy, and all that kinds of shit
>wanted to become a writer, havent written shit in years
>liked to draw, havent done that in years
>nothing makes me too happy anymore
>have been genuinely convinced that im trans at some points, even though i dont want to be. probably a result of girls being treated better when i was a kid, and getting exposed to weird hentai at a young age. and being told i would be better off as one
>now, i cant jack off to anything else. did months of nofap and girls dont arouse me anymore
>weird thoughts keep coming to mind and i get scared of people finding out what i think about

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Stop being yourself
be like Rasputin
I can relate to most of what you mentioned. Can I ask what led to this situation? Did you have a rough childhood? For me personally I had an abusive mother. If I look at any one particular issue in my life (eg. no friends, feeling empty, crippling anxiety) I can almost 100% tie it directly to how my mother treated me. It might help if you have something like that to provide some clarity and explanation for what you're going through. It's not gonna magically solve your issues but it might give you a good foundation to start making adjustments and changing the course of your life.
rough childhood? not really, got picked on a lot growing up though. i moved away from friends at a young age. dad was never really around much, and mom wasnt abusive, but she wasnt an ideal parent either. she didnt help much

If I was in your position I'd start working on improving my self image. I think most of the other problems (not connecting with people, weird sexual fetishes, depression, etc) all come directly from that. It sounds like you view yourself as an annoying outcast who is unworthy of friends or girls. This manifests in you driving them away and also losing interest in them. This is entirely a subconscious thing and you can't fix it with logic or reasoning. You have to reteach your brain that you're actually a guy who has value to offer others. This is usually done by exposure therapy.

You mentioned that you abandoned some of your hobbies, but you should really pursue one so you can start making friends in that area... join a club or something. Sure you might not connect with xx% of people. You might drive some away, you might make some basic acquaintances, but eventually there's gonna be people where you just click. You're gonna fit with their dynamic and they're gonna appreciate what you bring to the table. Even if you're the quirky/aspie guy in the group, who gives a fuck. Just play that role, be that guy. Your subconscious has to learn that you're worthy of having friends and being around people.

I had a similar issue and I jumpstarted the process by taking a powerful shroom trip to sort myself out, then using 2g of phenibut to go out to clubs I was interested in and get my feet wet, meet new people, etc. Now I'm fully engaged in two clubs, and I made a couple close friends and a bunch of acquaintances from them. I'm not saying this will work for you, as it's risky if you have mental issues. I have C-PTSD and it seemed to work well for me. Good luck man!
thanks. ive been trying something like that, but it still hurts to be the aspie guy.

im a little scared about improving my mental image though, because of third and sixth point in the op. i dont wanna be the ass who also lacks self awareness.

File: tomokoscream.gif (241 KB, 253x253)
241 KB
241 KB GIF
I accidentally called my wife by her little sister's name during s*x. Her sister is only 17. Can I even apologize for this?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pedos crawling out of the woodwork
Do you even like her little sister?
No, that shit will be remembered forever and will be brought up whenever you try to make a point in an argument involving sex.
Also my condolences.
How the fuck do you do that ?
File: Diagnosis.jpg (298 KB, 1430x1905)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Age of consent in Bongland is 16.

Pic related

File: 2018-11-10 (1).png (12 KB, 378x469)
12 KB
Never been on more than a few dates with girls. I'm social, in a Fraternity (at a nerd school), been told I'm funny and good looking, and not fat, but not skinny (6 ft tall). A few months back, a friend of mine set me up on a blind date with someone he knew. She was very attractive, and we got along kinda well, but it seemed like we didnt really have anything in common. We went on a few more dates that summer, like one ever 2-3 weeks, and it never really went anywhere. I'd say I think I had 'fun' on the dates, and that I believed she did too. I'm not sure but I didnt see any signals from her to move towards anything more serious. Once our school year started again we stopped going on these weird 'friend dates' (as they felt) and now she's going out with the guy who originally set me up. I figure I did something terribly wrong here somewhere, but I dont know what. I want to learn from whatever mistakes I may have made.
There are no mistakes to learn from. The two of you don't have much in common, so you'd do better as a friend anyway. Trust me, being in a relationship with someone you don't share any common interests with is a bad idea, neither of you would really be happy.
agreed. opposites may attract but it makes a hell of a relationship to keep up. Constantly trying find ways to compromise instead of enjoying the same tasks. I like to think of that galantis song where it says "they say searching for love is like searching for yourself, when you find yourself, you find love, because they’re the same…" find out the things that make you unique and seek out those qualities in your partner.

File: 1468239686205.jpg (43 KB, 287x447)
43 KB
No, I'm not addicted to caffeine, no I don't have a high tolerance. I feel like caffeine solves all of my mental problems. I actually feel like living my life after a strong cup of coffee; I can do things and I want to do things.

wtf is happening and what should I do to feel like this more regularly?
First step: accept that you're addicted
Second step: get more caffeine (just not 5 hours before sleeping)
You're addicted

Guys my cousin is 15 years old. What does this mean, I’ve asked him multiple times to stop texting me so much. I understand he looks up to me and loves me, my family tells me all the time but this is ridiculous. I’m 20 years old btw. Posting more screenshots so you guys understand.
81 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hey bro
Funniest thread on this board right now bro.
Block his ass and say "idk I don't get you messages buddy?" then show him to his face you don't get them. Then when he tries to fix it dodge every attempt. Works everytime
Bro when you’re done taking a shit you wanna play fortnite?
Hey bro
Let's play fortnite

File: given up.jpg (54 KB, 450x449)
54 KB
I feel detached from the people around me. I don't feel the joys they feel. Up until now I've been faking my emotions, adjusting my facial expressions as I see fit. Never genuinely smiling. How do I make this empty feeling go away?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Any real advice Jackass? Not op
Jesus Christ are you me?
Embrace your detachment, you can use it as a strength. Stop faking being normal. You're not. That's the only way you'll be able to let out an honest smile every now and again....but you probably won't be smiling at conventional things.
You're overthinking social interactions, a lot of people do this sort of thing. To say "I don't feel the joys they feel." assumes you know how people feel. Everyone is lonely, looking for some sort of connection with people in this ever-ostracizing world we live in. Just go with it, brother. Don't think too hard about it.
Maybe you're depressed.

File: 67430257089346054.gif (593 KB, 370x335)
593 KB
593 KB GIF
Does anyone know of a minimalist WordPress theme similar to this site?


I want to try and make a clickbait site that forces you to click through each page individually, but each blog theme I try includes page numbers to click on.
You might have to use a different site building website.
I typed /wp-admin/ after their URL and it brought me to a login page, so they're definitely using it.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Where do I find a girl who's a bdsm sub but not a total nutjob? Is that even a thing?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Great for you guys. And I think you're both right. I'm gonna shift my radar a little.
Yeah dude... Don't try to "find" a BDSM sub girl. Find a normal girl and y'all build an exploratory sexual relationship. It will likely take years, our's took about 9 years to go from missionary only, to last month when we went to New Orleans, got drunk and had her cuffed to a spreader bar and gagged on the bed with the balcony doors in the hotel room wide open, with a vibrating Ben-wa ball in her vagina.

9 years... But it's worth it knowing that she didn't do that for fifteen other random dudes before she met me. We built that ourselves.

Besides, a girl doesn't wake up the day after losing her virginity and jump into BDSM. Anyone has to build up and learn that stuff. Do you want a chick who's been tied up, gagged and fucked by a bunch of other dudes? She's going to remember them forever, by name.
Yeah you're absolutely right. Yesterday a girl told me she let a man piss in her mouth. I obviously let the conversation fall short.
Quite unlike the well-adjusted and sane posters on /adv/ of course

File: 1541647325774.jpg (60 KB, 720x699)
60 KB
So I work at court, and 20 minutes ago there was a hearing where I saw a cutie pie, we made eye contact for quite some time, but her hearing was with a different officer, not me. But I liked her so much that I got the number of her case, got her name and found her linkedIn profile.
How could I send her a messsage so it doesn't come as creepy what I've done? Or is it a no win situation? How could I get this to work? I know she liked me, she stared at me for quite some time, and twice.
Help an anon get a girl here.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have tenure, couldn't happen
Abuse of power, really? How so?

Ok I guess it would be creepy. Forget it
It would be an abuse of power in that you used your position for personal gain. I mean in the grand scheme of things its very mild, but one day you're light-stalking someone, the next you're blackmailing or defrauding your office.
what crime did she commit?
that pic of the female mugshots that gets posted regularly was pretty hot, goddammit.
none, she is a lawyer, came representing a municipality
pity. sexy felons are the best.

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 201x251)
5 KB
Anyone else here good looking guy? I have a problem that girls dont really respond to me in apps like tinder and im barely getting matches, though in real life I'm always getting looks from girls and I have succeeded multiple times getting phone numbers etc. In apps it's rare that I would even get a response. Is the problem with my photos or what? Some girls even said that im not their type and I thought how could a so good looking guy like me not to be their type. Obviously photos make my face distorted, I cant think of any other reason.

I have prominent cheek bones, wide jaw and my face has kind of cute looks. I've always got attention from girls in university and other public places. I'm not here to discuss my looks. I want to know why would girls on internet wouldnt want to meet a good looking guy, Not a troll post btw. I will not show my pictures because I dont want to become popular on 4chan. I look similar to op pic, only with no beard and with shorter hair.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You probably are not that good looking but delude yourself into thinking you are.
Maybe you're dumb. Girls want to fuck you but you're too stupid to be relationship material
I'll just go ahead and assume you're as attractive as you're saying. Maybe your pictures are poor. Are you sloppily dressed in Wal Mart brand clothes? Are there any pictures of you with friends, or participating in an activity? Are you smiling?

I mean, not only that, but having nothing about yourself in your profile can hurt too. Or if it's clear you're just there to skeeve on girls and try to open right off the bat with "wanna fuck" or whatever. Yeah, it's a hookup app, but it takes a little work.
No im not smiling, some girls said they are too scared to meet me.
Probably because you look like a unsmiling rapist?

File: xByII.jpg (70 KB, 1440x900)
70 KB
Traveling with fake ID

My brother got sick and his flight for vacation is tomorow and he's not going. Its prepaid already, and i know that they check the IDs if they match the ticket name, but do they look closely to the photos?
Because im thinking of taking his and doing the trip myself

Airport people tell me if its a good idea
You’ll be fine if it’s a domestic flight, TSA will just scan your ticket and ID and pass you through (assuming you’re in the USA, can’t comment for other places) but an international flight might land you into some trouble
This is a poor idea. Even if you get through one way, you might get stuck coming back. You can land yourself in serious federal hot water as well. They scan your ID in a scanner that provides them additional info as well. I would just have your bro call the airline and ask if he can transfer the ticket.

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