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File: image.jpg (404 KB, 640x1136)
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>been fat my whole life
>short 5’4
>Literally micro penis 3"
>Never had a girlfriend
>Thinking of ending it all
What do I do
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beggars cant be choosers
Move to Japan, perhaps.
File: 57c0d3176bab1.image.jpg (151 KB, 1200x802)
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151 KB JPG
Become the world champion at cucumber growing. An expert in cucumber based cuisine. Owner of the cucumber flavoured ice cream.
Age? Weight? Rough location?
Age 25
Weight 300 pounds
Rough location Alabama

File: 01.jpg (26 KB, 408x251)
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How many anons have been physically and/or verbally abused in their lives by a parent or family member? How did you deal with it? Does it still cross your mind?
I am starting to see how I was raised and how I was treated influenced my growth and emotions before I knew how to control them on my own and it sickens me. I could never imagine being a parent in that way.

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every day I imagine chocking my mother to death by holding a metal rod on to her neck, or drowning her in the bathtub, or shattering her soul by telling her all the things she did wrong and what a horrible person she is (she's so sensitive you can't even tell her she needs to eat more greens, she takes it as an afront on her person) and smacking her in the face.

or were those not the answers you were looking for?
Talk to them about it and see if you can reason with them/set standards of respectful language amount your family
just to add, I'm a firm believer in eugenics and requiring a license in order to have children
My dad was an abusive cunt who used to drink like a camel and beat my brothers and I. He almost shot me once. Even after he left when I was 18 he's continued a pattern of manipulative behaviour and done what he can to ruin the remainder of my mothers life. As a result, she's turned to leaning on me with everything from her finances to her relationships with my brothers and her boyfriend. I'm 22 and have made decent progress the past few years. Going from being a fat, unmotivated, friendless alcoholic to being in decent shape, having friends and a field of study I enjoy pursuing. I still drink too much though, but don't make a fool of myself with it anymore.

Still, as a result, it turns out I have some pretty fucking intense trust issues that have resulted in me never having someone I could be close to until recently. I've found someone I've become best friends with, but I'm honestly finding it really fucking hard. I know they would never do anything to intentionally hurt me, and I know they care deeply about me and have demonstrated as much. I still find it impossible to shake the fear that she's going to betray me, or abandon me for someone else, or I'll find out the whole friendship isn't real and is just in my head and she's just tolerating me. I know for a fucking fact this stuff is completely untrue, but it's hurting me still, and I feel like it's getting in the way of our friendship because I keep doubting her silently. I have this beautiful opportunity to trust someone, and I'm doing my best. I've never been more vulnerable to anyone. Yet I still feel so paranoid and don't know what to do.
My parents separated at an early age and my sister and I grew up in a single-parent home. When I was in middle school and high school, our mother would wake me every morning by barging into my room, yelling crazy shit at me, ranging from insults like "loser," "failure," and "stupid faggot" to full-blown threats like telling me she'd stab me and/or set me on fire in my sleep. And she constantly "begged" for me to commit suicide. Sometimes, she would pull the covers off of me and shake me as violently as she could. Even earlier, she would constantly tell us not to "display our emotions" in public and threatened to call the DSS and have us taken to a "home" for "incompetent children."

When my sister was older, she'd start kicking my door open (the house we lived in at the time was a rundown piece of shit and didn't have locks on some of doors) and she'd either grab random things from my room and start throwing them at me or just scream at me and break/knock shit over. She also kicked me in the groin a few times for apparently no reason. So my mother's behavior definitely rubbed off on her.

I feel like these experiences have severely affected my self-worth and my interpersonal relationships, especially with women. I'm now 29 and have only been in 3 real relationships, all of them fairly short-lived (lasting between 2-4 months), and none of them involved sex. All of the sexual partners I've had have been either one night stands or online hook-ups, but never any of the women I've ever had feelings for, if that means anything.

I know that was probably a long read, but I've been carrying this around for years and I just needed to get it off my chest.

File: 1516745270363.png (1.69 MB, 1600x1000)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Can freelance work provide a decent income?
Exactly. We'll need way more info.
Not OP but I want to freelance as a web dev for some extra cash during college. How long will I have to learn before I'm useful? Say, 3 hours a day.

File: 1455819596766.jpg (134 KB, 512x512)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
We're both 20. I'm a virgin, I think she's pretty experienced. I don't have any intention of pursuing a serious relationship with this girl.

1.Should I tell her I'm a virgin?

2.What can I do to not completelty embarass myself during my first time.
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tell her either just before kissing/petting or just before sex, whichever you think you can handle. she might even find it cute, Anon, if you present it the right way at the right time.

no use telling her before then. it might actually come off as offensive.

not that kids these days give a shit about anything.

edge. when you feel like you're close to cumming just stop. instead just make out with her, suck her tits, or reach down there and play with her clit.
also ask her what she's into, in a laid-back and curious kind of way
1. not in advance, but possibly afterwards if you feel you trust her enough and want to tell her (= what I did)
2. don't fap in advance unless you want to take 3 hours of getting jacked off before you cum. For the rest just do what feels good or natural, it's not really rocket science.
Also good job, I never had any luck on tinder. What did you say to her?

Some advice to both of you.
Put your needs first, it is not selfish and better for both of you. This other person is not your wife or girlfriend, it's just someone that probably wants to hook up.
So if you want to have sex just go do it and stop thinking about whether you'll disappoint the other person or not. You don't have to tell them anything about you being a virgin, just tell them you're not that experienced and leave it vague. If they straight up ask if you're a virgin say yes. Otherwise there really is no point in bringing it up. Don't make it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

File: index.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
Hello all, I'm thinking of joining the navy. I'm too old to apply as a serviceman so I've applied for an IT (technically the job title is Information Professional). My sole goal is to have the Navy pay off my masters degree, so when I join, how long do I have to be deployed for in order to qualify for benefits? My friend is telling me that I have to apply for a minimum 4 year deployment to get what I'm looking for, but thats too long for me.
>so I've applied for an IT
This is so totally different than most peoples' experience with the navy that I'm not sure we can be of help. I knew some Limited Duty Officers who were directly commissioned because of their expertise (Doctors, lawyers, specialized engineers) and many of them did not get deployed at all.
>too old to apply as a serviceman
then you will be a civilian and you wont get GI bill benefits. the Navy wont pay for your masters unless your active duty

if you are going to actually enlist, 4 year commitment is minimum for the GI bill

if you are going in as an officer, thats a 4 year commitment as well. you can pick up a B billet teaching NROTC unit but you will need to be O3 or better unrestricted line for that(not IT)

if you have a bachelors degree, apply as an officer. dont enlist. Save up the money while on the ship towards a masters degree
So, with this path, you'll probably need to buy your own sailor suit, unless you already have one.

If you can, please post a pic of yourself wearing the suit and I can help you more.

File: 1514377857337.jpg (278 KB, 1920x1080)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Any femanons that made the first move on a guy? How did it go?
60 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>When he did this initially, I did cancel our date several times though, so I understand his reluctance.

Are you kidding? You hit a fucking nerve for me and brought back a huge uncertainty I've had. I had a girl I've been into since elementary say yes, but then later say she just didn't have time (in general, not just that day) twice throughout my time in Uni and I took that as a tactful, soft rejection. Now I'm once again questioning getting back in touch with her, while being terrified of looking like the creepy autist that can't take a hint.
Yeah, I asked my bf out.

We were friends for a long time before we started dating, so by the time I caught feelings for him, I knew he was shy and probably wouldn't confess his feelings first. Still, we went on three unofficial 'dates' and I hoped something would happen spontaneously between us since we were alone and all, but no, we were too autistic for that. Eventually I got fed up with waiting, conquered my autism and admitted that I liked him. Over a year later, we're still together. 10/10 relationship, best decision I've ever made.
File: Happy 2.png (5 KB, 376x374)
5 KB
Ahhh... Well, good luck to you and your 23 year old wife.
I was in uni when a girl in one of my classes left me her number. She was dtf, but I was too much of a bitch to go for it. Have been trying to approach women,but I just end up freezing before I could introduce myself.

Bad, I think. I had been crushing really bad on this guy. He wasn't some chad or anything and I think I am much more attractive than his ex, so I summed up the courage to go talk to him. I came up and tapped on his shoulder and asked him if I could talk to him. We kinda stepped to the side and I was trying to start up a conversation talking about causal things, he never asked any questions back and kinda gave off that feeling like he wanted to leave, so I asked him if I could get his number or something. He gave me his Instagram account and I didn't feel like he wanted to talk to me anymore so I cheerfully said bye and hoped to see him around. I felt that it didn't go well and I'm not quite sure what to do. We haven't talked sense. Did I do something wrong? Kinda really bummed about it cause its been such a long time since I like anyone.

File: 1514685808873.gif (1.84 MB, 360x240)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
Is a blonde girl doing a history course on 20th century Africa a giveaway that she may be partial to a bit of black dong?
42 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1389075398488.jpg (30 KB, 620x427)
30 KB

>Is a blonde girl doing a history course on 20th century Africa a giveaway that she may be partial to a bit of black dong?

Yes, because the number one motivator in taking a complex college course on the history of another country is whether or not you're fucking people from that country. History majors are all motivated by sex. I mean, why else would a person in college who wants to learn about the history of the world take a history class? I've always found that the best way to develop a well rounded opinion about people from another country or culture is to know absolutely nothing about them.
It is, but not being able to see the beauty in other races is also an illness or abnormalcy. The thing is, not many white people are attracted to indians, but MANY indians are attracted to white people. That’s because whites are objectively more attractive. But there ARE indians who are more attractive than the average white person. Finding perfect mate from other race is difficult. Because it’s very rare to find those who are attractive enough but also white enough (attitude and personality wise) for you as a white woman. I don’t think it comes down merely to tribalism or whatever, it’s just that it’s difficult for white women to find a nonwhite person that could outcompete the average white man. I mean in all aspects. But also white enough so that they don’t have to adapt or whatever.

I honestly believe in attractiveness hierarchy and whites on average are the most attractive, that’s why white women racemix the least. But i believe they wouldn’t miss an opportunity with a very attractive (but white inside) puerto rican or asian. In this white centric world, white attitude and personality is also preferrable. You probably wouldn’t miss an opportunity with a very attractive and submissive asian woman either.

>That’s because whites are objectively more attractive

I was super confused by your post at first but I see the problem now. You don't understand what the word "objective" means.
No i mean generally speaking though, in this western centric world, generally white traits are considered more attractive, worldwide. Also in the US alone, there’s hierarchy of attractiveness based on race. The only feasible reason why white women racemix the least is that in this white centric world, white men are the whitest.
No, you fucking idiot.

No, this is how morons think. Don't lump me and other non-morons in with OP.

File: IMG_0355.jpg (16 KB, 225x225)
16 KB
How to not lead a girl on?

I'm getting a beer with a painfully average girl that I have no interest in banging and simply looking for friendship and to improve my social skills with practice.
Well, if you were a woman, you'd have to invent some weird web of suggestive half-truths.
Fortunately, you have a penis and a pair of testicles! As such, you're allowed to simply tell her that you're only looking for a friendship!
Did you just assume my gender?
Unironically, put her in the friend zone for ultimate satisfaction of all of us.

"You are so funny and such a great girl! I hope you find a great boyfriend!"

File: v5.png (1 KB, 306x68)
1 KB
I recently gave away a shitty car I had for about 20 bucks since I just wanted it out of my driveway but problems have occured.

I fucked up submitting a release of liability form online and whoever now has the car racked up 6 parking citations and got in a car crash.

I've got to appeal the tickets online but I am unsure what a permit number is as I can't seem to find anything on it.

The guys lawyers sent me a letter asking for my insurance on the car which was canceled before the crash.
I still have the bill of sale dated for 11/11/17 and the crashed happened on 12/27 or so.

What do I do? Do I contact the firm and claim I'm not liable due to the bill of sale? What the hell is a permit number so I can appeal these tickets?
lawyer up friend
Seriously, go ask for professional advice before you do anything. Might cost you a small sum but it'll save you a lot of potential headaches.
>I recently gave away a shitty car I had for about 20 bucks since I just wanted it out of my driveway but problems have occured.

I fucked up submitting a release of liability form online and whoever now has the car racked up 6 parking citations and got in a car crash.


File: a fine line.jpg (674 KB, 2560x1440)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
how do I know if all my religious experiences aren't hallucinations and false beliefs?
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Religion feeds of the mentally ill. People see demons, angles.etc if their was trauma to the brain or they have mental illness. Why do you think.most religious people are whacked out or really fucked up. When people.are in a coma.or almost die they see things too. So do schizos. Its all in tbe brain.
OP god is a false belief so the answer is yes
You can't, because faith's about stupidly refusing to budge if the face of evidence that contradicts your beliefs.
if you start feeling like they are then become an atheist
something has to be disproved to be false, edgelord

Okay so I'm a trap/femboy, but unlike the grand majority of femboys/traps I like women.
How in the everloving fuck do I find a girl that is into that?
Any advice or ideas appreciated
Y'all ever tried fuckin making a friend before deciding you're gonna jump right into dating? Like jfc have any of you dated someone you knew prior for more than, what, two weeks?

You learn about them as a friend first. GirlFRIEND, after all. Then, when you know their proclivities, you move on from there.

dfuq you expect? a magic key word you can shout into a crowd? you do it like the rest of us man, you get to know people over time
The only word I can think of for the type of woman you are looking for is open, as in psychologically open.

Your level of success with this "fucking chicks as a trap" thing depends greatly on which city you live in and how you make friends there.

You could try Grindr as well. Just don't expect the world's best people, or a high class romance. Easy come, easy go, I always say.

Speaking of high class romance, plenty of so-called /adv/isors are going to discourage you, but don't listen to them. Just keep your head up, and please don't permanently alter your body - you're beautiful as you are.

File: 1511141687030.png (70 KB, 852x944)
70 KB
What's better?
No gf?
Or a super hot gf that looks like a model and is fun but also already has a baby (whos father is not you of course)?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

>Oh get the fuck out. You know what I meant and I never said I think of a girlfriend as an accessory.

You never said it but you speak like it. Nowhere did you mention anything about your feelings for her or whether or not you even care about her, only how hot she is, how fun she is, and the fact that she has a baby (that is also a person) as if this person's existence was a downside for you. You don't talk as though you give a shit at all about this woman. If that is not your intent then you really could have fooled me.

Additionally, I don't really see anything wrong with wanting a trophy girlfriend. Its a business arrangement more than it is a relationship. If that is what you want then, like I said, just pick out the shiniest, prettiest one. You'll need to keep up your end of the bargain of course but I'm not shit talking. If you actually had any emotion for this woman beyond how hot she looks like and what an inconvenience her child is I suppose you would of mentioned another contributing factor to weighing your decision but you didn't. Don't blame me because you talk like an asshole, OP.
I don't get how you assume someone is an asshole judging only from a 10 letter post on 4chan.
No but looking this up

Pros n cons you shiggly m80

>No GF
Answer to yourself
No obligations to (yet) another person
Your possessions, your rules-- no shared stakes
Obey your own normalcy-- if you gonna fap to Kimpossible Futa porn mai boi, you fap like the Gods will it
Your standards are all shots called-- you don't need to worry about pleasing someone who's going to expect upward trajectory
Ofc, the opportunity to get laid w/o strings. Never underestimate the sexual proclivities of people

You're single

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
sounds slightly biased and extreme but this seems like a pretty accurate representation of the pros and cons

File: feels_bad_man.jpg (60 KB, 800x388)
60 KB
Hey /adv/, a few days a girl I was talking to this girl and she was ignoring me. We had spoken previously for long periods of time, but for some reason she pretended she didn't know me. This pissed me off and I lost my shit on her. Now she won't talk to me even though I apologized.

Wat do?
Continue without showing any guilt whatsoever. You apologized, if she doesn't wanna talk anymore it's none of your loss.

File: dark&light.jpg (46 KB, 490x647)
46 KB
I wrote a deeply personal account & my views of depression.
Keeps getting flagged for spam so bare with me on the link

PH acebook .c0m/ () lolimjosh/ () posts/ () 1742871729096649
OP here. Poured my heart and soul into this, let me know what you think if you read it
I'll take a look at it because it's good to get feedback for your writing.

I'll say this, though, I wouldn't want to read the best blog in the world about depression, unless it were strictly about biology and medicine.
Mostly my personal story and some of the lessons I learned
Shortened version of what I think:

This style of writing would be much, much better dictated in a video, over a slideshow.

There are way too many extraneous details, and not enough about what was really important. Examples of things that are really important: what your motivations were, how you felt, and how you responded to events. (The same goes for other people, if you want to include them as characters.)

To further explain, when someone reads, "I got a DUI on the way to Chili's," and then, "I was making more money than most of my friends," it's not even clear whether you were doing well or not. Sure, DUI's are bad, but making money is (for most people) greatly important and good.

Another thing, saying, "I was depressed," doesn't really describe how you were. There were other aspects to your being besides depression.

Imagine reading a book called "How I Fell," and finding that the first three chapters are about the physical act of falling, and not any kind of story. It would be especially frustrating if you knew the actual story was rich in context and emotion.

ReCAPTCHA is really fucking me over, so I'm going to post this chunk of feedback now.
>finding that the first three chapters are about the physical act of falling
Okay, this sounds cool in an experimental kind of way, but that's beside the point.

The takeaway is nice, but still has the same problem that the rest of the story does.

Anyway, I'm glad you're doing better. You look good.

File: 943048373.png (127 KB, 270x405)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Does anyone else here experience intense guilt and regret for harming someone in the past?

I am overall okay with the ethical state of my life, but three years ago when I was 23 I wrote an angry, bitter pseudonymous review of a book published by a debut writer I was jealous of. I tried for months last year to remember the email I used to post the comment, but ended up emailing the website admins instead and asking them to remove it which they did. I fear however that the writer, who is by no means "famous" or anything, will figure out or has figured out that it was me who wrote it, since it can theoretically if implausibly be traced back to me.

I'm still considering emailing him personally just to wish him well with his career etc and to see if he replies by confronting me about the comment, but I admit now that I am very prone to paranoia and thinking the absolute worst is going to happen because it can happen so he might just be confused or may just say thanks, although he may say that but still treat me with suspicion. My paranoia has been proven right a lot of times, but not always so. I feel this action of mine is a stain on my conscience and I haven't stopped thinking about it for over a year now. As a result of my negative review I also feel like I don't deserve happiness, and that this will always be a skeleton in my closet if I do ever lead a happy life. As if one day I'll find out this guy has killed himself or posted my name online accusing me of this and that my happiness will be shattered instantly and forever.

Please can I get some advice about this?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do you still speak to him? It sounds like you don't really have contact with him.
It has been three years, if he did indeed see it he probably saw it a while ago. He probably won't remember it, though if it did affect him, I doubt that you wishing him luck is going to erase any damage you have done to his ego.
You don't feel guilt, deep down you're afraid of not getting caught. If you really do want to assuage the guilt, admit what you did and apologize with sincerity.
You wrote a mean review dude. It's not like you killed his father and raped his mother. I don't think you have much to worry about. He's not going to track you down and kill you in your sleep for trolling him. If it really weighs that heavily on your mind, email him and apologize I guess. If he kills himself over one bad review, he wasn't cut out to be an author. Have you seen how harsh actual book critics are?
I accept that guilt and fear of being "found out" are both present, but I don't believe only one is present as I am genuinely regretful that I wrote it, and embarrassed by the kind of way I used to think and behave. The reason why I don't want to email him out of nowhere is because:

A) I admit I am prone to intense paranoia and may be overthinking it (as the other anon said).

B) I may just be making a big deal out of nothing and by apologising will just weird him out and think I'm a stalker or mentally unbalanced etc.

C) An apology from me might, considering that I'm reasonably intelligent, remind him of a comment he just skimmed over and forgot years before and may compound any feelings of self-doubt or low self-worth he is already subject to. Meaning apologising might make things worse.
I'm not scared he's going to harm me (though I do worry he might post about me on social media or something), I'm more concerned that my actions have negatively affected someone not because of something bad they had done but because of my own anger and insecurities. As for the critic thing, I agree but all my life I have had the ability to either be intensely kind and express things in a very beautiful and touching manner, but also to say incredibly hurtful things in a way that is calculated to hurt. I am just embarrassed that I allowed myself to become so jealous and frustrated that I did something so unnecessary and frankly pathetic. But again, I also don't have much going on in life besides work so I may just be thinking about this so much because there's nothing else to replace it.
I was going write this in the first post, but it sounds like you have paranoia issues. This review incident probably isn't the cause of your uncomfortable feelings. I think you need to reflect on the weight you put on things.
I know I can't get inside your head and feel how you feel things, but I'm sure there have been other times you've felt paranoid about things and have it affect your life so.

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