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File: 1540181541622.jpg (155 KB, 1080x1080)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
What is the youngest do you think a 29 year old guy could date?
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lol look at this pedo
Lol look at this roastie.
>bf probably fucks you because you were a virgin
This is why I hate MGTOW's.
>give me a virgin gf, loose women suck!
>I demand sex from my gf, otherwise she's a frigid bitch!
Selfish bastards.
I'm a level 7, I need at least 2 tributes.
You want me in attack or defense position?

So we got this new co worker at my job, and she's got this tight little fat ass, always parading around in very revealing spandex like pic related. (You can see her panties across the building) It's really distracting when I'm trying to work and because I am in a relationship already, the sexual frustration doesn't help.

What can I do to fix this problem? inb4 rub one out or just don't look
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File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
>always parading around in very revealing spandex like pic related. (You can see her panties across the building) It's really distracting
jesus god i love girls like this
I mean it must be hard working in mcdonalds.

obvious troll is obvious
nm forgot this was on adv not g.
Look I get it's still 4chan but I don't understand all the super bitter, hostile replies.
Except you aren't the OP, I am. Faggot.
You aren't wrong, it's completely against dress code to dress that way. Like I can literally see her asscrack from the bottom to the top and the details of her thong from across the warehouse.
Hey homo, if some 19 year old babe with a sweet ass is bending over and shit in front of me all day, it's completely natural to look.
After she walks by exclaim “BRAP!”

File: 1535660480050.jpg (35 KB, 720x460)
35 KB
what's the point of working at a job if you only make $200 a month?
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>you can at least try right now the youtube / twitch part
yeah i can probably try the youtube part, but the twitch thing won't be possible because my internet connection isn't strong enough, and i don't think the internet infrastructure even if i were to ever get say ADSL would be strong enough either, but i could try youtube, it would be a drain on my data but eh, i guess
>This seriously sucks, but if you talking about clit ablation, i think there is luckily other ways to please a woman like G-point stimulation and various erogenous zones. Look it up. You could also start a blog or something to advocate against this practice, but I think taht political activists in your country get eaily arrested, so it basically sucks, I guess.
LOL, dude, do you know what happens to people that start blogs like that? the secret police will fucking track yo udown and literally kidnap you and torture you in a dark basement for weeks / months because you are a perceived terrorist threat and a threat to national security and public peace, this is an islamic military authoritarian dictatorship, not a democracy, you have no voice, and you have no freedom of speech

more than a 100 newspaper sites are blocked from the ISP's, and more than 300 VPN services are also blocked from all ISP's, journalists are regularly arrested and a celebrity was arrested and sentenced to prison for provocatively eating a banana on television

and it's not just clit removal it's labia removal as well, many women struggle with constant infection and pain and bleeding, and sex is unpleasurable and actually very painful to them, also the g-spot thing is just a myth and very few women actually experience like squirting or orgasm just from penetration, that's why you see women try to grind / hump you instead of just jumping up and down, they're grinding their clit / labia because that's what feels good, and when they masturbate they use vibrators and move around their clit
>there is a fucked up m/f ratio...
Sounds shit
>you don't even have to read a book anymore
I dunno, my uni does still have a library, so I guess books are still useful for in-depth analysis, but youtube analysis videos are still good enough, I guess.
Here are some pirated ebooks library, if you wanna try them:
Also, some college de france lessons were apparently video'd if you are french speaking:
for example: http://www.college-de-france.fr/site/anne-cheng/_audiovideos.htm
moocs are cool and free, too:

>the secret police will fucking track yo udown and literally kidnap you and torture you in a dark basement
yeah, that's what I though

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
it's not just youtube analysis, it's seeing the people who actually write the books or conduct research speak and even watch them debate other people who have done the same thing, like now you can watch sam harris and richard dawkins debate high-ranking religious figures and listen to hours of alan watts's university lectures and ideas, or listen to charles bukowski speak about how he sees the world, or see university psychology lectures from jordan peterson for free from the comfort of your bed

you can even watch robert sapolsky teach advanced biology inside a standford university lecture hall for free as well, there's really no point in reading books now with youtube / google and the internet when other people can read them for you or you can just listen to / watch the people who wrote them in the first place

those are some good book torrent sites, i don't know if you've heard of sci-hub but that's a good one for unlocking paid research articles, i used it to access like $2,500 worth of super niche research articles for free for this extended essay assignment once heh

>No. I think its a part of the clit (which is a 3d organ) inside the vagina.

there's still debate, and there are some anatomical studies which show that there is a specific area that has the ability to produce a sort of sense of pleasure in some women, but not all and it's still a matter of discussion, but anyways objectively speaking the clitoris contains the most nerve endings and therefore the most pleasure

anyways, these girls have been traumatized and had their flaps and clit sliced off either with a raw sharp razor blade with no anesthesia awake or in a private clinic with some corrupt fucked up desperate doctor and it almost always results in repeat infection bleeding and pain
Fucking Indians gtfo
why so racist? are you from /pol/? i'm not indian though

File: anus.jpg (53 KB, 562x437)
53 KB
Yesterday I had trouble while in the bathroom, I was shitting and while a turd was mid-way through my butthole, I tried to cut it. No big deal until I found myself having trouble with this. Today the same thing happened. I've never had trouble cutting turds with my butthole, until yesterday. Have I lost sharpness in my anus? How do I regain it?
Buy a rectal whetstone
Have you been taking giant cocks or dildos up there lately?

File: 1455646958196.jpg (18 KB, 408x408)
18 KB
my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and intend to get married later on, the relationship is very serious and while we've had our ups and downs I have never been more unhappy with him right now. Recently a guy in our friend circle wanted to raid a titty streamer for shits and giggles, and my boyfriend and a couple other guys thought this was a good idea, so they found someone on an 18+ streaming service, and while my boyfriend wasn't the one who paid for it, the streamer ended up winning them over and they paid her to T pose, dab, and do fortnite dances as a joke all while she was bare naked. Then they invited her into our circle of friends and now she's on our discord server. I explained to my bf how totally uncool this was but he got super defensive and said it was all just a joke and there was nothing sexual about it and that hes offended I'd have such little faith in him. After arguing back and forth I agreed I'd let my guard down for now and that I overreacted, but honestly I just hated arguing with him and was scared of conflict as he was growing increasingly angry. To make it worse, he is a long distance bf and he's visiting me in person in a week, and he picked now to pull this bullshit. He just doesn't seem to understand why this would bother me so much. He even told me about it, expecting I'd find it funny, and was surprised when I told him how upset it made me. I know he didn't do this on purpose to hurt my feelings, but I can't have him pull this shit again. I need help confronting him in person about this and putting my foot down, I'm a very passive and submissive person so it won't be easy. I don't want to leave him as he hasn't pulled shit this bad before and he obviously wasn't trying to hide anything from me, but he's always had a hard time understanding how others feel and how his actions can hurt people, he just doesn't seem to get it.
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Underrated show and actor.
Holy fuck learn how to make a proper sentence
This is 4Chan now.
>long distance bf

I stopped reading at this point. When will people learn?

Don't be so salty that you've never had anyone love you anon.

File: EPltCIf.gif (1.4 MB, 538x303)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
hi /adv/,

I've been single for several months and my craving for emotional intimacy has really taken its toll on me. I just want to be able to go through my day without constantly thinking about dating and fucking and whatnot.

How can I learn to be happier on my own? And if you're gonna tell me that I'm not trying hard enough, then just save it; going out looking for ass is exactly what I'm trying to avoid because I always go home disappointed.
Work on yourself. Be the best version of yourself you can be.
Well that's just about the most vague advice I've ever received from anyone
>Always put yourself first
>Dont mind what other people are doing
>Get rid of the mindset that you NEED someone to complete you
>Be patient to find someone
>keep yourself occupied
Here's your day, as a proper man
Go to work
Come home
Do your chores
Cook dinner
Turn on your computer and look at 4chan for an hour.
Go to bed
Read your book for 1-2 hours.

Just like that you will not need a woman
File: bigpot6.jpg (55 KB, 497x550)
55 KB
I let a girl beat my mind up. I went single for several months. Then I made loads of drastic changes.

I got a bicycle and got in stupid good shape. Stopped eating fast food and adding spices to every food. It totally sucked ass but now I have an otter body and I'm 27 and I constantly get hit on. Worth it, Carl.

Idk. Turn girls down. Smoke weed. Get mad wasted and explore forests on your own. Everyone needs something different, but it sounds like you've mentally boxed yourself in.

Do something reckless. Then be healthy.

Balance, Carl. Balance.

File: cabin vindheim.jpg (44 KB, 564x1201)
44 KB
Girls like me too so don't misunderstand, but they like him better and 90% of the stuff he says to them is lowkey mean one way or other, but instead of being offended they are totally charmed by it.

For example
>me and him out at hobby
>notice two cute girls there
>he eyes them up all night
>eventually tells me we should take a photo
>surprise surprise he goes up to these two girls to ask them to take the photo

I normally don't get to hear a lot of what he says but I caught it all this time and it went like this, he goes up to them, gestures back to me and says
>hey my friend and I were hoping you could take a photo of us
>>sure! of course
he starts to hand over his phone to the one girl, but then snatches it back before it's in her hand and goes
>no wait I think you look like you'd be better at taking photos everyone know blondes can't be trusted
and hands the phone to the other girl instead

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Being this fucking new

Matey, girls don't need to be wrapped in cotton and treated like princesses, and nor do they often want that kind of treatment from random guys they're flirting with.

Sure, you can be funny and make jokes without making the girl the butt of the joke, but teasing is flirting 101. You're making personal jokes, inviting them to react and this gets them (positively) emotionally involved in you, which is something that women NEED before they can be properly attracted to you.

You don't need to be "nice" to girls at all times, you don't even need to pay them compliments, this is all just an extension of the idea that girls will give up sex in exchange for guys behaving like doormats with banal compliments written on their forehead.

Make a joke, make it at her expense, laugh with her, and watch how far her estimation of you climbs.

Also tangentially related, poking fun at girls is one of the easiest ways to build sexual tension. Tell a girl her ass looks fat in that dress then add that it's not really a complaint and you'll be tearingng each others clothes off in no time.
If you think telling a girl she looks fat in her clothes will be charming then you are delusional. Even my friend doesn't make jokes like that, at least not that I've heard.
B a n t z
You're obviously pretty lame OP. Take notes from your friend. He geta more atteaction because he's an alpha stud. You're a beta bitch.
So what the fuck is wrong with telling a girl she looks good and making her feel good? It's not even like a sex for niceness expectation, I just don't think bantz needs to be mean spirited.

File: Screenshot (99).png (1.5 MB, 1600x1200)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Ok. So every time i got to this retail store this girl who works there stares at me and smiles. I talked to her a couple of times about games and shit. We talk about smash briefly and how were both going to cop ultimate. I think next time i see her ill bring up ultimate and be like "oh we should play sometime. whats your snapchat, so i can send you my friendcode" and from there talk to her and ask her out for coffee. Ima do it and am confident in myself. even if she dubs me itll be better to constantly ask what if? I just wanted to post this for some sort of closure. wish me luck anons. (Pic unrelated)
Good luck my friend. You seem to have everything under control.
>unironically seems like a good plan

Never seen someone post a sensible plan on /adv/ before.
File: lcs_anon.png (433 KB, 1600x3555)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
That's pretty solid. I don't know about snapchat, though. I see people using it more to send nudes and shit like that, but I don't use it, so I don't really know.

Only advice I have is, take it easy and don't worry too much if it doesn't work. Good luck, son. Shit does happen.
Not related to the thread, but interesting anyway, the apps that people use to chat vary geographically. Even within the same city sometimes different areas will use different apps as their primary messaging platform.

File: FB_IMG_1537953887235.jpg (57 KB, 720x540)
57 KB
Where do I go to find a 35-40 yo woman to fuck around with as a 20 year old? Just a place or site I can refularly run into them. I'm really axhing to dig into a MILF old enough to be my mother (my mom would be 60 so it's not like that necessarily,) and would love to meet one sometime. I can hold a good conversation with a woman that old, donit all the time but I just never take it sexual. Would love to find a sexually frusturated chick at 40 and get up in her shit.

Kind of important that i could run into a few of them at a time so I have a better chance of hitting one i like.

File: vid2.jpg (61 KB, 630x420)
61 KB
I need some pointers on asking a crush out
Apply context to question, ya goof.
Get ready for advice from a bunch of people who have never had a gf before.
I once had a girl compliment me and left foe a vacation and I asked her out on facebook. We dated for 3 years.
There isnt a solution to asking people out. All that really matters is that they are interested.
Me: Shy 6/10 dude
Her: The cutest Asian I've ever seen
Location: Uni science class
File: images (1).jpg (24 KB, 660x464)
24 KB
Easy as fuck in a uni class.
Plus you get bonus points because you're white and she's asian.
Just sit next to her in the next lesson, and strike up a conversation about the work.
Then introduce yourself and get her name.
You'll then have to keep the conversation up throughout the lesson,(but do not make it forced). Use the lesson's work as a crutch for the dialogue if you're struggling.
Then at the end say something along the lines of:
"Hey, let's exchange phone numbers, and we can go out one day"
Just be relaxed and don't take it so seriously in the moment.

File: 1536725971244.gif (350 KB, 540x640)
350 KB
350 KB GIF
How do I stop being racist? Every time I go outside in Canada I get so mad seeing foreign people everywhere and it just keeps getting worse as they let more and more in.

I can't keep going like this, please help me accept it and stop being mad.
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Force it out of you like an exorcism. There really is no other way.
File: 1539408457810.jpg (121 KB, 638x550)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I know this meme is forced (it got a massive upsurge in posts almost overnight, and is shilled constantly), but it really is apt here.
>doesn't even provide a counterargument and uses dead meme
but tripfag
File: 1505271271101.png (47 KB, 778x512)
47 KB
Give me more (You)s please
Call the corporate office about getting a H1-B, that will be your authorization.

File: aye.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
I was shy af when talking to girls in high school. Low confidence overall. Over the summer I find good hobbies and just work on my confidence at my summer job. Now at college and girls have been way easier to talk to. Maybe because I changed and the way college is compared to high school.

Now... there's a girl who is super shy but I can tell she wants to talk to me. I talked to her for a bit and she seems awkward. How can I make her feel less shy when talking.
She's shy, so you'll have to read her mind. If she wants to talk, she'll eventually talk if she gets comfortable around you. Maybe do quiet activities like taking a walk to class or something where you just enjoy the company of each other.
Try to find what she's interested in and ask her stuff about it. Maybe she's into niche things she's not confident is "cool". You can learn a lot from anyone.

You can't really "make" someone feel less shy but getting them to laugh or feel comfortable or trusting around you isa first step.

File: DWWZlq9VQAAy7xG.jpg (150 KB, 775x1024)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I'm going over to a girls house to sleep over, what are some things we can do in her apartment other than sex (we'll do that too but I'll be there for hours so I'll have to entertain her). I just want to make sure i don't get friendzoned

I've slept with her before
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Bump need advice on this
>if I bring wine too does that look over the top?
Yeah, probably. I'd say talking or something low effort would be a great thing to do since you're getting blazed.
Cooking sounds good. Maybe watch something funny like "everything is terrible" or rifftrax shorts, but it would probably be better to connect a bit. Board games, I prefer ones where you work together, like pandemic, but I love board games.

File: 1535851802263.png (514 KB, 810x810)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
I've been browsing /pol/ for a while and as a 'roach' I've started to hate myself
How do i stop?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why on earth would you feel ashamed? Just remind them that your people are literally set to inherit Germany in 3-4 generations and they’ll chimp out. Guarantee you.
I wish they wouldn't
I don't know anymore if people on /pol/ are actual stormfront-tier neo nazis or just shitposters now
Ataturk is rolling in his grave
Please don't call me a nazi, they were far too lenient on Jews.
There is literally nothing wrong with being Turkish (in Turkey).
Look at my trip.
I don't hate you for being Turkish, nor should you hate yourself for that.

20 years old. 700ng/deciliter testosterone level. Can't get hard. Rarely get aroused. Wtf is going on? Doctors won't take it seriously. Someone help please.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
could you be more specific? there are different levels of arousal, what thoughts go through your head when you try to get it up? try it now and report the internal dialogue. good luck anon, at worse you can still have a very fulfilling life with an absence of sex? i mean do you still have a strong urge just no follow up down there?
No, I rarely even look at porn anymore and in the extremely rare circumstance I do i just can't seem to get hard. Once in the last month I got hard for about a minute then it died. It's like I just lost interest in sex. And my dick stopped working. At the same time. I don't even get morning wood any more.
are you bothered because you are afraid it isn't normal? how long has this been going on? Ive had a similar experience around your age, wasn't interested in sex and dint get boners for around 6 months, for me I think it lost its appeal because it was too easily satisfied and stopped feeling special or even liberating. still have the same gf but the stage passed. I think I just stopped worrying about it, meditated on nothing and everything anytime I wondered why I was becoming that way. is this bothering you at all? or are you just perplexed?
It's bothering me because it's been going on for a month+ and I never used to be like this. Id Jack off 2 times a day most days before. Then it just died. And im getting close with a girl I like too so my dick is expected to work. It's showing no signs of getting better at all people say when you have no urge for sex you can imrpvoe you life but I'm stuck because I'm worried there's something wrong with me and even the 3 doctors I've seen don't take it seriously so I'm fucked if there is something wrong. I guess at least I can sue them when my dick falls off.
yeah, seems familiar, I jacked off really opften before it happened as well, had sex just the way I liked. eh, you could tell the girl you are getting close to that you are currently experiencing issues, she would probably see it as a challenge. you gotta relax, stop struggling, seems like you are putting a lot of pressure on some concept of a "return to normality". stop throwing your money at doctors, know yourself. the human body has a lot of fall backs to get itself in reproductive order once more.

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