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File: hmm.jpg (33 KB, 1000x1000)
33 KB
Is it normal for both myself and my partner to intermittently not want to be together. We've been together two years, married for one year and we've had constant issues for most of that time. Most of the time we're not sure whether we want to continue. I don't think he's even interested in me sexually anymore. So I'm just wondering if this is normal, it kind of feels like there should be more to a good relationship.
I think it‘s somewhat normal. Your relationship is still very fresh, you‘re still working on the base.
Can you tell me a pit more detaiöed why this happens? The last time you felt like maybe „he‘s not the one“, how did it happen that that crossed your mind?
He ignores me a lot, he plays video games 24/7 when he's not working and speaks to his friends on the mic on said games. He doesn't really like talking to me or spending time with me. We also don't have sex anymore, but he's very pervy over other women, with porn, instagram, you name it basically as long as its not me he'll probably wank off to it. He's pretty evil to the dogs, physically violent with them. I don't think he's the one but I just wonder if relationships are meant to be like this. Am I overreacting.. I'm not sure how it happened, I just know that about a year ago I started thinking he wasn't a very nice person and we didn't have anything in common.

File: Potential.jpg (62 KB, 960x720)
62 KB
Can any UKfag IT people help me?

Looking at NTT and Century Link IT Technician ads on gumtree that say no experience necessary. According to the ad training will be provided by their academy parter The Training Room. Is it something I should give my phone number and email to?
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momentary pleasure is better than no pleasure at all.

This is what they don't understand. When the programming is fucked up so that it can never actually happen naturally the only way to do is an artificial means. It's an actual disease. A physical illness of the wiring in the brain.

So thanks assholes, for taking away the only way I can actually be happy just because you don't like it.
I think you're reply to the wrong thread.
Think I should change it even if I'm going for shitty jobs?
>maths degree right at the top and shine it in people's faces. 2:2 or not ,you have a great degree and you've hidden it away at the bottom.
>fell for the STEM meme

I have never been in a fight in my life. I'm 19 years old and I guess there's something wrong. I'm not beta or anything, just average guy, but I just realised that I haven't been in a single fight in my entire life. Is it ok?
Why do you think getting into a fight is normal?
It's okay. If you tend to get into fights you are an insecure loser.
Why would you? Unless you have to defend yourself you should never want to get in a fight. A schoolyard scrap is one thing but once you are out of high-school no one worth a damn is getting into brawls. People die from this shit or go to jail. People will hold grudges if you win, and people will cheat and pull a weapon or get their friends to help fuck you up.

Seriously always be ready to defend yourself but the winning move in a fight is to avoid it. Don't let anyone push you around but unless you're trained to fight and even then you should never be looking to brawl. Get a reputation for it and people will try to fuck your shit up even more.
If you really feel like you want to fight, go to a kickboxing/MMA gym. All the positive effects of learning to fight and pushing your mental boundaries without all of the potential negatives of fighting, namely unpredictability (after all, street fights are not sanitized, things can escalate real fucking quickly), collateral damage, and legal consequences.
Generally speaking, not getting into fight is a good sign that you have good efficacy skills. This means that you are essentially a well rounded individual who has used other skills to fix problems other then just violence. If you feel the need to get into a fight join a fighting gym. Otherwise it is a complete and utter non issue anon.

File: 7c9.png (97 KB, 790x773)
97 KB
Last 4 relationships have ended the same
>you dont want to go out
>you always on the computer
>always playing video games
>i dont like the games you play (never plays any games despite stating the opposite during initial dates)

during the first date i lay it out that i am selfish with my time and prefer to spend nearly all the time on the computer/games/inside, my schedule is pretty much work, gym, home, game, to which the response is "i like/dislike the same things you like/dislike
then about 4 months into it, as the complaints pile up about how im distant, i ignore her, i never want to go out, etc. i remind her that i made it abundantly clear the things i do that make me a bad fit for most people which then garners the response "i thought you were exaggerating/making jokes" this I follow with the breakup line, and go back to wondering just wtf.

i dont get it. I paint an ugly picture of myself during the initial phase so that a proper decision can be rendered and nobody's time is wasted, yet, the other party ignores all of this and only understand later after months have been wasted.
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Payloads aren't gonna contest themselves
Omg you sound like a good catch, what a lucky bf
>two days ago
>played a bunch of hours of MHW on my PC
>gf played a bunch of hours of BotW on her Swirch
>we occasionally pause to watch the other play
Feels good man.
Then again, we don't do this everyday.
If you're not planning to invest some time into your partner then you shouldn't be on a relationship in the first place. They're in the right to leave you. Just don't get on a relationship if you don't want relationship stuff.
>family are great people
good for you if so...

File: 464534.gif (425 KB, 268x270)
425 KB
425 KB GIF
It's happening. Tomorrow I will have a coffee date with a girl I like a lot. However, I am freaking out. Please give me advice. I would like to avoid the friendzone as much as possible.


- I have had very few "first date" experiences. Most of them resulted in friendzoning.
- I was only once in a relationship, for five years. It did not end well, as the girl was mentally disturbed and was not listening to her therapist.
- I am not ugly, nor hot. I am not awkward and I know how to be funny. However, I feel like people enjoy my company and then forget about me.
- I have already met this girl. Two years ago. She was a colleague of my ex. We did not talk again until the beginning of August, when we started chatting online.
- The coffee date had to wait until now because she was away.
- During this month I texted her every other day or so. I did so to avoid to seem clingy. Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we discussed serious stuff.
- However, she initiated a chat only once. And usually, she was the one who, politely, ended the conversations. However, she never felt bored or forced, while texting with me.
- When we started chatting she almost immediately shared details of her private life. In particular, she revealed she was previously in a relationship with a mentally disturbed guy, and that this left her with no faith in relationships. I told her about my very similar case, involving her colleague... She assured me she is not a friend of her, and that she had no idea about my situation.

I am infatuated with this girl, and this is not something that happens a lot to me. I always have a hard time finding a girl I really like, and I am not talking about appearance (she is also hot, though, and she knows...).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That was my idea... Be myself, and try to have a good time with her. And afterwards, maybe, ask her out again, right away.

However, I have been friendzoned so many times that I was starting to question my own ideas.
>However, I have been friendzoned so many times that I was starting to question my own ideas.
All I can say is, rinse and repeat. If it doesn't work out this time, evaluate where you went wrong and try something different next time.
I like how your ex was mentally disturbed, yet you stayed with her for 5 years. I also like how her ex was also mentally disturbed. It seems like you're the only two special, sane snowflakes and everyone else is mentally disturbed. I bet you ten bucks you're both fucked in the head (look at you, asking on the internet about a fucking date).
As for me, I am insecure. I never said I am a "sane snowflake".

However, I have never hurt anyone. And because of my ex, I have seen so many therapists that I know quite well where I stay, from the psychological point of view...

I am shy, but I fight hard against my weaknesses. I failed many times, and I will fail again. I hope it will be worth trying.

As for her, of course I can't know for sure. She must have some fragility herself. But I don't think she is someone prone to hurt people.
I'm sure you can be more direct with you feelings if you like someone more than friends. Honesty goes a long way, but coming on too quickly or strong can be intimidating. I don't have a good solution to what to write exactly, hehe. Sorry

I’ve been considering suicide since I was 7 years old. Obviously no one believed me back then. I’m 18 now and have been on antidepressants for about two years now. Unfortunately my body’s gotten used to them and they don’t have any real impact. I’m going to have to go to college soon and I’m not looking forward to that debt. Needless to say now would be the best time for me to commit suicide.
That being said, I have a dilemma. Part of me wants to leave behind a message of how child depression is real, but at the same time if I disappear without being a martyr not many people will be hurt being there will be less memory of me. I’m also debating whether I want to do it at home or find somewhere in the woods or something to do it. Any thoughts /adv/? And please don’t give me any of that “don’t do it people love you” bullshit. Love means shit to me. It’s time for me to go. My death is a favor to myself and those who have to be near my sorry ass.
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File: download.jpg (8 KB, 236x214)
8 KB
Yeah sounds like a plan. Okay, I did it. Your turn now. If you can post proof, you probably did it wrong.
Gosh darn, I don't have any rope or substitutes. I'll have to go the store tomorrow, just go ahead and I'll catch up yeah?
Cool, I hope you patient.
I was despressed since I was maybe 9. I literally remember having a moment while I was walking back from elementary school my mind wandered to something that made me feel stressed and I just had the thought.. what if I just walked straight in to the middle of the road...

Shit only got kinda worse as I got older. Literal days where I’d silently sob in to a pillow just to feel something.

I remember there was even a time when I felt like I was better. It was my second year at college, I started walking taller and trying to talk to people, going to work regularly, leading study groups, doing well in all my classes. I even was even getting super close to and hanging out daily with this cute girl, both inside and out of school.

Then one day I just fucking fell apart for absolutely no reason. Stopped picking up my friends calls, stopped going to work, stopped going to school except for exam dates, stopped talking to that girl.

And I didn’t even know why.

I was fucking pissed st my self, because that was the best I felt, the best I’d ever been doing... but then I just fell apart for no god damn good reason, hell I couldn’t even think of a bad reason for why I would fall apart and that just made me feel even more upset at myself.

That was the day I promised myself that I’d give 18 months, til my 22nd birthday. And i would give it as much as I had, and this shit would be done forever, one way or the other.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
stop being a faggot and start improving your life

>b-but muh laziness! me useless!

shut the fuck up and start small. make small improvements to your life, gradually working up to the bigger ones.

also >have to go to college soon

you don't HAVE to go to college. Do you have a specific career in mind, or are your boomer parents pressuring you into it? Also you're too fucking young to suicide. You can't even legally drink yet (assuming you're a U.S. poster)

>but me hurt peeple when me live!

this may come as a surprise to you, but you aren't special in this regard. People go through rough patches all the time, and woah, they are "burdens" to those around them until they get better.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: sadbrpooce.jpg (35 KB, 514x510)
35 KB
Every so often when I wipe my ass will hurt REALLY BAD. Like I'm wiping against nasty, rashed up skin. It hurts but my ass will still be dirty unless I keep wiping.
What's wrong with my ass?
Possibly fungal or bacterial infection. If you get proper medication it will go away in 2 weeks or less.
get a bidet
Get preperation H witch hazel wipes from amazon, they mix grandmas hugs with angel tears and it sooths your bootyhole like nothing else

File: 1534513794112.jpg (77 KB, 948x1024)
77 KB
>got laid for the first time in nearly a year and a half
>could barely keep it up
>had a hard time even getting it in
What gives? I mean, thankfully she was very enthusiastic with however long it took for me to find my groove, but normally I like being in a more dominant, on top position. I couldn't fucking find the hole, my dick got soft, I was nervous. She ended up on top and I was so absorbed with the earlier failure my dick went soft like twice more over the whole thing until I got my head right and jackhammered her for a solid 5 minutes. I mean, my dick is a bit thicker and longer than normal and it's a regular "acknowledgement" that girls aren't used to how big it is, but christ I had a girls legs up over my chest and for the life of me wasn't able to penetrate. I never had this issue before.

We're hooking up again thursday and I'm fucking concerned that I'm gonna have problems again. Ideas?
File: 1512254729358.jpg (412 KB, 1804x1536)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Listen I understand this is an unusual issue and most people are just happy to be getting laid, but I seriously could use some assistance. Is it because I've been straight jerking it for a year that I've forgotten where the hole is and how to keep a stiffy without it being pornography?

pls /adv/
Most likely nerves. It‘s always nerves.
She took it well. Now your only concern should be to not get scared of it happening again or you‘re trapped in a „performance anxiety“ loop.
You‘re not a robot. If you‘re too nervous, your body won't think that this is a good situation to have sex, so it will shut down.
All you can do is take away the pressure to perform. Instead of making it your goal to „jackhammer her“ (please don‘t do this until she specifically asks for it...), make the goal to enjoy, explore and be playful wih a cute girl that wants to spend time with you. Naked.

Another good way to help with the pressure is to try your best to NOT get hard as long as possible. Reverse psychology ftw.
My goal isnt to jackhammer her, it just became the conclusion that worked best. I did get nervous, I'm just not used to that. The best way, you think, to be less nervous is to do more playful shit together? All it really was, was making out and my hand in her panties till she begged me to fuck her and, suddenly, dick didn't work.

File: d43.jpg (44 KB, 634x644)
44 KB
> Married 7 Years
> Wife is very hot, into fitness, big fake tits, long blonde hair.
> We both love her "pornstar" look.
> We fantasize about her cucking me.
> She claims she'd do it in a heartbeat.
> Thinking about it.

We're in a female-led relationship (yes we're liberals, troll on right ahead). We have read about major regrets about this. Anyone who has actually done it have advice?
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Very few boomers watch blacked
Very few boomers are in open relationships

These are quite popular with millenials
>I'll say this, who wouldn't want a pass to fuck other men, she's not crazy.
This is why I can’t into love. I’m a beta (but not a cuck) so I can’t tame a woman.
Boomers didn't have internet for awhile and open relationships have been a thing for well ever. Try again sweety.

The only reason I'm harping on you is because you faggot ass moral crusaders are some of the biggest closeted degenerates. Go fuck yourself with the big black dick you constantly worry about you neurotic fuck.
Open today is an illusion and really one sided. The woman wants to fuck around and the guy won't leave because of it, he does nothing
Welp, this bait is weak and smells like shit.
You know how it goes, man. Here goes the sage.

File: IMG_20180606_111808.jpg (116 KB, 716x717)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
holy shit i want to die
can someone recommend some easy ways to end it? i dont have a gun
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Bring a tot of vodka out to the next -20 blizzard you see.

Drink it naked go intoicewater drink again.

The heat being forced out of your core should keep you from getting frostbite while also forcing your system to sleepshutdown.

Bad side is you'll be found naked in the spring like a soggy icecreamstick. Can't have everything.
Why you wanna end op?
The best way to kill yourself spiritually in this case... Just live. Youll die constantly
Personally, I think the best suicide method is dying of natural causes after improving your life
I have heard stories from survivors and freezing to death is one of the most painful ways to die besides drowning

File: extreme sex.png (248 KB, 485x243)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
I met a girl on a dating app who basically told me she wants to get fucked as hard as possible. I'm a guy with a big dick, pretty confident and I've rarely had problems making girls cum: usually it's getting girls to stop cumming all over my sheets or maintaining an erection for a very long time that tends to be the issue with me. Sometimes I'll make the girl cum several times and don't even cum myself.

Basically this girl seems like she wants to be roughly dominated and fucked hard. She told me, "If I'm not screaming my head off with you, you'll never see me again after tonight." But she literally just wants to meet me for the first time to get fucked after I sent her a picture of my dick. She seems very serious, asked me if I was tested recently, if I have condoms, told me she's on the pill etc. She seems to take these encounters seriously and doesn't want to fuck around, she just wants to get used by a guy who fits the bill.

So guys, how do I meet this girl's expectations and have very rough intercourse with her? She seems like one of those girls with self-esteem issues who just needs a man to treat her like shit and use her in the bedroom. I would definitely not have a relationship with this girl, but the sex could be fun.

Girls who are into very, very rough sex and like to be dominated or used aggressively during sex, what kinds of things turn you on? Favourite positions or turn ons? Should I make a quick stop at the sex shop to get some rope or blindfolds or something?
68 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP what’s your kik? I need to see your dickpic again.
If it's a legit 7 incher and not an inflated self-measurement, then yes, 7 inches is in the big dick territory. The average erect length is 5.2 - 5.4 depending on the study, seven inches is in the top 5%.

Of course, it can still be too small if it's thin, since girth is the more important measurement.

6 x 6 here. Would gladly lose an inch of girth for a mega long shlong
4.5” x 4.5” here. Would gladly trade one of my legs with a big dick, if I could.
OP post your dick again in /soc/

im in the shit here adv

>me and friend fighting over a girl
>punched him and he tried to take me to court for it
>girl is now his new gf and they’re tormenting me sending sexual videos
>threw brick in his window and shit on his car to teach him a lesson
>no one did anything or called the cops
>last night he phoned me
>said i had two options
>he will either report what i did to the police and try to get me locked up
>if i suck him off and let his gf peg me afterwards he will call it even and not call the cops

what the fuck do i do adv? i don’t want to go to jail for throwing the brick and doing the shit but sucking this faggot off sounds even worse. also im scared he won’t stick to his word and will video me and put it on a porn site or something

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why not kill him? Seems like a win win win, you get the girl, the dude is dead, and I never have to hear your gay ass threads again.
it will be obvious that it was me who killed him. they’ll check his texts and see he was blackmailing me. easiest murder investigation ever

can i call the police on him for blackmail? or is it “cancelled out” by me bricking his house?
Op you dishonest cunt
You left out that you left a death threat at his house


Suck 1 dick now and have a chance of avoiding prison dickshower is a pretty good trade

But id say you enjoy dick like a good little retard fag so go for the dickshower you cumdrizzled gorilla
Blackmail is illegal use this
don't negotiate. Tell him he has 6 hours to take it back, you will pay all the damages else you will call the police for him sending the nudes. Send a government link pertaining to internet nudity laws or something.

Don't negotiate with terrorists.
you are stupid OP. most guys without a gf are gay anyway and would jump at the chance to suck this guys dick and get buttfucked by a girl.

Though you are single, maybe gay but go ahead and tell him you'll do it eagerly. If it appears to him you really prefer dick and may fall for him if you get to suck that cum he may cancel the whole thing.

Oh, if you are going to throw a brick don't get caught silly.

File: technics.png (12 KB, 512x512)
12 KB
Hello internet,

I was wondering if anyone would spare a minute to give me some financial advice, please?
At the moment I'm recovering from a very difficult time in my life that resulted in some healthcare debt. Unfortunately at the same time, I am fresh out of design school so I live with my parents and don't have a stable job at the moment. I 'm doing the best I can to secure as many projects as I can to build my portfolio and hopefully get employed and move out of my parents house in the near future. However, it is quite obvious to me that junior position salary will not grant me financial security at all. I am good at saving but there is no way I will be able to save enough to cover my student debt, rapidly growing interest and my healthcare debt. I come from a poor background so I will never get any financial help from my relatives and borrowing from banks in not an option as I am up to my neck in student debt as it is. Plus, my mother is a bit of a nut job so she is kicking me out of the house.

Does anyone have any advice of how to come up with a plan? How do you start a career? How to make money with literally $80 I have now? Is there any possibility of using the little money I will be saving one I get employed to safely invest? Would it be better for me to build my own design business? What are the options here? I know nothing about finance so pardon if my question is silly but help would be immensely appreciated.
I've been told that healthcare debt is the most forgiving in terms of payoff and negotiation. I'd first call the debt holders, explain the situation, and ask for a reduction in payment amount, principal amount or both.

That will at least get that monkey off your back for a bit.
Hi, thanks! The problem is I owe most of it to my parents and they agreed to cover the last bit that I need but I no longer think they will do it as they are pissed of about me living with them and being unemployed. The issue is that I need the last bit of money for front teeth dental implant and obviously am not eager to knock on anyone's door toothless asking for a job. So if anyone knows how I could make $2000 fast and preferably without selling my organs, could you please let me know?

Plastic bag suicide will only work if you're so high you don't give a fuck that theres not enough air to breathe anymore. So my question is whats the best drug to achieve this state of mind. Like whats the best clinical drug that will do the job, whats the easiest street drug to get that will suffice, ECT. I know that youre supposed to take an antihistamine an hour before you plan on doing this to make sure you dont vomit during this process. And dont give me the whole "Don't jump" horsedick, ive been suicidal for 15 years and I've tried many times before and ill try again inevitably and you have no control over this and I'm not going to explain why I hate existing, so just humor the question
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah man you are probably fixable. I won't judge you for stepping out, but sounds like you have terrible anxiety.
You can't go and tell people about these feelings as awful as that sounds. Not even parents will stick around if you tell them about all the horrible shit you are going through. It's too much stress. I'd try therapy, and just being less angry about things in general.
Anyways, good luck.
you don't need to leave life you just need to leave America and if that don't work then kill yourself
Yeah you have a point.

I really want to believe that I would be able to meet a woman that finds value in me over seas that I could make a family with thats what I feel like I'm never going get which drives the unhappiness but I just find it so hard to believe that this culture that values "Alpha Males" to the point where everything else is "Beta" is *only* here in America, I mean since I'm using those terms to identify the source of my frustration, im what they would call a Sigma Male because I find the whole idea disgusting, but this is shit that.. I'm not,gonna be able to change the way a whole group of people think.

You have a point though I might as well try that so at least I can say ive tried literally everything to find a purpose. Thanks
Dude its really hard to not be just fucking angry at this point. Stepping outside of myself and looking at my situation anyone would be angry being the person who others just fucking immediately exhile for not really any discernable reason. I mean the people I would call my "friends", I have to force myself around them by inviting,myself and then after a really short period of time they give off vibes for me to go away because I'm not doing something or saying something or what ever the hell it may be that ill probably spend the rest of,my life trying to,figure out. Its just really frustrating. Thank you for trying to be positive though I do appreciate that
>just get therapy bro

File: 1522645345473.jpg (42 KB, 495x636)
42 KB
Hello, college student here.I'm getting concerned for someone. Ever since one of my friends got into a relationship, she's been getting more and more detached from anyone outside her relationship. This usually would not be a problem. The problem for me is the circumstances leading up to the relationship. A couple of weeks after she broke up with someone, one of our guy friends asked out and they have going out ever since. Essentially, now they are in their own little world and she honestly became very anti social. Everyone has given up on her and now she already screwing up her priorities. She even already failed a test, and now is shutting out everyone thinking that we would judge her and only allows her boyfriend to even help her study, and even then he doesn't get her to focus. Her family already told her to try and control seeing her bf. I am the last person who has not given up on her.
Note: her family is Asian.
>I'm a guy who likes her, but wanted to wait for her to recover from her breakup, and wanted to help her through it, as a friend since she is very vulnerable to manipulation, especially from guys.
It doesn't help her bf is a white guy in the same major as her, but has no "balls" to try and curb her bad habits.
Roast me all you like /adv/, I just need some advice. Should I still be there for her as a friend, or put the chips on the deck and show her the consequences of her actions by leaving her alone. Oh, and they've been dating for a year, but might start showing signs of an inevitable break up.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Damn man, you are really good at running down this chick you've supposedly been into for more than a year.
Hmmm... ironically i think I am going to listen to the people of /adv/ over the people in my real life. To be honest this was constantly bothering me day in and day out. I need to go to sleep it's midnight where I am, and I have class. Good night anons, you people are the reason why I can go on in this world full of idiots. I asked for a roast, and I am satisfied with this turn of events. I'll take my friends and make a world one she would wish she was still part of and tell her how I feel.

Sincerly, OP
Have a tachanka
Ok, one last comment.
I love her, but that doesn't mean I don't notice the things that are wrong with her. My family did not raise a love fool. To me, being able to criticize someone is the way I can tell I care about them. OP is sleepy good night.
>I love her
Oh dear.
>To me, being able to criticize someone is the way I can tell I care about them.
Talking shit behind someone's back online is not criticizing them. It's just talking shit.
Best of luck! I hope you get the girl!

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