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File: 1521440536915.jpg (8 KB, 230x250)
8 KB
Can i get some advice on how to get my very own roastie?

Pic related my gift for said roastie.
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shut the fuck up nigga
Oh, it will totally work! You definitely wouldn't want to follow normal advice like look into fashion basics, develop a personal style somewhere near the societal norm, start getting healthier, develop a strong hygiene and personal care regiment, work on bettering your personality flaws, and flirt with women like most guys do. That would be terrible advice to follow. I strongly advise doubling down, and certainly keep calling women roasties! They love that!!
Its the cat picture that makes me want to reply normally even though you're trolling, so I will.
People meet everywhere, randomly to arranged so keep a eye open. Talk to girls on your level but always take a shot, as long as they aren't repulsive and you are interested. You'll know who because you'll be interested in her and she'll be interested in you, its really that simple. Keep talking and see where it goes, you have to get to know each other and see if you get along. If she's not interested or you've changed your mind move on to the next. Its a numbers game so don't waste your time dreaming about someone who isn't interested because it's not going to happens.
Being a good person also involves [spoiler]respecting women[/spoiler] so it's best to be mindful of what you're saying around others.
Do you like challenges, OP? The best way to practically start is by befriending your mother or mother figure. If you become best friends with your mom, you will most likely have a direct line in how to be a gentleman and successful soon-to-be husbando
File: 1512509941905.jpg (52 KB, 640x640)
52 KB
I cnt frans with mom, she made big mistskes

Thatd sounds like too much werk anon , cant we just say liek each other n just get comfy at home???? Im an introvert

Thnks i will keep this in mind but i dont lik being alot social....

Ty roadties 4 your help!

Mfw getting adv

Does the FBI send warning letters to stop downloading movies? My familly said they sent one a long time ago but when I ask now they say it never happened. I'm also being gangstalked btw.
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File: 1515184819620.jpg (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
OP, I want you to watch this. I want you to see where you'll be in the next few years if you don't get a hold of yourself and at least see a doctor.

Also ISPs send out warning letters last I checked, not the FBI.

What I experience is nothing like that video.
No. Your ISP can send you a letter if they see you doing something shady, but it's just a meaningless threat.
>I'm also being gangstalked btw.
m8 I've been gangstalked on 4chan before and it's no joke. Go to your therapist and file a report with your local police department.
Schizophrenics should be gassed desu
t. psychology major
Probably. The only thing you can do is to confront your parents, try to read their physical language.

File: distraught.jpg (21 KB, 362x362)
21 KB
Literally always bored if I'm not out with people partying and getting fucked up, to the point where it's really affecting my college grades because I don't go to class and don'/can't study.

I also ruin 90% of my relationships with friends and 100% of them with women because I get bored of them and sperg out causing drama, either doing so autistically or just being a dick.

What can I do to become normal and content with just chilling low key? If I'm not distracting myself with shit like the above I'm not necessarily depressed but there is a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I have to push down. Is there to fix this?
Also sorry for the blog, I’m actually looking for genuine advice from people who might have gone through similar things
Bump because in same boat

File: Hikikomori.png (272 KB, 704x400)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
I'm a 20 year old guy in college. Kissless virgin, which really nags at me, I feel left behind. May have some depression and anxiety issues.

I recently asked a girl I really liked since high school if she thought we might have a chance at a relationship in the future. She said she only sees me as a friend, wouldn't tell me if she used to like me either. I feel she was one of my best chances at finding love because we have a lot in common. I dont want to be mad at her, I can respect she doesnt feel anything for me.
Feeling pretty bad about it, I dont know any other girls really. I dont even have many friends. I cant really talk to new people and I'm not very attractive. It's not like I have options.

Where do I go from here?
>only ever put effort into 1 girl
You literally have a whole life ahead of you with opportunities to get a gf
20 is way too young to be worried about staying a khv. take it from me, i’m not much older than you are and i figured i wouldn’t ever be in a relationship before 30, and yet just four months ago, i starting dating someone.
granted the relationship was short, but that’s proof that it’s not impossible.

the biggest thing i think you should focus on is self improvement. don’t get too hung up on potential relationships with other people, work on things you would like to see improved in your own life, and from there, the self confidence you build will take you much further in your love life. regardless of who you are, self-confidence/growth mindsets/self-assuredness are attractive

tl;dr focus on improving yourself where you would like to see improvement and your love life will develop with it

When i masturbate i get unwanted thoughts
it maybe the part of OCD and it make me feel guilty.because those unwanted thoughts is image of my family

what should i do ?
drink coffee

File: uglybetty.jpg (51 KB, 1024x768)
51 KB
What traits do you have to have in order to be considered an a pretty girl? I don't have a great face or tits or ass or a nipped in waist or long legs so...I'm wondering if there's anything else that I can have in order to be considered attractive?
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Okay, friend, I was being nice before, but you either need to return to whatever 2007 hellhole you escaped from or lurk until you have all the sappiness forcibly beaten out of you.
Personality, and good hygiene. Its untold but the prettiest girls are the ones that keep it simple.
If you take inspiration from trash ladies like Kardashians, some victoria secret model, or some dumb singer, you are doing it wrong, they offer nothing in anybody's life.
As long as you keep dating yourself, someone will notice,is kinda gay what im about to say , but if you keep your attitude positive it will work out. You dont actually see it but theres always somebody around you that would go "yeah, i would date her, shes pretty"
Now I ache too.
If you were in MN we could help each other out
Eh, I kind of like compliments every now and then. Maybe not a felt need, but it feels good and definitely can make you like someone more.
Let me guess your loooow standards are chad - 0,5 points.

On a serious note, women have high standards and often dont realize it. It is their biology after all to find the best man and not the most dicks.

I think I’m becoming much less intelligent than I used to be.
I used to be able to easily finish crosswords when I was a young teenager. I used to get top marks in tests from all subjects in all classes from about year 7 - 11 because I could easily remember information.
I started drinking and smoking weed in year 12 (not huge amounts), and stopped doing my assignments or going to classes because I was too interested in my new social life. Now I’m a 22 year old bartender and want to get my shit together. However I feel like my brain has degenerated massively. I tried to sit down and do an easy newspaper crossword and couldn’t get a SINGLE answer. I went to some one day course thing, and afterwords during question time I forgot every fucking thing the dude said. It made sense and I understood it when he was going through it, but I forgot about it in a matter of minutes.
I just want to know why I’m becoming an idiot, and if it’s too late to fix it. Is there any sort of free mini online test I can do to measure if I’m retarded or not now?
The reason I want to know is because I want a career. I’m tossing up between university or a trade. I don’t want to start Uni and realise that I was too stupid all along.
You're not becoming dumber op, you're far too young for your brain to begin degenerating. You're just out of the loop is all. You said yourself you stopped doing your assignments and gained a new social life; so your studies just became back benched at that point. If you want to get back into it, just allocate time for it. Practice crosswords again, start looking at courses you can do, start reading in your free time.
Even at this course though, I couldn’t believe how unable I was to answer the basic questions. They just weren’t there. Can my ability to retain and spit back information come back? That’s the scariest part of this for me.
How much weed do you smoke now? That can obviously fuck up short term memory for people. Take notes, study them afterwards, make sure you understand them. Omega 3 fish oil capsules are great for memory boosting, and cheap. Try them. You're just out of practice and freaking out op. You will be fine, it will just take a bit of time to get back into the groove.
Haven’t smoked at all in probably a year. Used to smoke everyday though.
I still get drunk a few times a week
get a trade.
i am the same. high school - had everything going great, voted most likely to succeed at university. now - i am a drop out, NEET, with a criminal record. shit happens.

File: IMG_20180123_214758.jpg (79 KB, 1024x573)
79 KB
what is the best way to get a gf without tinder
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Any goddamn social activity that isn't grouped by gender
>Google what's Grindr is
>First news is about some mentally diseased faggot killing his faggot date
fucking mental disease faggots needs to be cleanse from th
What's wrong with tinder?
Low success rates if not top percentge man. Thots in the literal sense. Extremly flakey women. Too many dumb and boring women. Very little gf material.
Under rated n keked

File: 1452810788127.png (307 KB, 427x559)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
I've been dating a girl since March. It's my second relationship and I've got major commitment issues after being cheated on in my first relationship and watching my parents shit marriage fall apart.
My current girlfriend wants a very serious long term relationship but I don't think I can handle it. I'm also planning on switching to uni soon which is 3 hours away and I hate the idea of LDR.
She's very into me, like VERY into me. I think she's in love with me but I don't feel the same way.
All these factors are making me want to break up with her. Should I do it? It wouldn't be fair to continue a relationship I'm not invested in.
If so, how do I go about it?
Become more selfish. Fuck her even as a ldr until you find a new girl. If she tolerates great if not oh well you wanted to break up anyway.

File: wc1808332.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
I've recently left high school and and have been suffering from major depressive disorder for the past two years. I'm sick of my life, and can't stand to spend anymore time in the situation I'm currently in. Before I spend another 4 years of my life studying at a University, I want a few months of freedom. I want to travel to somewhere I've never been, and experience something new.

I've got ~$7,000AUD saved up and I was hoping to possibly go to Japan. I should also mention, that I'm most likely going to be travelling alone, I don't have many friends. And besides, I think I'd rather be alone.

I have deep vested interest in Japanese culture and history. I want to join a dojo (preferably of the Yoshioka-ryū style) upon arrival where I can hone my skills under a master. My Japanese is rudimentary but I plan on improving it with regular use.

Please give me advice on what I need to keep an eye out for.
What part of Japan? I love it here, but then again I'm half Japanese so adjusting to society wasn't hard at all.

A lot of Japanese society won't make sense at first. Over time, you'll realize life is just so much more convenient in Japan than the states. For instance:

>Street vending machines
This used to be weird as hell, but it's so utterly convenient. A minute walk down the street and I've bought drinks, snacks, and a pack of smokes for the day, all under 1000 yen.

Mom and pop sushi shacks, fantastic traditional street foods, book stores that let you rent out reading rooms for upwards of 8 hours, I mean this place is a wet dream for me. Might be hard for some, though.

Learn some basic kanji, basic Japanese phrases, etc. Basically don't come here with little to no knowledge of the place and expect it to change your life.
Lol at join a dojo. I'm currently in Kyoto for 5 months on exchange. Zero Japanese before coming - but it's not that hard to adjust as long as you have money and fingers to point at things.

You're best bet is to learn Hiragana and Katakana before you can, and learn basic phrases to use (すみません、たばこ, etc.) Now if you are planning on moving here you really can't unless you do the following options: 1) exchange program, 2) hold Japanese citizenship, 3) have a bachelors degree and apply to the JET program / teach English.

Realistically, since you are going to only be able to visit for a maximum of up to 3 months here without a relevant visa, I would definitely hit Tokyo if you enjoy cities, or consider staying around the Kansai area (Kyoto) if you enjoy a mixed balance between city / surburban / nature. If you are into agriculture / nature, there is always northern Japan but you most likely would not enjoy it except for visiting the areas there.

I have always dreamed of having a relationship with a beautiful Asian woman who I can relate to, I met a beautiful Filipino woman online, she was so nice to me, I wanted to be with her, I felt like we should meet up in the phillipines and have time together, but I realised if my mother would find out I would be in big trouble, so I broke up with her, I feel like I miss her as I feel that she was my dream and that I don’t think I will be able to find another Asian willing to date me.
How do I forget about her? I might start dating during or after college, what dvice can you give on finding an Asian girlfriend?

File: 1410043871138.jpg (31 KB, 558x640)
31 KB
>be me, 24, living with parents
>long distance GF is visiting me for a week (note: started as a normal relationship, only recently became long distance)
>mother just recently moved bedrooms to be next to mine (usually sleeps downstairs)
>she's an incredibly light sleeper, sleeps at random times (anywhere from 9pm to 4am), wakes up every two hours, and has no social acumen (i.e. won't realize I might want some privacy, and has no trouble interrupting anything I do)

The thing is, she doesn't do this out of malice, that's just how she is. Is it worth asking her to move back to her normal bedroom for a week so I can fug with impunity?
If you are close to her do it. Just say it might be loud cause you will talk and watch movies and shit. If she isn't retarded she will get the message.
>be me, 24, living with parents
I see where your problem is
This honestly man get out the house
My point is she is retarded, any tips?

I can't move out in a week
Ask her for a little space because you want more privacy with your girl just for the week. You exist, so she's had sex at least once before, no worries.
Although considering you're asking on /adv/, she may completely freak out that you don't love her anymore and you're a horrible son while constantly interfere the whole time by beating you with a stuffed watermelon.

Can I sue a nightclub if it has transsexuals as workers instead of real women?

File: worriedguy.jpg (84 KB, 480x319)
84 KB
I'm completely directionless in life. I thought I enjoyed computers but I realized all of the stuff I was bad at math and that its a terrible job to do professionally. I'm 18 and graduate high school soon and I've been having intense panic attacks because i'm worried about the future. My twin sister is planning on being a nurse,she already has a few things planned out but not me. I did terribly in school and barely paid attention. I'm afraid to go to college because I'm terrible at math and cannot even write a proper essay. I have so many questions.
>what should I do ?
>are trade jobs actually any good ?
>what are good majors aside from STEM ?
>how do I relearn essay writing and math(algebra,calc,trig etc)?
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Hey I'd take a step back from what these guys are saying and take a breather. College isn't bad or scary and just takes a little self application.

My mom absolutely did fuck all in high school. She cheated on everything and had her uncle write all her college application essays. But she said college taught her how to think and apply herself. She was not what anyone would call college material. To me, she's one of the smartest people I know. Only because her professors taught her critical thinking skills and she saw she needed to change her habits.

Basically what you'll expect in a course-load depends on your major and class level. 100-299 is beginner/intro level and what you'll be taking as a freshman. 300 is more middle range. 400-500 is advanced and basically only taken by those want to major in that area. One of your classes might be a freshman seminar that teaches you how to use campus resources to write essays.

Not all courses will expect you to write essays. Some of my classes had a weekly 10 question homework and a couple of reports. Some of my classes had several 15 page essays (they are always double spaced). Some of my classes only had reading questions or group projects. If writing essays is not your forte there are resources on campus that will probably help you edit your essay. All of my professors are also super helpful in helping to write essays as well. They can help you choose a topic and give you tips. Class TAs will edit them as well.

Don't worry about declaring a major. Most people change their first major anyways. Take a bunch of different classes your freshman year and see what you like. Maybe you could major or minor in any combination or areas; International Relations, Public Health, Computer Sciences, Government, Business, etc.

I think you'll be ok! Be positive and know that your professors WANT to help you! Don't let people scare you!
My guess is he probably went to a mediocre high school or flunked (doubt it). My high school was pretty bad and I heard things got worse the last couple of years because teachers get all the heat even if the students are clearly the problem in class. One of my teachers got in trouble because a lot of students couldn't care less about participating or doing their homework yet he's the one that got in trouble. Also, it offered AP courses but didn't offer essential ones like Physics which is what killed a lot of students in my city's uni. They had to take something as basic as classical mechanics and flunked their first exam. One my buds was a pretty smart guy but when he took that first exam he flunked in a manner I never saw him flunk before when he was in high school, in any grade. Pretty much a 35/100 IIRC, fail.

Some high schools are poorly funded I guess either that or the administration is piz poor.
BTW, I go to an "elite college" and it is tough but it is NOT cutthroat. People want to help you and want you to do well. All you have to do is take initiative and show your interest and genuine appreciation.

I have hundreds of pages of readings to do every week. I have to write papers and plan debates. The list goes on but in each case there is someone willing to help if I ask for it. Knowing someone has your back makes the task so much more easier.
If OP didn't hone his skills in high school, and you throw him in an environment like yours, he will not perform. I don't know if this is considered extremely cynical, but I'm just being honest. I'm the laziest person in my immediate circle. It took me like four years to transfer out of community college, after withdrawing from classes or changing my major 2 times, and now it's taking me 3 years to finish up at a state uni. I'm doing a 4 year degree in 7. I didn't go to a good high school; I went to an inner city HS. My parents sucked at disciplining me, and my teachers didn't care about me. I had to slowly improve my skills and motivation on my own. Now that I'm in my final year, I can tackle on assignments like you mentioned, but had you presented them to me 4-5 years ago? I would've flunked them all. So I'm coming at my own opinion, from a place of experience with this matter -- I can relate to OP.

Op, I highly suggest you go on Khan Academy and learn basic shit before even signing up for a college course. Don't get a C or a W like me. Go in there ready to win. They have lectures on math and writing skills. Start with prealgebra in math, and get all the basic shit down. Google how to write a thesis and supporting paragraphs. Learn about logic: logos, pathos, ethos. How to formulate an argument and counterargument. You don't need some jaded TA at a tutoring center to hand hold you, and make you feel like a moron. All of this stuff is online. Learn it *before* starting classes, and ace your papers, and start out winning. Good self-esteem will go a long way. Use your time in college to figure what you want to do -- that I do agree with this guy. The average person changes their major 3-4 times.

This is all assuming you want to do college. Trades are a fine alternative too. Massive shortage of trades in most parts of the country.

> Trade jobs
> Poor but stable

Being an electrician, plumber, proces-operator, welder or smith is instant middle-class

How can I remove the noise that comes around me so it's really quiet when I'm playing on the computer?I live in a 11x9 dorm room and apparently I'm noisy. His bed is 3 feet from my desk.

Mouseclicks, fan noise, headphone noise. They are all pretty hard to avoid unless you invest in some pricy stuff

Stop playing at night and go to sleep so you can be more effective at your studies
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 251x201)
4 KB
Buy him a set of pic

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