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File: cold sore.jpg (56 KB, 490x420)
56 KB
Would you dump your girlfriend if she all of a sudden got an outbreak of cold sores?

My girlfriend did. Should I dump her?
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I think you should dump her. She's better off without some beta that considers dumping her because of a damn cold sore lol
This thread again.
i've had this "mouth herpes" thing since before i even had my first kiss. all it does is give you a cold sore maybe every 4-5 years. why is it something to get so worked up over? i was teased a bit for it in HS but nobody ever treated me like i was std ridden cause they knew it wasn't anything serious. fuck.
>wow i too have this super common disease, why are you even upset. It's not even that big of a deal if you get infected, don't worry about it bro.
>It's not even that big of a deal if you get infected
Apparently most people wouldn't want to date me, so pretty big deal I think.


File: 1508354072215.jpg (45 KB, 720x900)
45 KB
Gf used to be a lesbian.
I just found out she still keeps contact with her ex.

A few weeks ago I brought her up, basically saying if I'm just a replacement for her, blah blah, we almost broke up.
I asked for a second chance, because I really love her, we're still in the process cause she's still mad.
But how should I react to this? What should I say?
I obviously don't want to fuck this up again.
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So she's forbidding you from doing something and you're allowing this because...? I'm sorry man, but if you love her even after that, then you're clinging to something that won't work in the long run. You have three choices and none will end in a complete happy ending.

a- You tell her she can't forbid you from doing anything and start talking to anyone you want. Chances are she might get upset and leave you. Good thing is, since you're talking other people, you might find another girl soon.
b- You tell her that if you can't talk with other females then she can't either. If she doesn't agree with this then you get angry and threaten to leave her. If she cares, she'll try to find a solution that works for both of you. If she doesn't then you leave her. It will be the best in the long run.
c- You continue letting her walk over you and accept it as it is. You will keep your relationship for now but there's absolutely no guarantees for the future. After all, you're allowing her to control you while she gets a free pass.
File: f45.jpg (459 KB, 778x1018)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
>GF used to be a lesbian
Should have trashed her right there
You really love someone like this? Who cares if you fuck her, but abort the love thing.

Of course most can't just do that, so you should probably dump her. She doesn't sound like a good person.

Maybe try using her like a sex toy and manipualting her mind, thought. Game her like she gamed you, the degenerate.
I don't think I could do that, not that kind of person.

Thank you guys for your time, I'll figure something out.
File: kisskiss.webm (1.12 MB, 1920x1080)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB WEBM
>Gf used to be a lesbian.
Someone for the love of everything, explain this to me? I thought you didn't get to decide this?

File: 1477413036207.jpg (788 KB, 1920x1200)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
just turned 18, already failing at life, give me advice/things you wish you knew when you were young.
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>Exercise, especially regarding lifting weights. This is a skill and not intuitive like most people think it is. You will need to work at this.
>Find a passion, whatever that may be, or maybe you'll have several, but turn one of them into a career and keep the others at hobby levels
>College is an indoctrination system that pumps degrees and has few that are worth the time. If you aren't in college for medical/STEM, don't go. Pick a trade if you want. People rarely talk about those, but you can make great money and learn valuable skills without the debt and subjective BS that universities offer.
>If you don't want a four year degree and still want some school, take advantage of CC.
>Make sure that what you pick as a career can give you the salary range you will be happy at. Happiness rarely has anything to do with being rich, but it's the people you can share that money/lifestyle with.
>If your career path allows it, eventually try to be your own boss. You don't need to do this right off, but go for it in due time.
>Don't go around fucking random girls to try and satiate your ego and gain experience. Sluts are NEVER worth a decent man's time, effort, or money. You'll either have to lie about what you've done to get a quality girl, or settle for someone who will fuck up your life.
>Don't be afraid to fall in love, but realize that if you fall in love you do not let yourself get too comfortable. Continue to court your love, even ten years later with regular, small romantic gestures. I fucked up this one and it has been the worst mistake of my life. Heed my words.
>If/when you fall in love, don't make that the only thing you do in life. They need to be your best friend, but they don't need to be your hobby or your only friend. It's fine to do/share most of your life with them, but don't lax on your career and make sure you have you time, whether that is on your own or with a group of guy friends.
>Force yourself to learn new things you think you'll enjoy

check out aaron clarey on youtube.
Just watched a few of his vids expecting him to be shit and he's pretty good

Check out Jordan Peterson
>don't be a retard when it comes to relationships

Could you please elaborate?

I always get hit with the “your too good for me you deserve better” I really never understood that, I feel like it’s something me more so with them. What do y’all think?
its a common,age old excuse people use to let you down gently.

Chances are there is something they dont like about you
File: not dirt nor princess.png (202 KB, 540x742)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Have you tried to grow a spine and back bone?
"you're to good for me" means "I'm a shallow piece of shit and this is me letting you down easy so I can go fuck this other person."

It's shitty but at least they try to take your feelings into account.
It's a classic line damaged goods use. They're used to being treated poorly and you didn't.

File: 1508509406193.jpg (551 KB, 1200x1696)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
How do I get a THICK gf?
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Most american women are FAT
bingo. "thicc" is just a stupid nigger meme that started on social media, it really just means moderately overweight.
Don't tell them, normies going fat-chasing is good for people with good taste
Maybe drop the retarded ass hentai and maybe youll realize that when you want a gf only for her thickness youll have a relationship as shallow as the fucking side of the pool you pee in you toddler.

Dont give me that bullshit. Girls do the same shit with height, abs, dick size and theres not shit anyone can tell them. So I reserve my right to be just as shallow.

File: cool.png (127 KB, 234x342)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>accidentally burn self with hot oil
>it feels really good

what the fuck is wrong with me?
Immerse your head in a deep fryer full of hot oil. It'll feel great. Let us know how it went when you're done.
Body releases feel good chemicals when you hurt yourself. It's your brain self medicating and partly why people who aren't attention whoring do self harm
I suggest you look into the wonderful world of hot wax play, there are plenty of weirdos like you who like having hot liquids dripped on them
ive tried it with only my face. shits better than sex.

File: image.jpg (106 KB, 1280x960)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Can long distance relationships work?
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Could you have a long distance relationship with someone from another country?
That would be difficult, since it adds less certainty to the time until you would be living together
Mine didn't.
A girl I know just filed for divorce from her husband who's studying overseas.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (152 KB, 1280x720)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Not really advice, but what is the best branch? Personal military stories also welcomed
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Expatriate and save money on taxes, this country's been fucked post ww1 anyways
im active duty usaf, airborne linguist nearly 4 years into contract, putting on ssgt next year. this job is the bee's knees but you pick 6 languages from a list, and from those 6, you are assigned one. language selection depends on how you score on the DLAB and what the mil needs... i got selected for chinese, it was my #2 behind russian and in front of korean.
>language pay
>flight pay
>TDY pay at a high rate (based on standard of living in monterey, ca) for several months during training (you make BANK, like $3k/mo [no paying for food, no paying for rent... you keep every penny] at E-3 if single no dependents... wtf)
>monterey, ca life (depends on language how long you will be there, learning your language... 6mo for some... 18mo for chinese)
>actually working the mission
>working intel (cool stuff!)
>high deployment/mission rate
>language school is a lot of hard work (some languages easier than others, obviously)
>long training time
>everyone else at your rank in the military knows more about the military than you do... i blame language school...
>you are expected to know a lot of shit (language, flying, intel... on top of military), very mentally taxing and stressful

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
/k/ is full of military people and talk about the military all the time. Go ask them.
Air force but it's probably the hardest to get into
OP here, let me share things ive already heard about each branches.

Navy- a lot of time on ships, and I mean a lot of time

Coast guard- save people and I read about great things you get when you sign up

USMC- hard as hell, especially training part. Branch I kinda want to get in to.

Army- army has lots different jobs, from being a cook or technically stuff

Air forces- honestly, I'm not too smart but I do want to fly a plane or heli some time in my life

File: 1453692470307.jpg (124 KB, 750x1000)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
/fit/izen here

was lifting tonight in the living room with my 40LB dumbells

>new roommate walks past me to kitchen (only girl out of 3 guys)
>listening to music so don't hear her walk past
>walks towards me with mouth moving
>take earphones off thinking I did something wrong
>she wants to know if all that lifting does anything for me
>walk over and pick her up
>her 120LB body is now my dumbell
>she's laughing
>can feel her body quivering as I lift her up and down
>I act like I'm serious but I'm jk

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

A classic "i'm Chad and i have pussy dangling in front of me, what should i doooo everyone?!" Post.

Just fuck the slut and be gone normie.
Remember, no matter how heavy the weights, they will never drown tour autism

Worst case scenario you fall in love with her start a relationship and later break up, now you have to see how she brings guys every day and fuck her
dumb brap posters

How do i fix my anxiety/social autism? Toastmaster or sales? Which one is better.

So I’m to take all of this Tylenol. Will I die? How
Painful is it?
why take all those Tylenol when you could take 2 aleve
Very slowly and painfully from your insides dying. Likely you'll throw up a lot of them and it won't even work, just make you very sick.

File: 975.jpg (77 KB, 540x960)
77 KB
Nowadays, the only reason I enjoy a film, book, video game or practically any type of media is because it's something I feel will add to my "identity" to have liked it. Just yesterday I watched some weird surrealist film purely for the fact that I would be able to tell people I watched the film. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed something genuinely, something that I liked because it made me happy, not because it was something I could make part of my character/persona.

As a result of that I'm really quite depressed, I don't even know what things I truly like and dislike, and I've spent the past few years without any real, authentic gratification. I've been bound to this dumb need to "be someone" and have a set of interests that I can be happy presenting to other people, and that's either because I'm a boring piece of shit in reality, or I just want an easier way of connecting with people, or... well, I don't even know what it might be, either.

Has anyone on /adv/ been in my position who can offer advice? Or just anyone who has any advice to help shake these feelings. Thanks.

Pic related, it's my favourite console game.
I imagine it's quite taxing pretending to be someone else for so long.
Do you really not have a genuine interest in anything? What music do you listen to on a day-to-day basis?
Welp. Actually i was going through that, and i'm still fighting with it but i mostly resolved it. What *I* did was to get a little break from all those things that i thought i liked (you know, games, anime, netflix, etc). And now i feel like i'm another me, i discovered that the things that i like the most are actually the complete oppositte, hanging with friends, socialyze, meeting new people (specifically in this case girls, cuz a while ago i was terrible at it), i'm even flirting with the girl i love, and after this experience i discovered a whole new world that i wasn't able to see before. So... for short, just get away from all the thinks you THINK you like, and try those things that always scared you, you even feel relieved after it so it's a double-reward

I have general anxiety disorder that is wreaking havoc on my life.

Anyone have experience with this and ant depressants?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, I mean like I've had a quick exam of my ears. I've had an MRI of my head, a CT scan, nothing.

well, that's not it then but you could always get a second opinion about the anxiety by another doctor
I need to. It's hard to find time. Does anyone with anxiety experience dizziness frequently? Or just like, a feeling of dullness in your head?
Only thing related to anxiety that you mentioned is the breathing part. Usually you'll have shortness of breath.

Other symptoms are increased heart rate, feeling you are constantly in danger, restlessness, negative thoughts, worrying, can feel heart beat rapidly throughout your body.

if it gets worse it can go into a panic attack
Isn't that horrible for Bi-polar? My dad has is and those fucked him way up. His highs were way higher and lows were way lower

File: IMG_0318.jpg (14 KB, 276x183)
14 KB
>friend from elsewhere with kids invites herself and kids and her own friends and their kids to Our house/neighborhood for trick or treating
>she is assuming we will repeat previous years where we let people come and stay in before and after trick or treat
>we do not want to hurt this person's overly sensitive feels as they are our friends
>she specifically texts to my wife
"Still trick or treating? Might bring some friends with me your way"
>absolutely do not want her and her friends and all their kids at my house for comfort or in and out of my home to use the bathroom.
>I don't want them in my neighborhood either

Background: we have a fairly nice neighborhood for trick or treating. We work, daughter has school. We get home in the evening, and planned to go trick or treating with one out-of-neighborhood family and some next door neighbors. Planning on sort of getting trick or treating done, then typical evening routine (get ready for the next day).
I don't even like her or her kids, my wife is nice and wouldn't say that but also doesn't want them coming but really doesn't want to ruin the friendship.
Even if they just come to our neighborhood they will still be using our bathroom and either tagging along with our intended group or forcing us to go with them as to not overwhelm the neighbor group. Also, it would be awkward inviting our other friends inside while not inviting her and her friends whom she invited over already inside.

The only solutions I can think of are along the lines of:
"Maybe next year, we didn't plan on anything and aren't planning to host a bunch of people at our house" or "you know, you sort of put us into a weird position by inviting yourself and others to our neighborhood/house. Weeknight and school night and all, we aren't going to be doing the usual."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just say "Sorry, we've already made plans." No need to elaborate more, you don't owe her anything if she's going to invite herself to things.
So simple. Maybe I'll do that. But there is the issue where I don't want her to just show up at our neighborhood. That's sort of important because we aren't going to be bullied by her sensitivity. That is what it feels like though.

File: killme.jpg (76 KB, 800x516)
76 KB
>Gonna lose my DACA (I'm white, before some rightwing trash comments come in), no idea how to even survive the upcoming year.
>stuck in a dead end night shift job, can't plan to quit since I might not be able to present a valid work authorization card anywhere else, soon
>my brain and body is fucked from 6 overnight shifts a week, can't sleep at night like normal people
>just completely up against shit's creek, when all I wish to do is play some vidya in my free time and not bother anyone

I'm starting to consider suicide. What am I even supposed to do?
You have to go back. Learn to assimilate next time.
Would you want to stay in the United States? Then I would do some research online about low-cost lawyers for these sorts of things. Do you have any friends that might be able to help with connections and such? Try them. Look online for other jobs you could potentially obtain that would be during regular daylight hours. As for the virginity question, you'll have more time to socialize once you get your working hours at regular times and your health un-fucked. If you don't want to stay in the United States, look into which countries you might be interested in moving to and the procedures for immigration and what kind of employment opportunities you might find there.
File: Lawful Good.jpg (81 KB, 459x597)
81 KB
>I'm white, before some rightwing trash comments come in
『THE WALL』 judges all, equally.
See yah fucko. Next time apply for citizenship instead of being a criminal

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