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Here’s a little background information.
I’m currently a senior in HS and I’m black myself. But here is my problem. I really dislike black people. Mostly because of the way most of them conduct themselves. From being loud and obnoxious to barely being able to construct a sentence without the words “nigga” or “bruh”, and because of this I mostly tend to hang out with other races besides blacks and have minimal conversations with them. I feel like my mentality at the moment might not lead to good things later on in my life. How do I stop this way of thinking?
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>it isn't because they're white

Lol wut yes it is whites chimp out all the time
But not because they're white, it's because 90% of people act retarded occasionally.
Human nature
File: 1533046996178.jpg (101 KB, 500x1156)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>In what universe is basing your response off of the literal words that someone says autistic?
High functioning autists have the capacity to communicate but have difficulty differentiating between subtext/context and what is explicitly stated. In reality basic human speech is multi-faceted, and words can mean wildly different things depending on the circumstance in which they're used.

If I call a poorly made movie a scam, for example, doesn't necessarily mean I'm accusing the director of committing fraud. The context being that it would actually need to be proven in court for that to be literally true, and that I'm using it in an informal setting.
File: galo.gif (495 KB, 320x240)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
I have a friend like you OP. Maybe to a slightly lesser extent.
Hes black. Has a fair dislike for most black people / black culture in America. Feels many of them have a victim complex and thinks that often they are the bringers of their own misfortune.

That said, while I tend to share his and your views on many of these aspects, you just need to do your best to treat people as an individual. Maybe dislike the "collective" group, but when meeting individuals, treat them as such. Give people a chance to show you that they aren't necessarily like the group you might associate them with. Obviously you aren't like you picture other black people. My friend is similar as well.

Honestly your preconceptions most likely will not leave you easily if at all. Which is why I just try my best to treat people individually as I meet them.

This is bait.

He's as much a product of his environment and system as the worthless cunts he's complaining about.
why exactly do they get a pass and he doesn't?

File: jesuschrist.jpg (113 KB, 800x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
You fellas know how to find some dude and talk to them about your personal shit and get some advice? I know this is a thing in church or something but I'm not very religious.
Anyway, I'm on /adv/ so here's what I'd ask about
>Me, 19, one year of college under belt
>Dropping out to join military for personal reasons
>Basically didn't like college, wasn't good at my major, dunno what to do
>Mom took out 2 Parent Plus loans in my name
For you who've graduated already, Parent Plus loans are now taken out by and for the parent to put towards their kid's education. The student doesn't sign for it and has no legal obligation to pay for it. Apparently it didn't used to be like that- just getting that out there.
>Based on info in my student account, there's a lot of money unaccounted for
>Something like $26,000 was taken out, only like $12,000 paid to my school
>This includes housing since I stayed on campus
>Doesn't include the couple of times she gave me spending money
>Also doesn't include me eating out cause I dipped into my own savings
>One of these loans was for $5k and is already paid off. Depending on when it was taken out this might not have paid for anything.
>Really want screenshots of this loan info because obviously this reeks of something fishy
>Mom gets pissed every time I ask

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
So that's the basic situation I'm in. It's a shitty one, and I don't think that my mom is intentionally trying to scam me out of money, but I still don't want to pay her more than what was paid towards my education, seeing as that's what the loans are for.
Luckily, they're Parent Plus loans, so I'm not legally on the hook for any of it- she can't force me to pay more than what I want to. However, obviously, this is more likely than not to blow the fuck up in my face and ruin my relationship with my mother.
Am I in the right here? How would you bastards go about dealing with this? I'm thinking of asking my dad to keep some of my stuff at his house in his attic or something and confronting my mom the morning I leave for basic or something. I don't want to sleep a night in the same house as her while she'll be as pissed off as a toilet is pissed on. I just don't know how I can deal with the fallout this will probably produce. Thanks.
>in my name
Shit, that was bad terminology. The loans are presumably in her name, although I guess I don't really know. I remember once when she showed me the info months ago that my name was under "Student" so they shouldn't be in my name. Alright then that should clear that up.
This is one of those actual situations where Reddit is unironically better than 4chan.

Post this in r/personalfinance -- they give really good advice, probably much better than you'll find in this thread but who knows

File: 90s solo cup.jpg (62 KB, 736x895)
62 KB
So like, I need to find my own doctor for the first time in my life. I had no idea there were so many kinds. Do I want a "General practitioner" or a "Family Doctor" ??
From my understanding, you go to a GP and then discuss what is happening and they should refer you to a specific doctor for said concern.

File: FB_IMG_1536852498196.jpg (18 KB, 480x560)
18 KB
Recently I've started pushing myself to talk to girls to try and get more confidence with women however I'm still terrible at speaking to them.

Messaged a girl earlier "hey how are you haven't spoke in ages?" And she said "I'm good?"

Should I even reply to this and leave it or try to push conversation. It feels kind of awkward.
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well since ur clearly a retard it's: Hey, how are you? We haven't spoken in ages.
exposure therapy.
look up the AA program on GLL
I didn't do it to get girls, just to get over my social anxiety and awkwardness. i only got half way through it but up to that point it fucking blew my mind and started to open me up emotionally as well.
a good tip for conversations is: just be honest, tell her whatever is on your mind, EVEN IF IT IS THAT YOU ARE FEELING AWKWARD AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY! because that is the honest truth of what's really going on.
I've just been looking at it. I think I'll go ahead and start the program next week. It seems really interesting and from what I've been reading works pretty well.
>AA program on GLL
Is this a joke? i mean some of the shit on here is ok but some of it is kinda retarded
I'm trying to figure out your image OP, help?

Is there actually a way to trace a number thats been texting me? some sites say they can do but want my cc so they can charge me a dollar or something. Whats the autist's way?
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Have you tried calling it?
shit no. will try if they text again. they will text tomorrow im sure
Why do you have to wait until they text you? If you've got a text on your phone then you have their number.
i want to wait until right after they do it, its a similar time of day and its late now, been several hours since
If they are texting you but won't tell you who they are, then what makes you think they'll take a call from your phone number? Use a friend's phone, call them at a time when they're not expecting it and are more likely to answer it and say "Hi this is anon speaking"

File: CURSED.png (279 KB, 338x450)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Probably a very original thread. I never posted shit about me here through
18 1/2 year old Virgin friendless High school dropout here. How fucked am I and behind in the Game.
>No commutation skills to make connections
>Family is broken apart and poor
Planning on ATTEMPTING to get GED very soon. I'm not very school smart desu. I failed all my classes because I skipped at least 2 times a week due to cowardice, fear of failure, and embarrassment and eventually dropped out end of my Sophomore year. I spend my days staying in good shape, I'm actually pretty fit, and consuming a mixture of as much Tv/movies, vidya, anime and all the other similar shit daily. I don't really care about the lack of Gf and friends. I just don't want to be a leeching loser to my Low class family who have enough issues of their own. Where do I go from here and how do I set myself up for an independent future

File: 20180531_230149.jpg (433 KB, 720x1272)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
My wife and I are filming amateur porn tomorrow. any advice?
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It is bait, and so is this I imagine
Listen to this guy >>20037553

Now if she's that hambeast you posted include rough non loving sex. Normal men don't want to make love to a hambeast, they wan't to destroy and cum hard in a hambeast, so don't be afraid to make her cry.
Maybe after a 45 pound drop in weight.
If that's her in the pic then: don't.
get two or three bbc to fuck her brains out.

I met a girl two weeks ago, got her number. We texted, she was very flirty. Explicitly saying stuff like she’s “imagining us doing very enjoyable things together” and even asking for dick pics.

We very casually got dinner one time, talked for a good 3 hours. I put my arm around her shoulder and she didn’t reject it.

We also watched some movies with a mutual friend and one of their friends. Separate couches, but that’s kinda to be expected. As the other two were leaving our mutual friend asked if I was staying, but she said she needs to sleep.

Anyway this whole time we’ve been talking but the flirting has disappeared. If I initiate she usually just sends a laughing emoji and that’s it. I feel like maybe she’s losing interest or since meeting me has put me in the friend zone.

I kind of want to ask her out on a proper date, make it really clear. I know her last relationship was a rough one so it’s possible she’s just not looking or worried about it. So either way making my intentions clear seem like the way to go?

Is this a good idea?
Just ask her if she wants to go on a date. If she says yes then great but the worst she’ll do is say no or make up an excuse. If she makes an excuse don’t expect to hear back from her, but if she really does want to go out she’ll get back to you herself.
It sounds like a good idea to me. If you met her two weeks ago and it started out flirty but she's not really reciprocating anymore then that sounds to me like a case of she didn't get out of knowing you what she wanted, and it's a fair bet that what she wanted was to go on a serious date.

You're right, she might not be looking or you might just be doing this at the wrong time in her life, but if you like her then you might as well.

File: Ax9wMtF0HuJAk.gif (2.16 MB, 356x200)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB GIF
Recently my freind has been very upset at me, useally I tease him and all my other freinds about embarssing or werid stuff they do. However this specfic freind was always over-sensitive let's call him aceanon, the straw the broke the camel's back was when I joked about his aexuality saying that i was "glad he would not be in the genepool" aceanon and my other friends both thought i have crossed the line and i just tiried to wait it out. Then today i teased him about a gay furry dating sim he was playing (i am not making this up) and he got really upset saying how i should not judge him because he was playing it ironically and for the memes and becuase he is bored. Anyways i feel like i should apologize for specifcally making a very incesitive joke about his sexuality, but I cant feel like i can make a genuine apology. I have a tougher skin then he has and i can take teaseing but he can not. I cant feel gulity for myself making the jokes but yet my teaseing is cuaseing him great distress.
In all honesty anon, that shit only goes over well in small amounts. It sounds like your friends are trying to tell you that your shit isn't as funny as you think. There's a difference between banter and just being a prick. If you keep this up, most people you meet will dislike you.

Like, if someone trips over their words awkwardly or says something dumb in a conversation, you can tease them for a moment. But if you just hold on to people's insecurities and personal stuff like that, and just bring it up out of the blue to embarrass them or make them feel bad - that doesn't really qualify as a joke, that's just straight-up verbal cruelty for no apparent reason. Examine your behavior
>gay furry dating sim

If you're talking about Nekojishi it's actually pretty rad. I didn't expect a meaningful engagement with Taiwanese aboriginal politics and spirituality in my gay furry porn game.

Anyway, look at it from his perspective. He's getting shit on for something that has probably caused him a fair bit of grief coming to terms with. He's probably struggled with feelings of abnormality and insecurity regarding his sexual experience. That's tough to deal with. And then his friend is relentlessly teasing him about it. That's likely a tough thing to swallow.

If you feel like you can't make a real apology, perhaps find a way to reify your friendship. Tell him that you do value him as a friend, find a way to show that you do. Understand that you did hurt him, and whether or not you feel that you owe an apology, that's his experience. I would suggest not letting it drop and kinda blow over, that's how scars form, and how friendships get long term damage. Engage with him about it, let him know that even if you tease him, you still support him and want to be friends. Also probably ease up on the dude a bit.

File: 1530911217161.jpg (1.2 MB, 1093x1524)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
>qt coworker initializes conversations with me all the time
>I have no social skills, so can only reply awkwardly, with short sentences
>conversations barely last 30 sec

I was hoping she would stop doing it, but 3 months later she's still trying to engage in conversations with me.
Help me /adv/, how do I cure social autism?
Study from books and videos if you can't naturally learn through practice
File: 4865._UY2473_SS2473_.jpg (422 KB, 2473x2473)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
Do you have any recommendations? I've already read pic related and it didn't help me much.
Maybe try to be interested in her life and what she's saying

This guy has some good things to say. Take and adapt things to your fitting

I've learned more about talking to people from just reading or watching good media. Like "catcher in the rye" or "taxi driver", both do a really good job of showing what it means to communicate as a human.

Try and appreciate the beauty in human dialogue, find things that make you and others feels good. Cognitive empathy is one of the strongest tools used in speech

Don't be afraid to embarrass yourself I've been a pretentious cringe lord trying to sound all poetic but now it's much easier and some adore it

File: FB_IMG_1537306682499.jpg (30 KB, 474x948)
30 KB
>Begin a basic stronglifts 5x5 exercise program.
>after my three lifts, i drink 20oz of water mixed with 2 scoops of whey protein.
>After second day at the gym, notice stomach and breasts are slightly bigger than before.
Wtf this wasn't in the /fit/ sticky. What other exercises can I incorporate to lose the fat? Or should i just use less protein?
You're literally one day in and you should be doing cardio to lopse weight anyway you fucking retard? Why are you even here and not on fit? Go run for thirty minutes and dont come back untill you've thought about what you've done.
But doesn't cardio kill gains? And would the run be before or after lifting?
Muscle gets bigger faster than you lose fat
Cardio kills gains, but I heard it's easier to regain lost muscle after you've lost burned down most of your fat from cardio. It could be false info though.

File: qm.png (2 KB, 225x225)
2 KB
>be myself
> average grades in high school
>no college
>trade school, did well
>currently working at an amazing job opportunity that no one should ever pass up unless you are an inherent of a large fortune
>not happy
>slowly falling into depressive haze

Im not happy with what I have going for me. Sure ill be able to make a fairly good living with my job, ill be able to live comfortably and im sure if i ever have a family, they will be taken care of. But when does it start getting easier? Ive worked in the field for 2 years now, i dont like being uncomfortable and i dont like my work. But im good at it, and i dont complain about the manual labor and adverse working conditions, but im not happy.

The only times im ever happy is when im around friends or the gf, but thats it. And those times are few and far between.

When does it get easier? When do people generally become more accepting that most things you do in life arent what you want to do? When do i stop being depressed feeling no sense of accomplishment or happiness towards my work?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do it on the side before you quit your job. Don't quit your job unless your weed brings in more money. Read Marcus Aurelius.
Anything that can make money AND be something your proud of will do. My advice would be to not turn your favourite hobby into work or you'll ruin the fun, but some lesser hobby can probably withstand it better.

As for growing, there's an interesting long game there, but it's not the only thing you could make money off of if you like grow stuff (vegetables, not just weed). There's niche markets for stuff like hydro/aquaponics, including the selling of kits and plans, but also in running courses teaching (mostly boomers) how to set up and maintain their gardens.

You sound like a smart enough dude so I don't doubt that you could figure out a niche market that you could service on the side to get a taste for running your own business. The other benefit to starting out small is that the outlay is small. You could spend $1k setting yourself up with a side business that only takes up a small amount of your time and brings in far more than that if you know what you're doing.

Im passionate about that industry because its brought many people i know the medical benefits that they need. Plus its a growing industry ( no pun intended) and it has great room for business growth and the ability to make a living wage off of.

Im definitely not going to wuit this job any time soon. But starting out a small business on the side sounds like something i could do. Im a fairly artsy and detail-oriented person and i feel like doing something like that would bring a positivity into my life that i havent seen in a while.
Sounds good dude, as long as you know what you like then you should go for it.

To be honest you don't even need to be able to turn a side business into your full time work, and I don't think you need to necessarily plan on it eventually becoming a wage-earning job. From the outset you should treat it as a side business and IF it has potential to be full time that's great, but if it doesn't have that potential then that's still fine.

Personally I make pottery and I sell it on the side. Two or three days work per month is all I need to make new inventory and it sells out fairly quickly. If I really worked at it then it could be a full time job, I'm just not sure I'm good enough to commit to it like that yet, though the potential is definitely there. That's a bridge I'll worry about crossing in the future, but for now it's something that I look forward to every day, spending an hour or two making some nice stuff while listening to music and having that as an outlet puts me in a good mood which makes it easier for me to be happy at my day job.

Thats awesome. That sounds like something thats really fun and relaxing. Ill definitly look more into doing something like that for when i have the time.

File: 1453602073575.jpg (141 KB, 512x353)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Should I go to my work happy hour tomorrow even though I'm a part time worker that is off Thurs-Sunday? I'm just there on a contract and I can't/wont work more than 3 days a week.

I like everyone there a lot, and they want me to work more hours, but there's only two months until my agreement ends. Right now I come in, do my shit, and leave remaining work to the team. It's lonely and impersonable. I just want to be friends with everyone, but they're all buried in work while I get four days off.
Do whatever you want. Why do you need validation from a bunch of bots on the internet?

File: bardockobama.jpg (524 KB, 3000x2000)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
Me and this girl have been dating for a year, we're both 18, virgins and live kinda far from eachother and have no car license, so we only meet a few times a month. I'm fine with it, I actually love a girl for once, and she loves me.
Problem is, she is disgusted by anything sex-related. She says no to all my advances, even after make-out sessions and letting me see and touch her tits freely.
I've talked to her about it a couple times, but to no avail. She said she has never masturbated and declined trying when I recommended she try it, saying it's disgusting and "just because everyone does it, doesn't mean I should".
Any advice on what I should do?

File: 1533644250133.jpg (81 KB, 750x750)
81 KB
Anyone have experience with a relationship where the parents hate you and the friends hate you?
How did it work out in the end ?

Id like to hear positions where it went well and it went south if possible!
>the parents hate you and the friends hate you?
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're probably doing something wrong, being a bad partner. Do you know any specific reasons why they don't like you?
My wife's parents hated me at first but now that we're married they just are sort of okay with me
We fought too much, jealousy was too much and we were mean to eachother she would talk about me to her friends and vice versa and her parents were involved in a couple of our fights (they are every overprotective of her)
Yeah I don't know man. It just sounds like it's a bad relationship. Idk if it's all your fault or not, but if everyone who cares about her wants her to break up with you, it's safe to say the relationship is not going well at all. It sounds like it goes further than "overprotective parents" and you're just not a good match at all.

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