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File: xByII.jpg (70 KB, 1440x900)
70 KB
Traveling with fake ID

My brother got sick and his flight for vacation is tomorow and he's not going. Its prepaid already, and i know that they check the IDs if they match the ticket name, but do they look closely to the photos?
Because im thinking of taking his and doing the trip myself

Airport people tell me if its a good idea
You’ll be fine if it’s a domestic flight, TSA will just scan your ticket and ID and pass you through (assuming you’re in the USA, can’t comment for other places) but an international flight might land you into some trouble
This is a poor idea. Even if you get through one way, you might get stuck coming back. You can land yourself in serious federal hot water as well. They scan your ID in a scanner that provides them additional info as well. I would just have your bro call the airline and ask if he can transfer the ticket.

What would be considered an abnormal smell for a vagina?
I ate my girlfriend out and her vagina has a really strong odour, it seems a acidic, not necessarily sour but close to it - I can smell it clearly when I'm fucking her normally too.

I asked if she could smell herself or if she was used to it and she said she could, I don't want to suggest it might not be right because she has a fragile body image and it might upset her.

Could pH be unbalanced or something?
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It ain't me who has to endure the smell buddy.
If you're not willing to get the point across then it probably doesn't bother you that much.
Just ask her how often she washes herself down there and say that you read on a korean basket weaving forum that she should wash her vagina with products specifically made for female intimate care.

Washing vagina with anything else than plain water is not recommended by any medical professional. It's a self-cleaning mechanism and adding chemicals can make it worse or might damage the mucosa. If it smells significantly, she should see a doc. Could be an infection of some sort.
It does smell pretty strong, I'll ask her what she washes with and mention seeing that it should only be water with nothing else.
Hopefully it isn't an infection, I'll see what she says.
>smells like fish
>but tastes like chicken
Stop eating out your gf then

File: 1539566198698.jpg (1.68 MB, 2160x4320)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
How do tell my therapist I'm a pedophile? Its incredibly embaressing but I need help and think I should talk about it. I feel like we both would be uncomfortable.
If it isn't legal in your country, don't. Just don't. Just try to redirect your urges toward petite adult women instead.
If you want help then self medicate with books or home research. Also fuck you

< fuck you

Yeah because trying to make myself a better person is SO awful. Douche.
I would ease into it. And honestly, I'd try to find a sex therapist first, rather than dropping the bombshell on some cognitive behavioral specialist or whatever.

By easing into it, I mean instead of outright saying "I'm a pedophile," explain that you're concerned about some of your sexual stimuli. That it goes a little younger than you're comfortable with, and try to figure out why.

I wouldn't start out by telling them you jerk off to eight year olds in fashion magazines. Anyways, good luck anon, I'm uncomfortably attracted to some girls (but mostly in their teens) that are too young, and I don't have anyone to talk to about this. It's worth seeking help.

Thanks anon this helps me greatly.

File: giveup.jpg (50 KB, 400x314)
50 KB
>28 years as a foreveralone
>had my first ever relationship this year
>only lasted 4 months, but she seemed really into it and made me feel pretty secure in the relationship.
>abruptly ends things in July
>on review, it's clear I was just the rebound guy after her ex cheated on her and she left him
>I had read previously how to handle a breakup so I didn't cry or beg, just asked her to let me know if she changed her mind
>did the no contact rule because apparently that's how you get someone back
>literally haven't heard from her since
>still want her back

Shortly after the breakup I had a one night stand with a female friend but I just felt worse after because it wasn't with her. I have no real way to meet new girls and even then I'm not sure I want anyone else. There's no indication of the ex coming back, so I just feel kind of stuck. Thoughts, bros?
Take your time, but move on.

easier said than done, I'm afraid. Whatever it is about me that kept me foreveralone before hasn't changed. I have no real way to meet new people, my social circle is quite small and they're all already coupled up. The very few single women I meet never seem to have any interest in me.

It's hard to just give up on the only person that seemed to have ever actually cared, you know?
Different anon. I was one of the guys in life who cried and begged for her to come back. When she didn't, I looked at where I was in my life and asked myself if I was really doing my best in all aspects of my life. I wasn't. I was neglecting my guitar, neglecting my studies, my work, and other things. Can you honestly say you're satisfied with where you're at, right now? I don't think you can say yes without lying. Figure out what you're neglecting and tend to it.
>still wanting a gf
grow up

I'm not satisfied, no. I don't have any hobbies really because I lose interest in everything I try. Career wise I'm doing really well but I don't get a lot of satisfaction from going to work when I have nothing worth working for. I just go to work, work hard, then come home and be alone until the next day. over and over. I have a few friends but we don't hang out super often and no real avenue to meet new people. On top of that, anything I could do to fill my time seems pointless because at the end of the day I'm still alone.

So yeah, things suck at the moment.

File: george-samuel-clason.jpg (7 KB, 242x208)
7 KB
Can an ugly short guy really make up for it by being happy, social and having positive emotions or is it just a meme? I feel like I'm sometimes annoying to people by doing that, especially to girls. ;_;
Make up for what? The way you were born?

Fuck stupid shallow people. Tons that aren't.
if your short and ugly you fucked , just end it
Fuck you.
You're probably trying too hard then. So stop hanging out with shallow cunts, because if height matters to them then you'll never get anywhere with them.
One of my colleagues is a butt ugly fat 5'4" italian. He still manages to have a decent job and a wife and kids.

This morning I had my driver's license test and both I and this other girl failed it.
She was really cool.I just want to befriend her and be around her.Really nothing more than that,and surely nothing sexual. I just liked her personality.Strange.

I didn't get her number as she was crying after she failed the exam and so forth. I'm thinking on going back to the driving school and get her number,I'm positive they will give it to me.
How do I tell her I want to be her friend and have some coffee or something without seeming like I want to get in her pants?

>*she mentioned she wanted to get a tattoo and I happen to know this guy who's a tattoo artist that could potentially give her a discount or even a free tattoo.I'm considering using that.
>I'm positive they will give it to me

In these situations ask for someone's name and try to slip in a "I'll follow you on Instagram" so you have some form of communication otherwise you probably missed out for the most part buddy sorry

File: No_Thanks.jpg (195 KB, 973x748)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>talking about sex with my girlfriend
>girlfriend randomly tells me it is ok if I sleep with other girls
>she says she doesn't want to sleep with other guys but wants to see videos/pictures of me fucking other girls because she finds it hot

Is this a trap? I feel like this is a trap.
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Goddamn you should get help
She probably genuinely means it, but if you don't want to do it, just say so. An old girlfriend of mine fucking loved it when I flirted with other girls. Got her off like nothing else. She pushed me into bringing a girl home, and I told her no. She understood.
I don't think it's that unusual for someone on 4chan but I can't see myself ever getting better. Definitely not with therapy, there's no way I could discuss this with another person irl.
Congratulations, your girlfriend is a cuckquean. Acting on this fetish may have unintended consequences, but she essentially wants to see/imagine you being manly as fuck and fucking bitches. It's not a trap. Feel free to look the term up on pornhub. She may also want it because she feels inferior, that's the car with my gf. Have fun.
she's a cuckqueen like Hillary Clinton.

>i met this girl at my uni
>been talking to her nearly everyday since we met and met up twice casually
>i want her to have my kids
>how do i get her to love me?
You sound like a child so you'll most likely fuck this up, but the basic premise is that you should keep doing that, ask her on a date and then keep up the relationship until you're out of college and it hasn't become stale by the time you're both financially independent and ready to procreate.
>it's been more than 8 hours and you haven't fucked
Too late, she already thinks you're gay.
Next girl that gives you attention act sooner.

File: 17890l.jpg (58 KB, 321x450)
58 KB
How can i mentally condition myself to be repulsed by romantic relationships?
It isn't hard. Look at it this way:
Romantic relationships cost you money, time, energy, and most of all, you have to deal with her nagging and female insanity with potentially no chance of sex. People I know, including myself, will put on a front to make it seem like their relationship is wonderful and happy, but there is ALWAYS some bullshit going on behind the scenes. Just stick to your bros and family and video games or other passions you have instead of wasting it on a woman who doesn't like anything you do and has no appreciation for what you do for her.

Not not all women are like this, but it is becoming increasingly more common because of the advancement in tech and social media and society in general.

Good luck.

File: 2c0.jpg (35 KB, 601x500)
35 KB
Asked a girl for her facebook and she replied yes but as a friend and replied yes of course what did you think I meant and she hasn't replied back to me in an hour, how should I read into this?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: or-41619.jpg (20 KB, 640x382)
20 KB
No you misunderstand I actually was adding her as a friend because she's been one my only friends for the past year because I'm thinking about changing jobs and want to stay in some sort of contact because the amount of friends I have I can count on one hand.

Last thread so people know what I'm thinking now and why this is awkward.

Probably arguing about it now or something but this time it's only 12pm.
Ok, I finally understand your post, format it better next time.
When people say that they're going to add each other on anything, it usually means as friends.

And you shouldn't feel bad for them letting their shitty relationship carry over to the rest of her social life, I personally would have just gone with everyone else if she wanted to blame me for her lashing out.
File: index.png (7 KB, 205x246)
7 KB
She didn't actually give me her facebook btw not sure if she has even realized.
Don't worry. If she doesn't reply after a day hit her up with some worth talking about news. If she doesn't respond after a day again you fucking void that bitch from your mind and enjoy living carefree pal

File: Fairey_Swordfish.jpg (128 KB, 600x339)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>just broke up with gf because i felt like we weren't compatible enough to be together and i lost feelings for her
>still feel like shit after
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've been with a girl for about a month and 2 weeks. She is already clearly falling for me. I'm going to be in a similar boat. I don't see it continuing like this. I've pretty much already lost feelings. It feels like shit because you're a decent person. Your girl will respect you more down the line, and learn from you and herself, because you had the balls to actually break it off instead of just cheating on her. So that's a positive.
>lost feelings for her
How does that work?
At least she didn't get hit by a train
Because you got into the idea that it's something you wanted without looking at the negatives. If you weren't happy then you made the right call but it's human nature to desire something you can't see the negatives to and regularly it bites you in the ass a bit. Breaks almost always suck, but you'll get through it. Look back at the reasons you broke up and remember how unhappy you were. She wasn't the one you wanted to be with. You will be happier with a better person
Just means you're human, anon. It shouldn't feel good to hurt someone's feelings. But you did the right thing.

I actually just found this board and thought I’d start a thread I’ve been thinking about making somewhere else. Seems more appropriate for this board.

This thread is for people who have never had a relationship in their lives. Virginity is not a requirement. Post your thoughts on relationships.
>what you’ve observed about people who are in them
>if they are generally good or bad
>at least what you think it’s like to be in a relationship with somebody who you love
>or even someone you don’t love
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>relationships are incredibly overrated
No, don’t tell me this. I’ve seen and heard this, too. Don’t fucking tell me this.
Relationships are fantastic when they are working. Perhaps the most fulfiling thing you could imagine. When they go wrong, they are awful and stifling, and you feel starved of air, just hoping it will all go away.
Don't rush into one anons. Find someone good, and take it nice and slow. Don't put it on a pedestal.
This is coming from someone who has dated, had LTRs, had FWBs, and has had one night stands. You are better being alone until you find someone who is worth not being alone for.
They're vaguely interesting. Early stages are kind of fucked up in a way. It's like 90% pure projection and fantasy. And people get SO invested in it. In people they "knew" for a month or less. It's fucking crazy to me. Emotionally stable people in relationships are pretty cool once the fantasy stage passes and they figure out if they can actually stand the person they thought they love or not. Having someone to share good moments with, who supports you during bad moments, but also lets you be your own person seems great. A lot of people aren't emotionally stable though. I think that most of them just can't let go of the initial fantasy stage of the relationship. They either stay with shit people because they used to be x, y, and z, or they get mad at the partner because they aren't x, y, and z anymore. When in reality they never were. They just didn't know them, and made up shit that they wanted them to be.
I've had a relationship, and a short thing that i like calling a relationship. Because the latter was better.
After the first month she never made time to see me, and the further it went on the more clingy and needy i got.
But seeing someone twice a month is not a fucking relationship, and i don't think it was overbearing of me to ask for more.
3 weeks before we broke up i asked "Ok, what the fuck is going on? Something is wrong"
She just said "Nothing's wrong, the honeymoon phase is just over."
I think she was deliberately torturing me. I used to be emotionally stable before that, but i swear she deliberately withheld spending time with me.
>what you’ve observed about people who are in them
There's good and bad sides to everything so complex as relationships. Friends of mine who are in relationships seem to really thrive. Of course things go wrong, but that's part of life, and it seems to be worth it in their lives.
>if they are generally good or bad
Same answer I guess
>at least what you think it’s like to be in a relationship with somebody who you love
I think it would be pretty awesome to be able to be really intimate with someone you're really attracted to both emotionally and physically, or just to get a hug from them.
>or even someone you don’t love
That's probably hell. I think the worst mistake one can make is to start a relationship with someone out of desperation or something like that; I wouldn't know what's appealing about that at all. I don't think you'd really appreciate the intimacy or be able to trust them fully. It takes the irrational element of love to get you over that.

File: 1542330292561.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Motivate me to go study
nobody can build the bridge over which you must cross the river of life.
But a bridge is to be crossed, not to set up house upon it
Study you brainless fucking life form. You think you can make it without learning some shit. You think you sit on your computer laughing at your farts all day. Get shit done trooper
File: 1541507803334.jpg (2.71 MB, 4160x2080)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
Damn right, I'll become a god damn officer and I'll be paid to arrest gypsies all day
Thanks anon
Off to history class

File: 1502779337425s.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)
11 KB
Can only stretching help me shape my body and lose fat?
I'm not overweight or anything my body just seems lazy and a little chubby. I don't have time to go to the gym this year cause of college entrance exams and family.
Also, I don't want to be masculine cause I'm female.
File: METAbolism.jpg (98 KB, 640x942)
98 KB
>>>/fit/ sticky

Excercise is useless for defeating obesity. Watching your diet is where all /fit is.
Anon, stretching isn't even an exercise regime, it's used to make you more flexible and a lot of people do it before and after exercise, but not just it by itself.
If you want to lose weight then read the sticky on >>>/fit/.
And trust me, women who exercise and take care of their bodies without looking masculine are hot.
Stretching won't make you lose fat. Not ever.
> I don't want to be masculine cause I'm female.
It's not like the gym is only for becoming an insane bodybuilder. You don't even have to do strength training, or you can just go less often when you feel you're becoming to masculine.
You can do other sports than going to the gym, but desu I don't think they're that much more efficient. And how much is one hour twice a week (or if you do it well, every other day) really?
If you really don't want to do any sports then just eat less to lose fat.

File: loggaannons.jpg (24 KB, 820x340)
24 KB
Hi folks!
My name is Jack and I struggled with Anorexia when I was 17 years old. It was the darkest period in my life and I felt so alone and helpless because I didn't find anyone that had been in a similar position like me. At the time, I also thought that it was something that mainly women dealt with.

I am now 23 years old and I don't want anyone to ever have to experience that same type of feeling. For the past year I have dedicated my life to gathering stories from other survivors and fighters from allover the world that were willing to share their stories. The amount of stories that I have received is unreal. Every single one of them is still going after their dreams, regardless of whatever shit that life has thrown at them. Hopefully this can help someone out there.

The platform that I have just launched is called the Underdogs Collective: www.underdogscollective.com
New stories will be posted every Monday & Friday and you will be able to search for any type of struggle that fits your situation (wether it be poverty, eating disorder, bullying, victim of a crime etc - it does not matter). The stories are also posted on the official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdcZV7a4iqHK_Wi28hTOgSA

I hope I can help someone out there with this. Thank you for your time and stay strong.

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