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File: image.jpg (70 KB, 768x384)
70 KB
Is there any valid reason to have female friendships as a female? Other women act like I must be damaged if I don't but I'm beginning to suspect that's just an ego thing on their part.

Every female "friend" I've ever had is an annoying feminist who flips out about me not being one. All they want to do is lame bs like going to bars and parties and getting irresponsibly wasted, taking HOURS to shop when I could do it in half an hour online, being ridiculously stereotypical like having mindless conversations about soap operas, etc, wanting to act like faux lesbians with me, wanting to take selfies, call each other hot, and dance way too close to me in clubs in a way that absolutely disgusts me, probably for male attention. I like men but I don't want to act completely immoral in order to attract one. Not to mention that they act like they should have a say in my life and my relationships when their advice is usually just complete trash.

Not to mention that it always ends up feeling like they're just looking for an enabler. Expecting me to cheer on their hypocritical, inane feminist theories about why they should get to treat men like shit while demanding men put them on a pedestal. Expecting me to be all about "body positivity" which is usually just an excuse for them to be unhealthily fat and never lose weight. Basically expecting that a "friend" supports every bad decision they make and their complete lack of interest in self improvement.

Am I unfairly biased or are female friendships as much nonsense as I suspect they are? I'd rather just spend time alone improving myself, making money or with my hobbies than put up with that garbage
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I've grown up with women, nothing but women. In a full on matriarch. What you described even if it is bait is 100% accurate. But there are plenty of good girls to be friends with. Just stop associating with the shit ones.

You're also definitely not average because your issues are more observant and thought out. Usually girls hate other girls because of how shallow, critical, bitchy, sketchy and aggressive they can get. Maybe start hanging out at school clubs, study at libraries(if you're still at school), participating in a hobby, or religious groups. Sounds gay but generally to find decent people you need to look in the places where people are striving to become better.
This anon knows what's up.
Nice post, dude.
>shallow, critical, bitchy, sketchy and aggressive

OP possesses most of these traits. It's not surprising though, most of the things that irritate us about other people are things we also do.
Women definitely have strong manifestations of the female ego. But I've come across a few decent girls that hang out with guys because they genuinely get along with them more commonly and aren't just attentiom whores. Sounds like op is just conscientious and maybe a little bit introverted, she should just find a few important unique friends if that's the case.

There is also a difference between unreasonable opinions and well thought out ideas and critiques of people that are also true.

File: IMG_20180617_075009.jpg (167 KB, 1242x1368)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Hello friends I have a problem. I'm 19 and was just offered a desk job at my uncle's company (real company, not a startup). He's the CEO/president so it's kind of a big deal I do well. The only problem is that it's salary, full time. I'm in school and would have to cut down to a couple classes a semester.
This isn't a problem on it's own, but I legitimately fear that I'll be missing out on my early 20s by taking the job.
At the same time, jobs like this are scarce and seem difficult to get into. Especially as a kid with no college degree.

Do I take the job and sacrifice my 20s for financial stability or do I continue with school and hope I can get a decent job afterwards?

Pic unrelated my phone is devoid of pics.
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Take the job, go to college at night/do online. Go out on weekends and do your hobbies after work, you will have more money in your twenties than your peers which means you will be able to experience more in a shorter amount of time and if you save up now you wont have to work as much in the future. Like you said jobs are coming more scarce and you will absolutely regret it if you don't take it. I am in the exact same situation as you and I took the job and regret nothing in doing so. If you don't like it after a duration of time/say 6-8 months you can always quit, However the experience will still be on your CV and will look incredibly impressive, especially if you can put your uncles name down as a reference for future employers to call.
Oh my bad. Sorry kinda frazzled rn.
That's what I'm thinking. I just needed someone to say it. Thank you anon.
No worries pal
You aren't missing out on anything. You'll work during the week when everyone else is at school, and on the weekends, assuming you don't have to do too much school work, you'll still be free. Except you'll actually have money to spend on your free time, unlike every other broke 21 year old who has to beg their parents for beer money.

File: 1527745342137.jpg (50 KB, 494x488)
50 KB
I drunkenly sent dick pics to my ex

>Be 3am
>Ex hits me up
>We've been FWB since we broke up 2 years ago. We're not dating. I've fucked around she hasn't
>I finally firmly ended it last month
>Tonight ex randomly sends me nudes and I was drunk so I sent dick pics back

Here's the issue. I've been talking to this girl for like a week and we're really hitting it off. Like we're in obsessed with each other but not dating yet phase. But now I think my ex is obsessed with me again

The issue is, I really dont know how to get rid of her. Last time I tried to permanently get rid of her she asked me "well will you at least come to my funeral?" And then "actually idk if they'll let you near it cause you'll be in the suicide note"

Fuck man I'm such a shit person
>Tonight ex randomly sends me nudes and I was drunk so I sent dick pics back
Big deal, shit happens. Yeah you were drunk.

>The issue is, I really dont know how to get rid of her. Last time I tried to permanently get rid of her she asked me "well will you at least come to my funeral?" And then "actually idk if they'll let you near it cause you'll be in the suicide note"
She's being manipulative. You're letting her win by panicking about this.
That's the issue, we were both super manipulative to each other. To the point I'm genuinely serious she would go through it. A big reason I broke up with her. I still care about her deeply as a person, she's a very sweet girl shes just very broken.
Welp, all you can do is wait for her to start acting like there's something between you again, and then setting her straight.

You can't put your life on hold because your ex is being a manipulative whore.
emotional abuse 101, threaten suicide and try to make them feel responsible for keeping you alive.

cut ties, ghost, get the fuck away from that asap.

File: 1516164476941.jpg (103 KB, 723x712)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I think I have an STD. Yesterday, I was wearing short shorts with an opening for my penis while sleeping and I woke up with my penis out and a large amount of very liquefied semen on the bed. The inside of my penis hurts ever so slightly now, like it's burning a bit, from the ejaculatory duct to the middle of the urethral crest I think.
Should I see a doctor? It would be kinda embarrassing to get my penis checked if it turns out that it's nothing in the end.
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>no sex in a year
It's not a STD
>but it does feel like one
It's not a STD
>inflammation of the urethral crest
Why do you think the burning sensation you felt is inflammation?
It just feels that way. Am I worrying too much?
Gg op
Could be nothing, could be a UTI..
Give it a few days, drink cranberry juice, lots of water and don't masturbate and see how it feels.. if its still sore go see a doctor.

Are there any games that I can play even though I don't have friends? Also is there any way to distract myself from the loneliness?
Get a F2P MP game on Steam and add people you find in game
Bethesda games can be modded to ludicrous extent. People have created some pretty serious waifus who have hundreds of hours of adventure. There's even mods to make a waifu for your waifu (you weren't going to let a dirty man touch your pure waifu, I hope).

Otherwise indie RPGs suck down a lot of time and a lot are very atmospheric so you can lose yourself in them quite easily. There's also the infinite roster of "old games" which tend to be lengthy investments just to learn. But you'll feel accomplished for doing it because it'll require some actual function and forethought.

Other than that you can always get a hobby that isn't gaming and it may expand to be a social landing for you as well

File: IMG_4465.jpg (97 KB, 1000x541)
97 KB
OP has a Russian girl staying with her for the weekend. She has rings on both her ring fingers, so there is a possibility of marriage or something. Should OP even bother asking her out or not even bother with her? What do?
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Possibly one of the most underrated comments on all of 4Chinz
>Thus doth the ruski
fuck my abdomen
File: 2018041095221528.png (840 KB, 1080x837)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
>unironically being a homo
Uhhh… Okay…
So that shitposting OP is a stupid vag?

File: large.jpg (113 KB, 500x500)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Okay, so i'm 26 and I've only had one serious girlfriend in the past, I joined the military and we split up and I haven't had much luck since. I started using POF and started talking to a girl back in 2016 then stopped using the app. I started using it again about 6 months ago and she messaged me again and we met up.

We've gone on multiple "dates" since then, but I'm really not attracted to her. She asked when we would become official a few months ago and I said I didn't really want a relationship right now. She's starting to talk about us going further again but I really don't want that...

What do I do? I've never had this problem before.
Just stop talking to her. Easy enough.
This. Tell her you two seem to be headed in different directions and you don't want to lead her on or anything.

It's that, really, or you lead her-- or yourself-- on.

File: tinder.png (93 KB, 1200x1200)
93 KB
Earlier in the year I got out of a long term relationship and ever since then I've been on tinder enjoying hooking up with different girls and focusing on myself. The other night I met a girl off the app and really enjoyed hanging out with her (cute and great personality, nerdy but in a cool way), it was also probably the best sex I've ever had. We keep texting and I think I'm catching feelings. I swore to myself that I wouldn't jump into anything more than casual sex after getting out of my relationship but now with this girl I don't know. She's probably talking to a bunch of other dudes (as I'm talking to other girls) but I feel a bit jealous.

Not really sure what to do, what would you do if you were in my situation?

Nah just keep smashing. You're too far in now to turn back faggot. You're gonna end up in a relationship now--

Not that that's a bad thing. It was probably your time anyways.
I guess we can't plan for everything, life has a weird way of springing stuff on you
bump for more opinions

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 299x168)
6 KB
I need to give a selfish cunt who thrives off of her instagram what she deserves.
Are you really going to hack into 3 billion instagram accounts?
Don't fuck with yourself or us, you know he just wants her nudes

My girlfriend and I have been dating a while, I love her and am interested in nobody else.
I’m interested in posting nudes online because I want to see what people think (not with my face, just my body)
Is this alright?
Ask her.
This and that's a wrap, everything else is objectively not the solution
Asking her is the only solution and I think, sir, by not asking her you know what you're in for.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 226x223)
9 KB
>Just gonna list them and brief descriptions.

Option 1: Met last year, didn't like me at first, I got my life together and grew on her and we're pretty close. She's 1 year older than me. She's told me she loves me very recently in fact.

Option 2: Lives in Texas, I live in another state, we met over the internet but she is really into me. She's also got a BIG ASS.

Option 3: Known her almost 1 year, she lives not too far from me but it'd still be an hour or two of a drive just to see her but she is also very much a choice.

Option 4: One year younger than me, we met about six months ago and she's going to soon be seen by me more (as in every day) and she even today asked why we weren't dating yet because she wanted to be.

>Which should I roll with?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1528834054652.jpg (78 KB, 960x739)
78 KB
none of the above
Numbah 4
Option 1

File: 1528230553931.png (254 KB, 633x433)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
I have about one close friend and a gf and family
This friend and I are at wits end and can't be friends anymore
I use to hang out with them all day almost every day
Watching videos and talking about everything under the sun
And now we have to part ways
How do you get over it?
How do i fill the gap in time?

Our values and lifestyles are just too different and we clash too much
Both of our faults really
Find new people to be friends with. It's honestly that simple.
Bad at talking to peeps
Very autistic
Try anyway, keep trying after you fail.

File: IMG_2172.png (482 KB, 453x801)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
>girl I already hooked up with invited me to sleep over two days ago
>when I get there she's hardly cuddling and is acting bored
>I roll over and fall asleep so I don't get thrown in jail for rape
>yesterday she texts me more than usual and even called me but I ignored
>she wants me to come and chill with her after she asked what I was doing tonight
>don't wanna get blue balled again but also don't know how to ask if we're fucking as she's kinda prudish.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
No she's white and in her late 20's. The first time we banged, I was supposed to be taking her on a real date after we met at a group, but when I came to pick her she invited me up and we'll you know what happened. In my opinion that set course for the type of relationship this was going to be.
File: IMG_2175.png (382 KB, 1242x2208)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
pack your bags boys.
OP: "I'm not actually going to get her pregnant!"
title screen rolls
"OP gets a Tinder Hoe Pregnant"
kys chad
**It's Always Sunny theme intensifies**

File: 1611.png (45 KB, 495x266)
45 KB
im 19 and facing constant mood swings, changing between wanting to be a good person and enjoying life or being a total non social being who just exists in a corner of the universe. i have tried a number of different sports, music instruments, nothing fills me and i dont even have a bad life

should i just end it?
im totally aware that this isnt the place to ask for advice but i have no friends
>this isnt the place to ask for advice
It's the fucking advice board dude.
I'd recommend two books for you: WHO MOVED MY CHEESE and MEDITATIONS.
Read about philosophy maybe you'll find answers and contentment there.
Go to the doctor and have them check you out, something could be wrong with your thyroid.

File: cheating.jpg (425 KB, 786x524)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
My wife was decent when i married her. I chose to marry her because she's intelligent and tall so when i have kids they will more likely be high IQ and taller when they grow up. However I always planned on having more attractive mistresses, in fact every since i was 17 i assumed this would be my lifestyle.

Now my wife is getting fat and she's aging and she's frankly ugly as shit. I am repulsed by the idea of sex with her. I want to cheat with a hotter women but how do i do that without getting caught? What excuse will i have for coming home late? And who should i do it with? Where would i find an attractive women willing to have sex with me?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you're a terrible human being. enjoy your wife divorcing you and taking half your stuff lmao
It's not hard you autistic fuck. You just get a sugarbaby, and then lie to your wife. If you can't figure out how to do that you should load your entire family into the car, and drive all of you off a very tall bridge, just to prevent your genes from further spreading.
Go ahead and be a piece of shit. Hope she divorces you and claims half your shit.
Well good luck losing half your stuff when she divorces you, and good luck with your tall, high IQ kids when they turn out emotionally fucked up due to their parents' shitty marriage, clear lack of love, and constant fighting.
Divorce her you miserable piece of shit

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