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File: pepe.jpg (6 KB, 231x218)
6 KB
adv whats the best way to act toward a girl who wont stop messaging you?

Should you:

A. Be callous and ignore.
B. Be mean and tell her to fuck off.
C. Be fucked and form a fake relationship.
File: 1514148018975.png (36 KB, 812x900)
36 KB
I actually got into the C situation.
I hate myself everday and can't quit, just because I couldn't refuse.
Don't be like me be smarter, anon. Forget about the C option.
there's a huge amount of middle ground between those things

reality check time /adv/

>GF of 2 years breaks up with me a month ago
>Feel kinda bad but move on with my life, not the worst heartbreak in my life
>She says i'm still her best friend
>Wants to keep hanging out
>Sure, it's not high school anymore we grownup
>She comes over, we do all the things we did in relationship
>we sleep in the same bed, I pet her butt before sleep, go in for a kiss, she says no
>confused as fuck
>ask her if she wants to get back together
>she doesn't, but feels these things are okay for best friends
>disagree and tell her we have to cut the bf-gf shit, she goes ballistic
>Says I'll cut her out of my life, that I wasn't really her friend if I wouldn't do those things with her only as friends, that best friends don't do that (I do consider her a very good friend, we click well), and how because of some of her experiences with best friends before I knew about I did all this on purpose and just to make her feel bad etc.

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*your friendship
Cut her out and live your life with out her. Will only go down-hill if you keep being friend with her, you just saw that.
Thanks man. It means something to know I did well.
She still holds that if I were really her best friend I'd do those things, and I still disagree.
She'll have to chill the fuck out and accept some lesser version of friends. I don't hate her and I would like to hang out with her here and there but this is just kinda bad.
You're wiser than most people here not to blindly hate, but I'm worried this women is trying to guilt you
- or play with your head. Most sane people understand that this crosses the boundary of friendship. You're allowed to try and work this out of course, but it's doubtful you're going to get anywhere, and dude, what kind of a friend claims you're trying to hurt them by saying you're not comfortable with the situation? At best this person is confused beyond what you're equipped to help with, and at worst, they're scared to be alone and are manipulating you. Godspeed, anon. I would recommend telling her you need a few months of time and space to consider being her friend, because you really think it's best for both of you. That is, if you think she is worth it.

Right, I get it I should be careful. Maybe it is for the best if I kept my distance for a while, and maybe if she cools the fuck off, we can be friends.

She never gave me a reason to hate her. For me our relationship was very enjoyable and if it was up to me I would have tried to work it out, she didn't but she gotta learn she can't have her cake and eat it too.

File: 4.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
39 KB
I really want to scare a friend of mine because she's being a bitch often. Is there a possibility i can spam her with different numbers like 5~10 or something i need to do this
Anon, why can't you just politely tell her how you feel? Go for a walk? Whack off to traps? This is how you lose friends and make people not want to trust you.
Call every tow truck, taxi, and heating and cooling company in the area and send them all to her house at 2:00am
The thing with it is that i don't want other people involving with it.

File: xASqN39.jpg (131 KB, 960x792)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I really don't like the color of my teeth.
Is there anything I can do to make them whiter? I tried the toothpaste crap but it's just a lie.
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Yeah, a dentist can bleach your teeth
Yellowed teeth are easier to fix compared to greyed ones, avoid coffee and smoke to keep them pearl white
Do any of you know whether bleaching stuff I can buy online will work?
I just want to avoid going to the dentist.
Home products arent that good, and youre not going to save that much money in the long run
Go to a dentist, get it done there and ask him if you should use anything daily/weekly to slow the yellowing process
I literally just read a mental illness.
How does wanting my teeth to be whiter correlate with being mentally ill?

File: 1512614726492.jpg (59 KB, 910x752)
59 KB
How do you decide if your girlfriend is good enough to earn wife status?
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fuck you
>Figure out whether or not she thinks you're good enough to earn husband status
That's horseshit anon
So why is it important that she be good enough for you but not that you be good enough for her? What makes you so special that she needs to earn her way to becoming your wife and you don't owe her the same?

Shh anon, let them figure it out themselves after she settles for them then cheats after 5 - 10 years cuz she found something better.
If you have to ask that question then the answer is no.

Tomorrow is meme day at bemidji MN high school, any suggestions?
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File: 71w5Oy4amkL._UX385_.jpg (33 KB, 385x385)
33 KB

Go subtle, going all-in looks dumb but token participation is appreciated by both sides.

I recommend an emoji pin if you have one.
Make a Sam Hyde mask to wear and walk into school wearing a black trenchcoat and holding a mock gun or airsoft gun.
You'd get tackled by like 4 kids
Can't go wrong with Spurdo :DDDD

Are girls like this real and if so how do I meet them
Its possible, im dating one id say. I call them "working girls".
>They don't go to clubs
They don't have money to drink at bars etc and prefer to drink at home with bf. (So don't go to stupid dating spots)
>They work, alot
Boring girls are usually not insanely attractive so they are like most men, they have to work for what they want.
That being said they can be found at work gatherings with other workplaces or just meet them at their job or the area they work at.
>They're usually very generous with money
Working/lame girls know what it means to work. They know what spending means and are willing to share their wealth with you as long as you share with them.

They don't work at big corporations, they're usually a waitress at a restaurant/ retail worker/ store manager etc. So don't look for them at your next work retreat, try smaller scale.
Girl I'm seeing just wants to watch netflix, fuck, cuddle, drink, play games and sleep together.
Does that count?

File: 1487403920898.jpg (95 KB, 720x960)
95 KB
pt 1 - 2
so i met this girl ive known since hs, she dated a friend of mine and was in my social circle because friends of friends and has always been a chill smoking buddy. Recently we tripped a few times together, last time we tripped i had told her after sitting like an awkward turd for 5 minutes arguing internally if i was going to tell her that i liked her as more then a friend which i did a few days before we tripped. We dropped tabs and ended up sleeping in my clubhouse under like a shit ton of blankets in the cold. we snuggled up next to eachother and slept together, had my face buried in her hair and back and fell asleep to her smell. shes since moved in because her mom kicked her out and my moms really fucking chill yo.
Since then ive been making space in my room for her and her stuff and am trying to get her in here without having a ton of my crap all over the place. She didnt bring all that much stuff but i really do want her to feel like this is her home now. She originally intended to live in her car and just khs if it was too cold to sleep, universe had other plans i told her.

Shes told me she doesn't know if she wants to be in a relationship. She has also said she had a crush on me when we first met back in hs but told me she was sad when i disappeared.( stop showing up) Ive asked her if if she likes me back in the same way and she says she feels something but doesn't know if she really does. She has told me that she is surprised that im not expecting sex from her for letting her stay here or trying to feel her up in her sleep. Ive told her that i was shocked that she would think as much of me and that i was raised to be a gentlemen by my father and my mother. She has told me that she really does appreciate it. She doesnt mind if i say that i love her and a part of me knows she will say it if and when she really does feel back for me. I know she has been sexually abused by friend she dated whom i was friends with(was how we were introduced).
pt 2-2
So we have been spending some time together, last few nights we spent sleeping in her bed cuddling and sleeping in each others arms. She doesnt mind when we are cuddling if i bury my face in her chest and rest my head in between her breasts because i like to listen to her heartbeat. Ive asked her multiple times if she minds my boners pressing up against her and shes said she doesnt mind one bit, even had her leg in between mine with my dick fully erect laying hard against the top of her thigh. Ive even told her that im not just trying to get in her pants that i really do want to get to know her. That i want to be in a relationship with her for companionship and to support one another. As we layed their in eachothers arms i stared into her eyes and told her that i really wanna be her man. she looked at me and she had this real flustered look and told me that she needs some time to think about it(she said 2 weeks but im sure she could need more) I just gave her the wicker heart i told her id give her when we got shitfaced together, cut myself to the bone and even showed her my wound. I gave her the heart in the leather motorcycle jacket i wore to school the day we first met( same jacket she said that made her have a crush on me since i just stood out from the usual crowd of kids there) She said she loved and appreciated it, i asked her for a small favor and asked if i could get a kiss in return and she kissed me. The hearts hanging up over her bed atm. This all also happened during when her period hit so i know it could have just been the hormones making her want to cuddle and etc. When she said she needed 2 weeks it made me wonder if she was waiting for her period to hit again before deciding but i dont know if this is something woman actually do.
A part of me thinks im reading this wrong and should just stop. That she doesn't really like me and that im just throwing emotion into something that isnt going to ever be. I know she is asexual which means shes not attracted to the physical aspect of a person, That its about the personality of the person(whats on the inside that counts). I love her personality and who she is and want her to love me, hell i feel like im leaking it all over the place. Its only been about a week so i know im just kinda fuckin buggin but i never thought id have a girl just throw me fucking sideways like this before. I want to know what i should do?
to add onto this, i even played the guitar for her. Ventura Highway by America and Horse With No Name. She said i could really sing and that i sounded beautiful. Told her that id write her a song and whatnot too.
Heh I disappeared from school too.
Ending up formally dropping out a month or two later and then moving to a new town and finishing high school there
I can only imagine the rumors about me in my hometown..

File: images.jpg (16 KB, 213x237)
16 KB
I've applied for the Virginia Beach Police Dept. Can anyone tell me how competitive the hiring process is there? How many people might apply? Shit like that. I'm trying to figure if I stand a chance at being selected to become a cadet.
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ayyyye same here
shalom from Upper Warwick
remember when Luigi's was Luigi's then it was a shitty Mexican place then it was Luigi's again then it was a shitty sports bar then it was a not-as-shitty luigi's?
>stupidity is strictly an american thing
We just have more people than you so it seems like more of us are stupid but truth be told if you go by percentage of population most countries are on par with our stupidity. inb4 some socialist european paradise full of geniuses that have a population of 2 million and are incredibly homogeneous.

tl;dr you're a dumbass in actuality if you believe what you just said
I never said strictly American, just that Americans are stupid. And from the way you talk, it doesn't help lol. Also I'm from NOVA, genius.
>from NOVA




File: ice-crash.jpg (38 KB, 500x333)
38 KB
Disclaimers: I am in long distance relationship (has only been 2 months, but we met about 4.5 months ago), she is Russian, I am French and I am waiting on my visa to come see her again next month.
Consider the following,
My girlfriend (Natalie), meets a guy (Andrey) at a gathering for the first time through mutual friends. They talk and apparently get along well. I text her asking how her afternoon went; and replies that it went well and mentions that the new guy she met is interested in her/ is into her as she could sense it in their conversations.
Natalie tells me that she mentioned to Andrey she has a boyfriend, but he didn't quite seem to understand based on what she told me and would clarify to him that she is in a relationship (simply because we are in a long distance relationship I presume). This guy Andrey is apparently a pro at ice skating and suggested to the group that they go together during the week. Natalie is terrified at the idea of ice skating, and wasn't comfortable even going with me when I was with her in St P.
However now she is planning on going with this guy Andrey. It also seems that they might be going alone together as her other friends may not be able to come. I'm supportive, and I know the importance of trust in a long distance relationship, so I don't want to intrude and ask her not to go with this guy simply because I don't trust this person.
But, she knows that I know that Andrey likes her. I don' know this other dude. And the fact that she is ready to go ice skating with a guy she only met last week is also strange to me, perhaps the fact that he is very good at it is reason enough for her to accept the invitation, but it still unnerves me.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Come back in a few years and tell us its perfect
They dont work anon im sorry
File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1366x768)
84 KB
You may not find my response satisfactory, but it's because I love her... If it wasn't for the visa reqs I would be living with her I think... And I realise LDR are dangerous, but I thought it was better to attempt a LDR with her than no relationship at all. I think she genuinely cares about our relationship.
wife material my dude
No it's not. An actual relationship is implied to be exclusive, but not when you're just dating someone. And let's be honest, if the girl lives in a different country, you're dating.

Best place to hide your Shekels
Under your tongue
File: 4L_98djrmjt.jpg (384 KB, 633x1070)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Here you go OP.


File: scurbabby.jpg (25 KB, 541x515)
25 KB
How do I take control? I work at a dying grocery store and people are going wild.

>teenagers fight in the store every day
>people keep writing racist stuff in the bathroom; The managers decided to deal with this problem by taking down the stalls
>a manager kicked the cashier (an underage girl) in the crotch and didn't even get in trouble
>fat customers get heckled by the beggar outside every ten minutes
Find another job buddy, it's far easier to do that when you have a current job.

The world will always change around you. Best you can do is work to change your own circumstances.
Probably not a battle worth fighting anon, just look elsewhere for something else

File: 220px-Elon_Musk_2015.jpg (15 KB, 220x323)
15 KB
How do I become like him?
Why do you want to be like him?
Be intelligent, have a healthy dose of luck, always take sole credit for everything you or anybody under your does, abuse government grants, start thinking and acting like a sociopath, find a niche.

File: duct tape.jpg (88 KB, 640x360)
88 KB
How do I get my ex to rape me? Ive been planting the seeds of this for a few weeks. I took his virginity and cheated on him. One night I got drunk and the phone call got sexual, he ended up coming and hanging out for some drinks with my friend too. Since then i pretend to get drunk once every couple of days and call him. The last call he said his ultimate fantasy is to hate/revenge fuck me in bondage but he didnt want me to feel raped, he just wanted to punish me. Ive told his all about the ropes i already have under my bed ready to go, how someone as antifeminist as myself believes women exist for a man's pleasure, and that im a lightweight so a few shots in and i wont remember anything. But he's still too hesitant. This is my kink by the way, there is ZERO percent chance i would ever tell anyone or report it. i just need him to "role play" with me while it not actually being role play. this is how i get off and i dont seem to have another alternative. thanks in advance
It's not rape if it's done deliberately silly.
fuck off, psycho slut, you hurt him enough
You got raped before and now you use this man to get that domination back. Sluts, sigh...
File: 1403372548110.gif (2.51 MB, 286x258)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF

>getting baited this easily

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